35 Fabulous Christmas Gifts for a 5-Year Old Boy

Shopping for christmas gifts for 5-year old boys can be fun and finding something they’ll like and play with for a little while is never hard.

However, discovering that one special thing that they will love and play with months after Christmas can be a little more difficult. The gift ideas listed below will definitely help you find the perfect present!

Christmas gifts for a 5-year old Boy

WORKBENCH toy with little tools

Tools Just Like Dad: Toy Workbench With Realistic Tools

He can fix things just like Dad with this 68-piece workbench. It comes with 12 tools that look just like the real thing! He’ll have a blast hammering and sawing! It has several nuts and screws of different sizes and an electronic drill with batteries included.

Measuring 16″ x 29″ x 14″, it can be easily taken inside or out. He’ll really feel like Dad’s little helper!

yellow transformer toy

He’ll Be Climbing the Walls: Baztoy Transform Toy Remote Control Car

He’ll go crazy over this cool remote control car! It comes with 3 different modes including wall, floor, and deformation. It has a special vacuum feature allowing it to roll across ceilings, windows, and more! The included infrared remote lets him control the speed and direction.

He’ll be most amazed at the car’s ability to do a 360 degree turn in forward or reverse. The car is made of quality ABS plastic, and it has LED lights for driving in the dark.

kid sized binoculars

His Own Binoculars: Aurosports Kids Auto Focus Binoculars

He’ll love having his own set of binoculars for imaginative play, going to sporting events, bird watching, and so much more. They’re soft coated with nonslip rubber for easy grasping. They arrive with the focus already fixed and have high resolution optics.

Lightweight so they’re easy to handle, they measure 3.66″ x 3.54″ x 1.57″. They have 8X magnification and a 126m/1000m field of view. You can choose orange, blue, or black.

cowboy boots for children

There’s a Snake in My Boot: Smoky Mountain Boys’ Snake Print Cowboy Boot

Every little boy needs a pair of cowboy boots! These synthetic snake print boots have a round toe and pull up with ease. They have a western stitch pattern and are available in 23 different colors/styles.

You can choose between brown/black, black/blue, cream, dark brown/red, muddy river print, and so many more. They have a vinyl lining and are available in a ton of different sizes.

foam based pogo stick

Everybody Jump: Click n’ Play Foam Pogo Jumper

A great way to burn off energy indoors or outside, this foam pogo jumper has fun extras! It has a 250 lb weight limit so even older siblings can play! Each jump makes a squeaky sound, and the side handles have flashing LED lights.

Everything about this pogo jumper is made for his comfort. It measures 11″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″.

marvel branded hotwheels toy car

Hot Wheels & Spiderman: Marvel Hot Wheels Spider-man Web-Car Launcher

Most little boys love cars, and if he’s a Spiderman fan, then this is the perfect present! He simply chooses his target and launches the web car to make his capture. You can also choose Iron Man’s character car.

The Repulsor Blast’s helmet can be pulled back to blast toward the bad guys. Both cars work with other Hot Wheels sets.

original lincoln logs box

Classic Building Set: LINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary Tin

Relive your childhood while watching him build cabins, houses, and more! The 111-piece set comes in an exclusive 100th Anniversary Tin and includes a manual that shows him how to build a tower, 2 houses with a bonfire, and a large cabin.

Made of quality maple wood, each piece connects easily to others. The set includes pieces for a roof, walls, a chimney, a porch, a bonfire, seats, and fences.

magnet tiles building blocks

A Different Way to Build: Mag-Genius Award Winning Magnet Tiles Building Blocks

His imagination can reach new heights with this 60-piece 3D set of building blocks. He’ll learn about geometrical shapes and magnets all while having a blast. You can combine this award-winning set of magnet tiles with multiple sets so he can make even bigger creations.

LED light dinosaur

Dino Friend: Windy City Novelties LED Light Up and Walking Realistic Dinosaur

If he’s a dinosaur fan, he’ll love this new friend! This purple and black dinosaur measures 12″ x 6″. He walks, roars, and has LED lights in blue, green, and red that light up his spikes. It has an on/off switch, and 3 AA batteries are included.

LEGO spider man

Marvel Action: LEGO Juniors Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown

alley wall with a roof, and each car has movable parts. This 125-piece set includes a mini Spiderman and Scorpion. You can also choose other sets like Iron Man vs. Thanos or Iron Man vs. Loki. These LEGO sets are perfect for beginners and work perfectly with other LEGO Junior sets.

He’ll have a blast with this gift!

fire truck play set

Sound the Alarm: iPlay, iLearn Fire Truck Play Set

This firefighting set will keep him busy for hours on end. He can pretend to fight fires, rescue kittens from trees, and so much more! The set includes a crane, fire trucks with ladders that extend, a turbojet firetruck, and even an armored vehicle that fights fires! It comes with tons of accessories including fire hydrants, road signs, barricades, a training tower, and more.

Each truck and play piece is realistic and made of quality plastic and alloy that are 100% safe. An included storage box can be used for storing the various small pieces or as part of the play set.

multi voice changer

The Ultimate Disguise: Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

He’ll have a blast fooling family and friends and acting out different scenarios with this 6.5″ voice changer. He can adjust the frequency and amplitude using the 10 different voice modifiers and create tons of different sounds.

It even has flashing LED lights!

golf toy set

Golf Like Dad: iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set

He’ll be ready to join Dad on the green in no time with this fun golf set! It comes with everything the 5 year old needs to practice his swing. The golf club can be adjusted to 21.6″, 25.6″, or 29.6″. The set also includes 4 ball channels, a base unit, a ball feeder, 2 club heads, a tee stand, and 15 golf balls.

He’ll have a blast playing with this fun set!

Zingo bingo game

Bingo With a Twist: ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Game

This award winning game is perfect for rainy days or having friends over. He’ll have fun while building his reading and matching skills. With the included Zinger device, Zingo gives a fun twist to the classic Bingo game.

It has clear instructions and arrives ready to play.

floor tom drum

Mom & Dad May Need Earplugs: Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum

Encourage his love of music with this percussion floor tom drum by Remo. It measures 7.5″ x 10″ and features an Acousticon shell, a tuned Skyndeep drumhead, and has a colorful Rainforest fabric theme. He can use his hands or drum sticks and learn about music!

playmovil aquarium building set

Ocean Fun: PLAYMOBIL Aquarium Building Set

He’ll never grow tired of building and exploring this aquarium set. It comes with 3 figures he can pretend to show around and explain each exhibit. It comes with 3 seals, fish and other sea creatures, a bucket of fish, recycle bins, a feeding time clock, coral, and more.

He can even fill the tank with real water so it will feel like he’s built an actual aquarium. It even includes a rotating carousel. Made by the popular brand, PLAYMOBIL, this set makes an awesome gift!

rocket tent

Blast Off: Rocket Ship Play Tent Playhouse

Imagine the adventures he’ll take in this rocket ship play tent! Perfect for indoors or outside, it includes a carry bag for easy storage. Designed to look like a rocket ship, it’s made of polyester fabric and is water resistant.

He can pretend to camp out, read, or blast off into space. It has 2 mesh windows and is 51″ tall and 40″ in diameter. He will absolutely love this gift!

folding sand box

A Beach of His Own: The One and Only Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box

This fun folding sand box comes with 2 lbs of Kinetic sand. This ‘magic’ sand isn’t like regular sand. The particles stick to each other, instead of him and his clothes, enabling him to build anything he can imagine.

It comes with 7 molds he can use to create a sand castle or whatever he wants. It also includes 4 sand raking tools and is simple to clean up and put away.

ride on working crane

Just Like the Big Boys: Big Dig Ride-on Working Crane with Base

Good luck getting your 5 years old kid inside with this amazing ride-on crane! He can dig and shovel for hours on end. The seat swivels 360 degrees just like real cranes! It’s made of sturdy metal and has a weight limit of 110 lbs.

The two-handed controls will really make him feel like one of the big guys!

PAW patrol ultimate rescue

Pups & Cops: PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue

He can make rescues and run down bad guys with PAW Patrol’s own Chase and his ultimate rescue police cruiser! It has a lifting seat, a built-in barricade, and a rescue hook that extends to pull cars out of the ditch.

It has enough room for two pups, and it works great with all the other PAW Patrol ultimate vehicles.

Buzz lightyear space ranger set

To Infinity: Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Armor with Jet Pack

He can pretend to be his favorite character from Toy Story with this fun Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger set! Just like the real Buzz Lightyear, it comes with a helmet that lights up and a visor that opens and closes with sound effects.

It includes sounds and sayings from the movie including “Prepare for lift off!”. The straps are adjustable for comfort. Pair this set with Buzz’s Rapid Disc Blaster and Wrist Communicator, and he’ll have a Christmas he’ll never forget!

rain boots

Puddle Jumping: LONECONE Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles

There’s nothing more fun than puddle jumping after a hard rain. These rain boots come designed with handles that make putting them on a snap. Made of soft and flexible rubber, these boots have a non-slip thread.

They’re quality tested to last over 100 hours without the seams splitting or leaking. They’re available in tons of sizes and patterns. You can choose dinosaurs, a fire chief, grassy green, black, camo shark shadows, and so many more! He’ll have a blast and will want to wear them all the time!

hot wheels 50 pack

Ultimate Starter Kit: Hot Wheels 50 Pack

If he’s been asking for Hot Wheels, this is the ultimate starter pack. The cars arrive individually packaged so he can choose to save some as collector’s items, or you can choose to give him several for Christmas and save some for his birthday or as a prize.

A Hot Wheels box is included that’s perfect for storing his cars. The variety includes classics and newer models, and all are custom replicas of the real thing. He will absolutely love opening this set for Christmas!

john deere tractor

Farming Fun: Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

This John Deere tractor with trailer is just like the real thing! It has 2 speeds – 2 1/4 mph and 4 1/2 mph and reverse. The wheels are designed to travel easily over grass, gravel, and dirt. It has a working FM radio so he can listen to tunes while he works.

It’s equipped with an accelerator, automatic brakes, a stake-side trailer, flip-up armrests, and an adjustable seat. A 12-volt rechargeable battery and charger are included. Just imagine the look on his face when he sees this Christmas morning!

building blocks

Building Fun: Whirligig STEM Toys Building Blocks

This unique set of building blocks contains large and small pieces that interlock and whirligigs that act as wheels for creating everything from buildings to trucks. It has 106 pieces that fit neatly inside the included container for easy cleanup.

Made of plastic, the pieces are designed to let him go anywhere his five years old imagination takes him. Instructions and how-to videos are included. This award-winning toy set will bring him hours of learning fun!

Racing car

Just Like a Real Mechanic: GILOBABY Take Apart Racing Car

He’ll be so excited to have a race car that he can take apart and put together! This 26-piece set has everything he needs to ‘repair’ his race car when it breaks down. He can choose to put together a fun sports car or a luxury car.

It also features lights and sounds when put together.

table&chairs set

Perfect for Play: Mickey Mouse Table & Chairs Set

He can eat lunch, draw, play games, or play with his LEGOS with this colorful table and chair set. It has a tubular steel construction with 2 padded chairs. The table measures 24″ x 24″ x 20″ and has a vinyl surface.

It also features a safety lock to keep him from accidentally taking it down and pinching little fingers. The chair weight limit is 70 lbs. He’ll have a comfortable place that’s just the right size for coloring or whatever he wants to do.

I SPY dig in

The Game Where You Dig: I SPY Dig In

He and his friends will be squealing with delight as they dig into the bowl and find the objects on their I SPY card. While racing the clock and each other, they’ll find 6 objects to match their card. The first one to match all 6 wins! This game includes 128 I SPY objects, a bowl, 12 double-sided I SPY Dig In cards, a sand timer, and simple instructions.

This will be his favorite game!

world map for kids

Learn About the World: Interactive Talking World Map for Kids

Now when he asks, “Where is Alaska?”, you can tell him to run find it on his own interactive talking world map. He can learn tons of facts about this big world such as flags and landmarks. With over 92 different countries, he can learn over 1000 facts.

It can be used on a table or any flat surface, or it can even be mounted on the wall. It includes 3 AAA batteries and has an on/off switch and volume control.

outdoor explorer kit

Let’s Go Exploring: Adventure Kids – Outdoor Explorer Kit

Adventure awaits as soon as he opens this fun explorer kit! It comes with a backpack to keep everything in and an explorer hat! The binoculars are soft rubber and can be worn around his neck with the included strap.

It also comes with a working flashlight that has 2 bright LED lights, a working compass, a butterfly net, and a magnifying glass that has 3X and 10X magnification. He’ll love setting off exploring the backyard with this incredible kit!

Buzz lightyear toy

His Very Own Buzz: Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Now he’ll have his very own Buzz Lightyear, except this one doesn’t pretend to not do anything when he’s around. This Buzz will walk, talk, and even has a secret special move. The laser lights up, and he’ll love all of the special effects.

When he presses the red button, Buzz’s wings will deploy. He’ll love the signature phrases such as “We’re on a mission to find our friends”. His hips even swivel as he walks backward and forward just like in the movie!


Burn That Energy: Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

When it’s too cold or wet to play outside and he needs to burn off some energy, this 3′ trampoline will do the trick! It has a handle bar he can hold on to while he jumps until his heart is content. Made of plastic and metal, it’s designed for indoor use.

It’s perfect for one child and has a weight limit of 55 lbs. It measures 36″ x 36″ x 33.5″.

rocket stunt planes

Stomping & Flying Fun: Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

This set of 3 stomp rocket stunt planes will be a huge hit! Each one is designed to do different stunts when launched. The Looper plane makes giant loops, the Glider plane will fly up to 100 feet, and the Wildcat plane is full of tricks.

The set arrives with an adjustable launch stand and stomp pad with an air hose.

multi bin toy organizer

Organize It: Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

Cleaning up will no longer seem like such a chore with this fun toy organizer. Featuring Disney/Pixar’s Cars, it’s made of wood and fabric. Measuring at 37″ long x 11.81″ wide x 26.38″ high, it’s the perfect size for little 5-year-old hands to put toys away.

It comes with 4 small bins, 3 medium bins, and 1 large bin.

bug catcher set

Brilliant Bugs: Nature Bound Bug Catcher with Habitat Bucket Exploration Set

If you have a super curious little boy, he’ll love getting this 7-piece nature exploration set. He can catch ladybugs, grasshoppers, and more with the included net. It includes tongs for placing them into a 3-part habitat, and he can study them with the magnifying glass or through the magnifiers on the habitat.

A colorful book teaches him about several insects and includes puzzles and activities. Everything fits neatly inside the included storage bucket when not in use.


If you’re looking for something to spark his imagination or keep him active, this list will help you find the perfect gift!

If you know of a unique Christmas gift for a 5-year old boy, be sure to comment below.

Also, don’t forget to share this list with your family and friends so they can find the perfect present too!

37 christmas gifts for a 5 year old boy

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