30 Unique Gift Ideas for a 13-Year-Old Teenage Girl

Most teenage girls are trying to figure themselves out during this decade. However, when a girl turns 13, she really doesn’t know what’s going on. She’s officially a teenager, but probably still feels like a pre-teen.

This is why it’s a great idea to present her with gifts that make her feel like the teen princess she is.

Gifts for a 13-year-old Girl

multicolor fanny pack

For the Hands-Free Girl: SoJourner Holographic Rave Fanny Pack

Even though totes and clutches are really stylish and fun, there are times when a girl just wants to be hands-free. This fanny pack is the perfect solution. The fanny pack is one of those classic pieces that managed to come back around into today’s fashion trends.

The holographic hues make it easy for this purse to go with almost any outfit. It comes with an adjustable nylon waistband and has three pockets with nylon lining. It’s the perfect option to remain trendy and functional at the same time.

rose gold phone clip

For the Phone Addict: FITFORT 360° Rotation Metal Ring Grip

If you really think hard, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a teenager who doesn’t love their phone. You can make a teenage girl’s experience a little more seamless by providing a metal ring grip. It’s a sleeker version of the fun popsocket.

There’s an additional attachment that serves as a magnet for the metal ring grip. She can prop it up in the car when she’s on a road trip to watch her favorite shows. If she’s scrolling in bed, she can do so without dropping the phone on her face.

Enjoy the ring grip in finishes like rose gold and silver.

bath bomb making kit

For the Bath Lover: Bath Bomb Making Kit

If you have a teenage girl who has always loved taking baths, you can take her experience to the next level by getting her this incredible bath bomb making kit. It comes with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils in scents like lavender, grapefruit and eucalyptus.

She gets to create her own custom bath bombs with the ingredients and scents she likes the most. All of the ingredients and safety tools she’ll need are included in the box. If she wants to, she can even decide to invite a friend over to make them together.

It’s a great activity to enjoy with friends.

embroidery kit present

For the Old Soul: 25 Piece Embroidery Project

If you have a teenager who is 13 going on 60, she might enjoy some of the same hobbies her grandmother might like. One of the most timeless projects is a good embroidery project. It’s always a great idea to stimulate and challenge the mind with activities like embroidery.

It also helps to increase creativity and improve hand-eye coordination. Whether she is a pro or a total beginner, this is a project she can complete and feel very proud of.

gratitude journal cover

For the Girl Who Needs the Bright Side: Gratitude Journal

Truthfully, the teenage years are filled with lots of emotions, hormones and uncertainty. However, when a girl can find things to be grateful for, her experience and outlook will naturally mature. It’s important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude earlier in life.

When a teenager is able to accept the challenge to find things to be grateful for in the midst of her own circumstances, this will help her grow into an incredible adult. This 52-week gratitude journal is designed with weekly checkpoints, amazingly inspiring quotes and enough pages to provide inspiration for an entire year.


For the Fun in the Sun: LotFancy Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are one of those classic pieces that will never go out of style. They look great on every face shape and any age. Gift a teenage girl with her first pair of aviator sunglasses. These glasses provide UV sun protection.

They’re also really light-weight. The metal frames come in a variety of colors like pink, gold and silver. You can also purchase the lenses that come in different hues such as blue and green. These glasses are also shatter-proof.

As a result, she has a better chance of making them last a while.

suculent plants

For the Green Thumb: Assorted Collection of Live Succulent Plants

If your teenage girl has a knack for plants and biophilia, encourage her exploration by purchasing these adorable set of four succulent plants. Succulent plants are known to be some of the easier plants to take care of.

She can choose to nurture them into a vertical garden or place them around her room. You also don’t have to stop at four plants. You can purchase anywhere from 12 to 256 succulent plants. However, if she’s not working on a major planting project, start small with a few and let her take it from there.

TEEN coloring book

For the Coloring Lover: Teen Coloring Books For Girls: Vol 1

Gone are the days where coloring was merely reserved for little children in their kindergarten classes. With all the stressors people face, even adults are picking up coloring books to relax their minds and remain inspired.

This teenage coloring book provides 35 pages filled with intricate designs and drawings that will keep a teenage girl entertained for hours. Each page is one-sided so if she wants to use markers to draw, she won’t have to worry about ruining a drawing on the opposite side.

LeilaLove macarons

For the Lover of Fine Cuisine: Leilalove Macarons

If Paris couldn’t fit in the budget, that’s okay. You can bring the treats of Paris to a teenage girl’s front door. These colorful macarons are just as delicious as they are beautiful to look at. There are a total of 15 macarons that come in each box.

The assortment of flavors will easily leave a girl feeling satisfied. Since they already come wrapped in a stunning box, you won’t have to worry about packaging either.

facial brush

For Flawless Skin: iHealthia Facial Brush

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to deal with the woes of acne, oily skin and other skin issues. This is why it’s great to teach a teenage girl how to properly care for her skin. In addition to moisturizing, it’s important to maintain a great cleansing routine.

This skin brush system is the perfect answer to help with redness, cleaning off makeup and more. It comes with multiple brush heads to take care of exfoliation, microdermabrasion and more. It also perfectly crafted with the teenage girl in mind.

bluetooth shower speaker

For the Shower Singer: Guppy GP-WP-01-PINK Water Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Even though the sound might not be amazing, it’s always great to encourage your kids to practice the hobbies they love the most. If you can see that your teenage girl finds so much joy when she’s belting out tunes in the shower, you might want to get her this water-resistant bluetooth shower speaker.

Whether she wants to sing along with her favorite artists or try her hand out showertime karoake, this is a safe option for her to enjoy. Plus, it’s another incentive to make sure she gets in the shower and gets ready for the upcoming school day.

tutu tulle skirt

For the Princess Teenager: Babyonline Lady’s Princess Tutu Tulle Skirt

When a girl transitions to the teenage years, her interest in style might increase a bit. It’s always a balance between helping a girl look age-appropriate while stylish at the same time. This tulle skirt is the perfect balance between the two.

It makes a major fashion statement. Both women and girls love to wear these skirts. Plus, the skirts are easy to pair with a button-up denim blouse or a graphic t-shirt and fun jewelry. It comes in seventeen different colors.

It also comes down to the knee for an age-approriate length.

surya pouf

For the Interior Decorator: Surya Pouf

If you take a close look at some of the trends in interior decor, you’ll notice that this pouf tends to pop up in many different looks. This is because it’s such a fun, versatile piece for a thirteen year-old girl to sit on or prop her feet on.

This authentic piece is made in India. It comes with intricate beading and a stunning fabric pattern. Add this to your teenager’s bedroom to provide a fun pop of colorful goodness. It’s made of 100% cotton.

It’s important to be careful with it as it can only be spot-cleaned.


For the Cat Lover: Romwe Women’s Cat Print Sweatshirt

If you know a teenage girl who is obsesed with her cat and loves wearing cat-related pieces, this sweatshirt is the perfect gift. This fun graphic is a simple design. It looks incredible against a yellow backdrop.

However, you can choose sweatshirts in colors like black, gray and burgundy. There’s even a hoodie option. The hoodie actually comes with attached cat ears. The polyester, cotton and spandex blend will feel comfortable against the skin.

Plus, it’s very easy to keep clean.

Torry beach tote

For the Beach Lover: Torry Beach Tote

If you live near a beach, it makes sense for teenagers to enjoy a sandy paradise as their official hangout spot. Make it easier for a teenage girl to pack up her things and go with these awesome beach tote.

It comes with a cute pompom attachment and rope handles to match the beach vibe. There are pockets on the inside and the outside of this lovely tote. To up the ante, why not give it to her as a gift that comes fully stocked with SPF, a fly bathing suit, sunglasses and flip flops.

For good measure, throw in the latest issue of her favorite teen magazine.

pieces nail salon set

For the Perfect Manicure: JOYIN 200 Pieces Nail Art Salon Set

If there’s anything a woman should know how to do, she should know how to do her own manicure. Even if she decides to go to the salon to let the professionals handle the job, that’s okay. However, it’s always great to know how to do it when a woman is in a bind and can’t get to the nail salon.

The lessons start in the teenage years. This set comes with 200 different pieces including nail polish pens, appliques and gems. With this kit, a girl can remain busy learning how to develop a steady hand, perfect the professional-looking manicure and feel confident in her appearance.

makeup brushes set

For the One Who’s Allowed to Wear Makeup: Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set

Most parents have different ages that they’re most comfortable with their daughers wearing makeup. For some, 13 is okay. For others, 16 is the right age. It all depends on the parent. If you’re purchasing this makeup brush set for a teenager that’s not your own, make sure you have parental permission to do so.

Once you get the green light, check out this stylish mermaid-patterened brush set. It comes complete with 11 pieces. It includes a beauty blender. These brushes can be used with cream, liquid or powder foundation without any issues.

styling wand

For the Bedhead Look: Bed Head Curve Check XL Styling Wand

Another skill every woman needs is the skill of maintaining her own tresses. This skill also starts in the teenage years. Maintaining cute hairstyles involves having the right tools. This styling wand is perfect for providing effortless-looking curls for the teenage girl who’s looking for a little texture and versatility.

It comes with a heat protectant glove to ensure safety. The temperature is adjustable yet it goes up to 400 degrees. Because the swivel cord doesn’t get tangled, this makes it easier for a teenage girl to maneuver it.

The tourmaline ceramic barrel is also excellent for reducing frizz.

taboo party game board

For the Game Night Lover: Taboo Party Board

Taboo is one of those classic games that everyone needs to know how to play. It’s known as the game of unspeakable fun because of a player’s inability to say certain words to their teammates. If your teenage girl is having a few friends over, this is a great way to have fun.

This game involves guessing, quick wit and critical thinking. Whether she’s playing it with her friends or with family members, she’s bound to have a great time.

permanent markers

For the Doodler: Sharpie Permanent Markers

If you look at the notebook or journal of any teenager, chances are you’ll find a few doodles. Doodling is so much more fun when you have lots of colors to play around with. This is why the fine-point Sharpies are the best purchase for any teenage girl.

She can enjoy the pleasure of drawing creative designs in a bunch of interesting colors. Plus, she can also use the Sharpies when she needs to take notes, write in her planner or underline important concepts in a book she’s reading.

Unicorn jar

For the Sophisticated Candle Lover: Capri Blue Unicorn Jar

A lot of teenage girls love the look of colorful unicorns. Well, this stunning jar looks a lot like unicorns live inside. Between the watercolor palette and bright hues, a 13 years old teenage girl might just want to keep the jar after she finishes the candle.

However, the Capri Blue Volcano scent is truly iconic. The scent can easily fill an entire house as it has tons of citrus and bright notes within its wax. Make sure she burns it for no more than three hours for safety purposes.

bath&body mango mandarin gift set

For the Girl Who Smells Tropical: Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Gift Set

Tons of girls love to hang out in places like Bath & Body Works to smell all of the different scents and try the new beauty products. If your teenage girl is like this, you know that she probably prides herself on smelling great.

You can teach her how to layer her scents by purchasing the bath gel, body lotion and body cream. Whether she’s getting ready for bed or leaving the house for school, she’ll smell and feel delightful after this luxurious experience.

Pikachu funko POP figure

For the Toy Lover: Funko POP! Games: Pokemon – Pikachu

There are tons of children, teenagers and adults who are absolutely enamored with Pikachu. If your teenage girl is a collecter or all things related to Pikachu, this special edition figurine will be an amazing gift to enjoy.

The figurine is 3.75 inches tall.

Nike Air shoes

For the Sneakerhead: Nike Air Max 270 Women’s Shoes

Nike is known for their ability to produce incredibly stylish sneakers. If your 13-year old is a lover of sneakers by the popular brand, this colorful option will make her swoon. This shoe provides tons of support.

It has the brightly colored air bubble in the back. This particular sneaker is heralded as one that provides “old school details and modern comfort.” It’s hard to ask for anything better!

Tails mermaid blanket

For the Couch Potato: Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket

Snuggies have certainly taken the world by storm. So many people love to snuggle up in these robes/blankets for a fun movie night or a Netflix binge session. Now, your teenage girl can do so in style with this fabulous mermaid blanket option.

This teal fabric also has an iridescent flair to it. The adult size will allow her to snuggle up even more. The velveteen material is extremely soft to the touch. If you and your family are preparing for a long road trip, this snuggie is perfect to bring on the road.

It can serve as a security blanket and a way to remain comfortable for the long hours in the car.

retro speaker turntable bluetooth

For the Old School Music Lover: Retro Speaker Retro Horn Turntable Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

There are tons of teenagers who are in love with all things related to old school music, record players and more. This retro record player is a perfect gift for a teenage girl who’s interested in building up her vinyl collection with fun tunes.

While it’s nice to have speakers, headphones and technology, there’s nothing like tapping into the old school sounds of a record player, taking care of vinyl records and more. This is definitely a gift a music lover will value for years to come.

Teabloom tea set

For Tea Time: Teabloom Complete Tea Set

Help your teenager set a different rhythm in her life by promoting rituals like tea time. Once she comes home from school, tea time can allow the two of you to connect. She can use the tea set to make her favorite teas, enjoy a delightful snack and relax before she starts her homework.

This fun tea set comes with flowering teas, a teapot, teacups and more. Thankfully, this tea set is completely heat-resistant. In addition to the fabulous tea bags that come with this set, you can also purchase a few loose leaf tea options.

Before long, she might decide that she’d like to create her own blends.

Popsicle molds

For Homemade Treats: Ozera Popsicle Molds Maker

There are so many fun ways to enjoy the summer months. One of the best ways to enjoy it is with an ice-cold treat. If your teenager is learning her way around the kitchen, encourage her to try a few treats with this popsicle mold maker.

It’s BPA free and reusable, so it’s great for the environment. Make fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Add different berries and edible flowers to the mix for fun, diverse options.

Whaline bracelet set

For the DIY Maker: Whaline 525 Feet Gimp Bracelet Set

Gimp is probably one of the most classic materials children use to make their own lanyards, bracelets and more. It hangs well on a keychain. Plus, there are so many fun designs to create. The set is perfect because it comes with a variety of colors to enjoy.

It also comes with keychain ring clips and snap clip hooks. Each kit comes with a total of 16 types of colorful gimp. It’s a great gift to help a teenager pass the time. They can also check out different tutorials on sites like YouTube to gain some inspiration.


Your teenage girl is not quite a woman yet, so you still want to hold on to the reins a bit. However, now is the time to give her some freedom.

These gifts celebrate that she’s getting older and more mature. At the same time, they allow her to still have tons of innocent fun.

Do you have any suggestions for gifts for any 13-year old girls you know? If so, comment below and let us know. We’d love to add the best suggestions to the list!

Gifts for a 13 years old girl

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