30 Thoughtful Gifts for her 30th Birthday!

Thirty is a huge milestone (but don’t let her hear you say that!) in a lovely ladies life.

It’s a day that should be celebrated in a way that honors that lovely lady. Make it matter and a day to remember with our selection of 30 thoughtful gifts for her 30th birthday!

Browse our list and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for her big day.

30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

digital photo frame

For all the memories: Skylight Digital Photo Frame

Everyone takes a thousand photos, but no one ever seems to look at them any more. You can change that by buying her this digital photo frame.
With most digital frames, you still face the same problems.

The laborious process of selecting and uploading them all. But the Skylight eliminates all that. Once it’s connected to your Wi-Fi, you can email it your photos from your phone or tablet, literally anywhere in the world.

Seconds later, the photo will be added to the frame and appear on it, letting your friends and family give you constant updates to their lives, no matter what’s going on.

wine tumbler

For a cheeky glass on the go: BruMate Uncork’d XL Wine Tumbler

Carry almost an entire bottle of wine with you wherever you go with this wine tumbler. Made from food grade stainless steel and cute coating, it’s triple insulated to keep the drink inside at exactly the temperature you put it in.

If that means chilled, awesome, if you wanna drop a coffee in here too, good for you, it’s still gonna be piping hot after most of the day.
It holds 400ml of fluid, which is more than half a bottle, almost three complete glasses.

There’s also a removable, splash proof lid, with a straw hole just in case that’s her jam, and over a dozen different colors.

slate coasters

For somewhere to put the drinks: Personalised slate coasters

Slate is massively popular in home design, because it combines modern aesthetic with classic styling.
That’s why these four slate coasters are perfect. Made from authentic slate and velvet backed to keep tables and sideboards safe, they fit into almost any décor choice, and have the option for a personalised, engraved message from you.

porcelain ceramic gift set

For a spot of tea: 21 piece porcelain ceramic gift set

A spot of afternoon tea is refined, comfortable and a great way to spend an afternoon. Plus, porcelain china looks amazing on your shelves or as part of a collection.
This set comes with a full set of 6 teacups, saucers, individual spoons, as well as a teapot, sugar bowl and creamer.

It’s made from high quality bone china and is decorated with a delicate flower pattern.

cloudliving experiences for her

To Spoil Her Senseless: Indulgent Experiences From Virgin Experiences

It’s always fun to get a taste of the high life, and Virgin experiences will take her away from her troubles and let her live like royalty for a few hours.

Not only can she enjoy spa days, chocolate tours and five-star dining experiences, but many of them are offered in unique settings as well. She can enjoy wines and cheeses during a cruise of the New York City coastline; she can sip on cocktails as she takes an aerial tour of San Francisco; she can be waited on by black-jacket servers during a Napa Valley train ride. The possibilities are endless with Virgin!

16 piece dinner set

For a special dinner: Gibson Bloomsbury 16 piece dinner set

Every birthday should be celebrated by a good dinner, and if she’s going to have friends and family round, she’s going to need a high quality way to serve it on.
Each piece of stoneware is painted with delicate but hard wearing reactive glaze, in a choice of 8 different styles.

The set includes 4 dinner plates, desert plates, soup bowls and 4 mugs to finish.
And since convenience is key, these are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Teddy bear with frame

For the memories: Personalised Teddy Bear with Frame

If she likes cute things, then there’s nothing better than this bear. Not only is the bear itself super adorable, with soft fur, dark eyes and nose, and a sweet little check scarf.
But the best part is what he’s holding.

It’s a tiny frame that you can fill with your own photos. It’s perfect for partners and children to give and share memories.

wine country gourmet gift basket

For indulgent snacking: Wine Country gourmet gift basket

A basket packed to bursting with luxurious foods, whoever opens this basket is in for an absolute treat. Or, realistically, a whole basketful of treats.
There’s so much to choose from, she’s sure to find something she likes.

Smoked Gouda cheeses, caramels, basic and garlic olives, salami, brownies, almonds, snack mix and dozens more add up to a gift that’s going to keep on giving.

spa gift basket

For some personal luxury: Spa Day Gift Basket

Everyone loves a little pampering, and a slow, comfortable evening relaxing in the bath and looking after yourself is never wasted.
This eleven piece set has everything a girl needs to relax in absolute comfort.

Sink into a decadent bubble bath, scrub away the aches of the day with bath salts, bombs and body scrubs, then wrap yourself in the body mist and bath puff.
Packed with almond oil, nourishing Shea butter and skin enriching vitamin E, it doesn’t just make you feel good.

It makes you look great too!

photo album scrapbook

For keeping memories: Photo Album Scrapbook

We could recommend this book as a gift itself, because scrapbooking is popular and fun, and the book is lovely, with thick pages and rustic rope binding.
But we aren’t. Instead, if you buy this, you should definitely fill it with photos, messages and other memories yourself, and give the completed book as your gift.

Whether it’s from friends, workmates, or family putting together 30 years of fun and memories, they’re sure to love it.

LED lighted make-up mirror

For looking good on the go: Fancii LED lighted make-up mirror

It only takes one errant gust of wind or rain shower, and suddenly your make-up is all over the place.
Stay in control with this portable make-up mirror. Two mirrors give you the perfect view, with a 1x standard and 10x ultra zoom mirror on each leaf, the mirrors are a decent 5 inch diameter, or slightly bigger than your palm, and they’re perfectly usable in pitch darkness because of the built in LED circle lights, that will last around 20,000 hours on average.

Plus, it’s tiny enough when snapped closed that it will fit in any handbag, and even a lot of purses!

candles gift set

For a real scentsation: TOFU natural soy candles

Scented candles are a gift that’s always appreciated, whether the giftee is someone who actually uses them, or just leaves them on the shelf looking nice.
This set comes with 4 difference scents, spring, lavender, lemon, and Mediterranean figs.

They’re made from all-natural soy, with high quality cotton wicks, and burn for upwards of 25 hours each.

yoga mat

For a little more balance: Yoga Mat with carrying strap

As we get a little more mature, balance and centering ourselves becomes much more important. If she’s not already a yoga girl, get her into one of the best hobbies and lifestyle choices there is with this nifty mat and carry strap combo.

The mat itself is just under six feet long and two wide, big enough for all shapes and sizes, and the half inch of premium foam protects and reinforces no matter what shapes she bends herself into.
Then, when she’s done, it all folds into a convenient little carrying handle that can be slung over the shoulder.

essential oil diffuser and humidifier

For the all-natural girl: Asakuki Wi-Fi essential oil diffuser and humidifier

There’s nothing better than walking into your home and being greeted with calming, pleasant scents.
Give her that reality with a smart essential oil diffuser. Fully compatible with phones using the App, as well as Amazon Alexa, you can ping it as you come home from a hard day’s work.

Plus, this also works as a humidifier, adding moisture to the air at the same time, helping with dry skin, allergies, colds and other issues.

hair dryer and volumizing brush

For the best looking hair: Revlon One-Step hair dryer and volumizing brush

This brush is the future. It combines a hair-dryer and brush into an all in one gadget that saves time and gives her hair stunning volume, all in one.
There are heat and speed settings, with a cooling option, oval brush design for smoothing, with rounded edges and nylon pin and tuft bristles for max volume, it’s the essential tool no girl should be without.

smartsleep light therapy alarm clock

For a heavy sleeper: Philips Smartsleep light therapy alarm clock

We all know someone who’s almost impossible to wake up in the morning. Light alarms, like this one, are clinically proven to wake you up better and make sure you have the most restful night’s sleep possible.

The light ring brightens gradually over several minutes, acting like a natural sunrise and filling bedrooms with warm, golden light. It also has a regular alarm function, just in case you still don’t wake, as well as snooze and a built-in radio.


For lazy weekends: BoostIQ Robovac 11S

What’s better than the gift of convenience? Nothing. So give the birthday girl more hours each week with a robotic vacuum cleaner.
Voted best electronic vacuum of 2018 by Digital Trends, get up to 100 minutes of high powered cleaning, backed up by infrared sensors to let it dance between chair legs and around your pets, anti-fall systems, and a powerful motor that can boost itself to 1.

5x strength when it finds those difficult to clean areas.

luggage collection set

For round the world trips: Steve Madden Designer Luggage Collection

If you’re going to travel, you need a nice set of luggage to take everything with you.
This 4 bag set by Steve Madden has literally acres of space, letting her take everything you need along with you as she jets across the world.

Expandable, the bags are all soft sided and ultra-lightweight, saving on airline fees. 4 wide set wheels make each bag super-stable, even when packed full of carry on, and they’re covered by a 5 year warranty, but they should last much longer than that!


For a little peace and quiet: Skullcandy Indy wireless earbuds

After all the fun, let her tune out from the world and focus with these Skullcandy earbuds.
Bluetooth wireless linked, they come in a range of cute colors including deep red, hot pink, purple, and of course black and white.

16 hours of battery, water and dust resistant, and super comfy, too.

sushi making kit

For exotic tastes: AYA Bazooka sushi making kit

There’s a reason sushi is popular. It’s amazing. But fresh sushi isn’t always easy to get, and the pre-packaged stuff is never quite the same.
So if she’s a sushi gal, get her a sushi making hit and let her make it in the comfort of her own home.

With everything you need, including nigiri maker, sushi knife, bamboo mats and rice spreader, all that’s needed is the raw materials and she can be producing professional grade sushi out of her own kitchen!

back and neck massager

For instant relaxation: Naipo Shiatsu back and neck massager

Life can get complicated and stressful, and one way to get away from it all is to lie back and enjoy a nice massage.
Designed to be used almost anywhere, this massager is safe for your home, your office, even your car.

It has 8 separate massage nodes that work at 3 different speeds, kneading and heating your back until all the worries just melt away.
It comes with a standard power adapter, and a car adapter for use on the go.

cheese board and knife set

For a sophisticated evening: Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife set

Thirty is the age where you have to really start pretending to be an adult. So when she invites her friends over for a dinner party, let her add a touch of class with this cheese board platter set.
Made from organic bamboo, it looks gorgeous, and the slide out drawer underneath that holds all four pieces of the charcuterie cutting set is sure to draw some admiring glances.

winter boots

For the outdoorsy kind of girl: Columbia Ice Maiden Winter Boot

If she likes to spend time hiking or out in nature, a good pair of boots is essential, especially as we roll into winter.
Fur lined for warmth, they come in loads of colors so you can match them with anything, are highly insulated, completely waterproof, and have a super safe traction sole that grips on everything, even ice.

Even better, they’re super comfy and really well built, so they’ll last for years if she looks after them.

rose gold brush set

For blushing birthday girls: Morphe 7 piece Rose Gold Brush set

Designed as a luxury set of brushes that anyone can afford, Morphe are absolutely perfect whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro.
This set of seven has a brush for every part of your face, works perfectly with creams, concealers, powders and liquids, and comes with a soft carry case to keep it all safe.

leather passport holder and luggage tag

For the traveller: Dayna Lee personalised leather passport holder and luggage tag

Give the gift of travel to someone you love with this cute passport holder and matching luggage tag.
Made from pink faux leather with edge stitching and corner protection,, the front of the passport has ‘This girl is on vacay’ written large and proud, a clear statement of intent to party.

5.5 by 4 inches, it’s perfectly fitted to US and UK passports, and the perfect round the world companion.

flask and shot glass set

For a cheeky drink: Gennissy 7oz flask and shot set

A thirtieth is a big milestone, and a major excuse for one last blowout. Whatever you decide to do, whether that be pre-partying at yours, bars and clubs, or even something relatively more sedate, you can bring the party along with you with this hip flask and shot glass combo.

Made from top grade stainless steel and pink PU leather, it’s distinctive and gorgeous. The flask holds 7oz of liquid, which is more than enough to fill all the shots, and leave a little more for the birthday girl.

bathtub caddy

For bath time calm: Bathtub caddy and bed desk

Hitting thirty seems like a convenient excuse to take a little more time for yourself, and the perfect way to find that space is to take a long, hot bath.
This bath caddy is the ultimate bath companion.

With space for your book, an iPad or e-reader, a laptop, snacks, and even a glass of wine, everything you need is right there in front of you.
Made from 100% natural bamboo, it’s ecologically safe, and even better, once the bath is done, you can pop out the legs and use it as a bed desk while you chill.


For writing your own life story: Vintage Tree of Life Journal

Journaling is a great way to track all of those wonderful memories we make, and there’s something satisfying about sitting down at the end of a long day to fill another page, and something just as satisfying to pick up a full journal years later to reminisce.

Made from soft but hard wearing PU leather, this journal looks just at home on a thick oak bookcase as it does on your bedside table. It comes with a 96 sheet book of double lined pages, but can be refilled with any suitable A5 notebook.

The whole thing is finished by a leather rope with charm, to hold it closed when it’s not in use.


For the bedroom dresser: AirExpect trifold vanity mirror

A vanity mirror makes the morning routine so much simpler, which is why they’ve been used for literally hundreds of years.
This trifold vanity has literally everything a girl needs to make sure she’s looking her best, including; Trifold wings with one, two and three times magnifications and wide angle panels, for the close ups.

72 LED lights that illuminate the central mirror like a professional make up mirror, even in pitch darkness. Plus 3 light colors, and a dimmer switch, so you can see what your make up will look like under different light.

It’s powered by battery or USB, so you can take it with you anywhere, and it’s a light 10 ounces.

coffee maker

For the caffeine addict: Cuisinart Perfectemp Coffee Maker

Lets face it, most of us can’t function without our coffee.
If the birthday girl is just as addicted to her morning joe as the rest of us, give her a gift that will help her face early mornings and long nights.

Made by Cuisinart, this coffee maker has literally everything you could want. The carafe is glass, which aids flavor, and holds up to 14 cups worth. The machine can keep it heated, meaning you can grab a steaming mug whenever you need one most.

There’s a programming function that starts it brewing automatically, as well as self-cleaning and automatic shut off, keeping you safe.

Your 30th Gift Buyer’s Guide for her

If you’re still struggling for what to buy, here’s a quick gift buyer’s guide that might give you some more ideas:
Food and drinks
A traditional gift that everyone appreciates, guys or girls, young or old. A nice bottle of wine, or a gift basket or box of special chocolates is safe, reliable and easy to choose.
If she has any hobbies, that’s a really simple option. If she doesn’t, then find something cool that she could try, and get her what she needs to start.
Sweet gifts
Memories matter, and a gift that shows your history with someone else, especially with such a big milestone as a thirtieth, it’s always going to be well loved.
Finally, everyone loves a little luxury, and some pampering time for themselves. So give gifts that she can use to treat herself after all the celebrations have died down.


A thirtieth birthday is a big occasion, and deserves to be treated with a little bit of thought. But by taking a few minutes to consider the type of thing she appreciates, as well as going through our list, you’re sure to find the perfect gift that she’s going to love forever!

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