37 Baby Shower Gifts for Dads To Keep Him Laughing

Baby showers are a great opportunity to provide the parents-to-be with all the essentials they’ll need to take care of their new bundle of joy.

Having a baby is a life-changing, and often daunting, experience. Try lightning the mood and make dad laugh with some of the fun gifts below.

37 Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

beer bottle labels

For Big Achievements: Daddy’s First Milestones Beer Bottle Labels

New parents keep track of a baby’s milestones, like their first time sleeping through the night or taking their first steps, why leave dad out? You don’t have to with this set of beer bottle labels. Pick up a six-pack of dad’s favorite beer and cover them with these stickers.

Dad can pop a bottle once he achieves a milestone such as spending time alone with the baby or handling a diaper explosion.


To Help the Challenged: You Can Do This Dad Baby Bodysuit

Let’s face it, all guys aren’t exactly experienced when it comes to taking care of babies and performing what many might think are simple tasks, such as getting them dressed. This bodysuit can give everyone a laugh, but may actually help daddy get his new bundle of joy dressed the correct way.

It includes arrows pointing to where the baby’s head, arms, and legs should go….just in case dad is a bit confused! It is available in black, white, pink, or light blue.

diaper duty apron

To Be Prepared: Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Changing dirty diapers and cleaning with wipes is no fun and is often one of the things new fathers may dread. It is also one of the things that many enjoy teasing new parents, especially new dads, about. Get dad fully prepared for his new “dooties” with this set he can wear to stay prepared and protected during those blow-out wipes changes.

The set includes an apron, rubber gloves, face mask, clothespins, and a diaper.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.

Baby university board book set

For the Scientist: Baby University Board Book Set

If dad is a scientist or science-lover, they’re sure to like this set of board books. It includes four books that are designed to introduce scientific concepts to babies. Everyone is sure to get a laugh when dad opens up the gift to reveal the four books with title such as Quantum Physics for Babies and Rocket Science for Babies.

burrito blanket

For the Burrito Lover: Burrito Wrap Blanket

If dad enjoys his burritos a little too much, consider this funny burrito wrap blanket. Dad can keep his new son or daughter all swaddled and cozy while making them look like a little, perfectly wrapped burrito.

You may want to include a note not to actually try to eat the baby since the blanket looks so realistic.

rifle baby bodysuit

For the Rifle Lover: I’m Proof That My Daddy Does Not Shoot Blanks Bodysuit

Add some humor while connecting to the new dad’s love of rifles or the shooting-range. This bodysuit with the message “I’m Proof That My Daddy Does Not Shoot Blanks” will definitely give dad a good chuckle.

It is available in black, white, heather gray, blue, or pink.

baby pacifiers

To Keep Dad Laughing: Funny Baby Pacifiers

Babies cry. A lot. Many times, parents need to use a pacifier to help calm them down and get them to sleep. Why not give dad some pacifiers for baby that will make him laugh? This set will transform baby’s face by giving them plump pink lips, buck teeth, or red lips with a black mustache.


To Pack the Gift In: My First Fire Box

This item can help you make any gift into a joke gift. It is a gift box you can fill with one of the other items on our list, or just some standard baby shower gift ideas. The box says “My First Fire” and makes it look like the gift is a mini fire pit designed to be used by babies! Definitely one to get some comments and attention!

SHIt no one tells you guide

To Provide Helpful Advice Not Found Anywhere Else: the Sh!t No One Tells You Guide

So many new parents quickly realize that they were not adequately prepared or warned for what they were in for. Traditional parenting books and classes only tell you so much, and frequently leave out some of the rougher times you’re likely to experience.

This book includes actually helpful advice from moms and dads who have survived these tough times. It is written in a very humorous manner, so it is certain to keep dad laughing as he picks up some helpful tips.

baby milestones stickers

For Tracking Those Special Moments: Runny Baby Milestones Stickers

The new parents probably already have those cutesy milestone stickers for tracking baby’s age and accomplishments, like rolling over or learning to crawl. But they likely don’t have this set of milestone stickers.

With this set, they can get pictures of some funnier milestones, such as being alone for one minute, peeing on mom or dad, or having a food fight with themselves.

taco and taquito Shirt and bodysuit

Taco Tuesday Apparel: Taco and Taquito Shirt and Bodysuit Set

Make Taco Tuesday more fun for dad with this funny shirt and bodysuit set. Dad’s shirt says “Taco” and has a big picture of a taco, while baby’s shirt says “Taquito” and shows two rolled taquitos.

The set can be purchased in a variety of color options, allowing to you choose dad’s favorite color and match it with a good color for the new baby.

T-shirt and bodysuit set

For the Office Lover: Regional Manager and Assistant to The Regional Manager Set

Who doesn’t love the TV show The Office and Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott? Let your friend and their new little one display their love for the series with this matching t-shirt and bodysuit set. Dad’s shirt says “Regional Manager” and baby’s shirt says “Assistant To The Regional Manager.

” The set is available in just about any color you can imagine, so you’ll be able to further customize it to dad’s likes.

video games bodysuit

For the Video Game Enthusiast: Proof That Daddy Doesn’t Play All the Time Bodysuit

If dad is a hard-core gamer, this is the perfect gift for him! The bodysuit says “I Am Proof Daddy Does Not Play Video Games All The Time.” It is definitely sure to get a good laugh from dad and everyone else at the shower.

The bodysuit is white with red and black writing and picture of video game controller.

To Split Diaper Change Responsibilities: My Turn/Your Turn Coin

The only way to (sanely) make it through all those diaper changes is to share the responsibility with your partner. Make it easy and fun for mom and dad to take turns with this coin. One side says “Your Turn” and the other says “My Turn.

” This way, mom and dad won’t have to duke it out to see who gets stuck with the next diaper change.

floppy disk and USB shirt and bodysuit

For the Computer Geek: Floppy Disk and USB Drive Shirt and Bodysuit Set

If dad is into computers and technology, this shirt set is sure to be a hit. Dad’s shirt has an image of an old floppy disk, while baby’s shirt shows our current technology of a USB drive. The set can be purchased in a variety of color options.

dad jockes book

Prepare Dad for His New Role: 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes Book

The dad-to-be has some important new responsibilities to learn. Forget about feeding a baby, changing a diaper, or keeping the little one clean and out of trouble, we’re talking about being able to tell a solid dad joke! This book can provide dad with 101 dad jokes to help him adjust to his new roles and responsibilities.

family battery T-shirt set

To Show Dad’s Energy Level: Family Battery Power T-Shirt and Bodysuit Set

Everyone knows that when you have a newborn, you’re running on coffee fumes. This family set of t-shirts can let dad (and mom) display their energy levels while showing that their new bundle of joy is fully charged and ready to go.

The set includes two t-shirts with a symbol of an almost drained battery (at 2%) and a bodysuit with a fully charged battery symbol and label. The t-shirts and bodysuit are black.

copy and paste T-shirt set

For Dad and His Mini-Me: Copy and Paste T-Shirt Set

If dad does just about any work on a computer, he’ll get a kick out of this set. It includes two t-shirts with the symbols for copy and paste. Dad’s shirt shows “Ctrl + c” and baby’s shirt shows “Ctrl + v.

” Dad can proudly announce to the world that the tiny human with him is his copy.

T-shirt and bodysuit set

For the Beer Aficionado: Brew Dad and Micro Brew T-Shirt and Bodysuit Set

If you know that the dad-to-be enjoys a nice, cool beer, consider this fun t-shirt and bodysuit set. Dad’s shirt has the words “Brew Dad” in the shape of a mug with a frothy top and the baby’s bodysuit says “Micro Brew.

” With tons of color options, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination for dad and his new little one.

DADA board book

To Match Dad’s Frustration: Your Baby’s First Word Will be DADA Board Book

Both moms and dads want baby to say their names first, but unfortunately for dads, many babies go with mama first. This funny book by Jimmy Fallon is designed to help dads teach their little one to say dada first.

The book is designed to be read to children, but don’t worry, it will keep dad amused too!

The inappropriate baby book

For a Good Laugh for Years to Come: The Inappropriate Baby Book

Keeping a baby book of important memories and milestones from your baby’s first years make a nice keepsake for them when they are older. This will also be a keepsake, but of a much more humorous sort. Here, dad will be able to record funny memories and less widely-shared facts.

For example, a few of the memories to record include “The first person you peed on was__________” and “You were introduced to a rectal thermometer on this day: ___________”

best farter dad and baby T-shirt and bodysuit set

To Let Dad Highlight His Skills: Best Farter Dad and Baby T-Shirt and Bodysuit Set

For a fun play on words, consider this t-shirt and bodysuit set. Dad’s shirt makes a play on the phrase “World’s Best Father,” but, instead, it says “World’s Best Farter/I Mean Father.” The baby’s bodysuit says “Like Farter Like Son.

” This would be a great gift for a dad with a good sense of humor who has a little boy on the way.

The baby Owner´s manual

To Get Prepared: The Baby Owner’s Manual

Just about everything we purchase comes with an owner’s manual and instructions. That is, everything except for babies. This book aims to change that by providing answers to frequently asked questions, diagrams, and helpful instructions.

It is a funny gift that dad will likely get some good use out of during that first year.


For the Grill Master: Daddio of the Patio Grilling Apron

This is the perfect gift for the dad who loves to grill. Dad can show off his new title in his new grilling apron. The black apron features the words “Daddio of the Patio.” The apron also includes three pockets where dad can keep tools, spices, and more within easy reach.

player 3 bodysuit

For Daddy’s Future Gamer: Player 3 Has Entered the Game Bodysuit

If dad loves to game, get him excited about his future gaming buddy with this bodysuit. It says “Player 3 Has Entered The Game” and has a picture of a controller. The bodysuit is available in white or gray.

The safe handling tips book

For Seemingly Obvious Tips: The Safe Baby Handling Tips Book

Everyone at the baby shower will be flipping through this book and cracking up. It has visual images for tips for how to take care of and handle a new baby. Each tip includes a “good” and “bad” or “yes” and “no” image.

For example, the tip for washing a baby shows an image of gently wiping baby down with a clean washcloth as “good.” The “bad” example shows spraying baby down with a hose. The front of the book also includes a bonus “Wheel of Responsibility” which alternates mom and dad’s names.

The parents can spin the wheel to see who needs to attend to the next baby-related task.

Go the fuck to sleep book

To Help Make Light of Those Long Nights: Go the F**k to Sleep Book

Sleepless nights are an all-too-familiar aspect of parenting. New parents want nothing more than a good night’s sleep. This book includes hilarious text highlighting what all new parents want: their children to just go to sleep!

pacifier set

To Help Reduce Noise: Mute Button Pacifier Set

This gift will be funny, yet also appreciated by dad since it may actually work. The set of two pacifiers includes on that says “mute button” and one that says “Pull to Sound Alarm.” While humorous, the sayings on the pacifiers are also pretty spot on!

Experimenting with babies book

For the Lifelong Learner: Experimenting with Babies Book

Let dad learn more about how baby learns and develops with this book. The book includes different projects that dad can complete with babies through toddlers to understand their growth, help them improve and develop skills, and see how they view the world.

baby bottle

To Give Dad a Drinking Buddy: Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle

Dad may be feeling sad that he won’t be able to get of out the house with his friends as much. Show him that the new baby can become his new drinking buddy with this baby bottle that looks like a lager bottler.

It is designed to be safe for babies to use and is made from a BPA and phthalate-free plastic with a food-grade silicone nipple. The bottle holds 10 ounces, so baby will be able to use it for some time to come.

cutie Pi bodysuit

For the Math Wiz: Cutie Pi Bodysuit

If dad has a math-based profession or just loves math, this “Cutie Pi” bodysuit is a great gift. Rather than the word “Pi” it has the mathematical symbol for pi under the word “Cutie.

” The bodysuit is available in black, red, bright pink, or light pink.

The new dads survival guide

To Help Dad Survive: The New Dad’s Survival Guide

For down-to-earth facts, advice, and realities, the New Dad’s Survival Guide is sure to help dad make it through the first year. This book is written in a hilarious tone. It is a military-style guide that includes advice and tips on making it through everything from pregnancy on.

set of 5 bodysuits

For the Beatles Lover: Beatles Lyrics Set of 5 Bodysuits

If dad is a Beatles fan, this set of bodysuits can help him pass his love of the Fab Four onto his son or daughter. The set includes snippets of lyrics from popular songs and images to go with them. They say: “Hey Jude,” “A Hard Day’s Night,” Let It Be,” “I am the Walrus,” and “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.


To Help Dad Make it to Baby’s Birth: Drinking for Three T-Shirt

“I’m eating for two” is a common phrase you hear pregnant ladies say. This shirt gives dad his own spin on this saying. It says, “She’s Eating for Two, I’m Drinking For Three.” It can let dad have some fun saying he’s taking one for the team and drinking extra since his wife or partner can’t.

bibs set

To Give Dad Some Laughs During Feedings: Funny Statement Bandana Bibs

This set of five bibs includes amusing statements related to what baby is “drinking.” The sayings include “Straight from the tap,” “Home brewed,” and “I’ll take a glass of your house white.

” Give dad something funny to look down at when he is feeding baby.

buff baby rattle

For a Workout Buddy: Buff Baby Dumbbell Baby Rattle

Just because baby will be little, it doesn’t mean they can’t be dad’s new workout buddy. This baby rattle is designed to look like a dumbbell. Baby can shake it alongside of dad, and they can get pumped together.

daddy shark T-shirt

To Help Accept the Inevitable: Daddy Shark T-Shirt

It’s only a matter of time until the new baby is old enough to request “Baby Shark” on repeat. Prepare dad and let him embrace the unavoidable with this Daddy Shark t-shirt. The shirt is available in black, navy, asphalt, white, and dark heather gray.

How to Pick a Funny Baby Shower Present for Dads

When looking for a funny gift for a new dad, there are a few different things you want to consider. First, be sure to consider dad’s personality.

Pick a gift that he’s likely to see the humor in. Different people can have very different senses of humor, and you don’t want to pick something that will offend the dad-to-be.

Another thing you should think of for baby gifts is the rest of the guests who will be at the baby shower. You may need to tone down your gift or save it for a more private time depending on who will be there. For example, if the mom-to-be’s grandmother will also be in attendance, it may be embarrassing to her or the new dad if you give a gift with a sexual reference.

Thinking about the father’s profession can also help you in selecting a funny gift.

There are many gifts for dads like t-shirts, bodysuits, mugs, pacifiers, and more for either dad, baby, or both with puns related to different professions. Dad may get a kick out of something that references his job.

Another thing to think about for mens baby shower gifts is dad’s likes. If he is a big movie or sports, fan, you may be able to find a funny gift related to something he loves.

Once you’ve selected the perfect gift for the new dad, the next thing you can think about is how you want to wrap it. Sure, you could just cover the box with some wrapping paper or place it in a gift bag, but why not make the way you present your gift be as unique as the gift itself?

Both your gift and your gift wrapping are sure to be the topic of conversation at the baby shower!

Being a new dad isn’t easy. Your friend or family member is going to need more humor and advice to help get them through the first year and beyond.

Final Words

Hopefully we’ve helped you select the right gift that perfectly captures the sense of humor of the new dad you’re shopping for.

What other gifts have you purchased for a new dad that have made them laugh? Don’t forget to share this article with all your friends to help inspire someone else to find that perfect gift!

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