Gifts for a 60 Year-Old Man That Won’t Get You Disowned

His hair might be gray, but his heart is mighty!

Here are just a few gifts for 60-year-old men that will make him laugh, cry and shake his finger at your audacity.

Gift Ideas for a 60-Year-Old Man

how not to become a crotchety old man book>

When He Yells at the Kids on His Lawn: How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man

Is he stumped by the thought of putting a new roll of toilet paper on the rod? Does he think “yeah, you look okay” is a gracious compliment to his wife? If so, he might be turning into a grumpy senior, and How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man will be a much-needed guide to turning back the clock.

Though it’s mostly filled with jokes and wisecracks, it offers surprising moments of wisdom as well, so it’ll keep him turning the pages as he thinks, “Wait, do I do that?”

foot massage slippers

For Aching Feet: Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

These sandals are one of the best-kept secrets of oriental medicine. Utilizing the power of “acupressure,” they hit the pressure points in your feet with a series of smooth, flat stones that are embedded directly into the foot beds of the sandals.

You can reap their benefits just by walking around the house or doing everyday chores! They do take a few days to get used to; tell your dad that he can’t give up on them just because they’re initially painful.

If he sticks to a routine, his arthritis will be soothed in no time.

coffee mug

To Sigh at the Days Gone By: Inside Every 60 Year Old Coffee Mug

“Inside Every 60 Year Old… Is a 30 Year Old Wondering What the H*ll Happened!” Most seniors can relate to this sentiment, so it makes the perfect gag gift for a guy who can laugh at himself. He’ll be able to tip his mug to the passage of time with every cup of joe.

Another option is to set it up on his desk so that he can collect compliments from people passing by!

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

the 60 birthday game

To Liven Up the Party: The 60th Birthday Game

Perfect for a birthday bash, this question-and-answer game will keep everyone guessing. “Which celebrity made a joke about turning 60 at the White House?” “How many degrees is 60°F in Celsius?” Every question is related in some way to the number 60, so whether it’s a funny bit of trivia or a brain teaser that will inspire debates and arguments, it’ll definitely provide some entertainment for your favorite seniors.

OLD birthday candles

When You’re Feeling Subtle: “Old” Over The Hill Birthday Candles

If he isn’t afraid to crack an old man joke at his own expense, this gift will be a real knee-slapper. They’re genuine birthday candles that can be burned on a cake, but instead of numbers, they spell out “OLD.

” The package helpfully adds tidbits such as “Because You Just Lost Count” and “Too Many Years, Not Enough Fire Extinguishers.” They’ll definitely make him laugh if he’s a senior citizen who doesn’t give a f*ck.

beer glass

For Gentle, Well-Mannered Men: 59 + One Middle Finger Beer Glass

Though it might look plain from a distance, this beer glass becomes a riot when it’s filled with liquid gold. It says “I am 59 + [middle finger]” in a white font that clearly stands out against colored drinks! He can fill it with up to 16 ounces of his favorite brews.

As a bonus, since it has a classic, easy-to-hold silhouette, it’ll fit nicely in his hand without any fumbles or spills.


For the Sexy Senior: All This And I Can Cook! Funny Black Apron

Age doesn’t matter to a grill. If he can still flip a slab of chuck like a man 20 years his junior, he should appreciate this funny yet functional apron. It says “All This… And I Can Cook!” in red letters on a black background, and it’s made with an adjustable neck strap to fit chefs of all shapes and sizes.

Two pockets can be used for storing kitchen tools, and extra-long waist ties will ensure a snug fit. Give him this apron so that he can be lord and king over his domain no matter how old that he might be.

toilet paper Gag gift

To Teach Him At Least One Emoji: Happy 60th Birthday Toilet Paper Gag Gift

If he’s never wiped his posterior with an emoji, he’s missing out. This toilet paper has a cheerful little pile of feces that’s smiling and declaring, “Holy Sh*t, You’re 60!” on every sheet. It’s hilarious, but it’s also completely functional, so it’s a gag gift that he can actually take to the bathroom.

Its biodegradable materials make it safe for toilets and septic tanks, and its soft, two-ply fibers make it a comfortable substitute for his regular brand.


For Heroes and Patriots: American Flag Socks

Perfect for a man who’s served his country, these patriotic socks will embody the spirit of red, white and blue. They’re decorated with the traditional American flag right down to stars on the calves and stripes on the heels, and since they’ll fit both men and women, they’ll be a nice, gender-neutral gift.

He could even use them as compression socks if he has problems with circulation or arthritis pain!

retro candy gift box

To Put His Teeth to Work: 60th Birthday Retro Candy Gift Box

Edible gifts are always fun, and these bright, colorful snacks come with a dose of nostalgia to make them even sweeter. He can pop the candy buttons off their rolls; he can chew the gum, suck the lollipops and flick the charms and smarties around the room.

He can even spill the pixie sticks everywhere just like old times! This retro candy gift box will take him right back to the days of jukeboxes and chocolate malts, so if he wouldn’t mind a blast from the past for the big 6-0, wrap it up and present it with a flourish.

vintage dude flask

For Sneaking Sips: 60th Birthday Vintage Dude Flask

“The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” This is just one of the rallying cries printed on this sleek and stylish flask, so it’ll be a nice little ego boost for your favorite senior. It’s meant specifically for 60-year-old men; it says things like “Premium Quality, Aged 60 Years” on top of rippling banners and bold text declaring “Vintage Dude.

” It also points out the dual traits of wisdom and experience that make him so remarkable. Let him celebrate in style with a flask that rejoices in his age!

classic cuff links set

Because Every Girl’s Crazy for a Sharp-Dressed Man: 6-Pair Classic Cuff Links Set for Men

You’re never too old to add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe. Not only will these cuff links give him a debonair look the next time that he dresses up, but since there are six different pairs to choose from, he’ll have options for the occasion.

There are black circles and silver squares; there are ridges, knots, grains and swirls. Who knows? You might turn him into the next James Bond once you get the ball rolling with this cuff link set!

card shuffler

To Help Him Beat the House: Hand-Cranked Card Shuffler

One of the downsides of age is that it can get too painful or difficult to enjoy your old hobbies. With a card shuffler, however, you can help him turn back the clock like he’s still 20 years old and cheating all of his friends out of their money.

Simply load the deck into the machine and turn the crank! It’s much easier than fumbling with individual cards, and he’ll be able to play poker, gin, blackjack, baccarat and all of his other favorites again.

The shuffler can hold up to two decks at a time and is decorated with an amusingly cheesy “Welcome to Las Vegas” logo.


For Announcing His Age in Public: Oldometer 59-60 Birthday T-Shirt

Available in multiple cuts and colors, this t-shirt will be a hilarious gift for any senior in your life who is about to hit the big 6-0. It depicts an “oldometer” with the numbers slowly sliding from 59 to 60 just like they would in a vintage car.

You can order the shirt with a variety of background shades, including blue, black, olive, navy and cranberry, and it’s machine washable with similar colors. He’ll love it!

laminated sign

For the Antisocial Grandpa: It’s A Beautiful Day to Leave Me Alone Laminated Sign

If he lives up to the “grouchy old man” stereotype, this is the sign for him. It says “It’s A Beautiful Day to Leave Me Alone” with big, bold letters straight off a construction site, and it’s manufactured with waterproof, double-sided lamination to make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

He can hang it on his desk at work; he can stick it outside of a shed, garage, basement or man cave. His view on visitors will be perfectly clear.

multi tool tech pen

When He Loves Playing With New Toys: 6-in-1 Multi Tool Tech Pen

If he collects gadgets and gizmos at a rate that exasperates his wife, this is a gift that’s sure to make her sigh. But hey, you only live once, and it’s an awesome pen! It can be used for writing, measuring, screwing, unscrewing and tapping on tablets.

All sides have multipurpose functionality as office supplies and handyman tools. This is the kind of gift that he’ll show off to people until they’re sick of hearing about it, so it’s a win for the both of you.

shower head

For Relaxing After a Long Day: High Pressure Rain Shower Head

This is one of those fancy-schmancy gifts that an older guy might scoff at, but once it’s actually installed in his bathroom, his world will be completely changed. It’s a high-pressure shower head with a waterfall design that will deliver optimal heat, moisture and steam, so it’ll basically serve as a shower sauna right there in his home.

Additionally, it will connect to any shower arm, so he doesn’t have to be a handyman to get it set up. He can be ready for high-class showers in less than five minutes.

what you don´t know about turning 60 book

Because He Ain’t Dead Yet: What You Don’t Know About Turning 60: A Funny Birthday Quiz

What You Don’t Know About Turning 60 is a laugh-out-loud compilation of jokes and quizzes about senior living. Billed as a way to “ease the pain of a 60th birthday,” it pokes fun at the passage of time while also reminding its readers that there are still plenty of things to enjoy as an old fart.

Who says that 20- or 30-year-olds should have all of the fun?

novelty coffee mug

A Better Kind of Math: That Makes Me 60 Novelty Mug

If he’s a fun-loving kind of guy, he should get a kick out of this coffee mug. It declares, “Looks 28, Feels 20, Acts 12. That Makes Me 60!” He can use it for morning mochas or evening espressos; he can stash it on his desk to hold pens, pencils or paper clips.

It’s suitable for both home and office use, so he can keep it for himself or show it off to all of his friends and coworkers. It’ll be a gift that keeps on giving throughout his 60th year.

hot sauce sampler set

To Put Some Pep in His Step: 30 Pack Hot Sauce Sampler Set

If he isn’t afraid of a little flavor, this hot sauce sampler will light his taste buds on fire. It includes 30 different flavors with added kicks of garlic, mango, pepper and jalapeno, and each one hails from a foreign country.

He can travel the world without ever leaving his kitchen! He might be getting older, but he can still enjoy some sizzle on his tongue, so give him a hot sauce sampler that doesn’t treat him like a frail senior.

He’s a grown man. He can take the heat.

LED flameless candles

Better Than a Clapper: Battery-Operated LED Flameless Candles

There’s nothing like a candlelit bath to make you feel like you’re living a life of luxury. The only downside is the prep and clean-up, and with this candle set, you can avoid both! They look normal, but they’re actually hollowed out and filled with LED lights, and you can turn them on with the flick of a button.

They even come with a remote control that lets you adjust the brightness or make them flicker like real candles. They’ll make great gifts for anyone who hates the work of traditional candles, especially seniors!

fox head pendant

When He’s Still Got It: Silver Wisdom Fox Head Pendant

He doesn’t have to be a jewelry wearer to appreciate a piece like this. It’s made with a high-quality stainless steel alloy, and it fox head design is stylish enough to be noticeable but also subtle enough to serve as an understated accessory.

He can wear it on a chain; he can stash it in his wallet or desk drawer as a keepsake. There’s a hidden message in choosing this particular animal, too. It’s a silver fox. Get it? Get it?

hanging toiletry bag

To Accompany Him on Vacation: Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men

Will he be retiring soon? Has he expressed the desire to travel during his twilight years? This gift could be exactly what he needs to get off the couch and onto a plane. It’s a handsome, Italian-style leather bag with dozens of pockets and pouches for storage, and it can be unrolled and hung on the back of a hotel door for easy access to his belongings.

It’s simple, quick and convenient, and it’s stylish to boot. He’ll have no more excuses to put off that vacation that he’s always wanted!

dog years 60th T-shirt

For Man’s Best Friend: Dog Years 60th Birthday T-Shirt

If he laughs at the thought of getting older, this t-shirt will be perfect for him. It says “In Dog Years, I’m 420!” with red words on top of white paw prints and a heather gray background. Not only does it poke fun at himself, but it also shows a little appreciation for man’s best friend.

He can prop up his feet on the couch while wearing this t-shirt and petting Mr. Peaches in his lap.

pro indoor putting green with ball

The Quintessential “Old Guy” Gift: Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return

Golf lovers are sure to like this one. It’s a portable putting green that he can set up anywhere, and not only is it a fun game to pass the time, but it’s also a precision golfing tool for improving his accuracy on the course.

It comes with alignment guides to keep his shots steady, and there’s an automatic ball returner so that he can practice again and again. He won’t even have to bend over! It’s ideal for seniors who enjoy staying active but aren’t quite as spry as the young folks.


To Replace the Watch That He’s Had Since 1962: Simple Bluetooth Smartwatch

Smartwatches have become one of the trendiest pieces in wearable tech, but what if your favorite senior doesn’t quite have the skills for it? This watch will be a nice compromise between simplicity and functionality.

It isn’t for kids, so it won’t insult him, but it isn’t bogged down with apps and games that he’s never going to use. Instead, it offers everyday functions like calling, texting and timekeeping. It will bring him into the 21st century without overwhelming him.

flask gift set

For a Very Happy Birthday: Happy 60th Birthday Flask Gift Set

Made with a glossy, highly-polished stainless steel, this gift set looks much more expensive than it is. He’ll drink in style with no idea that you didn’t break the bank to buy it. Everything that he needs is already in the box; he’ll find a flask, funnel and two shot glasses nestled in soft fabric and ready to go.

He can pull them out and fill them with his favorite alcohol right there at his 60th birthday party.


Never Miss a Deadline Again: 60 Years of Being Awesome Notebook

Does he always forget his passwords? Or maybe he just likes writing down his appointments and grocery lists. If he’s the organized type, a notebook will be a slam-dunk gift, and this one comes with the added benefit of commemorating his age.

It counts the exact years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds of the time that he’s spent being awesome. Inside, there are 120 lined pages for all of his note-taking and list-making. If you’re seeking a gift that doesn’t shy away from the number “60” like a deadly disease, this is it!

I´m not old T-shirt

To Restore Him to His Former Glory: I’m Not Old 60 Year Gag Gift T-Shirt

“I’m Not Old. I’m a 60-Year-Old Classic.” If this is the kind of sentiment that your old man would appreciate, get him a t-shirt that says it loudly and proudly. It even comes with a picture of a vintage car to complete the look! He might be getting on in the years, but he’s still got great things under the hood, so he deserves a fashionable shirt to let everyone know.

60 things to do when you turn 60 book

To Help Him With the Transition: 60 Things To Do When You Turn 60 Book

Despite its title, 60 Things To Do When You Turn 60 is less of a bucket list and more of an orderly, thought-provoking collection of essays. It reaches out to people from all walks of life, and they share jokes, stories, anecdotes and general wisdom about reaching 60 years old.

As the book itself notes, more than 10,000 people turn 60 every day. The birthday boy is far from alone during this transitive period in his life.

whiskey glass set

For Slinging Back a Shot or Two: Premium Art Deco Whiskey Glass Set

Every man deserves a nice set of whiskey glasses, and this pair is perfect. They can hold up to 10 ounces each, and they’re made with sparkling, lead-free crystal that will catch all of the light in the room.

They even have luxurious ridges on the bottoms for added flair to their square-cut shapes. He can enjoy his favorite whiskey, scotch, bourbon, rum or soda with a real sense of style, especially when he opens the handsome black storage box to find them tucked inside like jewels.

3D wooden puzzle

To Keep His Mind Sharp: 3D Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle

Made with gorgeous, high-quality wood, this puzzle could serve as a desk decoration just as much as a brain teaser. It features interlocking pieces that your gift recipient will have to fit together to form a cube, but thanks to its clever, challenging design, it’ll be a much harder task than it appears.

If his memory’s been slipping a bit recently, this puzzle can keep him focused and engaged. As a bonus, if he loves fiddling with things, he should enjoy the hands-on aspect of the cube.

60th birthday photo booth props

For an Awesome Birthday Bash: 30-Piece Fully Assembled 60th Birthday Photo Booth Props

Though it’s advertised as a set of props for photo booth pictures, these funky decorations could just as easily be used as party favors. They have cheerful messages like “Still Got It!” and “Making 60 Look Good” with black, gold, silver and white accents.

Pieces range from hat and balloon prints to masquerade masks that can be held up to the face. There are 30 in total, so they’ll be able to decorate the entire party hall. If you do decide to take pictures, they’ll also make for great selfies!

To Take Him Out to the Ball Game: Large Coca-Cola Diner-Style Steamer

Take a walk down memory lane with this diner-style cookware. It holds up to 12 buns or 24 hot dogs at a time, and it can also be used for brats, veggies, sausages, dumplings and more. All that he has to do is add water to the steamer and close it! In less than half an hour, he’ll have a meal that takes him right back to the days of fizzy Coca-Cola commercials.

The steamer is even decorated in its iconic red and white color scheme!

map wall poster

For the Frequent Flyer: Gold Scratch Off World Map Wall Poster

Another great gift for the man who likes to travel, this gold-framed map is so attractive that it could pass as an art print as opposed to a scratch-off poster. It details almost every country in the world, including many different states and provinces, so he can get specific with the places that he’s visited.

He can also use its cartography to plan future trips or create patterns on the map. The sky is the limit with this beautiful atlas!

dad jokes book

To Keep Him Occupied on the Toilet: Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Joke

If he takes delight in making everyone groan at the dinner table, Dad Jokes will be right up his alley. It has an awful, awful collection of puns and zingers that no one will enjoy but him. He’ll be torturing you for ages with the stuff that he finds in this book.

However, your sacrifice will be worth it when you realize how much ammo that you’ve given him for his 60th birthday and all of his birthdays to come.

baseball cap and sash

When He Likes to Strut His Stuff: 60 Never Looked So Good Baseball Cap and Sash

If he doesn’t care one bit about his gray hairs, this “60 Never Looked So Good” baseball cap will highlight them with humor and finesse. It has an adjustable strap, so it’ll fit his head no matter how big it is, and its 100 percent cotton material is easily tossed in the wash.

It even comes with a matching sash that he can wear to his party! It’ll be a great birthday bundle for a confident 60-year-old.

60 T-shirt

For the Superhero Within: Muscle Chest 60-Year-Old Man T-Shirt

Last but certainly not least, if he’s still feelin’ fine at 60 years old, this tee will celebrate his strength and vigor. It’s designed like Superman ripping open his shirt to reveal his costume, but instead of an “S,” there’s a muscle-bound chest with the word “60” on it.

He’ll make the ladies swoon even as he tells the world that he’s a senior citizen and proud of it!

Tips for Buying Present for a 60-Year-Old Man

Turning 60 is a major milestone in a person’s life. In fact, some countries revere it. If you want to mark the occasion with an awesome gift, here are just a few suggestions for impressing your dad, grandpa, uncle or over-the-hill coworker.

Avoid Sensitive Subjects

Gifts are only funny if the recipient laughs at them. If you poke fun at something that he’s embarrassed about, he’s going to thank you for the item, stuff it in a drawer and never take it out again. This applies to general “haha, you’re old” gifts as well as gifts that rib on things like gray hair and wrinkles.

Be Practical

What’s he going to do with a coffee mug if he already has a dozen? Don’t buy him something useless or meaningless just because it has a joke about turning 60 on it. If need be, search for a different gift with the same joke printed on it; funny little sayings are often printed on a variety of shirts, mugs and key chains. Get him a practical gift that he can actually use.

Don’t Be Obsessed With His 60th Birthday

You don’t have to buy a gift that revolves around his 60th birthday. There are plenty of fun and nostalgic goodies that don’t have specific dates printed on them. They might even be preferable to a present that will “expire” once he hits 61! A timeless gift is one that he’ll be able to appreciate for years to come.


Did you enjoy these gift ideas for a 60-year-old man? Is there anything that you’d add to the list, or is there anything that you wouldn’t be caught dead giving away? We’re always interested in the opinions of our readers. Let us know!

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