35 Gifts for 7 Years Old Girl Birthday With Imagination To Sell

Whether they dream of being princesses, scientists, artists, astronauts, or programmers, the right gift for a seven-year-old girl’s birthday is out there somewhere. They might be geniuses in the making, but they still appreciate hours of playing with toys!

Check out these educational and fun gifts that your favorite seven-year-old girl can share with her family and friends!

machine karaoke system

For the Singer in the Making: Singing Machine Karaoke System

If your seven-year-old has found her singing voice, don’t let her drop out of this passion! Singing alone or in a choir allows them to learn about teamwork and consistency – and can even help them start a future singing career.

And even if they decide not to pursue this passion any further, the training they have to undergo allows them to learn how to control their voice!

The Singing Machine Karaoke System is a great way to encourage them to keep singing.

Some of the best features of this gift include a CD player and Bluetooth connectivity. So, they can sing along to any song!

robot activity set

For the Young Genius: Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

The global economy is changing at a dizzying rate, and there’s always an increased need for programmers and developers. If you’ve noticed that your little one is interested in robotics and computers, you can nourish her passion with this toy for STEM education.

Botley, the Coding Robot, allows kids to understand the basics of coding while also having fun in a safe and screen-free way.

flying baby owl

For the Owls Lover: OwlEez Flying Baby Owl

Whether they’re fans of Harry Potter or not, kids love owls. They’re beautiful and mysterious critters that always make an appearance in bedtime stories. If your little one has been showing a particular interest in these birds, OwlEez might just be the perfect present!

OwlEez is an interactive toy that allows kids to learn the basics of caring for a bird.

Your little ones will love taking care of this cute owl and teaching him how to fly!

stories for rebel girls book

For the Empowered Young Woman: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Bedtime stories don’t only have to live in our imagination! With this collection of empowering stories of real heroines from around the world, your little one can grow up with some of the best, most inspiring role models!

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls is a compilation of stories from women who’ve changed the world, from Frida Khalo and Amelia Earhart to Serena and Venus Williams.

light-up terrarium kit

For the One Who Already Has Green Fingers: Light-up Terrarium Kit

Gardening is an excellent hobby for adults and kids alike. It can teach the importance of creating a connection with nature and the patience and consistency needed to grow a plant.

This terrarium kit is an excellent way for seven-year-old girls to understand the basics of gardening and how to care for a living environment.

Some of the best features of this terrarium include the fact that it’s entirely customizable and glows at night!

polly pocket world

For More On-the-Go Fun: Polly Pocket Pocket World

We all live hectic lives. If you know a seven-year-old who often follows her parents to the office, studio, or while running errands, this is the perfect present for extra fun on the go!

The Polly Pocket Pocket World is a miniature replica of a fully functioning dollhouse.

Since it’s self-contained, it can be transported mess-free and provide hours of unstoppable fun anywhere.

hair chalk set of girls

For the Creative Hairdresser To-Be: GirlZone Hair Chalk Set for Girls

Who hasn’t dreamt of having mermaid-like, multi-colored hair for once? With this hair-safe chalk set, your girls can create the hairstyle of their dreams. The multi-colored chalks are suitable for any hair color and long-lasting.

Don’t worry, parents; they can be easily applied and washed away in seconds!

I love llamas

For the Craftiest of Girls: Craft-tastic I Love Llamas

You can immediately tell if a kid is a crafty soul! They’re likely to piece together apparently random bits to build unique creations. While this is a beautiful passion worth pursuing and can lead to an excellent career in crafts, it can also be destructive when the pieces used for the creations are utensils and household decorations!

With this “Craft-tastic I Love Llamas kit,” your girls will have all the utensils, tools, and materials they need to bring their creations to life without damaging the rest of the house.

walkie talkies

For the Adventurous Team Player: Selieve Walkie Talkies

There’s no better time going on adventures and exploring the world than when you’re seven years old. Finding another adventure to pursue can be exciting – but not without trusted teammates! With these walkie-talkies, your little one can enjoy talking for hours with her best friends, whether that’s their next-door neighbors or adventure mates!


For the Cyclist in the Making: Schwinn Elm Girls Bike

Cycling is a vital skill to learn while you’re still young. Indeed, it’s much easier to learn how to ride and fall when you’re worry-free at seven years old! With this Schwinn Elm Girls Bike, your little one can make the most out of beautiful sunny days at the park.

Of course, cycling is a great way to keep fit, learn coordination, and move around sustainably too.


For the Backpacker: Abshoo Cute Lightweight Unicorn Backpacks

If you’ve always dreamed for your little one to one day fill up her backpack and travel the world, she can start with this Abshoo Unicorn backpack. It comes in several prints, and it’s perfect for any occasion, from holding school material to changes of clothes for sleepovers or a camping weekend with the parents.

hooded bathrobe

For the Unicorn Lover: HulovoX Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe With Slippers

Your little one can feel comfy and magical at the same time with this hooded bathrobe and slippers. The unicorn print makes it the perfect present for those girls who’ve always found unicorns magical but adorable creatures.

This bathrobe is ideal for adding magic to a dull winter day indoors or bringing a pool day to the next level.


For the Lazy Artist: Doodle World Map Pillowcase

If your seven years old loves to color, this pillow might be the right present for her. This pillowcase is available in several prints like animals, world maps, space explorers, and dollhouses and is perfect for keeping up with their passion even when watching TV in bed!

This Doodle pillowcase’s best feature is that you can just wash it off and start again once a drawing is complete.

So, it’s not only fun but also sustainable and reusable!

coloring book

For the Artist in the Making: I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

The passion for arts and drawing starts early! And this passion can be just as empowering as it is fun and entertaining! With this unique coloring book, seven-year-old girls can build up their confidence and self-esteem – while also putting their coloring skills to the test.

With over 24 pages of drawings to color in, this book is ideal for touching on essential subjects in a lighthearted way!

bracelet making kit

For the Most Popular Girl: GILI Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

Life-long friendships start early! And, there’s nothing better to celebrate the love between two best friends than friendship bracelets. Instead of buying ready-made, more expensive bracelets, this kit allows your little ones to create their own and share them with their best friends.

With plenty of multi-colored threads and easy-to-follow instructions, your girls can create endless combinations and styles.

3D galaxy moon lamp

To Create a Magical Atmosphere: 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp by Mind-glowing

If you know of a little girl who’s always scared of the monster under the bed, this sleek lamp can be life-saving! Not only does it recreate all the magical colors and shimmering of the galaxy right on your ceiling, but it also comes with a sophisticated design that’ll only enhance your home’s decor.

lantern night light kit

For the Fairy Lover: Hapinest DIY Fairy Lantern Night Light Kit

The world of fairies has fascinated adults and kids for millennia. With the Hapinest DIY Fairy Lantern, any seven-year-old girl will have endless fun recreating a magical and personalized light kit. The kit includes the mason jar, lights, and all the tools needed to design this lantern from scratch.

flower growing kit

For the Young Gardener: Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Gardening is a fantastic hobby that can be highly entertaining to adults and kids alike. It can teach the importance of being outdoors, patience, and the basics of caring for a living plant.

If your seven-year-old loves to follow you into the garden and play with soil and seeds, this can be the perfect present! The kit includes everything she might need, from tools to seeds and pots.

So, she can bring to life her dream garden and learn how to care for it.

crystal growing kit

For the Young Scientist: Crystal Growing Kit for Kids

You’d be lying if you said that crystals never fascinated you too! Aside from being beautiful, crystals and stones represent an essential part of geology and science. With this kid-friendly kit, your little one can learn all about how crystals are formed and the characteristics of each.

While it’s perfect for a science project, it can also be an educational present for those girls who already show interest in STEM sciences.

mermaid backpack set

For a True Mermaid: Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack

From Ariel the Little Mermaid to Aquamarine and Peter Pan, mermaids have always been part of the magical, imaginative world of seven-year-olds. Going around with a fishtail instead of trousers or skirts might not be the most suitable attire.

However, a girl can still dream of underwater adventures with this reversible backpack and bands.

ring in box

For the Lover of Accessories: PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings in Box

Jewelry and seven-year-old girls are a match made in heaven! With this box filled with unique rings, she’ll always have the right accessory for any occasion. If you wish her to find her style and help her feel beautiful, these rings are a must-have.

Each box is filled with over 24 unique rings to mix and match according to her imagination.


To Take Her Puzzle Making To The Next Level: Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles by Quokka

Puzzles are an excellent way to stimulate the brain and improve cognitive abilities. When the whole family is playing, puzzles can also encourage teamwork and patience. Each Quokka puzzle represents a magical scene or world map, and each piece is made of wood – which means that it’ll withstand daily wear and tear and the energy of a seven-year-old girl!

drawing doodle board

For the Unstoppable Painter: GJZZ LCD Drawing Doodle Board

This erasable doodle board is perfect for young artists who never seem to have enough paper and colors! Each board is kind to the eyes and reusable a thousand times. It also comes with a backup pen in case the first one goes missing! This board is the perfect toy to have during a long car journey or while you’re waiting for an appointment.

letter writing set

For the One Who Is Always Writing: GirlZone Unicorn Letter Writing Set

With text messages, emails, and online chats, we all tend to forget about the beauty and power of a handwritten letter! If you’ve noticed that your little one has started leaving messages around the house and exercising her writing skills, this letter kit might be an excellent birthday present! She can use it to send letters to her friends or first crush – while also learning more about the alphabet and vocabulary!

bow and arrow

For the Katniss Everdeen To-Be: Toysery Bow and Arrow

From Robin Hood to Legolas and Katniss Everdeen, archers have always been the heroes and novels’ heroines. With these kids-friendly bows and arrows, your little one can start pursuing her dream of becoming a skilled archer.

Don’t forget that archery can be highly beneficial to the mind and body – and it can be used as a meditative technique. Not a bad hobby to pursue so young!

light-up diary

For the One With a Lot of Secrets: Just My Style Light Up Diary

Who has more secrets than a seven-year-old?! This diary is perfect for someone who’s started journaling early on and wants to keep her secrets away from other people’s eyes! The light-up cover, secure lock and keys, stickers, and modern design make this diary the perfect gift for any girl.

elenco snap circuits

For the New Alessandro Volta: Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Electronic engineers and scientists have never been so in demand. At the same time, not all of us know how electricity or light bulbs work! With this Elenco Snap Circuit for kids, you can start introducing your little ones to this fascinating aspect of science.

Aside from being an excellent toy to begin their STEM education, this circuit is also easy to use and allows them to bring to life over 100 electronic projects!

mega fossil dig kit

For the Archeologist: National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

If there’s anyone who knows how to instill the love for history and archeology in kids, it’s the people behind NatGeo. This fossil dig kit is complete with all the professional tools needed for young archeologists in the making.

So, your seven-year-old can start feeling like Indiana Jones on his best adventure!

blokus game

For the Smartest Girl in the Room: Blokus Game

If you’re looking for a whole family game that’ll entertain your little one while also being enjoyable for the adults, Blokus Game is the perfect present! It’ll only take you a minute to understand the rules of the game, and you’re ready to start playing! While this is a great strategy game, it also encourages lateral thinking and intuition.

So, your girls can enjoy quality family time and learn at the same time!

my comic book making kit

For the Illustrator: Lulu Jr. My Comic Book Making Kit

With digital art taking over and media becoming increasingly popular, it’s easy to see how the world just needs more illustrators! This kit allows your seven-year-old to test her skills and create a comic book from scratch! She can develop the characters, voice tone, colors, and plot – a great way to stimulate imagination and creativity!

rock and roll it piano

For the Musician: MUKIKIM Rock and Roll It

Kids love music and instruments! They give them the chance to learn about notes and sounds, trying to recreate famous melodies. While the road to becoming a professional musician might still be quite long, you can encourage their passion with this Rock and Roll It rainbow piano.

Complete with a built-in speaker, record and replay features, USB connection, and play-by-color booklet, this piano keyboard is the best gift for an aspiring young musician.

my robotic pet

For the Young Programmer: Thames & Kosmos My Robotic Pet

Who’s not fascinated by robots? Talk about them with your seven-year-old, and you’ll find that they adore them! This Thames and Kosmos Robotic Hedgehog is the perfect gift to allow your girls to not only meet a robot but also to understand how they work!

Indeed, before enjoying the company of their new robotic pet, they’ll need to build it from scratch.

Once built, the robot will respond to several clap patterns – a great introduction to the world of coding and programming!

microscope for kids

For the Next Marie Curie: JuniorScope Microscope for Kids

Marie Curie has inspired many women to look further into essential questions and earning their place in the scientific community. While your little one might not become a scientist in the next five years, you can still encourage this passion by giving her this JuniorScope.

Complete with tweezers and plastic dishes, this microscope offers kids the chance to look at objects from a different viewpoint and with a magnification level from 40x to 400x.

princess castle playhouse

For the One Who Loves a Fort: Orian Princess Castle Playhouse

Forts and playhouses are every kid’s dream. Here, they can imagine living the best adventures with their friends and siblings, fighting a dragon, or enjoying a high tea with the queen. Instead of having to find old sheets and couch pillows for them to build a fort, this playhouse comes with everything they need to make their dream world – including magical fairy lights!

selfie camera

For the Photographer: Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

We’ve lost the magic of having printouts in a physical photo album because of mobile phones. However, your little ones need to know what are the crucial moments that need capturing. This kid’s selfie camera is an excellent way for them to learn how to use a camera while also making memories with their friends!

Picking presents for a 7 year old girl: What You Need To Know

It’s not always easy to buy a present for seven-year-old girls – mainly if you don’t know what this age group likes. At this age, they have one of the highest creativity levels and imaginations. Any present that can be inspiring, empowering, and involves a degree of imagination will be an immediate success.

If you’re still not sure about the right birthday present, here are some extra tips:

Opt for a Fun But Educational Present

Needless to say, buying nail paint, makeup, and jewelry for a seven-year-old girl will always be a hit. However, you can also opt for a more educational gift that’s just as fun and has endless benefits for the child’s imagination.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) projects such as those seen above can genuinely help a girl develop her lateral thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. While you might think that they can pick up this kind of knowledge at school, it’s crucial for STEM education to start early.

Encourage Imagination and Creativity

Seven-year-olds are at an age where they understand their passions and hobbies better, and they can use their imagination to create their dream worlds. While they know the difference between imagined scenarios and reality at this age, they continue to explore their creativity.

At the same time, imaginative play is crucial for them to develop creative and problem-solving skills. Toys that ask them to create something with their minds or imagine a scenario can foster creativity and imagination.

Promote Teamwork and Interaction

Gifting a little girl with a box of jewelry or princess dresses is a great way to gain points! However, don’t overlook gifts that foster their social skills and teamwork.

A Harvard University study shows that the first years of a child’s development are the most important ones for enhancing their teamwork skills. In turn, these skills can make a difference in their future lifestyle. For example, this will make it easier to acclimate to a new environment or make new friends.


As we’ve seen, there are endless gifts for a seven-year-old girl’s birthdays. The ones above are a curated collection for any girl, from the future scientist to the artist, writer, reader, or fashion stylist. With the right gift, you can encourage education, imagination, and creativity – which one will you pick? Let us know in the comments!

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