30 Butterfly Gifts to Set Their Hearts Aflutter

Butterflies are beautiful and delicate, and like humans, each one is unique and a little bit different than all the others. Because of their beauty and their bright colors, they’re very popular both in real life and on merchandise. Because butterfly-themed gifts are so popular, there are always tons of options available.

The hardest part in finding the right butterfly gift is narrowing down all the choices you have. We’ve tried to help by making a list of the 30 best gifts in a variety of price ranges.

30 Butterfly Themed Gift Ideas

butterfly feeder nectar combo

A Way to Attract More Butterflies to Her Garden: Songbird Essentials Butterfly Feeder/Nectar Combo

This kit comes with everything your friend will need to hopefully attract more and more butterflies into her yard. The feeder is brightly colored for catching the eye of butterflies and features several feeding wicks she can coat in nectar, which is also provided.

It’s also sturdy enough and has enough room on it for her to lay out pieces of cut fruit, which are also good for attracting butterflies. Hopefully, with this kit, she’ll be seeing more and more of these beautiful insects in no time.

wooden insect hotel

Welcome to the Hotel Butterfly: FUNPENY Wooden Insect Hotel for Butterflies, Bees and Ladybugs

If your friend already has butterflies coming to feed from her plants and/or butterfly feeder but is looking for a way to keep them there regularly, this butterfly house can help with that. Butterfly/insect houses are relatively easy to make.

They just need to be made of natural materials and have lots of small spaces where butterflies can hide. However, if your friend isn’t the crafty type, this butterfly house from Amazon is just as good as anything made at home.

It includes all kinds of little nooks and crannies in which the butterflies can make their homes. It even has an iron sheet on the roof to help protect it from the rain.

dinnerware set

The Most Delightful Dinnerware: Elama Elm Butterfly Garden 16-Piece Dinnerware

When it comes to fashionable stoneware dinnerware sets, it doesn’t get much more elegant or lovely than the Elama Butterfly Garden set, especially if you’re buying it for someone who’s already crazy about butterflies.

The set is done in a lovely teal color and features a textured garden and butterfly design on every piece. The set includes four each of the following: dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs. Everything in the set is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

electric ukulele

Make Beautiful Music Together: Butterfly-Style Tenor Acoustic Electric Ukulele Complete Kit

Whether your friend is an established ukulele player or is just getting started, if she’s a fan of butterflies, she’ll love this 26-inch Caramel ukulele that’s made entirely of mahogany wood and has a flower and a butterfly engraved in lieu of a sound hole.

It’s a stunning instrument, and it sounds as good as it looks. The kit also comes with everything she’ll need to get started including an extra set of strings, guitar picks, a gig bag, bridge pins, a cable, a cleaning cloth, a wall hanger and more.

It also features a built-in tuner so she can always play on-key.

butterfly anklets

For the Friend who’s Just as Delicate as a Butterfly: Gold Butterfly Anklets for Women

This gift is a little more dainty and delicate for the loved one who prefers a more elegant, understated look. The anklet is made of real, 18-karat gold and has an extra two and a half inches of adjustable chain so that it’ll fit a wide variety of sizes.

The real draw to the anklet is the gorgeous butterfly pendant at its center. It’s expertly cut and looks very high-quality. You can even customize one of the wings with your loved one’s initial.


For the Stylishly Chic: Aro Lora Women’s Butterfly Printed Swing Dress

With sizes ranging from small to XXL, this dress is a great gift for practically all the butterfly lovers in your life. The top is black and features a lace-up front, and the skirt of the dress looks like vibrant, brilliant butterfly wings.

You can choose from four different color options to best suit your friend, but whichever you choose, she’s sure to love this dress. She’ll look absolutely amazing and be able to show off her love of butterflies all at once.


A Hot, Hot Gift: MUMTOP Butterfly Waterproof Thermometer

A lot of people don’t realize that butterflies are extremely sensitive to even the most minuscule of changes in temperature. Whether your friend knows that fact or not, she’ll certainly appreciate this butterfly thermometer that’ll allow her to always know the correct temperature.

It’s weather-treated, so it’s safe for use either inside or outside her house, and the bold, black numbers make it very easy to read, even from a distance. The butterfly has hooks on its back for ease of hanging, and it’s detachable for easy cleaning as well.

metal book stoppers

Help Hold All Her Favorite Books in Place: Alsonerbay Decorative Metal Book Stoppers Butterfly

Simply put, these bookends are amazing. They’re made of sturdy, hard-to-damage metal with a sleek black finish that looks good against any decor, and although they’re very obviously butterflies, they also have a unique, geometric design that makes them unlike anything else she’s likely to see.

All of the edges on the bottom and the ends themselves are smooth and round, so they won’t damage her books or hurt her fingers, and the bookends are strong enough to hold books as large as encyclopedias without slipping or falling.

magnetic sculpture desktop

The Most Beautiful Stress Relief She’s Ever Seen: Magnetic Sculpture Butterflies Desktop Stress Relief Toy

If you have a friend who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk and/or who’s constantly stressed out and in need of something to take her mind off the stress, get her this magnetic sculpture desktop toy.

The butterflies are all made of metal, so they stick firmly to the magnetic base and to each other. This’ll allow her to build lovely butterfly-themed works of art while sitting at her desk. It’s a charming addition to any desk or bookshelf, and constantly tinkering and rearranging the butterflies will be a very therapeutic experience for her.

butterfly garden habitat

For the Child (or Adult) Who Wants Her Own: Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Original Habitat

This gift is geared more towards children than adults, but if you have an adult in your life who would enjoy it, by all means, buy it for her as well. The kit comes with everything your young friend will need to raise her very own butterflies.

There’s a pop-up and reusable mesh habitat (12 inches tall), two chrysalis station logs, a butterfly feeder and five living baby caterpillars and the food they’ll need to survive. She’ll even get a journal to record their progress.


For the Lady with a Whole Lot Going On: Butterfly Tooled Buckle Concealed Carry Purse

There are several different style and color options when it comes to these purses, but no matter which one you buy for your friend, you can be sure you’re giving her a great, high-quality purse. They’re made of vegan leather and finished with expert stitching, and there’s a matching wallet that comes with each purse.

The purses have two magnetic closure pockets, a zippered main closure, a smaller zippered compartment in the middle, a concealed carry pocket and a few extra pockets thrown in for good measure. The hardest part is choosing the one with the most beautiful butterfly on it.

electric metal wax melt warmer

A True Delight to Senses of Smell and Sight: EQUSUPRO Butterfly Electric Metal Wax Melt Warmer

Wax burners have become all the rage over the past several years. They look nice, put out a little extra light at night and, most importantly, smell fantastic. This particular warmer can be used with wax or with essential oils, so your friend can always have her house smell like her favorite scent, no matter what it is.

Best of all, the metal burner has a variety of sizes of butterflies all over it, so it looks as lovely as it smells. It’s also energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


It’s Raining Butterflies: Owen Kyne Windproof Double Layer Umbrella

We’re not sure who decided to make the first inverted umbrella, but that person was a genius! Inverted umbrellas are easier to manage. They dry more quickly, and you actually get to enjoy the beautiful design you bought for yourself instead of just showing it off to everyone else.

If you’re unsure what to buy your friend, get her one of these Owen Kyne inverted umbrellas that are covered in brightly colored butterflies of all shapes and sizes. The gift is incredibly practical – everyone needs an umbrella! – and the butterfly lover in your life will go nuts for the beautiful design.

huge butterfly kite

Send Them Flying High: Huge Butterfly Kite for Kids and Adults

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a gift for a child or an adult; kites make great gifts. As people get older, they generally grow out of wanting to play with toys, but it seems like kites are exceptions to the rule.

There’s just something fun and freeing about flying a kite, especially a giant kite made to look exactly like a butterfly. This kite measures a little over 47″ x 37″ and is quite easy to fly. It comes with the handle and string and a storage bag for when it’s not in use.

You can choose from red or blue, whichever you think your friend would prefer.

picture frame

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: ChezMax Decorated Vintage Picture Frame

Picture frames are always nice gifts, especially if you put a meaningful photo in them before you give them to your loved ones. This picture frame measures 4.02″ × 5.98″ and is made of metal and rhinestones.

It has a very vintage feel to it, and the way the butterfly wings are painted makes them look totally realistic. This is one of the nicest frames out there, even if you aren’t looking specifically for a butterfly-themed gift.


See the World through a Butterfly’s Eyes: Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses

These butterfly sunglasses may not be the right choice for everyone, but if you have a friend with her own unique sense of style who likes things that are original and make her stand out, these are definitely the thing.

They come in five different colors, and the shape of the glasses, along with the brilliant gemstones on the sides, really gives the impression of butterfly wings. In addition to the unique butterfly shape, the sunglasses are also just really good sunglasses.

They have a metal frame, composite, non-polarized lenses coated in a UV-resistant coating and a shatterproof layer that makes them extra durable.

3D wall stickers

For the Friend Who Decorates with Butterflies: 3D Butterfly Wall Stickers DIY Removable Art Decor

This set comes with 96 double-winged butterfly wall decorations. The butterflies are different shapes, sizes and colors, but each one is three-dimensional and has a double set of wings to make them appear more realistic.

They stick easily to the wall, window, table, etc. using adhesive and/or magnets, and they can be removed without damaging anything and reused. These are an especially great gift for a creative friend who’s constantly rearranging or redecorating things or just changing up the way her home looks.

She can do a lot with these.

desk mat

Help Make Standing around All Day Less Painful: Butterfly Not-Flat Standing Desk Ergonomic Mat

This comfortable, ergonomic mat is a must-have item for any of your loved ones who spend several hours each day standing in one place. Standing all day is incredibly hard on the feet, legs and back, but with this mat, which is conveniently shaped like a butterfly and will thrill your butterfly-loving friends, she can save herself some strain and pain.

The ridges and bumps on the 24″ x 36″ mat encourage your friend to move around and shift her weight. This is much healthier than standing still. The mat is also extremely comfortable because it’s made of environmentally friendly, supportive foam.

The large hump in the middle can also be used as a way of massaging her tired feet while standing.

rain gauge garden stakes

Practical and Beautiful: Juegoal 31.5 Inch Rain Gauge Butterfly Garden Stakes

These lovely butterfly rain gauges look absolutely enchanting and are great, colorful additions to any garden. They stand 31.5″ high, and each one features a rain gauge that’ll measure up to five inches of rain.

Despite their lovely look and practical features, they also glow in the dark! There’s no real reason or advantage to this, but it’s super cool, and it makes them that much more interesting and exciting.

butterfly wings shawl

For the Friend Who Loves Cosplay: AWAYTR Women Butterfly Wings Shawl

This butterfly wings shawl is a great gift for the loved one in your life who enjoys cosplaying, but it’s also a beautiful shawl that looks quite nice with a normal outfit. If your friend is the type of person who likes to push the boundaries of fashion and has her own unique sense of style, she’ll get a lot of pleasure from this shawl.

There are eleven designs from which to choose, so you can be sure to get the colors that are best for your friend. The shawl is held in place by a choker around the neck and measures 66″ x 53″.

makeup brush set

Putting on Makeup Has Never Been More Fun: Cute Butterfly Crystal Base Makeup Brush Set Professional Organizer

While these makeup brushes are good makeup brushes that work well and get the job done, there’s nothing particularly special about the way they’re used. However, the gorgeous iridescent, crystal holder they’re placed in when not in use makes them a great choice for any butterfly fan.

The crystal holder is shaped like a butterfly, and the brushes all have matching iridescent handles as well. When they catch the light, they look incredible. The brush heads are nice too. They have super silky bristles that are highly dense and shed-resistant.

They can be used for blush, foundation, eye shadow, blending, highlighting or concealing.

outdoor chair

Children Love Butterflies Too: Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Child’s Outdoor Chair

This gift is geared specifically towards children, and it’s awesome. Melissa & Doug are known for their great children’s products, and this outdoor lounge chair designed to look like “Bella Butterfly” is no exception.

It’s soft and comfortable, lightweight and easy to open and close. It comes in a carrying bag for ease of transport, and there’s even a cup-holder on one of the arms. It’s a very durable chair and is perfect for camping or for just sitting around outside.

It’s also easy to clean, which is great considering how messy kids can be.

silicone mold for soap

Excite the Artisan: Delidge 2-Pack Butterfly Silicone Mold for Soap and More

If you have a friend in your life who loves butterflies and who’s also a creative spirit or artist of some kind, she’ll love these durable, non-stick silicone molds. She can use them for a wide variety of crafting activities.

If she wants to make butterfly-shaped soaps, she can use them for that. If she wants to make butterfly-shaped candy and/or cookies, she can use them for that. If she just wants to make adorable butterfly-shaped ice cubes, she can even use them for that! The truly great thing about the molds is how versatile they are.

They’re also super easy to clean and can be safely placed in the dishwasher and/or microwave.

pill organizer with lanyard

Lovely, Medicinal Butterflies: Black Butterfly 7-Day Pill Organizer with Lanyard

If your loved one has to carry around a lot of medication with her at all times, make it a little more convenient – and pleasurable – for her to do so by getting her this adorable pill organizer. The organizer itself isn’t much different than other seven-day organizers.

She has a place for AM and PM pills all week long. However, the great thing about this organizer is that it comes in its own little carrying bag. The bag looks a lot like a purse or clutch to anyone who sees it, and it’s covered in bright, adorable butterflies.

bible/book cover

Blessed as a Butterfly: Purple Botanic Butterfly Blessings “Blessed” Bible / Book Cover

For the religious friends in your life, this is a great way to combine their love of God with their love of butterflies. This bible case comes in either medium or large to fit different sized bibles, and it zips up all the way around for safekeeping.

The zipper has a small cross on it as the zipper pull, and there are two pen loops inside for the pens and highlighters they use to keep notes. The warm, uplifting message on the front will remind them how blessed they are in everything they do.

butterfly pendant ceiling fan pull chains

Add Some Subtle Flair to Her Decor: Butterfly Pendant Ceiling Fan Pull Chains

These small ceiling fan pulls are a great gift for the friend who loves butterflies but likes to be subtle about it. These aren’t large, brightly colored butterflies that’ll draw the eye of every person who walks into the room.

Instead, they’re small and unobtrusive, and they’re all the more lovely for being so. They’re made of nickel and are extremely durable, so accidentally breaking them isn’t a huge concern. They look nice and add a little touch of your friend’s personality into the room.

They’re also incredibly nice for shorter people who may have a lot of trouble reaching their ceiling fans’ normal chains.

costume for pets

For the Lover of All Living Things: Beautiful Butterfly Costume for Pets

If your butterfly-loving friend also happens to have a small dog at home, grab her this monarch butterfly costume and let her turn her favorite mammal into one of her favorite insects – at least for a day.

The costume comes with an adorable black, orange and yellow dress. This is perfect for Halloween, but these colors are also the same ones seen in monarch butterflies, so it isn’t strictly a Halloween-only costume.

The dress features attached butterfly wings, and there’s a cute little headpiece that comes with the whole thing. This particular costume is designed for small dogs, but the same costume is also available for dogs that are medium, large or extra-large.

storage baskets

Fulfill All Her Storage Needs: KUNRO Round Storage Basket Colored Butterflies

This 15.7″ x 13.7″ basket is a multi-purpose basket that can be used for laundry – either dirty or clean – toys, baby items or anything else for which your friend wants to use it. Because it’s covered in pink, purple and light green butterflies, it looks especially nice in a nursery or little girl’s room, but she can use it practically anywhere.

It’s sturdy and holds its shape well, and it features convenient carrying handles as well.

butterfly plush toy

For the Younger Butterfly Fanatic in Your Life: Butterfly Monarch Plush Toy/Slap Bracelet

If the young butterfly lover in your life likes butterfly-themed gifts that look authentic and realistic, this stuffed animal is a good choice. It looks very much like a real monarch butterfly. It’s soft and serves a dual purpose: It can be played with as a stuffed animal, or it can be worn as a slap bracelet.

The wings of the butterfly actually have a slap bracelet inside them, so your little friend can wear the toy around her wrist and take it with her wherever she goes. It’s about eight inches tall and is very easy to clean.

All it needs is to be wiped down with a damp rag and left to dry. Then it’s good to go.


Birds of a Feather Read Books Together: Vintage-Style Metal Feather Bookmark

If you’re looking for a gift that’s relatively small and inexpensive but also unique and sure to please the person receiving it, check out this gorgeous bookmark. It’s handmade from a strong, shiny metal alloy that looks great and is wear- and lead-resistant and eco-friendly.

The bookmark is designed to look like a very realistic feather. The chain that hangs out of the book features a gorgeously rendered butterfly near the end, right above an equally lovely glass bead with a dried flower inside it.

It’s perfect for readers, butterfly lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.

All About Butterflies

Most of the time, if you ask someone why they love butterflies, the standard answer is going to be because they’re beautiful. It’s a good answer because butterflies certainly are beautiful. There are over 17,000 different species of butterflies in the world, and each one of them is unique and features different colors and patterns. There are some butterflies, of course, that aren’t bright and vibrant, much like the Orsotriaena medus of Asia and Australia, but even these “plain” butterflies are unique, interesting and quite lovely in their own way.

The only problem with the “because they’re beautiful” answer is that butterflies have so much more going for them than just their beauty. First of all, butterflies are old. Scientists can be certain that they’re at least 50 million years old, and they suspect that several species of butterflies are closer to 150 million years old. They are also indicators of and often the reason for healthy ecosystems. They act as a natural form of pest control and pollination.

Furthermore, butterflies are excellent indicators of what’s going on in our world. Scientists often study the migration habits, changes in the transformation stages and population changes of butterflies as early indicators of global warming and other important, possibly deadly, changes happening on Earth. Butterflies are incredibly sensitive to even the slightest changes in temperature, and they’re prone to noticing these changes long before humans ever become aware of them.

Finally, butterflies are also important to human society in more abstract ways. Because they’re so lovely, people will actually make an effort to go to places where they can be found so they can watch them. If these trips are taken on foot, they have beneficial effects on people’s health. Getting out and walking in the sunshine to see butterflies is good cardio, a good source of vitamin D from the sun and just good for people’s all-around mental/emotional states of being. If these trips are taken to butterfly houses, nature preserves, zoos, etc., it also helps strengthen the economy.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with appreciating butterflies for their beauty. Their unique designs, shapes, sizes, patterns and colors are definitely things that should be appreciated, but the next time someone gives you that standard answer, take some time to educate them on all the benefits butterflies bring to us beyond their beauty.

You can also consider passing on some of those fun facts when delivering your butterfly-themed gift to your friend or loved one.

Check out the comments section to let us know what you thought of our list. If you have any interesting butterfly “fun facts,” be sure to tell us about them. We love learning new things! Be sure to like and share our page with others, and as always, we hope to see you again very soon!

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