36 Gifts for Bookkeepers To Keep Them Balanced

Being a bookkeeper might not be the sexiest of jobs, but I think we can all agree, they work hard.

So whether you’re on the lookout for a ‘thank you for saving me money on my tax return’ gift or for the perfect present for the bookkeeper in your life, you’re in the right place! We’ve got something for everyone, from the sensible to the downright silly.

Gift Ideas for Bookkeepers

coffee mug

To Keep Them Caffeinated: Spreadsheet Whisperer Mug

A mug is an obvious gift choice – everyone uses them, everyone likes getting them. However, for your bookkeeper friend, you want something a little more personal than just another pretty mug. This mug says “spreadsheet whisperer” – a tribute to their ability to keep things organized in the craziest of times and a way to keep them smiling at work.

two year monthly planner

For the Ultra-Organized: A Two Year Monthly Planner

Bookkeepers need to stay organized at work – it’s in the very nature of their job. However, sometimes their personal life can go by the wayside. If you know someone who needs a little help organizing their energy (or who is so organized that they love planners), this two-year planner can help them in the present and the long run.

beer mug

For the Bookkeeping Dad: Punny Frosted Glass Beer Mug

Beer and dumb jokes: that’s what every dad is about. Whether your bookkeeper is an actual dad or a dad-joke (and beer) lover, this “It’s Accrual World” frosted glass mug is sure to elicit a chuckle (or more likely a groan, which is the desired reaction to a good dad joke anyway) at the next out of office party.


For the Coffee Lover: Coffee and Bookkeeping T-Shirt

Know a bookkeeper who also loves coffee? Does she like graphic tees or repping her occupation? This “Half Coffee, Half Bookkeeper” t-shirt is comfy and cute and could be an accurate representation of your friend.

It’s an excellent gift for a day off and some free advertising in the mix.

street sign

To Spruce Up the Office: Bookkeeper Street Sign

If you know a bookkeeper who likes street sign art but you don’t want to steal a street sign for them (we applaud you – that’s illegal), this bookkeeper street sign might be precisely the right gift.

This sign would go in an office, home office, or even living room. It’s cool, and it’s on-brand for their occupation, but mostly, it’s cool.

wine tumbler

For the Stress of Spring: “Tax Season” Stemless Cooler Wine Tumbler

Like accountants, bookkeepers work extra hard during March and April (the dreaded tax season). They do all the things we can’t do when filing taxes – make sure our numbers are correct and auditing others.

Why not give them a wine tumbler to help ease their stress (we don’t condone drinking at work, but when you work from home…hey, I won’t tell if you won’t). It will also keep their drink cool, whatever they fill it with.


To Start Conversations at Work: Bookkeeper Socks

Know a bookkeeper who loves their computing gear? These socks are sure to please them (and go well with business suits or sweatpants, so win-win). Computers, calculators, and clipboards decorate these socks to make them a perfect fit for bookkeepers, accountants, or general office supply enthusiasts.


For the Perennially Positive: “I Love Month End” Notebook

Know a perpetually cheery bookkeeper with a positive attitude towards life? Alternatively, do you know a sarcastic bookkeeper who lets you know when they are overworked? Either way, this notebook might be for them.

It says “I love month end…and other lies I tell myself” on the cover and has plenty of pages for listing the woes and joys of bookkeeping.

shot glasses

For the After Tax Season Party: Bookkeeper Shot Glasses

If wine is necessary to get through tax season, they might need something more robust for the April 16th afterparty. These shot glasses say, “I’m a bookkeeper, not a miracle worker,” to emphasize the craziness of the season and can be used to celebrate the return of regularly hectic workdays.

bumper sticker

For Some Free Advertising: “Got Bookkeeper?” Bumper Sticker

A riff on a classic question, this “Got Bookkeeper?” bumper sticker will show pride in the profession and detail just how necessary bookkeepers are (as essential as milk, it turns out). They can put it on their car or computer and even write their phone number for anyone who answers “no” to the question (if they want the publicity).


For Work From Home Bookkeepers: Assets Over Liabilities Hoodie

Does your bookkeeper work from home and like staying comfy (I mean, we all like staying comfy, but do they like staying cozy while at work)? If they don’t have Zoom meetings, this “Assets Over Liabilities” hoodie is perfect for anyone who works with money and has a sense of humor.

wall art

To Show Bookkeeping Pride: Spreadsheet Wall Art

For a chic, simplistic wall art that emphasizes bookkeeping skills, the “I Have a Spreadsheet For That” print makes a great gift. If your bookkeeper friend is the most organized (we’re talking shopping lists on a spreadsheet organized), this poster will fit their vibe exactly.

They’ll probably write a spreadsheet thanking you for it.


For the Soon To Be Accountant: “CPA Loading” Notebook

If you know a bookkeeper studying to take the CPA test (to become certified as an accountant), this notebook is the perfect gift! It can help organize their study notes and announce to the world what their next work achievement will be.

The “CPA Loading” and image of a loading bar on the front will boost their confidence and assure them you believe in them.


When Work Haunts Them: “I Keep Hearing Invoices” PopSocket

There are many options for bookkeeping-themed PopSockets, but “I Keep Hearing Invoices” wins for the best pun. It’s reminiscent of the haunting quality of a bookkeeper’s work: the stress can stay with them, even after working hours.

Help them get their mind off of work and hold their phone up with this clever Popsocket.

beer glass

For the Backyard BBQ: “LIFO of the Party” Beer Glass

LIFO – the bread and butter of accountants and bookkeepers. It stands for Last In, First Out and is used for an inventory system in accounting. Bookkeepers live by this rule, so saying that they’re the “LIFO of the Party” is not an understatement and doubly hilarious if they don’t like parties and are indeed the “last in, first out” at any get-together.

wall clock

For the Time-Sensitive: Tax Season Wall Clock

Honestly, I don’t get any of the jokes on this clock. But I’m sure that anyone who helps with bookkeeping during tax season understands them (and the around-the-clock nature of the jokes). If your bookkeeper friend doesn’t care about having actual numbers on the clock and appreciates the acknowledgment of their springtime stress, this clock is a hilarious and functional gift.

coloring book

For the Child at Heart: Bookkeeping Coloring Book

When we’re stressed, we revert to childhood favorites. This is understandable, and actually, coloring has been proven to reduce stress. This bookkeeping coloring book has computers, spreadsheets, and tax forms to color for when your friend needs a break but can’t quite get away from the spreadsheets in their head.

smartphone case

For the Bookkeeper on the Go: Coolest Bookkeeper Smartphone Case

As much as we like gifts for the working bookkeeper, it’s crucial to include presents for the bookkeeper on break. When they’re not working (or, alas, when they’re working from their phone), this case will remind them that they’re still the World’s Coolest Bookkeeper.

It will also protect their phone, which is excellent too.


For When Their Feet Are Up: Tax Season Socks

These socks have “Do Not Disturb During Tax Season” written on the bottom. It’s wisest to leave your bookkeeper friend alone until they’ve done their taxes, your taxes, and the whole neighborhood’s taxes.

These socks will make it easier to remember not to bother them and keep their feet warm at the same time.

organizer notebook

For the Best Bookkeeper Ever: Small Organizer Notebook

Have we already included a planner on this list? Yes. Are we including another one? Absolutely. If you’ve got an organized mind, there’s nothing you like more than seeing your neatness written out on paper.

This is a small organizer and to-do list notebook, so it will easily fit in a glove compartment or purse for on-the-go organization (because, yes, people do that).

print wall canvas set

To Decorate the Home: Set of Patent Print Wall Canvas

All of the wall art we’ve found for bookkeepers is fun or sarcastic. These prints, however, are genuinely beautiful. They’re four different sketches of the original bookkeeping essentials (a calculating machine, accountant’s ruler, ledger, and bookkeeper’s guide) printed on canvas.

These inventions changed bookkeeping, and now they can change your friend’s living room wall.

face mask

To Wear in April: Gaiter Face Mask

Even though many bookkeepers work from home still (and might for the foreseeable future), they still have to go out sometimes. And when they do, wearing a mask is essential to their safety. This Gaiter face mask says, “I am Silently Judging Your Spreadsheets.

” With this Gaiter, they will be able to protect themselves and others, stay warm in winter, and let everyone know who makes the superior spreadsheets.


To Keep Their Keys: Calculator Keychain

What’s better than a calculator? A tiny calculator! On a keychain! While this keychain calculator isn’t functional for calculations, it’s adorable and stays on keys quite well. It also has an “It’s Accrual World” tag to let everyone know that your friend is a bookkeeper, not a mathematician.

whiskey glass

To Relax After a Long Day of Numbers: Bookkeeper Whiskey Glass

When you’re a bookkeeper, days are long, and work can be grueling. A nightcap might be necessary, especially when they’re working overtime to get reports in on time. For a subtle shout-out to their job, get them this engraved whiskey glass.

It doesn’t have witty puns on it (probably because it’s a whiskey glass), but it is classy and on point.

mouse pad

To Keep Them Clicking: Bookkeeper Mousepad

Spending a lot of time at the computer is necessary when you’re doing taxes and putting data into ledgers. Bookkeepers use their computers all day every day and need good equipment to go with them. If you want to help them out with that but don’t want to break the bank, this “Let’s Get Fiscal” mousepad will keep them motivated to continue working on the money balances.

yoga mat

To Keep Them Balanced: Yoga Mat

Okay, now hear me out on this one. I know it’s not directly related to bookkeeping, but if your friend has a subtle sense of humor, this one will get them. If you buy your friend a yoga mat because they’re a bookkeeper, you need to look them directly in the eye and say, “It’s for keeping your balance.

” They will either hate you or love you for it, but they get a yoga mat either way.


To Fuel the Office Feud: Better Spreadsheets Notebook

In every office, there are feuds. Few office warriors are more intense than bookkeepers whose spreadsheets are insulted. This notebook can be casually kept at a desk, subtly informing every other bookkeeper (and the accountants) whose spreadsheets are genuinely the best.

Warning: only get this for a bookkeeper if they aren’t averse to office conflict and competition.

bodysuit baby

For the New Parent: Future Bookkeeper Onesie

While bookkeepers are great at their jobs, they are also human beings with personal lives. A lot of bookkeepers have children, and some would love their kids to follow in their footsteps. If you know a bookkeeper who just had a baby, this “Future Bookkeeper” onesie will be the perfect gift to make the parent happy and seal the child’s fate as a spreadsheet guru.

jokes for financial folks

To Make Them Laugh (or Groan): Financial Jokes for Financial Folks

Everyone likes jokes! While not everyone likes terrible jokes (and we all vary widely on what we think are good jokes), it’s pretty universal to make fun of your profession. While I doubt that we, the masses, will appreciate this joke book, it’s sure to be a hit with financially-driven employees of any stripe (bookkeepers, accountants, tax assistants, for a few).

baseball cap

When They Need a Reminder: World’s Best Bookkeeper Baseball Cap

Baseball hats are always popular. This shows off their bookkeeper pride with “World’s Best Bookkeeper” embroidered onto the cap and a lovely gray and green aesthetic. They can wear it to backyard barbecues, lawn parties, and baseball games with pride.


To Stick With Them: Badass Bookkeeper Sticker

Even the most confident bookkeepers have lapses in self-assurance. This “Certified Badass Bookkeeper” sticker will remind them that they’re tough, even when they’re feeling down. If they want to stay professional, they can put this sticker on their water bottle or personal laptop, but it will still encourage them wherever they are.

ceramic mug

For the Snarky Bookkeeper: Sarcastic Bookkeeper Mug

Do you want to get your bookkeeper a mug but know they wouldn’t appreciate the simple “Best Bookkeeper Ever” mug? If they have a better sense of humor than that and can’t stand the seeming incompetence of their coworkers, this mug is a sarcastically funny way to ensure everyone knows who’s the boss (hint: it’s the bookkeeper).


For When They’re Genuinely Stressed: Aromatherapy Candles

For all of our teasing and taxes jokes, bookkeepers can have a very stressful job. If you want to get them something serious to go along with a silly gift, these aromatic candles might just do the trick.

They are scented naturally with oils intended to relax and refresh (and who doesn’t love a candle, right?).

face mask

For When They Go Out: Bookkeeper Face Mask

This traditional face mask has the word “Bookkeeper” surrounded by positive adjectives. It will ensure everyone around them that they are affable, kind, giving, and many other great traits that can be synonymous with bookkeeping.

This is a practical, flattering, and inexpensive way to make sure the bookkeeper in your life knows their worth.


To Rest After Tax Season: Bookkeeper Definition Pillow

Finally, after the hectic stress of tax season or an end-of-the-month review, every bookkeeper needs rest. This pillow has the dictionary definition of “bookkeeper” on the front cover, complete with the synonyms of “wizard” and “magician” to drive home the extent of bookkeepers’ awesomeness.

So, What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

We’ve talked about wine glasses, mouse mats, notebooks, and even yoga mats – it’s a pretty varied list. But you might still be wondering, what exactly does a bookkeeper do? I know a couple, and I’m still mostly in the dark!

Fun fact: “bookkeeper” and “bookkeeping” are the only two words in the English language with three consecutive double letters. So there’s some trivia for you. I would say to wow your bookkeeper friend with that tidbit, but chances are, they’ve already heard it. Maybe stick to a funny gift instead.

Anyway, bookkeepers are in charge of a company’s money. Essentially, they write down everything a business spends and everything they earn to prepare a business report for their clients. They know and understand numbers and words like “sales revenue” and “balance sheet.” Bookkeepers do vital work and deserve gifts themed to their talents.

There are eight steps in the accounting cycle:

Identifying financial transactions
Recording transactions
Posting the ledger
Perfecting the trial balance
Submitting the worksheet
Adjusting the entries
Providing financial statements
Closing the account

A bookkeeper generally can do the first six and leaves the financial statements and account closings to an accountant. They double-check the files and make sure that all the finances are in line before the company gets the final statements.

Bookkeeping has been a profession since well before there were pens and paper – there are recorded transactions as early as 2600 BCE, and you can bet that bookkeepers were the ones behind it. Even though some digital programs and services do the actual counting and recording part, bookkeepers are the human computers making sure that everything is in order and understandable.

If you know a bookkeeper, you know someone very methodical and organized. They can keep track of large amounts of numbers and information and organize it likely for a business, large or small. They check and double-check that everything is entered correctly and no money is missing.

An essential but often overlooked job, bookkeeping keeps our financial institutions and businesses moving smoothly (especially during tax season!). They prevent unintentional fraud and provide accurate monetary accounts. Yay for bookkeepers – they deserve all the love (and gifts) for the work they do!


Show your bookkeeper appreciation after the rush of tax season or any time of the year – they work hard, after all. Whether your bookkeeper friend would love a punny money wine glass, a coloring book, or a long-term planner, I hope you can find something on this list. Don’t forget: just because they are fantastic spreadsheet whisperers and data machines doesn’t mean they aren’t people too!

36 gifts for bookkeepers


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