30 Bleach Gifts That’ll Make Any Fan’s Day

Although it quit airing new episodes in 2012, Bleach continues to be one of the most popular anime shows in the history of anime. On lists ranking the best anime of all time, it consistently shows up at the top along with what are known as the “Shonen Big Four.”

If you have an anime fan in your life, then these 30 great Bleach gifts are sure to delight him/her.

30 Bleach anime Gift Ideas

Bleach anime set 1

You Can Never Go Wrong with the Anime Itself: Bleach Anime Set 1 on Blu-ray

While finding a complete box set of the Bleach anime series isn’t likely to happen, there are tons of DVD and Blu-ray sets of the different seasons. This one is the first Blu-ray collection of the series.

It contains the first several episodes of the anime, where Ichigo Kurosaki meets Rukia and is officially turned into a Shinigami. If you’re going to buy someone a series, it’s usually best to buy them either the first collection or the last collection, as they’ll need the first before watching the others and if they already have the series, they’ll most likely only be missing the last set.

Bleach box set vol 1-21

The Manga Set Is Also a Great Gift: Bleach Box Set Vol. 1-21

If your friend loves the Bleach anime but hasn’t yet read the manga series, this box set collection of the first 21 volumes in the series is a great gift idea. The anime follows fairly closely along with the manga series, so watchers of the show will already be familiar with the story.

It’ll still be great for your friend to experience his favorite show in a whole new medium. Plus, he may get a lot more information from reading the manga than the creators are able to put into the show.

This set also comes with a double-sided poster and an additional collector’s booklet.

samurai foam sword

Collecting and Cosplaying Made Simple: Bleach Officially Licensed Ichigo Kurosaki Samurai Foam Sword

This isn’t a real sword, and it isn’t even made like a real replica. However, it is perfect for cosplay. It has a wooden handle and a wooden saya, but the blade is made of foam. Overall, it’s 39 inches long, and it’s an officially licensed Bleach product, so you know it’s going to be well-made.

If you have a buddy who’s totally into cosplay and wants to dress as Ichigo Kurosaki at his next convention, he will definitely appreciate this sword.

door mat

An Interesting, if Scary, Welcome: Underground Bleach Substitute Soul Reaper Door Mat

Put out by Vanilla Underground, this is another officially licensed Bleach product, and it’s actually really cool. When it comes to anime-themed merchandise, you can always find lots of replicas of their weapons and jewelry, lots of figures and collectible figurines/statues and lots of clothing that features the logo, characters or other related things.

What you don’t find a lot of are “around the house” things like doormats, bath mats, shower curtains and that sort of thing. That’s what makes this doormat so cool. It features Ichigo Kurosaki’s hollow mask and the Bleach logo along with the words, “A substitute soul reaper lives here.

” It measures approximately 25″ x 15″ and is made of strong, durable material that shouldn’t be damaged by being outdoors.

funko POP anime Bleach action figure

From the Funko! Animation Line: Funko POP Anime: Bleach Ichigo Action Figure

Funko Pop! puts out a lot of great figures. At last count, there were 8,366 different Funko Pop! figures (mostly just called “funkos” or “pops”) from different movies, TV shows, anime and other pop culture mediums.

This pop is of the main character from Bleach, Ichigo. He’s a little under four inches tall, and he’s kind of perfect for any hardcore Bleach fan because he’s not as cheap and easy to find as a lot of other pops are.

This is one of those small things that every collector wants, but none of them really want to spend the money to buy. Get this for your friend to add to his collection.

Bleach Ichigo collectible action figure

A Shinigami to Stand Guard on Her Shelf: ZXLLY Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Collectible Action Figure

If you think your friend would probably like a collectible figure but might not care for the cute, cartoonish look of the Funko Pop! figures, you might want to get him this more detailed figure by ZXLLY instead.

It’s a little over eight inches tall and made of PVC. It’s very durable and has a lot of detail worked into the figurine. It makes the perfect addition to any bookshelf, man cave or anywhere else your friend stores his collectibles.

The figure is of Ichigo in his long flowing robe, holding his sword, which is almost as long as he is tall.

Ichigo 10th anniversary edition figure

And if You Really Want to Go All Out: Ichigo Kurosaki 10th Anniversary Edition Figure

If you’re dead set on buying your friend a figure but still aren’t sold on either the Funko Pop! or the standard Ichigo figurine and are looking for something a little more expensive and coveted, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this Ichigo figure that’s an import from Megahouse.

It’s a revised figure that was released for the 10th anniversary of the gem series, and it features a newly sculpted head and face. It, too, is a little over eight inches tall, and the display stand comes with it so that he can stand easily on his own.


A Gorgeous Bleach Rug: Lee My Rectangle Bleach Banki Form Anime Area Rug

This 32″ x 48″ Bleach rug is the perfect addition to any hardcore fan’s room. Rugs are another one of those things that you don’t find very often in anime print, and if you do find them, they’re usually cheaply made knockoffs that tear up after a dozen people step on them.

This rug, though, is well made of high-quality materials and was built to last. The image of the rug is made of velvet crystal, which will be soft and smooth underneath your friend’s feet, and the bottom features a non-slip point bottom.

The rug is water absorbent and non-fading and should last for years.

paintball mask

For Serious Collectors or Cosplay Fans: Gmasking Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Airsoft Wire Mesh Paintball Mask

While this mask is actually advertised as a “paintball mask,” it’s really better suited to becoming a super cool collector’s item. At best, it could be used with airsoft guns, but because of the way the eyes are made, it isn’t ideal for paintball.

If a paintball hits you right in the eye with this mask, the paint is going to go right through and get into your eye. It is, however, an amazing collector’s item that any Bleach fan would love to have in his collection.

It also makes for a great cosplay item. It’s designed to look exactly like Ichigo Kurosaki’s hollow mask, and the detail on the mask is downright amazing. If your friend is into Bleach even just a little bit, he’ll go nuts for this mask.

canvas prints

Decorating with Bleach: Jackethings 4-Set Bleach Poster Kurosaki Ichigo Canvas Prints

This company, Jackethings, is well-known for putting out some of the best, most detailed and accurate anime posters there are. There are plenty of options from which to choose, and not all of them are strictly related to Bleach, but there are three of the sets that are.

The characters, designs and panels will look different depending on which set you choose, but they’re all amazingly done and feature tons of great detail. Each set comes with four 8″ x 10″ posters ready to be framed and hung.

*Note: The frames, as pictured in the photo, aren’t included in the price of purchase. If you want to go all out, though, you can easily find four relatively reasonably priced frames on Amazon and frame the posters before sending them your friend’s way.


Keep Her Safe from the Rain: Bleach The Official Licensed Anime Sword Handle Umbrella

In actuality, this product is just an umbrella, but to a Bleach fan, it’s the coolest freaking umbrella she could ever possibly have. When it’s open, it just looks like a white umbrella, but when it’s closed, it looks like the sheathed sword of popular Bleach character Kenpachi Zaraki.

It’s 40.5 inches long, and the sword hilt handle makes up 10.5 inches of that length. It’s an officially licensed Bleach product, so you can rest assured that both the detail of the “sword” and the durability and quality of it are all top of the line.

Your friend can use it for cosplay, or she can just use it on a rainy day, but tell her not to be surprised if someone happens to think she’s packing steel.

hair clips

Get Orihime’s Beautiful Style: Bowinr Bleach Inoue Orihime Hair Clips

For female fans of Bleach who enjoy cosplay, most prefer to dress like Orihime, one of the most popular female characters in the series. Orihime’s most defining characteristics are probably her distinct snowflake-shaped hair clips.

These are near-perfect replicas. They’re made of a strong, durable zinc alloy and measure 2.5″ x 1.5″. In addition to being great for cosplay, they’re also just really lovely and can be worn on a daily basis if your friend wants to wear them regularly.

Other people who see her may not know exactly what they represent, but they’re sure to love the stylish clips nonetheless.


For the Friend Who’s Always Cold: Bleach Ichigo Transform Pullover Hoodie

One of the most iconic images from Bleach is the point at which Ichigo Kurosaki transforms into his “hollow” self. That’s the moment that this hoodie represents. The image on the hoodie shows a split-face Ichigo – one side of his face shows his boyish good looks, and the other side is covered in half of his hollow mask.

The hoodies are all made of a durable, comfortable cotton/polyester blend and range in size from small to 2XL. There are five color options from which to choose. All of them are machine-washable. They’re standard “classic fit” and feature twill-taped necks.


For the Uryu Fans: Bleach Uryu Cross Necklace

Another popular character in the Bleach universe is Ichigo Kurosaki’s friend and classmate, Uryu. It’s eventually revealed in the series that Uryu is one of the Quincy, who are a whole other sect of people in the universe.

They, too, have powers, and those powers usually come from some sort of totem or piece of jewelry. Uryu always wears the Quincy cross, which is often portrayed as a pentagram and, at other times, as a cross.

This necklace is a near-perfect replica of the cross-version of the Quincy cross, and it’s perfect for fans of the show whose favorite character is Uryu or those who just want to cosplay as him.

bleach necklace

Even Prettier than a Thousand Japanese Blossoms: Bleach Byakuya’s Tsubo Necklace

This is another great necklace for any cosplayer or collector of Bleach merchandise. This one, sold by Genki Anime, is incredibly well-made and is officially licensed merchandise. Unlike a lot of anime-themed jewelry, this one is actually really gorgeous.

It looks as though it’s made from real gold (it isn’t actually) and is nice enough that your friend could wear it anytime she likes. It goes well with everything, and even though people might not know what it’s from, they can appreciate the simple, elegant design.

Plus, every time your friend wears it, she’ll feel like she has the power of Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, and that’s always nice!

3D night light lamp

Light Up the Night: 3D Visual Night Light Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo Lamp

This is a cool night light/lamp for any Bleach lover. Its unique design makes it almost look like an optical illusion standing by itself in the middle of a dark room. It cycles through seven different colors – red, white, purple, yellow, blue, green and cyan – and it comes with a remote control so that your friend can change the colors or set the lamp to a single color as the mood strikes him to do so.

It’s rechargeable and plugs into any USB port for ease of recharging. Most importantly, it just looks great.

pencil case

The Most Stylish Pencil Case for Anime Fans: Anime Bleach Characters Poster Pencil Case Big Capacity

This picture of the most popular Bleach characters is a very popular one that’s often turned into posters or showcased on shirts and hoodies. In this case, though, it’s been added to the outside of an extra-large pencil case.

The case is well-made with a strong durable zipper, and the design is printed using high-quality technology so that it shouldn’t fade, crack or peel over time. Your friend can use the case to hold pencils, art supplies, Nintendo Switch game cartridges or anything else he wants to store in it.


For the Lover of All Anime: I Only Care About Anime And Like Maybe 3 People T-Shirt

If your Bleach-loving friend is a fan of all anime – not just Bleach – this is the perfect shirt for her. It comes in a wide variety of sizes in both men’s, women’s and kids’ styles, and there are five different color options from which to choose.

The message on the shirt is a stark reminder to the world of your friend’s priorities. The message, “I only care about anime and maybe like three people” is kind of perfect for the introverted anime lover in your family or friend group.

pillow cover

For Jazzing Up the Throw Pillows: Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo Anime Throw Pillow Covers

This is another great product whose design showcases Ichigo’s transformation from the boy to the hollow. The design on this one is pretty amazing, and the artwork is of such high-quality that it almost rivals the anime itself.

There are other anime pillowcases you could choose, but if your friend is a die-hard fan of Bleach, this will definitely be the one to pick. Each case includes an invisible zipper so that it looks as though the image is printed right on the pillow itself.

However, the zipper allows your friend to take off the case and wash it when he needs to do so without damaging the pillow inside. *Note: The pillow is not included with the case.

figure set bleach anime

All His Favorite Characters in Miniature: Figure Set Bleach Anime 6 Piece

These set of six tiny little figures may not seem like much at first, but to a Bleach lover, they’re actually pretty awesome. The set includes all six of the most popular Bleach characters holding their weapons and dressed exactly as they should be.

Each figure is about two to three inches tall and made of durable plastic. Each one also comes on top of its own stand for stability. Your friend can display these on his shelves or desk, or he could even choose to use them as cake toppers.

scarf and pin

For the Elite Shinigami: Bleach 11th Squad Fleece Winter Scarf + Pin

The Eleventh Division – known as Squad 11 in the English dub of the anime – is an elite squad of Shinigami fighters. They’re the strongest, most powerful fighters there are, and they kick a lot of … well, things that need kicking! With this scarf, your friend can join the ranks of the elite Eleventh Division.

The scarf is white like the division’s own scarves and features the insignia of the Eleventh Division on it. The set also comes with an additional Squad 11 pin/button that collectors can add to their lanyards, bags, jackets or car visors.

vinyl decal sticker for car

That Shinigami in the Window: Bleach Anime Ichigo Mask Vinyl Decal Sticker for Car Window

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive gift, this hollow Ichigo face car decal is a good option. It’s an actual car decal made of high-quality, top-of-the-line vinyl; it isn’t, as the company expressly points out, a “printed sticker.

” The vinyl is treated so that it’s sun-proof, fade-resistant and waterproof. It can last on cars for up to six years without fading! There’s no background, so the only thing that your friend will see when he puts this decal on is the decal.

It won’t cover up a large portion of his window with an ugly background or large sticker. The decals are very durable and can also be used on laptops, skateboards and other non-vehicle types of products.

Bleach Rukia figure

For the Friend Who Loves Figure Sets: Toynami Bleach Rukia Viz Collection 6in Figure Standard

This little set from Toynami is great for Bleach collectors or fans of the show that actually want to get out the toys and play with them a little. The set comes with a Rukia figure and two interchangeable hands, Kon the soul-filled bear and Rukia’s trusty notebook for drawing cartoons and explaining things that might not otherwise be understood.

It’s a relatively small set, but the price for it isn’t bad, and it makes a good addition to any Bleach fan’s collection.


Hollows Have More Fun (and Better Jewelry): Bleach Ichigo Zanpakutou Guard Necklace

This is another great piece of high-quality jewelry that is well-made enough and looks nice enough to be worn with regular, everyday outfits. The pendant is made to represent the area where the hilt of a sword and the blade of a sword meet – the cross guard section.

It’s been given the name Zanpakutou, which is the Japanese word for “soul-cutter sword.” This piece is supposed to represent the cross guard of the Shinigami’s sword. The pendant comes on a 24-inch ball chain and looks really nice.

The whole set comes in a beautiful tin box for easy gifting and attractive display. It, too, is a fully licensed Bleach product.

playing cards

For Your Anime-Loving Poker Buddies: Bleach Shinigami Playing Cards

This is another good option if you’re looking for a relatively small “stocking stuffer” type gift. It’s simply a pack of playing cards like any other pack of playing cards. Your friend can use it for poker, rummy, solitaire or whatever he likes to play with his cards.

These, however, feature Bleach characters instead of the normal hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. In addition to being great playing cards, they also make a great gift for someone who likes small versions of the characters for use in drawing his own fan art.

arm wear band

Another Great Cosplay Item: Bleach: Division Four Retsu Unohana Arm Wear

This is another great option for the cosplayers in your circle. It’s well made of high-quality materials and is an almost exact replica of Division Four’s former captain Retsu Unohana. She’s a great character in the anime.

As well as being one of the oldest and strongest captains in the divisions, she’s also the best healer. She’s a fan-favorite among many Bleach watchers, and this arm band is a great way for your friend to showcase her Retsu love.

face cover

A Shinigami to Guard Against Germs: 3D-Print Anime Manga Bleach Hip Hop Face Cover

Love them or hate them, face masks are totally in right now, and it seems like the cooler masks people have, the more likely they are to actually wear them. This mask is made of a lightweight, breathable cotton/polyester blend.

It’s very comfortable to wear and can be used by men, women and children alike. The elastic ears fit nicely and don’t pinch, and there’s an activated carbon filter inside that’ll help prevent your friend from breathing in smog, germs and/or foul scents.

The 3D-printed pattern features Ichigo on one side and his hollow mask on the other.

clorox bleach

The Obvious Gag Gift: Clorox Bleach

If someone asks you for Bleach gifts this year and you’re feeling a little mischievous and Puckish, get them exactly what they asked for with this bottle of 121-ounce Clorox Bleach. It’s a funny, although slightly obvious, way to get a laugh, but as long as you have a real gift standing by for afterwards, your friend should get a real kick out of it.

Any of the above gifts would be a great follow-up to this hilarious gag gift. Plus, as a bonus, he’ll have enough bleach to last him for months of laundry and cleaning!

Buying presents for Bleach Fans

Between 2004 and 2012, Bleach, the anime based on Tite Kubo’s manga of the same name, aired 366 new episodes. It ended its eight-year run 2012, but despite that, it’s maintained its popularity. Recently, the anime has seen a huge resurgence of both old and new viewers because it was announced that the anime would be returning in 2021. This caused longtime fans to want to rewatch the series and inspired a lot of new people to give it a shot in order to be ready by the time the new series hit their screens.

Put simply, the story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a young man who can see spirits and is accidentally turned into a Shinigami, which is someone who battles evil spirits (Hollows) and escorts lost souls to the Soul Society. The plot is much more intricate and involved than that, but if you’re here looking for a gift and know nothing about the anime, that’s a good place to get started.

The great thing about trying to find a Bleach-themed gift for someone is that there are so many options from which to choose. You can find Bleach clothing, face masks, toys, DVDs and Blu-rays, bedding, wall art and of course, the manga series. The only real problem you’ll have is figuring out what your anime-loving friend already has in his or her collection, but that can be achieved in many different ways.


If you took our advice and bought a gift from this guide, please let us know which one you chose! Also, if you, yourself, are a big Bleach or anime fan, let us know what your favorite gift was on our list, or let us know if we left off something great. Be sure to like and share this list with others, and we hope to see you again soon!

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