38 Gifts for Bass Players To Really Strike a Chord

Maybe they’re a punk rocker with an electric guitar. Maybe they play an upright for a formal orchestra.

Good gifts for bass players can be appreciated by musicians from all walks of life, so here are just a few ideas for celebrating a special occasion with a themed present!

Gift Ideas For Bass Players

<license plate frame

To Put the Pedal to the Metal: Like Most Musicians License Plate Holder

The funniest license plate holders are the ones that speak the truth, so this particular model should make your favorite bassist howl with laughter. It’s designed for rear bumpers, and it says, “Like Most Musicians, You’re Following a Bass Player.

” It’ll fit any standard size license plate and can be mounted with two pre-drilled holes located in its heavy-duty black metal.

electric bass player bobblehead

When Their Music Is to Die For: Seven-Inch Day of the Dead Electric Bass Player Bobblehead

Perfect for the boho musician in your life, this fun, colorful figurine trades the usual bobblehead for a guy with headphones perched atop a sugar skull. He’s holding a bass guitar over jeans and a t-shirt, so he’s ready to join your indie band at any time.

His body is made with durable, hand-painted resin, and he measures 7 x 3 x 4 inches total. Stick him on a desk or shelf; let him watch over a recording session in the studio. He’ll bring good luck in the spirit of Dia de Muertos.

fender bass guitar patent print

If They Should’ve Been Born in Another Time: Fender Bass Guitar Patent Print

Do they obsess over the music of Les Claypool and John Paul Jones? Do they sigh wistfully when they think about playing at Carnegie Hall? If your bass player would’ve been right at home in the 1950s, this is the art print for them.

It depicts the real patent application for a Fender bass guitar in 1959, and it’s been aged with a waterlogged, sepia-toned design to give it an authentically vintage look. It’ll become an instant talking piece in their home or recording studio!

guitar cell phone bag

For the Female Bass Player: Women’s Guitar Shape Rivet Crossbody Bag

Who says that girls can’t rock? If you know a female bassist who can play Nirvana just as well as the boys, this is the bag for her. It’s shaped like an electric guitar and adorned with black stitches, silver stars and a metal chain for a shoulder strap, so it’ll be an excellent fashion piece, but it’ll also serve as a genuinely convenient purse with lots of pockets for storage.

She’ll be able to carry everything from guitar picks to lipstick tubes in a single, handy location.

victrola navigator

To Combine the Past and the Present: Victrola Navigator 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player

While not strictly for bassists, this record player will be wonderful for music lovers in general. It has a vintage look straight out of the 1950s, and it can play everything from vinyl records to old-fashioned cassettes and CDs, but it’s actually a modern entertainment center.

When you peek under the lid, you’ll find Bluetooth technology, Mac/PC software and USB cables galore. If you know someone who’s always wanted to make their own copy of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, this is how they can do it.

coffee mug

For the Java Junkie: Guitar Handle Music Note Ceramic Coffee Mug

Guitar mugs come in all shapes and sizes, but this one goes the extra mile by crafting the handle in the shape of a bass! The neck is curved in a cool, gravity-defying way for easy handling, and it attaches solidly to the cup so that you’ll never have to worry about spills.

It can hold up to 13.5 ounces of coffee, tea, soup, hot chocolate and more. It’s safe for both microwaves and dishwashers. You can even order the bass in multiple colors if they have a beloved red or blue guitar that you want to mimic!

3D bass guitar led color lamp

To Light the Way: 3D Bass Guitar LED Color Changing Optical Illusion Lamp

Cycling through a half-dozen colors, this lamp will be a funky gift for a funky guy or gal. Rather than using traditional light bulbs, it operates through LED technology, and its colors can flicker from blue to white to purple with the touch of a button.

It’s recharged through an accompanying USB cable. Best of all, it’s shaped like a bass guitar! They’ll be able to drift off into dreamland with a bass as a lullaby.


No Dictionary Required: Bass Player Definition T-Shirt

How do you define a bass player? With this t-shirt, it’s easy. They’re the person “responsible for keeping everyone together,” and they avoid “pointless drama” by staying “in a really relaxed state.” See also: “forever employed.

” If you know a bass player who would crack up at how much this describes them, you’ve just found the t-shirt that they can wear to all of their practice sessions.

decorative hooks

A Fun Option for Home Decor: Vintage Guitar Shaped Decorative Hooks

Shaped like the heads of several different guitars, these hooks will be a fun, unusual way for your friend to add some visual interest to their foyer. Despite the fact that each guitar has a distinct shape and color, they’re all vintage, so they tie together thematically even while they hang together as a functional household object.

They can be used for jackets, coats, keys, umbrellas and more.

birthday card

Because It Only Comes Once Per Year: Bass Guitar Pop Up Birthday Card

Anyone can receive a birthday card. How many people can receive a pop-up birthday card with a dazzling electric guitar springing to life as soon as the cover is flipped open? It’s completely blank, so you can fill it with whatever well-wishes that you desire; its only designs are the pop-up guitar and the swirl of red musical notes everywhere.

You have plenty of room to play!

picture frame

For the Family Man: Guitar Body Shaped Music Picture Frame

If his family is the only thing more precious to him than his sheet music, this is a gift that can decorate his wall and nourish his soul. Like its name suggests, it’s shaped like the body of a guitar, and it comes with acrylic-covered picture windows to display two 4 x 6 photos and two 3 x 4 photos.

Its material is a sturdy, medium-density fiberboard, and it’s available in both a black and a natural wood color. Help him cherish his loved ones with a unique picture frame meant just for musicians!

cutting board

Cheese, Wine and Fretboards: Kikkerland Bamboo Guitar Cutting Board

Made with all-natural bamboo, this wooden cutting board is clean, stylish and suitable for everyday use. There’s a “lip” for catching crumbs and juices, and the polished surface is so smooth that it never holds on to odors, stains or other undesirable things.

Did we mention that it’s shaped like a guitar? Your gift recipient will have all of their favorite things in one place as they cook and celebrate music.

music T-shirt

So Punny You Forgot to Laugh: Stay Out of Treble Bass Music T-Shirt

“Good Bass Players Stay Out of Treble.” It might make them groan, but secretly, they’ll love it. They’ll also love the soft, comfortable material that comes pre-shrunk for maximum convenience, and they’ll appreciate the fact that you ordered it in a size, cut and color that suits them.

They can wear this shirt during everything from weekend jam sessions to rehearsals for major orchestras!

speed cube

To Keep Them Sharp: Speed Cube 3 x 3 x 3 Music Notes Design

It can be harder than it seems to memorize the differences between E, F and G. Why don’t you make it fun? Designed like a Rubik’s cube with multiple squares on multiple sides, this hand-held puzzle is printed with musical notes, and it’s solved by getting them all in the right order.

In addition to teaching your gift recipient how to recognize the notes by sight, it’ll also strengthen their general problem-solving skills.

lapel pins

When They Clean Up Well: Two-Piece Guitar Microphone Enamel Lapel Pins

You can’t show up to a fancy gig in a plaid shirt and ripped jeans, so if your bass player needs a little help to elevate their look, consider these lapel pins. One is an electric guitar; the other is a microphone.

They have a traditionally masculine cut but could just as easily be repurposed for women’s bags or blouses. All things considered, they’ll make a great gender-neutral gift for semi-formal occasions.

guitar pro care cleaner kit

For the Beginner: Guitar Pro Care Cleaner Kit Bundle

You might not want to buy this for an experienced musician who already has their own tools, but if you know a newbie who’s just starting to strum Stairway to Heaven, this kit can offer everything that they’ll need to keep their bass in shape.

It comes with string winders, cutting pliers, lubricant sticks, Allen keys, guitar polish and more. Everything can be stored in a convenient zip-up pouch when not in use. One of the most important parts of playing an instrument is taking good care of it, and the good news is that it’s quite easy with a toolkit like this one!

feel the bass decal

A Deep Thrum for the Soul: Feel the Bass Decal

This is another bada** boast for bass players. It says, “You hear the music, but you feel the bass.” It’s such a popular quote that you can find it on all kinds of shirts, mugs, art prints and key chains, but for something a little different, consider it as a decal.

Your gift recipient can apply it to everything from laptops to car windows, so it’ll be a fun, flexible item with a lot of potential uses.

bass players to know paperback

To Celebrate the Legacy of the Instrument: Bass Players To Know Paperback

Bass Players To Know: Learning From The Greats is a must-read for bassists. Not only does it serve as a “who’s who” guide for all of the major bass players of the last century, but it’s also filled with facts, stories and historical truths that will deepen the reader’s understanding of the music scene in general.

It’ll be informative for everyone from high school band members to experienced musicians playing on the professional circuit.

electric guitar miniature replica

For the World’s Tiniest Rendition of Billie Jean: Natural Wood Bass Electric Guitar Instrument Miniature Replica

Measuring just seven inches tall, this miniature guitar can be added to desks, lockers, shelves, bookcases and anywhere else that could use a little funk or punk. It has a remarkable amount of detail packed into its small, carefully-crafted frame, and you’d never know that it was made from resin rather than wood.

You can leave it in a fabric-trimmed carrying case or prop it up on a tiny metal stand. It’ll be a nice little display item for bass players.

pencil holder

For the Rock Star With a Day Job: Decorative Desktop Guitar Rocker Pencil Holder

He might be Jimi Hendrix by night, but everyone has to work for a living. Fortunately, office supplies like this can provide a little fun and whimsy to even the most dreadful of cubicles! A metal man is playing a guitar next to an empty, barrel-shaped container that can be filled with pens, pencils, staples, paper clips and other doodads.

You could even stick some candy or fake plants in there if you wanted. It’s all in one piece, so it can be moved to different desks and shelves with ease. If he’d appreciate a little funk and soul in his workplace, this is how to bring it!

paintings guitar picks

To Play the Bass on a Starry Night: 12-Pack Van Gogh Famous Paintings Guitar Picks

Bassists can have strong opinions about using guitar picks, but this collection is so cool that even the snobbiest person you know will have to admit that they’re something else. There are 12 in total, and each one depicts a scene or element from Vincent van Gogh’s most famous artwork.

There’s Almond Blossom; there’s Wheatfield With Crows. If your friend has a large space in their Venn diagram where “art nerd” meets “music lover,” they should adore these fun and unique guitar picks.

 music note coffee mug

A Quiet Tribute to Their Boss: Eff You Music Note Coffee Mug

If they can’t function without their morning cup of joe, this mug will give them a dose of humor to go along with their caffeine. It can also be used as a weapon against annoying colleagues and co-workers.

It depicts an F Chord on top of the word “You,” so when you put them together, you get an idea of what the person really thinks about Monday morning meetings. Best of all, only musicians will understand the joke, so they’ll be employing a stealthy sort of snark.

street sign

Won’t You Be My Neighbor: Bass Guitar Player Street Sign

“Bass Guitar Player Ave.” If this sounds like the kind of place that your gift recipient would love to live, get them a street sign to decorate their room, garage or recording studio. Available in sizes that range from 6 x 18 inches to 11 x 36 inches, it can be a large, attention-grabbing feature or just a small decorative item to rest above a desk or add some pizazz to a bookcase.

It’ll be a nice little gift to stick in a gift basket or holiday stocking for your favorite bassist.

guitar tab manuscript paper

For a Creative Spirit: Guitar Tab Manuscript Paper

Another useful item for beginners, this notebook can help a bass player start writing their own music. It includes chord grids, fretboard diagrams, tablature staves and more. There’s even a rhythm tab legend that can be used as a reference point as they compose! There are 80 blank pages in total, so they’ll have plenty of room to play around, and the notebook’s compact size makes it easy to transport from place to place.

Give this gift to someone who wants to make music but needs a little help in getting started.


For That Special Someone: I Pick You Stainless Steel Guitar Pick Key Chain

Perfect for bass players and the people who love them, this key chain has a stainless steel pick attached to a ring, and it declares, “I Pick You Always and Forever.” You can also order a variant that says, “I’d Pick You Every Time.

” Regardless of your choice, it’ll be a sweet, thoughtful token for a couple with an interest in bass playing, and it’s something that your loved one will be able to carry everywhere.

pillow cover

To Spruce Up Their Studio: Music Lover Embroidered Pillow Cover

Do they collect throw pillows? Or maybe they just have an uncomfortable couch in their recording studio that’s in desperate need of something soft and comfy. While this is just a pillowcase and not a pillow itself, it’s worth buying for the quote alone: “Music is life.

That’s why our hearts have beats.” You can also order a pillowcase from the same manufacturers that says, “When words fail, music speaks.”

heartbeat T-shirt

When Their Pulse Beats to the Tune of the Bass: Bass Guitar Player Heartbeat T-Shirt

Available in multiple colors, sizes and fits, this t-shirt will be a nice gift for any type of bass player. It doesn’t matter if they’re a grizzled old rock star or a young girl learning to glam it up like Joan Jett.

The simple heartbeat design will showcase their love of the guitar, and you can order a fit and shade that suits them, so it’ll be a welcome addition to their wardrobe as a musician with style.


Because Hydration is Important: World’s Okayest Bass Player Tumbler

Available in red, black, blue and pink, this tumbler will be a stylish gift for people on the go. It has a volume capacity of 16 ounces, so it can hold an entire afternoon’s worth of coffee, tea or juice; thanks to its double-walled insulation, it could even be used as a thermos-like container for soup.

It’ll definitely keep a bass player warm during long hours of practice. The icing on the cake is the text that says “World’s Okayest Bass Player.”

keepsake decorations musician

For the Well-Decorated Bassist: Fronted Keepsake Memorabilia Decorations Musician

If they’ve won any ribbons or trophies for their music, they’ll need a good place to display them. This memory box can be easily mounted to a wall with its fixed back hinges, and it measures several inches deep for filling with multiple kinds of goods.

Semi-reinforced glass will protect its contents while simultaneously showing them off. A colorful guitar design on the back insert will just look cool!

coaster set

To Add Some Shine to Their Home Decor: Four-Pack Ambesonne Jazz Music Coaster Set

Invoking the trendy music scene of New York, these coasters depict a jazz singer with an upright bass player as they serenade the streets of the Big Apple. Despite their stylish appearance, they’re made with a durable, gloss-coasted hardwood, so they’re ready to function as real coasters.

There are four in every pack if your gift recipient is the type to host guests. You could even buy multiple packs for a big party!

tree ornament

For an Orchestral Christmas: Upright Bass Tree Ornament

If you waved a magic wand and turned a real upright bass into a holiday ornament, it would look a little something like this. It has such fine craftsmanship that you can see the grooves on its neck! As for hanging it on a tree, there’s a looped string that makes it easy; another option is to display it on a desk or prop it up on a baby grand.

It’s versatile enough to be a fun and flexible gift for upright bass players of all types.

barbecue tool set

To Sizzle That Steak: Rock Guitar Style Stainless Steel Two-Piece Barbecue Tool Set

If they love their burgers with the same enthusiasm that they love their bass, this barbecue set will combine their passions in one awesome gift. It comes with a spatula and a pair of tongs, two must-haves for the grill, but the tools have been given extra flair through electric guitar shapes.

The handles are ergonomic wood; the flat bottoms are heavy-duty stainless steel. They’ll be perfect for the rock star who also doubles as a grill master.

vintage iron musician clock

So They’ll Never Miss a Gig: Classic Vintage Iron Musician Clock

You can never have too many metal men playing the guitar! With a similar design to the pencil holder that we’ve already featured, this small, stylish clock will bring good vibes to a desk, shelf or bedside table.

It’s made of iron and has old-school Roman numerals for a vintage feel. If you want a unique gift for bass players, this is it!


For Flaunting Her Figure: Women’s Ultra Soft High Waist Music Note Leggings

With their fun, refreshing print of musical notes, these leggings will be an instant head-turner when she’s out and about. They’ll also be quite comfortable when she’s practicing or recording for hours at a time! They’re made with a soft, stretchy blend of polyester and spandex, and they’ll offer a lot of give as she’s grooving.

They aren’t specifically meant for bass players, but that’s okay. Music is a universal gift.

bass player is here T-shirt

Because They Aren’t Some Sissy Drummer: Relax the Bass Player Is Here T-Shirt

“Relax, the Bass Player is Here.” You can find this quote on several different t-shirts, so it’s just a matter of choosing one with an attractive design. How about a print with a vibrantly red electric guitar? It’s cut in half to make room for the text, and the word “bass” has been emboldened in a matching red to make it really stand out from the background.

As soon as the wearer walks into a room, there’ll be no mistaking them for anything but a bass player.

art print

When He’s One Cool Cat: Bass Playing Sloth Dictionary Page Book Art Print

Also known as “Jimmy Slothton Is In The Pocket” as a reference to legendary bass player Jimmy Johnson, this art print is sure to get a double-take when displayed in a home or studio. Like its name suggests, it depicts a sunglasses-wearing sloth playing an upright bass, so it’s like the best of jazz, bass, fashion, music and lazy animals combined.

To make things even better, it’s printed on a recycled piece of dictionary paper, so it’s a gift that gives back!

unframed art print

To Help Their Musical Ambitions Take Flight: Music for the Soul Unframed Art Print

“Always Play The Music Your Soul Wants To Hear.” It’s a powerful statement, and through this art print, it’s one that your gift recipient can hang on the wall as a constant reminder of what they do. Even passionate people can have days when they struggle for motivation, but with a beautiful and artistic sentiment like this one, they’ll be able to push through the bad times and keep the bass thrumming in their heart.

How to Buy Good Presents for the Bass Players in your life

Bass players are the coolest members of a music group. Any self-respecting bass player will tell you so! When it comes to buying gifts for these folks, however, it’s easy to get stuck. Here are just few tips and tricks for buying your favorite bassist something that they’ll actually want.

Think About Their Particular Instrument or Playing Style

Do they play acoustic, electric or upright bass? Do they rock out with head-banging death metal, or do they prefer jazz so smooth that you could sip it like coffee? There are many types of bass instruments and twice as many types of players, so don’t make assumptions about who they are and what they like. Do a little digging and find out for sure.

Ask About Their Heroes

Music lovers are always happy to talk about their passion, and this in case, you can mine them for information even as you’re showing interest and support in their hobbies. You don’t have to get fancy. Just ask about their favorite bass players, and when they’re done, plug those names into a search engine and see what pops up. You can get all kinds of ideas if you’re willing to think outside of the box.

Avoid Technical or Specialized Gifts

Unless you’re a bass player yourself, you probably don’t know anything about the specs of their instrument or the tools that they like to use for cleaning, tuning, storing and other kinds of maintenance. Again, don’t make assumptions about these things when you’re buying a gift. It’ll go to waste if you buy them an amp from a brand that they dislike or a string winder that isn’t compatible with their specific kind of guitar!

Combine Their Passions

Are they addicted to coffee? Get them a coffee mug with a funny bass quote that will bring a little levity to their mornings. Do they love fashion? Buy them shirts, pins, purses and novelty socks decorated with little bass instruments. A thoughtful gift is always better than a generic one, especially when you’re combining multiple things that will please your gift recipient. You could even look for customizable gifts to give them something that’s truly one of a kind.

Move over, Paul McCartney! These are just a few great gift ideas for bass players. We’re also open to suggestions if we’ve missed any cool mugs or art prints that are out there. Let us know about the best present that you’ve ever given a bassist!

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