30 Animal Crossing Gifts that Would Even Hook Tom Nook

If you’ve ever been friends with a hardcore gamer, you know that his/her gaming obsession can extend far beyond just playing a game. People who are serious about video games often love buying game-related merchandise and game-related clothing to show off their gamer fanaticism.

That’s lucky for you if you happen to have an Animal Crossing fan in your life because there are tons of great Animal Crossing gifts out there.

30 Gift Ideas For Animal Crossing Players

30 Animal Crossing Gifts that Would Even Hook Tom Nook

mini backpack

Help Her Travel in Style: New Horizons Bag & Mini Backpack

Controller Gear is known for making some of the best authentic and officially licensed Nintendo merchandise, and if you’re looking for a great Animal Crossing gift, their company is the first place to look.

You’ll see a lot more of their stuff on this list. This mini backpack features an Animal Crossing print and is perfect for the friend who likes to carry around her Switch equipment everywhere she goes.

It can be used by adults or children, and while it’s specifically made to carry around the Switch, a game case and the Switch’s accessories, it can really be used for anything. *Note: It isn’t quite large enough to be used as a real backpack though.

nintendo switch skin bundle

Play Dress-Up with His Switch: “Timmy and Tommy” Nintendo Switch Skin Bundle

Another great gift that’ll help your loved one show off his love of Animal Crossing is this set of Animal Crossing skins for the Nintendo Switch and its accessories. It, too, is officially licensed and features the Timmy and Tommy design.

The color scheme works well for both males and females, and all the skins are an easy peel-and-stick design that can be applied by practically anyone. The set comes with four separate skins – enough to cover his Switch, charging dock, controller and stand.

animal plush doll tom Nook

For Snuggling and Cuddling: Animal Crossing Plush Doll Tom Nook/Tanukichi Aloha Shirt

While Tom Nook may not be everyone’s favorite Animal Crossing character, he’s definitely well-liked, and he’s probably the most recognizable character from the game. He’s appeared in every version of the Animal Crossing game, usually as the village store owner (residential services in the newest Animal Crossing game).

This Tom Nook plush is a little over six inches tall and looks absolutely adorable in his New Leaf-patterned pajamas. Tom has been visualized differently in various Animal Crossing games, but this is how he looks in the newest version, New Horizons.

He’s super squishy and fun to hug and cuddle.


Gaming in Style: Adult Tom Nook Isabelle Animals Pullover Hoodie

This great Animal Crossing hoodie for adults comes in three different colors – red, green and white – to represent the New Horizons outfits for Isabelle, Timmy/Tommy and Tom Nook. The hoodies are done with an all-over New Leaf print and feature the brown New Leaf badge on the left breast.

They zip open fully, have a warm, drawstring hood and feature large-capacity pockets on the front of each hoodie. They range in size from adult small to adult XXL and are great for cosplay or for just wearing around on a cold day.

wall mountable lamp

A Really Warm Welcome: Animal Crossing Town Sign Wall Mountable Lamp

If you’re looking for a gift for a serious collector or hardcore fan, this is a great option. It’s an authentic Animal Crossing town sign. It’ll sit on a bookshelf, table or any flat surface, or it can be hung.

It looks like the real thing, and it even lights up! It’s made of birch wood and acrylic and is about a foot wide at its base. The cord is six feet long and features a rotary dial for turning the lamp on and off again.

It also comes with an included 40-watt bulb.


For When the Real World Gets Chilly: Peliny Chrid Micro Fleece Throw Blanket

Pictured here is the 50″ x 40″ Animal Crossing blanket, but there’s also a 60″ x 50″ size available for a few more dollars if you’re buying the gift for someone a little taller than average. The blankets are made of soft, anti-pilling fleece for both supreme warmth and supreme comfort.

They’re 3-D printed using bright, vibrant colors and look absolutely amazing, no matter which of the two designs you choose. Best of all, they feature some of the most popular and well-loved characters from the Animal Crossing franchise.

The first design has more characters; the second design has a better landscape scene.

memory card with SD adapter

When the Gaming Gets Truly Intense: SEKC 512GB microSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter

If you’re really unsure of what kind of Animal Crossing-themed gift your loved one might like and are afraid of getting the wrong thing or something that he already has, you can go this route instead. This is a 512-gigabyte memory card that he can use to store tons of games for his Switch.

One bad thing about video game systems is that they often run out of storage space just like computers or cell phones. Despite its tiny size, this microSD card will give him plenty of space for Animal Crossing and all his other favorites.

accessories bundle for nintendo switch

A Little Bit of Everything: Accessories Bundle for Switch Animal Crossing

This 26-piece set comes with just about anything someone could need to turn her gaming system into a blue and green Animal Crossing-themed treasure trove. Everything is done in the mint green and pastel blue colors seen so often in the game, and everything means everything.

This set comes with a large-capacity Switch carrying case with ten small game card pockets and the large pocket for the Switch, cables and other small accessories. There are also two steering wheels for driving games, joycon (the controllers) covers, joycon grips, thumb grips with Animal Crossing paw prints on them and so much more.

collector´s box switch accessories kit

A Whole Set of Goodies: CultureFly Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collector’s Box

If you’re looking for a bundled gift set but aren’t feeling the 26-piece Switch accessories kit, this Animal Crossing collector’s box from CultureFly is another great idea. Everything in the box is related to Animal Crossing.

There’s a fuzzy, snuggly pair of socks with Isabelle’s face at the top, an adorable Timmy and Tommy block calendar, a Nook Inc. drawstring bag, a squishable peach for stress relief, a bell bag blanket, sticky notes in the shape of a turnip and even an Animal Crossing journal with convenient bookmark tabs.

Everything is officially licensed and perfect for the hardcore fan or collector.

water botle and cover journal set

Perfect for Walking and Writing: Controller Gear Animal Crossing Water Bottle & Hard-Cover Journal Set

This two-piece set includes a stainless steel water bottle and a matching hardcover notebook with an elastic band closure. Both are done in traditional Animal Crossing teal and are covered in the faces of all the most popular villagers including Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy and Tommy and more.

The journal has tons of lined pages for easy, neat writing. The water bottle holds 17 ounces and has a screw-top lid that opens onto a wide mouth for easy drinking while on the go. If you don’t think your friend would be into the notebook/journal, the company also sells other sets that include different items like stickers, a cap, pins or a combination of four items.


It’s Funny because It’s True: Animal Crossing Sorry I Can’t I Have To Water My Flowers T-Shirt

This is a great shirt for Animal Crossing fans of all ages and genders. There are six color options, and the shirt is available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. The front has a lovely picture of a cottage under a rainbow with silhouettes of villagers playing outside, along with the hilarious text, “Sorry.

I can’t. I have to water my flowers.” To someone who doesn’t know much about games, this shirt may not make a lot of sense when worn by his anti-outdoors grandchild or armchair warrior husband, but to an Animal Crossing fan, it’s the perfect shirt.

The big book of animals crossing

A Little Insider Knowledge: The BIG Book of Animal Crossing by Michael Davis

Although this is an unofficial guide, it does contain a lot of great information on how to build the best houses, manage and succeed in the special events, make the most of each day on the island, find hidden villagers to unlock and more.

It really is a BIG Book of Animal Crossing. This book will help your friend transform from a casual islander to someone who can practically do it all. Note: This guide is specifically for the newest game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and won’t help with previous versions of the game on other consoles.

LEGO duplo town world animals>

Not Really Animal Crossing, but Close: LEGO DUPLO Town World Animals 121-Piece Set

If you’re trying to find a gift for a younger child who loves the game, consider getting her these awesome LEGO DUPLO blocks. There are no “official” Animal Crossing LEGO sets yet, but this DUPLO set has everything she’ll need to make herself her own LEGO Animal Crossing island.

There are 15 different animals including lions, whales, giraffes and others. There are also six human figures and enough blocks to make cottages, palm trees and more. This will entice your video game-loving little one to turn off the game and work with her hands.

game card case

For Holding All His Other Games: Regisbox Nintendo Switch 8-Game Game Card Case Animal Crossing

If you’re looking for a relatively small gift that still serves a practical purpose, this Animal Crossing Switch game holder is a good option. It’s covered in Tom Nook’s white and teal new leaf pattern, and it holds up to eight games.

Unlike other cases that snap closed or have removable lids, this one opens in much the same way a pocket knife opens, which helps keeps the games a little more secure than other types of game cases. In addition to the eight games, the case can also hold two microSD cards for his extra game storage needs.

baseball cap

A Couple of Cool Caps: “Isabelle And K.K. Slider” Baseball Cap

This is a great option if you’re looking for Animal Crossing gift that can also double as a couples-themed gift. With this gift, you’re getting two Animal Crossing hats for one reasonable price. One of the hats is yellow and features Isabelle’s smiling face, and the other is blue and has K.

K. Slider on it. You could give this gift to two separate people on your gift list or to a couple who are both huge fans of the game. If you’re feeling really generous, you can even give them both to the same person.

(Or you could always give one away and keep one for yourself!)

charging dock for nintendo switch

It’s Great to Be Green: Animal Crossing Green Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch Lite

If your Animal Crossing fan plays the game on a Nintendo Switch Lite, this charging dock is a nice gift. The dock is small, takes up very little room, is portable and allows him to play while it’s charging! It features a very attractive design and comes in a wide variety of colors.

There are two Animal Crossing colors. Pictured here is the green; there’s also an option called “Animal Crossing Blue.” Additionally, you can buy coral, gray, turquoise or yellow.

lunch bag

A Place to Store the Catch of the Day: Lunch Bag Animal Crossing Lunchbox

This 11″ x 11″ x 5.5″ lunch bag is stylish, practical, portable and durable. It’s made of fine neoprene, which means it’s lightweight, soft, breathable and eco-friendly. It also means it’ll keep food warm or cold, depending on what your friend needs it to do each day.

It’s easy to clean by hand or in the machine, and it’s perfect for school, work, the beach, picnics or wherever else your friend wants to use it. There are several print designs from which to choose, but this one features several of the Animal Crossing characters in their original styles.

Before Tom Nook donned his leafy apparel, he sported nothing but a blue apron, and that’s what he’s wearing here. There are several other popular characters in the design as well.

little buddy plush

A Plush that’s Not Tom Nook!: Little Buddy USA Animal Crossing New Leaf Kicks/Shank 8″ Plush

This is another great gift option for the Animal Crossing fan on your list who loves stuffed animals. First introduced in City Folk, Kicks (also called Shank) is a male skunk who started out shining shoes and who now sells rare shoes in New Horizons.

This plush is about eight inches tall and is done in remarkable detail. He looks great and is perfect for cuddling and snuggling. Whether your friend wants to sleep with him at night or just sit him on a shelf for display, she’ll love this little guy.


Help Him Represent: Controller Gear Animal Crossing: New Horizon Tom Nook Beanie

This is another authentic, officially licensed product from Controller Gear. It’s a Tom Nook beanie (although there’s also a Celeste option as well) and it looks just like everyone’s favorite shop keeper.

This is perfect for those cool winter months, but it also pairs perfectly with the Tom Nook pattern hoodie we listed earlier. If your friend is looking for the perfect cosplay outfit, this beanie and that hoodie would definitely do the trick.

mini toy figure

SURPRISE!: Animal Crossing Backpack Buddies Blind Bag Mini Toy Figure

These types of gifts aren’t for everyone, but if you have someone in your life who loves to be surprised, these are great options and can be a lot of fun. Opening up a gift from someone else always carries an element of surprise to it, but opening up a gift from someone else and then finding out it’s a blind bag is the ultimate surprise! Each blind bag contains one Animal Crossing backpack buddy, which is basically just an Animal Crossing character that’s been made into a key chain.

The fun comes in never knowing which one you’re going to get.

sock box set

Literal Tommy Toes: New Horizons Crew Sock Box Set

Pictured here is the three-pack set of New Horizons crew socks. Each is made of high-quality, woven cotton/polyester that can fit women’s sizes four to seven-and-a-half and men sizes four to six. They’re durable and machine-washable, and they’ll add a hint of video game chic to any outfit.

If you don’t think your friend would be into the crew socks, there are several other three-pack options as well, including three different anklet options. The Animal Crossing characters/prints pictured on the socks will differ depending on which set you buy.

animal crossing movie figure set

Something Small for the Collectors: Takara Tomy Animal Crossing Movie Figure Set Volume 2

This little set may not look like much, but to a serious collector, it’s certainly worth a lot. These toy sets are put out by Takara Tomy, and though they’re small, they’re also imported from Japan and very hard to find in the U.

S. That makes them highly sought after toys to anyone who’s serious about collecting. This set includes five Animal Crossing playing cards, five character figures from the game and three furniture figures so that your buddy can set up a little “room scene” for an impressive display.

If you aren’t a gamer or a hardcore collector yourself, it may seem absurd to spend money on something so small and inconsequential, but trust us on this, if you have someone who’s dead set on collecting all things related to Animal Crossing, this is an amazing gift.

card holder

Add a Dash of Cuteness to Anyone’s Bag: Animal Crossing Card Holder

If you’re looking for a cute, inexpensive gift for a stocking stuffer, blind gift exchange or Reddit Secret Santa Animal Crossing exchange, this card holder covered in the faces of all the best Animal Crossing characters is the way to go.

It includes four separate card slots and an ID window slot for holding your friend’s license in an easy access location. It’s an officially licensed product made from high-quality PU materials. It’s durable, easy to keep clean and thanks to its bright colors, easy to spot in the bottom of a bag when your friend is in a hurry.

wall clock

There’s Always Time for Gaming: KZEMATLI Home Decor Animal Crossing Wall Clock

KZEMATLI makes some really great custom clocks. They feature non-ticking hardware for 100% silent operation. Additionally, there are all kinds of great designs pulled from pop culture, video games, animal categories and more.

Currently, they sell three different Animal Crossing clocks with unique designs. Pictured here is the “Animal Crossing 3” design. It’s mostly white with a pastel blue bottom, and it has little sketch-like drawings of the Animal Crossing characters scattered all over it in different colors.

It’s very cute; it works great, and it comes at a good price. It’s a pretty unbeatable gift.

animal crossing toy plush

The Only Stitches that Are Fun to Get: Animal Crossing 8-Inch Plush Stitches Stuffed Animal

This is the last plush on our list; we promise! When buying Animal Crossing gifts, it’s hard not to add lots and lots of stuffed animals because the characters are so cute, and they make such perfect plush toys.

This one is a great, incredibly detailed plush of Stitches (also called Patch), a lazy club villager whose bright colors, patchwork design and stitched eyes make him the perfect worn-out kid’s toy. This is a great choice for any fan of the game, but it’s especially well-loved by younger gamers.

case for airpods

Small but Super Fun: Lupct Case for Airpods 1&2

Although this Airpods case isn’t an officially licensed product and doesn’t actually call itself “Isabelle,” it’s clear that that’s exactly who she’s supposed to be. This company makes all kinds of great Airpods cases based on popular characters (including a cool Maleficent one they just call “witch”) and they have several that are Animal Crossing-themed.

The case can be clipped onto a lanyard, key chain, backpack or anything else. It’s made of durable materials and has a very close fit with the Airpods so your friend doesn’t have to worry about them falling out of the case.

It doesn’t charge the Airpods, but it will keep them safe with its shock-proof, anti-fall design.

mini figures pack of 24

Party Time, Excellent: Animal Themed Party Supplies 24-Piece

These adorable mini figures are designed to be used as cupcake toppers, but they’re so well-made and so cute that they also work well as collector’s items, small toys or however your friend wants to use them.

There are 24 of the figures in total, and each one is made of high-quality, reusable paper. They’re the perfect party accessory, but they’re also just really nice to have as a complete collection.


A Sticky Situation: GTOTd Large Stickers for Animal Crossing

This sticker set comes with 20 oversized Animal Crossing stickers that’ll delight any fan. In addition to the Animal Crossing sign and some sample villagers, there are also tons of Animal Crossing characters as well.

All the main characters are represented in this sticker set. They’re heavy-duty stickers that are made of waterproof, fade-resistant PVC vinyl, which makes them perfect for skateboards, luggage, bikes, laptops and other items that see a lot of regular, non-gentle use.

They’re also large – most are four inches by inches – so they show up well on larger items. The adhesive on the back is extra strong, so warn your friend before she puts them somewhere she may not want them later.

4 piece lapel pin set

Pin a Rose on Her Nose: Controller Gear Animal Crossing: Icons 4-Piece Lapel Pin Set

This is another one of those gifts that probably won’t make a lot of sense to a non-collector because while they aren’t expensive, they do seem like they’re a little expensive in exchange for what you’re getting.

However, to a hardcore collector, collectible pin sets are like the Holy Grail of gifts. They can display them on lanyards, car visors, backpacks, etc. This set is an officially licensed set of four including Isabelle, a balloon-delivered gift, the New Leaf leaf and a star pochette.

Each pin is made of high-quality enamel and painted in beautiful, bright colors so that each one looks exactly like its counterpart in the game. Each features a strong metal clutch for secure fastening.


Help Him Answer before He’s Ever Asked: TSOTMO 2 Pairs Video Game Inspire Socks

Finally, these socks are the perfect lounge-around-the-house footwear for your Animal Crossing-playing friend. with these, he can kick his feet up on the table and flash them without saying a word when someone comes in to ask, “Hey, could you do me a favor?” These socks will let that person know unequivocally that no, he cannot because his villagers need him more, and Animal Crossing Island Life is life.

Going Beyond the Game

Over the years, there have been eight different Animal Crossing games released in the United States. Of those, five of them are “main games” and three are spin-offs of the originals. All of the games, including the spin-offs, have been quite popular, but it’s the newest game in the series, Animal Crossing New Horizons, that’s turned the game into a mega-selling superstar of success.

This newest version of the game was put out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, and in only six months after its release in March of 2020, the game had sold over 26 million copies, making it Nintendo’s second-best selling game ever behind Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which has sold almost 29 million copies since its release in 2017.

If the trend continues, Animal Crossing New Horizons will soon replace it for the number one spot.

The popularity of the game is due in large part to the unforgettable coronavirus pandemic that swept from country to country, forcing people into lock-downs and quarantines, isolating them from other real people out in the real world.

Animal Crossing gave them a fun, go-at-your-own-pace way to relax. It also gave them a chance to live vicariously through their villagers and “visit” their real-world friends (who also played the game) on their islands, chatting and interacting with them in ways they could no longer do out in the world.

There are other reasons for the game’s popularity; for one thing, it’s just a lot of fun, but the pandemic is probably most responsible for creating so many Animal Crossing fanatics. Chances are you have more than two people in your family or circle of friends who are hardcore lovers of the game, and that makes shopping for them much easier than it otherwise might have been.

Just get them something cute, fun and Animal Crossing-related, and they’ll be extremely happy. If you want to make their gifts extra special, find out what their favorite character, fruit or hobby is in the game, and get them something related to that. Either way, any of these gifts are sure to delight them.


Are you one of the millions of people enjoying a second, digitally created fantasy life on a remote island, or are you looking for gift ideas for someone you love? Tell us all of your fun Animal Crossing stories, and let us know what your favorite Animal Crossing catchphrase or piece of Animal Crossing merchandise is in the comments section. Don’t forget to like and share this guide with your friends, and come back and see us again soon.

animal crossing gifts

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