36 Non-Embarrassing Gift Ideas for a 19-Year-Old Boy

Guys are notoriously difficult to shop for, especially when they’re teenagers.

It’s okay to need a little help when it comes to birthday surprises or graduation rewards. Here are just a few gift ideas for the 19-year-old boy!

36 Gifts for a 19-Year-Old Boy

tie clip and cuff link set

To Help the Boy Become a Man: Tie Clip and Cuff Link Set

Start building his business wardrobe with this accessory set. It offers four tie bars and four sets of cuff links, and each one has different colors, designs and materials to add some versatility in his closet.

He can wear them to everything from job interviews to big date nights. He’ll be stylish no matter what, so in addition to looking nice at formal occasions, he’ll also get a confidence boost from choosing his own accessories and wearing them well.

grilled cheese toaster

When You Aren’t Afraid of Being a Little Cheesy: Grilled Cheese Toaster

Make him the most popular guy in the dorm with this grilled cheese toaster. It can cook two sandwiches at a time, so he can choose his favorite friend to chow down with, and the process is just as quick and easy to use as advertised.

Simply pop some buttered bread into the toasting slots with a slice of cheese between them. In minutes, he’ll have a crispy, golden brown grilled cheese, and he won’t have to fiddle with any pans, skillets, stoves or traditional toaster ovens.

LEGO brink mug

To Unleash His Inner Child: Build-On Lego Brick Mug

No one likes mornings, but trying to get a teenage boy out of bed can be a singularly hellish experience. This coffee mug might be a gift to moms just as much as 19-year-old guys! It’s a fully functional mug, so it can hold the sweet, sweet caffeine that he needs to get going, but it’s also decorated with Legos that he can play around with as his nectar is brewing.

It’ll wake him up, stimulate his brain and keep him from grumbling too much at the kitchen table. Everybody wins with this gift.

toilet paper

For the Birthday Boy With a Sense of Humor: 19th Birthday Holy Sh*t Toilet Paper

Toilet paper might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about birthday presents, but this one is pretty funny. It says “Holy Sh*t, You’re 19!” with a poop emoji, so it’s sure to get a guffaw from a teenage boy that grew up on that kind of humor.

The only downside is that its rough texture makes it more of a decorative present than a practical one, so be sure to tell him that it isn’t suitable for 3AM binges of Chipotle.

lightning reaction game

To Encourage Him to Come Out of His Room: Lightning Reaction Reloaded Shocking Game

When he’s outgrown Candyland, this is what you’ll need to draw him back into family game night. Each player holds onto a small metal handle and waits for a red light to turn green. When it does, the slowest person to hit their button gets an electric shock! You can choose between low, medium and high settings to determine the severity of the jolt, and you can switch between two different game modes for even more masochism.

This gift isn’t for the faint of heart, but the a cackling teenage boy should love it.


For the Teenager on the Move: Extra Large Travel Folding Backpack

Maybe he’s headed off to college. Maybe he’s going to take a gap year and travel the world. Either way, he’ll need a backpack that he can depend on, and this is the juggernaut for the job. It has more than two dozen compartments with massive storage space for books, laptops, clothes, shoes, umbrellas and other essentials.

It can be unfolded at 90° – 180° angles for airport inspections, and it comes with an exterior USB port for charging electronics on the go. This is the sturdy kind of backpack that he’ll be using for years.


For Your Favorite Know-It-All: I’m Not Arguing T-Shirt

“I’m Not Arguing, I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right.” If you know someone who will instantly and spiritually connect with this statement, you’ll want to snatch up this t-shirt while supplies last. It’s available in several different colors, and sizes range from Small – 6X Large.

The material is 100 percent cotton. There are no manufacturer guarantees about starting additional arguments with the presence of the t-shirt, but you can always email and ask.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

pendant necklace

Budget Bling: Initial Letter Gold Chain Pendant Necklace

Made with gold-plated stainless steel, this necklace will give the impression of being a much more expensive product than it is. It’s stylized just like the gold chains that you can find on the world’s hottest celebs, but it won’t break the bank like their million-dollar models.

You can also customize its pendant with a single initial. It can be his; it can be a beloved girlfriend’s; it can be a meaningful letter known just to the two of you. The possibilities are endless with personalized jewelry.

manual to manhood cookbook

Because You Never Know When He’ll Need a Windsor Knot: Manual to Manhood

The 19-year-old boy is at an important crossroads in his life. If he could use a little help getting to the other side, consider gifting him Manual to Manhood: How To Cook The Perfect Steak, Change A Tire, Impress A Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need To Survive.

Like its name suggests, it’s full of valuable, real-world information that will help him transition into adulthood, and it will spare him the embarrassment of asking certain questions out loud. No one has to know that he learned about first date etiquette from a book.

tower wooden craft 3D puzzle kit

To Sharpen His Mind: Tower Coaster Wooden Craft 3D Puzzle Kit

Does he love model trains and ships in a bottle? This is a newer kind of challenge, but it requires the same level of care, precision and attention to detail. It’s a three-dimensional puzzle with wooden pieces that slot together to form a series of towers, and when it’s fully built, it can be hand-cranked to turn the gears.

He doesn’t have to be an engineer to figure it out, but an interest in construction and craftsmanship will definitely help. This is a puzzle that will keep him occupied for awhile.

100 movies scratch off poster

For Moviemakers and Film Lover: 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Can he quote The Usual Suspects like it was released yesterday? Movie buffs should love this poster. It has blank squares for 100 films that are considered the height of cinema, and every time that he scratches one off, he’ll reveal a colorful, customized picture of something from the flick.

For example, Star Wars is represented by Darth Vader, and V for Vendetta has a Guy Fawkes mask. If he hasn’t yet seen one of the movies listed, maybe that can be your next gift!

tortilla blanket

When He Loves His Taco Bell: Giant Flour Tortilla Throw Blanket

If he lives for burritos, he might enjoy a blanket that’s printed with his one true love. You can also order variations that are printed with pies, pizzas and waffles, but the tortilla is the most popular.

It’s available in sizes that range from 47 – 80 inches, and its soft flannel material is suitable for everything from pool parties to cat naps on the couch. Who wouldn’t want to catch a few ZZZs under a gigantic flour tortilla?

LED desk lamp

For the Studious: 7-in-1 LED Desk Lamp

With seven different functions, this is probably the coolest desk lamp that you’ll ever come across. In addition to lighting up, it can also tell time, charge a phone and keep track of your calendar. The stem of the lamp is fully adjustable, and the color-changing light can be switched between hues and brightness levels depending on your mood.

You can even hold pens and pencils in this sucker! It’s the perfect companion to the modern desk, so whether your gift recipient is studying in a dorm or working in an office, he’s sure to appreciate such a versatile tool.

guitar pick

To Share a Tune: I Couldn’t Pick a Better Brother Guitar Pick

Does he play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix? Does he think that he plays the guitar like Jimi Hendrix? This guitar pick will be a fitting gift for the musician in your family, and since it also bears the text “I Couldn’t Pick a Better Brother,” it’ll be corny in the best of ways, too.

You can give it to your bro and watch him laugh and strum a few bars.

how not to be dick book

Real Talk: How Not to Be a D*ck

If your son believes that toilet seats are meant to be peed on, this is the book that will knock some sense into him. It’s called How Not to Be a D*ck: An Everyday Etiquette Guide, and it covers everything from daily deodorant use to not reclining one’s seat all of the way back on an airplane.

Despite its humor, it imparts real, practical wisdom for young folks, and it might just become a reference guide that he returns to again and again as he enters the world of roommates, dorm mates, girlfriends and house shares.

socks pack

For the Kid Who Doesn’t Want to Grow Up: Men’s Novelty Crew Socks Pack

With everything from a suit-wearing monkey to an old-school Pac Man maze, these novelty socks have it all. They’re soft and comfortable, and their crew cut design means that they’ll be suitable for just about every type of shoe.

He could even wear them under his work slacks with a pair of loafers. No one will know that he’s actually rocking a fun, colorful pair of socks, but they’ll add a little personality to his outfit and allow him to express his youthful exuberance just a little bit longer.

gaming mouse pad

To Increase His High Score: RGB Light-Up Gaming Mouse Pad

Does he spend entire weekends sucked into the worlds of Fortnite and Warframe? This gaming mouse will make you a terrible enabler but an awesome gift-giver. Not only does it comes with a reduced-friction polyethylene surface to improve the speed and precision of his clicks, but he can make it glow with several different colors thanks to the LED technology embedded in the frame.

He’ll feel like a professional gamer whenever he turns off the lights and turns on the mouse pad to cast an eerie glow over his screen.

tank top

For the Buddy Who Can Bench Press You: Men’s I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off Tank Top

Available in multiple colors, this tank top is perfect for the teenage gym rat. It says “I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off,” so it’s funny and cheeky even as it encourages cute girls to check out his biceps.

As a bonus, it’s made with soft, comfortable ringspun cotton that will resist moisture, so it’ll be a genuinely good workout shirt as well as an amusing way to get the attention of someone he really likes!

smoked spices gift set

For Brave Palates: FreshJax Smoked Spices Gift Set

If he isn’t afraid of a little heat, this is a gift that will add some sizzle to his meals. There are five spices in total, and their flavors include campfire, mesquite lime and smoked cherrywood. Does he know how to cook? He can expertly wield them over the grill.

Is he stuck in a tiny studio apartment with a kitchenette? He can use these spices to bring a high-class touch to a low-effort meal. As long as his taste buds can handle the spice, this will be a great gift for amateur chefs.

19 years to be this legend notebook

To Keep Him Organized: 19 Years to Be This Legend Notebook

Notebooks are a nice thing to have around, and this notebook is cool enough that he might actually use it. It says “It Took 19 Years to Be This Legend” in a jazzy gold font on a black background with stars and laurels surrounding it.

There are 110 pages within, and they’re blank and unlined, so he can use them for doodling, organizing, journaling, note taking, list making and more. He doesn’t even need to be a college student. He could use this around the house for gaming or hobbying.

beef snack gift basket

For Manly Men: Beef Snack Kit Gift Basket

If he’s already growing his scruff and investing in plaid shirts, this is the gift for him. It’s an ordinary, nondescript box filled with beef jerky, crackers, pretzels and cheddar cheese, so it’s as masculine as a snack kit can be.

Send it to him as a college care package; put it in his room to keep him fueled during game or movie marathons. It has everything but the beer in terms of convenient snack options. He’ll have to wait a little longer for that.

mini drone

For a First-Time Hobbyist: Remote-Controlled RC Mini-Drone

Drones are a popular gift for guys, but buying one is a bit like buying clothes or jewelry for a girl. It’s easy to get it wrong. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy, high-tech drone that he might not even like, try this miniature model.

It comes with enough features to be interesting while still serving as a basic, entry-level gadget that anyone can learn to operate, so it’ll be an excellent choice for newbies to the drone world. Additionally, if it doesn’t wind up being to his tastes, that’s okay.

He can just buy something bigger and better in the future.

100 card tricks kit

To Impress Grandma at the Next Family Reunion: Magic Makers 100 Card Tricks Kit

Do you remember the days when he used to put on a cape and pull stuffed animals out of a hat? He might be older now, but a magician’s flair never really dies, and this card trick set can bring back the spark without being cheesy or childlike.

There are three decks in total, including a classic Svengali trick deck, and an instructional DVD will teach him more than 100 ways to fool an audience. From sleight of hand to psychological sneakiness, he’ll definitely learn how to impress with these.

beard kit for men

To Tame the Beast: Beard Kit for Men

Is he growing some scruff? Does he know what to do with it? This beard kit will offer everything that he might need for incoming facial hair. There’s oil, shampoo and skin balm; there are combs, brushes, scissors and sprays.

He’ll even get a little burlap sack to carry it all! It’s a grooming kit that embodies self-care without actually mentioning the words “self-care,” so he should get some use out of these tools even if he’s allergic to girly stuff.

motivational poster

A Going-Away Gift for the Soul: 7 Rules of Life Motivational Poster

There are seven rules that can be applied to most situations in life. If he isn’t already familiar with them, this poster lays it all out. From “Ignore Them” to “Give It Time,” it offers simple advice in easy-to-understand language, and it can be a nice resource for a brooding young man who needs a little prospective.

Parents might be especially fond of this gift since it can offer support and guidance even when they can’t be with their son.

Men´s T-shirt

For the Ladies’ Man: How to Pick Up Chicks Men’s T-Shirt

T-shirts can be hit or miss with teenagers since they all have their own, very particular styles, but this one will probably get a smile from a young Casanova. It says “How to Pick Up Chicks” with a picture of a stick figure bending over and grabbing a baby chicken, so it’s humorous while still being age-appropriate.

You won’t get in trouble from mom and dad with this one. He might even be able to wear it to school! It’ll definitely be a gift that he uses a lot.

mini rice cooker

Because You Never Outgrow Naruto: Dash Mini Rice Cooker

Anime fans will love this one. It’s a miniature rice cooker that will create soft, fluffy grains for picture-perfect dishes of onigiri and katsudon. It can also be used for ramen, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and more.

Since it’s a compact machine, he can make 1 – 2 servings at a time without worrying about leftovers, and it even comes with an automatic warming function that will keep his food hot when it’s done cooking.

He can literally dump the rice and water into the pot and forget about it until he’s hungry. It’ll be perfect for teenagers without a lot of cooking skills.

bunk bed and bedside shelf

For Lazy Days: Bunk Bed and Bedside Shelf

If he’s the type who likes and appreciates practical gifts, it doesn’t get better than a bed shelf. It can clamp on to any frame, and there are screws and support brackets to increase its weight capacity.

At 11 x 17 inches, it’s large enough for books, phones, laptops, snacks, drinks and alarm clocks, so he can keep pretty much anything within arm’s length of the bed. Is he moving away? Does he just need some more floor space in his bedroom? Get rid of his nightstand and replace it with a cooler, more convenient bed shelf.

bracelet for men

For the Faithful: Soul Statement Cross Leather Bracelet for Men

Is he the religious type? He might appreciate a gift that speaks to his faith. It’s made with a combination of leather, hemp and metal alloy, and its slipknot closure can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.

Available colors include black and brown as well as a stylish mix of the two. A silver cross is emblazoned on the charm so that he’ll carry the spirit of God with him wherever he goes. Christian teens should love this one.

portable speaker

To Blare His Emo Rock More Effectively: Portable Bluetooth Bulldog Speaker

Every dog has his day, and with this speaker, that can include your son or nephew as well. It has all of the features that you’d expect from a wireless Bluetooth device, including dual audio and near-universal connectivity, but it’s shaped like a bulldog wearing a pair of sunglasses.

The speaker domes are the shades. It’ll be a fun, unique gift for a 19-year-old guy, especially one who loves his tunes.


For Flatulent Friends: Nice Cheeks Funny Squirrel Boxers

You might not want to give these to a co-worker, but if you’re shopping for a boyfriend, roommate or family member, you should know better than anyone if they’re applicable to his particular butt. They say “Nice Cheeks” with a squirrel that’s happily munching on some acorns.

They’re also available in other varieties like “Blowin’ Steam” with a train and “Gas Giant” with a cartoon of Jupiter. What do you think? Do any of these boxers describe a guy that you know?

wooden puzzle gift box

To Make Him Earn His Gift: Wooden Puzzle Gift Box

Let’s face it: Money is one of the greatest gifts that you can give a teenager. But what if you want to wrap something a little more exciting than a greeting card with a $20 bill stuffed in it? This puzzle box might be just what you’re looking for.

It can hold cash, checks, gift cards and other things of value, but in order to reach the prize, your gift recipient will have to figure out a tricky little mechanism with lots of dead ends. By the time that they reach the goods, they’ll have truly earned them!

College cookbook

To Avoid the Freshman Fifteen: The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook

You can always smell when a teenager lives on mac ‘n’ cheese and microwave pizza. The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to get him on a healthier diet: Just give him The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook: Easy, Healthy Recipes for the Next Four Years & Beyond.

True to its name, every recipe has five ingredients or less, and nothing will take fancy equipment or long cook times to prepare. He’ll be able to nuke better food right there in his dorm room.

level 19 T-shirt

Because You Can Always Level Up in Life: Level 19 Unlocked Birthday Gift T-Shirt

Another great gift for gamers, this t-shirt says “Level 19 Unlocked” with a vintage controller and a retro-style rainbow gradient. It’s soft and comfortable for all-day League of Legends grinds, and when it starts to smell, he can just throw it into the washing machine with the rest of his laundry.

There are no special cleaning instructions or anything. It’s a hassle-free gift for someone who wouldn’t know how to separate his lights and darks if his life depended on it.

kimono robe for men

To Make Him Feel Like Royalty: Men’s Luxurious Kimono Robe With Shorts

One of the best things about getting older is being able to treat yourself to all of those luxurious things that you grew up seeing on TV. If he doesn’t already own a silk robe, get him one! It’ll feel like heaven against his skin, especially since it has a soft, kimono-style wraparound design, and it’ll even protect his modesty with the inclusion of matching shorts.

He’ll strut around like a king with lounge wear like this.

the bucket book

For the Guy With Big Dreams and Big Plans: The Bucket/F*ck It List

Last but not least, if you’re trying to get him off the couch and into the world, consider the Bucket/F*ck It List. It suggests more than 3,600 things to do, and they range from the regular to the bizarre, so he’ll have fun reading them all even if he doesn’t feel any particular urge to cook a turducken or perform a public rap.

When he isn’t feeling the idea, he can mark the “f*ck it” box as opposed to the “bucket” box. He can curate his own destiny in 3,600 ways.

Buying Presents for a 19 Years Old

It’s hard enough buying gifts, but when you’re shopping for a 19-year-old boy, you might as well throw up your hands to the heavens and pray for divine guidance.

Who knows what teenagers are into these days?

The good news is that you don’t have to take a total shot in the dark. Using your knowledge of the youngster in question, you can make an educated guess about what kind of gift that he’ll enjoy. Here are just a few tips for getting it right.

Figure Out His Interests

What does he like? What are his favorite events and activities? If he’s in college, what is he studying? You can check his online profiles to do a little well-intentioned snooping, or you can ask his parents if you don’t want to cross any lines. You don’t have to be creepy about it. Just get some actionable intelligence on his hobbies.

Consider an Evergreen Gift

“Evergreen” is used to describe something that will never expire or lose its relevance. It’s originally a marketing term, but it can describe gifts as well.

For example, instead of buying something based on a current hobby or social media trend, you buy something that will remain useful even after other things go out of style. There are both pros and cons to giving an evergreen gift as opposed to a hip, contemporary gift, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s the right choice for your 19-year-old.

Stay Age-Appropriate

This is particularly important if you’re shopping for a nephew or someone else who isn’t in your immediate family. You don’t want to be improper!

Even if they’re an adult now, they’re still considered a young adult, and mom and dad will have long memories when it comes to the person who gave their son something inappropriate.


These are just a few things to keep in mind about gift ideas for 19-year-old boys. They might be a mysterious breed of human, but with the right approach, you should be able to find something that they’ll love.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions!

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