31 Fun Birthday Gifts for the Perfect 3 Year Old Girl

Finding the best birthday gifts for the perfect three year old girl can be stressful, especially when you’re buying for someone so young. You’ve got to know what they might need, and what they already have. You want to buy something that’s going to be fun, but also educational.

And there are just so many presents out there that it’s something hard to make a choice.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you make the perfect choice for the perfect little girl! Here are 31 fun and educational birthday gifts for the perfect three year old girl.

31 Fun and Educational Birthday Gifts for the Perfect 3 Year Old Girl

fingerpaint kit

For the little artist in all of us: Crayola My First Fingerpaint Kit

Every toddler loves to finger paint, but clean-up is one of those things that every mom dreads. But creativity and learning how to express yourself is a thing that every child both loves, and deserves to do.

This Crayola’s finger painting kit gives you everything your child needs to get started creating their own works of art. Three bright primary color paints that are fully washable, as well as 10 pieces of specially designed painting paper that’s extra-thick, to stop paint seeping through.

unicorn bouncy plush

Because she loves unicorns: iPlay iLearn Unicorn Bouncy Plush

Everyone loves unicorns, and what’s better than a unicorn all of your own? Your own rideable unicorn!.

Inflatable, and made from thick rubber with a soft plush coat, it’s adorable enough to cuddle up to, but tough enough to ride.

Four big legs keep it standing, no matter how hard it bounces, and the removable, washable cover means it can be used outside as well as inside.

magnetic drawing board

For magnetic creativity: Magnetic Drawing Board

Colorful and creative, let your little one express their artistic side by drawing or writing on this magnetic drawing board.

Draw anything on the four color board with the attached pen, or use either of the two stamps to create special pictures.

Made from robust, non-toxic plastic, the entire thing is curved and rounded, so it’s not going to hurt little toes if dropped.

It can be used both as a table, by attaching the four included legs, or as a tablet style drawing board, giving you and your children the flexibility to draw however they want!

magnetic building blocks

For building her own empire: Magnetic Building Blocks

This super cute building block kit will start your little girl on the path of understanding how the world works, and creating her own princess castles, houses, shapes, and more.
Made from strong and safe ABS, they’re tough enough to last, completely non-toxic and large enough that they’re not going to end up in little mouths.

Super strong magnets hold everything together, and the 40 shapes give her a lot of options for personal creativity.


For award winning learning: Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog

At three, your little one is learning how to interact with the world, and this hedgehog toy is a great way to do that. 12 colorful pegs perfectly sized for little hands slot into the adorable little ‘hog’s back, and when it’s not in use, they all store neatly inside the body of it, letting you take it anywhere or keep everything tidy.

whatsitsface teddy plush

Because she loves to smile: Whatsitsface Teddy Plush

Soft and huggable, this teddy plush is a great bedtime companion, but also has a lot of educational value.
His cute face can be changed, showing one of six different emotions. Teach your little one learn about feelings with their own bear, or let them experiment and role-play their own conversations.

It takes no batteries, is made from soft, high-quality materials, and at 12 inches tall, is the perfect size for snuggles.

princess castle play tent

For the princess in all of us: Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent

Made from strong, easy to clean polyester with shock-corded fiberglass poles, this tent is tough enough to stand up to rough play, and perfectly at home indoors or out.
Brightly colored, the pink walls and coned roof are decorated with hearts, as well as glow in the dark stars, so it even looks great at night.

drawing mat

For safe and easy painting: Water Magic Drawing Mat

Educational, safe and clean, this water drawing mat can be used and reused over and over again. Kids will love the bright colors, as well as the educational pictures and numbers scattered around the edge.

And you will love how easy it is to clean up. Waterproof, draw on it with any of the special included water pens, or just finger paint with a bowl of water! When they’re done, just leave it to dry for a few minutes and it’s all brand new again.

wooden block puzzles

For a classic experience: Magifire Wooden Block Puzzles

Sometimes, the classics are the best. Vintage and attractive, these wooden puzzle block sets will teach your child about shapes and colors, while looking gorgeous in your home.
Made from natural wood and painted with vibrant and safe water based paint, each one of the six adorable puzzles breaks down into several chunky blocks.

Everything is too large to fit in a mouth, and safe to chew, and it all packs away into a super cute drawstring bag once you’re done.

touch and learn desk

For interactive education: Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Give the gift of creativity with this fantastic desk and easel combination learning desk. Packed with things to do, it comes with five different activity pages, every single one stuffed with learning opportunities and fun sounds and pictures.

Vtech are known for their educational toys, and this desk is no exception. Teach numbers, body parts, music, fruits and veg, and more. And when they’re done with that, it switches into an easel or a chalkboard, for even more fun.

leapfrog storytime buddy

For perfect bedtime stories: Leapfrog Storytime Buddy

A soft, plushy pup that’s the perfect bedtime snuggler, but this is more than just a teddy.
Press any of the five buttons on his collar and your puppy will tell you one of five stories about his friends.

Plus, you can press any of his feet to learn more about the stories, your ABCs, have him sing you a lullaby, or more.
Designed for children between 2 and 5, he needs two batteries to run.

duplo animal park building kit

For building a work of art: Duplo Animal Park Building Kit

There’s a reason building blocks are such a popular toy among parents and children alike. Educational as much as they are fun, everyone will appreciate sitting down to create their own masterpieces, or just examine the cute animal shapes and colors!
Blocks can teach so much, including gross motor skills, but they’re also a fantastic way to get your child interested in the world around them and start building on their all important STEM skills.

This set contains 265 blocks divided among 3 different sets. Safe, non-toxic and completely washable, a set like this will last for years and be a firm and favorite toy.

Noah´s Ark toy

Because she loves learning her stories: Fisher Price Little People Noah’s Ark

Help your children act out stories with this ark and animal gift set. It contains 17 figures, 8 pairs of animals, and Noah himself. The top of the ark removes, letting you store everything when it’s not in use, and all of the animals can happily sit on the top or bottom of the ark.

Every figure is perfectly sized for toddler hands, and everything is rounded and super cute. Hundreds of other kits are available from Fisher Price, which all work alongside this one.

playthings soft nesting dolls

For soft and safe playtime: Constructive Playthings Soft Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls are super cute, and something that any toddler will fall in love with. But most nesting dolls could be dangerous for children because of the small parts.
Made from soft fabric, these dolls are multi-ethnic and super cute, all nesting inside each other.

Several of the dolls also have buttons and ribbons on them, helping to teach gross motor skills and learning how to fasten their own clothes.


Because she’s super adventurous: Radio Flyer My First Scooter

Especially designed for younger children, this scooter is the perfect choice for building confidence and mobility early.
Wide sets from wheels have a specially designed turning radius that keeps it safe and stable, with a textured top deck that’s wide enough to stand comfortably with both feet facing forwards.

wall chart

Because she loves to learn: Just Smarty Interactive Wall Chart

As educational as it is cute, this chart lets your little one experiment and learn the fundamentals of their ABCs, their numbers, sing along to popular songs, and more. Colorful and packed with bright pictures that are sure to catch their attention, all that has to be done to play with it is touch any of the large, smart buttons.

No mess, easy to wipe down and clean, all you need to do is hang it from the wall, switch it on and go!

doctor´s kit toy

For doctor and nurse playtime: Fisher Price Doctor’s kit

Every child loves to play doctor, and learning about how our bodies work is an important part of development.
Help your child with both of these with this Fisher Price Doctor’s Kit. It comes with 7 play pieces that all fit into the handy bag, including a thermometer that flips from sick to well, stethoscope, syringe and more.

It’s aged from 3+, but every toy is large enough to be completely safe.

rock and rhyme elmo

Because she loves her Sesame Street: Rock and Rhyme Elmo

Sing along to some of your favorite nursery rhymes with Elmo. He can speak up to 14 different phrases, and 5 different songs, including regulars like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Even better, you can get your child started on their languages early, because Elmo is bilingual! He can speak both English, and Spanish.

His nose even honks!

peppa pig book

For reading and writing help: Vtech Peppa Pig Learn and Discover Book

With 4 learning modes and 14 pages to discover, your children will love reading this interactive Vtech Peppa Pig book, whether they’re sitting down with you, or when they get a little older, discovering it all for themselves again!
It can help with reading and comprehension, as well as featuring letters, music, stories, or a search and find on every page.

It needs 2 AA batteries, so make sure to order some at the same time!

sherpa booties

Because she’s just super cute: Hudson Baby Unisex Sherpa Booties

A super soft and super cute way to keep little toes toasty warm and snuggly, these bootie slippers are adorable and useful.
Sherpa style booties, they fasten at the front with a velcro clasp that’s easy to get on and off.

Warm and comfy, they’re great for naps, and also have non-skid soles that help with balance and confidence.
They are available in sizes from Newborn up to 4T, and over a dozen different styles.


For snuggly soft nights: Vaenait Baby Super Soft Sleepwear

Bedtimes are important, but we all know the struggles convincing an excited toddler to settle down and get some sleep.
Great PJs can help with that, and any child will be excited to put these on. Made from 100% cotton, with a variety of different embroidered designs, from bunnies to space to trucks, they’re adorable and striking.

Tagless labels help prevent itchy necks, and the ultra elastic material is super flexible and comfy. Sizes come from newborn upwards.

plush chairs

For her own special place to sit: Animal Adventures Plush Chairs

Everyone loves having their own little place to be themselves, whether that’s a corner surrounded by books and toys, or sitting next to mummy and daddy on the sofa.
Children will love this special seat that’s designed all around them.

Perfectly sized for kids from 18 months and up, it comes in over a dozen styles, including adorable animals like foxes, elephants, and even a branded big red Clifford chair!
The soft plush slip can be removed for washing, and the closure is completely child safe.

Light and simple to move around the house, this chair is perfect for playrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere else!

tikes rocking horse

For a classic gift: Little Tikes Rocking Horse

An absolutely classic toy that every parent has seen before, the Little Tikes Rocking Horse is a firm favorite, for a really good reason!
Bright and colorful, it stands out and kids love it! The wide base is incredibly sturdy to prevent toppling, and the specially designed seat stops children from falling out forwards or backwards.

Safe to use indoors and out, it can take weights up to 50lbs, and is tough and hard wearing enough to last for years!

sprinkler pool

For outside fun: Homech Sprinkler Pool

Hot summer days are something we all look forward to, and this pool gives you and your children the perfect place to paddle and play.
All you have to do is link it up to your hose, and the 68 inch wide splash pool will shoot out a sprinkler jet up to 1 meter into the air.

Made from 0.4mm PVC, it’s tough and durable. All water jets are soft and safe, and the pool itself is always just a paddle pool, so your children will be safe and sound. Do always remember to keep a close eye on them around water, though!

little tikes Tball set

For the sporty little girl: Little Tikes T Ball Set

Get them started learning general movement and sports skills with this indoor and outdoor tball set.
Featuring 5 plastic balls that are safe to use indoors as well as out, and an oversize bat that can be used even by the littlest hands.

The T can be adjusted in height, so it suits as they grow older and get taller.
And when it’s not in use, the whole thing stores conveniently in the base, which can be tucked away in any cupboard or hung on a wall hook.

bench with Xylophone

Because she’s a musical genius: Hape Pound and Tap Bench with Xylophone

Start your child on their journey to musical genius with this combined bench and xylophone combo.
Featuring a xylophone bench that tucks under a second, larger bench that’s decorated with bright, safe and water based paints.

You can play it with the included tiny hammer, or push the included balls through the hoppers on the top bench and listen to them make their own melody as they cascade down the bars.
There’s a reason this toy won awards.

It’s fantastic for kids from ages 12 months, up to 3 or 4 years old.

hide side ball pit kit

For her playtime, and yours: Hide N Side Ball Pit Kit

Perfect for parties, as well as your home, your kids will love exploring this ball pit and tunnel set, and you might even get involved too!
Assembling in seconds, this jungle gym style adventure set is lightweight and easy to move around, as well as bright and safe.

With three different hub areas, including an enclosed ball pit area, 3 long tunnels, and a dart ball target game, there’s hours of fun included. Just remember to buy the balls, too!

magnetics foam blocks

For bathtime building: Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Building Blocks

A revolutionary building tool for kids who might not be ready for hard blocks like Legos, Blockaroo is super soft and super safe.
Each block is made from incredibly durable foam that’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe, non-toxic and mold free.

Internal magnets let any block lock against any other, from any direction, making playtime easy.
Even better, these blocks are completely water safe too, and even float, letting you add another dimension to bath times!

night light cat

For a little light at night: GoLine Cute Kitty Night Light

Getting your little ones to bed can be a struggle, but having a good night light to keep those bad dreams away can make a huge difference.
Designed to look like an adorable cat, this night light is made from soft, washable silicone, and lights up the room with a gentle, natural feeling of warmth.

Small enough to fit in a hand, it’s shockproof and tough enough to take knocks. The internal battery lasts around 15 hours on a full charge, and recharges from any standard USB socket.
A 7 color breathing mode finishes off the list of features, slowly cycling through colors and helping your child drift away.

giant teddy bear

For a really big gift: MorisMos Giant Teddy Bear

A bear is a great gift, and a bear that’s bigger than she is is sure to stand out and be loved.
Standing at a massive 47 inches tall, this bear is super soft and perfect for snuggling up to. Ideal to sit on the end of a bed, as a reading companion, or the centerpiece in a collection of teddies.

Two other sizes are available, a slightly smaller 39 inches and an absolutely colossal 55 inch behemoth bear, almost the size of a real one! Even better, it’s hard wearing and absolutely washable, either by hand or in the washing machine.

If it can fit!

sound sleepers

For a gentle night’s sleep: PureBaby Sound Sleepers

Give the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep with this singing sleeping companion. A snugly elephant that’s soft and comfortable enough to cuddle up to, the removable sound projector sings 10 different lullabies, as well as having 3 different sleep aid sounds like white noise and bird song.

Find the perfect volume with 5 different settings, and if your toddler also likes a little night, this acts as a night light too. Finally, you don’t have to worry about heading back into their bedroom to switch this off, as it has an automatic 30 minute off timer.

Our Toddler Present Buyer’s Guide

Buying toys for children doesn’t have to be difficult. At this age, children are interested in absolutely everything, and happily exploring the world around them.

Gifts can broadly be divided into 4 different categories, each of which has different advantages and disadvantages.

STEM toys

There’s no denying that technology is the future, and the earlier you can get your little one started, the better.

STEM is science, technology, engineering and maths. The building blocks of the world. Toys like blocks and building kits can teach a child the foundations of how the world works and everything fits together. 

Educational toys

You’re never too early to start learning, and making education fun is the biggest step to that.

Whether they’re learning their shapes and colors, numbers, the basics of reading and writing, or even building things with blocks and clay, the younger you get your little one into loving the process, the better they’re going to do as they get older.

Physical and movement toys

At three, a toddler is investigating the world and learning how to move their body, and toys that can help them do that in fun and interesting ways are great for overall well-being and confidence.

Dressing up and soft toys 

When they hit this age, a lot of girls start to get very interested in the world around them and the way other people look, especially their mother and other women. Things like clothes, jewellery and make-up start to catch their attention, and dressing up toys, dolls or other options are great ways to teach your little girl about appearances and let them explore.

Final thoughts 


Hopefully, now that you’ve read our list of recommendations and tips you’re closer to finding the perfect fun and educational gift for the three year old girl in your life. Thanks for reading and remember to leave a comment with any recommendations and tips you may have too!




31 birthday gifts for a 3 year old girl

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