35 Cool 1-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Congratulations! You made it to one year with your boyfriend. The next challenge is figuring out the right gift for the occasion, especially if he’s the typical “guy” who doesn’t like overly sentimental gifts.

What can you give him that he’ll actually appreciate? Here are just a few ideas for one-year anniversary gifts for him!

35 Cool 1-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend


When You’re Bonnie and Clyde: Matching Partners in Crime Corded Bracelets

Made with simple black cords, these bracelets are a gender-neutral way to force your boyfriend into matching couple’s jewelry. As a bonus, they’re adorned with small, silver handcuff pendants, and they’re attached to a quote card that declares “Partners in Crime.

” They’ll be perfect for the guy who acts as your willing co-conspirator in all of life’s adventures.

The bucket fuck it list notebook

To Get Him Off the Couch: The Bucket/F*ck It List

Let’s say that you want to spend more time with your boyfriend but aren’t sure how to suggest it without being weird or clingy. Give him the Bucket/F*ck It notebook! Offering exactly 3,669 ideas, it’s filled with fun suggestions for both solo and couple activities, and each one comes with a space to declare “bucket it,” “f*ck it” or “chuck it.

” Going through the book will be just as entertaining as acting it out!

star map wall art

For an Epic Love That Spans the Stars: Personalized Star Map Wall Art

Do you remember what the sky looked like on the very first night that you met? With this art print, you can immortalize the sight forever. Just be ready with names, dates and location details to get your fully customized constellation chart.

The only bad thing about this gift is that it’ll be hard to top the stars for your second anniversary present.

metal date night dice

Let Fate Decide Your Future: One Year Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice

Are you tired of endless, self-repeating cycles of “you choose” and “no, you choose”? These dice can take responsibility for date night. Just roll them separately or together to get commands like “go out,” “cook for each other,” “have an early night,” “start a scrapbook” and “play board games.

” All together, there are more than 36 possible combinations for the adventurous couple!

beard comb kit

To Tame the Muskrat on His Face: Beard Comb Kit by One Handsome Man

If he loves his beard almost as much as he loves you, this is a gift that will delight every hair. It’s a handsome sandalwood comb that offers both fine and coarse teeth on reversible sides, so it can be used for multiple types of grooming.

Additionally, since it’s made by a company called One Handsome Man, the front of the box will compliment him every time that he opens it!

anniversary card

To Settle the Argument: I Love You The Most Funny Anniversary Card

“I love you the most,” this card gushes, which isn’t unusual for an anniversary present. However, you might be a little surprised at what follows: “The end. I f*cking win.” If you’re looking to wrap up something that’s funny instead of mushy, this card will definitely qualify, and you can even keep the joke going with the blank and customizable interior.

box display case

For Your Most Important Bits and Baubles: Shadow Box Display Case

Available in white, black and natural wood, this shadow box will be prettier than a picture frame and more versatile than a scrapbook. Not only can you pin pictures, flowers and ticket stubs to the back wall, but you can also fill it with other small keepsakes that represent your love and the journey that you’re undertaking together.

coffee mug

When You Love Him Despite His Caffeine Addiction: After One Year Boyfriend Coffee Mug

“After one year, you’re still the best boyfriend. Keep that sh*t up.” This anniversary gift will be perfect for the guy who can’t live without his coffee. It’s a real mug, so it’s safe for both the microwave and the dishwasher, and it can hold a whopping 11 ounces of sweet caffeinated nectar.

It just so happens to be a funny gag gift as well as a functional gift for java junkies.

picture frame

When He’s Your Best Friend: Lucky to Be in Love Romantic Wooden Picture Frame

Made from a dark cherry wood, this picture frame is simple but stylish. It says “Lucky to Be in Love With My Best Friend” in a curly, jaunty font, and it comes with both a standing easel and a hanging hook for assorted methods of display.

It can hold any vertical picture that measures 4 x 6 inches. Pick your favorite and immortalize it forever!

1001 ways to be romantic book

To Light a New Spark: 1001 Ways to Be Romantic Paperback

If he’s been spending more time with League of Legends than with you, this book might be just what you need to rekindle your romance. Like the name implies, it’s filled with ways for couples to bond with each other, and the suggestions range from simple, everyday affirmations to elaborate dates at exotic locations.

You could even turn it into a fun experiment with your boyfriend to try each and every idea. Make it a challenge! Go nuts!

couple T-shirts

If He Doesn’t Mind a Little Cheese: The Missing Piece Pizza and Slice Matching Couple T-Shirts

His-and-her shirts can range from comical to corny, and this set manages to be both at the same time. One shirt has a single pizza slice while the other has a whole pizza minus one slice. In other words, it’s a matching set that depicts a “missing piece.

” You aren’t whole unless you’re together. Get it? Get it?

better together couples questions cards

For a Memorable Game Night: Better Together Couples Question Cards

If you got a call that your partner had been arrested, what would you assume for the crime? If you could plan just one date night to end all date nights, what would you arrange? These are just a couple of the questions asked by Better Together, the ultimate Q&A card game for two.

Some of the queries are funny; some are sweet and heartfelt; some will make you think. All of them will bring you closer to your partner on your one year anniversary.


For the Long-Distance Lover: My Love is Like a Candle Lavender Scented Candle

What if you aren’t able to be physically together on your first year anniversary? Consider shipping him a very memorable present. It’s a nice lavender-scented candle, but its outside label reads, “My love is like a candle.

Forget me and I’ll burn your f*cking house down!” It’ll make him love you and maybe fear you just a little bit, and that’s exactly where you want your boyfriend to be.

beer glass

When You Aren’t Ashamed of Your Origins: Swiped Right Pint Beer Glass

This is a bit of a niche gift for folks who met on Tinder, but if that’s applicable to you, here’s a laugh-out-loud present to celebrate the power of social networking! It says “I’m So Glad We Swiped Right,” and it’s a large, pint-sized beer glass that will truly let you celebrate in style with the help of copious amounts of booze.

Make your first anniversary one that you’ll always remember!

wallet insert card

Dare to be Vulnerable: Never Forget That I Love You Wallet Insert Card

There are a lot of cute, funny gifts on this list, but what if you’re looking for something a little more earnest? Open up your heart to your boyfriend with this wallet insert. It offers sweet words about how much that he means to you, and since they’re printed on a small, flat card that measures just 3.

35 x 2.13 inches, they’ll fit inside his wallet to be carried everywhere that he goes.

gummy heart

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Heart: World’s Largest Gummy Heart

You’ve already given him your heart. The next step is to make it literal. This gigantic piece of gummy candy weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 6 x 5 inches, so it’s large enough to need both hands when you pass it over, and it’s shaped exactly like the beating heart inside of your chest.

It probably tastes better, too, unless your beau is a zombie.


To Express Your Feelings: I Wrote a Book About You Fill-in-the-Blank Notebook

For a kind, thoughtful gift, consider I Wrote a Book About You. It’s filled with prompts that will inspire real contemplation about your partner and why you love them so much, so it’ll be perfect for a milestone occasion like a first anniversary.

You can both enjoy the memories associated with cards like “I really appreciate when you (blank)” and “I won’t tell anyone, but I happen to know that you are secretly powered by a combination of (blank) and (blank).

wood box sign

A Rear Treat: My Favorite Pain in the A** Rustic Inspired Wood Box Sign

Another great gift for the guy who doesn’t like to get maudlin, this wooden box sign declares, “You Are My Favorite Pain in the A**.” It measures just 3.5 x 2.5 inches, so it can be propped on all kinds of desks and shelves, and it’s made with plain, unadorned wood that has a distinctly masculine energy.

It’s the kind of gift that he won’t be embarrassed to display even if it is a sentimental token from his girlfriend.

wooden watch

For the Old-School Guy: Engraved Men’s Vintage Analog Quartz Wooden Wrist Watch

This one-of-a-kind gift is something that he’ll be talking about for years. It’s a wooden, vintage-style analog watch that looks more like an antique movie accessory than a real timepiece, but it does genuinely work.

It also has a removable cover that says, “Our love is timeless. Happy anniversary!” It’ll be an absolute showstopper for the guy who loves collectibles!

couple DIY hand casting kit

When He’s Just as Sappy as You Are: Couple DIY Hand Casting Kit

There’s nothing wrong with being in touch with your feelings, so if your boyfriend is just as likely to cry at animal shelter commercials as you are, consider giving him a sweet anniversary gift like this.

It’s basically a DIY molding kit that can be used to replicate your clasped hands. If properly cared for, it’ll last for years to come!

coffee mug

When You’re a Bad, Bad Girl: Thanks for All the Orgasms Coffee Mug

With a sassy font and a lipstick smear for a kiss, this “Thank for All the Orgasms” mug will be a delightful anniversary present for the boy who knows his way around the bedroom. It can be used for its intended purpose or filled with candies and other goodies.

You could even turn it into a naughty present with a little imagination!


For the Tender Tookus: As Nice As Your Butt Key Chain

“I Hope Your Day is As Nice As Your Butt.” It’s a simple statement, but it can carry a lot of power when bestowed on the man with the perfect bubble butt. It’s even coated with matte black on stainless steel to give it an extra bit of flair.

Not only will it look sleek on his key chain, but it’ll make him smile every time that he goes to unlock his car or get into his apartment.

Da Vinci code mini cryptex

For the Puzzle Master: Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Does he go crazy for escape rooms? Can he spend hours putting together puzzles or crafting elaborate mazes and game sets? This gift will be right up his alley. It’s a mini-cryptex that he has to solve before he can reach the hidden compartment inside, and once there, he’ll discover whatever goodies or trinkets that you’ve previously stashed for a prize.

Make him work for his gift on your first anniversary!

couples pillowcases

Pillow Talk: From My Heart to Yours Couples Pillowcases

Maybe you want something for your shared bed. Maybe you aren’t living together yet, but you’re looking for something that can bridge the distance a little. These pillowcases are soft, simple things that won’t cause any worries about moving too past, but they’ll still be representative of your love even if you’re resting your heads in different places.

ceramic coffee mug

To Say It All With a Simple Mug: I’m Keeping You White Ceramic Coffee Mug

“I met you. I liked you. I love you. I’m keeping you.” If you want to tell your love story in a few simple phrases, this is the mug to do it. It has plain black words on a white ceramic background with a little red heart, so it’s very straightforward.

For a little added pizazz, you can customize it with both your name and his.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

great sex coupons

The Most Enjoyable Kinds of Favors: Great Sex Coupons

For a steamy night with the one you love, consider raising the bar with these “Great Sex” coupons. They can be ripped out of the book at any time, so you can instantly transform a boring night at home into something a little more exciting.

The ideas printed on the coupons range from sensuous back rubs to exploratory actions in front of a mirror. Complete them all to become even closer to your partner!

picnic backpack

For Sunny Days With the One You Love: Picnic Backpack Bag For Two

When it’s nice outside, there’s nothing like a picnic on the grass to make you feel close with your partner. This backpack makes it easy, too! Say goodbye to long, laborious mornings of prep; just pack your food into this insulated bag and you’re good to go.

Everything else is already neatly stored inside, including plates, utensils, napkins, wine glasses, bottle openers and a soft, foldable blanket.

pokemon mini bottle

For the Nerd: My Best Catch Pokemon Mini Bottle

When you want to say “I choose you,” the best present will be Pokemon themed. This one is a small bottle with a corkscrew topper that says “My Best Catch,” and a bright red Pokeball is printed on the front.

You can fill it with glitter, sand, dried flowers or even rolled-up love notes. Get creative, PokeMaster!

greeting card

For the Smelly Sweetheart: Your Farts Stink Greeting Card

“Happy anniversary! Your farts stink.” It isn’t the most sentimental message in the universe, but it’s sure to get a laugh from a guy with a sense of humor. Additionally, the card softens the joke with a heartfelt follow-up: “But until they kill me, I still love you.

” A little bit further, it adds, “Doubt I’ve got long left, though.”

whiskey stones gift set

To Upgrade His Liquor Cabinet: Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Perfect for the guy who’s ready to transition out of beer pong, this sophisticated drinking set can be used for whiskey, scotch, bourbon and other forms of high-class alcohol. It comes with two heavy glasses and a set of eight natural granite whiskey stones.

Everything can be stored in a handsome, velvet-lined box when not in use.

key ring

To Remember the Date: Custom Engraved Calendar Date Engraved Stainless Steel Key Ring

This key ring has a little calendar charm that can be customized with an important date. For your anniversary, of course, you’ll want the day that you got together, but you can also buy one as a wedding countdown or a commemorative token for your first child together.

It’s available in multiple colors, styles and materials, so you can personalize it at will.


When He’s the One: One Down, Forever to Go Penny

“One down. Forever to go.” These are the words etched into a real copper penny that’s been set against a stainless steel backdrop and attached to a small hoop. It can be used as a key chain, lanyard, belt accessory and more.

It’ll serve as a small but meaningful token for your boyfriend as you celebrate the first 365 days of the rest of your life.


For Some Self-Aware Humor: My Girlfriend is Hotter Than My Coffee Travel Coffee Tumbler

Send him off in style with this insulated thermos. Not only does it boast double-walled, vacuum-sealed construction to keep his beverages steaming, but its outside reads, “My girlfriend is hotter than my coffee.

(Yes, she bought me this.)” It’ll be a fun but functional gift that he can use for work, school, travel and more.

stone gift

To Make Him Laugh: 1st Anniversary You Are My Rock Polished Stone Gift

Anyone can say “you’re my rock,” but it takes a special kind of person to actually, physically buy a rock that will represent your love. It isn’t just any stone, either; it was hand-picked from a British coastline for its unique size and shape, and it was molded into a metal replica with a first year anniversary inscription engraved on it.

It’ll be a wonderfully unique gift for a wonderfully unique guy.

love you keychain

Double the Love: Love You With All My Boobs

“I love you with all my boobs. I’d say my heart, but my boobs are bigger.” This hilarious key chain keeps it real with your boyfriend even as you commemorate a special occasion together. It’s the kind of gift that’s sure to get some appreciation for the ladies in question.

It’s also available with the word “butt” in places of “boobs” if you pack a little junk in the trunk!


To Compliment His Afternoon Snooze: Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Buy him a hammock so that he can enjoy a full-body cuddle even when you’re not there. Thanks to its small, compact size, he can hang it everywhere from the backyard to a far-flung mountain where he’s been backpacking.

It’ll be soft, safe and comfortable for any kind of leisurely outdoor afternoon.

wooden bar sign

For His Man Cave: Custom Hideout Wooden Bar Sign

If he takes a lot of pride in his living space, this sign can add a little style to his bar, basement or garage. It’s made from an authentically aged wooden oak barrel, and its vintage-style advertising slogans are hand-carved into the surface.

Best of all, it can be customized to read “(Name)’s Hideout, Established in (Year).”


To Live Together in Holy Snarkiness: You’re My Favorite A**hole Key Chain

Another anniversary gift that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this key chain says “You’re My Favorite A**hole” with a cheeky little heart beneath the words. It also comes in a wooden box that declares “Just For You” on the lid.

If you want to mark the occasion without getting weepy about it, a fun, low-key gift like this one is probably your best bet.

key holder for wall

For a Heartwarming Homecoming: Home Sweet Home Personalized Key Holder for Wall

You might still be waiting for a ring, but if you live together, you can christen your shared home with this personalized key holder. It says “Home Sweet Home” with room for two names above four hooks.

Use them for keys, coats, scarves, dog leashes and more. It’s your home. You get to decide how to organize it.

coffee mug

When He Could Wake a Mountain Troll at Night: Snoring Funny Coffee Mug

“There is no one else I would rather have snoring loud as f*ck beside me.” This might be a lie, especially when it’s 3AM and you’re ready to strangle him, but it’ll be a cute gift. Even more importantly, it’ll show him that you’re in it for the long haul, and petty annoyances aren’t going to stop you from loving him.


For the Cutest Winter Ever: I Love You Throw Blanket in Organza Bag With Message Card

He might grumble about the mushiness of a blanket that says “I love you,” but it’s so soft and warm that he’ll definitely reach for it on cold mornings. The fleece is sinfully comfortable, and the large size means that it’s suitable for even the burliest of men.

Wrap him up like a burrito and give him a kiss on the nose. He’ll be as cute as a button in this one.

capsule letters message in a bottle jar

For Single-Serving Portions of Love: Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle Jar

These “happy pills” might have little smiles on them, but their true joy comes from what’s inside. Each one carries a small, blank piece of paper that’s just waiting for a memory, message, poem, affirmation or general love note.

You can customize them at will and leave them for your boyfriend to read whenever he needs a pick-me-up.


For Playful Fun at Home: Foot Rub Funny Suggestive Couples Socks

One pair says, “If you give me a foot rub, you might get lucky.” The other pair says, “Hey babe, want a foot rub?” These socks are so goofy that they’re sure to get a laugh from your boo, so if you’re looking for a casual gift that doesn’t make a big deal out of your anniversary, you’ve just found them.

hot boyfriend hot sauce

When He Sizzles Like Fire: SouthernAirs Hot Boyfriend Hot Sauce

Made with habaneros, cayenne chilis and smoked jalapenos, this sauce will set his mouth alight, but it’s only fitting that a hot boyfriend has an equally hot palate. He can put it on everything from hamburgers to scrambled eggs for an added kick.

It’s a genuinely tasty hot sauce; it just comes with a fun label.

framed art paper

A Roadmap of Your Love: Map Heart Framed Art Paper

Last but not least, if you want the perfect gift for a milestone occasion, consider going the classic route: paper. It’s the traditional gift for a first year anniversary, so it’ll hold real meaning for the two of you as a couple, but its customized map will also be a fun, colorful and creative way to show that you care.

One Year Anniversary Presents for a Boyfriend: A Buyer’s Guide

With so many gift options out there, you might be floundering a bit when it comes to buying something for your boyfriend, especially since it’s your very first anniversary together. Here are just a few tips for navigating the land mines and finding something that he’ll actually like!

Be Careful With Anything That Suggests Commitment

It might sound like a cliche, but many guys do have commitment issues, and you might freak them out with an anniversary gift that makes a big deal about the time that you’ve spent together. The same goes for gifts that make assumptions about the future. Unless you know for sure that he’s been counting the days right along with you, beware any gifts that feature clocks, calendars, countdowns and proclamations about “forever.”

Think About Previous Gifts That He’s Enjoyed

Does he like funny gifts? Is he a big softie who treasures emotional keepsakes? Is he a practical person who appreciates things that he can actually use? Everyone is different when it comes to gifts, so keep his preferences in mind while shopping for an anniversary present. His likes and dislikes won’t change just because it’s a special occasion.

Remember the Romance

There’s nothing wrong with buying an “unromantic” gift, especially if it’s something that you know he’ll like. Just keep in mind that you can buy these unromantic gifts for any other occasion. You can save them for a birthday, for example, or a holiday. Meanwhile, your anniversary is an inherently passionate time, and your very first anniversary has the potential to be extra passionate. You might want to take advantage of the opportunity while you can.


These are just a few suggestions for knocking his socks off with an awesome anniversary gift. Whether he’s a sentimental sap or a gruff manly man who refuses to show any emotion, there should be something on this list that will make him happy. It’s his anniversary, too. He deserves it!

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