35 Gifts for 12-Year-Old Boys That’ll Beat Video Games

12-year-old boys are full of imagination, creativity, and energy.

Seeing them play video games for hours can be frustrating, especially when there are engaging alternatives, such as educational games and exciting outdoor activities.

Below, you’ll find a hand-picked collection of appealing gifts for 12-year-old boys – the smart adults of tomorrow!

35 Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys

solar robot creation kit

For Their STEM Education: Solar Robot Creation Kit

STEM skills – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – have never been so in demand! Indeed, today, most projects require extensive knowledge of engineering and technology principles.

While your little one might not pick up this passion for many years to come, he can start to understand the principles of mechanics, programming, and physics through play.

This Solar Robot Creation Kit allows any 12-year-old to explore further the fields of robotics and renewable energy – while having fun!

klask magnetic game

For Fun With the Family: KLASK: The Magnetic Party Game

If you have always been into foosball and air hockey, you will love the KLASK magnetic game! If you are looking for family activities to enjoy a rainy or winter day indoor, this game is the perfect option.

Not only is it accessible to any age group, but it is easy to learn and offers endless hours of fun for the whole family! Thanks to its compact size and elegant design, this game can be set anywhere and fit with any home’s interior design.

light-up gloves

For a Lit Birthday Party: ATOPDREAM Light Up Gloves

No birthday party is complete without light-up elements! If you had to resort to LED and glow-in-the-dark sticks in the past, today, your 12-year-old boy can enjoy a pair of Light Up Gloves. Depending on the party’s size, you can order more than one pair and ensure that each young guest has their magical pair of gloves.

There is no better way to take a party to the next level!

outdoor games

For Extra Fun in the Yard: GIGGLE N GO Outdoor Games

Whether your home has a yard or not, playing outdoors is always an excellent experience for kids. The Giggle’n’Go game can be set up anywhere, including beaches, yards, and parks, and played by two players or two teams.

All you will need is two plastic cups or bottles, and you are ready to start the fun!

thinkFun gravity maze brain game

A Fun Logic Game: ThinkFun Gravity Maze

If you are looking for a clever indoor puzzle, you will be amazed by this one. It is created for kids to develop their logic and planning skills. However, you are likely to become more involved in the game than your 12-year-old! Anyone can enjoy this game by themselves, but you can also play in groups and have fun as a family.

airplane toys

Paper Planes to the Next Level: BooTaa 2 Pack Airplane Toys

What 12-year-old-boy does not love paper planes?! They have always been the main distractions in classrooms and a creative way to breathe life into an old sheet of paper. Many pilots’ careers have started by creating a paper plane! However, if you are looking for a more aerodynamic version that will cover greater distances, you might see the appeal in the BooTaa toys!

walkie talkies

For the Team Player: Walkie Talkies for Kids

When you are 12 years old, the world is your oyster! A neighbor can quickly turn into a new planet to explore, and a stroll in the local park can turn into an adventure in the Amazon! With these walkie-talkies, your 12-year-old and his friends can go out and explore the surroundings while keeping up the lines of communication!

bike wheel lights

For the Rider: Activ Life Bike Wheel Lights

Cycling to school or through the park might not be the most exciting adventure for a 12-year-old. However, these incredible wheel lights can be a game-changer and turn a monotonous bike into a futuristic, excellent vehicle.

And, if you are planning for evening summer rides with the whole family, these lights can also be a much-needed safety feature!

chemistry set

For the Scientist in the Making: National Geographic Stunning Chemistry Set

If there is someone who truly understands the fascination that 12-year-olds have for science is National Geographic. With this Chemistry Set, your little one can spend hours discovering 45 different science projects included! While having fun and understanding a little more of the world, 12-years-old can work towards their STEM skills.

hover soccer ball

For the Unstoppable Soccer Player: LLMoose Hover Soccer Ball

If your 12-year-old boy has a passion for all-things-soccer, a bad weather day should not stop him! With this Hover Soccer ball, they can play anywhere – even inside the house! There won’t be any risk of breaking windows or bases, and the whole family can get involved.

RC stunt car toy

For Cars Aficionados: Joyjam RC Stunt Car Toys

There is nothing quite like the love that a 12-year-old boy has for cars and trucks. With this 4WD stunt car toy, they can start piloting their vehicle through the most extreme landscapes, from the beach to muddy parks! The miniature vehicle is entirely remotely controlled and double-sided, which means that you can perform 360° flips without having to stop for a second!

laser tag sets

To Play With Friends: Play22 Laser Tag Sets

If you have ever played a laser tag game, you know how much fun it can be. While in the past you had to organize a whole day out and find the closest laser tag center, now you can bring the fun into your home! This laser tag set includes laser guns and vests so that your little ones can play indoor or outdoor.

It supports up to four players at a time!

digital targe with foam toy gun

For Nerf Guns Lovers: Digital Targets With Foam Dart Toy Gun

If laser tag games are not your thing, you should consider the magic of nerf guns! They have been a popular toy for generations and, as the technology behind it evolves, they have become even more fun to play – indoors and outdoors! This set comes with digital targets and toy guns so that you can get the fun started immediately.

SHASHIBO shape shifting box

To Stimulate Creativity: SHASHIBO – The Shape-Shifting Box

Have you ever been fascinated by the colors and shapes of origami? If so, this box will take the whole experience to a new level! This magnetic and transforming cube is created with over 36 magnets and can assume endless shapes and forms.

It also comes in 10 kaleidoscopic designs to ensure that each box is unique!

hover hockey set

For Hockey Players: CUKU Hover Hockey Set

With this set, your little ones can play their favorite sports everywhere. With an included hover hockey disc, they can refine their hockey skills. Alternatively, with a soft soccer ball, they can turn your living room into their stadium and play all day long!

light-up basketball

For the Basketball Player: Light Up Basketball

Everyone has a favorite sport – and not all 12-year-old boys are into hockey, football, or soccer! Indeed, stars such as Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant have made the world of basketball particularly appealing for young boys.

With this Light Up Basketball, they can play in your backyard field even after dark!

flipslide game

A Clever Puzzle Game: Flipslide Game

If your 12-year-old is not so much into sports, this puzzle game might be a great alternative! The game aims to match the colors and beat the clock – while it can seem easy at first, it is much more challenging than you’d think! However, playing this game can help your little one refine their logical skills and reflexes.

Start playing today!

gaming headset

For the Gamer: ZIUMIER Z66 Gaming Headset

Sometimes, there is just no competing with the fun that video games can provide! If your 12-year-olds are into gaming, this new headset can be a great present. It is designed to be comfortable for hours of gaming but also to protect their hearing.


interesting stories book

For the Avid Reader: Interesting Stories for Curious People

Curiosity is the mother of invention – and you can start fostering it very early! If you have noticed that your little ones always ask questions and want to know more about each story, this is the right book for them!

foam bow and arrow archery set

For a Young Robin Hood: Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set

From Legolas to Robin Hood, our imagination is dotted with heroes with a bow and arrow. For 12-year-olds, there is nothing better than this set to pretend to be in an imaginary tale and fight orcs and dragons.

Or, simply, practice their aim and concentration in the garden!

ring toss games

To Play Anywhere: Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games

The best games are the simplest ones to learn – and the ones that can involve everyone, from kids to adults! This Elite Sports Ring Toss game is precisely one of those! It is easy to transport and set up, and the rules are simple: just toss the rings and aim for the small poles! The retro design and natural materials make it a stylish game that can entertain the whole family.

crystal growing kit

For the Chemist in the Making: Crystal Growing Kit for Kids

For 12-year-olds – as well as for adults – there is nothing more fascinating than crystals! They are beautiful, unique, and tell a lot about the world’s history. Undoubtedly, the world of crystals and crystal formation is complex – but all geologists started somewhere!

With this kit, kids can create their crystals and learn about the differences between them.

A great way to get started!


For Animal Lovers: Dreaming Box Compact Shockproof Binoculars

Not all 12-year-olds are into gaming on playing soccer – some love to spend time among nature, on camping adventures, or in the company of animals. These binoculars are designed to be compact and shockproof, and they can be your little one’s best friends when taking a walk in the countryside.

Even better, these binoculars allow kids to understand the importance of observing and learning from animals with respect. A great way to foster a kind and compassionate next generation of adults!

cookbook for teens

For the Chef: The How-To Cookbook for Teens

In our minds, cooking is an activity reserved for adults. Undoubtedly, the constant use of knives, ovens, and cooking hobs can increase the danger level for young kids. At the same time, with the right tools and supervision, cooking can teach a lot – such as following a recipe, using creativity, and understanding risk.

This How-To Cookbook is created for teens to work towards independence and responsibilities. Filled with delicious – but simple – recipes, it allows your kids to move the first steps in the world of professional kitchens.

difficult riddles for smart kids book

For the Smartest Boy in the Room: Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids

Riddles are an excellent way to stimulate intelligence and lateral thinking. However, finding some riddles that are appropriate for 12-year-old boys can be challenging. If he is into riddles, this is the perfect book! It is not only filled with clever riddles, but it is also easy to understand – and won’t get anybody too frustrated when thinking about the correct answer!

coloring book

For the Artist: Coloring Books for Boys – Cool Animals

If there is someone with creativity and imagination to sell is your 12-year-old boy! With this coloring book, he can let his imagination fly free and start experimenting with different colors! While coloring has been considered an activity for younger kids for decades, it has been seen to have endless benefits for anyone!

Indeed, it can promote cognitive abilities, relax the mind, help fight stress, and entertain people of all ages.

Of course, if your little one wishes to pursue a career as an artist, this is an excellent starting point!

stories for boy book

For the Young Adult: Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different

The world is changing, and young boys need to find suitable role models. This inspiring book is filled with stories of great men who have shaped our history in many different ways. From Confucio to Bill Gates and Vincent Van Gogh, this book allows your young boy to look into the great minds of history – and learn from their work to make the world a better place!

glow in dark T-shirt

A Different Type of Attire: Illuminated Apparel Interactive Glow in The Dark T-Shirt

No 12-year-old boy can resist these t-shirts! They don’t only glow in the dark, but they can also be designed according to preferences and the occasion! Whether this is a birthday party or just an evening spent in the garden with family and friends, your little ones can create their design and watch it come to life once the lights are out!

disk toy and soft catch

For Frisbee Fun: Easy Disk Toy and Game – Soft Catch

Who doesn’t love playing frisbee?! This game is so easy to play and entertaining that adults and kids will always be excited to stand in a circle and throw the disc at each other! However, with standard plastic frisbees, your hands will start to be sore too quickly – especially if you are good at catching the frisbee!

With this revolutionary soft catch frisbee, you can play for as long as you want, protect your hands, and invite the younger ones to the game too!

pandasaurus games the mind

For Communicators: Pandasaurus Games the Mind

This modern card has been gaining a lot of popularity because it is fun to play for everyone and entertaining. The rules are simple – you need to organize the cards in a crescent order by playing them.

However, you won’t be able to tell your teammates what card you are going to play – what strategies will your 12-year-old boy use to ensure success? This game does not only encourage non-verbal communication, but it is also a great way to have fun with your whole family.


Extra Fun at the Park: Razor a Kick Scooter for Kids

Scooters have become increasingly popular to travel in the neighborhood or town without using polluting vehicles. They are green, easy to ride, and accessible by adults and kids. However, before letting your teenager on a motorized scooter without training, you can ensure that they learn the basics of riding one with this kids-friendly Razor model!

movies scratch off poster

For the Movie Lover: Enno Vatti 100 Kids Movies Scratch Off Poster

If you just can’t find a way to get your 12-year-old boy to switch the TV off, you can turn their hobby into a passion for pursuing! This Movies Scratch Off Poster is designed to encourage kids to check out some of the best films ever released.

As a side benefit, this poster’s excellent design makes it a great addition to your home art gallery!

interactive globe for kids

For the Traveller: Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids

All 12-year-olds dream about traveling the world one day! While they still have a few years to go before they can safely board a plane and be fully independent abroad, they can start learning about the different countries thanks to this fantastic globe.

The patented design allows the globe to transform into an illuminated constellation map at nighttime. So they can explore the Earth and the Universe at the same time!

harry Potter books

For the Potterhead: Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition

If one character has struck any reader’s hearts and minds, it is Harry Potter. While the first book of the saga was published over 14 years ago, the story is still as modern, relevant, entertaining, and heartwarming as ever! With this special edition box, your 12-year-old can immerse himself in the magical world of Hogwarts!

pictionary quick drawing board

A Family Favorite: Pictionary Quick Drawing Board

No board game is more loved and appreciated than Pictionary! While the first editions contained a cumbersome, old-vintage box, today, you can find all the fun of the original game in this pocket-sized version. Start drawing today!

Picking presents for 12-Year-Old Boys: What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a gift for your 12-year-old son or nephew, the gifts above are excellent choices. However, if you have decided to opt for another alternative, you should still make sure that your gift ticks certain boxes.

Buying a toy, game, or book appealing in the eye of a 12-year-old can be difficult. At this age, kids feel like they have outgrown kids’ toys, and they have started to look with admiration to the world of adulthood.

At the same time, serious games and toys might not be so appealing in their eyes and end up being piled up on the side of their PlayStation or Xbox. Here are some extra tips that you can use when selecting the right present for your 12-year-old boy!

Opt for Educational Toys Over “Kids” Toys

The world is changing, and it has never been so essential to start a kid’s education early. However, education does not only mean spending hours in front of a book. Toys and games can also be highly educational.

For example, they might benefit from:

Young adult books about historical figures that impacted society – a great way to start their education on political and social matters such as gender equality early on!
STEM projects that allow them to cultivate the STEM skills that are so in demand today.

Technological and robotics games and toys to promote programming and coding skills.

While assimilating these essential skills and knowledge, 12-year-old boys can have fun and see their projects coming to life. In any case, young boys are like sponges when it comes down to learning and imitating – so; you must mindfully select any present!

Team Games Can Encourage Communication and Teamwork

While we are all protective of our kids, it is also important that they face the challenges of playing in a team. Sports are excellent for their formation, teamwork skills, and communication abilities.

However, you can also achieve similar results by encouraging them to play games with others.

Card games such as The Mind, for example, are created to improve non-verbal communication skills and lateral thinking. These are essential skills for a young adult to learn. Indeed, they can continue to refine these skills in the years to come and leverage them in their future personal and professional life.

If your 12-year old is not so much into card games, other board games such as Pictionary or puzzles are also helpful. Just make sure you are putting an accent on socialization!

Fuel Their Passion and Creativity

While they have been around for no longer than 12 years, kids this age are already a powerhouse of creativity, imagination, and energy. When selecting the right present for them, it is essential to keep in mind their passions and inclinations.

For example, some 12-year-old boys might be drawing or painting, while others prefer outdoor sports and adventures in nature. Not all boys will be into cars or sports, so it’s important to add some variety in your gifts.


An excellent way to pick the perfect gift for a 12-year-old is to consult your inner kid and ask yourself, what would have excited you when you were that age? Remember, 12-year-old boys will be looking to explore their skills further and play with others, so keep this in mind when shopping. Be sure to share these ideas and let us know which presents you’re most exciting about gifting in the comments below!

gifts for 12 years old boy


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