The 50 Best Gift Ideas For Best Friends

Best friends are just that: the BEST! Because of this, a nice gift every so often should definitely be on the agenda.

However, you don’t want to gift something generic or boring. That’s why I’ve taken the time to compile a list of 50 special gifts for your BEST friends, women and men alike (25 for each!).

We considered organizing them by age group, but who’s to say a 50-year-old wouldn’t love a manly “Harry Potter” beer mug (with shot glass!) and a 20-year-old wouldn’t adore an “I Love Lucy” purse mug.

Because of this, the list simply features a ton of unique, non-generic, gifts for your special besties!

50 Gifts For Best Friends

purse mug

You got some s’plaining to do: “I Love Lucy” Purse Mug

I know what you’re thinking, “mugs are kind of a generic gift, right?” Technically, they could be. However, this isn’t your average mug. It super cute and perfect for someone who loves Lucy and a bit of vintage flair! This 10 oz.

ceramic mug will be the ultimate gift for lovely ladies who enjoy a morning jolt or a warm cup of tea! Or, because it’s so adorable, the recipient can simply display it with the rest of their kitchen décor.

stars heat sensitive mug

Say Something Sweet: Good Friends Are Like Stars Heat Sensitive Mug

This is another way to gift a mug that’s more fun than just giving a run of the mill mug. Upon first glance, it looks like a run of the mill black mug. However, as soon as you put a hot beverage into it, it realizes a sweet message to the recipient.

The mug says, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re there.” This gift would be especially meaningful for a long-distance bestie.

Coopers cask coffee

For the Coffee Addict: Cooper’s Cask Coffee Whiskey and Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

Of course, if you’ve gifted a lovely coffee mug, you need some lovely coffee to go along with it! Cooper’s Cask Coffee company pairs its single-origin sourced coffee beans with Sons of Liberty’s award-winning whiskey and Thomas Tew Rum and Kentucky Bourbon barrels.

These are individually crafted artisan roasters that are whole beans and not from a blend of bland, low-quality beans. Don’t just take our word for it; check out raving reviews from whiskey and coffee drinking blogs worldwide.

You can gift four Barrel-Aged Coffee flavors in a handsome box set. Kentucky Bourbon (Colombian), American Single Malt Whiskey (Sumatra), Rye Whiskey (Ethiopian), and Rum (Rwanda) barrel-aged coffee.

distance relationship mug

Have Coffee Together: Personalized Long-Distance Relationship Mug

The mug is perfect for reminding your long-distance bestie that you love them and miss them! There are six personalization steps. First, you can choose the aesthetic and mug size.
· 11 oz. white mug
· 11 oz.

white mug with black handle
· 15 oz. white mug
Second, you pick your city/state or country. They will put the silhouette of it onto the cup.
Third, you can customize the silhouette by color. The choices are:
· Pink
· Aqua
· Sunset
· Island breeze
· Magic
· Orange
· Blue
· Ice
· Rainbow
· Red
· Green
· Yellow
Fourth and fifth, you enter your best friend’s city/state or country, and pick their location’s color.

Finally, you can even change the beginning of the quote on the mug. It starts with, “Together forever.” However, you can even change the beginning of the quote to something else you want, such as “besties forever.

lamps by filimin

Light Up Each Other’s Life: Set of 2 Friendship Lamps by Filimin

This lamp is SO COOL. You touch your Friendship Lamp, and your bestie’s lamp lights up the same color as yours! Then your best friend responds by touching her lamp, and they’ll both light up with a new shade! After you connect your lamp to your Wi-Fi, you guys can delight yourself with over 250 color possibilities.

Plus, you’re not limited to a two-person friendship only. The lights do come as a pre-paired set of two, but they can be added to an existing group, or you can expand your group with more lamps later! You can even choose the pattern of the shade.

Go classy with the Tiffany pattern or go minimalist modern with no design on your 8-inch lamp.


Friendship Bracelet: “Not Sisters by Blood But Sisters by Heart” Jewelry

Nothing says besties like best friend bracelets! This bracelet is high-quality brass, lead-free, nickel-free and hypoallergenic, making it a safe way and pretty way to say, “I love you” to your best friend.

It’s adjustable so you can gift it to friends of any size. If this bracelet isn’t quite their style, you can have a few other options. Other options include:
· A bar bracelet in silver
· This double circle bracelet in silver
· A heart necklace in silver
· A (beautiful) rose bracelet in rose gold
· The rose bracelet in silver
Plus, this jewelry comes in a lovely package, so it’s ready to be gifted!

macrame photo display

The Picture of Perfection: Macramé Photo Display

This macramé photo display is a perfect gift for your friend. It’ll help dress up their space and provide a way to display all your memories together. It comes in an ivory color as well. This macramé is a casual and artistic way to display twenty-five beautiful photos.

And due to the removable wood clips, they can change up the pictures with ease any time they want to refresh their space!

Fujifilm instax mini camera

Help Them Take More Pictures: Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera with Fuji Instant Film

If you get them the macramé photo display, you should definitely get them this Polaroid-style camera. It’s simple to use and comes with everything they’d need to start filling the photo display including:
· The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera
· Two instant film 20-packs
· Camera case with an adjustable strap
· 64-photo album
· Selfie lens
· Four colored filters
· Ten hanging frames
· Ten clips and string
· 60 sticker frames
· Five plastic stand-up frames
· Microfiber cleaning cloth
This Polaroid-style camera develops and prints photos instantly.

Plus, this camera comes in five fun and cute colors to fit any personality.
· Cobalt Blue
· Flamingo Pink
· Lime Green
· Smokey White
· Ice Blue (the one linked. Isn’t it adorable!?!)

mermaid tail sherpa

For the Magical Queen: Catalonia Mermaid Tail Sherpa with Non-slip Neck Strap

Snuggling with a regular throw blanket on the couch can be boring. This is a much more fun option! This is a super soft lambswool Sherpa inner layer to provide the ultimate warmth and comfort … in the shape of a mermaid tail! To make this snuggly blanket even better, it comes with a detachable stay up shoulder strap, so her mermaid tail won’t slide down.

Plus, the blanket is 67-inches by 22.5-inches, so it’s big enough for most adults to slide on into for an ultra-comfy chill session. It comes in blue, green, pink and purple, so you have plenty of choices when matching it to your best friend’s décor!

table coasters

For Those Who Have A Dark Sense of Humor: Don’t F**k Up the Table Coasters

Depending on the kind of person your friend is, they’ll probably love these. These are actual absorbent coasters with a hilarious quote to remind her other friends to respect the furniture. They have a cute and classy white marble style ceramic top to help capture moisture from cold drinks and protect surfaces from hot drinks.

This is a 6-piece set with a durable cork back that also helps protect furniture and tabletops from scratches and scraps. So basically, functional and super funny!

cocktail book

For Fun Cocktail Recipes: “Women’s Libations” Cocktail Book

This is a must-have book for any lady who loves delicious libations. This is a punny cocktail guide filled with practical instruction and adorable illustrations done by Brooklyn-based long-time bartender Merrily Grashin that toasts feminist heroes and social movements that shaped us.

Each recipe features an original illustration and a brief explanation of the historical figure, event or movement in women’s history upon which the drink is based. This recipe book delivers fun twists on classic cocktails as well as inventive new adult beverages! You’ll find 75 recipes perfect for even novice home bartenders.

Such cocktails as:
· Joan of Arc & Stormy
· Vermouth Bader Ginsberg (Personal fav)
· Emma Gold-Manhattan
· Rosé the Riveter
· Simone de Boulevardier
· Margaret Sanger-ia


For the SERIOUS Bruncher: Chambong

These are champagne flutes for the serious brunch lover. They are less than traditional as they are champagne bongs. As in, instead of doing beer bongs, your best friend can do champagne bongs at brunch! This is a set of two 6 oz.

chambong flutes made of durable, crystal clear, hand-blown glass. Not included is the stand (also available for purchase), but it definitely would complete this novelty gift for your party-loving, brunch-munching, lovely-lady best friend!

vintage women wine glass charms

For Social Drinking: Savvy Design Store Funny Vintage Women Wine Glass Charms

Warning: these are so fun your friend might just end up drinking everything out of a wine glass marked with one of these hilarious charms. They’re just the thing to add a bit of flair to every cocktail hour! Wine charms are a great way for yourself/your friend and guests to keep track of their glass.

This is a sassy set of 6, featuring phrases like:
· “Oh look, it’s winethirty”
· “Wine. How classy people get wasted”
· “Wine goes in. Happiness comes out”
These will definitely be a real crowd-pleaser of a gift, and they are delivered in an organza gift bag, so the only work you need to do is purchase them!

red wine

Oenophiles (wine lovers) for Life: Menage A Trois California Red Wine

Don’t be fooled by the small price tag. This is actually a delicious bottle of Wine. It’s a lovely blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. To add complexity and retain the character, each variety was fermented separately, then blended together before bottling.

This is perfect for a lovely lass that loves grilled meats and chicken as the forward, silky and soft, and delicious dalliance will pair perfectly! The epitome of California wine this red exposes the fresh, ripe, jam-like fruit with bold blackberry and raspberry flavors shining through!

rose quarts wine gems

Ice, Ice, Baby: Twine 6154 Garden Party Rose Quartz Wine Gems

Ohhh, girl! These are so luxuriously gorgeous! And to think, they’re just reusable ice cubes. No, really, you simply freeze these rose quartz wine gems for four hours and drop them into your glass so you can enjoy your luxurious libation all night long without dilution.

However, they are better than your average reusable ice cubes because these are made from beautifully polished rose quartz. You can gift this set of six to the classiest of wineo’s but encourage them to drink responsibility because it might be a challenge given how pretty these are! Luckily, the set includes a storage pouch, so they can keep them out of sight if they have too!

Eat pretty paperback

For Those Working on A Healthy Mindset: “Eat Pretty – Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out”

This comes as a Kindle download or a paperback, whichever your bestie prefers. But this is an awesome little book that reveals the latest research-based on secrets of true beauty. It is a collection of inspirational wisdom that promotes a healthy and happy relationship with food and body.

It will encourage the reader to opt for only healthy and delicious. However, the ingredients in the book are multi-beneficial. Jolene Hart writes it, a Health Coach, who is certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

She is also the founder of the pioneering beauty coaching practice Beauty is Wellness. This book is the embodiment of that!

wood bucket ice cream maker

For the Ice Cream Queen: Nostalgia ICMW400 4-Qt Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

You might end up ordering one of these for yourself because it’s that epic. This bad boy is a 4-quart ice cream maker that looks like an old fashioned wooden churning bucket. That’s what makes this such a charming gift! It’s very nostalgic.

Plus, this particular gift comes with eight individual packets of high-quality premium vanilla crème ice cream mix. That total 16-quarts of deliciousness. Your best friend simply needs milk and heavy cream, and they are ready to go! Furthermore, there is an easy to clean plastic liner and a see-through lid for easy viewing.

Got to look at the deliciousness in action!

NuWave air fryer

For Your Fried Food Loving Bestie: NuWave Air Fryer

NuWave is the highest-rated air fryer for years in a row, so that’s the brand we’d recommend. However, feel free to peruse other brands if you so feel the need. Still, you have a 3-qt, a 6-qt (this guy!) and a 10-qt so that it can accommodate singles and families! It uses super-heated air and a special air-flow designed to cook crispy, delicious fried foods without messy oil, extra fats and calories.

It can even be used to cook from frozen. This size can be used to cook 3 pounds of French fries, four chicken breasts, over 2 pounds of wings and so much more. However, it won’t eat up a ton of counter space!

voodoo doll knife holder

For Those with A Dark Sense of Humor: Voodoo Doll Knife Holder

This might be considered crude humor, but this is a “humanoid” shaped knife block which appears to be impaled when the set of 5 knives are in the block. It will bring joy and laughter to your friend’s home (so long as they appreciate a little darkness).

In addition to being funny, it is also incredibly functional. The knives are constructed with heavy-gauge stainless steel for razor-sharp precision cutting. In the set they’ll receive:
· The humanoid knife holder
· A bread knife
· A cooking knife
· Two universal knives
· A peeling knife

cutting board

For the Perfectionist: Perfectionist Cutting Board

Part gag gift, part enabling your best friend’s obsessive-compulsive behavior: this is a beautiful bamboo cutting board for the perfectionist in your life! It features a permanent and precise laser engraved dice and cuts measurements that will not fade over time.

With this board, they’ll be able to achieve a perfect:
· Fine julienne
· Julienne
· Batonnet
· Fine brunoise
· Brunoise
· Small dice
· Medium dice
· Large dice
Plus, it is crafted from thick, durable bamboo that is easy to clean and won’t break or split!

sand & sky face mask

Help Her Pamper Herself: Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Pore Refining Face Mask

Clay masks are all the rage right now. This face mask has the internet freaking out because it detoxifies, brightens, and minimizes pores’ appearance in just ten minutes using 100 percent natural and organic Australian ingredients.

Plus, this mask is cruelty-free, PETA approved, 100 percent vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free. It comes with the super cute Sand & Sky silky-soft applicator brush that helps get the most out of the mask by allowing the user to get even coverage and limit product waste! It’s literally been described by reviewers as the “best mask EVERRRRR!” And that, my friends, is a direct quote!

flowchart book

For the Intellectual: “The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions – A Flowchart Book”

This humorous guide answers all of life’s difficult questions, such as:
· Will I survive this hangover? (Probably not.)
· Should I cancel my plans? (YES! Cancel immediately.)
· Am I having a quarter-life crisis? (Probably.

· Do I even like this person? (Nope, nope, nope.)
It does so with a collection of 54 charmingly illustrated flowcharts and pros-and-cons lists that discuss these all-too-real questions. Everything from the mundane to the life-changing! Your friend will find funny yet invaluable advice that will be sure to give them a little chuckle and prove that every question they’ve ever had is completely valid!!!

yoga kit

For Your Yogi: Sivan Health & Fitness Yoga Kit

Yoga is the most relaxing form of working out, and this 6-piece set will make it easier than ever to do yoga in the comfort of your bestie’s own home. It comes with an ultra-thick ½” memory foam 71-inch by 24-inch yoga mat that’s ribbed on one side and smooth on the other.

It features a non-slip surface to prevent injuries and has an integrated carry strap.
Additionally, this set comes with:
· 2 Yoga Blocks
· 68-inch by 24-inch yoga mat towel
· 30-inch by 20-inch yoga hand towel
This set is great for yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning exercises.

the little book of life hacks book

For Some Gentle Guidance: “The Little Book of Life Hacks – How to Make Your Life Happier, Healthier, and More Beautiful”

This is a book for tips for looking and feeling better. Plus, streamlining and improving your home life and creating fun and artsy DIY projects to brighten your day and living space! The book is written by Yumi Sakugawa, based on her tips post called “Secret Yumiverse” on WonderHowTo.

com. Your best friend will find practical advice and fun tips for everything from how to:
· Remove dark circles from under her eyes
· Make cold brew iced coffee at home
· Throw the perfect apartment party on a budget
· Work out at home without a gym membership
· Take the ideal afternoon power nap

Plus, it features Yumi’s signature charming hand-drawn illustrations!

sleep mask

For the World’s Best Napper: LilySilk Sleep Mask

This is the ultimate nap pack. Your bestie will get two Grade 6a, 100 percent pure and long fiber mulberry silk sleep masks with two pairs of earplugs. This will help her enjoy a restful sleep at home, but she’ll also be able to enjoy uninterrupted, deep, restful sleep while traveling, camping, at a hotel, on a train or anywhere else she finds herself! The masks are large size (specifically 8.

66-inch by 3.93-inch) for better light blocking without putting pressure on the eyes. The strap is adjustable so she can get a fit that doesn’t move or fall off while sleeping but is still super comfy! This set comes with a rosy pink and a black mask, but you can purchase individual masks in any of these colors:
· Black
· Blue
· Dark Teal
· Gold
· Ivory
· Light Blue
· Light Plum
· Pale Turquoise
· Rosy Pink
· Silvergrey
· White

beer mug and shot glass

For the Potterhead: “I Solemnly Swear That I’m Up to No Good” Beer Mug & Shot Glass

What’s manlier than a beer mug? Probably not a Harry Potter beer mug… However, Harry Potter fans everywhere will love this beer mug and shot glass set. They boast the well-known movie quote, “I Solemnly Swear That I’m Up to No Good,” permanently engraved in an eerie font.

The 15 oz. mug will fit a can of beer with ease and the shot glass accommodates a 1 oz. shot of liquor. Or, they can enjoy a nice cold glass of delicious Butterbeer!

whiskey glass set gift box

For Mr. Whiskey: Eyozka Whiskey Glass Set Gift Box

Your friend will never have to deal with watered down whiskey again due to this high-quality gift set. This will be the perfect addition to any home bar accessories. In this set, your friend will get:
· A carefully treated natural pine premium wooden box
· A set of full-sized 11 oz.

crystal whiskey glasses
· Eight natural granite whiskey stones
· A velvet freezer bag
· Non-sticky tongs
· A premium stainless-steel cigar cutter
This set will allow each sip of whiskey to taste the same from start to finish in his beautifully crafted crystal glasses.

Best of all, it all comes packaged in a hardy but gorgeous thick pine stash box.

whiskey barrel head bar sign

For the Home Bar: Personalized Whiskey Barrel Head Bar Sign

This customizable piece of rustic home décor is perfect for your best guy friend’s home bar or man cave. Four lines of text can be personalized to say anything you want (up to 200 characters altogether).

The sign will be made from ACTUAL reclaimed authentic wood barrel lids from your favorite Bourbon Whiskey Makers – Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and others – you’ll usually see the Makers Mark stamped right on them adding a beautiful touch.

The barrel heads are a hardwood oak and have a secure, sturdy backer board on the bottom of the lid to make sure that all the wood slats are held together tightly and get sealed for lasting quality!

BOPOREA stormtrooper glass carafe

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away: BOPOREA Stormtrooper 720 ml Glass Carafe

*Insert Imperial Death March Audio Here* … Coming from a galaxy far, far away, this Stormtrooper glass carafe will be the perfect addition for the Star Wars junkie in your life. It’ll fit a standard 750 ml bottle of your friend’s preferred whiskey and will add a fun flair to their home bar.

The carafe is made of high-quality clear borosilicate glass and is 5mm-thick making it quite durable and hard to break. Once the bottle is filled, the Stormtrooper helmet’s curves and edges will have much more definition and be a real showstopper.

Plus, it comes packaged with Polyethylene foam in a nice gift box, so there’s basically no work involved in this creative gift!

pack beer drinking vest

For the Serious Beer Drinker: EZ Drinker 12-Pack Beer Drinking Vest

Whether it’s Sunday or Monday night football, or just a fun day off, your best bro will LOVE this. He’ll be able to strap a full case of beer right to his chest, so he’ll rarely find himself empty! It’ll be perfect when working around the house or just chilling on the couch.

The drinking vest is adjustable to fit most men and comes with a rugged camo print. Plus, it’s comfortable to wear, yet sturdy because it’s likely to lead to some shenanigans.

mini portable video projector

For His Next Family Night: Mini Projector – 3600L Hompow Smartphone Portable Video Projector

This projector will allow him to connect his smartphone (iPhone & Android compatible) to share videos and photos with the whole family. He’ll also have the ability to connect TV sticks, PC, Notebooks, TV, USB disk, DVD, PS4, Wii, etc.

Almost all multimedia devices are supported. Please note – Netflix and Hulu cannot be streamed through your phone (mirrored displays do not support playback of protected video due to copyright issues).

However, you can get around this by connecting a laptop and playing these streaming services through it!

party board game

For Game Night: Don’t Get Drunk – The Ultimate Party Board Game

This game is only for friends 21 and up! It can accommodate 2-8 plays and 60-90-minutes of game time. It might get him into trouble because it includes intense dares and social media postings. This is the ultimate party game combining classics like beer pong, flip cup, kings cup and more into gameplay.

It’ll be the perfect gift for him to pull out for game nights, barbeques, birthdays, and an occasion where the beer is a-flowing!

popcorn variety pack

For Snack Time: Movie Night Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

Even adults need a little snacky-snack from time to time, and there’s a popcorn flavoring for every taste in their variety pack. The recipient will find these delicious seasonings:
· White cheddar
· Sweet & salty kettle corn
· Chili Lime
· Buttery Caramel
· Sizzling Sriracha
Indulging in some popcorn while watching a movie might seem a little child-like, but with these gourmet flavors, this is the perfect gift for any true foodie! Plus, these flavorful seasonings can also be used to top things like potatoes, nuts and chips.

cards against humanity game

The Best Card Game: Cards Against Humanity

This is seriously the best card game ever. It will be fun for even the most stoic of men. It’s simple to play. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

Some funny question and answer combos can include:
· Black card ‘question’: “And the Academy Award for ____ goes to ____,” with white card ‘answers’: “whining like a little b*tch,” “the entire internet.

” Creating the sentence: “And the Academy Award for whining like a little b*tch goes to the entire internet.”
· Black card ‘question:’ “I drink to forget ____,” with white card ‘answer’: “alcoholism.

” Creating the sentence: “I drink to forget alcoholism.”
The person who lays down a white card that forms the funniest sentences wins the round. Once your best friend plays, he’ll be pulling it out at every gathering!

adult activity book

For Independent Chilling: “F*ck! I’m Bored” – Adult Activity Book

This is a book of 100 things to do to keep your mind and hands busy when you’re bored. It’s perfect for those friends that aren’t huge on the social gathering but instead prefer solitary activities. Activities include:
· Sudoku
· Dot-to-Dot
· Word Searches
· Mazes
· Coloring
· Fallen Phrases
· Math Logic
· Word Tiles
· Spot the Difference
· Where the F*ck did the Other Half Go
· Nanograms
· Brick-by-F*ing-Brick
· Word Scramble
However, this isn’t your average activity book because it’s much more humorous and contains inappropriate language.

This gift is excellent for those who don’t take life too seriously!

100 movies scratch off poste

For Film Buffs: 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – Bucket List Poster

This is a 16.5-inch by 23.4-inch scratch-off poster of critically acclaimed, must-see films. Upon receiving it, your friend will see a poster with a hundred foil-covered squares and can begin watching the best collection of the greatest movies to watch – a combination of AFI & IMDb top 100 – and scratching off the foil to reveal vibrant film icons.

It’ll be an incredibly rewarding experience to work their way through this list of movies, including:
· Star Wars
· Casablanca
· Jaws
· The Shawshank Redemption
· Crash
· Avatar
Plus, it comes wrapped in protective paper in a ready to gift tube packaging making this a unique and simple gift to give! It comes with some extras too.

Included is a scratching tool, so your friend doesn’t have to worry about ruining the poster’s integrity during scratching. Additionally, they’ll receive an eBook of movie quotes!!!

phone holder bed

Make it Easier to Watch Videos in the Kitchen: Phone Holder Bed Gooseneck Mount

Your friend can clamp this on his counter while cooking dinner or cleaning up. He’ll be able to watch Netflix to keep entertained or display recipes on the internet with ease. Conversely, it can be used by lying in bed or on the sofa.

It’s compatible with most iPhones, Androids and the Nintendo Switch. The flexible gooseneck arm allows the phone to be freely adjusted for the best viewing position. The arm is flexible enough for bending into the optimal position but durable enough to withstand repeated use and bending.

men´s cooking kitchen manual

For Men Who Prefer Recipe Cooking: Guide to Buying, Making and Eating Great Food” by Chris Maillard

This book indeed contains easy to follow recipes for even the most fumble-fingered gentlemen in your life. However, the first 60 pages are devoted to basic knowledge to assist in the endeavor of teaching men how to cook anything, rather than just the predetermined dishes.

They’ll find short-cuts and straightforward skills to allow cooking to become an easy, enjoyable activity!

pizza scissors cutter

Because Everyone Loves Pizza: The Jungle Store Blue Pizza Scissors Cutter with Spatula

This would make a great novelty item, but it is also functional enough for use. They’d just slide the spatula under the pizza and cut out their slice. The blade is made from a durable stainless-steel so the edge will stay sharp for long-lasting precision.

Additionally, the non-stick nylon base isn’t going to scratch cookware. Cutting pizza with scissors is definitely more fun than using the average pizza cutter!


For the Home Cook: May the Forks Be with You Apron

This a one size fits all 100 percent cotton apron for the Star Wars fan in your life! The neck is adjustable, and the ties in the back (30-inch by 24-inch) fit men of all shapes and sizes. The apron is thick and durable but is comfortable to wear and machine washable for easy maintenance.

Additionally, it features four pockets, so he’ll have room for tongs, spatulas and grill tools alike!

BBQ grill tool set

For the Grilling God: Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set

This gift is guaranteed to go over well for the avid griller. It’s an extremely high-quality stainless-steel set that comes with:
· A spatula
· Tongs
· Two Skewers
· Wire cleaning brush
· An extra cleaning brush head
· Eight corn holders
· A basting brush
· A snazzy heavy-duty aluminum case
The components of the set are all dishwasher safe and can be easily stored and neatly organized in the carrying case.

Additionally, every tool is rust-resistant for long-lasting reliability.

wood spoons

The Coolest Cooking Utensils Around: Star Wars Wood Spoons

If Star Wars isn’t his thing, this set has numerous design options, including:
· Winnie the Pooh
· Beauty and the Beast
· 3 Christmas themed designs
· Snoopy
· 3 Flower designs
· Halloween
· Game of Thrones
· Harry Potter
· Mario
· Motorcycle
· Nightmare Before Christmas
· Sports
These are made from quality bamboo, so they’re durable and sturdy for use.

However, they can simply be displayed to add a unique and stylish touch to his home or kitchen. This is a set of five that includes a:
· Non-slotted spoon
· Slotted spoon
· Slotted spatula
· Single-hole spoon
· Curved spatula

oven mitt

For Right-Handed Potterheads: Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Oven Mitt

He’ll be able to pick up hot pots and pans almost like magic using this right-handed Harry Potter oven mitt. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present this heat resistant, 100 percent cotton, 7.

5-inch by 11.5-inch glove that will easily maneuver hot items. The mitt features a lovely white exterior with a gold Marauder’s Map designed based on the books and movies, making it the perfect gift for Potterheads.

Use it for heat protection or display it as themed kitchen décor!

cutting board

Dinner Is Coming: Personalized Game of Thrones Cutting Board

Personalized gifts are always the best, and this eco-friendly cutting board can be customized with his house name and date! The cutting board is 10-inch by 14-inches and features the House Stark sigil engraved on to 100 percent bamboo that’s non-absorbent and resists shrinking and warping.

Plus, bamboo is 16 percent harder than walnut and is always beautiful looking!

cotton robe

For Lounging: Personalized Terry Cloth Cotton Robe

Terry cloth robes are perfect for comfy lounging or after shower use. As an added benefit, this one can be personalized with his name or monogram embroidered. There are numerous choices for the embroidery’s thread color (which will go on the left chest of the bathrobe).

Plus, the robe itself comes in a variety of colors to suit every taste, such as:
· Black
· Navy
· Pink
· White
· Charcoal
· Red
· Silver
Furthermore, the high-quality robe is 100 percent water absorbent!

beard grooming kit for men

For Your Bearded Brethren: Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit for Men

This brand uses ONLY natural, organic and the finest quality ingredients in their beard care products. The luxurious beard oil and balm are mostly comprised of:
· Argan oil
· Jojoba oil
· Aloe oil
· Vitamin E
Men who proudly boast burly beards will love this bundle pack for all their beard grooming and maintenance needs.

It comes with:
· Beard oil leave-in conditioner
· Beard balm beeswax butter
· Beard brush
· Beard dual teeth comb
· Sharp beard scissors
· Magnetic bamboo gift box
· A beard grooming eBook
This kit will be sure to leave beards soft, shiny and glorious.

Even a Viking would be envious!

men´s skin care set

For the Rest of His Face:: Thrive Natural Men’s Skin Care Set

This set will pair well with the beard grooming kit above for a full face of luxury! For real though, this is a three-piece set that comes with Thrive face wash, shave oil and face balm for better, healthier skin.

This brand only uses plant-based ingredients without harsh additives. Plus, they contain Costa Rican plant oils that provide powerful anti-oxidant and anti-irritation benefits. These products are cruelty-free, vegan-safe, PABA-free, GMO-free and paraben-free and smell fantastic!

BOOZY soap

Boozy & Bubbly: BOOZY SOAP

This is an excellent gift for wine, whiskey and beer drinkers. It is a 3-pack of soap that is phthalate-free and cruelty-free and is made from crushed oats, apricot seeds, rosemary leaf extract, and real Wine, whiskey, and beer! This soap won’t dry out his skin but cleans as good as other soap they’ve used before without being filled with harmful chemicals.

Plus, this artisan soap ACTUALLY smells good!

muscle recovery bath soak

For Hardworking Men: Coach Soak – Muscle Recovery Bath Soak

Coach Soak comes with a 100 percent guarantee that it will soothe sore muscles and joints. It is formulated with fast-absorbing magnesium flakes, mineral-rich dead sea salts and pure essential oils to speed up his recovery process.

These magnesium flakes absorb faster than Epsom salt to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation efficiently. This bag has been scented with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils for a heavenly aromatherapy experience.

However, you can also purchase other scents if this one won’t suit your friend’s taste. They also have:
· Calming lavender
· Cooling peppermint
· Energizing citrus

shower speaker

Shower Surround Sound: Splash Tunes Pro Dual Shower Speaker

Sometimes you just need to jam out in the shower. However, one speaker just wouldn’t be good enough, so this two-pack is enough, so your friend can have a full-on surround sound concert experience right in their shower.

This combo is waterproof, so it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use and can be suction-cupped to the shower wall or patio table! The Bluetooth capabilities allow the devices to be paired with iPhones, Androids, iPads and any other smart device with Bluetooth! Plus, it’s got a whopping FOURTEEN HOURS of battery life!


And there you have 50 special and UNIQUE gifts for all your besties, men and women alike. These great gifts cover a variety of price ranges and styles, so there’s definitely a little something for everyone on this gift list.

You’ll be able to find an epic, yet heartfelt gift for your bestie’s birthday, Christmas or just because! Some of the presents can even be paired together to create a winning gift basket that they’ll absolutely love!

If you have gifted anything similar to these gifts, let us know your experience. Was it an absolute hit!?! I bet it was.

Plus, feel free to share gift ideas for those who tend to march to a slightly more eccentric drumbeat!

We all know a person who falls into an atypical category, and we need to make sure we have great gift ideas for them too!

50 Best gifts for best friends

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