28 Cute “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Proposal Gift Ideas

For many people, the concept of a bridesmaid proposal is a new one. Usually, the only proposal people talk about is between the bride and the groom. However, being a bridesmaid is no cake walk. It involves money, time and sacrifice. As a a result, it’s nice to make sure you formally ask your friends if they’d be willing to take on the task.

This is where a bridesmaid proposal gifts comes into play. Consider the following fun ideas to be silly or sentimental in your proposal to your some of your closest girlfriends.

Cute Gift Ideas to Propose to Your Future Bridesmaids

geometric hair clip

For the Tresses: HappiBox Geometric Hair Clip Gift

Most women have a head full of hair. Whether the hair is short or long, it’s still helpful to pull it back at the appropriate time. Provide a gift that’s both useful and intentional. This trendy hair clip comes in both a triangular shape and a circular shape.

You can also choose from a gold or silver finish.


For the Beverage-Lover: Madi Kay Designs Rose Gold Custom Stainless Steel Tumbler

Hydration is one of the most important components to survival. Alternatively, you know that there are a few girlfriends you wouldn’t be able to survive without when you’re facing the biggest day of your life.

Consider sending this adorable pink steel tumbler. You can personalize it with your friend’s name. You can customize it with different fonts and wide variety of colors. You can even choose options like a rose gold finish or a marble finish.

Because the name is engraved with a laser technique, it won’t peel off.

bridesmaid proposal wine bottle stickers

For the Wine Lover: Kraft Floral Will You Be My Bridesmaid Wine Bottle Labels

If these ladies are supposed to be in your wedding, chances are you all are close enough for you to know their favorite wines. If you have friends that don’t drink, you can purchase sparkling cider or a sparkling white grape juice that comes in a bottle.

Purchase these fun wine bottle labels that pop the question to your potential bridesmaids. The stickers come in the standard size for wine bottles. Even if you serve the bottle in a bucket with ice, the bottle labels is waterproof and won’t get ruined.

candle set that says will you be my bridesmaid

For the Love of Ambiance: Cedar Crate Market “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” Gift Set

After a long day at work, it’s nice to come home and unwind. Some ladies love to do that with a glass of wine, dinner and a great movie night. Enhance the mood by providing the stemless wine glass and a nice candle for ambiance.

While she’s enjoying the ambiance, this can provide the perfect segway into asking her to be your bridesmaid because the question is on the actual soy candle jar. It’s a beautiful gift to offer a friend that you care about.

If you choose, you can include snacks and wine in another gift basket.

bridesmaid christmas tree ornament

For the Christmas Tree: Digibuddha Bridesmaid Christmas Ornament

If your timeline starts during the holidays, it might be a great idea to include Christmas into your bridal request. Sure, you might not know what your friends’ tree themes are. However, this is still a great keepsake to consider.

The finish is a white porcelain gloss. It also comes with a golden ribbon. To wrap it up, the ornament already comes in a simple yet elegant white box. The ornaments are handmade. As a result, any designs are permanently imprinted into the ornament and won’t peel off.


For the Jewelry Collector: MignonandMignon Tie the Knot Bracelet

This stunning option is perfect for ladies who like understated jewelry. One of the coolest parts of this option is that you can include a monogrammed letter into one of the charms of the bracelet. Even if you have ladies who have specific styles, this is a pretty universal option that can please everyone.

Even if one of your friends decides the decline the invitation, it’s not a piece that states the word ‘bridesmaid’ all over it. She’d still be able to wear it as a thoughtful gift. The base is gold-plated.

There are three finishes to choose from: gold-plated, silver-plated and rosegold-plated.

gold confetti balloons

For the Love of Latex: Diamond Destination Gold Confetti Balloons

Make a memorable experience out of popping the question to each bridesmaid. You can do this by showing up to her house with a bouquet of these stunning balloons. Visit the local grocery store or bakery to pick up a few cupcakes to add to the mix.

These lovely gold-confetti balloons are eye-catching and provide a unique twist. While flowers are nice, balloons last a little longer. They’re just as lovely, but they’re also easy to dispose of when it’s time.

This is also a great option for the bride who’s trying to watch her spending as it’s a cost-effective option.

Scratch off cards

For the Lucky Winners: Paper Clever Party Be My Bridesmaid Scratch Off Cards

Snail mail is a concept that seems pretty ancient to most until it’s time to prepare for a major event like a wedding. Between wedding invitation and save-the-date cards, a lot of couples get used to sending snail mail.

Add these scratch-off cards to the list. It’s a cute way to ask your bridesmaids to join the party. It also comes complete with a beautiful golden envelope for each card. There are six cards enclosed.

One card is for the maid of honor. To up the ante, add a gift card with each envelope. You can include a gift card from any of the major retailers like Starbucks, Target or Amazon. A free gift always goes over well.

hair ties set

For Dependable Hair Care: Bachelorette to Bride Set of Bride Tribe Hair Ties

This is such a fun play on words. Purchase these stylish and sassy hair ties that ask the bridesmaids to help you tie the knot. There are six different colors to choose from. They work perfectly if you all are working on projects and need to put your hair.

It also works if one of the girls has a hangover at the bachelorette party and needs some extra reinforcement.

ceramic ring dish

For Symbolic Connections: VILIGHT Bridesmaid Pink Marble Ceramic Ring Dish

The ring is a major symbol in the wedding process. A wedding is symbolic of a commitment of the heart. As you make this major step in your life’s journey, you can ask your friends to be a part of this process by providing as a sweet gift like the ceramic ring dish.

This ring dish comes in the shape of a heart. It also communicates a beautiful message about being connected by the heart. This handmade gift is sure to provide a beautiful sentiment of long-lasting love.

bride proposal boxes

For the Busy Bride: Samantha Margaret Bride Tribe Proposal Boxes

When you’re a bride-to-be, there are a lot of factors you have to consider. Between the RSVPs and saying yes to a specific dress, you have a lot on your hands. However, you don’t want any of your details to fall through the cracks.

This is why it’s a great idea to find ways to automate the process. You can purchase these lovely bride tribe proposal gift boxes that come pre-assembled. This means it will look as if you’ve spent a lot of time to prepare the box when you really didn’t.

The boxes come complete with a travel coffee mug, a makeup bag and many more fun items.

sleep mask set

For Beauty Sleep: Thee Glamour Bride Sleep Mask Gift Set

Everyone needs their beauty sleep. Rest is especially important for a bride as she prepares for the big day. To be an example to your friends who will be your potential bridesmaids, include this sleep mask in a small gift box to pop the question.

This is a cost-effective way to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your tribe. In a small box, consider adding some relaxing items. A small vial of lavender essential oil or a few springs of fresh lavender will smell amazing and help in a bridemaid’s effort to get quality rest.

set of 7 bachelorette

For the Trend-Recycler: Pop Fizz Designs Set of Seven Bachelorette Fanny Packs

There are tons of people who make fun of the fact that fashion always tends to repeat itself. Trends come and go. This is why it’s nice to hold on to those classic pieces. However, most people didn’t think the fanny pack would make a reappearance.

Now that it’s back, purchase these bachelorette fanny packs for your potential bridesmaids. It spells the word ‘squad’ in glitter gold letters. It’s perfect for a woman to wear whether she’s with a squad or not.

The adjustable waist strap is perfect for a wide range of sizes.

bridesmaid kit

For the Girly Bride: Kate Aspen Pink and Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit

There are tons of women who aren’t necessarily into frilly, girly details. However, if you are one of those brides who embraces it all, get this bridesmaid proposal box for your ladies. It comes in the most feminine colors like pink, white and gold.

It comes with a picture frame, sunglasses, a mug and more. The items are made out of resin, porcelain and plastic. Therefore, you’re dealing with some quality items in each box. Magnets and a ring dish are other items that are include in this box.


For the Wine Connoisseur: Will You Be My Bridesmaid Wine Bags

For those who are really into wine, wine tastings and wine experiences, wine is sacred. Just like your relationship is sacred with one of your closest friends, communicate that love for wine and friendship with a wine bag that asks the ultimate sacred question.

This particular wine bag is made of natural cotton linen. It’s easy to wash and reuse. It’s an eco-friendly option for those who are looking to decrease their carbon footprint. It also fits the standard size wine bottle.

love knot bangles

For the Play on Words: Vesungimey Love Knot Bracelet Bangle

When a couple gets married, it’s affectionaly known as tying the knot. When you’re making this major move, you’ll want the best of friends to surround you with support. In order toa ask your friends if they’d be bridesmaids, this bracelet bangle is the classiest play on words.

The simple bangle includes a knot. The attached note says that “I Can’t Tie the Knot Without You” and asks the potential bridesmaid to accept the offer. The bracelet comes in silver, gold and rosegold finishes.

box for bridesmaids

For the Individual Gift Wrapper: Laguna Luna Empty Mailer Gift Box for Bridesmaids

There are plenty of brides who want to be involved in every single detail. Therefore, the idea of a pre-assembled gift box doesn’t intrigue them at all. In this case, consider purchasing this awesome empty mailer gift box that already has the question printed on the inside.

You can add your choice of fillers, gifts and notes. As you create your own bridesmaid boxes, you can make sure the gifts match the theme of your wedding as well. Once you’ve filled up the boxes, you can easily mail them or hand-deliver them to all of your friends.

coffee mug

For the Coffee or Tea Lover: Be My Bridesmaid Mugs

Most ladies love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea in the early morning hours. There’s something about coffee that gets the body going. That’s why a mug is an amazingly useful gift. With this particular gift, you can easily ask the question.

The cute messaging on the front of the mug says “I Can’t Marry My Mister Without My Sister. Will You Be My Bridemaid?” It’s safe to use in the microwave to reheat a beverage. It’s also great for those who want to pile it in the dishwasher for cleaning.

funny bridesmaid cards

For the Comedian: Simply Said Paper Co. Funny Bridesmaid Card

One of the loveliest parts of comedy is that there’s a ton of truth behind the jokes. You can make sure that translates with this funny bridesmaid card. There are many women who become bride-zillas when they’re preparing for the wedding.

This makes many bridesmaids hesitant to say yes to the responsibility. However, this bridemsaid card makes it clear that there aren’t any promises. While it’s ideal for a bride to be even-tempered and calm through the process, that might not happen.

acrylic escort place cards

For an Intimate Evening: UNIQOOO Clear Acrylic Escort Place Cards

Though place cards are typically reserved for the actual wedding reception, start the personalization early. Plan an intimate dinner for all of your bridesmaids. With each place setting, include gifts, dinner and dessert.

Also, include a hand-written note that asks each lady to be your bridesmaid. Since you’re in the moment, it’s nice to communicate the lack of pressure. You want this to be a nice experience that lets your potential bridemaids know that you’d be honored to have them as a part of your tribe, but they’re allowed to have time to think about it.

satin robe

For the Bag Lady: Uxcell Peacock Satin Robe

Many women love to lounge around the house before or after a long day. You can make that experience more delightful by purchasing this peacock satin robe for a luxurious feeling. Once you’ve ordered the satin robes, take them to a local tailor to get them embroidered with each woman’s name.

It’s a great way to provide a custom experience. If you live in or near a major city, it’s not uncommon to find a fashion district. Within the fashion district, you can find an professional who does custom embroidery for reasonable prices.

Once you’ve placed the robe in a stunning gift bag with a card, it’ll be hard for your friends to turn down your request.

macaron parisian collections

For the French-Inspired Bride: Leilalove Macarons 16 Parisian Macaron Collections

Whether you’re a bride who is having a French-inspired wedding or you just want to create a chic, French-inspired presentation, consider a fun gift like macarons. Food is always a hit with women. Plus, macarons are some of the most delicious treats anyone can make.

They can also be pretty tricky to make at home. This is why it’s a such a welcomed treat for any potential bridesmaid. Sixteen macaroons come in each box. You can opt to order a few boxes, create your own arrangement and give each bridesmaid a certain amount of macarons along with a hand-written card.

martini glass

For the Lover of Martinis: Glass With a Twist Personalized Martini Glass

This is a really chic way to bring your friends together and ask them if they’d be willing to be your bridesmaids. Set up a dinner menu. Ask each friend what her drink of choice would be. Whether it’s an apple martini or a Manhattan, be prepared to make her favorite drink.

Go online and order these personalized martini glasses. You can make sure they’re inscribed with the person’s name and the question. Once the ladies arrive and are seated, you can bring out the drinks on a cute rolling bar tray.

Not only will it be a major hit, but it’ll be a memory for you all to share as you begin this planning process.

PopSockets grip

For the One who Scrolls: Monogralotika Floral PopSockets Grip and Stand

Whether they’re scrolling through their email inboxes or they’re obsessed with refreshing the beloved Instagram feed, your friends are probably in love with the activity of scrolling on their phones. It can be so annoying when you’re scrolling and accidentally drop the phone.

Plus, if you’re watching a YouTube show, it’s nice to put down the phone to watch it. The popsocket is perfect as a kickstand for the phone or for holding securely as you scroll. You can also get the floral popsocket customized with each bridesmaid’s name on it.

If you include this in a small gift basket with a card, it’ll be a really thoughtful gift that she can use immediately.

mason jars 12 oz

For the Classic Country Lover: KAMOTA Mason Jars 12OZ

Mason jars are perfect for DIY projects. You can purchase candle wax, candle fragrance oils and wicks to make custom candles. Print your own custom labels. You can make the fragrance really clean and sweet.

Then, as you print each label, you can make sure the label says the friend’s name or pops the bridesmaid question. If you don’t want to use wax, it’s okay to fill the mason jars with other things. Fill it with cute accessories and makeup.

Fill it with candy like skittles, lollipops or tootsie rolls. If you want to get really specific, you can find out which candy each friend loves. Fill the mason jar with her favorite candy to ensure you’ll create the perfect gift.

essie nail polish set

For the Manicure-Obsessed: Essie Nail Polish Set of 10

If you and your friends love getting manicures, this is a perfect gift to purchase. If you have more than ten bridesmeaids, you’ll want to purchase more of these nail polish sets. However, if you have ten bridesmaids or less, this one purchase will work perfectly.

Once you purchase the nail polish, print out a cute card that’s the size of an index card. On the card, find a catchy way to incorporate the question and the nail polish. You can say something cute and catchy.

Use double-sided tape to attach the nail polish bottle to the card. Make sure the card is durable enough to carry the nail polish. It’s a chic gift that will make any girl smile.

hanging glass terrarium set

For the Plant Lover: Juvale Hanging Glass Terrarium – 6-Pack

So many people are learning about the beauty of plants and how to create an eco-friendly home. If you and your friends are working on your green thumbs, consider this excellent gift. You can purchase these awesome terrariums online.

If you’d like to do a faux option or a real one, you can always purchase fillers like succulents, ferns and dirt online. Once you have all of your items, build the terrarium. Then, finish it off with a note inside.

Make sure the note is short and sweet since you don’t have much room. It’s also nice to create an additional note that shows your friends how to take care of their terrariums.


For the Sun-Blocker: Got Shades 80’S Retro Style Sunglasses

When you’re looking to create a fun gift for your bridesmaids, you’ll have to get creative. Think about the time you’ll be getting married. If you’re getting married in the summertime, you’ll probably want to start preparing the year before.

During the summer months, sunglasses are pretty popular. Purchase these classic yet fun retro sunglasses in bulk. You can choose from a variety of colors. To remain within the theme, consider purchasing sunglasses that fit in with the color of your color scheme.

As you place each pair of sunglasses in a small gift bag, add a card that communicates how the future is “bright”, but it’ll be even “brighter” if they accept your request to be a bridesmaid. It’s cute, creative and memorable.

These are some of the most fun ways to propose to your girls as you prepare for your big day. However, it doesn’t stop here. Always make sure they know that you truly appreciate their presence and support through this journey.

Though the process might seem extra or cumbersome, make sure you’re intentional with your bridesmaid proposal gift. If your friends have been good enough for you to ask them to be a part of your big day, they deserve the extra effort!

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