30 Gifts for Bread Bakers (Dough-lightful)

Those who bake bread are beautiful humans. Bread is delicious and makes carb lovers happy!

If you know someone who indulges in this technical craft, they deserve the best presents.

Without further ado, here is a list of 30 dough-lightful gifts for bread bakers!

bread baking for beginners cookbook

For Beginners: Bread Baking for Beginners: The Essential Guide

Listen, some books or guides are marketed for ‘beginners,’ and they are still incredibly complicated. This is not one of those! This cookbook offers straightforward instructions with step-by-step photographs.

It provides newbies with information from prep to proof times to key terminology to significant kitchen essentials.

Additionally, there’s even an FAQ section for troubleshooting issues such as burnt brioche or deflated baguettes.

This is an awesome gift for those just getting into bread baking!

flour Water Salt Yeast cookbook

For the Bread Baker Growing Their Skills: “Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza”

This cookbook is perfect for someone growing their skills. There are recipes for beginners to serious bakers that suit any time constraint. The bestselling bad boy provides a thorough baking education with explanations of tools and techniques.

Plus, your bread maker will find a tutorial on baker’s percentages and advice for manipulating ingredient ratios to craft custom doughs! Additionally, it goes beyond bread making into pizza making! Your bread maker can experiment with creating a variety of pizza doughs and sauces to create the perfect pie!

The bread baker´s apprentice cookbook

For Those Looking to Master the Art: The Bread Baker’s Apprentice

This cookbook will be better for someone with a bit of experience looking to really master the art of baking bread. It’s filled with hard science, advanced techniques and fascinating food history. However, the information is quite accessible so that a newbie would get something out of the bestseller.

Your baker will find delicious recipes to make pizza dough, Challah, bagels, sourdough, and more. Plus, they’ll learn the classic twelve stages of building bread with more than one hundred step-by-step photos.

The funadamental techniques of bread baking cookbook

For those interested in MANY styles of bread: “The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking”

This cookbook provides instruction on French, Italian, German, Middle European and gluten-free bread. It follows the outline of the French Culinary Institutes 12-week bread making course. It features text, recipes, and highly detailed colored photographs on how to knead bread to make a smooth dough by hand, proof it properly, and knead it again before baking.

This is an essential guide in every home cook’s library!

Sourdough cookbook

For the Sourdough Lover: Sourdough: Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads

This book will be perfect for those who love baking sourdough bread. The recipient will get more bang for your buck because it provides recipes for cookies, cakes, scones, flatbreads, tarts, and more, using a homegrown sourdough starter.

Sourdough is a fermented food with a rich depth of flavor and proven health benefits, so if your bread baker isn’t already a sourdough lover, you’ll surely convert them with this awesome cookbook!

tand mixer

Help Take the Work Out of Baking Bread: Nurxiovo 3-in-1 tand Mixer

This bad boy is not only a stand mixer with MULTIPLE attachments, but it’s also a juicer and meat grinder. Now, you might think this is more than your bread baker will need, but don’t forget you can bake sausage into bread.

And hey, even if it is too much now, your baker can expand their kitchen skills passed bread making! This mac daddy stand mixer has an 850w power motor with an automatic shut off if/when it begins to overheat.

It comes with a dough hook, a beater, and a whisk, and has a 7-quart capacity. A 7-quart capacity equates to FOUR loaves of bread!

digital kitchen scale

For Weighing Ingredients Accurately: Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

Baking is an exact science. A lot of recipes come with ingredient measurements in weight rather than just teaspoons or cups. That means your baker will need a quality scale. However, you don’t want that scale to take up a ton of counter space.

Enter: this beautiful scale that is only 5.5-inches by 7.1-inches but can weigh up to ELEVEN POUNDS! It has milk and water measurement modes and gives weight readings in ounces, pounds and ounces, grams, milliliters and fluid ounces.

The scale has a backlit display, laminated buttons and high precision sensors. Best of all, it comes with two AAA batteries needed to operate it!

bread banneton proofing basket

For Proofing: 9-Inch Round Bread Banneton Proofing Basket & Liner

First, you should know that this basket is made from high-quality natural, durable rattan and is eco-friendly, food-safe and non-toxic.

Second, to explain for you non-breadies (a word that was just made up to describe people who aren’t in the know about baking bread), a banneton basket is used for wet or soft doughs to provide structure for shaped loaves while rising.

It will create a lovely spiral design with beautiful flour lines on the loaf. This banneton proofing basket also comes with a cloth liner.

pastry mat

Help Their Cleanup: Non-Slip Silicone Pastry Mat

The first benefit of using a pastry mat is to help with cleanup. Often, when making any kind of dough, whether its bread, pizza or otherwise, you’ll end up with a floury mess on the counter. However, if you use a mat, you contain the mess and can take it to the trash to shake off the excess flour and pop this right into the sink or dishwasher.

Second, you can use this mat to measure your dough, which is necessary if you’re making something like pizza. Third, you can even bake cookies on it, up to 450 degrees. The mat is made of 100 percent food-grade silicone.

It is extra thick and comes in three different sizes, so it will make rolling out dough that much easier. And best of all, it rolls up to store, but will unroll and lay flat again every time!

electric grain mill grinder

For True Homemade Homemade Bread Bakers: Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder

Is their bread really homemade if they’re not making their own flour? … Yes, but it would still be super awesome if you gifted this grain mill to your best bread baking bud so they could grind their own flour.

This is the Wondermill grain mill grinder with a 1250-watt LG electronics motor, making it the MOST POWERFUL micronizing mill available. With it, you can grind a BUNCH of different things, such as wheat, corn, rice, legumes, beans, quinoa and amaranth.

It can grind up to 100 pounds of flour in an hour without overloading and run for 10 hours without overheating! Insane!

mixing bowls set

Mix It Up: Set of 5 Stainless Steel Nesting Mixing Bowls

So, these are stainless steel mixing bows that are dent-resistant and rustproof with a shiny mirrored finish inside and a brushed finish outside. They run from 1.5-quart up to 7-quart in size. However, what sets these apart from other mixing bowls is the non-slip silicone bottom! No more worrying about your bowl sliding around when you’re trying to whisk the heck out of something.

Plus, the silicone bases come in an assortment of colors. They are:

• Purple
• Blue
• Orange
• Green
• Pink

cups and magnetic mesuring spoons set

For All Their Measuring Needs: Measuring Cups and Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set

These will match the mixing bowls above. They are made of superior food-grade stainless steel and are rust-resistant. The non-slip silicone grips on the handles of each spoon and cup come in an assortment of colors.

Now, let’s talk specs. The set includes:

1. Eight measuring cups:
• 1/16 cup
• 1/8 cup
• 1/4 cup
• 1/3 cup
• 1/2 cup
• 2/3 cup
• 3/4 cup
• 1 cup

2. Seven double-sided measuring spoons:
• 1 tbsp
• 1/2 tbsp
• 1 tsp
• 3/4 tsp
• 1/2 tsp
• 1/4 tsp
• 1/8 tsp


A leveler

Some perks of this set are the fact that you can nest the cups and spoons or hang them on the stainless-steel ring. Each cup and spoon have milliliter measurements also. Plus, the measuring spoons lay flat on the counter without spilling!

silicone basting brushes set

Basting and Pasting Baby: Set of 4 Silicone Basting Brushes

These are a multi-colored set of silicone basting brushes that will match the mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons. Consider putting together a gift basket with these, the bowls, the measuring cups and spoons! The food-grade silicone is also heat resistant making these perfect for basting bread loaves with butter fresh out of the oven.

Other than the benefit of their ergonomic one-piece design, these are awesome because they can be hand washed or simply tossed into the dishwasher!

french rolling pin

Roll It Out: French Rolling Pin

Listen, you might not think this rolling pin looks very impressive. However, a minimalist design aesthetic is very “in.” Plus, this simple tapered shape makes it easy to use and versatile. This pin is 20-inches long and can come in hard maple, jatoba, Mexican ebony or a jatoba-ebony-maple combination.

It is a strong, balanced, durable, and one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen!

collapsible cooling rack

Cool It Down: Wilton 3-tier Collapsible Cooling Rack

After your baking buddy is done making delicious bread, they’ll need somewhere to cool their loaves. This is a sturdy 3-tiered cooling rack that can be left collapsed for just one loaf or expanded to accommodate several loaves.

It spans 10-inches wide and 16-inches tall, leaving about 8-inches between the tiers, so even the fluffiest of loaves and other baked goods can be cooled!

grilling stone

For Baking Pizza and Bread: HomeFavor Heavy Duty Cordierite Grilling Stone

This baking stone can be used for bread, pizza, cookies, scones, biscuits and more. What sets this baking stone apart is the fact that its made of all-natural formulated cordierite as opposed to ceramic, and unlike other stone, this one won’t smell or crack! The 15-inch by 12-inch stone distributes heat evenly for optimal cooking and can be used in the oven or on a grill.

Plus, it’s so simple to clean. You simply rinse it with water! No soap needed!

clay baker

Help Vary Their Baking Techniques: 4-qt Romertopf Round Clay Baker

You may think you can only bake bread in a classic metal loaf pan. However, that’s not true. If your bread baker is just using a basic loaf pan, they MUST be gifted this. This is a clay baker, handcrafter in Germany, that features a beautiful rustic design.

To use it, you soak the top first, allowing the lid to absorb water, to create steam during the cooking process. This enables natural flavors to intensify, keeps the oven clean and allows for easier cleanup.

Additionally, this thing can be used for A LOT more than baking bread!

Iron dutch oven

An Alternative to The Clay Baker: Lodge 5-qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven

As an alternative to gifting the clay baker, you can get them this beautiful pre-seasoned cast-iron Dutch oven. The brand, in particular, is quite reputable and is made in the USA. Lodge is known for its high-quality, durable designs.

Plus, they only season their cookware with 100 percent vegetable oil. The more their Dutch oven is used, the better the seasoning will get!

stoneware loaf baking pan

Another Alternative Baking Method: USA Pan Stoneware Loaf Baking Pan

So, this has a more traditional look. It is handcrafted artisan stoneware using clay mined in Tennessee and coated with non-stick silicone, so no grease or oil is required with baking. Its high-quality design is meant to promote heat conductivity and is heat safe up to 450 degrees.

It offers some of the benefits of the other baking alternatives mentioned above. Still, it has the traditional loaf pan shape, so the bread baker will feel a familiarity when they use it.

KBS pro bread machine

Make Bread Easier: KBS Pro Stainless-Steel Bread Machine

This is a 17-in-1 programmable XL (2 lb.) bread maker with a fruit and nut dispenser. It can be set to light, medium or dark crust with a loaf capacity from 1, 1.5 or 2.2 lb. The detachable fruit and nut dispenser releases the ingredients automatically at the optimal time.

The ceramic pan is designed for baking bread evenly and free of chemicals. It can be programmed to these 17 functions:

1. Soft Bread
2. Sweet Bread
3. Natural Sourdough
4. French Bread

6. Quick Bread
7. Sugar-Free
8. Multigrain
9. Milky Loaf
10. Cake
11. Raw Dough
12. Leaven Dough
13. Jam
14. Bake
15. Yogurt
16. Gluten-Free
17. Ferment

dough pastry scraper

For All Their Scraping and Chopping Needs: Stainless-Steel Dough Pastry Scraper

If your bread baking bro has a decent baking set up, you might just be looking to help upgrade their baking utensils! Everyone who works with any sort of dough is going to need a great dough scraper. This one has a non-slip handle and features a handy measurement guide on the blade to help make equal portions when used.

The blade is especially effective for separating dough as well. Plus, as an added benefit, this tool is dishwasher safe!

bread lame long handle

You’ll Score with This Gift: Bread Lame – Long Handle Design for Scoring Sourdough

So, you score bread before you bake it to allow it to expand in the oven. Specifically, scoring helps to control the direction it expands during “oven spring.” Now, the problem with a lot of bread lames is they feature a short handle.

The handle on this one is 6 inches long, making the tool 9.5 inches when the blade is inserted. This makes the tool much easier to control. Plus, this set comes with a case and five extra blades so the receiver will get plenty of use out of it!

bread knife

Slice in Style: Mercer Culinary Millennia Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife

This particular knife is 10 inches long and comes in 8 different colors. However, depending on your or the gift receiver’s preference, they have different knife lengths and different blade shapes, so feel free to peruse those.

One overwhelming consistency in the reviews is about how INCREDIBLY sharp this knife is. That’s due to the highest quality one-piece, high-carbon, stain-resistant Japanese steel blade. This can slice through any loaf with ease and allows for rapid sharpening to keep the edge razor-sharp.

spring chef dough blender

Blend It Better: Spring Chef Dough Blender

You might think this looks like the run of the mill dough blender/pastry cutter. However, this product is sturdy and durable and has blades that are twice as thick as competing companies. It will allow the baker to get better texture and taste for all their baked goods.

The baker will be able to use it to get uniform pieces of butter mixed into the flour, which will aid in making flakier and fluffier biscuits, pie crusts, pizza doughs, scones, pastries and more. Plus, it can even be used to chop fruit and soft vegetables or nuts, make salsa, guac or muffin toppings! It’s a simple gift with unbeatable value!

mortar and pestle set

Smush Delicious Additions: JEmarble Mortar & Pestle Set

First off, this thing is GORGEOUS because of the natural marble. Plus, that makes it super easy to clean. Almost anything can be crushed and blended using this modestly humble kitchen tool. Ingredients such as spices and herbs, peppercorns, garlic, nuts and more! Bruising ingredients by hang can enrich the flavor and create the perfect additives to any loaf of bread.

The size of this elegant model is 6.75-inch by 5-inch. However, it’s available in a smaller and a larger size.

bakeware aluminized steel loaf pan

Best Loaf Pan: USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Loaf Pan

This is the aluminized steel counterpart of a loaf pan previously mentioned in this post. What can we say? This is just a quality company that produces quality products. So, this particular loaf pan is a 1-pound loaf pan that is made of a heavy gauged, commercial-grade aluminized steel.

It’s designed in such a way that it will facilitate air circulation for evenly baked goods. Plus, this allows for the quick release of baked goods as well! If the gift receiver is a bit of a traditionalist, this loaf pan will be right up their alley.

perforated baguette pan

Best Baguette Pan: Amagebelli Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pan

If you’ve never baked baguettes, this pan probably looks quite weird to you. However, this is an excellent baguette pan. There are perforations in the pan’s surface to let moisture escape during baking, which allows the loaves to crisp up and brown evenly.

Additionally, this pan is built for durability as it is made of food-grade carbon steel. It is because of this that the baking surface is non-stick as well. The pan is 15-inch by 13-inch and has four 2.

75-inch gutters, which means up to 4 loaves can be baked at once!

silicone braided challah pan

Best Challah Pan: Silicone Braided Challah Pan

It may be sacrilegious to use a baking mold to make Challah, but it will save the gift receiver many hours before Shabbos trying to figure out how to braid a Challah! The Kosher Cook aims to make it easier to keep a kosher kitchen by producing practical, useful products, and that’s exactly what this bad boy does.

This BPA free silicone mold is exceptionally durable and will allow for the preparation of beautiful Challah with minimal effort. Just put the dough in the mold, bake, and voila, a wonderful Judaica present for Jewish friends, family or a Shabbat host!

silicone hamburger bread forms

Best Hamburger Buns Pan: Bluedrop Silicone Hamburger Bread Forms

If the gift receiver a burger lover? If so, they NEED this. This is a silicone-coated fiberglass hamburger bun mold pan. The pan is perforated to allow the buns to be thoroughly baked and become crispy.

Plus, the pan is flexible and non-stick, so it will be a breeze to just pop the hamburger buns right out of the mold! The pan comes in a variety of sizes. There are pans with six round caves up to fourteen round caves, meaning the baker could make up to seven completed (tops and bottoms) burger buns at once.

cavity donut baking pan 2

Best Donut (or Bagel!) Pan: Wilton Non-stick 6-Cavity Donut Baking Pan 2-Count

Obviously, a donut pan is a must-have, and these donut pans are made of steel with a non-stick coating (NOT Teflon) for easy release and quick cleanup! Each pan has six cavities, so the baker can make half a dozen or send it and make a full dozen donuts for breakfast or snack! Conversely, this pan can be used to make bagels, which is perfect for people who aren’t big on sweets!

Buying guide

Technically, you don’t need much to make delicious bread. However, having some fancy tools and fun gear can sure make the process even more enjoyable.

Conversely, if you aren’t a bread maker yourself, you may have trouble knowing what would make the best gifts.

Rest assured, the items and products above are going to be a fantastic place to start. But here are some tips to pick the best gift for your bread baker:

1. Research – Get to know their craft a bit. What’s the process? What goes into making bread? What utensils or tools could make the process easier? Functional items make great gifts. If you give your bread baker a useful tool, you can rest assured they are actually going to USE what you’ve gifted them. Money well spent!

2. What kind of bread do they usually make? – This is an excellent question to ask because certain products can be more useful if they are making “specialty” bread. For instance, if they are sourdough lovers, they will need a sourdough starter. They will benefit from rye flour and whole rye grains if they gravitate toward pumpernickel or other rye bread.

Do they appreciate a delicious bagel? The bagel baking pan and some “Everything but The Bagel” would help you put together a bagel-rific gift basket!

Just make sure you know the shelf life of edible products you’re gifting them. For instance, when properly stored, yeast is good for up to two years (which is plenty of time for the receiver to use it).

Sourdough starter, when activated and appropriately fed, can basically last for centuries. Just keep this in mind if you’re giving something that has a potential expiration date!

3. Ask – When in doubt, just ask! Your bread baker bestie won’t fault you for it. They’ll appreciate you trying to get them a gift they love.

Just ask what they need or what they’d like to have.

At the very least, you can ask them how making bread works as part of your research. But asking them what they’d like as a gift is probably the easiest way to guide you toward buying the “right” thing.

Conversely, asking what your bread baker wants or needs might be a bit of a cop-out, so if you don’t want to go this route, just do your best.

Giving a gift from the heart is the most crucial aspect of great gift-giving. Keep this in mind if you aren’t entirely sure what to get, or a tight budget is limiting your options.

So long as you try your best, the gift recipient will appreciate it!


If you’ve given a bread baker an incredible gift they adored, or have suggestions for wonderful gifts, definitely share those!

Or if you have bread-making experience and have some ideas or tips for gifts you’d love, feel free to comment as well. Let’s help each other have the greatest gift-giving experience!

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