30 Most Wholesome Birthday Gifts For A 2 Years Old Girl

The second birthday of a child is something truly special and unrepeatable. Your little girl has been among us for one whole year and she’s now entering her second. Isn’t that wild to think about? Such a special milestone almost feels like the beginning of a new era, a new cycle, marking the start of the rest of her life and as such, it should be celebrated and honoured in style; the best way to do it is, without a doubt, by choosing the right gift to give her.

Shopping for a birthday gift for a two years old girl might not seem like that big of a deal. You might think that the overwhelming variety of toys and gadgets for children available on the market will make it easy for you to find something for your little girl, but that is exactly what makes this type of gift shopping a headache inducing experience. The following list of the 30 most wholesome gift ideas for her second birthday we have compiled, features only the best, most fun and useful gifts you can find online.

We promise you that by the time you will get to the bottom of this article, your mind will be made up and you will be ready to make her second birthday party a truly special one.

30 Gift Ideas For Her Second Birthday

100 words book

Encourage Learning: LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

The average child begins to string simple sentences together by the time they turn 18 months old. Your little princess has now hit her twenty fourth month: she must be giving speeches at this point! Giving her something she can play and expand her vocabulary with, seems like a good idea.

princess castle play tent

Fit for a Princess: Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent With Glow In The Dark Stars

This next item is sure to blow her away and really really make her birthday party a fun and exciting one. Princess Castle play tent… enough said! She will have her own private space that also glows in the dark and is incredibly easy to store neatly.

VTech rock and bop music player

Make Her a Music Lover: VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

It’s not uncommon for kids to explode with curiosity the older and more aware they get. Everything is new, magical and unexplored to them. Music is one of those mysterious things a young kid likes to explore and learn from.

Why not getting your little one her own personal music player?

This kid-friendly music player plays ten musical learning games to introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time and more! She will be able to choose from a variety of songs and genres spanning from classical, Hip-Hop and rock.

What better way to introduce your kid to the passion for music?

LCD writing tablet

Practice Writing and Drawing: PASTACO LCD Writing Tablet

Drawing is likely little children’s most favourite activity. Getting some crayons out and drawing beautiful pictures is undoubtedly a lot of fun. But maybe she’s still a little bit too young to enjoy it and do it effortlessly.

This awesome little tablet will make it easier for her to enjoy drawing.

wooden toddler puzzles

Hone Her Cognitive Skills: MAGIFIRE Wooden Toddler Puzzles

The best and easiest for a little child to learn and develop skill is by playing and having fun. This next item will do just that for her. She will learn new words and develop her cognitive skills while she enjoys herself playing with these adorable puzzles.

It’s so easy for the little hands to handle, much better than it would be with most of the larger puzzles out there. The colors are all bright and vibrant. It features four packs with an animal each and the theme is just perfect for learning new words.

Not to mention how ideal it is for developing hand eye coordination as well as colour and shape recognition.

footed pajamas

Keep Her Comfy: Simple Joys by Carter’s Footed Pajamas

At the end of a long and eventful birthday party, your little one is most likely going to be exhausted and in need of some well deserved rest. Make her slip into something cute, comfy and just too adorable.

fisher price smart purse

For Dress Up Time: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse

As they grow up, little girls look up to their mum and often want to look and act like her. Getting her something of her own that she can use to feel closer to her will most definitely make her happy.

With five take-along play pieces and more than 50 songs, sounds, tunes and phrases, this smart bag is the perfect playtime accessory for early role play fun! As little ones interact with the purse by opening and closing the handle to access the play pieces, sliding the zipper, and pressing the light-up heart, they will hear many greetings, counting, Spanish words, and so much more! This is really a gift that keeps on giving.

collection of stories book

For Story Time: A Collection of Stories for 2 Year Olds

This next item needs no further introduction, it’s all in the title! If your little angel loves stories as well as beautiful pictures, this is just the right book for her. It’s catered specifically for two year olds to learn more words and develop their speech as well as keep them entertained and of course… let them drift peacefully.

electronic alphabet wall chart

For Educational Enjoyment: Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Learning fundamental notions like the alphabet is of vital importance to any child that is growing up and is approaching kindergarten. Sure, kids learn and acquire rather quickly, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to find it boring… trust me, they will!

This awesome little toy combines fun and playfulness with learning.

She will learn about the alphabet, words, foods, animals, dinosaurs… there is so much fun packed into one small toy, it’s almost hard to believe! The enjoyment and learning just never ends.

betheaces water drawing mat

Stress Free Fun: Betheaces Water Drawing Mat

One of children’s most favourite activities is without a doubt drawing. Although, it might not be a parent’s favourite: crayons roll under the sofa and make a mess, paper can go everywhere… it just gets fussy.

This amazing board will make drawing completely stress free for you and heaps more fun for her!

tea party gift set

For Her Next Tea Party: T&M Tea Party Gift Set

One of little girls’ most favourite things to do is, and pretty much always has been, hosting a lovely tea party for all her dolls. T&M provides a top of the range set for her to immerse herself fully and enjoyably in a delightful afternoon tea time.

This amazing gift set comes with twelve pieces in total as well as a charming storybook about a little girl’s first tea party. The hat and purse it comes with, on top of everything, will let her immerse completely in a classic and timeless girl’s passtime.

plush buddy baby doll

Because Every Little Girl Needs a Doll: Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll

This next item is another stable, another classic and must have for all girls: a plush “snuggle buddy” doll. Mum might not always be around during the day and having a charming friend to snuggle up and get comfortable with, will make her day very very special and relaxing.

Dyed entirely with non-toxic colour, easy to wash, and rather resistant to tearing and wearing out, this doll is guaranteed to be there for you little one through everything for many years to come.

floating purple octopus

For Tubby Time: Nuby Floating Purple Octopus

Convincing a toddler to take a break from all the playing, learning and exploring, can be quite challenging. Sometimes, even us adults wish we could continue doing our favourite activities in the shower! Luckily for kids though, bath time doesn’t have to get in the way of having fun.

This charming purple octopus is going to make a really good “bath friend” for your young lady. Made of a rubber so nice to the touch, this amazing toy will keep her entertained in the bath while also helping her develop hand-eye coordination.

play tent and tunnels

Encourage Fitness: Hide N Side Ball Pit, Play Tent and Tunnels

This next item is the absolute pinnacle of toddler fun: a colourful ball pit to crawl in and out of. Let’s face it, this is a no brainer! It’s easy to set up, with a resistant fabric that won’t tear from use (and believe me, this thing will be used a lot!), effortlessly stored away after use in a closet underneath a bed… what more do you need to know? If you want to make her whole second year of life on top of her birthday, this is the way to go.

spelling game

The Foundation for Reading and Spelling: LET’S GO! See and Spell Learning Toys

Giving your child a basic education of words, letters and spelling, is a really wise thing to do before they even get into kindergarten. This awesome book is an excellent tool for homeschooling, featuring the letters of the alphabet in many nice bright colours, will let your young princess have fun with them in combination with the spelling cards, as well as get a basic language education and expand her vocabulary.

little people big helpers home

For Hands-On Fun: Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

A toddler’s play time doesn’t have to be all about learning or developing skills. Sometimes it’s just nice for them to play with toys, just for the sake of enjoying themselves and having fun.

This cool two floors house comes with multiple rooms and accessories for her to play around as if she was already a grown up running her own house.

It’s 360 degrees of hands-on fun will quickly make this her favourite toy.

mini travel bag

For Sleepovers: NICE CHOICE Unicorn Mini Travel Bag

Teaching your baby order and tidiness isn’t impossible to do even at such a young age, so long as, like always, there’s some colour and fun to how you do it.

This sweet rucksack can function as a travel bag for her, or even just a secret place for her to store her favourite toys at home.

The adorable unicorn design of it, also makes it one of the most huggable backpacks of all times. You really can’t go wrong with this one.


For her Party: Unordinary Toddler 2nd Birthday Outfits for Girls

Who says a gift has to be flashy, big and expensive? Sometimes a cute little top to celebrate the special milestone can be a really thoughtful, sweet gift for a young girl. Especially ideal if you’re not related to her.

wooden magnetic fishing game

For Teaching Hand-Eye Coordination: Growlier 36 PACK Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

Some of the best games for young children, and also their most favourite, are handsy ones that develop physical skills and reflexes of eye-hand coordination. This awesome awesome fishing game incorporates all those things.

Tons of fun and tons of learning: each “fish piece” has a letter of the alphabet and its corresponding number on it. I wish I had one of those at that age!

purse piece gift set

For Role Playing: My Beary First Purse 9-Piece Gift Set

This gift set is one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen in terms of kids toys. If your sweet young lady looks up to her mum and enjoys roleplaying as a grown-up, this will make her entire year.

This amazing gift set includes a storybook, purse, phone, keys, wallet, Debit Card, notepad, mirror, and lipstick. The roleplaying possibilities with those are endless!

plush chair

Cute Room Decor: Animal Adventure Teal Unicorn Children’s Plush Chair

Who’s to say that toys or gadgets exclusively can make a young kid happy? Sometimes even just a piece of decor is enough.

This comfy, charming looking armchair can make a cosy little story time spot of your small princes to take a nap on during the day.

It’s plushy, soft but still very breathable and can be sat on comfortably without overheating all year round!

butterfly tea set

For Real Tea Time: Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Tea Set

We talked about how tea parties are and always have been, one of girl’s favourite ways to entertain themselves. Well, this beautiful set is a very valid alternative to the one we mentioned earlier.
The plastic the cups and pot are made for is entirely food safe, as well as PVC-free yet very durable in quality.

They will offer hours of safe and enjoyable tea-play time.

board montessori toys

For Toddler Development: GiftInTheBox Toddler Busy Board Montessori Toys

We all want our children to be brought up solidly and to see them grow into solid capable small individuals. Showing them basic abilities and helping them develop those in a toddler-friendly way will do your young girl a lot of good in the long run.

This activity board is designed to emulate real world challenges so that kids can learn practical skills as they play. It promotes hands-on learning as well as cognitive and problem solving skills and fine motor development suitable for kids.

first 100 words

Hassle-Free Vocabulary Lessons: First 100 Words (Bright Baby)

Something that will help your beloved kid tackle preschool a lot more efficiently and effortlessly, is being familiar with a playful way of getting down to learn new things on some boring, soul draining books.

This book right here however, is not at all one of those. Featuring 100 words, this helpful text will help her expand her vocabulary hassle-free. She won’t even notice she’s been learning something!


Improve Motor Skills: TOP BRIGHT Toys for Fine Motor Skills

All children want to spend some fun time with their mommies and daddies. However, sometimes we might be a little short of ideas as to what to get up to with our beloved babies, after a while. Worry not, this amazing toy will sort play time right out!

It features many colourful pieces and can be easily played with by two people at the same time! It’s so easy to store, you might even forget where you last put it!

LEGO minnie´s birthday party

Who Doesn’t Love Legos!: LEGO DUPLO Minnie’s Birthday Party

Everyone likes LEGOs. Even us adults like to delight ourselves with a nice challenging big set of LEGOs. They’ve been there for us for generations and your lovely little child deserves her first set of her own.

fly wheels junior cruiser

For Outside Play: Minnie Mouse 10″ Fly Wheels Junior Cruiser

She may be a bit young for her own bicycle but she’s now old enough to experience the endless fun and freedom that a tricycle can offer. The awesome Minnie Mouse graphics on this cruiser will automatically earn her the official status of most adorable young lady in the neighbourhood.

The durable build on this thing will ensure hours and hours of playing.

winter coat

Winter Accessories: Urtrend Girl’s Winter Coat

We all care about the health and wellness of our children and we all step our protection game up a notch during winter time. We don’t want our beloved little once to catch a cold or be unwell in any way.

This cute coat will keep your kid looking utterly adorable as well as shield her from the insidious cold of the winter. The high quality material will certainly keep her body warmth in without making her overheat.

reality interactive globe

Encourage Traveling and Geography Lessons: Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

One key ingredient that goes into the upbringing of a solid human being is, in our opinion, stimulating curiosity and interest in this beloved planet of ours. Doing so will put her on the path to becoming a sensitive and aware woman, years down the line.

This wonderful toy is just what you need to accomplish that.

With its own app, compatible on all operating systems, a guide and an amazing little passport, this interactive globe is the ultimate way for a toddler to learn about the world.

The app also contains games, quizzes and puzzles that guarantee endless hours of fun and learning.

night light toy

For Safety and Ambiance: SnowCinda Kids Night Light Toy

We’ve all been there before as a child, sleeping in complete and total darkness can be quite frightening. Sometimes, a little dim light to get us through the night safe from monsters in the closet as all we ever needed back then: this beautiful night light will do a top notch job at that!

SnowCinda’s night light will project many lovely little stars around the room, creating a cosy and peaceful environment for your little one that will make her feel safe and comfortable as she drifts into a restful sleep.

The intensity of the light is entirely adjustable to each situation, allowing her to have total control over the atmosphere in the room.

Buyer’s guide

The vast choice of clothes, toys and gadgets for toddlers that can be found online, might seem your ally at first, but in reality, it will only end up overwhelming us and making us feel even more confused and uncertain as to what the perfect gift for such a special occasion should be. However, shopping for the right can be made far easier and more effortless by keeping in mind two key parameters.

Budget: how much can you spend? Defining a clear budget or price range that you’re comfortable spending on the gift will do wonders in terms of narrowing down your choice.

Interests: what are her most prevalent interests? It’s true, two year old is decidedly way too young of an age for a child to start showing personality traits, inclinations and general interests. However, it doesn’t mean they’re already starting to form. Is she the girly type that loves pink, unicorns and princesses? Consider getting her a toy, a book or an outfit that features those things. Does she like books and having stories read to her? Why not getting her a new book, one that’s maybe geared towards toddlers.


We sincerely hope this list will help you pick the right gift for your awesome young princess. She truly deserves it! Her second year on this planet is truly something to remember! Do you think we left something out? We did our best to provide as much variety as possible, keeping all budgets and all situations in mind. However, If you think you could maybe help expand this list, please let us know in the comments! We always do everything we can to find the gems out there but we are open to receive any recommendations from you!

2 years old birthday gifts for a girl

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