31 Cheer Coach Gift Ideas That Will Make them Jump for Joy!

Are you looking for a gift for your cheer coach? Sometimes, the best way to say thank you for a great year is with a personalized gift. That’s why we’ve put together this list of cheer coach gift ideas for you.

There’s something for everyone on here, so you should be able to find something for your cheer coach today!

Gift Ideas For A Cheer Coach

thanks coach cheerleading gift photo frame

Show Your Appreciation: ChalkTalkSPORTS Cheerleading Photo Frame

What’s great about this cheer coach gift idea is, in addition to being able to hold your team photo, it can be personalized. The black frame features the phrase, “Thanks Coach,” above where you can put a 4″ x 6″ team photo.

It’s a high-quality black frame you and your teammates can personalize with your signatures around the phrase, as well as a personal message along the bottom of the photo. The white or silver ink pen isn’t included, but you can pick one up affordably online.

Cheer coach red bag

Help Your Coach Carry Their Stuff: TOTES N TOGS Silver Glitter Cheer Coach Sports Tote

No matter what happens, a cheer coach is carrying a lot of things for themselves as well as the members of their team. From water bottles to towels to first aid kits, this cheer coach gift idea is an excellent option.

It’s a large tote bag featuring a zippered compartment that’s large enough to fit everything your coach needs to carry. The two side mesh compartments are ideal for water bottles and other small essentials.

There’s an image of a cheerleader on the front of this red bag and, featured in silver glitter lettering, is the word, “Cheer.”

personalized gift for cheerleading coaches

Show Appreciation: Personalized Coaches Gift Appreciation Thank You Plaque

Crafted from solid maple, this cheer coach gift idea will last for a lifetime! It’s an excellent option for showing appreciation because it can be personalized to feature your coach’s name, the date, and team’s name.

The appreciation plaque reads, “A good coach can change a game. Great coaches can change a life.” The phrases are written in colorful fonts and feature a silhouette of a cheerleader. Show your appreciation by adding this gift idea for your coach to your cart now!

gift plaque

Give the Gift of Words: White Floral Lined Journal Notebook

Does your cheer coach like to keep a journal, take notes, or use a notebook for reminders? If so, this cheer coach gift idea is an excellent one. The cover is white and reads, “Cheer Coach: Because Badass Miracle Worker Isn’t an Official Job Title.

” There’s a beautifully painted rose on the cover, too. The journal contains 100 pages and measures 6″ x 9″, making it perfect for tossing into your coach’s cheer bag. Not only will they love how portable this journal is, but the thought that you put into its selection.

water bottle with cheer coach written on it

Help Your Coach Stay Hydrated: Cheer Coach gifts for Women water bottle tumbler

It’s no mystery your cheer coach is always on the go. Therefore, they’re going to need to stay hydrated while out and about. So, this cheer coach gift idea is an excellent option. The water bottle tumbler has a lid with a straw for easy use.

It features the words, “Cheer Coach” surrounded by polka dots and cheer designs. The 16oz. skinny tumbler is made from high-quality vinyl and will last for years. The recommendation is not to put this tumbler into the dishwasher.

Instead, handwash and dry it to help it last longer.

wine glass

For the Wine Connoisseur: Cheerleading Personalized Wine Glass

If your cheer coach is a wine enthusiast, this stemless wine glass is a wonderful cheer coach gift idea. Not only does it feature a cheerleading design but you can also personalize it with the text you pick.

These glasses are engraved based on your specifications. They measure 3 3/4″ and will hold up to 9 oz. of fluid. No matter if your cheer coach wants to enjoy their favorite kind of wine or a glass of juice, this personalized glass is perfect.

These glasses are ideal for parties, special events, or other special occasions for your cheer coach.

cloudliving experiences

To Get His Heart Pumping: Epic Adventure Tours From Virgin Experiences

Anyone can take a flying lesson, but it’s another class of man that climbs into the front seat of a vintage 1941 biplane.

With Virgin experience gifts, you can treat him to all kinds of awesome, edge-of-your seat thrills, including piloting, sailing, skydiving, white-water rafting and race car driving. Some of the experiences are everyday bucket list items like scuba diving or going on a hot air balloon ride, but others are tailored to specific interests. If he’s a history buff who would love World War II planes or a surfer who would kill to ride some extreme waves, see what virgin has to offer.


They’ll Never Lose Their Keys: Cheer Coaching Keychain

Is your cheer coach always looking for their keys? When you want to give your cheer coach a gift to show your appreciation, this keychain fits the bill. In addition to helping them keep track of their keys, it’s beautifully designed.

There’s a small charm featuring cheer designs including a megaphone, as well as a circle with a quote. The quote reads, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach changes lives.” Your cheer coach will love the quality, design, and craftsmanship of this keychain.


Show Your Coach You Think They’re Awesome: Cheerleading Coach Funny Definition T-shirt Trainer Gift Tee

Sometimes, the best cheer coach gift ideas are those that clearly define what your coach means to you. That’s where this t-shirt comes into play. Everyone will know how awesome your cheerleading coach is when they were this t-shirt.

It features the following definition across its front, “Cheerleading coach (noun) 1. Like a normal coach but cooler.” If that doesn’t state how you feel about your coach in a matter-of-fact way, nothing will.

This t-shirt is available in five colors for men, women, and youth. It’s made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.

popSocket grip

Help Your Cheer Coach With Productivity: PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets

Does your cheerleading coach use their phone or tablet a lot to play music or show the team videos during practice? If so, this grip and stand for phones and tablets is a great cheer coach gift idea. It features a cheer coach design against a black background.

The collapsible grip is ideal for coaches who are on the go and need portable gadgets for productivity. They can expand the grip anywhere for taking group team photos, watching videos, and more! That way, they can use hands-free technology and be more productive while coaching.

coach wood word silver pen

Show Some Personality: Coach Wood Word Silver Pen

All coaches love to think back about their teams. So, why not give them a gift representing each teammate’s name with a personalized touch? This cheer coach gift idea is a wooden display featuring the word “coach.

” It comes with a silver pen. That way, each teammate can sign their name and, if they write small, leave a personal message to your cheer coach. The word is black, so the silver pen ink pops when the signatures go on.

megaphone speaker PA

Show Some Spirit: Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn – Built-in Siren

Back in the day, cheer coaches would shout commands to their teams through a plastic bullhorn. Then, as times changed, they started using speaker bullhorns like the one featured here in this cheer coach gift idea.

Your cheer coach will love this idea as it literally screams of the times from yesteryear. It’s available in five different colors and will work with only 4 C-sized batteries. This megaphone is lightweight and only weighs 1.

44 lbs. So, your cheer coach can stick it in their tote bag and carry it around anywhere!

coffee mug

For the Coffee Lover: Play Strong MUG -“THANKS COACH!” Clipboard Sports GIFT MUG

Does your cheer coach love to drink coffee? Are they frequently coming to practice with a coffee mug in hand? If so, this coffee mug is a great cheer coach gift idea. It’s a coffee much featuring a clipboard and the words, “Thanks Coach!” The clipboard on the mug reads, “Skills, teamwork, knowledge, motivation, character, conditioning, and attitude.

” The mug, itself, is white and is stoneware ceramic. The design is featured on the front and back of the mug. This mug is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to maintain.

travel mug

Java on the Go: Travel Mug For Cheerleading Coach With Personalized Engraving Included

If your coach likes to take coffee to meets or other cheer events, then this cheer coach gift idea is perfect. It’s a travel mug featuring the word, “Coach,” written in gold coupled with gold cheer designs.

You can also pick it up in three other colors and styles based on your cheer coach’s tastes. The mug is stainless steel, measures 7″ tall and has a 3″ rim. Your coach can take 16 oz. of their favorite drink with them when they’re on the go.

Personalize this gift with up to 20 characters by clicking the “customize now” button when you’re ready to purchase this cheer coach gift idea.

tumbler cup with lids for wine

Help Your Cheer Coach Travel Light: Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup with Lids for Wine

Available in ten colors, if your cheer coach is a wine enthusiast, this cheer coach gift idea is optimal. It features white text and three silhouettes of cheerleaders. The text reads, “I am a cheer coach.

I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t understand.” Your cheer coach can take their favorite beverage on the go or enjoy it during a barbeque or backyard party in this stainless steel tumbler.

Because wine glasses are too thin for outdoor use sometimes, this wine tumbler offers peace of mind.

sports license plate frame

Personalize Your Coach’s Vehicle: HAVE NO FEAR THE CHEERLEADING COACH IS HERE Sports License Plate Frame

Featuring a black background, white whistles, and white text, this license plate frame for cheer coaches is sure to turn heads when going down the street. The white text reads, “Have no fear, the cheerleading coach is here.

” It’s tough, and heavy-duty construction makes it great for standing up to the elements. The weatherproofing on the text and decorations will last up to ten years. Your cheer coach will love featuring this on their vehicle, so everyone knows they’re leading your team.

inspired poster

Reveal Their Superpower: Inspired Posters What’s Your Superpower

When you’re looking for a cheer coach gift idea, this poster is a great one for showing appreciation while simultaneously expressing how awesome you think they’re doing. Featuring a classic superhero theme, this poster is black and white and reads, “I’m a cheer coach, what’s your superpower?” The poster measures 18″ x 24″ and is excellent for displaying in offices or gyms.

Consider buying a separate poster frame to help add extra protection to this cheer coach gift idea.

portable bags

Give the Gift of Portable Organization: eep Calm and Cheer On Portable Bags Clutch Pouch Storage Bag

Your cheer coach carries a lot of things around when they’re in the gym, at meets, or practices. Therefore, giving them a cheer gift idea that helps them stay organized will be much appreciated. That’s where these portable storage bags come into play.

Your cheer coach will be receiving two storage bags, one larger than the other. Each feature the phrase, “Keep Calm and Cheer On,” against a colorful background. There’s a sturdy black zipper on each of these half-moon shaped bags.

Your cheer coach can use them for vending machine money when team members run out of money at meets, to keep first aid kits in, or touch-up make-up.

decal sticker

Amplify Your Appreciation: Cheer Coach School Decal Sticker

Your cheer coach likely takes you and some of your teammates to meets, practices, and other cheerleading events. Giving them this cheer coach gift idea helps everyone know the cheer coach is on board when they ride by in their vehicle.

It’s a white vehicle decal in the shape of a classic bullhorn that reads, “Cheer Coach,” in bold letters. This vinyl decal will last six years and is available in seven different sizes. So, no matter what size vehicle your cheer coach is driving, this decal will fit.

Giving this gift to your cheer coach show them you appreciate all the rides you’ve received.

photo frame

Show the Ultimate in Appreciation: Coach Gift, End of Season

Your coach will love this cheer coach gift idea as it shows them how much you and the rest of your team appreciates them. It’s a 16″ x 16″ wooden plaque with a 5″ x 7″ mounted frame for a team photograph.

The photo frame slides out easily so you can add the photograph without any trouble when this gift arrives. Add custom text or use the text that’s already available in this wooden plaque’s listing. The company uses pieces of oak to create these plaques, so they’ll last a lifetime.

Your coach will love this sign of appreciation.

amscan megaphone

Gift Them With Tradition: Amscan Megaphone, Party Accessory, Blue

Your cheer coach will love the nostalgia behind this cheer coach gift idea. Not only is it reminiscent of what cheer coaches used to use years ago, but it’s also a fun addition to their cheer coach collections! You’ll be giving them a traditional plastic bullhorn featuring the word, “Shout!” The text is white, and it’s against a blue background.

You can also choose red with white text or yellow with black text. The plastic bullhorn measures 8.25″ x 6″ and is a fun twist to everyday gift giving. Your cheer coach will love the uniqueness of this gift because it’s likely they haven’t received anything like this in the past.


Help Your Coach Stay Warm: heer Coach Cheerleading Coaches Team HOODIE

It isn’t uncommon for practices to occur outside, or for cheerleaders to perform during cold weather at games. If you see your cheer coach shivering while on the sidelines, they may need to bulk up with a hoodie.

Therefore, this gift idea for cheer coaches is an excellent one because it will help your coach stay warm. It’s available in five different colors and features the words, “Cheer Coach,” in bold white letters across the front.

Your cheer coach can wear it proudly during events or wherever they want others to know their title. The hoodie is machine washable and dries on low heat, so it’s easy to maintain. Hit the buy it now button on this cheer coach gift idea today!

decorated ceramic ornament

Celebrate the Holidays: Personalized Xmas Trees Home Decorated Ceramic Ornaments

Your cheer coach may not have a personalized ornament to hang on their holiday tree yet. So, that’s where you can step in and solve that problem with this cheer coach gift idea! This ornament is made from high-quality ceramic and measures approximately 3″ around.

You can customize it with the year, as well as your coach’s name. If you’d rather not do that, this ornament is beautiful with its current design. It has a blue and white theme and reads, “World’s Greatest Cheer Coach,” along with cheerleading decorations.

Your cheer coach will love the personalization of this unique gift.

cheer necklace

Give the Give of Intricity: Cheer Necklace – DII ABC

These intricate cheerleading themed necklaces are a beautiful cheer coach gift idea. Pieces of jewelry add a sentimental touch to gift giving and showing appreciation. When you want to give your cheer coach something personal featuring what they do, their initials, and their birthstone, this is a gorgeous idea.

Each necklace features a megaphone charm, a birthstone, and a circle with your cheer coach’s initial. The necklace is dainty and one-of-a-kind. Your cheer coach will love the thoughtfulness you put into this gift.

You can customize this cheer coach gift idea, so it features the birthstone and megaphone, or any other combination when you add this to your cart.


Your Coach Will Never Lose Their Whistle: Ovtai Emergency Whistle

We all see our cheer coaches with a whistle around their neck. What happens when they misplace their whistle? That’s where this cheer coach gift idea comes in handy! You’ll find this is especially true if your teammates are constantly hiding your cheer coach’s whistle.

You’ll be giving them a keychain featuring an aluminum alloy high-quality whistle. It’s also handy if your cheer coach needs something for their keys. It’s lightweight and only weighs 13g. It can be used in rainy weather and is super loud, so there’s no chance of your cheer coach not being heard.

Click the buy it now button on this gift for your cheer coach today!

metal sign cheer coach

Add a Bit of Humor: Cheer Coach parking only Violators will be cut from the squad sign

If your cheer coach is always cracking jokes with you and your teammates and has a great sense of humor, you can’t let this cheer coach gift idea pass under the radar. They’ll love how unique this gift idea is because it’s not like a traditional poster or piece of framed art.

It’s an 8″ x 12″ aluminum white sign featuring pink text and a black outline of a megaphone that reads, “Cheer.” The pink text reads, “Cheer Coach: Parking Only. Violators will be cut from the squad.” This decoration is great for any space and the metal for the sign measures .

025″ thick. So, it will stand up to the elements.

clip art and Scrapbook pages

Art Up Your Gift: Clip Art and Scrapbook Pages for Cheerleaders

Does your cheer coach like using clip art when sending out announcements, newsletters, updates, and schedules? Are they an avid scrapbooker and love to create pages from meets or games for each year that they’re a coach? If so, this is the perfect cheer coach gift idea.

You’ll be giving them cheerleading clip art software. It’s ideal for anything ranging from scrapbook projects to creating beautifully decorated documents. Your cheer coach will love the variety of quotes, phrases, decorations, and more that’s available with this software.

Show your appreciation by adding this gift idea for your cheer coach to your cart now!

decor pillow

Give the Gift of Comfort: You Can’t Scare Me, Cheer Coach – Decor Throw Pillow

No matter if your cheer coach is looking for ways to spruce up their office or wants something for their bedroom or living room, this cheer coach gift idea will help fill that gap. It’s a black decorative throw pillow featuring a white block in its center.

Inside the white block, there are two black cheerleader silhouettes along with the black text. The text reads, “You can’t scare me I coach cheer leading.” The pillow measures 18″ x 18,” and the image is 11″ x 11″.

You can buy the pillow or the pillow cover with the insert. The cover removes easily for machine washing.

themed paper and stickers Scrapbook kit

Give the Gift of Creativity: Scrapbook Customs Go Big Cheerleading Themed Paper and Stickers Scrapbook Kit

If your cheer coach is an avid scrapbooker, this is an ideal cheer coach gift idea. You’ll be giving them a scrapbook kit with a cheer theme. It features cheerleading themed paper, as well as stickers.

When your cheer coach wants to remember special occasions throughout their career, kits like these help preserve those memories. They’ll be receiving six sheets of 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking paper, 135 alphabet paper cut-outs, and cheerleading themed stickers.

There are plenty of options for mixing, matching, and coordinating this scrapbook kit with other sets; they may have on-hand. Hit the buy it now button on this gift idea for cheer coaches before they sell out!


Provide Inspiration: Cheerleader Bracelet Lead Inspire Coach Cuff Bangle Bracelet

It’s no mystery cheer coaches offer leadership and inspiration to the members of their team. Therefore, this cheer coach gift idea is optimal. Your cheer coach will love how unique this gift is because it’s unlike the typical charm bracelets you see other cheer coaches wearing.

You’ll be giving them a cuff bangle bracelet featuring the words, “Lead. Inspire. Coach.” It’s available in three different kinds of high-quality metal. The text is written in black. so it pops when your cheer coach wears this bangle cuff bracelet.

Showing your appreciation to your cheer coach with this piece of jewelry is great for any occasion. The inner diameter of the bracelet measures 2.4″, its width is 0.19,” and it has a 1.4″ opening.

camping chair

Help Your Cheer Coach Relax: mazonBasics Camping Chair

Your cheer coach spends a lot of time on their feet giving directions, leading, and making sure the team is doing what they’re supposed to do. Therefore, they’re likely experiencing muscle pain and fatigue.

During meets or games, there’s downtime when your coach needs to relax and take a breather. That’s where this cheer coach gift idea is perfect. It’s a 100 polyester padded extra-large camping chair. It’s available in either black or blue.

There’s a built-in beverage cooler pouch, as well as a cup holder on the other side. Your cheer coach will know you appreciate them when they see this gift.

zipper binder

For the Organized Cheer Coach: Case-it Universal 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder

Your cheer coach needs to carry a lot of paperwork around with them. Not only do they need to ensure parents are up-to-date with schedules and announcements, but they also have to carry other documents with them to games and meets.

That’s where this cheer coach gift idea is perfect. You’ll be giving them a universal two-inch zipper three-ring binder that holds a thirteen-inch laptop. This case is available in eight different colors so that you can choose based on your cheer coach’s taste.

The exterior features padding and the case is made from durable materials. So, when your cheer coach is on the go, this case will last.

Finding the perfect cheer coach gift ideas can be a challenge. Should you get your coach something for their home? Should the cheer coach gift be something they can wear? These are just a couple of the questions you’ll be faced with when selecting the best gift for your cheer coach.

Your best recourse is to select something useful, will help them solve a problem, or that’s personalized. We put together this list of cheer coach gift ideas to help inspire your choices and hopefully lead you in the right direction. Ultimately, showing your appreciation is the goal.

cheer coach gift ideas pin image

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