30 Timeless Gift ideas for BMW lovers

But we are here to give you the best ideas with our compiled list of the best gifts.

Check it out and choose the perfect gift that a BMW lover will love.

Gifts for BMW lovers

microfiber baseball cap

Best for caps: BMW Ladies’ Microfiber Cap

The classy design and styling of this product make it a perfect gift for any female BMW lover. It has a feminine flair that makes it look good on any lady that wears it. This unique cap has several other features that make it a long-lasting choice, especially when avoiding non-durable products.

The material is 100% polyester, making it sturdy and a product that one can use for years to come. It has an adjustable back closure making it easy for women with braided hair to wear it. Also, it is a genuine BMW product, and the person will wear it with pride.

BMW logo keychain

Keep car keys safe: BMW Logo Keychain

It is an excellent choice for a gift because of the high quality of materials used in manufacturing it. It is a combination of 100% genuine leather woven into a rope and a polished zinc alloy part attached to it.

That is what gives this gift a stylish appearance and also unisex.
It has a feature that allows you to fasten it to your trousers. That is great for security and also easy access when you need to use it.

The BMW logo sums it all by making the keychain look classy. Also, the product is durable and also scratch and dust resistant.


Best stylish watch: BMW Motorsport watch

This round-shaped motorsport watch is highly giftable and lovable by anyone who receives it. It has a chronograph display and quartz movement that add to the style. The case diameter is 53 millimeters, and also, the watch is lightweight, making it a perfect fit for anyone.

The genuine leather material is a plus as it contributes to the sturdiness of this watch. Therefore, it is a gift that the receiver will stay with for many years. The steel case is also scratch-resistant, meaning the watch will also remain in great shape long after buying it.

kiesenberg watch

BMW M5 special: Kiesenberg Watch

This watch manufactured by KIESENBERG is a beautiful gift for anyone that loves BMW M5. It has several features, such as water resistance, that make it a unique gift. It is leather-made and thus an excellent choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting watch.

To take the design further, the manufacturer used mineral glass for the display of this watch. That makes it look stylish, and also, its hardened scratch-resistant nature makes it last longer than most watches.

The round shape with a crown and lightweight makes it a giftable product as everyone will love it.

AC vent caps

Good for flexibility: AC Vents Caps

The design of this product makes it a suitable fit for different BMW series cars. Therefore, the person you will gift can use it for various cars, making it a flexible option. The best thing about its series design is that it perfectly fits the design of the car.

It is durable, featuring zinc alloy metal parts and also some Czech crystal parts. Another great thing to note about it is that installation is easy, just like removing it is. The package comes with an adhesive that makes it easy to stick on the car and tear off when removing it.

black roundel cap

Gender independent gift: Black Roundel Cap

It is a unisex cap that you can comfortably gift to anyone. This black roundel cap has a great design that makes it look stylish on anyone who wears it. The material used in making it makes it one of the sturdiest choices that you can go for in the market.

It has a BMW brand logo that adds to the style and classy nature of the cap. It has a Velcro closure at the back, making it stick to the head. Also, the structured nature of this cap makes it a fantastic choice for a gift.

It is light in weight and can fit anyone that will receive it.


Buckle anywhere for safety: HEY KAULOR key chain

The BMW logo built in this product makes it look stylish and giftable. It comes with a hook that you can buckle on your trousers or anywhere for safety. Also, its smooth appearance is because of the materials used in making it.

The polished zinc alloy part is anti-scratch and rust-resistant.
It is rotatable at 360 degrees, making it easy to use. Also, the design is unisex and, therefore, can be giftable to any BMW owner. Also, the general design makes it look like it got manufactured with the car giving the user more confidence.

license plate fasteners

High quality with logo: License Plate Fasteners

These plate fasteners are of premium quality and design. Anyone that will receive such a gift will be happy about the length of time they can use these plate fasteners. They are an excellent pick for people looking to fasten their license plates with unique fasteners.

These fasteners fit different BMW cars making it easy to use them even after acquiring a new car. They are stainless steel made, meaning they are corrosion resistant. Also, the BMW logo does not fade as it is made of aluminum that will stay in a presentable condition for years.

The quality guarantee makes these fasteners a recommendable gift for anyone.

car cup holder lights

Features all favorite colors: Car Cup Holder Lights

These LED lights come in different colors to give your car interior an all-new look. They have a great design that does not wear off with time since they have a protective material. Also, the pair is water-resistant to ensure it lasts longer than you expect.

It is easy to charge since it uses a USB port. It stores power for long since a two-hour charge can take up to 15 days before it dies. These lights are among the best accessories that a BMW lover can use to upgrade their ride; therefore, it is a highly giftable product.

motorsport keychain

Multi-functional and durable: Motorsport Keychain

It is a multi-purpose product that the recipient can use to hold anything light. It fits comfortably on the neck, and the recipient can attach a cellphone, mp3 player, ID, or anything else. Primarily, it helps to keep the items secure and also for easy use.

It is made from high-quality nylon, making it an excellent choice for durability. The BMW logo makes it look classy and also a perfect fit for a BMW lover. The vibrant color adds to the style making it great to walk around wearing it.

The size is perfect for anyone, and that makes it easy to gift.

car-radio remote control

Multifunctional and user-friendly: Radio Remote Control

You can choose to gift this remote control to any BMW i8 owner, and they will like it. Several functions can find convenient while driving. For example, it can reverse, drive forward, or turn the steering wheel left or right.

They are styled uniquely with an exciting design.
Also, another thing is the efficiency that the recipient will get from using this gift. It is easy to operate and does not require any technical skills.

Also, it is of a suitable size, and the white color also adds more style to the car.

BMW chronograph watch

Best for all weather: water-resistant BMW Men’s Chronograph Watch

There are several things that you can highlight about this product. However, most of the best things about it are its unique design that every man would love to wear. It is round and made from stainless steel material and featuring a quartz movement, which makes it even more stylish.

Also, it is an all-weather type of watch as it is water-resistant to prevent damage. Also, the user can swim with it making it more convenient, especially during short recreational periods. With all these features, picking this as a gift will be a great thing to do.

car air freshener

Stylish with logo: Premium quality Car Air Freshener

This air freshener is unique from many others that you can opt for as gifts. It has a sturdy body made from stainless steel, meaning it lasts longer than many other options. Besides the premium quality of this product, it also comes with a car logo that makes it look stylish.

It has atop dropping hole that allows the user to drop their favorite perfume into the product. That makes it an easy to use product among the many fresheners in the market. It is the perfect product to gift to a BMW lover as the logo gives the user a sense of pride.

car wheel tire valve stem caps

Non-corrosive and durable: Car Wheel Tire Valve Stem Caps

This product is one of the most durable gifts that you can give to a BMW lover. It is made from scratch and corrosion resistant polished copper. Another vital thing to note that the recipient will love about this product is that its installation is more comfortable than most of the market options.

It will ensure that they drive safely in several ways. First, it helps to ensure that tires have enough pressure for long journeys. Also, it ensures that there is enough protection of the valve core from elements such as snow, clay, and water that may affect its performance.


Quality guaranteed: recycled Brushed Twill Cap

It is a genuine BMW product that is an incredible option for a gift. There are several features of this product that you will love if you happen to wear them. That means the recipient will also find it a memorable gift.

The first thing that you can note about this cap is that it is 100% cotton-made.
The cotton material makes it durable and ensures that the recipient can get maximum value from wearing it. It is sturdy and also reinforced with stitches to ensure that it remains in the same condition for long.

Therefore, it is a long-lasting gift that will remain in the recipient’s memory.

unisex baseball cap

Best casual design: JDclubs unisex Baseball Cap

This cap is ideal for outdoor activities since it brings out that casual look that everyone desires. Therefore, it can be a perfect gift for a BMW lover who wants to go for sporting activities or just having fun outdoors.

Other than looking stylish, it keeps their eyes safe from harmful UV light.
Also, it fits perfectly and gives maximum comfort since it has a back closure. The adjustable closure makes it perfect for the wearer to feel the comfort of wearing this cap.

The logo gives the cap a unique design that a BMW lover would appreciate.

3D car kaychain

Best minimalistic: VILLSION 3D Car Key Chain

It is a great option to gift someone if you would like to give them a beautiful keychain. The high quality of this product makes it a great option since the zinc alloy is corrosion and scratch-resistant.

Therefore, it maintains that shiny look of this key chain for long.
One of the best things to note about this product is that it is minimalistic. It is foldable up to 3 times to ensure that it fits perfectly in the pockets.

Also, it is light in weight, and the BMW logo that it has makes it look even more elegant, making a perfect gift for a BMW lover.

pink leather key case cover

Unmatched durability: Pink Leather Key Case Cover

It is one of the most durable gifts that you can gift a BMW lover. There are several amazing features that it comes with, but the leather material remains one of the essential features of this product.

The genuine leather material makes it soft and comfortable to carry.
Other than offering protection to your key, it also ensures efficiency. For instance, the person you gift does not have to remove their keys from the case cover.

It is easy to press the button on this case cover and operate the car. Although the buttons are unrestricted, the case cover remains safe.


Breathable and durable: PUMA Roma Sneaker

This unique sneaker can make a great gift to a BMW lover. It has several features that fit a consumer who loves adventure and outdoor activities. For such a lifestyle, a breathable shoe works perfectly, and this shoe is the perfect option since it has a mesh for breathability.

Also, it can last for long since it has an upper leather body that makes it durable. Besides, it has a BMW on the lateral side that makes it a perfect selection for BMW lovers. It gives a unique look to the wearer as the outsole that makes it as trendy as you desire.

BMW sport M cup holder

Temperature resistant: BMW Sport M Cup Holder

One essential thing to note about this product is its premium quality that you cannot find in just any device. Its design can last for long, and also it can withstand high temperatures making it suitable for long-term use.

Also, it does not produce a foul smell when it gets exposed to heat.
Its primary use is ensuring that the car remains organized. When you put bottles and cups in the right place, you ensure that the car does not look disorganized.

Also, the fact that it can get customized by the manufacturer makes it a great gift to choose from this list.

goshion car wheel tire stem caps

Best in car protection: Goshion Car Wheel Tire Valve Stem Caps

The material used in making this product is hardy because it is corrosion-resistant. The shiny copper makes it unique, and the anti-scratch feature ensures that the recipient can get the best out of it.

Also, it is easy to install these caps, and the recipient will not require any technical help.
The best thing about gifting this product is that it will serve several purposes for the recipient. For instance, it can help to protect the valve core from harmful elements.

It ensures safe driving by preventing tires from flattening and ensuring the pressure is sufficient, especially for long travels.

car key cover

Genuine and durable leather: Jazzshion car key cover

It is a great car key cover that can get used for almost any key for BMW cars from every series. One of the most exceptional features that this product has is the leather cover. It ensures that it remains well protected and also is easy to press even without opening it.

Also, it is scratch resistant to ensure that it maintains the original look for long. When it comes to installation, the recipient will find it easy. However, you need to confirm the car model to ensure that it serves them correctly.

The stylish design and overall look will make it a commendable gift for anyone.

cup holder lights

Best in technology: License plate frameX cup holder lights

This multi-color cup holder pair comes with 7 different colors that make your car look like a great place to spend most of your time in especially for long trips. For a BMW lover, this will be a great addition to their car because of its stylish nature.

It has a smart sensor that makes it light when it is dark, and whenever it senses any vibration.
Otherwise, it remains turned off or will turn off after 15 seconds of no vibrations. It is a long-lasting option that you can gift someone since it is waterproof and made of sturdy material.

It charges quickly with a USB cable for two hours, and then it can be turned on for up to 15 days. It is one of the best ways to upgrade a car and bring in the desired ambiance.

console multimedia knob button

Easy to install: Thor-Ind Console Multimedia Knob Button

It is one of the best decorations that you can add to your car and make it look unique. Also, it forms a great gift for any BMW lover. It comes in different varieties depending on the diameter, which is usually the most differentiating factor.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the right fit for a specific car.
The product is also easy to install and with simple instructions. The rear side has an adhesive covered surface. The user only needs to remove the cover then stick it to their car.

It is made of crystal diamond that is shiny and perfect for making a car unique.

cup holder

Fits all BMW cars: Anti-Slip Cup Holder

It is one pair of accessories that you can consider gifting someone that owns a BMW. It is made from high-quality material that makes it last long after the person receives it. The standard size will not be problematic when it comes to fitting it in any BMW car cup holder.

Also, it does not lose its color as the materials are of the best quality. It can withstand all the elements that can cause it to wear out. Cleaning is a simple process that only requires water and soap.

That gives a satisfaction guarantee to the user as they may not have time to maintain it daily.

men´s wallet

Best for document safety: BMW Men’s wallet

This genuine BMW product is a fantastic option for anyone that would like to gift a BMW lover. It has a unique design that brings out a unique style in the product. The recipient can use it for several needs, including keeping their driver’s license and IDs.

Other than storage, it is a perfect accessory. It looks classy with a metallic BMW logo that will never wear out or fade. It is made from nylon and leather material both inside and outside. That guarantees that it will remain in the correct shape for a long time, meaning the recipient will get the best value.

osircat car cup holder lights

Long lasting battery: OSIRCAT car cup holder lights

This car holder LED lights come in a variety of 7 colors that keep changing to give a car a unique look. Changing the colors is easy since you only need to press twice to switch to the next one. It has a vibration sensor that makes it a presentable gift as it lights and turns off automatically.

It is easy to charge this device because it uses the android USB charger. A 2-hour charge can take up to 15 days before requiring another charge. Therefore, you can create a pleasant ambiance in your car with this product.

It is a gift that anyone will appreciate, and you should consider it.

air freshener

Classy with logo: Fitracker air freshener

It is one of the perfect genuine BMW products that you can consider for a gift. It has a unique design that is not only trendy but also classy. With this product, the recipient can ensure that their home remains in new condition by ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air.

The metallic material ensures that it is sturdy enough to last long. It comes in a gift box that makes it a great option as it reaches the destination well packed. It is easy to install and only requires the user to put droplets of their favorite perfume inside.

The BMW logo makes it look more fashionable.

car coasters

Best for cleanliness: Pair of Car Coasters

Any BMW owner will appreciate this gift because of the purpose that it serves. These pair of coasters are perfect for ensuring that the car looks clean. It absorbs any condensation that comes from the drinks in mugs or bottles.

The best thing is that it can get installed as it requires attaching to the cup holder.
Also, the size is perfect for easy removal should the owner want to remove it. Another great thing is there is no special maintenance required for this product.

It only requires cleaning, which only requires handwashing with water and a cloth.

car seat belt covers

Giftable and easy to install: Car seat Belt Covers

It is a multi-functional seat belt cover that you can give to any BMW owner as a gift. Despite being suitable for other cars, its features make it an excellent accessory for a BMW. There is no need for any equipment or knowledge as the seat belt cover only requires fastening.

The best thing the receiver will find out about this product is that it is soft and provides the comfort they desire. Also, its material is durable and will last longer than expected. It will work for the user perfectly when there is a need to apply emergency brakes or during an accident.

shiny kiesenberg keychain

Foldable and portable: Shiny KIESENBERG Key Chain

This key chainring is a great gift that every BMW lover will appreciate. It features highly polished materials that ensure it remains in sound condition long after gifting it to your favorite BMW owner.

There is a redefined nature that gives it a unique shiny 3D effect making it look better than most key chains.
Also, the recipient will love it because of its minimalistic size. They can keep it in their pockets since the key chain is foldable up to 3 times, making it fit in any size of pockets.

Therefore, anyone can appreciate it as a gift from their loved one.

How to pick a BMW themed present

Picking a gift for a BMW owner is a simple process, according to Patrick BMW. There are several things that you can consider, including who you are planning to gift. Also, you can consider the occasion you are planning to gift them. For instance, it can be a Christmas gift or one meant for a birthday surprise.

A BMW fan may be one of the hardest persons to shop for, primarily because of the variety of available items. The best thing about choosing a gift is that there are endless ideas that you have as the ones in this article.

The variety of items available in the market have different features that you should consider when picking an item.

For example, you can consider the material durability and if it is water-resistant. The main aim should be meeting the preferences of the person if you know them personally.


There is great importance in gifting your family members and friends. The gifts you give them will forever remain in their minds for as long as they own them.

The gifts mentioned in this article are of good quality and, therefore, will last long. That means the memories will remain engraved in the recipient’s mind for long.

Therefore, you should consider surprising any BMW lover with an item from this list.

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