31 Fun 40th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas To Keep Laughing

Some people dread turning forty. So, why not turn those frowns upside-down with some gag gifts during the next fortieth birthday party you attend?

These gag gifts can involve everything from something to eat to things to wear. All you have to do is be creative and think outside the box.

We hope the ideas we share here tickle your funny bone and help give you a laugh when you’re trying to come up with funny ideas for this special occasion!

40th Birthday Gag Gifts

Coffin shaped gift box

A Unique Box of Gifts: BigMouth Inc Gift Box Coffin

Novelties are a funny way to get someone’s attention during this monumental birthday. When they receive a gift box in the shape of a coffin that reads, “Another nail in your coffin,” it will certainly be unforgettable.

The box measures 1″ x 14.2″ x 7.8″ and is full of funny gifts. There’s a shot glass, age eraser, whistle, fire extinguisher, vehicle flag, false teeth, and birthday flair. Each of these gifts also has a funny saying alongside them, so the recipient knows their purpose.

When each of these gifts, as well as their sayings, are read aloud they’re sure to get a laugh during the birthday party!

Hearing enhancer gag

No Batteries Required: Over The Hill Hearing Enhancer

One of the most often heard jokes when someone turns forty is that their hearing will go. Playing on the joke with a gag gift makes sense. This gift is an 8.4″ x 5.6″ x 5.6″ hearing enhancer that will make everyone at the birthday party burst out laughing.

It’s black, made of plastic, and has colorful fonts explaining what it does. Sayings on this hearing enhancer include, “Over the Hill, Never Fail Hearing Enhancer, and Super-Duper Acoustic Booster.” It’s impossible not to pick this thing up and start using it as soon as it comes out of the wrapping.

Not only is it a funny way of celebrating someone’s fortieth birthday, but it’s also a great way of breaking the ice.

Inflatable walker

Gang Way!: Over The Hill Inflatable Walker

Make way for the “over the hill” birthday boy or girl! As soon as you inflate this gift at their party, it’s going to be a big hit! It’s an inflatable walker that reads, “Over the Hill Walker.” There are caution signs all over it and an area to write their name.

This fun walker measures 31.5″ tall x 26″ wide x 21.5″ wide. As soon as it comes out of the wrapper, it’s sure to make its way around the room from one member of the party to another. It’s a fun way to bring entertainment and get everyone up and moving around at this memorable event!

Im still hot comes in flashes poster

For the Notebook Lover: I’m Still Hot Just Comes in Flashes

Sometimes turning forty means writing furiously in a journal about life’s various trials and tribulations. Other times, it means making a list of all the goals left to achieve. If you know someone who is turning forty and loves notebooks or journals, don’t pass up on this gift.

It’s a notebook that reads, “I’m still Hot, Just Comes in Flashes.” It features a granny with a walker against a black background surrounded by flames. The notebook has over one hundred pages for the gift recipient to use for journaling, list keeping, or however else they’d like to celebrate turning forty.

forty the ultimate word coffee mug

A Coffee Drinker’s New Favorite Mug: Forty The Ultimate F Word Coffee Mug

Coffee is serious business for some people. However, when it comes to turning forty, this is an excellent opportunity to tickle your friend or loved one’s funny bone. This gift is a white mug that reads, “Forty, the ultimate F-Word.

” It’s written in black text that’s against a white background, so no one can miss the message they’re sending when drinking from this fun mug. They may want to start using it as soon as they unwrap it during the party! You could also add this mug to an “over the hill” gift basket featuring the recipient’s favorite coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

water bottle

Drive Them to Drink: Motivational Tracking Water Bottle with Hourly Time Marker

This gag gift will drive them to drink—their water! It’s difficult for many people to stay hydrated. By giving this gift, you’re helping your friend or loved one who is turning forty achieve this goal.

On one side of this water bottle, it reads, “Drink your effing water.” The opposite side of the bottle features a time tracker, as well as the word, “Refill,” to help them drink when they should. It holds thirty-two ounces and features a strap for those who are on-the-go.

Not only is this a gift that will make the recipient laugh, but it’s one they’ll appreciate because it’s also useful.

shopping bag

For the Shopper: Looking Good Gift, Ladies, Shopping Bag

Reusable shopping bags are all the rage with those who want to protect the environment. No matter if they’re using them to tote things back and forth to work or to get groceries, these bags are a must.

This shopping bag is perfect for the woman in your life who is turning forty. It features fuchsia straps and side panels and measures 16.5″ x 13″ x 7.5″. The front reads, “Not Everyone Looks This Good at 40.

” Some people loathe the idea of turning forty, so this gift idea will bring a smile to their face as they show it off at their birthday party!


For the Card Player: ver The Hill – Playing Cards – Jumbo Size

Do you know someone who is turning forty and loves to play cards? If so, this is a funny gag gift that will surely get a laugh at their party. It’s a set of jumbo playing cards. This standard set of playing cards, which also includes two jokers, measures 5″ wide x 7″ tall.

The deck features a traditional design with bright colors. The outside of the box reads, “Over the Hill,” which will likely spark a lot of laughter as soon as the wrapping opens. The gift recipient may decide to start a game of cards with this deck after cake and presents are finished at their party!

party supplies

Not Your Traditional Cane: Male Novelty Cane Party Supplies

When you want to get a laugh at a party, this gag gift is the way to go. It’s a black novelty cane that’s decorated specifically for an “over the hill” party. It features an “old man” crossing sign, glasses, horn, hearing aid, and happy pill container.

The can measures 35″ tall and is made of plastic. It’s completely assembled coming out of the package, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the laughter. Those who receive this gift will have fun passing it around at their party and using it to help break the ice.

It’s a funny way of making light of turning forty and having fun!

survival hat

For the Survivalist: Over The Hill Survival Hat

Your friend or loved one doesn’t have to be a hunter or fisher to appreciate the humor behind this hat. It’s a survival hat the reads, “Ove the Hill,” written in white against a black background. It features decorations for surviving turning forty.

The hat features printing all over it about “senior moments” and has items attached to it similar to how a fisher would. As soon as you gift this gag gift to your friend or loved one, don’t be surprised if they put it on right away.

Some of the other members of the party may also want to wear it as well!

over the hill lost lanyard

In Case They Get Lost: Over The Hill if Lost Lanyard

This is a gag gift that is ideal for getting a laugh at the next fortieth birthday party you attend. It’s a lanyard with an over the hill theme in case the guest of honor gets lost. The label reads, “If I look lost or confused, return me to,” and then there’s an area where an address and phone number is available.

On the bottom of the lanyard, it reads, “Caution: frequent cranky outbursts.” This gag gift is not only funny, but it’s also a great conversation and joke starter! When your friend or loved one receives this gift, they won’t be able to help themselves from laughing out loud!

Memory Mints

A Sweet Treat to Share: Memory Mints for Senior Moments Fun Gag Tin

Even though this is a sweet treat for gift recipients to share, others may not want to take them. They’re a tin a memory mints for senior moments! This tin of mints is a funny way of sharing a gift with your friend or loved one in a sweet way.

These mints are packaged in a 1.5-ounce blue tin that reads, “Extra Strong.” It’s a refreshing way to get some laughs at their birthday party! They’ll try to share them and, while some may enjoy these mints, others may turn them down! Either way, this is a funny gift to add to gift baskets full of other “over the hill” themed candy or treats.

Over the hill essentials

An All-in-One Kit: Over The Hill Essentials

Finding the best gag gift for someone turning forty can be a challenge. That’s where this all-in-one bundle comes in handy. You’ll be giving your friend or loved one a box of essentials for when they hit this “glorious” age! It features a hot flash fan, hearing aid, memory mints, and cartoon book.

The box is packed and ready to go, so all you have to do is wrap it up and head to their birthday party. This gift is perfect for turning a dull party into one that’s full of laughter, jokes, and fun! These gift items will pass around the room from one member of the party to another as a funny way to break the ice and have fun!

denture soap

A Glowing Smile: Denture Soap

You’ll be giving your friend or loved one a twist on denture soap. Instead of cleaning dentures, they’ll be cleaning WITH dentures! It’s a pair of dentures in the shape of soap! This gag gift is not only funny, but it also features a bubble gum scent.

As soon as it’s unwrapped, the gift recipient won’t be able to help themselves from bursting out into laughter. These three-ounce soaps are useful, and an excellent way to bring a unique spin on gag gifts for a fortieth birthday celebration! You can be sure that no one else at the party will have thought of giving a gift like this one!

hill hot flash fan

Deliver Cooling Effects: Over the Hill Fan

Poking fun at hot flashes is a fun way of celebrating a woman’s fortieth birthday. This gag gift is a circular fan featuring white and pink lettering that reads, “Over the Hill Hot Flash Fan.” The fan is black, made of plastic, and measures 15″ x 8″ x 1.

3″. The box features a cartoon granny with a cane standing on flames. Gift recipients will have fun fanning themselves during their party as soon as they open up this fan! Not only is this an excellent way to get some laughs, but it’s also a great way to bring life to a celebration!

old geezer car kit

Help Them Become Better Drivers: Old Geezer Car Kit

One of the funniest jokes told about getting old is about becoming a terrible driver. The theme of this fortieth birthday gag gift focuses on everything about being an “over the hill” driver. This car kit includes funny driving goggles, an “over the hill” driving permit, caution sign, toxic gas air freshener, and lots of funny sayings.

When the gift recipient is reading everything this kit contains, as well as its jokes, everyone at the party won’t be able to contain themselves! No matter if they want to keep this gift as a memento or put it to use, this is one that’s sure to be a huge hit at their event!


Wear it with Pride: Laid Back 40th Birthday Vintage Dude Adjustable Hat

Do you know someone who wears a hat everywhere they go? Do they have a shy sense of humor? If so, this is a great gift idea. It’s a black baseball cap that reads, “Aged 40 Years, Vintage Dude.” The corner of the hat’s brim features white designs and reads, “Premium Quality.

” On the back of the hat, it reads, “The Man, the Myth, the Legend.” Gifts like this are excellent for getting a laugh at a party for someone who laid back and quiet. They’ll wear this hat with pride as soon as it comes out of the box!

golf balls set

For the Golfer: Happy 40th Birthday Golf Balls Set of 2

If you’re filling a gift basket full of gag gifts for someone who is turning forty and loves golf, this is a great addition. It’s a set of two golf balls with a fortieth birthday theme. One reads, “Happy birthday,” and features two green golf clubs.

The other reads, “Foretee & Fabulous,” and the “T” is a blue golf tee. These golf balls are packaged neatly in a gift box so, if they’re going into a basket, they’ll look perfect! If not, they’re ready for wrapping.

Your friend or loved one will enjoy the humor as soon as they see these golf balls!

beer coolies

Keep Them Cool: 40th Birthday Beer Coolies

No matter what kind of canned beverage you friend or loved one enjoys drinking, these can coolies are a great gag gift for their fortieth birthday! There are four white can coolies with a fortieth birthday theme.

They read, “40 AF,” “Straight Outta My Thirties,” “Classic 40,” and “Warning: 40 Year Old, May make sudden, desperate attempts to appear sexy, youthful, and important.” The sayings are written in fun fonts with bold colors.

Each neoprene can coolie will either fit a twelve or sixteen-ounce can. It doesn’t matter where they are; they’ll get a reaction when cooling they’re cans with these gag gifts!

travel mug

Counting the Days: Funny Guy Mugs 40th Birthday

Coffee lovers grab their coffee and run every day of the week. Focusing on a travel mug with a theme combining the days, as well as their birthday, is a great idea for a gag gift! You’ll be giving the coffee lover in your life a white travel mug that reads, “14,610 days young, but who’s counting?” It’s written in black lettering, so it pops against the white background.

You’ll be giving your friend or loved one something that will make them laugh, and that’s also useful! They’ll love the uniqueness of this gift as well as the fact that you appreciate their passion for coffee.

wine tumbler

For the Wine Lover: 40th Wine Tumbler

During nice weather, it isn’t uncommon for outdoor parties to occur. These occasions sometimes include wine and other spirits. However, wine glasses aren’t optimal because they may break. Therefore, a great alternative for someone who is turning forty is this gag gift.

It’s a wine tumbler available in blue or pink that reads, “Damn, I make 40 Look Good.” The fun and the light-hearted message is a unique way of sharing your friend or loved one’s sense of humor with the rest of their guests.

The tumbler holds twelve fluid ounces, measures 4.5″ high with a 3.5″ diameter, and handwashing is the recommendation.


Keep Then Clothed: Oldometer 40 Years Old Men’s T-shirt

Funny t-shirts are a great way of giving someone a gag gift when you really want to make an impact on their fortieth birthday party. In this case, you’ll be giving them a black t-shirt featuring an “Oldometer.

” It has what looks like a speedometer in the center of the graphic that’s changing from thirty-nine to forty. On the bottom of the graphic, there’s another speedometer featuring the days changing to 14,600.

This black t-shirt is available in men’s large and extra-large sizes. Guests at the party will have a hard time not laughing as soon as they see this gift coming out of the wrapping.

You know you are 40 when.. book

Give the Gift of Literature: You Know You’re 40 When…

It doesn’t matter if your friend or loved one is an avid reader or not. This gag gift is perfect for their fortieth birthday party! You’ll be giving them a copy of the funny book, “You Know You’re Forty When .

. .” by Ann Hodgman and Patricia Marx. In this book, they’ll read about comb-overs, how the children they once babysat are not lawyers, and if their doctors are asking them personal questions they never thought they’d hear.

As soon as they start reading passages from this book out loud during their party, guests will begin bursting with laughter!

40th birthday game

For the Player: The 40th Birthday Game

Turning forty doesn’t mean playing games has to end! Put a different spin on the word “player” with this gag gift for the person in your life you know who’s turning forty. It’s a card game specifically designed for those who are turning forty called, “The 40th Birthday Game: Hillarious brain-teasing fun, all on the theme of 40.

” Everyone at your friend or loved one’s party will love the more than one-hundred and forty questions contained in this deck of cards focusing on turning the big four-zero! Not only is this gift funny, but it’s also an excellent ice-breaker when parties start quieting down.


For the Cook: Ambesonne 40th Birthday Apron

Each time your friend or loved one grabs their apron to cook, they’ll be reminded of the gag gift you gave them. You’ll be giving them an apron that reads, “Not 40, 39 Plus Tax.” The apron is white, and the text is black and red.

It’s bold and takes up the entire apron, so there’s no missing the statement it’s attempting to make! The straps and ties are black, the length is 31,” and the width is 26″. This apron is waterproof and great for either indoor or outdoor use.

It’s easy to care for with the ability to machine wash on the delicate cycle.

crystal tiara

Bring in Some Sparkle: Crystal Tiara Birthday Crown

When a gag gift must include some bling, this sparkling Tierra is just the thing! You’ll be giving the guest of honor a Tierra featuring crystals and rhinestones with “40” in its center. It’s made from alloy metal and has two combs on the ends to help keep it in place.

The “40” features a crown with pink stones on top of the zero. No matter who wears this, they’ll also be wearing a smile from ear-to-ear. As soon as it comes out of the package, they won’t be able to help themselves from putting it right on! Then, there will be excellent fortieth birthday photo opportunities!

burlap print with frame

Help Them Decorate: 40th Burlap Print with Frame

It’s funny to think about how time is broken down sometimes. This is especially true when you’re poking fun at someone’s fortieth birthday. A gag gift focusing specifically on time is a funny way of showing them precisely how much time has actually passed.

That’s the theme of this framed print. You’ll be giving the birthday boy or girl a print on burlap that reads, “40 Years.” It then celebrates how the decades, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes break down.

You’ll receive this burlap print in a frame, so it’s ready to wrap and give to the guest of honor at their celebration.

toilet paper

An Unexpected Reminder: Funny Personalized 40th Birthday The Best Krap is Yet to Come Gag Gift Toilet Paper

Lordy, Lordy, look who is turning forty! Personalize a roll of toilet paper with this unique and hilarious gag gift. Those receiving this gift will never expect to see their name on this customized gift.

It reads, “[Their name], 40th Birthday, The best [Poop emoji] is yet to come!” The personalized message is written in black and gold, and its placement is only on the first sheet. So, once that sheet is removed, the rest of the roll can be used.

Or, they can keep the roll as a souvenir as a way to remember this gag gift for years.

gift basket

The Ultimate Gift: Over the Hill Birthday Gift Basket

If you’re pressed for time, this “Over the Hill” gift basket has you covered. The next time you’re invited to a fortieth birthday party, this gift basket will be a hit at that event. Not only is it brimming with great things, but it’s perfect for poking fun at your friend or loved one! The black basket contains a tombstone, “over the hill” pills, a coffee mug, and a guidebook for birthdays.

There are tons of goodies, snacks, and sweets that all feature this theme. So, each time the birthday boy or girl pulls something out, guests will be laughing!

old man glasses

For Clearer Sight: Old mAN gLASSES

A fortieth birthday party isn’t complete without a set of “geezer glasses!” No matter if you’re assembling a gift basket, or looking for items to put into a gift bag, these geezer glasses are the perfect gag gift to add.

The thick frames and translucent lenses are funny and will add to the party’s festivities. As soon as they’re unwrapped, they’re sure to bring about laughter from everyone in the room. You’ll find this is especially true if they’ve already received and are wearing a funny hat or are using a funny hearing aid! The guest of honor will have fun sporting these glasses during photo opportunities and passing them around to others during their event!

wall clock

Turn Back Time: Backward Wall Clock

Sometimes, turning back time is the only thing someone wants to do when they’re turning forty. That’s where this gag gift is a perfect idea. You’ll be giving them a ten-inch clock that runs backward! So, in a sense, you’ll be helping them turn back time! The clock features a white background, black frame, and black numbers.

So, each time anyone looks at it, they’ll “feel” like time is running backward. This clock is ideal for hanging in offices where people have a great sense of humor, as well as a well-trafficked area of homes.

As soon as people at the celebration see this clock come out of its wrapping, it’s sure to get a huge reaction!

Figuring out what to get someone as a gag gift for their fortieth birthday celebration can sometimes be challenging. You’ll find this is especially true if you’re worried about being too offensive. You may also have worried about if the gift isn’t funny enough. That’s where this gift guide comes into play.

We hope the gifts we’ve pulled together inspire your buying choices while simultaneously tickling your funny bone!

40th birthday gift ideas

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