34 First Father’s Day Gift Ideas He’s Sure To Love

Fatherhood. It’s a strange and wonderful experience, especially when someone is living it for the very first time. Do you know a man who has recently welcomed a bundle of joy into his life? Here are just a few first Father’s Day gift ideas!

First Father’s Day Gifts

baby bodysuit

For the Nervous Newbie: You Can Do This Dad Cute Baby Bodysuit

Perfect for the guy who’s a bit apprehensive about the whole “fatherhood” thing, this onesie will poke gentle fun at him while also acknowledging the active role that he’s playing in your baby’s life. It says “You Can Do This, Dad” with marked arrows pointing to the arm, leg and head holes.

It’s available in multiple colors, including pink and blue, so you can buy it for sons and daughters both. Most of all, however, it’ll be a gift for dad.


When the Bun is Still in the Oven: Love from The Bump Key Chain

This adorable little key chain is a way to celebrate Father’s Day even before the baby has been born. It says “Love From the Bump! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.” The material is stainless steel, so it won’t rust or chip; he can keep carrying it until delivery day and beyond.

It might even become a keepsake that he treasures for years, always remembering the day that he received it and the excitement that he felt before his firstborn came into the world.

handprint-and footprint photo frame kit

If He’s the Sentimental Sort: Baby Handprint and Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit

If you know someone who doesn’t mind getting a little sappy when he talks about how much his child has changed his life, this is the gift for him. It comes with everything that he’ll need to create a customized mold imprint of his baby’s hands or feet, including clay, rollers, stencils, tape, brackets and a picture frame to hold it all together.

He can choose the perfect imprint to make and the perfect message to commemorate it.

DADA board book

For the Babbling Baby: Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada Board Book

Published by Jimmy Fallon, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada is a funny but heartwarming board book where colorful animals share different sounds meaning “father.” On the last page, everyone gets together and shouts “Dada!” It’ll be a sweet gesture for a dad or dad-to-be, and with any luck, he can create a nighttime ritual of reading the book to his little one.

beer bottle labels

When It’s Been That Kind of Day: Daddy Milestone Beer Bottle Labels

Meant to be wrapped around beer bottles, these labels celebrate the various milestones in a new father’s life. For example, one says “Just Got Peed On” while another declares “2AM Feeding.” There are six in total, so you can outfit an entire six pack with various first-time events.

He’ll be able to laugh at his trials while also enjoying a cold one whenever he passes another major moment in dad-dom.

decorative stone letters

For a Stylish Nursery: Daddy Decorative Stone Letters

Made with Italian limestone, these decorative blocks come in a five-piece set, and each one is engraved with one letter of “daddy.” They have a deliberately childish slant in their sizing and carving to make them seem like a gift from tiny hands.

Additionally, two blocks have white stone while three have gray stone, so there’s a subtle, complementary coloring to them as well. They’ll make uber-cool accessories in a nursery while also championing dad’s presence in the baby’s life.

letter writing kit

Create Your Own Time Capsule: Letters to My Son Letter Writing Kit

“In the future, I hope that we…” “I love being your parent because…” These are just a few of the prompts in Letters to My Son, a kit for creating messages to your little boy. Each letter has ample space for notes, stories, dreams and observations, and the act of writing them down will help to commit them to memory.

You can also scribble a date to re-open them once they’ve been sealed, so in 10 or 20 year’s time, maybe dad will have something to share with his son.

dad diaper bag

For a Man on a Mission: “Dad Life” Dad Diaper Bag

If he’s determined to be the best father that he can possibly be, he’ll need the right tools for the job. This military-style duffel bag is much different than the usual diaper tote, but it still has pockets and compartments aplenty for bottles, diapers, toys, wipes and more.

It even comes with a camo print changing pad! The outside patch declares “Dad Life, Family Strong,” and with a bag like this slung over his shoulder, he’ll definitely be living the words.

refrigerator magnet

When the Force is Strong Within His Household: Photo Frame Refrigerator Magnet

This is a fun little gift that you can tuck into a card or even hang on the fridge to see if he notices. It’s dedicated to the most famous line of Star Wars, and below a picture of Darth Vader, it has room for a 3 x 3 photo of your own Luke Skywalker.

As a bonus, since it’s a piece of official merchandise from Disney, you can rest assured of its quality.


For Double the Trouble: The TwinFather T-shirt

Do you know a man who recently welcomed twins? Aside from booze, the next greatest thing to buy him is a funny t-shirt, and this one will declare him to be “The TwinFather” with the iconic puppetmaster logo from The Sopranos.

Let him go ahead and joke about it now. In a few years, he’ll be too exhausted from chasing after twins to do it!

wooden wrist watch

When It’s Time to Celebrate Dad: Dad Vintage Analog Quartz Wooden Wrist Watch

What’s the definition of a father? According to this watch, it’s “A Son’s First Hero.” The words are inscribed on the top of a handsome wooden watch that’s been aged and stained to look like a vintage analog timepiece.

If he wants to use it to genuinely tell time, he can; the quartz controls were calibrated by Japanese watchmakers who are renowned for their precision. If he just wants to keep it as a collectible, however, it’ll also serve as a great talking piece for his desk.

baby bodysuit

From Mom, With Love: I’m Your Father’s Day Gift Baby Bodysuit

Another great onesie, this one says “I’m Your Father’s Day Gift” followed by “Mom Says You’re Welcome.” It’s made of soft, 100 percent cotton, so it won’t irritate your baby’s skin, and getting off spaghetti stains is as simple as tossing it in the washing machine.

It’s also available in a half-dozen colors with sizes that range from newborn to 24 months. Happy Father’s Day, dad!

bondaroo shirt

For His Baby Joey: DadWare Bondaroo Skin to Skin Kangaroo Care Bonding Tee

A supremely practical gift, the “Bondaroo” shirt is designed to give dad and baby some skin-to-skin cuddling time. The infant will fit into the soft inner folds of the shirt’s neckline, and the father will be able to cradle them closely while also having their hands free.

Not only will it look adorable, but it’ll also promote healthy bonds and strong physical growth and development for an infant. Studies have shown that human contact is essential for a baby’s well-being, and with this shirt, dad can provide it just as much as mom.

dog tag

For Daddy’s Newest Recruit: Dog Tag Gift for New Dads

Modeled after a military dog tag, this pendant says “when a child is born, so is a dad.” It can be attached to a key ring or worn as a necklace with a silver chain; both are included, so the new dad can choose whichever he likes more.

The pendant also comes nestled in a gift box with a note that says “with love, from me to you.” It’s ideal for spouses who want to buy something special for their husband’s first Father’s Day.

beer mug

Because He Got Through the First Year: Personalized Dad Beer Mug

Maybe you want to congratulate him on a newborn. Maybe you want to give him a night on the town after several months of spit-ups and diaper disasters. Either way, this beer mug will celebrate his new status as a dad, and you can even customize it with the date of his child’s birth! Like a sign in a bar, it says “Dad: Established (Year).

” He’ll be able to enjoy a frothy cold one while also having a keepsake that forever immortalizes his child.

cap set

For Couples: Mom and Dad Pigment Dyed Two-Piece Cap Set

If you missed Mother’s Day, here’s a way to make it up to your favorite couple with a gift that can also double as a Father’s Day present. It’s a pair of baseball caps, and the pink one says “Mom” while the blue one says “Dad.

” They’re simple but stylish, and if the couple is anything like most first-time parents, they’ll be happy to share their parenthood status with the rest of the world!


When He’s in Diaper Hell: I Created a Monster T-Shirt

Do you have a daughter? Is she the cutest, sweetest and most frustratingly proficient pooper to ever wake up a parent at 3am? If so, this t-shirt will be perfect for your spouse. It says “I’ve Created a Monster” and “She Calls Me Dad” underneath it.

The shirt is available in multiple cuts and colors, and it’s already pre-shrunk for your laundering convenience. It isn’t a gift that will take a lot of care during those early days when all of dad’s care is going elsewhere.


Made With All-Natural Ingredients: Dad Nutritional Facts Tumbler

Hydration is important for everyone, but in the busy, early days of making sure that the baby is getting enough formula, it’s important for mom and dad to drink water as well. This tumbler is made with leak-proof materials, double-walled insulation and a design that’s easy to use on the go, and for added points, it’s also printed with “Dad Nutritional Facts” that include things like 100 percent strength and 1,000 percent unconditional love.

It’ll make him smile, and it’ll keep him healthy and hydrated at the same time.


For the Modern Day Fairy Tale Father: Men’s Papa Bear Slippers

With their thick tartan, fuzzy insoles and plush memory foam lining, these slippers will be the ultimate comfort during chilly mornings. Most men will enjoy a good, comfortable pair of slippers, and as a dad, he’s destined to become a robe-and-slippers guy relaxing in a La-Z Boy anyway.

These even say “Papa Bear” to make them a fun Father’s Day gift.

sunset charm

Everything the Light Touches: Disney Simba and Mufasa Sunset Charm

This is a bit of an unusual gift, but everyone knows The Lion King, and the father-son bond between Mufasa and Simba is the driving force of the entire movie. If you want to commemorate the birth of a son in a similar way, consider giving the dad or dad-to-be this beautiful charm.

It depicts the two lions overlooking their kingdom, and it’ll be a nice decorative piece for a desk or shelf while also having hidden meaning for a father.

picture frame

To Reward a Fantastic Father: To My Daddy Pink Father’s Day Picture Frame

Written from the point of view of a baby girl, this picture frame starts with “to my daddy on our first Father’s Day together” and goes on to detail all of the ways that he loves her, including hugs, kisses and taking care of her.

It’s achingly sweet, and it’s sure to bring a tear to his eye if he’s the kind of guy who’s in touch with his emotions. If babies could talk, this is probably exactly what they’d say.

decision making coin

Stop the Arguments: Original Diaper Changing Decision Making Coin

“Your turn.” “My turn.” They’re simple words, but they can have a monumental impact: They’ll decide who changes the baby’s diaper! For extra humor, each side of the golden, antique brass coin has a picture of a baby grinning widely.

The little hellion knows exactly what they’re doing. Mom and dad never stood a chance.

baby rattle

An Early Start With Fitness: Buff Barbell Baby Rattle

This is more of a gift for junior than junior’s dad, but if you know a gym rat or fitness buff who recently became a father, this present will probably make him laugh. It’s a baby rattle, but it’s shaped like a barbell! Their mini-me will be able to join them in their daily workouts.

Another variation of the same rattle is shaped like a punching bag if dad is a boxer.


Because It’s Exhausting to Be a Dad: This Guy Is One Awesome Dad Cotton Socks

Help him kick back and relax with these socks. The bottoms say “This Guy is One Awesome Dad” with arrows pointing upwards, and thanks to their unique design, the words can only be read when he has his legs propped up.

In other words, he has to lay on the couch and enjoy a dad nap. The gift will go to waste otherwise. It’s a ready-made excuse for relaxation after a long day of dadding.

The baby owner´s manual

To Give Him a Life Jacket When He’s Lost at Sea: The Baby Owner’s Manual

This book is called The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance. It’ll provide valuable guidance for first-time parents of both genders, but let’s face it: Fathers usually need more help than mothers.

If you have a buddy who could use some advice about feeding, bathing, burping and swaddling, this gift might just become his new Bible.

coffee mug

For Your Guardian Angel: Promoted to Godfather Coffee Mug

He doesn’t have to have kids of his own to play an important role in a child’s life. If you’re shopping for a relative or family friend who has consented to be your baby’s godfather, this mug can express your appreciation on Father’s Day.

It says “Promoted to Godfather” in a jazzy white font on a blue background with a shooting star. Let him know that you care!

neck and back massager

Because Dads Work Hard, Too: Shiatsu Neck Shoulder Back Massager With Heat

This isn’t technically a Father’s Day present, but if he’s spent any amount of time carrying around a baby, his shoulders are probably in desperate need of a rub. This handheld massager should do the trick! It comes with several different settings depending on his speed and heat preferences, and its powerful, deep-reaching nodules will knead his muscles until they’re like melted butter.

He’ll definitely thank you after a round or two with this bad boy.


For the Gamer: Achievement Unlocked: Fatherhood T-Shirt

Did he manage to tear himself away from League of Legends long enough to reproduce? If so, you can celebrate his accomplishment with this funny gamer’s t-shirt. It says “Achievement Unlocked: Fatherhood” with a few of the letters replaced by rattles and baby carriages.

Additionally, there’s a neon green pacifier that glows like a save screen above the test… and guess what? Only one out of four bars have turned green. More kids are in his future!

keychain charm

When He’s Counting Down the Days to Delivery: Photo Ultrasound Key Chain Charm

If your little one won’t be arriving until after Father’s Day, you can still commemorate the occasion with this key chain charm. One side has a customized print of your baby’s ultrasound, and the other has a sweet message declaring, “I can’t wait to meet you, daddy.

” Everything is under a hard, glossy resin that will shine like glass but without the breakability, and you can choose from several different framing options for the insides, including bronze, silver, antique copper and gunmetal gray.

baby sonogram photo frame

For Baby’s First Selfie: Love at First Sight Baby Sonogram Photo Frame

Another great gift for the sentimental dad, this picture frame will become a treasured keepsake for years to come. It says “Love at First Sight,” and it’s meant to display an ultrasound photo. You can choose from silver or gold fonts for the text and black, white, brown or natural wooden frames.

No matter which one you pick, it’ll be a beautiful expression of the miracle of life.

whiskey glass

A More Grown-Up Type of Bottle Feeding: Daddy’s Sippy Cup Whiskey Glass

Have there been a lot of bumps in the road during his first year of fatherhood? If so, he might appreciate this whiskey glass. “Daddy’s Sippy Cup” is printed on the side, but despite its humor, it’s a genuinely high-quality whiskey glass with thick walls, a dense base and a chip-resistant rim.

It can hold up to 11 ounces of dad’s favorite liquor.

dad and daddy´s taquito set

True Love: Taco Dad and Daddy’s Taquito Matching Outfit

Is there anything cuter than a matching onesie set? If he loves going into public and showing off his little one, this is the gift for him. The adult t-shirt says “Taco Dad,” and the onesie says “Daddy’s Taquito.

” It’s funny; it’s adorable; it’s available in multiple size combinations depending on the dad’s girth and the baby’s growth. Unless you’re vegan, there’s no reason not to buy this amazing set for pops and kiddo.

leather photo frame

For Daddy’s Little Girl: Love Between a Father and Daughter Engraved Leather Picture Frame

“The love between a father and daughter is forever.” It’s a true statement, and it’s beautifully rendered on this leather picture frame. The material is plush, and the curved beveled edges give it added flair.

You can also order it for photos in multiple sizes and portrait orients, so if your favorite photo of daddy and daughter is a 5 x 7 vertical one rather than a 4 x 6 horizontal one, it’ll still fit!


When He’s the Center of Your Universe: To Our Family You Are the World Cotton Blanket

Made with a luxuriously soft woven cotton material, this blanket will become a tired dad’s go-to comfort item after long days. Not only is it irresistibly snuggly, but it’s also printed with a heartwarming message: “To the world, you are a dad, but to our family, you are the world.

” It’s a gift that can come from mom and child, so if you’re shopping for your husband on this Father’s Day, this blanket is sure to make him smile!


For Stepfathers: Best Bonus Dad Ever Key Chain

Some fathers aren’t biological, but they’re still a loving, supportive presence in a child’s life, and they deserve just as much appreciation as other dads. This key chain will give a nice little boost to a “bonus dad” who’s experiencing his first Father’s Day.

You can give it to him as a co-parent or sneakily have your child present it to him like it was their own idea. Either way, it’s sure to make him feel nice. If he’s been acting like a father, he should be celebrated like a father, too!

large baby´s keepsake picture frame

To Remember the Good Times: Extra Large Baby’s Keepsake Picture Frame

If it’s been awhile since the littlest kernel was added to the family’s popcorn bucket, this picture frame will let him tell an entire story of his baby’s first year. It measures 27 x 11.5 inches, so there’s more than enough room for pictures and other mementos, and it even comes with a baby-safe ink pad to make impressions of tiny fingers and toes.

It’s basically a chance to make an entire baby collage that can be displayed front and center in the home.

new dad to be gift box

For the Indecisive Gift Giver: New Dad to Be Gift Box

If you can’t decide what individual gifts to buy him, why not buy them all? This “dad to be” gift box includes everything from parenting books to hand repair cream that will soothe the skin after a zillion diaper changes.

Some of the items are functional, including a “dad pad” for sticky note reminders, while others are useless but funny. With any luck, the new dad will get a kick out of rummaging through the box like a goodie bag for parents!

daddy shark T-shirt

To Doo Doo Doo to Their Doom: Daddy Shark Shirt

Every parent in the 21st century has heard the Baby Shark song. Rather than fighting it, why not embrace it? This t-shirt certainly does: It says “Daddy Shark, Doo Doo Doo” with a picture of a grinning, sunglasses-wearing shark over a vintage rainbow print.

It welcomes the inevitability of the song being stuck in your head 24/7, and it’ll also cause other parents to groan aloud when they see it. Everyone wins!

father´s day card

Out of the Mouths of Babes: I Heart My Daddy Father’s Day Card

Uniquely designed as a single-page card, this gift will be fun, cute and memorable for new dads. The main text says “I Heart My Daddy,” and inside the giant red heart, smaller text reads, “Thanks for sharing your DNA.

Now we’re both awesome!” Such a sweet and wholesome message will definitely get his first Father’s Day off to a good start.

The art war book

To Navigate the Fiefdom of Fatherhood: The Art of War Fatherhood Edition

If he’s expecting a baby and a little freaked out about it, consider buying him The Art of War – Fatherhood Edition: Ancient Military Strategy for Fathers with Small Children. It’s based on the classic text from Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, but it’s been modified for battles of diapers and temper tantrums rather than peasant uprisings in 400 BC.

He’ll get the knowledge that he needs to succeed as a father, and as a bonus, his child will probably grow up to slay dragons.

First Father’s Day Presents: Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Have a Sense of Humor

Becoming a parent is one of the most magical experiences that a person can have. It’s also one of the weirdest, strangest and smelliest! It’s okay to laugh at the funnier side of the miracle of life, especially if the jokes are aimed more at the dad than anything. Once a man starts worrying about dirty diapers more than his fantasy football score, he’s a changed man indeed.

Don’t: Cross Any Boundaries

This is especially true if you’re buying something for a brother or a buddy rather than a spouse. The new dad might be full of jokes about fatherhood when he’s hanging out with friends, but at the end of the day, there’s still a papa bear inside of him. Don’t mock his wife or child; don’t imply that he isn’t a good dad. Steer clear of common mistakes in gift-giving. Don’t make the beast from within come out roaring.

Do: Buy Something Practical

Unless you’re buying a gag gift with no other purpose than to make him laugh, you’ll want to keep practicalities in mind. Will he actually use your present? Will it break easily? Will it get pushed to the back of a drawer and forgotten? Before you buy something, ask if you’d buy him a similar product if he wasn’t expecting. If the answer is no, it might not be a useful or pragmatic gift for him.

Don’t: Add Stress to His Life

Let’s be honest: Fatherhood is exhausting. Don’t give him something that will just add to his burdens at the end of the day. For example, if you’re buying him a funny t-shirt, make sure that it doesn’t have any special laundering instructions that will take time and energy to fulfill. A Father’s Day shouldn’t increase the father’s workload!


These are just a few gift ideas for a first Father’s Day. What do you think of our suggestions? Would you buy anything on this list? Is there anything awesome that we didn’t include? We’re always open to cool new products, so let us know!

1st father's day gift ideas

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