37 Gift Ideas for Church Members (Downright Heavenly)

God doesn’t need gifts… but His children definitely enjoy them! If you’re thinking about gift ideas for church members, here are just a few ways to share and celebrate your faith through Christian-themed goods.

37 Gifts For Church Members

the biblical genealogy chart

The Most Important Tree in the Garden: The Biblical Genealogy Chart

Starting with Adam and Eve, this family tree traces the origins of many well-known Biblical figures, including Noah, Lot, Solomon and King David. Its final entry is Jesus! Presented on an oversized, old-fashioned poster that looks a bit like an unfurled scroll, it’ll make a great wall decoration for pastors and other faith-based leaders.

It even sneaks in some history lessons about the Kings of Judah and the Israelites in exile. If you’re looking for a cool, creative gift for a churchgoer, this is it.

wood prayer trinket box

For Troubled Souls: C.R. Gibson Small Wood Prayer Trinket Box

“Write down your prayers, put your worries to rest, place them in this box and let God do the rest.” Such is the message of this small but beautifully detailed prayer box. Its swirling golden flowers are foil-stamped on thick white card stock with a matching pen, and its wooden frame has been sanded down for a smooth, polished look.

When you’ve used up all of the prayer cards, repurpose the box for beads, trinkets, keepsakes, jewelry pieces or anything else that needs storage.


To Help the Lost Find Their Way Home: Faith and Cross Personalized Working Compass Necklace

Christian jewelry can range from simple crosses to elaborately jeweled fashion pieces, and this necklace is somewhere between the two. On the surface, it’s a sterling silver locket with the words “May Your Faith Always Guide You” framing three hilltop crucifixes.

Tucked behind it, however, is a fully functional compass, and the back of the locket can also be customized with up to three lines of text. It’s the perfect blend between fashionable and functional, so it’ll make a fantastic present.

kings gift set

For Blessings in a Box: Frankincense and Myrrh Three Kings Gifts Deluxe Set

Everyone knows the story of the three wise men, but how many people have actually received tributes of gold, frankincense and myrrh? This luxurious three-piece gift set will absolutely stun your favorite person at Christmastime.

The miniature wooden chests are shaped like ornate, brass-covered antiques, and their contents include real resin deposits and 23K gold floating in a glass orb. They even come with a certificate of authenticity to prove their value.

If you’re looking to give a one-of-a-kind present this holiday season, channel your inner wise man.

leather bookmark

To Mark Their Place in Their Prayers: Leather Brown Bookmark

Perfect for the devout Bible reader, this faux-leather bookmark can be used to mark any passages and psalms that deserve a second look. Its handsome material has a heavy, meaningful feel to it, and its inscription is a motivational one from the Book of Jeremiah about the plans that the Lord has for everyone.

It’s a popular piece of Scripture, and with the help of embossed details on brown leather with a corded tassel, it makes an attractive bookmark as well.

italian rosary and trinkets pouch

To Keep Their Rosary Safe: Italian Rosary and Trinkets Pouch

There’s something special about handcrafted goods, especially when they bear religious icons. You just know that every stitch has been infused with the love and faith of the artisan who crafted it! These trinket pouches were made in Italy, and they’re crafted with beautifully detailed depictions of Christ the Teacher, Madonna and Child, Our Lady of Sorrows and more.

They look like they were airlifted right off the stained glass of a cathedral, but instead, they were made with the hardworking hands of the faithful. They can be used for everything from rosaries to collection coins.

plush Noah´s ark with animals

For Your Littlest Church Member: Plush Noah’s Ark With Animals

Soft and cuddly, these plushies will bring Noah’s Ark to life. They come in a set of six and include a lion, elephant, giraffe, white tiger and more. They even fit into an ark-shaped carrying case with “portholes” where their cute little heads can poke out! If you’re looking for a gift for young churchgoers, consider this adorable, travel-friendly stuffed animal set.

They can take the magic of Noah’s Ark everywhere they go!

hammer multitool

When He Serves the Lord Through Hard Work: Laser Engraved 12-in-1 Hammer Multitool

This “multitool” lives up to its name by offering a dozen different functions in a single appliance. Whether he needs a hammer, screwdriver, bottle opener, wire cutter or serrated saw, he can simply press a button to make it unfold from the handle.

To make it even better, Psalm 28:7 is engraved on the wood: “The Lord is my strength.” He’ll be able to handle all of life’s challenges with a strong, faithful hand!

24 piece pens

For Teachers, Pastors and Other Leaders: 24-Piece Cross Grip Religious Pens

Bright and cheerful, these pens will make an excellent gift for classes and congregations. Not only do they come with comfortable grips and satisfying click-tops, but they’re color-coordinated with a cross on each one.

Distribute them to the kids at Sunday school; stuff them in stockings or goodie bags at your next church fundraiser. There are 24 pens in each package, so you’ll have plenty to work with moving forward.

flip calendar

For Daily Devotions: Promises and Blessings Flip Calendar

With 365 pages, you might expect this calendar to be big and bulky, but it’s actually quite modest. It’ll easily fit on the corner of a desk or the front of a shelf, and thanks to its self-supporting easel, it’s ready to be set up right out of the box.

Every page has a different blessing from Scripture, and they’re printed on beautiful, high-quality card stock with a spiral binding to flip them over when a new day arrives. Best of all, since they’re only printed with the day and month, the calendar will never expire! Your gift recipient can use it year after year.

coffee mug

Because a Prayer Per Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Pastor Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

A good pastor is made with love, passion, mercy, hard work and an abundance of faith. Just check their nutritional label! You can see the daily recommended amounts for each virtue, and when taken together, their serving size equals “one miracle worker.

” Your pastor is sure to get a kick out of this coffee mug, and he doesn’t even have to be a coffee drinker; he can use it as a pencil holder on his desk to show it off to visitors.

inspirational psalm stones

To Carry Christ Everywhere You Go: Six-Piece Inspirational Psalm Stones

These small and smoothly-polished stones are usually called “worry stones” since they can be carried in your pocket and fiddled with whenever you need the distraction. With this set, however, you’ll replace the worry with glory! Each stone carries an inspirational message from the Lord, and you can order them from a Psalms set or a Scripture set depending on the verses that you want.

Stick them in your purse; display them on a shelf; add them to a decorative fountain or zen garden. God’s words will elevate any space.

refrigerator magnets

For a Gorgeous and Godly Home: Christian Art Gifts Pink Floral Refrigerator Magnets

With delicate pastel watercolors on soft white backgrounds, these refrigerator magnets will make beautiful additions to the modern home decor. They’re so stylish, in fact, that it might take a closer look to realize that they have faith-based motivational messages like “Abundantly Blessed” and “Live in Fullness of Joy.

” There are four in total, and they’re decorated with an assortment of roses, gardenias and butterflies. Your gift recipient will get a little pick-me-up every time that they pass through the kitchen!

leather desk tray

Biblical Organization: Matthew 28:20 Leather Desk Tray

“I am with you always.” It’s a simple quote, but it has deep meaning for the faithful, and you can have it immortalized forever on this desk tray. Made with genuine leather, it’ll be perfect for confirmations, communions, baptisms or just storing keys and wallets by the door.

It can be given as a gift to individuals or to entire church groups. The possibilities are endless with a present like this!


For Christly Toes: Colorful Motivational Christian Socks

Who says that doctrine has to be boring? With these funky, multicolored crew socks, your gift recipient can bring some real pizzazz to their next Bible study meeting. The socks say “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” with pictures of a man fist-pumping on top of a cross-covered hill.

The main parts are purple; the toes and heels are red; the pictures are yellow. They’re an explosion of energy, and their wearer will put them on and be ready to tackle anything in the name of the Lord!

figurine with flameless candle

For Safe and Serene Prayers: Praying Angel Figurine With Flameless Candle

If they love candles but have safety concerns about open flames, this is the gift for them. A traditional pillar candle is enclosed in a stone statuette of a praying angel, but the “stone” is actually a lightweight plastic, and the “flame” is actually an LED light that can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch.

Your gift recipient can enjoy the ambiance of a softly-flickering candle with none of the dangers! Do they have small children at home? Are they worried about liability in a church setting? LED power can soothe away all of these stresses.

wood music box gift

How Sweet the Sound: Amazing Grace Wood Music Box Gift

Music boxes are charming little gifts that will never go out of style, especially when they have a faith-based twist. This box plays “Amazing Grace” whenever you turn the small, old-fashioned crank, and you can watch its gears go to work thanks to its open-faced design.

The entire thing is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, so it’s just as quaint as it is delicate. It’ll be ideal for small gift exchanges with other members of your church.

prayer cards floral tin

To Keep Their Spirit Strong: Prayer Cards Floral Tin

Small and lightweight, this prayer tin will be a discreet way to keep their blessings on hand. It’s perfect for desks, offices, lockers and dorm rooms. They could even empty out the prayer cards and use it as a suggestion box at their church! The possibilities are endless with such a pretty little tin, especially since it’s made with durable, scratch-resistant metal.

They can take it anywhere as a token of their faith and a reminder of the devotion that they have to the Lord.

water bottle

Because the Children of God Are Always Hard at Work: Give Thanks Swirled Marble Water Bottle

Perfect for folks on the go, this water bottle will keep them healthy and hydrated even as it identifies them as a messenger of Christ. The swirled pinks and blues give it a marbled appearance, but it’s actually made with insulated, double-walled stainless steel.

Hot beverages will stay hot; cold beverages will stay cold. It can hold 17 ounces at once, so the drinker won’t have to worry about running out of coffee anytime soon. They’ll buzz with energy as they spread God’s love!

tote bags set

For Christians on the Go: Set Religious Themed Inspirational Christian Tote Bags

The modern woman has a lot of stuff to carry around, but with these Bible-themed totes, she’ll have the most powerful force on Earth to strengthen her arm. They’re decorated with an alternating color scheme of black, silver and purple, and each one showcases wise words from Scripture.

Their materials are eco-friendly, and their sturdy handles can sling over the shoulder or be transported by hand. She can use them for groceries, books, church materials, baby supplies and more!

12 pack bracelets

To Connect With the Kids: 12-Pack New Testament Bible Bracelets

Are you hosting a summer camp or youth study group? These silicone wristbands can serve as trendy accessories for the modern Christian kid. Each one is decorated with a quote from the gospels that will strengthen their soul, nourish their faith and get them excited about what’s happening with the church, so whether you’re planning a singalong or a hacky sack race, these bracelets can be passed around beforehand.

There are 12 in total with a unisex size that’s appropriate for almost everyone.

wood plaque

For Blessings Within and Without: House Blessing Wood Plaque

Though it’s marketed as a home decoration, the “house” in this house blessing could just as easily describe a church, office, summer camp or Sunday school. Its soft wood has been dyed to make its writing stand out, and the writing itself is a prayer for the peace and joy of everyone who dwells within the building.

It’s available in two sizes, 5.5 x 12 inches and 11.75 x 15 inches, so you can choose the one that’s best suited for your gift recipient. Would they like a bold blessing hanging right over the pews? Or would they prefer something subtler for a more personal space?


To Unlock Opportunity: God Never Shuts a Door Key Chain

“God never shuts one door without opening another.” It’s a great quote, and it’s extremely fitting for a key chain! It’s even carved into a key-shaped decoration that dangles from a brass ring, so in addition to being a functional tool, it’ll also serve as a stylish accessory.

They can bring a little faith into all of their belongings, including the mundane, everyday ones.


Go to Heaven, Collect $200: Bibleopoly

Move over, Park Place! Nazareth is worth a lot more! “Bibleopoly” is a spiritual take on an old classic, and while some elements are the same, others have been changed to be more fitting for Christian players.

For example, instead of sabotaging your opponents, you help them with acts of service. The community-focused goal is to build a church in Jerusalem. Do you have what it takes to get around the board and complete all of the challenges that God assigns to you?


For Book Lovers and Bibliophiles: Praying Hands Nine-Inch Gray Resin Stone Bookends

If they have an impressive library in the church, these bookends might be exactly what they need to prop up their collection. Each one is shaped like a praying hand, and they’re made with heavy, high-quality resin that has been carved with lifelike detail.

They’re so realistic that you can see the wrinkles on their knuckles! They’re a bit pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for in terms of craftsmanship, so they’ll make a wonderful gift if you’re willing to splurge.


Because Mosquitoes Were on the Ark, Too: Christian Mosquito Joke T-Shirt

Another hilarious gift for religious friends with a sense of humor, this t-shirt declares, “I want to be so full of Christ that if a mosquito bites me, it flies away singing, ‘There is power in the blood!'” It can be purchased in multiple sizes, including men, women and youth, so you can give it to all types of recipients.

You could even bulk-order them in different colors for something like a church summer camp. The spirit has arrived, and it’s ready to be lifted and praised!

stick pen and key ring gift box

To Support the Evangelical: Armor of God Black Ink Stick Pen and Key Ring Gift Box

If you know someone who acts as a warrior for the faith, this is a present that will acknowledge their efforts and bolster their spirits. It’s a basic pen and key ring set, so it isn’t too fancy for simple, humble folks, but it comes in a fabric-lined box with a motivational passage from Ephesians 6:14.

“Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.” They’ll be ready for any kind of spiritual challenge with the right tools for the job.

glass globe hanging ornament

A Gift That Gives Back: Bible Pages Glass Globe Hanging Ornament

The Bible is one of the most popular books in the world, but it’s also one of the most lost, destroyed and recycled. This ornament ensures that battered copies don’t go to waste even when they aren’t readable anymore.

Instead, their pages are “rescued” and turned into paper ribbons that curl inside of a glass orb, and the whole thing can be hung from trees, mantles, shelves and more. It will be a beautiful and unique gift for Christians who like meaningful home decorations.

natural stone prayer bracelet

For Fashionable Christians: Inspirational Bar Natural Stone Stretch Prayer Bracelet

Made with soft, delicate pastels, this natural stone bracelet could be mistaken for a trendy fashion piece from the cover of a magazine. It just so happens to have prayer beads and a bangle that says “blessed.

” This particular bracelet is made with amazonite, but you could also order ones made with brown jasper, white howlite and lace agate. Text options include “faith,” “follow your heart,” “show grace” and “love and be loved.

” If you’re looking for stylish, well-made jewelry for Christian ladies, try one of these inspirational prayer bracelet.

prayer paper flower

A Flower That Never Dies: The Lord’s Prayer Paper Flower Gift

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most recognized prayers on the planet, and you can harness some of its power with this beautiful “paper flower” blooming from a glass vase. Its green, pink and ivory colors look like a real gardenia, and there are discreet wires hidden inside of the petals to help them “bloom” to your liking.

It’ll never wilt, and it doesn’t require water or sunlight. Because of its low energy costs, it’s ideal for everything from churches to hospitals to nursing homes. This is a prayer that will eternally bear fruit.

coffee mug

For the Christian With a Sense of Humor: Not Today Satan Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is sure to get a guffaw from light-hearted churchgoers. It says “Not Today, Satan” in bold black letters on a white background, so it can be used as a talisman against evil forces and annoying co-workers who won’t let them finish their coffee in peace.

It’s both dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and it can hold up to 11 ounces at once. All things considered, it’s a pretty nifty mug, so it’s one of those rare gag gifts that’s actually useful in real life.

ceramic soap dispenser

To Stay Safe in Uncertain Times: Love Joy Grace Ceramic Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Hand washing is more important than ever, but this soap dispenser will deliver you from the fear and anxiety that might usually be associated with it. Not only is it made with beautiful white ceramic and gleaming stainless steel, but it’s printed with a short, sincere prayer that will offer a little reassurance to whoever is using it.

You can even order matching soap dispensers with other faith-based quotes to create an entire set for holidays, bridal showers, hostess parties and more!

bible bingo game

For Wholesome Family Fun: Bible Bingo Game

This gift can be given to kids and adults who work with kids. It’s structured just like regular Bingo, but instead of numbers on tiles, it bears fun, colorful pictures of lambs, crosses, churches, angels and pharaohs.

There are even a few familiar faces like David, Moses, Adam, Eve and Queen Esther! They can use the set to teach or reinforce Bible lessons even as they have fun playing a game. Everything is included right there in the box, so it’s just a matter of opening it and getting started.

wood crucifix

Straight Outta Bethlehem: Olive Wood Crucifix

Crucifixes are everywhere in religious-themed gifts, but how many people can say that they own a hand-carved crucifix that was made in the heart of Bethlehem? This gift is quite literally one of a kind; it’s made to order, and its colors, textures and grains will vary.

However, you can rest assured that it’s made with the fullness of faith. Bethlehem’s craftsmen know exactly what they’re doing when they carve the Lord’s Prayer on a wooden cross, so this will be an extremely meaningful gift for the devout.

It could even become a heirloom piece that they hand down to their own children some day.

pocket prayers book

To Stay Connected to God: Pocket Prayers Book

Pocket Prayers: 40 Simple Prayers that Bring Peace and Rest is a plain but powerful book. Every prayer is accompanied by a quote from the Bible, and it’s written in direct, simple language that isn’t too flowery to follow.

It’s accessible to any kind of reader, and it offers support, wisdom and encouragement for all of life’s challenges and obstacles. If you know someone who is having a hard time, this book can be a balm for the soul and a band-aid for the spirit.

art print

For a Spiritual 911: Bible Emergency Numbers Art Print

Are you upset? Call John 14. Do you need direction? Get in touch with Psalm 73:21. These are the instructions printed on Bible Emergency Numbers, a delightful riff on the usual self-help posters. Readers are encouraged to “direct petitions heavenward,” but don’t worry, help is “available 24/7” with “no phone line required.

” If you know a church leader with a sense of humor, give them this poster to hang on their wall and make their visitors laugh.

world map wall sticker

For Your Favorite Missionary: Isaiah 6:8 World Map Wall Sticker

There’s no higher calling than spreading the word of God. If you know someone who has dedicated themselves to the cause, they’re sure to appreciate a wall sticker like this one. It bears a world map along with Isaiah’s famous quote when God asked for volunteers: “Here am I.

Send me.” It perfectly encapsulates the volunteer spirit of Christian missionaries and evangelists, so it’ll be perfect for globetrotters who are ready to set forth and do their duty.

Presents for Church Members: A Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for religious gifts doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, when you approach it with the mindset that you’re celebrating the splendor of the Lord through tokens and tributes, it can be even more exciting than getting a gift! There are just a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind.

Shop For Their Denomination

Many religious gifts are nondenominational by nature, but if you want to go the extra mile and buy them something specifically meant for their community, that can add a nice personal touch to your present. Just make sure that you avoid offending them by getting something that’s all wrong for their faith.

You’ll also want to avoid sticky issues within Christianity. For example, you might open a can of worms with a gift that implies something about Catholicism.

Match Their Energy and Spirit

Some people worship through loud, joyous celebration. Others are more quiet or private about their faith. This can have a big impact on the types of gifts that they enjoy, so try to find something that meshes with their likes and dislikes.

For example, if they’re serious and solemn about their Sunday mass, they might not appreciate a goofy t-shirt. If they like fun, interactive presents, an angel statuette might get put in a drawer and forgotten.

Honor God

This might go without saying, but whenever you’re buying a Christian-themed gift, make sure that it bears an appropriate message about God’s love.

Don’t be rude or offensive, and don’t buy anything with a sentiment that will make your gift recipient uncomfortable.

Make sure that it’s the kind of item that will inspire, encourage or stoke the spiritual fire of whoever uses it. They should be able to feel the presence of the Almighty as soon as they unwrap your gift!


These are just a few tips and tricks when wielding your credit card for the Lord. What do you think of our suggestions? Do you like my gift ideas?

Would you add anything to the list? What’s the best religious present that you have ever received? We want to know!

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