35 Spectacular Christmas Gift Ideas for a 7-Year Old Boy

Shopping for a 7-year- old boy is so fun, but it can be a little overwhelming with so many things to choose from! With the list below, you are sure to find a gift that will stand out among the rest this Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas for a 7-Year Old Boy

snap circuits toy

Switches & Circuits: Snap Circuits Beginner Electronics Exploration Kit

He will have so much fun building and exploring, he’ll be completely unaware that he’s actually learning! This snap circuits kit has everything needed to build over 20 projects and includes a step-by-step color manual that’s easy to follow.

It’s completely safe, and he’ll learn to follow directions and problem solve. It comes with 14 parts. He can learn about circuits in the safest way possible.

microscope toy kit

Discover Up Close: AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

Little boys love to explore, and with this microscope kit by AmScope, they can explore closer than ever before. Perfect for beginners, this microscope has a metal body and a magnifying capability of 120X – 1200X.

Complete with LED and mirror illumination, this 52-piece set includes tons of ready to observe slides. There are also blank slides for making his own with tweezers, an eye dropper, a petri dish, and more.

It even comes with a complete brine shrimp experiment so he can gain experience using the scientific method without even realizing it! Everything fits neatly inside a hard-sided plastic ABS case so he can take it anywhere.

star wars thumb doodle

Doodle Fun for Rainy Days: Klutz Star Wars Thumb Doodles Book Kit

If he loves to draw, color, or anything related to Star Wars, he’ll love this doodle book kit! Using his thumbprint with the 4 included ink pads, he can draw his favorite Star Wars characters. The kit includes the 4 ink pads in black, blue, green, and brown, a black marker pen, a dual-tipped pencil in red and blue, and a 40 page instruction book with simple instructions.

It’s perfect for resting after playing outside or for bad weather days.

dodge ball fun set

A Twist on Dodge Ball & Tag: Diggin DodgeTag Game Set

This set is perfect for burning off energy outdoors, and they’ll have a blast! The object of the game is to throw the foam balls and try to make them stick to other players’ vests. Included are 2 vests that are made of air-mesh and have targets and adjustable straps.

They measure 10″ x 9.3″ x 1.3″. The kit also comes with 6 red foam balls that measure 2.5″ in diameter. They’re sturdy enough to stick to targets on the vests, but soft enough to not break anything or hurt the players.

For a bigger group of kids, simply combine a few of these sets! They’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun!

lego fun robot

The Possibilities are Endless: LEGO Boost Fun Robot Building Set

If he loves LEGOS, and you love for him to learn, this is a great choice! With 847 included pieces, he can design 5 different models. He can build Vernie the Robot who loves to dance and crack jokes. Once completed, he stands 10″ tall.

The Guitar 4000 has pitch blend, sound effects, and is 16″ wide when built. Frankie the Cat is an interactive 5″ pet that will let him know how he’s feeling, purr, and play!

The M.T.R.4 is a rover that has 4 different tool attachments once completed and is 4″ high x 9″ long x 5″ wide.

The most challenging is the AutoBuilder that will actually build miniature LEGO models.

All directions are found in the free LEGO Boost app that is available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows 10 devices.

This incredible STEM kit includes a play mat for certain activities and a LEGO Boost poster.

spinner swing

Swing Indoors or Out: Sorbus Spinner Swing

Everything you need to set up this fun swing is included. It’s perfect for a tree, a swing set, or even put up in their room! The 40″ seat is roomy enough for 2 to hang out, relax, read, or play. The woven nylon rope seat holds up to 220 lbs.

It’s simple to put up and take down when he wants it moved. The maximum tilt is 40 degrees, and the steel tube that connects the swing is 63″. It’s also available in a 24″ seat.

nerf sports ball

This Football Can Handle Anything: Nerf Sports Weather Blitz Football

Nerf products are always a hit under christmas trees! This blitz football can handle any type of weather. Made of foam, it has a durable design. He can still easily catch and throw it in snow or light rain. You can choose between red/black and blue/lime green.

It measures 5.4″ x 6.4″ x 10″.

slime kit

For the Love of Slime: DIY Slime Kit

This kit has everything he needs to make slime for days. It comes with 18 different colors of slime, 3 utensils for cutting and shaping, 12 vials of colored glitter, 2 plastic straws, 2 bags of sugar paper, 3 bags of beads, and 6 bags of foam balls.

He can make blue slime with glitter, green slime with foam balls, and even glow in the dark slime! All materials are completely safe and non-toxic.

bakugan toy

Bakugan Battle: Bakugan Battle Pack

If he’s a Bakugan fan, he’ll love this pack for christmas! Available in Darkus Cyndeous or Aurelux Trox, each kit comes with 3 Bakugan, 2 Bakugan Ultra, 10 BakuCores, and 10 trading cards. He can add to his collection or have everything he needs to battle.

The Bakugan figure pops open when rolled, and the Bakugan Ultra figure leaps open when rolled and picks up its BakuCore revealing its power.

LEGO minicraft the Skull arena

Minecraft Obsessed: LEGO Minecraft The Skull Arena

If you have a Minecraft obsessed 7-year old in your house, this 198-piece LEGO set is the perfect present! He can build Skull Arena and battle to win the golden apple with the 2 included figures, a firing slime shooter, and a killer rabbit.

The arena measures 4″ x 9″ x 6″ when built. It works perfectly with other LEGO pieces making it easy to build a Minecraft world of his own.

LEGO jurassic world

Dinosaur Fans: LEGO Jurassic World Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape

He can re-create an exciting scene from Jurassic World with this 577-piece set. The mobile control center truck has 2 seats and a sunroof. The set also includes a stud shooter, gyrosphere, a carnotaurus dinosaur with eggs, Owen, Claire, and Franklin.

The truck measures 4″ high x 5″ long x 3″ wide when put together.

The truck also features a gyrosphere trailer with a launch function for the gyrosphere. He’ll spend hours running from exploding lava rocks and the carnotaurus.

playskool transformers

Transforming Tow Truck: Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots

He’ll have hours of fun with Hoist the Tow-Bot. It easily converts from robot to tow truck and back again. You’ll love watching his imagination soar as he pretends to rescue other vehicles with the tow truck and convert it to a robot to fight the bad guys.

teepee tent

His Own Hideaway: USA Toyz Kids Teepee Tent

He’ll spend hours playing in this 61″ x 44″ x 44″ teepee. It’s easy to put up and take down, and you can conveniently store it in the included carry case. With 13 square feet of play space, it features a mesh window and a skylight.

A flashlight projector is also included that comes with 24 safari animal slides.

It’s made of water-resistant polyester and includes tent poles that collapse for storing. It’s perfect for indoors or outside.

hot wheeles spin storm track set

For the Hot Wheels Fan: Hot Wheels Spin Storm Track Set

He’ll love anticipating the crashes as the cars go around the track. With 3 different crash zones, he’ll be surprised every time. It includes 2 launchers so he can play with a friend and race to see which one crashes first.

It includes one Hot Wheels vehicle and easily attaches to other Hot Wheels tracks.

Alarm clock

Wake Up: LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

Perfect for any Star Wars fan, this Stormtrooper alarm clock has a digital LCD that lights up, an alarm, and a snooze button. It measures 9.5″ tall, and the batteries are included. It features movable wrists, legs, arms, and head! It’s the perfect gift to combine his interests with learning time and responsibility.

National Geographic break open 10 geodes

Geology Rocks: National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

He can have fun and learn at the same time with this set of 10 geodes! He’ll love breaking open each one to find different colored crystals inside. The kit includes goggles, 2 display stands for his favorites, and a detailed learning guide.

It’s a perfect gift for boys who love to dig, hammer, or just love rocks in general.

case files trading cards

Pokemon Trading: Detective Pikachu Greninja-Gx Case File Trading Cards

If you have a Pokemon fan, he will love this trading card set on december 25th! It includes a Greninja-GX foil promo card and an oversize card, a Greninja pin, 5 packages of 4-card Detective Pikachu booster packs, 2 extra booster packs, and a code card for the online Pokemon Trading Card game.

building toys remote control race

He Can Build His Own Race Car: STEM Building Toys Remote Control Racer

He’ll love being able to build 2 different race cars with this 326-piece set. Included are easy step-by-step instructions for hours of building and playing fun. The pieces are made of ABS plastic making them safe and durable.

Once built, he can control the race car with the included remote! The set also arrives with 4 tires, 1 universally compatible chassis, a USB cable, and a rechargeable battery pack.

walkie talkies

Long Range Fun: UOKOO Walkie Talkies

He and a friend will have a blast with this set of walkie talkies by UOKOO. The 22 channel walkies have a 3 mile range, channel scan, channel lock, a low battery alert, a built-in flashlight, an LCD backlit display, and a belt clip.

They’re simple to use, but sturdy and functional enough that they will provide hours of fun! You can choose between camo or blue.

hover soccer ball set

Indoor Soccer: Hover Soccer Ball Set with 2 Goals

When the weather outside is bad, he can still burn off that extra energy with this soccer ball set. The hover ball has multi-color LED lights for fun in the dark and features a foam bumper to protect walls and furniture.

It comes with 2 goals and a pump.

joyjam RC stunt car

Crazy Stunts: JoyJam RC Stunt Car

Another great inside or outside toy, this RC stunt car by JoyJam will surprise him with its 360 degree tumbling and ability to reach speeds up to 12 km/h. Available in green or red, these stunt cars have anti-slip tires that are perfect for sand, grass, and even water.

It reacts quickly to every turn no matter the speed. It’s made of quality ABS plastic and comes ready to go with a rechargeable battery for the car and 2 AA batteries for the remote.


A Unique Gift: Original Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks

If you’re looking for something that will get him up and moving, this makes a great gift! These balance stilts by Walkaroo are made of tubular steel and will adjust from 54″ to 78″ for a maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Available in blue or red, they have large rubber feet for extra stability and to keep from marking the floor indoors. These stilts feature an S-bend design plus shoulder rests making it easier and more comfortable to learn and use.

LEGO Harry Poter

For Potter Fans: LEGO Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Aragog’s Lair

He can relive favorite Harry Potter scenes along with Ron and Harry! With the included 157 pieces, he can create Aragog’s lair in the Forbidden Forest. He can build Ron’s favorite spider, Aragog, and a tree that shoots spiderwebs.

Aragog measures 1″ tall x 4″ long x 4″ wide. The spider’s 8 legs are posable, and his 2 fangs can be moved. This kit includes 2 wands for Harry and Ron to fight back against Aragog and 5 of his children.

Oumoda marble run toy

Building Fun: Oumoda Marble Run Toy

With this 122-piece marble run set, he can be as creative as he wants! It includes centrifugal tunnels, windmills, slides, U-turns, and much more! The tracks are made of quality ABS material and will not snap or break easily.

There are 90 building pieces and 32 marble pieces. He’ll be learning strategy skills, logic, and much more without even realizing it!

squashed 3d board game

Fun Strategy Game: Squashed 3D Strategy Board Game

Perfect for family game nights or for when a friend is over, this strategy game is easy to learn and a blast to play. Made for 2-4 players, the object of the game is to move your pawns around the cube and try to squash your opponents.

You’ll receive 1 Squashed cube, a Squash pad, 1 die, 1 king piece, instructions, and 16 pawns with 4 each of red, purple, green, and orange. The game pieces all fit securely inside the Squashed cube for easy cleanup.

veken laser tag set

Laser Tag Fun: Veken Laser Tag Set

He’ll never want to come inside with this fun laser tag set! It comes with 2 infrared laser tag guns, 1 robot bug, and a carrying case. He can choose between a pistol, shotgun, sub-machine gun, and a rocket with each having a 130 foot shooting range.

The included robot bug is perfect for practicing his skills. Once shot, it flips over, wiggles its legs, and flips over again before scurrying away. All equipment is completely safe and quality tested.

Each set includes 2 laser tag guns, a robot bug, 8 batteries, a USB charging cable, a screwdriver, and instructions. He won’t believe he has his own laser tag set to play anytime he wants!

hauck lightning pedal kard

Watch Out Mario: Hauck Lightning – Pedal Go Kart

He can go as fast as his little feet can pedal with this Hauck Lightning Pedal Go Kart. It features a custom seat that is adjustable and includes a high backrest. It has rubber wheels, a 3-point steering wheel, an 8-ball style hand brake, and a powder-coated steel tube frame.

It measures 38″ long x 21″ wide x 22″ tall. He’ll have a blast with this gift!

hardy boys starter set books

For Detective Fans: Hardy Boys Starter Set – Books 1-5

If he’s showing interest in reading, now is the perfect time to encourage him! This set includes the first 5 books of the Hardy Boys classic mystery series. With this collectible box set, he’ll set off on adventures with the Hardy Boys to check out ‘The Tower Treasure’ #1, ‘The House on the Cliff’ #2, ‘The Secret of the Old Mill’ #3, ‘The Missing Chums’ #4, and ‘Hunting for Hidden Gold’ #5.

He’ll be asking for more!

night light 3D lamp

Remote Control Dinosaur Night Light: ZOKEA Night Light 3D Lamp

He’ll love having this cool lamp in his room! The optical acrylic flat panel with laser engraving will make it appear as though the Spinosaurus is right in the room with him! The included remote control can be used to change the colors to red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, purple, and white.

He can choose to set one color or have all 7 change gradually with 4 flash speeds. It can be powered with 3 AA batteries or by USB connection.

It uses quality LED light and doesn’t get hot to the touch even after it’s been on for hours.

It measures 7.7″ x 5.6″. The package includes 1 acrylic panel, 1 ABS base, 1 remote control, a user manual, and a micro USB cable measuring 37″ long.

smart remote control robot

A New Friend: Threeking Smart Remote Control Robot

He’ll love teaching his new robot friend! Cady-Wida (blue) or Cady-Wini (pink) can be programmed to perform special movements such as walking forward and backward, turning left or right, avoiding obstacles, and so much more! Each one features LED eye lights, flexible joints, and skating wheels.

They can be programmed to sing, dance, and even respond to gestures! Each robot arrives with a 3.7V lithium battery that can be charged using a USB cable. 120 minutes of charging time gives children about 60 minutes of play time.

The remote uses 2 AA batteries. This fun robot measures 6.3″ x 3.15″ x 10.43″.

rocket launcher toy

Glow Rockets: US Sense 6 Pack Glow Foam Rockets Toy Rocket Launcher

Using the concept of shooting a rubber band, these glow rockets are way more fun! Kids simply pull back on the rubber band and fling the rockets toward their target. Made of foam and rubber, they’re safe and durable.

They even have a small button to push to activate the LED light in the dark!

LEGO marvel advengers

For the Avengers Fan: LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hall of Armor

With this set, you can combine his love of LEGOS with his love of all things Marvel! He’ll have a blast building the Iron Man Hall of Armor that includes a rotating podium and modules that can be removed.

It comes with 5 minifigures including Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41, Iron Man MK 50, and an Outrider. It also has Tony Stark face and hair pieces to go with any of the Iron Man suits. The lab measures 5″ tall x 13″ wide x 6″ deep with all modules in place.

The modules include weapon storage, a stud shooter, and tool storage and can be played with in a variety of ways. He’ll spend hours with this 524-piece set!

fishing rod kit

Let’s Go Fishing: PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Rod Kit

He’ll have everything he needs to start a fun new hobby with this gift! It includes a telescopic fishing rod, a spincast reel, line, tackle, and a bag that everything fits neatly inside. You can choose between a 3.

9 foot or a 4.9 foot fishing rod. The fishing pole is made of FRP, ABS, and soft rubber. The tackle includes 5 each red and green soft lures, 4 hooks, a bobber, 3 bobber stoppers, a dual alert bell, 2 jig heads, 1 hard lure, 1 sinker, 10 beads, 5 rolling barrel fishing swivels, 5 barrel swivels with safety snap connectors, and a tackle box.

This set is perfect for beginners and easy for small hands to use.

digital watch

His First Watch: Waterproof Digital Sports Watch

Using Japanese quartz with an analog digital display, this sports watch is completely waterproof. It has a PU resin strap that is adjustable for wrist sizes 14 cm – 19 cm. If he forgets to remove it while showering or swimming, no problem! As long as he doesn’t press buttons underwater or leave it under for hours, it will be fine.

Features include a back light display, calendar/date window, a stopwatch, and more. You can choose between red, blue, green, or grey.

IQ builder STM toy

Build & Learn: IQ BUILDER STEM Learning Toy

You can help strengthen his STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning with this fun geometrical shapes set. He can use his imagination and turn simple shapes into larger complex shapes.

The included container works as a base when playing. The set comes with 40 connecting balls, 5 wheels and wheel connectors, 88 ball connectors in a variety of lengths, and 24 cover plates. Each piece is 100% tested and safe.

He’ll have hours of fun with this great gift!


Whether it’s something to encourage using his imagination or the perfect toy to make him want to be outside, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts. If you’ve given or received a unique Christmas gift for a 7-year old boy, please comment below. Don’t forget to share this list with your family and friends so they can find the perfect present as well!

35 christmas gifts for a 7 year old

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