35 Fun 5th Birthday Gifts & Toys for a Girl

The 5th birthday of a little girl is a big milestone.

She’s halfway to the double digits. It is a special occasion that only comes once in a lifetime and as such should be celebrated. Whether you’re in the market for a gift for your daughter, cousine, nephew or just a friend’s daughter, it’s important to be in the loop of what is in today.

Sure, kids will see magic and fun in just about anything, but getting it just right will make their special little milestone more special and memorable throughout the years.

The following is a list of 30 fun gift ideas to make her 5th birthday party memorable we put together to make your shopping much easier.

We’ve narrowed it down to the best and most fun as well as useful items we could find. By the time you’ll get to the bottom of this list, your mind will be made up!

5th Birthday Gifts for a Girl

crayola light-up tracing pad

Support and her encourage her creativity: Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Being creative is part of what makes life more colourful and enjoyable. Encouraging a young lady to experiment and explore her own imagination and creativity is one of the most loving things you could do for a child.

Modern kids however are more and more exposed and attracted to technology and it may seem hard to distract them from it to focus on something more creative. That’s why crayola came up with this beautiful toy.

An all-in-one art set that comes with 1 graphite pencil, 12 short coloured pencils, 10 tracing sheets and 10 blank sheets! It also features a handy dandy LED background that will allow her to draw in low light or even in the dark!

star light projector

Let her enter a magical world: Star Light Rotating Projector

One of the most exciting things for a kid is to be able to live out their fantasies or be visually stimulated in a way that will make their imagination run wild. This awesome projector will create just the right ambience for her to feel transported into a magical world where she is the protagonist of her own adventures! And she won’t even have to turn it off at night: the 995 minutes of autonomy on this lamp will see her through the entire night.

musical jewelry box

Teach her to tidy up like a queen: Mele & Co. Elise Girl’s Wooden Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

It’s no mystery that girls tend to be more orderly than boys, however, helping her develop the habit of keeping her room in check and tidy definitely won’t hurt.

This adorable jewellery box contains a mirror, ring rolls and an open section that your little one can fill to her heart’s content.

The box also features a cute little ballerina that will dance to the notes of “Swan Lake”. It’s a beautiful way for your little one to learn something as well as keep her precious in order and feel like a true princess.

mermaid tail blanket

Make wrapping in a blanket fun and adventurous: JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

Most kids love wrapping themselves in a comfy blanket and playing with their favourite toys or reading their favourite book. But let’s be honest: for a 5 years old to receive a blanket on her birthday seems… a little underwhelming.

In an age where holograms go on tours and robots can perform surgeries, it was about time for blanket makers to step up their game. And JR.WHITE did just that.

This beautiful crocheted mermaid blanket is so breathable yet warm, which makes it suitable for all seasons.

It feels incredibly soft to the touch and she will be able to use it on the sofa or even on the ground as she plays with her toys: it won’t wear out easily!

bathrobe sleepwear

Don’t let a shower get in the way of her play time: Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Bathing or showering are not known to be at the top of toddlers’ list of favourite things to do. For them to willingly interrupt play time to go and clean up, there would have to be a very valid and motivating reason.

What most people don’t realise is that there is a loophole: play time doesn’t have to be interrupted.

This cosy little bath robe is made out of a comfortable flannel that will soothe her after a shower or bath.

It will fit like a glove and fun unique design on this robe will make it hard for you to get it off her. She’s gonna love it!

coloring book

Let her know her worth: I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

It’s important for all children to know their worth and learn to love and respect themselves in the early stages of their life. Kids might not see the relevance of it and won’t even really think about it.

This is why it’s important for them to often be reminded. What better way to do it than with an awesome colouring book.

hair chalk set

Help her impress her friends: Hair Chalk Set for Girls

If there’s one thing that will make a little 5 year old girl happy is giving her something she can have fun with on her own or together with friends. If it involves hair and rainbows then you’ve hit the jackpot.

This non-toxic, non-allergenic, water soluble hair chalk will let her have fun with some temporary dye for her hair. The chalk provided will cover up to 80 applications, allowing her to experiment with many different styles and patterns.

magnetic blocks

Help her develop her creative skills: HLAOLA Magnetic Blocks 133PCS

Sure, stimulating a child’s creativity and imagination will do them a lot of good. However, oftentimes we forget how important problem solving is in our own lives. Consider giving her something like these amazing magnetic blocks to help her develop that very skill!

These building blocks feature strong magnets, high quality materials that are going to be very easy to clean.

The endless building possibilities they offer will never leave her short of fun and entertainment!

kitchen play toys

Address the five star chef in her: Huanchenda Kids Kitchen Play Toys

A lot of young girls look up to their mum or dad in many ways. If you prepare her meals often, she’s likely seen you chop onions, boil pasta, roast chickens… it’s inevitable that she might get curious and want to try for herself.

Well, I guess she should have the opportunity to have a few test runs first.

This lovely kit comes with meats such as steak, sausages, chicken, but also a fish. All of which can go either in the oven or on the stove.

A handy little tap will ensure everything is nice and clean after a relaxing cooking session.

unicorn blanket

Make pillow forts more fun: GirlZone Unicorn Fleece Blanket

Earlier on we talked about how the classic idea of blankets might seem a little outdated for the younger generations. However, there is still hope for old fashioned blankets to find their place in the life of a modern day little girl.

This delightful blanket is one of the most snuggle friendly one out there: the generous size of it will enable her to wrap herself in it like a sweet burrito of joy. The comfy, soft and breathable material will give her a nice sense of warmth and comfort without overheating.

This is truly a dream blanket!

princess play tent

Let her rule her own kingdom of fantasy: Princess Castle Play Tent

This next item really needs no introduction. Pink Princess Castle. What more do you need to know?

The hassle-free assembly process this tent can offer won’t require a lot of adult assistance when putting it together.

She could do most of the work and feel excited and accomplished about it. And that’s not even the best part: this adorable castle also comes with a set of star shaped string lights.

camera for kids

Address the photographer in her: Hachi’s Choice Gift Kids Camera

Nowadays we all enjoy taking loads of photos. Smartphones have made photography far more accessible to us and we’re often immortalising every little thing that we feel like we want to remember. It doesn’t seem fair to not let our little ones in on the fun of photography.

However, letting a 5 year old girl have a smartphone to take pictures with doesn’t sound like a great idea. Luckily Hachi can come to our aid.

This wonderful camera comes with a USB cable as well as a 32GB memory card.

She will be able to start taking pictures right away. It also features a 2 inch wide LCD screen that will help her better capture her favourite subjects. The camera is also shock proof: no need to worry if she drops it!

slicker and umbrella set

Keep her safe and dry in stormy weather: Disney Frozen Slicker and Umbrella Rainwear Set

Giving a little girl something fun to play with is undoubtedly a great idea. Although, sometimes, catering their practical needs is important too. That doesn’t mean we should leave the fun out of the equation.

This cute slicker was designed with little kids in mind, featuring easily accessible snaps they can open and close safely. Your little girl will love being able to put it on herself! The top quality of the vinyl makes this slicker durable, remaining fully water resistant over time.

little tikes T-ball set

Let her inner sportswoman come out: Little Tikes T-Ball Set

Little girls aren’t exactly known for being as sportsy as little boys. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some baseball! It comes with a bat and 5 balls and it’s meant to teach young girls the fundamentals of baseball.

This will sure make daddy proud!

pedal go kart

Make her stand out: Berg Pedal Go Kart

We’ve all had bicycles growing up and we’ve all loved riding them. But not many of us can say they ever rode a pedal go kart. Berg can make it happen for her. It features four sturdy wheels that make the whole structure very stable and safe.

It comes with a nice little basket she can use to ride her beloved teddy around.

joke book

Make her laugh: “Awesome Jokes That Every 5 Year Old Should Know!” Joke book

A child’s laughter is for sure one of the most beautiful sounds human ears will ever have the joy and pleasure to listen to. Get two birds with one stone: give her something to laugh at for days and yourself plenty of occasions to savour the sweet laughter of a little girl.

buil and bloom building set

Feed her mind: Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building Set

“Critical thinking” sounds heavy, hard, not at all suitable for children who are still too young to even know what it means. But that should not stop you from encouraging your young lady to use that skill at such a young age.

She doesn’t even need to know the meaning of “critical thinking”, all she has to do is play this awesome game to develop it.

This set of 117 pieces includes: colorful gears, flowers, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, wiggly stems, and more! Each part is interchangeable, allowing for endless combinations and designs and unlimited fun.

shoulder bag

Make her feel like her mommy: ZGMYC Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag

A lot of young ladies want to feel and look like grown ups. They like to try on their mum’s jewellery, their shoes… So why not give her an accessory of her own that will make her feel like a grown up in a healthy way?

Made with toxine-free, high end leather, this back will help her keep her pennies stored away safely.

The sturdy magnetic strap will make it very hard for her to open it accidentally.

cotton pajama set

Let her have a comfortable sleep: Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 6-Piece Snug Fit Cotton Pajama Set

No matter how girly they might be, little young ladies definitely have a passion for cute things. Letting her have something comfy and adorable to slip in before bed will certainly make her happy.

These adorable pajamas are made of 100% cotton, a rarity nowadays! That alone speaks for how comfortable and high quality this awesome sleepwear is; it will also fit like a glove and slip right on effortlessly.

3D galaxy moon lamp

Take her room into space: 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp by Mind-glowing

A lot of kids are fascinated by space, stars and galaxies. They often look up at a starry night sky in absolute wonder. Imagine how she would react if she was able to take her room into outer space! This magical lamp will let her do just that! It comes with a sturdy wooden stand as well as a remote she can use to change the colour of the light.

kids baking set

Step up her baking game: Hapinest Kids Baking Set

It’s no secret that kids love biscuits. They love eating them and little girls especially love making them. Equipping her with some baking tools of her own will make her feel more independent and like her baking game has stepped up already!

This awesome baking set includes the most adorable apron, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, 2 stainless steel frosting tips, 2 plastic frosting couplers, and 2 reusable frosting bags and a recipe book.


Appeal the explorer side of her: Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

Kids nowadays spend less and less time playing outside and that’s a shame. Parents should encourage them to spend as much time in the open as possible. Not only does that benefit the development of their social skills, but also improves their health quite dramatical.

In an age where kids are more and more attracted by screens and technology, give her an incentive to go out and explore nature!

These amazing binoculars are ideal for kids; they are shockproof, waterproof and easy to carry.

They offer a crystal clear view of objects up to 100 yards away. Ideal for camping, hiking or sporting events.


Make cycling safer for her: KAMUGO Kids Helmet

Cyclic is one of kids’ most beloved activities. Your little girl is getting old enough now to ride her own bike without any assistance. Isn’t that grand!? They grow up so fast, don’t they? That being said, you should make sure she knows the importance of safety while riding around.

This helmet will keep her safe and sound during her cycling session while at the same time making her look cute and stylish. It is made of the best materials on the market: both the foams inside and the plastic outside have passed the harshest safety test before being put on the market.

You can rest assured she will be properly protected!


Help her look put together: French Toast Girls’ Two-Tab Pleated Scooter Skirt

Whether it’s the first day of school, or another kid’s birthday party, best believe your little girl is going to want to look put together, like a princess!

This classy skirt is made of a stretchy material that won’t restrain her movements granting the right comfort, and it is held in place by an adjustable waistband.

This skirt was designed with the needs of a 5 year old in mind. She can run, jump, twirl around, it doesn’t matter: this skirt will always look neat.


Stimulate her creative prowess: Melissa & Doug Heart Fleece Blanket No-Sew Craft Kit

Children these days don’t spend as much time crafting or creating their own toys as much as the older generations. It’s important our kids don’t miss out on the fun and excitement of committing to a little project and holding in their hands the finished product.

This amazing knot-together, no-sew blanket craft kit comes with 40 12″ x 12″ fleece squares with slotted fringes that are designed to be easy to tie together. They are made of top quality, thick, fuzzy, extra soft fabric that she will be able to do and undo as she pleases!

toysery bow and arrow

Make her feel like a brave amazon: Toysery Bow and Arrow for Kids Set

There is nothing more exciting and fun for a little girl to feel like a brave Disney princess. Cute tiaras and dresses sure help her immerse herself into character but… how about a bow and arrow?

This one is made of a toxin free smooth plastic that is nice to the touch; she won’t get tired of carrying it through battle! It comes with a target and the bow itself features some awesome LED lights that will make it all more exciting and magical for her.

running shoes

Keep her looking fashionable: Adidas Kids’ Ultimafuture Running Shoe

Whether she practices any sports or not, your little girl could sure use a pair of fashionable trainers. After all, kids are always running left and right! Adidas really needs no further introduction. They’re known for delivering some of the best quality trainers in the market and they sure delivered this time too!

terrarium kit for kids

Spark in her a love for science: Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

Whether you’re trying to stimulate her curiosity, spark a genuine passion for science in her, or simply looking for a new way to spend some time with her, this awesome terrarium is what you want to go for.

This amazing terrarium includes three packets that will help her lay the four layers necessary for it to start growing a tiny ecosystem. It also comes with a handy LED light she can turn on at night for a faster and healthier growth within the jar, as well a selection of cute accessories she can use to customise her terrarium.


Dress the Part: Awesome 5 Year Old T-Shirt

A birthday gift doesn’t have to be some flashy, pricey unique gift. It can be something as simple as a wholesome shirt. Comfy, made of 100% cotton, this shirt is a fun gift idea for your best friend’s 5 year old daughter.


Look the Part: Fayfaire 5th Birthday Shirt Outfit

This next one is another very valid gift idea for your friend’s or colleague’s daughter. This time the graphic is a little more humorous but aside from that, what’s special about Fayfaire is that they use 100% cotton of a quality so high, that makes their t-shirts 30% more resistant to tearing and overall damages.

They don’t hold back on the quality of their prints either: their world-class gold foiling print makes this one a long lasting, never-fading awesome print.

Present Buying Guide

Buying a gift for a girl’s 5th birthday can feel like a very overwhelming experience, especially if you’re not a parent or if it’s not your own daughter. The internet is filled to the top with toys, gadgets, books… how is anybody supposed to make up their mind with that much choice?

Worry not, we feel your struggle and that’s why we put this list together in the first place. But in any case, allow us to give you some tips on how to choose the perfect gift:

If it’s not your child, talk to her parents, ask what her interests are, what her favourite cartoon is, what kind of activities does she like doing indoors or outdoors.

Find items that combine practicality with fun. A strategy game, or a crafting kit are ideal for the child to have fun while developing useful real world skills at a young age.

Get her something that she’s going to want to use or play with long term. Buying toys or books that are exclusively suited for 5 year olds aren’t going to stay in her life for very long.


We really hope this list will help you pick the best gift for your lovely little girl. She really deserves it! Do you think you could maybe expand this list? We did our best to be as original and thoughtful as possible with it but if you reckon we might have left something out, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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