30 Gifts for the Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Want Anything

If your boyfriend’s the sweet (or macho) type that just doesn’t want anything, then finding the right type of gift can prove daunting. But here’s the good news, everyone wants something-just that we can’t admit it. To help you out, here’s a list of 30 thoughtful items to get your boyfriend.

30 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Want Anything

slide sandal

For Chilling on the Deck: Under Armour Men’s Ignite Slide Sandal

Get your boyfriend this rubber-soled slide sandal and see him spend more time basking outdoors. He might not admit it, but his current sandals are uncomfortable and an eyesore, to be honest!

This lightweight pair of Under Armour slide sandals are among the most comfortable in the market, courtesy of its re-engineered EVA outsole.

The pods beneath the sole allow for increased traction without compromising overall comfort.

smart notebook

For Notetaking: Rocketbook Eco-Friendly Smart Notebook

Most men don’t fancy writing down on books for two reasons. First, the thought of someone snooping and reading personal information is unbearable, and second, they’re not careful enough to remember where they placed their books.

This Rocketbook Ecofriendly Smart Notebook allows your boyfriend to write notes manually and share them on cloud services like OneNote, iCloud, Slack, email, Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox. He’ll only need to allow around 15 seconds for ink from a marker, highlighter, or a pilot frixion pen to bond.

To reuse the pages, your man will simply need to microwave it, and voila! He’s got 80 blank pages.

massage folding chair

For Unwinding After a Hard Day’s Work: Shiatsu Massage Folding Chair with Heat Functionality

What a better way to reward your hard-working man than to get him this portable, high-quality massage chair. Through its unique kneading rollers, this massage chair can comfortably massage the back and neck regions, consequently stimulating worn-out muscles.

Moreover, the chair’s vibration functionality targets your boyfriend’s thighs, lower back, and hamstring, consequently relieving him of pain, swelling, tension, and neuropathy. The heat function also allows for increased blood flow throughout the body, which helps to reduce muscle fatigue.

diamond watch

For the Classy Timekeeper: JBW Luxury Men’s Diamond Wrist Watch

If your boyfriend doesn’t want any gifts, then it’s probably because he doesn’t expect you to get him this luxury diamond watch. This JBW luxury diamond watch is like no other. Featuring 238 real, round-cut diamonds, three pearl sub-dials, and a stainless-steel case, this luxury men’s watch is bound to excite any man.

The watch also integrates the Japanese chronograph movement, which is globally known for its precision and accuracy. The crocodile embossed, black leather strap completes the package, making your man feel like a loved, properly-cared-for future husband.

sleep pants

For the Cozy Nights: Polo Ralph Lauren Sleep Pants

Tired of seeing your boyfriend in those hideous pajama pants? Then you need not look further than these Polo Ralph Lauren pajama pants. Made from 100% cotton, these pants are highly breathable and extra comfortable, making them ideal for bedtime.

You can get these pants in a variety of colors and sizes depending on your boyfriend’s preferences. Even better, the pants are machine washable, which makes them among the easiest for busy (or lazy) men to maintain.


For Casual Evening Walks and Hikes: Skechers Memory-Foam Sneaker

There are no two ways when it comes to healthy living. You simply have to motivate your man to walk, jog, hike or join a workout program to keep fit and healthy. Back your talk with these best-rated, extra comfortable sneakers from Skechers.

The sneakers come in different shapes and sizes, while the cushioned mesh tongue allows for increased comfort and breathability when worn for extended periods. The insole is made from memory foam, which ensures the shoe maintains your boyfriend’s sole profile once he breaks in.

leather wallet

To Keep His Cash and Credit Cards in Order: Michael Kors Two-Piece Billfold Leather Wallet

Every man needs a wallet. And if he already has one, then a second one won’t hurt. Surprise your man with this high-quality leather wallet that comes with a card case holder. Not all wallets are made from genuine leather, but this release by Michael Kors doesn’t disappoint.

Dior sauvage cologne

For the Manly Scent: Dior Sauvage for Men

Although most men won’t admit it, having several sets of cologne is always a welcome prospect. Why not surprise your sweetheart with this designer cologne for his birthday? The classy, ambery-woody scent coupled with the exotic smell of natural scents is guaranteed to leave your man satisfied.

He won’t need to splash this cologne repeatedly for the fabric to absorb the scent. A simple spray is enough to last for days, meaning this product will most probably last for months. Talk about a wise investment!

dish rack

For Racking Those Dishes: Joseph Stainless-Steel Dual Part Dish Rack

If you haven’t moved in with your man yet, chances are you dread the sight of his disorganized kitchen counter whenever you visit. This stainless-steel dish rack will ensure you find spoons, forks, and knives where you left them.

Featuring raised ribs, the dish rack is designed to prevent water from remaining trapped under bowls and glasses. It also comes with a knife slot and a movable cutlery drainer. Your boyfriend can even extend the rack to hold more dishes if the need arises.

tactical pen

For Career Enhancement and Self Defense: Self Defense Tactical Pen

This tactical pen works perfectly as a normal pen, allowing your boyfriend to take important notes and enhance or save his career. On the other end of the spectrum, the pen can transform into a kubotan-ish defense weapon as the tip is powerful enough to break the glass.

Don’t be fooled by the pen’s lightweight and harmless appearance. This bad boy can transform into a weapon within the blink of an eye, thus saving your boyfriend’s life when the need arises. The tactical pen comes with a thumb rest for enhanced grip when used as a weapon.

portable dishwasher

To Clean Up the Dirty Utensils: Farberware Complete Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Not unless you’re dating a clean freak, chances are most men, just like some women, dread cleaning dishes. If your man claims that he doesn’t want a gift and doesn’t have a countertop dishwasher, then he didn’t weigh his options correctly.

Luckily, you’ve got him.

This high-quality dishwasher by Farberware comes with a 5-liter water tank (built-in) that allows for cleaning dishes up to 12-inches in diameter. With five cleaning settings, your man will never have to worry about cleaning dirty, greasy dishes again.

The unit also comes with a fruit basket for cleaning both fruits and vegetables.


To Light Up the Sky: Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight

Every man needs one of these, whether for emergencies or outdoor fun when hiking or camping at night. This highly capable flashlight is powerful enough to focus on items up to 1000 ft away. Additional features include three lighting modes, a zoomable function, and an SOS function.

This waterproof flashlight comes with a USB port and can retain charge for up to 6 hours. Moreover, the black anodized finish ensures the flashlight is dust-proof, shock-proof, skid-proof, and rain-proof, making it a perfect all-weather accessory.

casual belt

For the Casual Gentleman: Carhartt Men’s Casual Belt

Ideal for both casual and official wear, this Carhartt Men’s Casual Belt has class written all over. Its brown, antique finish makes it a great option for different types of occasions. But in case you don’t fancy the antique brown appearance, you can get this belt in different colors and sizes.

He might have several belts in his closet, but this one is guaranteed to take center stage. He’ll definitely love the 100% genuine leather and the single-prong buckle that doesn’t scream for attention.


For Happy Feet: Nike Plus Cushion Socks

A man can never have enough socks, so you can rest assured that your boyfriend will love this set of 6 pairs. Made from 70% cotton and breathable mesh, the socks are designed to provide enhanced comfort.

The arch band strategically contours for a locked-in, extra comfy fit.

Nike’s patented Dri-Fit technology will keep your boyfriend’s feet dry and comfy, especially when worn during runs, evening runs, hikes, or any form of exercise.

coffee maker

For the Most Important Drink of the Day: Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

If your boyfriend’s a coffeeholic, then he might find this programmable brewer handy. This Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer is large enough to make 12 cups and is compact and lightweight for ease of mobility.

The coffee maker comes with a high-quality adjustable warming plate that helps keep your coffee flavorful and fresh for up to 4 hours. Besides the adjustable warming plate, this high-grade coffee brewer features an advanced boiler that allows your boyfriend to make extra hot coffee that suits his taste.

adjustable dumbbell barbell weights

For the Workout Enthusiast: Brave Heart Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Free Weights

If your boyfriend doesn’t want any gift but still skips the gym when he runs late from work, then getting him this set of dumbbells and barbells might be the best idea. This set of workout weights can be transformed from dumbbells to barbells using the connecting rods that come with the package.

This sweet and considerable gift will ensure your boyfriend doesn’t skip a day of training, thus giving him peace of mind even when leaving work late. The interior of the weights is made from reinforced cement, while the outer layer is plastic coated, which eliminates the risk of floor damage or excess noise.

beanie hat with LED light

For Evening Jogs or Early Morning Walks: Headlights Beanie Hat with LED Light

Does your boyfriend fancy early morning or late evening outdoor jogs? If so, then he might love this beanie hat with LED light. This machine-washable beanie allows your boyfriend to run during the dark without the need to carry a flashlight.

The batteries charge fast and can maintain a charge for up to 8 hours, making the beanie a valuable companion for long hikes. It is made from the soft knit material that’s guaranteed to keep your boyfriend both warm and comfy when running outdoors.

full motion TV bracket

To Keep Him Entertained: Full Motion Swivel and Tilt TV Wall Mount for 32-55 Inch TV

Get your loved one this articulating full motion TV bracket and keep him glued to his TV for hours non stop. While he might claim to be disinterested in a gift, this highly capable TV wall mount will almost certainly change his mind.

The maximum compatible TV size is 55 inches, while the minimum compatible screen size is 32 inches, making this a wall mount a perfect fit if he has a TV within the specified range. Your boyfriend will love the bracket’s ability to pull the TV out to 15.

2 inches and retract it to an impressive 3 inches.

beer mug

For the Ice-Cold Beer: Handmade Beer Mug with Stainless Steel Cup

A beer mug is one of the best gifts to get a beer lover. And if your boyfriend’s the type to host game nights, then he’ll love this unique mug that sets him apart from the rest of his friends.

Fancy looks aside; this handmade beer mug can hold 18 Oz of beer.

Its design allows it to keep your boyfriend’s beer cold ice, just like it came from the fridge! This mug can also be used for wine, milk, coffee, tea, or even water.

bath rug

To Keep the Washroom Neat: Gorilla Grip Contoured Bath Rug

This is among the best gifts to get a boyfriend who doesn’t want any gift. By giving him the Gorilla Grip Contoured Bath Rug, it won’t look like you disregarded his opinion and tried too hard. Instead, it shows that you’re concerned about the hygiene of his washroom area.

This high-quality rug comes in different colors and contours around the base of a toilet. Its ultra-shaggy design is meant to pamper feet while the thick fabric is very absorbent, thus keeping the floors free from moisture.

You’ll also love the rubber (thermoplastic) backing that enhances the rag’s overall durability.


For a Crunchy Breakfast: Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

This simple but thoughtful gift can leave your boyfriend feeling special and well-taken care of. It comes with extra-wide slots for thicker slices and bagels. Another impressive feature of this toaster is its 6-shade settings that accommodate individual toasting preferences.

sensorCan touchless trash

For the Messy Boyfriend: SensorCan Touchless Trash Can with Odor Control

Unfortunately, most guys don’t pay attention to the little things that make the biggest differences. Think of the many times your boyfriend has littered on the kitchen floor or failed to throw out the degradable waste.

This battery-powered automatic trashcan comes with an odor control system and is designed to open the lid upon detecting hand motion. The touchless mechanism prevents your messy boyfriend from having to touch the lid, thus preventing exposure to disease-causing bacteria and germs.

canvas artwork

To Brighten Up Dull Spaces: Ocean Wave Canvas Artwork

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to be an art enthusiast to appreciate this sublime piece of art. The painting is made from high-quality ink (fade-resistant) and comes with mounting hardware for ease of installation in your empty space.

The great ocean wave painting is ideal for different spaces, including the bedroom, dining room, guest bedroom, or even kitchen. Moreover, the fairly large sizes of the three canvases ensure the painting is noticeable from a distance, making it a perfect gift if your boyfriend is moving to a new house.

cigarette case with electric lighter

For the Chain Smoker: Cigarette Case with Electric Lighter

While you might not be a big fan of your boyfriend’s smoking, getting him this cigarette case might show your supportive and understanding side. Besides, this bad boy cigarette case comes with an automatic lighter that’s both flameless and windproof!

This moisture-proof cigarette case can hold up to 20 regular ciggies.

You can easily recharge the case using a USB cable or mobile phone charger. When charging, the blue indicator will turn on. The indicator will turn off when the case is fully charged.

whiskey glasses with cigar rest

For the Whiskey and Cigar Lover: Whiskey Glasses With Side Mounted Cigar Rest

Any whiskey and cigar lover will appreciate this gift. The set includes two whisky cigar glasses made from high-quality, lustrous, and lead-free glass. The glasses are strategically designed to keep the whiskey insulated for extended periods.

The set also includes eight granite whiskey stones. The smooth granite stones are gentle on the glass, leaving them scratch-free even after repeated usage. And to complete the set, the manufacturers include an elegant, handcrafted wood stand that comes attached with two coasters and a tong.

beard kit for men

For a Perfectly Groomed Beard: Isner Mile Beard Kit for Men

This beard kit is perfect for the boyfriend who loves to groom his beard. The set features a beard conditioner oil, beard shampoo wash, beard care balm, bamboo brush, styling comb, and steel scissors. The shampoo and conditioner are made from natural ingredients, thus reducing the chances of reaction.


For the Cooking Enthusiast: Your Opinion Wasn’t in the Recipe Apron

If your boyfriend is the type that loves to cook, then he’ll love this sweet but witty apron. Besides being funny, the apron is made from 100% cotton, making it durable and easy to clean. Your boyfriend will also love that the apron has deep enough pockets to hold kitchen utensils and some ingredients firmly in place.


For the Sunny Road Trip: Ray Ban Clubmaster Square Sunglasses

Simplicity is key when buying a gift for your boyfriend who doesn’t want to be gifted. Luckily, you can never go wrong with a pair of quality sunglasses.

Get your boyfriend this classy pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, and he’ll enjoy his summer rides and walks (with you beside him).

The sunglasses feature an acetate frame with a coating that provides much-needed protection from UV light.

boxer briefs

For Increased Comfort: AND 1 Men’s Compression Boxer Briefs

This machine-washable pack of ten AND 1 briefs is one of the best low-key gifts to get your boyfriend. While he might not admit it, he genuinely needs to stock up his brief boxer collection.

Get him these easy-care, non-fading boxer briefs, and he’ll be grateful that you paid attention to the minor details.

These boxers integrate a moisture-wicking technology to prevent sweat accumulation, thus allowing for maximum comfort down there.

diffuser essential oils

To Spice Up the Room: Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser

Get your boyfriend this high-quality diffuser that comes packed with 10-natural smelling essential oils. The scents are perfect for air purification, while the 4 timer settings allow him to sleep or leave the house when it’s on.

Moreover, the beautiful wood grain appearance will help enhance the aesthetics of your special one’s bedroom, office, or living room.

keychain bottle opener

For the Gun Enthusiast: CRM Keychain Bottle Opener

This keychain cum bottle opener is perfect for your boyfriend if he’s into everyday carry (EDC) or keen on Shit Hits the Fans (SHFT) scenarios. Besides its attractiveness, the key chain is highly durable as it is made from extremely hard carbon fiber.

How to buy presents for someone who wants nothing

Gifting a boyfriend who’s made it clear that he wants nothing can prove challenging, especially if you don’t know whether he’s bluffing or just cueing you to be creative. Either way, he’s your boyfriend, and you’ll therefore need to come up with something sweet.

Below are tips to consider when gifting a boyfriend who doesn’t want anything.

Consider his interests. The whole idea of gifting a loved one is to get him something that he fancies or loves. As much as he might be against being gifted, getting him something of interest might help make the gift worth it.

Think outside the box. Perhaps your boyfriend doesn’t want to stress you out, but deep down, he wants something. As the girlfriend, it’s your responsibility to find out if he’s bluffing or actually serious. If bluffing, assure him that getting him a gift isn’t much of a big deal and that you’ll get him something simple that you can afford.

Expensive gifts can work but also fail. Buying him that expensive chain, watch, or laptop might not work out as expected. At times, men just want simple gifts that show you cared enough to know their personal interests.

Don’t buy too many gifts. It’s better to buy one gift than ten as more gifts tend to reduce the value of the gifts. After all, it’s the thought that counts, so focus more on getting that good, thoughtful gift as opposed to breaking the bank with several gifts.

Talk to his best friend. This tip is especially useful for boyfriends and girlfriends who don’t know much about each other. Take your time to consult with close friends to know what gifts your boyfriend might fancy. Don’t worry, soon enough it’s the friends who’ll be asking you to inquire about good gifts to get your boyfriend.


Now that we’ve mentioned some of the best gifts to get a boyfriend who doesn’t want anything, you should be well placed to get a gift that suits his preferences. Liked our list? Then feel free to share with your girlfriends to help them out as well.

gifts for a boyfriend who does not want anything


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