30 Gifts for a 2-Year-Old Girl Birthday (Fun and Educational)

At 2 years, your clingy little girl morphs into a hyperactive, noisy, curious, and somehow independent toddler.

Therefore, it’s ideal to get her gifts to boost her cognitive, motor, speech, and social skills. However, getting the perfect gift can be challenging, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 30 top-rated birthday gifts for 2-year-old girls.

30 Gift Ideas for a 2-Year-old girl’s birthday

tent with LED lights

A Beautiful Castle for a Beautiful Princess: Tent for Girls With LED Star Lights

Give your princess blissful early memories with this castle playhouse tent. It makes your little girl imaginative and creative in designing her own tiny kingdom.

This castle is designed with shimmering and shining LED stars to create a more dreamy environment, and there’s plenty of room for all her favorite pals.

This tent is easy to assemble and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Don’t forget the snacks!

baby musical mats

Add a Touch of Music to Her World: Joyjoz Baby Musical Mats With 25 Music Sounds

If your little girl has a thing for music, this musical mat is sure to put a smile on her face. This eye-catching mat has 25 music sounds, including nine melodies, seven animal sounds, and nine music scales.

It’s ideal for helping with your child’s brain development and visual, hearing, and coordination skills. It’ll also get her moving as she shakes and sings along.

You don’t have to worry about her safety as she jumps on the mat because it’s made of a soft, anti-slip material.

picnic basket

For a Delightful Picnic Basket: LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

Six food items, two cups, two plates, two forks, one blanket, and one picnic basket are more than enough for your daughter to sort, match, stack, fill, and empty to improve her motor skills.

A slight lift of the basket lid introduces sound effects and instrumental music—flipping the fun.

The educational songs will keep your child entertained for hours while singing along to their melodious tunes. This delightful basket teaches shapes, colors, motor skills, and independent pretend play.

laugh and tea toy set

For a Magical Tea Party: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

What’s more entertaining for a 2-year old girl than a baby-friendly tea set with endless music surprises.

Complete with a teapot, two cups, three teethable cookies, and a shape sorting tray, this tea set’s magic starts when the teapot’s lid opens, playing fun sounds and sending special tea-time greetings.

A press on the tea bag makes more sound effects and sing-along songs, teaching your baby phrases like ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ and when she tips the pot, she’ll hear fun ‘bubbles’ sounds to make her giggle.

It’s a magical tea party for your princess!

unicorn gift set

If I Were a Unicorn: Unicorn Gift Set

This generous three-piece Unicorn set includes a fluffy unicorn plush toy, a rhyming illustrated book, and a beautiful unicorn headband for your girl. The set is designed to bring lots of smiles and fun to your child’s imaginative world.

The headband with a gold metallic horn will become her favorite accessory, as the cuddly plush toy wins over her heart to become her favorite storytime pal. The illustrative book about a little girl’s adventure as a unicorn will help boost your princess’s imaginative thinking.

educational color flashlight

Light Up and Learn: VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

It’s never too early for your little one to start learning, so why not brighten her early learning days with this engaging and educational color flashlight. It’s designed with a couple of buttons to initiate different learning activities.

This flashlight features over 50 sing-along melodies, fun phrases, sounds, animal prints, and five changing light colors to help your child learn about animals, colors, and numbers in an engaging way.

The main ladybug button turns the light on and off to trigger curiosity and encourage exploration.

LEGO DUPLO minie's birthday party

Plan for Minnie Mouse’s Birthday Party: LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party Building Blocks

As your girl enjoys her second birthday, allow her to plan for Minnie Mouse’s birthday with this 21-piece LEGO set. Featuring a buildable birthday cake, Minnie Mouse LEGO DUPLO figure, Figaro the cat DUPLO figure, and a buildable toy car, your birthday girl will have hours of fun with this set.

The easy-to-build LEGO helps with your child’s language development (as she role-plays) and creative thinking as she organizes a party for the famous Disney Junior character, Minnie Mouse.

It’s a less expensive way to take your girl to The Magic Kingdom!

Vtech care for me learning carrier

Give Her a Tail-Waggin Good Time: VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

With a lockable door to house a plush puppy, feeding bowl, comb, and feeding bottle, this carrier is a thoughtful gift for your child’s role-play and interactive learning experience.

She will enjoy opening and closing the door to hear the fun phrases while sliding the beads to play music and introduce letters.

The carrier’s light-up buttons introduce colors, shapes, and pet care.

This carrier also has over 100 melodies to keep your little one entertained. The puppy and its related accessories are designed to perfectly fit in the carrier for on-the-go fun.

Just what she needs to prepare for that real puppy down the line!

drawing board

For Your Doodle-Bug: Toys for Girls Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board

Now that whiteboards and slate boards are a thing of the past, magnetic doodle drawing boards have taken their place. And to quench your toddler’s desire to scribble, get her this mess-free magnetic doodle drawing board.

It comes with a magic pen attached to a durable string, a pen storage area, a multicolored screen with a perfect blend of bright and vibrant colors, and cute magnetic stamps for shape recognition. Any drawing made on this mat is easily erasable.

It’s also designed with attachable legs allowing for ease of transformation into different shapes.


For a Cute Little Tricycle: Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

As your little miss turns 2, take her on a cruising adventure on this Barbie-styled trike, which features wide and rugged tires ideal for any terrain. The sweet Barbie styling coupled with a hidden storage compartment (under the seat) makes this trike extra fun.

The ergonomic handles and the broad base make it possible even for the tiniest riders to get rolling. She’ll be using this for years to come.

This tricycle is an ideal way to get your girl’s motor skills moving right.

purse toy set

A Purse Just Like Mommy’s: Dress Up America Little Girl’s My First Purse

If your little miss likes taking your purse for a pretend play, this purse set will serve her perfectly.

This ‘everything -pink’ modern styled purse set includes a pink bag with a girl, butterfly, and flower embroidery, a toy cell phone, car remote, credit card, and lipstick—just like mommy’s.

The toy cellphone and car remote are battery-powered, and they blink and make sounds when pressed. Don’t be surprised to hear her chatting away to her friends in no time.

This leather tote bag also has perfect handles designed for your girl’s tiny hands.

Dress Up America Little Girl’s My First Purse is a pretty addition to your baby’s pretend-play accessories.


A Little Backpack for Her Next Big Adventure: Gloveleya Toddler Backpack for Girls

If you’re looking for a toddler girl’s backpack, look no further than this Gloveleya Toddler Backpack, whose highlight is a plush cherry girl doll.

It comes in a medium-size and weight ideal for your girl’s little back and fits all her essentials with ease.

The soft cherry doll is detachable so she can sit with your girl for playtime or come along for the ride. The straps are adjustable for a comfy all-day carry.


Give Your Girl A Voice: Battery-Free Voice Amplifying Microphone

If you feel like you have a little musician in your house, this toy microphone will serve her right. As your little miss tries singing along to her favorite songs, this voice amplifying microphone will add echo to her voice to give unending hours of fun.

The battery-free microphone comes with attractive colors and musical note graphics to capture a toddler’s attention. Role-play singing stimulates speech and builds on your baby’s confidence.

cookware set

For the Next Top Chef: KidKraft 27-Piece Pastel Cookware Set

This cookware set comes with everything your little miss needs to serve her stuffed animals, friends, and family. It includes 27 pieces of cookware, four plates, cups, spoons, forks, knives, bowls, and one pot, lid, and pan.

Get your order ready because she’ll be thrilled to rush back to the kitchen. It’s such a great addition to her pretend play accessories.

makeup toy set

A Touch of Makeup for The’ Gram: Beverly Hills Pretend Makeup Toy Set

Save your expensive makeup and build your girl’s creativity with this eye-catching girl pretend-play makeup kit.

This cosmetics collection set comes with everything a lady needs to glam up, including makeup brushes, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow pallets, powder, a mirror, and a princess makeup bag.

Sit back, relax, and watch as your girl does her pretend makeup the same way her mommy does. You don’t have to worry about harmful products because everything is fake, only meant for pretend play to boost creativity and imaginative thinking.

The products are made of skin-friendly foam and plastic.

toy doll

For a Perfect Doll Companion: Montessori Toy Doll for Toddlers

Every little girl needs a doll to help her practice big sister roles. And this Sugar Snap Plush toy doll will suit her perfectly.

Featuring a zipper, buckles, snaps, buttons, and a shoelace, it’s completely designed for a toddler’s tiny hands.

She can enjoy dressing and undressing her doll with ease and even practice tying the shoelace. This simple doll will boost her creative thinking and sensory and fine motor skills.

large slide

For a Safe Slide: Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

Designed with a wider base for extra stability, easy to climb steps, and a gentle slope, this five-foot (1.52-meter) long slide is specially designed for toddlers.

Kids love sliding, and your princess will enjoy the smooth ride on this super-fun toddler slide.

It’s ideal for playrooms or outdoor fun, too.

little tikes rocking

For the Future Cowgirl: Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue

Rock your girl’s world with this kid-friendly rocking horse designed with smoothed edges and corners to reduce injuries.

Additionally, it comes with easy-grip handles and is low saddled for stability.

This horse allows kids to make imaginary gallops while improving their balance, coordination, and motor skills.

It comes in a perfect size for indoor and outdoor use, and it is an awesome gift for the little girl with a bit of the Wild West in her.

washer dryer toy

It’s Never Too Soon To Start Chores: Little Tikes First Washer Dryer

If your little princess likes offering a helping hand whenever you’re doing laundry, get her this pretend-play washing machine. It’s designed to resemble and sound like a real washing machine and comes with 11 laundry accessories (three baskets, two socks, two towels, shorts, two shirts, and a bottle of detergent).

Its realistic design allows your baby to turn a dial to activate the washing or drying cycle and it even spins like a real washing machine. Besides improving your child’s motor skills, this machine also teaches responsibility because your girl learns to fold her tiny toy clothes through pretend play.

mega blocks set

Teach Her To Build Her Own World: Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

Unlock your little girl’s imaginative thinking with this 80-piece Mega Building Block set. The blocks come in various shapes with different bright colors that are appealing in your toddler’s eyes.

Additionally, they are a perfect fit for her tiny hands and are large enough to counter choking.

The beauty of this block set is, it provides limitless creations. Your princess can build anything from towers to animal shapes or anything else she can dream up.

This bag of limitless opportunities offers a good foundation for creative and imaginative thinking.

waterparck plat table

For a Little Water Play: Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Little kids love playing with water, and this waterpark play table makes water play more fun in addition to boosting motor skills development.

It comes with a water cup and five round playing characters that squirt water.

Your child will enjoy dropping the balls (included in the package) into the funnel and then watching them roll down the spiral into the water.

She’ll also love filling the cup with water then emptying it into the funnel to power the twin water wheels.

Her eyes will light up as the Ferris Wheel scoops up and drops the balls with a splash.

game wooden toy

For the Next Eco-Warrior: SKYFIELD Carrot Harvest Game Wooden Toy

Take your little miss for a dirt-free carrot harvesting adventure with this carrot harvest wooden toy. This fun and developmental toy has a natural farm layout featuring a big ladybug and rabbit.

Additionally, it has carrot cut-outs in vivid designs to capture your toddler’s attention and to offer a perfect fit in her little hands.

The carrots come in different sizes, and your child should practice matching each carrot to the right hole.

The color of the carrots and the green leafy top gives the game a cute and realistic design.

Happy carrot harvesting!

animal sweet seats

A Throne Fit for A Princess: Animal Adventure | Sweet Seats

It’s the ideal time to give your 2-year old a seat of her very own. This sweet seat doubles as exceptional room décor and your child’s favorite plush friend.

It comes with a sturdy design to support your child’s weight as she grows, and it’s lightweight and easy to move.

You can find the seat in different plush themes such as bear, owl, shark, dragon, monkey, etc., based on what your baby likes. You can also get to choose your girl’s favorite color.

princess castle playset

For a Princess Castle: Baby GUND My First Princess Castle Playset

Every pretty princess needs a magical castle, and this five piece castle playset will help turn your girl’s royal dreams into reality.

It comes with a plush glittery pink castle bag carrying a magic mirror, princess crinkle doll, unicorn sound toy, and a squeaker wand.

All the items are highly washable and can be used on the move.

jump slide bouncer

Bouncing With an Added Twist: Little Tikes Jr. Jump ’n Slide Bouncer

Watch the fun as your toddler enjoys bouncing on this kid-friendly jump and slide bouncer.

This set comes with stakes to anchor the bouncer firmly in position and a heavy-duty blower for continuous airflow.

The large bouncing area opens up to a wide slide that can allow two toddlers to race down without hurting each other.

wooden animal puzzles

For Genius Animal Puzzles: LITTLE GENIUS Wooden Animal Puzzles

This puzzle features four wooden animal jigsaw puzzles, including a bee, ladybug, butterfly, and bear, all made of quality wood with smooth edges. The shapes come in vibrant colors to capture your toddler’s attention.

This toy set contains graphics under the puzzle pieces to encourage learning and creativity in toddlers to foster sensory, motor, and coordination skills.

Also included in the package is an activity book to keep toddlers engaged for longer.

board book block set

For the Future Bookworm: My First Library 12 Board Book Block Set

Introduce your 2-year-old little miss to the scholarly world with this mini-library 12 book block set. It offers an opportunity for your baby to go on a scholarly adventure with Minnie Mouse and her pals as they explore concepts like shapes, sounds, singing, and friendship.

Your little one will enjoy reading through the just-my-size board books sized perfectly for her tiny hands. Each of the books contains a unique concept creating hours of fun for your girl. She’ll follow animated Disney characters, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Figaro, and Pluto, on plenty of fun adventures.

Additionally, the bookcase is perfectly crafted for your little one to carry around so she can read wherever she goes.

LEGO number train

For the Future Accountant: LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train

Learning how to count is considered an important milestone for every toddler. And now, you can teach your preschooler numbers using this popular LEGO number train set.

It comes with a buildable locomotive, decorative bricks numbered 0-9, three train wagons, a cat figure, and two child LEGO DUPLO figures.

Your toddler will develop her imaginative and creative thinking as she builds and rebuilds the train to her desired standards—additionally, this LEGO aids in sensory and motor skills development.

It offers an ideal way to teach your little miss numbers in a fun and engaging way.

wooden educational toys

For an Educative Shape Sorter: Wooden Educational Toys Preschool Shape Sorter

This shape sorter features small-sized colorful wooden toy blocks perfect for a toddler’s small hands. The set includes round, square, triangular, rectangular, and five-pointed star building blocks.

Help your child alternate between sorting and stacking up the shapes and using the blocks to build anything they dream of, such as funny animal shapes, trees, or houses.

Wooden Educational Toys Preschool Shape Sorter helps hand grasping and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, and learning shapes and colors.

oven realistic toy

Time To Get in the Kitchen: Little Tikes First Oven Realistic for Kids

Watch in awe as your little doll prepares her meals using this realistic pretend play oven. This oven comes with a realistic design featuring real sounds of burners igniting, timers ringing, water boiling, and sizzling sounds from the cooking pan.

For a more authentic and engaging experience, the oven features a stovetop that lights up (with a fake fire), buttons/knobs that work, and oven lights that turn on when the tiny door is opened.

This 11 piece oven boasts a compact design making it a perfect fit for tiny spaces.

Pretending to cook and do other chores helps your little girl gain a sense of responsibility from a young age.

Buying Guide

Not every little girl is the same. In fact, they’re all so unique, making buying their birthday gifts a challenge. Here are a few factors to consider when buying gifts for a 2-year-old girl.

Consider the age. Age is the first factor to consider when buying a gift for a 2-year-old toddler. Check the packaging to ensure that it’s ideal and safe for a toddler. It shouldn’t contain choking hazards and other toxic pieces that might compromise your child’s health.

Does it encourage creativity? Don’t just get a toy that does everything for the child. It should encourage creative and imaginative thinking. For example, toys that feature building blocks and shape sorters are ideal for toddlers.
A toy that can be used in multiple ways. Toddlers learn through exploration and will benefit from something they can put into multiple uses. Get your girl something she can build and rebuild into different items, dress, and undress, e.t.c.

A toy that your child will grow with. Consider getting a durable toy that your baby will use for several years, if possible. The toy should have a wide age bracket to accommodate different stages of growth.

Give your child an opportunity to play with ‘real’ stuff. Your child is eager to implement whatever adults do into her daily life. As such, you can get her ‘real’ stuff like a kitchen, a makeup kit, cellphone, dress-up toys, musical instruments, and a washing machine etc.

Get toys that encourage learning. Toys that make funny phrases, melodies and spell out words, colors, and numbers are best suited for preschoolers in their early years of learning.
Gifts that promote physical activity. Get gifts that encourage a toddler to combine sitting, standing, running, and other physical activities. These include bikes, tricycles, slides, balls e.t.c.

Rounding Up

Getting the perfect gift for a 2-year-old toddler can be harder than you think. However, we hope our list gives you an idea of what to give your little princess.

Remember, sharing is caring! So, share this list with your family and friends, and feel free to comment with other gifts you think are perfect for a 2-year-old girl.

30 gifts for a 2-year-old girl


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