31 Sugary Candy Gift Ideas For Sweets Lovers

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat now and then?

If you’re looking for gift ideas involving candy, then this is the gift guide for you! We’ve put together candy gift ideas for people in your life who love everything about indulging in sweet treats! We hope you’re inspired by the unique and surprising sweets presents we’ve put together for you!

31 Sweet Candy Gifts

1980 candy mix box

Bring Back the 80’s: 1980’s Retro Candy Gift Box-Decade Box Gift Basket – Classic 80’s Candy

There’s something about nostalgic sweets that, as soon as you taste it, you’re brought back to favorite times or memories. Help the person you’re shopping for re-live their favorite moments and memories with this candy box.

It’s a 1980’s retro sweets gift box featuring an assortment of candy from that decade. Experiencing this sweet flashback is not only fun, but it’s also one that will bring forth hours of conversations! Sweets like this one are appreciated by the recipient because it shows them you know they’re love for nostalgia, as well as all things about sweet treats!

unicorn boogers sweets

Give the Gift of Magic: Unicorn Boogers Candy | 6-Pack

Are you shopping for someone who loves magic or unicorns? Do they also love candy and have a great sense of humor? If so, candy gift ideas like this should be added to your list. You’ll be giving them unicorn boogers! Okay, not literally.

That would be funny, though. Instead, this is a funny treat consisting of fruity flavored candy contained in six test-tube-like containers. This magical candy treat is unlike any other they’ve ever received.

Your gift recipient will love the uniqueness of this gift, as well as the fact that it’s all about the things they love the most!

chocolate frog novelty sweets

For the Harry Potter Fan: Harry Potter Milk Chocolate Frog with Collectible Wizard Trading Card 4 Packs

Harry Potter fans are still flourishing throughout the world over and for a good reason! So, when you’re looking for a candy gift for a Harry Potter fan, this one can’t be missed. This candy gift set is a chocolate frog from the movie Harry Potter.

They’ll be receiving a four pack of chocolate frogs for the Harry Potter story, each with a wizard trading card. These candy gifts make excellent stocking stuffers, party favors, and surprise gift ideas for candy lovers.

There are sixteen wizard cards to collect in all, so they may love that you’re helping them add to their collection!

bob ross happy mints box

A Fresh Take On Bob Ross: Bob Ross Happy Little Mints – 1 Tin of Mints

Between 1983 and 1994, Bob Ross fans could enjoy watching him paint “Happy little trees,” on PBS. If you’re shopping for a Bob Ross fan who also happens to love candy, these are perfect.

You’ll be gifting them with a tin of mints featuring an image of Bob Ross on the cover. The cover also reads, “Happy Little Mints,” with Bob Ross’s signature along its top. This reusable tin measures 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ x 3/4″.

Bob Ross fans will love that; when the mints are gone, they can refill it with more candy or reuse the tin for something else!

galaxy spiral lollipops

For an Out of This World Gift: Galaxy Lollipops Spiral Designs with Space Foil Gift Pack, 10 Lollipops

When you’re shopping for someone who loves all things space, as well as candy, then these lollipops are the perfect combination. You’ll be giving them the ultimate collection of galactic lollipops featuring a space design.

Sweets like these are not only a sweet treat, but they also show off someone’s love for the solar system and space. No matter if you’re buying for an Astro-physicist or someone who enjoys looking through a telescope as a hobby, this space-themed candy gift idea is perfect! Those receiving this gift will appreciate it’s sweetness, as well as the fact that you noticed their passion for the galaxy.

candy gummy sushi box

For the Sushi Lover: Raindrops Candy Gummy Sushi Bento Box

Bento boxes full of delicious sushi is every sushi lover’s dream. Now, what about a candy lover who also loves sushi and combining the two? That’s where candy presents like this one come into play. You’ll be giving the gift recipient on your list a bento box containing sushi made from candy! This bento box contains twenty-one pieces of gummy candies that look like sushi.

Each is modeled after sushi rolls, as well as traditional garnishes. The flavors include fruity, sour, and licorice with marshmallow toppings. Sushi lovers who also have a passion for candy will delight in the fact that this collection looks authentic and has a great taste!

british chocolate box

For British Candy Lovers: The Great British Ultimate Chocolate Favourites Box

Those who love British chocolate will go crazy over these sugary treats! It’s a box full of a variety of candies including Flake, Twirl, and Wispa. This one-of-a-kind gift idea for candy lovers features a handled box with a British flag on all sides.

So, when gift recipients are finished enjoying their candy, they can put the box on display or use it for another purpose. No matter if the person receiving this gift is British or love everything about Britain, they’ll appreciate the sentiment behind this gift.

You’ll find this is especially true because you’re gifting them with delicious chocolate!

maxim´s de Paris French dark chocolate

Say it With Imported French Chocolate: Maxim’s de Paris French Gourmet Dark Chocolate Candies with a Heart of Coffee Gift Tin

Imported directly from France, this is one of those candy gifs that is decedent and unforgettable. You’ll be giving gift recipients a box of Maxim’s de Paris chocolates, which is the same brand as the famous Paris restaurant owned by Mr.

Pierre Cardin. Each of these gourmet dark chocolates has hearts of coffee. There are between twenty-four and twenty-six individually wrapped pieces within each tin. Not only are the chocolates wrapped beautifully, but the tin also features a red background and finely drawn details.

Those who love French cuisine and desserts will find these chocolates a delight and appreciate the thought you put behind selecting them.

gummy bear candy set

For the Gummy Bear Lover: Gummy Bear Candy Gift Set Twin Pack

No matter how old the person is you’re shopping for, and they love candy, this gift idea may be ideal. You’ll be giving them candy that includes a twin pack of gummy bears. Candy lovers have enjoyed these sweet bears since their inception in the early 1920s.

They’re a staple for anyone who loves something sweet and sticky. It’s also possible to get them sour, too, as with candy gifts. Recipients will be receiving one cube of sweet and one of the sour gummy bears.

Each has beautiful packaging allowing the colors of the gummy bears to show through.

krispy kreme doughnuts jelly beans

For the Krispy Kreme Fanatic: Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Jelly Beans Gift Box, 5 Flavors, 4.25-oz

If you’ve ever had a Krispy Kreme doughnut, then you know why people go crazy over their taste and consistency. People have been known to travel for miles for these treats. If the person you’re shopping for loves candy, as well as Krispy Kreme doughnuts, this is the right present.

They’ll be receiving a 4.25-ounce box containing five flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans. These aren’t just any jelly beans, though. They feature Krispy Kreme doughnut flavors! Flavors include apple cinnamon filled, strawberry iced, original glazed, glazed blueberry cake, and chocolate iced with sprinkles.

bacon mints

For the Bacon Lover: Bacon Flavored Mints net wt. 0.85 oz(24 g)

Because there’s no such thing as too much bacon for those who love it, candy gift ideas such as this one are ideal. You’ll find this is especially true when you’re shopping for someone who has a passion for unique types of candy as well.

They’ll be receiving a 0.85 ounce tin of bacon-flavored mints. Each tin features a vintage cartoon of a pig featuring vintage fonts that read, “Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints.” These mints each taste like a crispy slice of delicious bacon with a hint of mint.

Those who love unique flavor combinations will love the extra punch the mint gives the bacon.

food science chemistry set

For the Science Lover: Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

Our parents always taught us not to play with our food. Well, this kind of sweets take that rule out of the equation. If you know someone who loves everything about science, as well as candy, then this gift is optimal.

People of all ages will find this food science chemistry kit fun and innovative — plus, they get to eat their experiments! This kit includes forty experiments, a lab guide, and over twenty-seven tools and ingredients.

Those who receive this gift will be making rock candy, lollipops, jelly candies, chocolate, and more when using this STEM candy kit.


For the Craft Beer Lover: BREW CANDY | Hoppy IPA + Roasty Stout + Honey Ale

This gift idea is not only great for those who love craft beer but also candy lovers as well. Brew candy is inspired by craft beer flavors and is a fun present for foodies, candy lovers, beer geeks, and homebrewers.

There are three different beer flavors, including honey ale, hoppy IPA, and roasty stout. Those who receive candy presents like this one will love how unique it is as well as that it’s made in the USA.

Every batch is created using high-quality ingredients. No matter if gift recipients want to share with their friends or keep these candies all for themselves, this one-of-a-kind treat is sure to be a hit!

coffee candy individually

For the Coffee Lover: Bali’s Best Coffee Candy Individually Wrapped (42 Pcs)

I think we all know someone who is in love with their morning coffee. Some people love coffee for every occasion no matter if it’s with breakfast, in the afternoon, or with their dessert. If you’re buying for someone who also loves indulging in sweet treats, then these are perfect.

You’ll be giving them a bag containing forty-two pieces of individually wrapped coffee candies. Each piece of candy is made with real coffee. These all-natural candies are bold, have an intense flavor, and their aroma makes those indulging in them feel like they’re taking a coffee break.

chinese candy

Give the Gift of Sweet Luck: Chinese Good Luck Candy

Having a little good fortune in your life never hurt anyone, so why not sweeten it up a little? When you’re looking for great sweets, this one is all about good luck. For the candy lover in your life, you’ll be giving them a bag of Chinese good luck candy.

It contains between sixty and seventy pieces of strawberry-flavored candies individually wrapped in red foil. These candies are traditionally given out during the Chinese New Year, but can be enjoyed anytime! Those receiving this gift will love the sweet strawberry taste, as well as the fact that it’s all about good fortune!

dubble bubble gumball baseball bat

Hit a Home Run: Dubble Bubble Gumball Home Run Baseball Bat

Baseball and candy lovers will both love this candy. It’s a baseball bat filled with Double Bubble gumballs! This plastic baseball bat measures seventeen inches long and is hallowed out. That way, it can be filled with 6.

6 ounces of Double Bubble gumballs. Once the bat is empty, baseball fans can refill it with any other type of candy they like! People of all ages will love this idea not only because it’s full of gum but also because it’s sturdy enough to be reusable.

No matter if those receiving this candy gift want to share it with their friends or keep it all for themselves, it’s sure to hit a home run!

marzipan kugeln in piano box

Tickle Their Ivories: Reber and Constance Marzipan Kugeln in a Piano Gift Box

Reber Marzipan is made from premium almonds, fresh pistachios, and the finest nouget. German Marzipan is candy that’s made from ground almonds and sugar. If you know someone who loves this kind of candy, as well as playing Mozart on their piano, then you’ve found the best sweets.

This gift box is in the shape of a piano; it features images of Mozart on each of the pieces of candy and an image of Mozart at the top of the box. It’s imported from Germany and weighs 9.9 ounces. Those who are pianists and love German sweet will be delighted when receiving this box.

jelly belly beans

I’m a Pepper, You’re a Pepper: Jelly Belly Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans – 3.5 oz Bag

There’s something about the unique flavor of Dr. Pepper that’s been attracting soda drinkers since 1885. Those who love candy, as well as the taste of Dr. Pepper, will love candy gift ideas like this one.

They’ll be receiving a 3.5-ounce bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans that are flavored like Dr. Pepper. These jelly beans contain the real Dr. Pepper flavor! So, when it isn’t convenient to drink soda, those receiving this candy gift idea can still enjoy the sweet taste of their favorite drink.

Gift recipients will not only find this idea unique, but they’ll appreciate that you took the time to figure out what they’re favorite kind of drink is when selecting this candy.

lego shaped sweets

For the Lego Lover: BUILDING Blox Sweets Blocks (1 pound bag)

Lego and candy lovers unite! When you’re looking for ultimate in candy give ideas, this one is the best for Lego and candy lovers. They’ll be receiving a one-pound bag of candy that’s in the shape of Legos.

What’s more, these candies stack just like Legos! They’re available in four colorful flavors, including blueberry, banana, cherry, and lime. Four sizes are also available, including two, four, six, and eight-pin.

This idea is optimal for those who love unique and creative gifts. This candy also doesn’t feature your typical flavors, either. So, that helps set this candy gift idea apart from the rest as well.

KitKat maccha green tea

A Twist on a Classic: Nestle, KitKat Maccha Green Tea Flavor 4.9oz Japan Import

If you know someone who loves Nestle’s Kit Kat bars, as well as Maccha green tea, then they’re in for a treat with these bars. It’s a 4.9-ounce bag of Maccha green tea Kit Kat bars imported directly from Japan.

The bag contains twelve snack-sized Kit Kat bars, which are two fingers, and are each individually wrapped. The Maccha tea flavor is one that’s become quickly sought after throughout Japan. So, those who receive this candy gift idea will love that they’ve gotten something so popular.

Kit Kat lovers will still receive the same traditional crunch from the wafer while those who have a passion for green tea can indulge in the flavor.

maple drops hard candies

For the Maple Lover: Maple Drops Hard Candies 1 lb Made with Real Syrup

The delicious maple flavor doesn’t have to be reserved for our pancakes or waffles. We can also indulge in this sweet delight with candies. When you’re shopping for candy gifts, add maple hard candies to your list for those who love this flavor.

That way, they can receive a one-pound bag of candies that are made with real maple syrup. Each of these candies is in the shape of maple leaves and are individually wrapped. They have a smooth flavor that’s not overpowering, making them the perfect treat to enjoy anytime.

They arrive in a box that’s great for wrapping.

Starburst all pink strawberry

For Lovers of All Things Pink: Starburst All Pink Strawberry – Limited Edition – 14 Ounces

You’re sharing your Starburst and, when you offer the pack, you hear, “Oh, there are no more pink ones? No, thank you.” That’s right; the pink Starbursts are the most popular out of the entire pack. That person who refused your Starburst pack is the ideal recipient of candy gift ideas such as this one.

The reason is that it’s a 14-ounce bag of pink Starburst candy. That’s right – all pink! No matter how many times they reach into the bag, they’ll pick out their favorite flavor! Each candy is individually wrapped, and they’re guaranteed to taste their favorite flavor every time.

gravy candy

Make it Nearly Homemade: Gravy Candy

Chances are, candy lovers will likely have never tried gravy flavored candy before. Candy gift ideas such as these are ideal when you’re looking for something unique for the sweet treat enthusiast on your list.

You’ll find this is an especially great gift if they also love indulging in gravy! That right, this candy has the flavor of herb-infused gravy! These bonbons are individually wrapped in and inside a tin that measures 3 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ x 2″.

Each candy is brown with a white stripe, and there are 2.5 ounces inside each of these yellow vintage decorated tins.

Korean Red ginseng jelly

Give the Gift of Ginseng: KOREAN RED GINSENG CHEWY_JELLY 280 grams (9.8oz)

When you’re shopping for someone who loves chewy candy, this gift box also combines the flavor of Korean Red Ginseng. Each of these jelly candies is individually wrapped to ensure they’re fresh and to keep their smooth and strong taste intact.

This product of Korea contains a special blend of 0.4% pure Red Ginseng Extract. So, if you’re shopping for someone who enjoys Korean food and treats, this is the ideal candy gift idea. Not only is this candy unique, but you can be sure the person you’re buying it for won’t be receiving it from anyone else because it’s one-of-a-kind.

party pops in bulk

Bring Back Some Tasty Nostalgia: Old Fashioned Square Party Pops in Bulk – Assorted Flavors, 48 Count

There’s something about old-fashioned candy that makes it taste better than any other kind. This assorted package of forty-eight cube lollipops is no exception. It comes with delicious flavors, including green apple, wild charry, and huckleberry.

Traditionally, lollipops used to be made in trays and then cut into cubes. These sweet treats are a great candies for those who love treats from the old days. These assorted cube pops are unique, colorful, and offer classic flavors unlike what’s found in novelty pops today.

Those who receive candy gift ideas like this one will love the sentiment as well as the fact that they’re receiving something unique.

Pez candy

For the PEZ Collector: PEZ Candy Single Flavor 2 lb (Variety)

PEZ dispensers are a fun way to eat candy while simultaneously collecting fun characters. What happens when you run out of the candy, though? Even though the dispensers come with several packs of PEZ, it runs out quickly.

So, if you’re shopping for a PEZ lover, this is one of those candy gift ideas you can’t pass up. It’s a two-pound bulk bag of their favorite candy – PEZ! This bag features a variety of flavors, so they’re sure to have plenty of this tasty candy on-hand for a long time.

Flavors include strawberry, raspberry, grape, orange, lemon, and cherry.

Italian candy spicchi sorrento

For the Italian Candy Lover: Fida Hard Filled Italian Candy, Spicchi Sorrento, 18 oz

When you visit an Italian bakery or any home for that matter, there are bowls of candy everywhere. These sweet confections are a staple and are offered during gatherings, when company comes over, and other occasions.

These Spicchi hard candies are filled with lemon, organ, and tangerine. They have the sweet scent and taste of Mediterranean citrus and are a product of Italy. These hard candies are naturally citrus-flavored and are delicious enough to share with the entire family.

Those who receive this candy gift idea will love the authenticity of it, as well as the fact that you know how much they enjoy Italian candies.

claeys old fashioned hard candy

Bring Back Old-Fashioned: Claeys Old Fashioned Hard Candy – Variety 4 Pack

With classic packaging and old-fashioned fonts, these candies live up to their name. The packing reads, “Old Fashioned Hard Candies,” and feature the name of the company and flavor of the candy. This candy company has been making hard candies since 1919.

Popular flavors include green apple, wild cherry, lemon drops, and watermelon. So, in addition to this candy gift idea celebrating tradition, they also feature one-of-a-kind flavors. Each bag holds six ounces of candy, and they are not individually wrapped.

If you know someone who loves popping hard candies in their mouth, these sweet treats are the ideal gift.

old fashioned cut rock candy

For the Rock Candy Lover: Old Fashioned Cut Rock Candy Assortment 1LB Bag

Seeing scoops of candy at the candy store with all the colors, shapes, and patterns was just part of the experience for candy lovers of yesteryear. That was coupled with the smells, tastes, and textures of these delights.

Cut rock candy, like swwets gifts, is no exception. These pieces of hard candy feature a picture in the center of the barrel and vivid colors on the outside. Present-day candy lovers also enjoy these sweet treats and will be delighted when they receive a one-pound bag of assorted pieces.

Each bag contains approximately sixty-five pieces of cut rock candy.

cinnamon hard candy

For Those Who Can’t Get Enough Cinnamon: Brach’s Cinnamon Hard Candy Discs, 2 lb Bag in a BlackTie Box

Encased in a black box with a white and black ribbon, this two-pound bag of Brach’s cinnamon hard candy is ready for gift giving. Do you have someone on your shopping list who loves cinnamon candies? If so, candy gift ideas like this are optimal.

They’ll be receiving cinnamon hard candy disks that are individually wrapped and ready for them to enjoy. Since 1904, candy lovers have been enjoying these German candies. Now, it’s possible for candy lovers to receive this confection in a gift box.

The next time you’re shopping for candy gift ideas, this one can’t be missed!

AMARETTO miniature hard candies

Give the Gift of Romance: Glitterati AMARETTO D’ITALIA – Famous Miniature Hard Candies (65 Ct. Pouch)

These are considered the world’s most romantic hard candy. They have an incredible almond flavor and are inspired by the famed liqueur of Saronno, Glitterati Amaretto D’Italia. Each of the sixty-five candies in this bag is individually wrapped to ensure the classic Italian specialty remains fresh.

Under most circumstances, these candies are found in specialty restaurants and hotels. Now, you can buy them for the candy lover on your shopping list! The exquisite wrapping and delicious taste will have them savoring each piece.

Those who receive this candy gift idea will not only appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it but also the fact that you know how much they love Italian candies.


Candy is the sweetest gift you can give anyone both sentimentally and when it comes to its taste. However, giving someone who loves candy just any run-of-the-mill confection isn’t the best candy gift idea.

Instead, the best candy gift ideas are ones whereby the recipient is surprised, is receiving something unique, and might be trying something new.

We hope these candy gift ideas inspire your buying choices and help you find the best candy for the person on your shopping list!

31 candy gift ideas

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