30 Exciting Birthday Gift Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls

A 10-year-old girl is transitioning into adolescence. She is no longer a child but not quite a teenager, and her interests are beginning to diverge.

Do not fear about gifting; here is a long list of carefully curated gifts to choose from.

Birthday presents for a 10 year old girl

dance mat

For Dancing Kids: Kidzlane Dance Mat

After sitting in class throughout the day, what better way to get that young child you adore to exercise than this Kidzlane dance mat. It features a light-up dance pad to indicate your next move, it also comes with built-in music, or you can dance to your favorite music via AUX or Bluetooth.

It also includes three different games with five difficulty levels. The surface is soft on the sole and built to last.

unicorn bathrobe

For Indoor Comfort: Doctor Unicorn Soft Hooded Unicorn Bathrobe

This soft and cozy bathrobe comes in different bright and vibrant colors and patterns. A 10-year-old girl will love to wear this around the house. It has a button under the chin to help keep the hood in place.

The belt is also sewn at the back, which is particularly useful because many belts are easily lost.


To Protect Her Feet: Silver Lilly Unicorn Plush Slippers

These adorable slippers feature a glittering golden horn and a magical pink mane. It is plush, soft, super comfy, and keeps feet warm and cozy. The bottom is fitted with traction dots to stay in place, making them skid resistant and a perfect robe to wear at home.

machine karaoke system

For a Fun Sleepover: Singing Machine Karaoke System

Whether it’s your daughter, sister, or friend, your 10-year-old girl will have a fun time jamming with her friends during their next sleepover. It features 54 LED disco lights, which flash and change colors for a party ambiance, and a dimmer to control brightness.

It is compatible with a Bluetooth system to stream their favorite music and also has RCA output jacks to connect to the TV for scrolling lyrics.

The karaoke system also comes with a CD player with two microphones, making it suitable for a duet.

Who knows; she may beat in a duet.

mermaid tail blanket

For Warm Evenings: Cosusket Mermaid Tail Blanket

This cute crochet mermaid blanket is soft and warm and would be ideal for any little girl to snuggle up and read a book or watch a movie. The blanket comes with an adorable necklace and a nice cinch sack bag.

The tail part and back are open, making it easy to put on and off. This feature makes it convenient for her activities and will not tie her down.


For the Creative: Eatsleepdoodle Pure Cotton Pillowcase

Every little girl should have fun creating, designing, and drawing patterns on this doodle pillowcase with a set of 10 washout fabric markers. The washable inks do not transfer to the skin and can be washed and ready to reuse.

The fabric is soft and comfortable to sleep on for late-night doodles. She should have the time of her life drawing, writing messages, and dreams.

water bottle kit

For Staying Hydrated: Just My Style Color Your Water Bottle Kit

Perfect gift for hydration with a personalized touch, your 10-year-old can stay hydrated in style. It features a BPA-free aluminum water bottle with vibrant, colorful markers and sparkling gemstones. She will love having her unique water bottle that she colored herself and have fun staying hydrated.

sleepover party game

For Intellectual Development: Endless Games Sleepover Party Game

We all know the girls love to have a sleepover, and what better way to have a fun sleepover than with this sleepover kit. It features over 200 stunts, performances, and silly activities to keep them laughing all through the night.

The rules are easy to learn, and as the name implies, it comes with endless games of cards, dice, word, trivia, survey, and pop culture.

The kit comes with 85 act cards, 75 work cards, 40 party cards, one spinner, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Its numerous options would always make it a massive hit among the girls.


To Make a Fashion Statement: Mooham Expandable Charm Bracelets

This bracelet is gorgeous and extremely shiny with endearing charms. It comes with a cute little blank card in an envelope which you can take out to write a cute little note for the girl you adore. It is made from outstanding quality stainless steel with smooth edges.

The metal joint is designed to allow the bracelet to stretch over your wrist when putting it on, and it goes back to its original size. The bracelet comes engraved with the phrase “follow your dreams,” and your daughter, niece, sister, or goddaughter will adore this gift.

bracelet making kit

For Fashion Creativity: Klmars DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit

This is for any 10-year-old who is creative and loves to make things herself. This DIY kit is a perfect gift for her. It is simple to use, and no glue or tools required. Simply unscrew to remove the end cap, string in the beads, and simply screw back the end cap tightly.

The charms are detailed, solid, and brightly painted. The clasp is sturdy and does not come off quickly.

flybold slackline kit

For Outdoor Fun: Flybold Slackline Kit

If you are looking for something outdoorsy and fun, then this is a perfect gift for a 10-year-old as long as you have a couple of trees. The kit is packaged in an attractive bag and contains a visual instruction manual with a training line, wide tree protectors, and arm trainers.

It is the perfect gift for the sports and fitness enthusiast and is easy to install. She will have a fun time playing with her friends and the whole family.

pogo stick

For Healthy Exercising: Flybar Foam Pogo Stick

The pogo stick provides exciting jumps for your fitness-loving daughter. It comes covered in soft foam hand grips that are replaceable for a comfortable grip and a wide bounce tip that is thick, durable, and sturdy.

The spring is stiff enough to allow a couple of bounces but not so stiff to discourage bouncing or break.

tulip one step tie and dye kit

To Introduce Her to Tye and Dye: Tulip One-Step Tie and Dye

If she loves bright colors, then this gift is suitable for her. This kit comes with 18 bottles of non-toxic dye, a plastic mat for protecting the work surface, rubber bands, and gloves. It comes with every single thing you need, aside from the fabric to be worked on.

This feature shouldn’t be a problem, since she has to dye her old clothes.

On the other hand, you can buy white shirts (preferably 100% fiber fabrics like cotton, rayon, and wool) to make the designs pop.

There are detailed instructions on how to go about the process. Bring out her creative side by buying this gift item for her. She can also have a great time using it with her friends and the whole family.

mini pom pom pets

For Beautiful Animal Designs: Klutz Mini Pom Pom Pets

Does she love pets? Then this gift is perfect for her because it allows her to make any pet she wants and helps her develop fine motor skills. She can make her zoo with animals ranging from frogs, lions, monkeys, turtles, elephants, kittens, etc.

It comes with everything she needs, such as instructions, and each direction is clearly illustrated. She can add eyes, nose, ears, and tails with the special blush marker and watch your mini zoo come to life.

The Klutz Mini Pom Pom makes use of a fork to make these beautiful designs.

giant wooden jenga

To Steer Up Her Interest in Sports: GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

Yay! Giant Jenga. With smooth edges to prevent splinters, soft blocks to prevent injury when it falls on someone, and good quality woodblocks that don’t stick to each other, the rush and excitement a little girl will get from playing giant Jenga is unmatched.

It comes with a bag to make it easy to carry to different places like the park. Imagine how happy your girl will be stacking these wooden blocks high above her head. She can play this with her friends as well as the whole family.


For Personalized Fashion Style: 10k Gold Personalized Name Necklace

You can personalize this gold necklace with her name, and she would adore this piece of jewelry. It does not wash away, and she can wear it every day, carrying your thoughtful gift with her everywhere she goes.

moon lamp

To Light Up Her Sleep Time: Mydethun Moon Lamp

There’s no better way to tell her that you love her to the moon and back than by gifting her this moon lamp. It provides the perfect ambiance, with a nice glow and adjustable brightness, and all she has to do is just touch to adjust.

The moon lamp comes in two colors (white and yellow light), just like the moon changes according to the atmosphere. It also features a super battery life which is rechargeable. This lamp provides a serene and peaceful ambiance for a resounding night’s rest.

DIY journaling set

For an Organized Lifestyle: STMT DIY Journaling Set

This gift set contains stickers, gems, and glitter frames to embellish each page and make it uniquely hers. It is a fun way to write down memories, thoughts, and dreams. Each kit contains several accessories to arouse a little 10-year old’s interest in journalism.

Unleash her creative ability by giving her this unique set.

light-up tracing pad

To Arouse Her Interest in Art: Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Help guide a 10-year-old’s creativity by giving her this gift set to keep her engaged and excited. It features one graphite pencil, 12 short colored pencils, ten sheets for tracing, and ten blank sheets.

Three AA Batteries are required and sold separately. All she needs to do is mix and match or trace a single page.

A standout feature of this kit is the availability of 100 traceable images to be chosen from.

This way, you can be guaranteed guarded creativity, while twelve short colored pencils help for smoothening the color and embellishing the traces.

why? 1100 answers to everything book

To Challenge Her Reading Level: National Geographic Why?: Over 1100 Answers to Everything

At the age of 10, a little girl’s mind is taking in many new things, and she has a lot of questions. This text contains many answers to questions she may have and covers a wide array of topics. It is written in a lively way and will expand her mind and challenge her reading levels.

She will become a super smart kid, curious, and well-rounded in knowledge.


For Comfort and Convenience: LCFUN Cute Mini Leather Backpack

This gift is a simple, cute, and feminine type of small bag. It has a bowknot on the leather backpack, which adds another degree of cuteness. It can be worn over both shoulders or held in one hand. She will adore this bag for all the outstanding features it packs while remaining stylish.

star wars mad libs

To Improve Curiosity: Star Wars Mad Libs

Does she love mad libs and maybe Star Wars also? Then this gift is perfect for her. It is funny, educational, and features a few puzzles that require nouns, adjectives, and other parts of speech. Thus, this does an excellent job of teaching and helping her develop essential parts of speech.

She will have fun playing this game with her family and friends.

crossbody purse

To Help Her Stay Organized: Kemy’s Girls Small Crossbody Tween Purse

This purse is an excellent gift for tween girls to carry around everything they need. It is a cute bag made from sturdy material with separate compartments to store essential items and the miscellaneous.

This bag will give her the sense of maturity that she craves.

cosmetic set

For Better Makeup Practice: STMT DIY Cosmetics Sets

A 10-year-old girl will have the time of her life making the items in this kit. This kit includes the following:

– Two mixing sticks
– Two fragrance droppers
– Two mica powders
– Two lip gloss tubes
– A cosmetic brush
– A cosmetic tube
– Mineral powder
– A bottle witch hazel
– A tube lip gloss base
– Three shimmer pigment powders
– A sifting tub
– A blush base tub
– Two essential oils
– A empty spray bottle
– A measuring cup
– Two pipettes
– Easy to follow instructions

custom candles

For Creating Her Signature Scent: STMT DIY Custom Candles

A 10-year-old little girl will love this gift. For a hands-on experience and fun time, she will enjoy the time spent making her scented candles. With this kit, she can create two candles while mixing different fragrances to create a signature scent that expresses her creativity.

The instructions on how to go about this are easy to follow, and recipe cards are included for her to write down and remember her favorite formulas. Picture the joy on her face when she lights up her room with candles that she made herself.

crystal growing kit

For Home Laboratory Experience: AoHu Crystal Growing Kit

If you are looking for a fun activity different from the regular craft, this gift is ideal for her. This crystal science kit contains all the materials needed to perform six different crystal growth experiments.

This kit includes:

– Six crystal growing powder bags
– Six seed crystal rocks
– A magnifying glass
– Three stir sticks
– Six display stands
– Three beakers
– Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions

If you are looking to stimulate the mind and curiosity of your 10-year-old, then this gift is perfect.

It will help her to build confidence and develop the essence of responsibility from watching this crystal grow. Hence, giving her a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

jewelry box

For Her Jewelry: Home Girls Jewelry Box

You already know that at age 10, a tween girl is beginning to think and sound almost grown up, and what better present to give to her than this jewelry box to store her treasures. This beautiful box is made from fine quality leather with different compartments and ample storage space.

It has a built-in mirror alongside a lock for security and a handle making it easy to carry.


For Staying Hydrated: 10 & Fabulous Stainless Steel Rose Gold Tumbler

She can use this beautiful tumbler for any drink. It comes in a gift box with a straw and cleaning brush included. What better tumbler to use for her hot cocoa in the morning than this beautiful and gorgeous water bottle? With this tumbler, hot and cold drinks can stay hot for extended periods.

The size makes it comfortable and easier to hold, hence making it ideal for your 10-year-old.

fashion angels makeup sketchbook

To Sharpen Her Creativity Level: Fashion Angels Makeup & Hair Design Sketch

This sketchbook is pretty cool and awesome, allowing your 10-year-old to express her belief in herself. It helps her become a confident and stylish young woman. It comes highly recommended for young girls and features 40 formatted drawing pages, stickers, four plastic stencil sheets, and over 100 shapes.

The pouch located at the back helps for storing stencils and sticker pages. This sketch pad lets her draw makeup looks, hairstyles, and nail designs on the preformatted fashion angels’ models. It comes in a decent variety of body types and skin types.

However, you’ll need to purchase colored pencils separately.

brain game

To Develop Critical Thinking Ability: ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

Looking for a great gift that helps refine problem-solving skills and logic? Then this is an excellent gift for that. Gravity Maze comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, built to develop critical thinking and delves into subjects like science and engineering.

It comes with a clear instruction manual on how to set it up. This game is a fun way for her to learn. She can play this with her friends and the whole family as well.

How to pick gifts for a 10-year-old girl

When they were younger, buying gifts for your little friends was a lot easier, but the more they grow, the more daunting it becomes to buy a unique present for tween girls. What gift can you get for a tween girl that shows you pay attention to her and her needs?

There are countless products in the market to choose from, and this article has suggested some fantastic presents to give a 10-year-old girl. But you may probably want something different, something to show how much you value her. Do not worry; we have provided a buying guide to help you choose the best gift for her that would be uniquely hers.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself that will guide you when choosing the best gift.

What Are Her Interests?

You need to ask yourself what you have observed her interests to be. You have lived with or known her for this long, and I’m pretty sure you must have observed some of the things she has interests in. It is important to always take notes because, at this age, she is developing new interests steadily. Take time out to write down what you have observed her doing or talking about recently.

What Does She Need?

As much as it seems a 10-year-old girl is beginning to have a mind of her own, she still needs parental/adult guidance and control. You will still have to make decisions based on what is good for her. Subsequently, you can buy a present based on what you think is best for her.

For example, if you think she needs less screen time, you can buy a fun outdoor gift to let her go outside more. Or, if you think she needs to read more books, there is a wide array suitable for her age.


With so many exciting options to choose from, we’re confident our list provided you with some much-needed inspiration for the perfect gift to give any 10-year-old girl on her birthday. Let us know which gift idea appeals to you most in the comment section, and share this article with friends and family to help them make the right choice!

30 exciting gifts for 10 year old girls

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