32 Gifts for Caregivers to Show How Much You Care

Nurses, doctors, home health aides, hospice workers, nursing home orderlies – all of these people spend their lives caring for other people.

Sometimes it’s nice to do a little something nice to show how much you care for them. Here are 32 gifts that are perfect for the caregiver in your life.

travel mug

A Daily Reminder: Thank You For Being Awesome Mug

It’s no secret that caregivers work hard, and sometimes, that can wear them down a little bit. There’s no better pick-me-up for worn out caregivers than a mug of hot coffee and a daily reminder that they are awesome.

This gift can provide both of those things at once. You can also pick from five different colors to give your favorite caregiver a more personalized gift.

candle set

The Gift of Ambiance: YMING Scented Candle Set

After a long day of taking care of other people, sometimes people just want to pamper themselves a little bit. Help your caregiver loved ones create peaceful, aromatic spaces for themselves by buying them a set of eight deliciously scented, essential oil candles.

These are great for any room of the house, and each one burns between 20 and 25 hours for a long-lasting, fragrant experience.

burt´s bees gift set

For Hardworking Hands and Feet: Burt’s Bees Gift Set

This six-piece set from Burt’s Bees is an excellent gift for all those caregivers who spend most of their days on their feet and working with their hands. The hand repair cream, hand salve and cuticle cream will help keep their hands moisturized, smooth and unblemished.

The foot cream is excellent for soothing tired, sore feet and keeping dry, cracked heels at bay. The tin of Res-Q Ointment helps soothe irritated, stinging skin anywhere on the body. Together, this is the ultimate hand, foot and skin care kit.

fitbit versa

Keeping Tabs: Fitbit Versa

When people spend all their time taking care of others, they sometimes neglect their own health and well-being. Help your loved ones monitor their heart rates, sleep scores, daily steps taken, calories burned, hourly activity levels and more by giving them a Fitbit Versa 2.

The Versa also comes equipped with Alexa access so they can control their smart home devices, set alarms and reminders, find out the day’s weather and more.

They’ll also be able to run their Spotify or Pandora apps directly from the Versa so that they have access to their favorite songs at any time of the day or night.

Finally, the Versa connects to their phones via Bluetooth, so they can get texts, calls, calendar and other smartphone app notifications hands-free as long as their phone is nearby.

bento box

Food on the Go: Ozazuco Bento Box

Whether your caregiver is a doctor, nurse, home health aide or something else entirely, chances are he eats quite a few meals on the go. That doesn’t have to mean junk food, vending machines or frozen dinners though.

With the Ozazuco Bento Box, your loved one can pack up to three separate meals in one easily carried container, which also comes with utensils and a cooling lunch bag.

The top layer of the three-layer box comes equipped with a leak-proof seal and is safe for soups and other liquids.

The bottom two layers are designed for solid foods only. Each layer is both microwavable and dishwasher safe. They are also perfectly made to place neatly in the refrigerator without taking up too much room.

chocolate cookies gift box

Yummy in the Tummy: Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Box

For the caregiver with a sweet tooth, send her a box of Barnett’s gourmet chocolate cookies. The beautiful gift box is full of 12 delicious, homemade and handcrafted gourmet chocolate cookies made from premium, 100% natural, non-dairy ingredients that are freshly baked at the Barnett’s bakeshop.

They’re also backed by a 100% guarantee, but you can be sure that no one is going to be returning these delicious cookies for any reason. They’re also lactose- and dairy-free and made from purely Kosher ingredients, so they’re perfect for just about anyone.

foot locker gift card

Pamper Their Feet: Foot Locker Gift Card

Caregivers are on their feet practically all day long. They have to have a good pair of comfortable shoes, and good, comfortable shoes that last are expensive. Help them defray the cost of their next pair of shoes by giving them a Foot Locker gift card.

Unless you work in a profession where you’re standing, walking and even running around all day, you just don’t know the value of a comfortable, long-lasting pair of shoes.

While it’s a little hard to buy good shoes for people and get the right size, style and brand, you can give them the gift of paying for their next pair.

A gift card to Foot Locker is a thoughtful and practical choice for any nurse, doctor or other type of caregiver.

water bottle

Keep Them Hydrated: Giotto Gallon Water Bottle

If anyone knows the importance of staying hydrated, it’s a caregiver. This giant water bottle holds an entire gallon of water. It also has a convenient timeline written on it along with encouraging phrases to keep your friend motivated and drinking at regular intervals throughout the day.

This is the easiest way for someone to stay hydrated without having to use wasteful, disposable plastic bottles or without having to refill an average sized water bottle multiple times throughout the day.

robot vacuum

Cleanliness is Happiness: Eufy Robot Vacuum

The last thing any exhausted caregiver wants to do when he or she gets home is to clean the house, but somehow or another, the house still has to be cleaned. Why not give your loved one a robot vacuum that will help clean the floors without requiring her to expend any more energy? Robot vacuum cleaners are the ultimate in convenience.

All your loved one has to do is hit the button to turn it on and then sit back and relax as it does its thing and cleans the floors.

sand and rock zen garden

The Gift of Peace: Tatum & Shea Sand and Rock Zen Garden

Sometimes being tired and worn out isn’t merely a physical thing; mental strain and emotional stress can also be exhausting. With this sand and rock zen garden, the caregiver in your life can take a few moments every day to sit somewhere quiet and peaceful and use the sand and rock garden to de-stress.

It also makes a nice addition to any desk, table or home office. It’s a natural centerpiece that draws the eye and holds people’s attention.

starbucks gift basket

Starbucks on Demand: California Delicious Starbucks Gift Basket

Starbucks is delicious. It’s also expensive, and it isn’t always convenient for people to take time out of their days to visit a physical Starbucks location. With this gift basket, they can have Starbucks at any time anywhere there’s a microwave or coffee maker.

The basket contains something for all tastes.

There are three bags of assorted Starbucks coffees, six assorted tea bags, two biscotti sticks, two shortbread rounds and an included Starbucks travel mug.

No matter your caregiver’s particular tastes, there’s something in this gift basket that should please him or her. The basket, itself, is also quite handy once it’s emptied. It looks quite nice and can be used for a wide variety of different things.

It’s made of wood, so you could choose to customize it as well.

kindle paperwhite

Give the Gift of Reading: Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Many caregivers enjoy reading, but lugging around a stack of paperbacks or a few hardback books everywhere they go isn’t super convenient. With the Kindle Paperwhite, a person can simply slip the tablet into her bag or even the pocket of her coat or smock and pull it out to read anytime she has a few moments.

The beauty of the Paperwhite is that your loved one isn’t limited to one book at a time. Instead, she can carry around her whole library on one small device. It’s also waterproof and is equipped for use with Audible for those who prefer audio books to e-books.

photo display board

Displaying Memories: Shiplap Photo Display Board

Sometimes caregivers are required to work long shifts at odd hours. They don’t always get to spend nearly enough time with their families, friends, pets and other loved ones. What they can do is catch glimpses of the people and things they love anytime they walk past their desks or offices.

With this gorgeous, rustic photo display board, they can display several photos at once and catch glimpses of them all any time they have a moment to stop and look. It is simple, plain and unassuming, but it’s quite lovely in its simplicity.

It’s a nice addition to any office space.

NFL slippers

Fabulous Feet: Happy Feet NFL Slippers

For the sports fan in your life, give the perfect gift by combining his or her favorite sports team and the joy of warm, cuddly, snuggly feet. These unisex puffy slippers look like over-sized tennis shoes designed to represent your friend’s absolute favorite NFL team.

There is no better way to watch the Sunday football games than in supreme comfort with your slippered feet up on the table.


Beautiful Bling: AKTAP Thank You Starfish Charm Bracelet

For the female caregiver in your life, what better way to say thank you for all that she does than with a literal thank you bracelet? This beautiful bracelet not only says thank you; it also reminds her of all the amazing work she’s done and all the lives she’s touched.

It’s gorgeous worn as-is, but if she already has a beloved charm bracelet, she can choose to remove the charms from this bracelet and add them to her current one.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel and doesn’t contain any nickel or lead, so skin allergies shouldn’t be a problem.

It also won’t rust, and it’s expandable to fit many different sized wrists.

neck fan

Keep Your Cool: Personal Neck Fan

All that running around to different patients/residents can work up a sweat, and busy caregivers don’t always have time to duck into the office for a cool down. This neck fan will keep your loved one cool and comfortable.

The best part is that no one else has to feel the fan if they aren’t feeling hot themselves. It’s totally personal, and the air it produces is powerful but contained. It has a long battery life and is rechargeable through a simple USB port.

back and neck massager

(Not A) Pain in the Neck: Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Just because your favorite caregiver helps manage and take care of everyone else’s pain = doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have pains of his or her own. This deep-kneading Shiatsu neck and back massager can help ease your loved one’s aches and pains after a hard day at work.

It also provides heat and can be used on other areas, such as the legs, lower back, shoulders and feet. It’s portable and can be used at home or even in the car or on a plane.


Cozy as a Bug in a …: Burrito Blanket

Sometimes the best medicine is a hearty laugh, and that’s just what you’ll be giving when you give someone this tasty-looking burrito blanket. This is a great novelty gift that’ll make even the most stoic of caregivers grin.

Additionally, it’s also very comfortable and warm. The unique round shape also lends itself nicely to being tucked – or “burritoed” – in all nice and snug. It’s an excellent combination of both lightweight and warm, which makes it perfect for lounging under on long, chilly nights.

wooden bathtub caddy tray

Bubble Bath Time: Wooden Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

There are very few things in life more relaxing than a nice long soak in a tub full of bubbles. Help your caregiver up his bubble bath game with this excellent wooden bath tray. The tray fits most standard bathtubs and includes a spot for a glass of wine (or bottle of beer), a book holder, a place for the phone in case he wants to Netflix and bathe and plenty of room for anything else he needs for an enjoyably long soak.

drill and tool  kit

For the DIY’er: Black & Decker Cordless Drill and Tool Kit

When your favorite caregiver gets home, there are still things that need to be done around the house. If she’s the type who likes to do things herself, this 68-piece tool kit and personal drill could be the perfect gift.

The drill is cordless and rechargeable, and the tool kit comes with every tool a person might need to fix and/or build things around the house. Whether she’s hanging pictures, building some new porch steps or assembling new furniture, this kit can help get the job done.

instant pot duo

Food in a Flash: Instant Pot Duo

If there’s one thing most caregivers have in common, it’s that they are almost always busy. Everyone wishes they could sit down and have a home-cooked meal every now and then, but a caregiver’s busy schedule often keeps this from happening.

Purchase your loved one the Instant Pot Duo, and she’ll be having home cooked meals as often as she likes.

With the Instant Pot, she can throw in whatever she wants to fix for the night’s meal and go off to work and let it cook without worrying about it.

This particular model is a 7-in-1 model that acts as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer and a saute device all in one.

vinyl dumbbells

Get Fit Fast: SPRI Vinyl Dumbbells

More than anyone else, doctors, nurses and other caregivers understand the importance of exercising and keeping in shape. However, just because they know they should exercise doesn’t always mean they have time to do it.

With these small and easily transportable dumbbells, they can work out discreetly anytime they have a few spare moments. The weights can be used at home, in the office or outside the building while on a lunch break.

They won’t take the place of hitting the gym regularly, but they can be a great way to get in some exercise and burn a few calories throughout the day.

leather journal

For Peace of Mind: Leather Tree of Life Journal

There are few gifts more personal or thoughtful than a journal, especially if that journal is handmade and crafted with a gorgeous leather cover. Journals are great gifts, especially for caregivers, because they give people a place to center themselves and write down their most personal, private thoughts.

The healthcare field has many laws put in place to protect the privacy of patients and residents. For that reason, a caregiver can’t always come home and talk to her family when she has had a hard day at work.

With a private journal, though, she is able to write down all of her feelings about the joys and hardships of her job without breaking any confidentiality laws.

leg elevation pillow

For Those with Aches and Pains: Leg Elevation Pillow

Sometimes, your loved one just needs to come home, throw his or her feet up and take some pressure off a sore back and hips. A leg elevation pillow is perfect for this. It helps relieve pain in the feet, back, knees and hips, as well as discomfort caused by sciatic nerve pain.

It can also lead to a really, really good night’s sleep for anyone who uses it. (Side note: If your favorite caregiver happens to be pregnant, this is probably the best possible gift on this list for her.



Speaking of Leg Pain: Wanderlust Unisex Compression Socks

While we’re on the subject of leg and feet pain and swelling, another great gift that can help your loved one with these issues are these unisex compression socks by Wanderlust. They come in a variety of colors to match any outfit or set of scrubs, and they work wonders on painful, swollen feet and ankles.

They promise to provide instant pain relief. In fact, the company believes in the socks so strongly that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if your loved one doesn’t have noticeably less pain and swelling after wearing them for the first time.

stress balls with quotes

Stress Less: Stress Balls with Motivational Quotes

Being a caregiver can be a very stressful job. If your loved one finds himself getting stressed out at work, buy him a pack of these wonderful stress balls. They come in an attractive and practical case that looks nice and won’t get in the way when the balls aren’t in use.

The balls themselves are easy and enjoyable to squeeze when things get a little stressful in the workplace. Each ball also comes with a short, positive, motivational phrase on it to remind your loved one to stay positive even in the toughest, most stressful of times.

prayer box

For the Faithful: “Let Go and Let God” Prayer Box

Caregivers are often asked to pray for their patients and/or residents or to keep their patients’ and residents’ families in their prayers. If your favorite caregiver is someone who tries faithfully to remember each and every person who asks to be remembered in her prayers at night, this prayer box could be an amazingly thoughtful and useful gift.

It’ll allow her to write down the names of everyone she’s been asked to pray for and place their names in the box. She can then pray over it whenever she says her morning and/or nightly prayers.

sherpa blanket

Cute and Cozy: Chanasya Healing Thoughts Sherpa Throw Blanket

Everyone likes to be warm, snuggly and comfortable. This super soft Sherpa throw blanket will help your loved one get as cozy as possible while also encouraging him or her to stay positive.

The numerous positive affirmations on the blanket serve as a constant reminder of how much you love and appreciate that special caregiver in your life.

It also comes in several different colors so that you can make it as personal as possible with his or her favorite color. It’s machine-washable and works well on either a couch, chair or bed.

band aid badge holders

Just a Little Something: Band-Aid Badge Holders

If you’re looking for something small, simple and memorable, you should buy these adorable band-aid badge holders. Most anyone who works in the caregiving field must have an openly displayed name badge on them at all times.

This is true of even the janitorial and office staff. With these cute little badge holders, your favorite caregiver can add a tiny bit of flair to her standard work outfit. They’ll not only make her smile, but they’ll also make everyone around her smile as well.

capsule secret messages

Want Something Unique: INFMETRY Capsule Secret Messages

If part of your loved one’s job as a caregiver is to dispense medicine, this secret message jar could be the perfect gift. The inside of the jar is filled with small pill-shaped capsules. Inside each capsule is a blank sheet of paper.

Purchase this gift. Have it shipped to your house.

Once it arrives, open all the capsules and have everyone who loves the intended recipient take out the sheet of paper and write a positive, uplifting message on it.

Roll all the messages back up and place them back inside the “pills.” Then, every day for the next 25 days, your loved one can break open one capsule a day and read all about why someone loves him or her.

If you’re looking for something kind and heart-warming, this is perfect.

portable fridge

Give Them a Cold One: Coca-Cola Portable Fridge

Not all caregivers have room in their offices/work spaces for a full-size mini fridge, and they don’t always have time to run to the break room or cafeteria every time they want a cold drink. This small, six-can portable micro fridge that plugs into the wall, USB port or cigarette lighter in the car is the perfect solution.

It takes up very little space and holds up to six cans of soda or a few cold snacks so that your loved one can grab his drinks and snacks in between job duties.

drone with HD camera

For the Kid at Heart: Simrex Drone with HD Camera

People often think that just because someone is grown and has a “responsible” job, he doesn’t like to play with toys anymore. This is certainly untrue. There are many caregivers out there who really just want to have fun and relax on their days off.

For those caregivers, there’s no better gift than an incredibly awesome drone with an attached HD camera that allows them to take pictures of all the amazing things the drone sees while it’s flying overhead.

Never discount gifts that speak to the hidden child in people’s hearts.

amazon gift card

For the Person Who Has Everything: Amazon Gift Card

Every now and then, you’ll run across someone who simply has literally everything she needs. If this is the case with your favorite caregiver, don’t stress yourself out over trying to find the perfect gift.

Instead, simply pick her up an Amazon gift card of whatever amount you wanted to spend and let her buy whatever she needs whenever she finally needs something.

You may think an Amazon gift card isn’t a personal or thoughtful gift, but when your loved one suddenly decides to go shopping for an obscure face cleaning product late one Friday night, we promise you, she’ll appreciate having the extra Amazon cash sitting in her account.

buying guide

Finding the perfect gift for the special caregiver in your life isn’t as hard as it may at first seem. In fact, according to experts, there’s actually a science to gift-giving. Start by listening to your loved one.

People often tell you what they want and need in everyday conversations without even meaning to do so. Off-hand remarks such as, “I broke my favorite coffee mug today” or “I should buy stock in Barnes and Noble as much as I shop there” can be excellent hints as to gifts a person would love to receive.

Don’t worry about spending a ton of money either. The perfect appreciation gift for a caregiver is often one that’s personal, heartfelt or the one that makes someone laugh.

It isn’t the one with the largest price tag on it. A gift that makes someone remember a good time in his or her past is also usually a winner.

Finally, use your judgement. You know your loved ones well. That’s part of what makes them your loved ones. Give them something you think they’ll genuinely enjoy, and they probably will.

Giving a great gift can make you just as happy to give as the person receiving it. So don’t stress out too much. If you put any amount of thought into giving the gift at all, chances are it’s going to be a hit.


Hopefully this guide has given you some great ideas about what to buy the caregivers in your life.

Please share it with your friends. Now, more than ever before, is the time to appreciate the caregivers who are working so hard to support cancer patients, and to keep people safe.

If you found a gift or two on this list of gifts for caregivers you particularly liked, let us know in the comments, or tell us about the best gift you’ve ever purchased for someone.

If you’re a caregiver yourself, let us know about your all-time favorite gift and why it was so special to you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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