50 Amazing Gifts for a 9-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday

Every 9-year-old girl has different interests, so buying a gift for one of them may be difficult.

We’ve compiled the best gifts that any 9-year-old girl will absolutely love to make your gift buying experience as fun and as easy as possible.

50 Gift Ideas for a 9 Years Old Girl Birthday

giant 4 in a row connect game

For the Outdoor Game Lover: Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game for Outdoor and Indoor Use

This is a big twist on the classic board game. The goal of the nearly 4-foot-tall (122 cm) game is to get four in a row before your opponent. Giant 4 in a Row is great for adults and kids of all ages and can keep any 9-year-old girl entertained for hours! The game is also easy to clean up and store.

card game

For an Explosion of Fun: Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens is a dangerous combination of Russian Roulette and kitties. The game is extremely popular among children and adults older than seven alike and the cards contain funny graphics that will make everyone laugh – including your 9-year-old girl!

wooden chess set

Teach Her To Play and Win Like a Queen: Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set

After the TV show, Queen’s Gambit gained popularity worldwide, everyone is ready to learn chess. This wooden chess set is easy to store with a folding board and storage for the pieces. This is a high-quality set that is great for beginners and any 9-year-old girl looking to learn and practice chess.

what do you meme board game

To Get Them off the Internet and Start Bonding With the Family: What Do You Meme? Family Edition

9-year-old girls are all about internet memes these days. In this game, you compete to create the funniest memes using classic meme photos and caption cards. It’s a great game to play as a family or for your 9-year-old to play with her friends.

Don’t be surprised if this quickly becomes her new favorite game!

100 colored pencils

Get Them Coloring and Expressing Themselves: Crayola 100 Colored Pencils

This set of 100 crayola colored pencils is the ultimate gift for any girl who loves to draw, sketch, or color. Each pencil is a different color, and they are already sharpened. They’re also easy to store and keep organized, so no important colors are lost or misplaced when your 9-year-old is getting creative!

sidewalk chalk set

For the Outdoorsy, Creative Girls: 144 Pack Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk Set

Bring the creative fun outside! This chalk set has 18 different colors and will easily wash off of sidewalks, chalkboards, and clothing for easy fun and even easier clean up. Let your 9-year-old decorate your driveway or draw a hop-scotch board – either way, she’ll enjoy these jumbo chalks!

washable markers

For the Creative but Messy: Crayola Ultra-Clean 40 Classic Colors Washable Markers

These markers come in 40 different colors, and will easily wash off of nearly every surface and material. Any 9-year-old girl can create whatever they can imagine with these fun markers, including a poster for their room, a picture for a school art project, or they can even color from their favorite coloring book.

These markers have endless options!

barbie dollhouse

Make Their Mansion Dreams Come True: Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse

Who doesn’t want a mansion with a pool and elevator? This light up Barbie mansion is 3-feet-tall (91 cm) and makes sounds when certain features are activated. All of her Barbie dolls will have a great time in this colorful mansion that’s ready for fun and imagination.

It’s even big enough for your 9-year-old’s friends to bring their Barbies over to play too!

disney frozen castle playset

For the Girl Who Can’t Let Frozen Go: Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset

Does she love Frozen? This 5-foot-tall (152 cm) castle has lights, gates, furniture, four floors, and seven rooms. The castle folds open and closed and provides your 9-year-old girl the perfect opportunity to imagine playing with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

The fun will never end with this awesome playset!

LOL machine car

For the Girls Who Just Want To Have Fun: LOL Surprise Dance Machine Car

The LOL Surprise series is extremely popular with 9-year-old girls because of the bright colors and unique characters. This car with a pool and a dance floor will be the perfect accessory for all of their dolls and can help grow their collection if they’re an avid LOL Surprise fan!

hair salon playset

Inspire the Next Coco Chanel: LOL Surprise! Hair Salon Playset With Exclusive Mini Fashion Doll

Another fun gift for LOL Surprise lovers is the hair salon playset. The set comes with a bright mirror and fifty different accessories and tools so your girl can do her hair and her doll’s! She’ll easily spend hours playing with this set, getting dressed up, and making her doll’s hair look nice too.

baby dolls

For the Neighborhood’s Next Top Babysitter: Twins 13″ Realistic Soft Body Baby Dolls

Does your 9-year-old girl want to be a mom, or enjoy playing with baby dolls? This set of life size twin dolls come with clothes, a pacifier, and life-like soft skin for a realistic baby-experience. These baby dolls are ideal for any 9-year-old who enjoys babies, or simply loves having a doll to carry around.

hot wheel city track set

For the Girl Who Has a Need for Speed: Hot Wheel City Ultimate Garage Track Set

Fast cars are for girls too! This garage set is perfect for a girl and her hot wheels cars. It has multi-level racetracks, a moving dinosaur, and enough storage for 100 standard sized hot wheel cars. She can also change the tracks and race different cars on them for ultimate fun!

control remote big jeep

She Will Have the Coolest Ride on the Playground: Jada Toys GIRLMAZING Big Foot Jeep

This Jeep will keep your 9-year-old girl entertained for hours as she drives around the whole neighborhood. The car comes with a radio control remote and stickers to deck out her ride. Its hot pink exterior means she’ll be able to ride around in style and it has a reliable battery life so she can ride it as often as she wishes!

LEGO city play hair salon

For the Girl Dyeing To Cut and Style Her Hair: LEGO Friends Heartlake City Play Hair Salon

This Lego set will let girls get creative with hair without actually changing their own. The set comes with two dolls, two hairdressing chairs, and lots of wigs, hair brushes, and other accessories. Your 9-year-old will feel like a professional stylist and can get creative with hair color, haircuts, and different hairstyles (and without damaging her own hair)!

LEGO super hero girls high school

The First Step in Saving the World: LEGO DC Super Hero Girls High School

Another fun Lego set, this one lets you be a superhero and save the school. The set comes with a three story school, three superhero dolls, and accessory weapons for the dolls. The disc shooter will actually shoot little discs to keep the bad guys away and can make any 9-year-old girl feel like SuperGirl!

LEGO ideas women of NASA

Blast Off Into Fun and Inspiration: LEGO Ideas Women of NASA

Who doesn’t want to go to space? This Lego set has three mini figurines with four dolls. The four women featured in this set are important women in NASA’s history, and the set also comes with an informational book about the women and their massive accomplishments.

super spa set science kit

A Fun and Educational Way To Let Her Relax: YouNiverse Super Spa Set Ultimate DIY Science Kit

This fun science kit teaches girls how chemistry is used to make lip balm, soap, and lotions. The materials in this set are all vegan-friendly and paraben-free, and girls will have fun and learn by making their own spa products from scratch.

The lip balms, soaps, and lotions can also be customized with colors and flavors too!


This Gift Is a Grammy-Worthy Hit: Niskite Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Microphone

This bluetooth microphone makes karaoke fun and easy for a whole group of girls. The microphone will work with any bluetooth device or through a cable and it comes in a stylish rose gold shade. It’s easy to hold and can be passed around for karaoke sessions or used when dancing and singing to her favorite song.

journal set

Help Her Express Herself With Design and Writing: Happiest DIY Journal Set

This DIY journal gives girls a way to express themselves with stickers, bookmarks, glitter tape, a tassel accessory, and more scrapbook items. The journal has 70 pages for them to write anything and everything that they want and can even double as a planner to take notes in or write important messages in.

journaling set

Plan To Have the Best Gift: DIY Journaling Set Decorate Your Planner/Diary

Another great DIY journal, this set comes with stickers, glitter, and frames. The journal is perfect for saving pictures, stories, cards, and anything else of sentimental value. It contains more pastel and neutral colors, but is equally as appealing for any 9-year-old girl that loves to write and scrapbook.

makeup kit washable

A Great Foundation for Getting Her Started With Makeup: Flybay Kids Real Makeup Kit Washable

This 26-piece washable makeup kit will introduce your 9-year-old to makeup. It comes with makeup meant for play-use and a handy carrying case to safely store all of the products. It’s vibrant, colorful, and a great way to let any 9-year-old girl experiment with makeup for the first time.

galaxy slime kit

A Fun but Educational Way To Get Her Glowing: Stationary Galaxy Slime Kit

This fun science kit comes with 25 pieces to create sparkly and colorful slime. The kit also comes with glow in the dark stars and glitter powder to create unique batches of slime that your 9-year-old girl can gift to her friends or keep to play with at home.

With all of the color combinations and customizations, no two batches of slime will be the same!

disney princess dress

For the Princess Who’s Got a Dream: Disney Princess Dress Up Truck Deluxe

Is she a Disney lover? This dress-up set will make her feel just like a princess with 21 pieces and accessories. The kit includes Disney Princesses Belle, Snow White, Aurora, and Cinderella. The costumes come with themed dresses, bows, and stickers, so your 9-year-old can emulate her favorite character at home.

cupcake soap and bubbles science kit

A Fun Way To Get the Bubbly Girl Interested in Science: Playz Cupcake Soap & Bubbles DIY Science Kit

This gift is great for any girl who loves science. There are over 24 different ingredients and tools to use to create different variations of soap, and your 9-year-old can put her chemistry skills to the test by stirring ingredients together to make custom mixtures.

She’ll also get to learn more about chemistry in general, witness foaming and bubbling sensations in her concoctions, and have fun soaps to use afterwards.

princess castle building toys

For the Smartest Princess You Know: Girls Princess Castle STEM Building Toys

This princess castle will take some effort to build, but it will definitely be worth it! There are just under one thousand pieces but the end result is a 3-story tall dream castle with furniture, and a horse and carriage.

It’s a play castle suitable for any princess and is a great set for display or dolls.

table set with mirror

Help Her Organize Her Most Important: Vanity Table Set With Lighted Mirror

This beautiful vanity with a light up mirror comes in two colors with a seat and five drawers. The vanity can be a desk, a storage area, or a place for your 9-year-old to do her hair and makeup. It’s an ideal size and the comfy stool means your 9-year-old can use the vanity for playing dress-up or for doing her homework.

roller skates

Get Her Out and Rolling All Around the Neighborhood: Jojo Siwa Rainbow Roller Skates

All 9-year-old girls love Jojo Siwa and these skates designed by her come in two sizes and two designs, and are safe for outdoor use. They’re as vibrant as Jojo Siwa herself and any 9-year-old girl who’s a fan will love strolling around the neighborhood in these bright-colored skates!

master pogo stick

She Will Be Jumping for Joy: Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Pogo sticks are loved by generation after generation, and this one is built to be safe and durable. The handles have soft padding for her hands to avoid blistering, while the slip-resistant foot pads maintain balance.

The Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick is safe for girls between 80 – 100 pounds (36.3 – 45.6 kg).

perfume making kit

Help Her Smell Good and Get Creative With One Set: Kids Perfume Making Kit

Another fun science kit for girls, this time allowing them to make their own perfume. This kit comes with over 20 tools, materials, and a guidebook that walks them through more than 10 good-smelling experiments, so they can get crafty and experimental when it comes to making their own perfumes.

LEGO creative brick box

Build Their Creativity in the Most Colorful Way: LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

There are 790 pieces in this lego box that lets girls create anything they can imagine. With over 33 colors in the set, the Legos are compatible with all other Lego sets for enhanced creativity. Your 9-year-old girl will be able to create figurines, buildings, and anything else she can imagine!

LEGO architecture New York city model

For the Girl in a New York State of Mind: LEGO Architecture New York City Model

This New York Skyline replica has 598 pieces and a detailed guide book to make assembly easier. The buildings included in the skyline are the Statue of Liberty, the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and the One World Trade Center.

So, if your little girl likes NYC, you can bring its skyline straight to her!


Big Fun for Her and All Her Friends: Wicker Big Sports Kickball-Supersized

This big kickball kit comes with everything you need to have a fun, old-fashioned game of kickball. The set includes a huge kickball, four bases, including one home plate, a ball pump, and ball plugs. Set up your play area, divide into teams, and get ready for an unforgettable game of kickball that your 9-year-old girl and the family will enjoy!

toss and catch game set

A Colorful Game for Outdoor Fun: Qrooper Kids Toss and Catch Game Set

For a fun day outside, this game set will let any 9-year-old girl and her three friends play a fun game of catch. The set includes four paddles, four balls, a carrying bag, and is great for days at the park, beach, or even while out camping.

The added carrying bag makes this game mobile and easy to take along on any adventures!

sports toy backpack

To Keep the Fun Flying All Summer Long: JOYIN 7 in 1 Outdoor Sports Toy Backpack

For more outdoor fun, this sports kit has everything a 9-year-old girl needs to play seven different sports including balls, football, bag toss, a hand paddle game, slingshots, a disc, and a pickleball set.

Take this set to sleepovers, pool parties, or birthday parties. It’s versatile and everyone will find something they can enjoy.

hover hockey set

Score a Goal!!: Hover Hockey Set With Soccer Ball

This hockey and soccer combo kit is great for indoor or outdoor use. The set comes with a hover disc, a standard soccer ball, two hockey sticks, and two nets. Arrange it on grass or concrete, and your 9-year-old girl and her friends are sure to have a blast playing both games!

pop pass catch ball game

Get the Fun Poppin: Duckura Outdoor Pop-Pass-Catch Ball Game

This kit is perfect for a poppin’ game of outdoor fun. The set comes with four ball-launchers, six ping pong balls, and a storage box. The bright colors mean that pieces won’t be lost and it’s an exciting, unique game that everyone can participate in.

Bring it along for your next picnic or barbeque to keep the 9-year-olds entertained!

protective gear kit

This Gift Is a Safe Bet for Any Active Girl: Kids Outdoor Sports Protective Gear Set

This is the perfect gift to accompany a skateboard, a bike, or a pogo stick. The safety set comes with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. It comes in a bright red color so drivers will instantly take notice and proceed with caution.

This great matching set is perfect for protecting the adventure-seekers!

mountain bike

Pedal Your Way With This Pretty Bike: Diamondback Bicycles Youth Mountain Bike

This pink bike will be a hit with any 9-year-old girl. It has six speeds, adjustable brakes, and twenty inch wheels. It comes in a hot pink shade that will stand out and ensure she’s riding in style.

The adjustable seat also means your 9-year-old girl will get long-term use out of this bike.

365 days of art book

A Gift That Keeps Giving All Year Long: 365 Days of Art

This book will keep on giving all year long. Each page provides a daily creative challenge to inspire your 9-year-old and prompt her inner artist. The exercises range from basic sketches to more detailed projects, but will give your little girl some fantastic art pieces she’ll be proud of!


Why Have One Day of Fun When You Can Have One Year of Fun: Do One Fun Thing Every Day (An Awesome Journal)

Another year long journal, this one gives girls one awesome thing to do everyday including mindful exercises, thoughtful questions, and creative drawing exercises. This book is more suitable for those that like to draw, sketch, or color, and it can even help improve her techniques!

coloring book

To Stay Creative: Playful Patterns Coloring Book for Kids

This coloring book has thirty designs on single sided pages so they are great to rip out and share or hang up. The designs contain everything from cute animals to playful flowers that can be colored any way she wishes.

The book is also perfect to travel with, and the patterns make great posters, greetings cards, or framed pictures.

brain games for kids

For the Brainy Girl Who Loves a Fun Challenge: Brain Games for Clever Kids

If your girl is more brainy than creative, she will love this book of brain games. There are over 90 puzzles in this book including memory puzzles, word puzzles, and Sudoku. All she’ll need is a pencil or pen and some quiet time to enjoy this book to the fullest.

Take this book on road trips, flights, or even the waiting room, as it’s ideal for compact carrying.

mazes for kids

Let Them Get Lost in a Maze of Fun With This Book: Fun and Challenging Mazes for Kids

Another great book for puzzle lovers is this maze book. There are fun mazes of all shapes and sizes to keep any 9-year-old girl busy for hours. It contains a unique range of colorful mazes, some easy and some more difficult, but all equally entertaining! Its compact size means your 9-year-old can carry this book in her backpack with ease.

pedicure set

Ten Times the Fun With a Colorful Pedicure: Fashion Angels Pretty Pedi Pedicure Set

The pedicure kit comes in three different styles: multi-color, pretty pedi, and unicorn magic. Each kit comes with six polishes, 80 gems, 190 stickers, toe separators, a nail file, and a bath bomb. It’s the perfect addition to any 9-year-old girl’s sleepover party, especially when you have more than 10 toes to paint!

sleepover party mad libs

Keep Them Laughing All Night Long : Sleepover Party Mad Libs

Girls will love this book at their next sleepover or birthday party! This sleepover version is a fun take on the original Mad Libs game and is perfect for a group of girls that is staying up late. There are 21 fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs to keep them laughing all night long and creating memories they won’t ever forget!

lip gloss

Yummy and Shiny Lip Gloss That She Will Love To Wear: Three Cheers for Girls Lip Gloss 5 Pack

A fun way to accessorize their look, girls will love this five piece lip gloss set. It comes with colors red, coral, tangerine, pink, and glitter. It also comes with a cute carrying case that makes it easy to tote around the lip glosses (and any other essentials) that your 9-year-old girl might need.

spa for girls

A Relaxing Day at the Home Spa: Hot Focus Kids Spa for Girls

This fun, at-home spa kit is the perfect accessory for any DIY pampering session. It’s easy to use and clean up is quick. The set comes with a spa machine, a head band, two mud masks, and a sparkly body lotion, all of which are safe for your 9-year-old girl’s delicate skin.

bath bombs gift set

Make Baths Fun Again: Bath Bombs Gift Set With 6 Spa Fizzies

This set of six bath bombs is guaranteed to make bath time fun again! The six designs are all different shapes including a cupcake, a donut, and a heart. They’ll look great on a bathroom display and will be fun to dissolve into a bath at any time, turning bath time into a bubbly and colorful experience!

string art owl series

She Will Get a Hoot Out of This Craft Set: Craft-Tastic DIY String Art Owl Series

The final gift is an art string kit that allows you to weave and interconnect strings to create a bigger picture. It comes in four different designs including an owl, a bird, a unicorn, and a tropical set.

Each kit has everything your 9-year-old girl needs to complete stunning string art she can later display in her room!

Buying Guide

At age 9, girls are all trying to find their interests, their skills, and learn about the world around them. The girls you are buying birthday gifts for will have specific interests, but it can also be helpful to introduce them to new things to develop their skills.

Below we will break down the different categories of gifts, including STEM items, creative gifts, outdoor activities, skincare, and Lego building kits.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM, is growing in popularity in recent years, especially for women. The push to get women into these fields is huge, so young girls that explore these fields will have a huge advantage as they grow older.

According to the AAUW, women make up 28% of the workforce in the STEM fields. These fields include computer science, engineering, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and architecture. Although these are some of the highest-paying jobs, and employers actively look for women to hire, not many girls are getting into these fields.

Getting more women and girls into these jobs and getting girls started young in learning about science and math is important. There are amazing science kits that you can gift a 9-year-old girl that can help them learn STEM skills and begin a lifelong passion for science.

Arts and Crafts

Encouraging kids to be creative, especially for girls around age 9, is extremely important to their development. Just because your child does not seem to be a “creative child” does not mean that they should not ever draw or create something artsy.

The University of California Berkeley states that creativity is not a talent that children are born with but a skill developed during childhood. Consequently, encouraging them to participate in creative activities such as art, writing, and music can teach them a passion that will enhance their development as they progress into adolescence.

A great way to encourage their creativity is to get them a mix of gifts that cover different creative activities, such as a coloring book or paint set, something musical, or a journal.

Outdoor Sports and Activities

With the increase of technology, people are spending less time outside. A few decades ago, children would play outside all day until their parents called them in. Nowadays, children can sit inside their phones or gaming systems all day without even looking out the window.

Harvard Health published an article stating the important reasons why children need to get out and play, including much-needed exposure to vitamin D for their immune systems, adequate socialization from an early age, and required physical activity for overall health.

So, if your 9-year-old girl wants to venture outside, let her play a sport or give her a ball and some sports equipment. If she is interested in biking, a new bike and safety gear will allow her to do this.

Legos and Building Sets

While Legos help younger kids learn fine motor skills and creative thinking, older kids like 9-year-olds can benefit greatly from playing with Legos and other building sets. The skills that older children learn from Legos are related to the categories above, like STEM and creativity.

A journal published by psychologists from the University of Virginia and Temple University found that children who play with blocks, like Legos, help them learn and improve skills that are crucial in STEM careers. If children can develop these skills young, they will have a big advantage as they grow older.

Makeup and Skincare

Some of the gifts in this list include makeup, spa sets, and nail polishes. 9-year-old girls may show a high interest in wearing makeup, getting their nails done, and going to the spa, especially if they have older female role models who do the same.

While 9-year-olds may be too young for an entire face of makeup or a weekly trip to the nail salon, a little lip gloss or a manicure for a special occasion can help a girl feel grown and help her self-esteem without going overboard.


9-year-old girls can be difficult but fun to buy gifts for depending on their interests, but this gift guide has many toys and games that any girl will love. Each gift will encourage them to try something new, learn an important skill, or get creative, all of which will benefit them as they grow.

Share this awesome gift list with your friends who have 9-year-old girls in their lives, and comment on your favorite birthday gift idea below!

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