35 Gifts For An Artist (Fun & Creative Ideas)

Choosing the perfect gift for the creative artist in your life can be a difficult task.

Luckily, I’ve rounded up some of the top gifts for artists in this list, that will spark their inspiration and get their creative juices flowing no matter what the season.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Artists

porcelain mug

Get a Handle on Modern Art: Porcelain Mug ft. Artists

This unique style of a yunomi, a traditional Japanese teacup, features 65 artists that have been debossed with their original portraits. It’s a work of art in itself that employs a bold, minimal palette that any artist will appreciate.

It comes in a colorful box ready for gift giving and holds 10 oz. There isn’t a handle on this mug, making it a versatile gift that can be used for drinking coffee or tea or even used as a pencil or paintbrush holder.

With well-known artists from Courbet to Warhol, the artist in your life is sure to love this thoughtful gift idea.

painting apron

A Gift to Wear: Gender Neutral Adjustable Painting Apron with Pockets

Now the artist in your life can easily access all their necessities with this 10-pocket canvas apron. This heavy-duty apron features 4 large and 6 small double stitched tool pockets making it convenient to store and organize everything they need.

This uniquely designed apron also features adjustable ties and waist straps making it a great unisex gift idea for artists of all shapes and sizes. Whether the artist in your life is a painter, woodworker, crafter or other artistic hobbies lovers, this functional and stylish apron is sure to be a gift they’ll get a lot of use out of.

wooden cutouts crafting

For Imaginative Crafting: 25-Piece Natural Round Wooden Cutouts for Crafting

These unfinished round rustic wooden cutout pieces can be used in a variety of ways. This unique gift set includes 25 pieces of 4-inch unfinished wooden chips and a sanding sponge. The artist in your life is sure to enjoy this versatile gift that’s perfect for painting, staining, adding pictures, making coasters, creating ornaments or whatever else they’re artsy heart desires.

This gift will allow your favorite artist to use their imagination to create and craft their own unique artistic endeavors. They can use them to sell or for gift giving. The possibilities are endless with this awesome gift idea.

iPhone case

An Artsy Case: Colorful Watercolor Paint Box iPhone Case

Besides saving your phone from being cracked or damaged, a phone case should also look cute and stylish. Your phone case serves almost as a status symbol and can describe a person’s unique personality with just a quick glance.

This trendy ultra thin and flexible iPhone case features an artsy watercolor paint box in vibrant colors. It’s a durable case with raised front and back edged to protect the screen and camera by creating a buffer if dropped.

The stylish art design on the case will not fade or chip, so the artist using it can enjoy its durability and longevity.

notes booklet

Art Notes: Sticky Notes Booklet

You never know when a creative idea or inspiration strikes, which is why every artist should always have a notepad ready and available. These fun sticky notes come in their own frames which makes taking notes a work of art in itself.

The hardcover memo pad includes hundreds of colorful sticky note cards the creative artist in your life can write and post anywhere. They’re the perfect size to take along to the art studio, workshop, home office, in an apron or to take on the go inside a bag or purse.

The next time your favorite artist sparks an idea, they’ll be thanking you for your thoughtful and useful gift idea.


A Versatile Mini Masterpiece: 20-Piece Mini Wooden Tabletop Easels

Made of polished natural wood, these environmentally safe mini easels are a small decorative piece that can be used for a variety of arts and craft projects. Each wooden easel measures 5.5 inches tall and a little over 3 inches wide.

They are foldable, lightweight and easy to store. Since they come unfinished, your artist friend can paint them any color of their choice and even add creative elements to personalize them. They can also add a miniature canvas or photo to these little easels for a beautiful decorative piece they can put on display in their studio or sell for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

drawing tablet

For the Tech Artist: 15.6 Inch 1080p Drawing Tablet with 10 Shortcut Keys

If the artist in your life loves to draw, this drawing tablet is the ultimate gift they will truly cherish. This drawing tablet features a high-quality full HD screen with a 178-degree viewing angle. It features high definition and color accuracy for a paper-like drawing experience.

This drawing tablet includes 10 shortcut keys that can be customized according to the artists personal creative habits. It’s simple to set up and easy to use. It also includes a rechargeable pen, pen holder and 8 replacement nibs in the pen holder.

This drawing tablet is compatible with most major drawing software and is great for both beginners and professionals.

dress socks

A Comfy Gift to Wear: Unisex Fun Novelty Dress Socks

Who doesn’t love cute and fun socks? These unisex novelty socks come in a 12-pack and fit US sizes 8-12 and are made of cotton and spandex. They feature famous paintings and cool designs from Mona Lisa, Starry Night, the Birth of Venus and more knitted into the sock fabric.

These artsy socks are fancy for dressing up or can be worn casually with nearly any outfit. They make a bold statement and are a stylish accessory that boasts color and personality. The artist in your life will have so much fun wearing these fun colorful socks no matter what the occasion.

Van gogh action figure

Today Is Art Day: Famous Painters & Artists Action Figure

This Vincent van Gogh action figure doll is part of the Art History Heroes Collection from Today is Art Day. There are several famous artists to choose from that include fun facts, mini artwork and easel and the doll figure itself.

This Vincent van Gogh doll stands approximately 5 inches tall and is 3 inches wide. This famous artist is shown wearing a sunflower and holding a paintbrush. He comes with 2 removable ears with one being bandaged.

This is such an out-of-the-box gift idea with a creative take on the history of our famous artists. Your artist friend will be delighted to receive this fun and unique gift they can display proudly on their desk or workstation.

mini pads sampler set

A Complete Sample Set: Legion Mini Artist Pad Sampler Set

This Legion mini pad sampler set is a wonderful gift for the artist in your life. This pocket-size sample set allows the artist to test out the most popular paper styles to discover their favorites. There are 4 pads of each paper style: Yupo Medium, Yupo Heavy and Yupo Translucent with 10 sheets in each pad.

These sheets are pH neutral with a smooth finish and are waterproof, stain resistant and incredibly strong paper. Many artists have found these surfaces to be receptive to a multitude of artistic techniques.

Each pad is easily distinguishable featuring a colored cover with the description of what’s inside.

leather case organizer

For Simple Storage: Hide & Drink Rustic Bourbon Brown Leather Roll Case Organizer

Now your favorite artist can conveniently store and organize all their favorite art supplies in this handmade full grain leather roll pouch. Each leather pouch has been hand cut and finished with a fine stitching method that looks great and is durable for long-lasting use.

This organizer features excellent craftsmanship with pouches to house pens, pencils, paintbrushes, markers, styluses and more. Simply roll up this convenient leather pouch and use the strap to tighten it up so nothing falls out.

Hide & Drink makes durable leather products with a focus on care and craftsmanship so you can rest easy knowing you’re gifting a high-quality, beautifully made product.

color wheel watch

Telling Time in Color: Color Wheel Unisex Watch Fit for an Artist

This color wheel watch looks sharp, tells time and is fit for an artist. It features a 38mm diameter face with a genuine leather band and Japanese quartz movement. The designers of this watch adapted the familiar old school color wheel making it an authentic, functioning color-mixing reference.

This watch will instantly become a conversation starter and a stylish new accessory for the lovely artist in your life. It also has a sleek unisex design that will match any artists wardrobe. Also, no need for a gift box, as this watch comes boxed in a beautiful tin display case.

paint palette necklace

For the Jewelry Lover: Trendy Enamel Artist Paint Palette and Brush Necklace

This super cute and trendy silver pendant necklace features an artist’s paint palette and brush. It’s made from eco-friendly materials and is nickel and lead safe. The chain measures 45cm long with a 5cm tail to extend the sizing.

This would make a great gift for the beginner artist in your life or a child who has a love for art and painting. The paint palette pendant makes a lovely statement even with its simple, minimalist design.

It will match any outfit and can be worn during any occasion. This trendy necklace also comes well packaged in a velvet bag ready for gift giving.


For When it Rains: Large Color Wheel Anti-UV Sun/Rain Fashion Umbrella

Umbrella’s are a staple accessory to keep handy no matter what season you’re in. This rainbow fashion umbrella is large in size with stunning fabric and durability. Its large size makes it great for even two people to stand under.

This color wheel umbrella has a contracted manual open design concept to make it more convenient to open and close. The handle has a soft grip making it easy to hold. This umbrella is sure to bring some color and happiness on any rainy day.

You can even use it during those warm summer months for shade when the sun is shining bright.

Art Bin rolling tote for arts

Simple Organization: Art Bin Rolling Tote for Arts & Craft Storage

What about a suitcase on wheels for all the artist’s supplies? This rolling tote is great for the artist who wants to create their newest masterpieces outside of their home or regular studio space occasionally.

It’s made with two compartments that buckle together. The top compartment features 26 individual loops to conveniently store markers, pens, brushes and more with a large back pocket to hold books, papers or other projects.

The bottom compartment features a large open base that can easily accommodate bulkier items. This rolling tote also comes with a shoulder strap and pad to easily transport the top unit separately if desired.

This is a wonderful gift for an art student or friend who loves to take their artistic work wherever they go.

pillow cover

A Comfy Pillow: Linen Vintage Camera Square Pillowcase Cover

With selfies taking over the internet, what could be more a more appropriate gift than cute vintage camera pillows? This 100% cotton linen pillowcase features a retro style vintage camera in black and white.

It measures approximately 18×18 inches to fit standard square throw pillows. This pillowcase is made with a matching invisible zipper making it easy to put on and take off for quick and easy cleaning.

This is such a unique and stylish gift that any artist would love to have in their home. It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, a housewarming party or any other gift giving occasion.


For Every Artist: Moleskin Large Hard Cover Sketchbook

Moleskin is the leading brand in top quality notebooks. This large sketchbook is made with high-quality heavy paper and is perfect for drawings, sketches and tempera colors. It also features a classic and smart design with an elastic closure and back pocket to keep artwork safe and secure.

The leather-like cover and thick pages are perfect for the creative artist in your life. This hard cover sketchbook comes in black and measures 5×8.25 inches. It’s the perfect size for the artist to take on the go and can fit easily into their travel bag, backpack or work satchel.

This gift idea will get the artist in your life’s creative juices flowing with plenty of room for them to unleash all their imaginative thoughts and ideas.

pin set

Express Yourself: Rip Designs Pop Culture Artsy Enamel Pin Set

These artsy enamel pins are having a moment and it’s easy to see why. They are such a fun way to express creativity and personality through fashion. They also provide a unique way to make a statement with very little cost and effort.

These decorative pins come in an assorted pack featuring pop culture trends with artistic aesthetics. This set includes 7 pins and each one is iron crafted with black, silver or gold nickel plating. The artist you gift them to will have so much fun personalizing their backpack, hats, jackets and more with your unique and on-trend gift.

acrylic paint brush set

The Complete Set: Acrylic Paint Brush Set with Premium Brushes & Acrylic Paints

Designed specifically for the professional artist, this acrylic brush and paint set includes various sizes and shapes of paint brushes and 24 paints. The paints included are made from rich high-quality, non-toxic acrylic in a variety of bright, crisp colors.

The paints have a fast-drying component that apply with a smooth, pudding-like texture. A mixing sponge and palette knife are also included to make this a gift set the artist in your life will be so excited to use.

All the brushes and paints included in this art set are conveniently stored in an elegant zippered pouch for safe keeping and easy organization.


A Fashion Accessory: Van Gogh Infinity Scarf

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who is one of the most famous artists in history. His paintings are usually characterized by bright colors and dramatic, expressive brushwork. This beautiful polyester scarf features some of Van Gogh’s most popular paintings.

The fabric is soft and can be worn casually as the perfect accessory to any outfit. This artsy scarf can be worn as a long circle or wrapped twice for a thick and cozy look. It’s the perfect pattern and stylish accessory any artist in your life will wear with pride and as an expression of their creativeness.

coffee mug

Bad Art Coffee Mug: The Best (Worst) Pieces from the Museum of Bad Art

Looking for a gift that will give a good laugh? This bad art coffee mug is hilarious and features genuine paintings from the Museum of Bad Art. Now the artist in your life will get a good laugh when they pour they’re morning coffee or tea.

This 14oz mug depicts mixed media and mixed reviews. It’s sure to add beauty and art to the artist’s home. They can use this mug for decoration, for drinking or to hold their art utensils in. It’s such a fun and unique gift idea that will make you appreciate the beauty of everything that surrounds it.

rue wall display

Space Saving Solution: Rue Wall Display & Painting Easel

Some artists art tight on space when it comes to having a place of their own to create. Easels are bulky and can take up needed space, which is why this wall easel is the perfect space saving solution.

This easel fits perfectly on any wall and comes in three different sizes. It’s made of sustainable hardwood making it an attractive permanent piece of décor for the home while also allowing the artist to express themselves without taking up any precious floor space.

The artist can also keep their beautiful artwork in the easel to display their finished masterpiece for all to see.

camera necklace

Every Picture Tells a Story: Happy Kisses Camera Necklace

Photography is a great way for an artist to express their love and passions in life. This beautiful camera necklace is plated in 18K silver and features a minimalist design style. The shutterbug artist in your life will love this dainty necklace and always be reminded that every picture tells a story.

The necklace is nickel free and hypoallergenic so it’s the perfect necklace for those who may have sensitive skin. The chain length measures 18 inches making it the perfect size for artists of all ages.

This simple, yet thoughtful gift is sure to make someone feel extra special when they receive it.


A Retro Decoration for the Home: Vintage Camera Bookends

Does the artist in your life also have a love for reading? Whether they are studying new art techniques or enjoy leisurely reading, this gift will combine both of their loves. These vintage camera bookends were made with fine polyresin and each measure 7 inches tall.

The antique, retro look will look amazing in the artists home or studio space while also serving as a lovely book display. The camera bookends have been hand-painted black with silver detailing and a distressed finish.

Vintage camera enthusiasts and photographers alike will love this unique and creative gift idea.

collection poster pack

Famous Paintings Poster Décor: Vincent Van Gogh Famous Imperial Arts Collection Poster Pack

The perfect gift for the artist in your life to display in their home or art studio, these six unique poster designs feature Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings. The artist will receive two pieces of each famous art paintings in an A3 size which is perfect for a wall art collage or display.

These posters are made from premium quality material showcasing Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Sunflowers, Café at Terrace, Almond Blossoms, Starry Night Over the Rhone and Irises paintings. The artist in your life will love these posters and be inspired to continue to create their own paintings.

wall mounted organizer

Stay Organized: My Gift Wall-Mounted Organizer

Give the gift of organization with this wall-mounted organizer. It comes complete with a cork bulletin board, mail holder, key hook and flower vase. It features a rustic design with 4 wooden storage compartments and a matte black finish.

The largest wooden compartment provides a place for notepads, sketches, small inspiration booklets and more. The 2 smaller wooden compartments provide a place for coins, tokens, phones, wallets or even smaller paints.

The key holder is great for holding keychains or hanging up a lightweight apron. This is a beautiful organizer that any artist will find plenty of use for.

hanging wall display

A Place for Art: Hanging Wall Display with 30 Clips & Adjustable Twines

Now your favorite artist can hang and showcase their lovely artwork for all to see with this wood photo frame wall display. There are 6 short wood pieces, 5 twine cords and 30 clothespins to hang multiple pictures or artwork.

The artist can hang their artwork, crafts, prints, cards, photos and more simply by clipping their finished products to the rope that can be adjusted in length manually. This is a great gift for an artist who loves the rustic décor style.

They can organize their artwork in a neat and clean way that will also liven up their home or studio space.


642 Things to Draw: Inspirational Sketchbook to Entertain and Provoke the Imagination

Even the most inspired artists struggle with new ideas to write or draw. This clever journal features 642 guided art prompts to spark creativity. Whether the artist is experiencing a brain fog or just wants to casually draw, this journal is sure to entertain anyone who enjoys drawing.

Some drawing prompts are simple like drawing a bicycle, while others are mind-bending like sketching the sound of laughter. This journal is full of silly, thought-provoking, simple and complex prompts that will have the artist thinking outside the box.

It’s the perfect gift for any aspiring or skilled creator.

drafting table desk

An Artist’s Workstation: Adjustable Drafting Table Desk with Stool

If the artist in your life is just starting out or building up their studio space, this ZENY adjustable drafting desk will be one of the most useful gifts they’ll probably ever receive. This drawing table is made from high-quality materials and can be adjusted in height and angle.

The angles allow different work positions and can adjust from 0 to 45 degrees. This functional table also has two spacious drawers for storing pens, sketchbooks and other art supplies inside. The legs of the desk are designed with pads for stability and floor protection.

A stool is also included making this an all-in-one gift the artist will absolutely love.


A Gift That Keeps on Giving: Postcards from the Design Museum

The Design Museum houses the visionaries that have shaped our lives and created our futures. From the simple wooden chair to the first Apple computer, this museum in a box features 100 world-famous designs in architecture, fashion, interiors, and more.

Handwritten postcards are a lost art, but all that can change with these simple, yet unique and inspiring postcards. The artist in your life can use these postcards to send out a quick thank you, hello, congratulations, happy birthday or for any other occasion.

It’s a great way to express their creativity and artistic style. This gift is a lovely gift that keeps on giving.

candle set

A Scent to Remember: The Library Book Candle Set

Now your favorite artist can set the mood with these literary candles. This set includes 3, 4oz candles with scents you can find at the library. The antique books candle has a leathery blend of patchouli and cedarwood.

Think of an old antique book with leather binding and old, worn pages. The new book scent is a mixture of cedarwood, sandalwood, jasmine and patchouli. It carries the scent of fresh paper and would be great for the artist to light when beginning a new project.

The ancient scrolls scent has an old, musty oil smell with a combination of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and more. All 3 candles are handcrafted with natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks. This gift is sure to spark up some creativity.

printing 3D pen

Bring Imagination to Life: Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

This incredible gift kit is a creator’s dream. Watch imagination come to life with this professional 3D pen. The artist in your life can now turn their ordinary drawings into 3D works of art. It features an adjustable feed that lets you regulate the flow and speed for optimal control when drawing as well as an adjustable temperature for optimal fine-tuning.

This kit includes the 3D pen, instruction manual, 3 rolls of ABS plastic filament, USB cord, AC adapter and nozzle replacement tools. This is a gift that will take any artists projects to new heights.

drawing board

For Relieving Stress on the Go: Zen Artist Mini Magic Drawing Board

This mini meditation art board is perfect for any artist to relax and unwind with. It’s made of eco-friendly materials with no paint, mess or fumes. It’s a gif that can be reused over and over again since you simply paint the board with water and watch the image slowly disappear.

This Zen artist board is small in size so it’s perfect for traveling or on-the-go. It includes the compact painting board with case, reusable brush, instructions and a convenient storage box. The artist you know and love can now master the Zen art of living in the moment with their new art board.

watercolor brush pens set

Crafts & Colors: Artist Watercolor Brush Pens Gift Set

Ideal for all watercolor and drawing styles, this ultimate art gift set includes everything you need to create a variety of designs. This art set includes 25 watercolor markers, a refillable brush pen, durable paper pad, carrying case and even a calligraphy pen all enclosed in a paper gift box.

Each watercolor marker features flexible tips for clean lines and easy blending. The vibrant colors included are all 100% non-toxic and each brush pen is easily washable from both clothes and skin. This is a lovely paint set for artists young and old.


Motivation for Creative People: How to Stay Creative While Gaining Money, Fame, and Reputation

This how-to manual is a great book for anyone who is in the creative field seeking to achieve a successful, lifelong career. Author Mark McGuinness is a creative coach who has helped hundreds of creative people overcome the challenges from lack of motivation to creating a work-life balance.

In this book, he shares all the solutions that have been tested with real people in real life situations to stay creative, overcome resistance, reclaim your creative soul, attract the right audience, balancing your inspiration and so much fun.

This is a fulfilling book any creative person will thoroughly enjoy reading.

Tips on how to choose a present for an artist

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your favorite artist or wish to add to a friend’s art collection, there’s no wrong way to pick the perfect gift when it comes to art. Giving gifts helps shape our identities and it also strengthens the relationship between two people.

With so many amazing possibilities, you’re sure to choose a thoughtful gift they will love and find very useful. Here are a few helpful tips to make choosing the right gift a bit easier:

What is the artist’s personal taste?

Whether the artist you’re buying for has been your friend for years, or you just recently met them, you’ll want to take a few notes on their personal taste. Do they have a more modern style?

Are they into vintage pieces? Do they enjoy eclectic aesthetics? Consider their passions and what they enjoy doing in their free time.

Do they have a favorite artist?

Chances are, the artist you’re finding a gift for already has a favorite artist, especially if they’ve been enjoying art for a while now. If you’re not sure, do some digging.

Ask questions or even ask their significant other or family members if they’ve ever mentioned a particular artist or genre that they’re fond of.

Ask yourself what the artist might need.

What are some things the artist might need? There are plenty of products to choose from that could help make the artist’s life easier.

If they enjoy painting, they could always use paintbrushes, canvases, paints and more. If the artist enjoys drawing, they can never have too many pencils and sketchbooks. Don’t be afraid to do a little stalking.

The next time you’re invited to their home, check out their surroundings and be sure to take plenty of mental notes.

What’s something that would make them laugh?

There are gifts that are so thoughtful they tug on the heartstrings of the recipient, but there are also funny gifts out there that can be just as thoughtful.

The gift of laughter is something everyone could use a little more of these days. Do you and your favorite artist have an inside joke? Maybe you can find an artsy gift with a little humor like a weird mug or a wacky painting.

Receiving presents that will not only make you laugh but is also useful is a win win in our book.

Final Words

What are some of your favorite gift ideas for artists? Leave a comment below and share our gift guide with your friends to make shopping for their favorite artist a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved!

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