39 Explosive Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

It’s hard being a comics fan. Fortunately, your buddy knows someone like you, and you’re ready to knock their cape off with a one-of-a-kind present.

Here are just a few great gifts for comic book lovers!

Shazam! 39 Gift Ideas for Comic Book Fans

HALF-baked heroes comic book history

To Point and Laugh: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History

Bee Man. Rainbow Boy. Speed Centaur. These are just a few of the names found in The League of Regrettable Superheroes, a laugh-out-loud collection of the weirdest warriors ever seen in print. Each superhero comes with names, dates, details and backstories that explain how someone thought they were a good idea, and there’s plenty of vintage artwork to take you back to another time.

You’ll be a fan of Fatman, the Flying Human Saucer before you know it.

Marvel avengers glove

When You’re in the Mood for Ginger Snaps: Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Oven Glove

Thanos might be able to destroy the world, but can he prepare a great batch of chocolate chip cookies? This oven mitt is a perfect replica of his Infinity Gauntlet, but it’s designed for baking rather than spine breaking.

It’s made with flexible, heat-resistant silicone that includes individual fingers for maximum mobility, and it has a “one size fits all” design that’s suitable for both men and women. If you want to make cooking a snap, this is the oven mitt to get the job done.

superhero bookends

For Well-Muscled Bookworms: Floating Superhero Decorative Bookends

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman holding up your entire shelf of college textbooks! Not only does he look cool with his black metallic silhouette, but he’s designed with a cleverly hidden frame that makes it appear like he’s flying through the air to push against your leaning tower of books.

He’ll make a great gift for bibliophiles and comic book fans alike. If they aren’t a Superman enthusiast, you can find similar bookends for Wonder Woman, Captain America, Batman, Venom and more.

unicorn kitty T-shirt

An Alternative to Chimichangas: Marvel Deadpool Space Trip Unicorn Kitty T-Shirt

The great thing about Deadpool is that there’s no meme too ridiculous for him. On this shirt, he’s riding a kitten unicorn through space with cupcakes in his hands and sparkles all around him, and it’s perfectly in character.

You don’t look at it and think, “No, that’s too much.” Deadpool would love it, and so would a comic book fan who loves the merc with a mouth. If you’re a Deadpool fan, the first thing that you learn how to do is embrace weirdness.

batmobile art print

For the Comic Book Fan Who Has Everything: Original Batmobile Patent Art Prints

What do you buy someone who already owns every issue of Shadow of the Bat and every film remake from Nolan to McKay? These art prints might work. They show the inner mechanics of several different Batmobiles, and they’re illustrated like old-fashioned patent applications.

They even come on sepia-toned, water-damaged paper like vintage originals. Your gift recipient can hang them on a wall, frame them on a desk or stick them behind a display case with other Batman memorabilia.

pack X men pins

Because Education is Important: Xavier Institute Three-Pack X-Men Pins

Everyone likes to brag about their school, especially when they attended the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. These pins are pretty much indistinguishable from others of their kind; anyone looking at them in passing will assume that they’re regular collegiate pins.

It’s only when they take a closer look that they’ll realize the truth about what they’re seeing. Mutatis mutandis.

calvin and hobbes comic book collection

Theeeeey’re Great: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Comic Collection

You don’t have to like superheroes to like comics. Millions of people grew up on the adventures of a boy and his imaginary tiger, and this commemorative gift gathers all of them into a single collection for the very first time.

There are four paperback books in total, and they include every Calvin and Hobbes strip ever published. Most are black and white, but some special editions are in full color. Your gift recipient can take a journey from 1985 to 1996 as they read through the entire compilation of sweet, funny and surprisingly heartfelt comics.

wolverine claws

For Perfectly-Sliced Fruit: Stainless Steel Wolverine Claws

The most bada** part of Wolverine has always been his claws, and with this gift, your friend can wield them like the death-dealing weapons that they are. They’re made with genuine stainless steel and sharpened to fine points, so they aren’t toys.

They aren’t suitable for kids. They’re the real deal, and they’ll look great on a shelf with Wolverine comics or as part of a Wolverine cosplay outfit. They weigh one pound each and measure almost 10 inches long.


When You’re Feeling a Bit Wild: DC Comics Harley Quinn Knapsack

Decorated in the signature style of Harley Quinn, this red-and-black knapsack will add a little insanity to any wardrobe. It’s small, so it’s perfect for day trips or overhead luggage compartments, but it also comes with storage options if you want to separate your belongings and keep them organized.

Best of all, since it has Harley’s traditional diamond pattern instead of the new character design from Suicide Squad, it’ll still satisfy comic book snobs who hate film adaptations.

comic quotes pillowcases

For a Marvel Makeover: Four-Pack Comics Quotes Throw Pillow Cases

Wham! Boom! Kapow! With bright colors and jazzy sound effects, these throw pillow covers have been pulled straight from the pages of a comic book. They have stars, polka dots and exclamation points; they have zig-zagged quote boxes and big, bold fonts.

They’ll be an instant hit with a comic book enthusiast who wants to decorate their home with their hobbies and interests.

cutting board

To Pledge Your Allegiance: Captain America Shield Cutting Board

Dice your onions with the power of red, white and blue. This glass-topped cutting board will shine with all of the righteous energy of Steve Rogers, but since it’s also made with tough, stain-resistant materials that can withstand temperatures of up to 350°F, it’ll be a valuable kitchen accessory as well.

It even boasts non-slip rubber feet to keep it from sliding around your countertop. It’s so nice that you might decide to keep it for yourself rather than giving it away as a gift!

bad girls T-shirt

A Reality Show Like None Other: Batman Bad Girls T-Shirt

They’re good at being bad. Poison Ivy has her vines; Harley Quinn has her guns; Catwoman has her whip. On this t-shirt, they’ve joined forces under a “Bad Girls” banner to show what DC women are capable of, and it’s entirely possible that the world won’t survive it.

If you know someone who appreciates a minx, however, or who celebrates girl power with the best of them, this shirt could be a nice addition to their wardrobe.

MARVEL encyclopedia

To Make It Easier on Newbies: Marvel Encyclopedia

If you’ve been slowly and steadily converting them to comic book geekdom, they might enjoy the Marvel Encyclopedia. It’s a massive doorstopper of a book that introduces more than 1,200 superheroes, sidekicks, villains, weapons, settings and events, so it’ll be a great reference when they’re binging MCU movies on the couch.

Instead of having to hunt down the details of the Secret Wars or the origins of Squirrel Girl, they can simply check this book. It covers everyone from Abomination to Zzzax.


For Quick Access to Life’s Essentials: DC Comics Flash Accessory Purse

They can grab their belongings in a flash with the help of this Barry Allen purse. It measures just 7 x 5 x 2.25 inches, so it isn’t meant for heavy or bulky items, but it’s perfect for keys, money, makeup and other everyday things.

A tasseled zipper will allow the quick retrieval of the goods, and a golden lightning bolt design perfectly matches the black material and gold chain accents. Give to a Flash fan as a fun and friendly gift!


If You’re Feeling Cute: Superman Cape Socks

Superman socks are nothing new, but these come with a little extra. They have capes on the back! Perfectly matching the blue fabric and yellow “S” logo, the red strips of fabric dangle from the calves of the socks.

They look awesome, and they’ll give an extra pop of color and energy to your outfit. Just don’t expect to take off into the sky while you’re wearing them.

fridge magnet

To Keep Your Web Nice and Neat: Spider-Man Fridge Magnet

This magnet will be perfect for stockings, gift bags and goodie baskets. It’s a three-dimensional Spider-Man in a crouching position like he’s about to take off from the side of a building, but instead of flying off with the help of his webs, he’ll stick firmly to the surface of a fridge.

He can also be used on other magnetic surfaces like lockers and whiteboards. If you’re looking for a cool little gift to give to a friend or coworker who likes comic book heroes, Spider-Man is ready to serve!

beer opener

If They Are Worthy: Hammer of Thor Shaped Beer Opener

Thor probably didn’t have this in mind when he brought his mighty hammer to Earth, but when the beer’s calling, the beer’s calling. This bottle opener is shaped just like Mjolnir, so it’ll give some extra strength to your arm when you’re opening a brew.

You can even read the “if he be worthy” inscription that’s engraved on the side of the hammerhead for extra dramatics!

vinyl record wall clock

Why So Serious: Dark Knight Versus Joker Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This wall clock has so much detail that it’s hard to believe it’s cut from a vinyl record. Not only does it depict Batman and the Joker with lifelike facial expressions, but there’s even a flock of bats transforming from the individual strands of Joker’s hair! A red clock face sits in the middle, and gothic-style numbers go around the edges.

A hidden battery compartment can be found in the back. If you want to turn their home into an epic comic book lair, this is the wall decoration to do it.

25 lot of comic books

To Expand Their Comic Book Collection: 25 Lot of Comic Books

It can be difficult to buy comics for a comic book lover. What do they already have? What characters or crossover events do they hate? If you aren’t sure about their preferences, consider buying them a big, varied collection of comic that will cover all sorts of tastes.

This is just one of the “lots” that you can find for purchase, but it includes both Marvel and DC series, and it guarantees a lack of duplicates. The other person can sift through all 25 titles like they’re a kid with lots of presents on Christmas morning.


If You Want a Little Tongue Action: Unisex Venom Digital Printed Pullover Hoodie

Turn them into a compliment magnet with this eye-popping hoodie. It depicts Venom in all of his twisted, tongue-y glory, but since his body is black smoke curling in the midst of white swirls, you have to look twice to even notice him.

The hoodie itself is half-black and half-white, so it’s an attention getter, but its comic book origins aren’t immediately apparent. It’ll be the perfect gift for someone who likes geeky things without being too obvious about it.


When All of Your Friends Are Heathens: Welcome to Arkham Asylum Doormat

If they live every day with the energy and enthusiasm of a prison break, this welcome mat should be right up their alley. It says “Welcome to Arkham Asylum” with a crazy picture of the Joker in full-on cackling mode! It’s made with a combination of PVC and coconut fiber, so it’s nice and durable, and it measures 24 x 16 inches so that it’ll fit neatly on most doorsteps.

They could also use it for basements, dorm rooms, man caves and more. If they’ve carved out their own little slice of chaos somewhere, give them an appropriate welcome mat for it.

blank comic book

For the Aspiring Artist: Blank Comic Book: Draw Your Own Comics

Artists of all ages will enjoy this book. It’s basically a collection of templates where the panels and speech bubbles have already been outlined, so all that’s left is to fill them up like real comics.

There are 150 pages in total, and they’re made with thick, high-quality paper that won’t fade or bleed ink. Whether your friend is a skilled illustrator or just an enthusiastic beginner, they should appreciate a series of templates where things like angles, proportions and text blocks have already been prepared in advance.

batman and superman figure

Better Than a Friendship Bracelet: Batman and Superman Flying Figure

Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? If you and your buddy could argue about this for hours, extend an olive branch of peace with this resin statuette. It shows Batman and Superman as adorably wholesome BFFs who are flying through the sky together against a backdrop of white, fluffy clouds.

Just ignore Batman’s scowl and crossed arms as Superman supports him by the armpits. They’re friends! They’re doing a friendly thing together! It’s a joyous occasion!

shaker bottle

For a Mighty Workout: Green Lantern Leak-Free Protein Shaker Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated during all-night binges of comic books. This shaker bottle can help. It was created with durable, waterproof materials that come together with elegant mixing technologies for javas and juices, and it was decorated with the logo of the Green Lantern for a little extra flair.

It’s ideal for fans of the Green Lantern and anyone else who loves the Justice League. There are more bottles available with designs for Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and the Flash!

bow tie

For a Dapper Wardrobe: Couture Marvel Comic Books Bow

Only the coolest hipsters wear bow ties, and with this one, they can showcase their love of the Avengers for the entire world to see. It’s a bold, brightly-patterned tie, so it’ll definitely stand out against a white shirt or black blazer, and it comes with several different vintage comic prints for retro flair.

Don’t worry if your buddy always fumbles with his knots: This one comes pre-tied, so it’s just a matter of slipping it around his neck and letting him channel his inner nerd!

battle between marvel and DC book

When They Can’t Choose a Favorite: Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-Year Battle Between Marvel and DC

If they constantly go back and forth between Marvel and DC like a child of angrily-divorced parents, Slugfest can help them understand the eternal feud between these comic book giants. It details a half-century of fights, insults, copycats and legal disputes, and it shares surprising facts about everything from superheroes to their writers.

As the author notes, it’s been a long battle for “spandex supremacy,” and this book doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to explaining it. It’ll be fascinating reading for comic book fans who want to pull back the curtain.

funko POP agent coulson

A Magical Figurine: Funko POP Marvel Agent Coulson

Before he went to Tahiti, he was just a cool guy in sunglasses. This is a figurine of Agent Coulson in the early days of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and he’s got everything from the name tag to the striped tie to prove it.

There’s another Funko figure where he’s posing with his red convertible named Lola, so if you want to give a double gift, that’s possible as well. Either way, if they love Coulson, they’ll love some Coulson collectibles.

garfield T-shirt

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Dish: Garfield “Paws” Jaws Parody T-Shirt and Stickers

If they relate to Garfield on a spiritual level, this t-shirt will speak to their own cravings for food, food and more food. It’s a parody of Jaws, so it has Garfield’s gaping mouth headed upwards to a bowl of cat food, and it even throws in a couple of Garfield-and-Odie stickers that can be applied to books, bags, laptops and more.

There’s a reason why this comic book kitty is one of the most enduring animals of all time. Nothing gets between him and his munchies.

ceramic mug

Wakanda Forever: Black Panther Sculpted Ceramic Mug

Before he became one of the highest-grossing superheroes in cinematic history, Black Panther was a comic book character with a fierce face and claws to go along with it, and this mug proves it. It’s a perfect replica of his comic book counterpart right down to the cat ears jutting out from the top.

This is one kitty that won’t play with a ball of string, so make sure that your gift recipient can handle it before you give it as a present.

drink kooler

For a Mighty Thirst: The Beast Giant Fist Drink Kooler

While not technically a comic book item, this drink holder is so clearly modeled after the Hulk that your gift recipient won’t bat an eyelash. It’s a gigantic foam fist that can hold everything from beer cans to water bottles, and it’s a bright, vivid green! The Hulk is here, and he’s ready to smash.

It doesn’t matter if the manufacturers play coy by calling it a “Beast” instead. Everyone knows who this is meant to be.


To Pay Bills Like Tony Stark: Marvel Comics Men’s Retro Interior Print Bifold Wallet

Another great gift for someone who doesn’t like to be overly nerdy in public, this faux-leather wallet looks like any other plain black bifold from the outside, but its interior is a different story. Once it’s opened, it explodes with color and motion! A superhero mural depicts Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk all doing their thing, and it covers every square inch of the wallet’s card slots and coin pouches.

It’ll be like a Superman shirt hidden underneath a business suit. No one will know about it but the owner.

darth vader and son comic book

Heavy Breathing Not Included: Darth Vader and Son Newspaper Comic Collection

“Luke, I am your father.” What if this was a weary sigh to a misbehaving child? In Death Vader and Son, there’s no intergalactic war, and dear old Darth is just a regular dad trying to corral his offspring.

He goes grocery shopping and trick-or-treating; he scolds Luke to pick up his toys and eat his vegetables. It’s a surprisingly cute collection of newspaper-style comics, and it’ll make for fun and light reading in a galaxy far, far away.

wood shelf

To Uphold Truth, Justice and Begonias: DC Comics Wonder Women Brown and Black Wood Shelf

Could they use a lasso just to keep their keys and wallets from getting lost? With this shelf, you can bring a little organization to their home while also celebrating their love of Diana. It’s made with gorgeously finished wood, and the Wonder Woman logo is printed below the shelving to make it instantly recognizable to DC fans.

They can use it for books, plants, bills, keys, knickknacks and more.

glass frame

Safe and Secure Storage: Triple Comic Book Glass Frame

If they’re an avid collector of comic books, they probably have a few issues that they value more than others. This display case will be perfect for showing them off. It’s made with real wood and thick, UV-protected glass, so their comics won’t take any damage even if they’re hung in a sunlit room.

Additionally, there’s room for three separate issues here, so your gift recipient can tell an entire story with the ones that they choose to showcase.

black widow retro tin sign

For Your Very Own Red Room: Black Widow Retro Tin Sign

Black Widow is a popular character for merchandise, but a lot of it is based on Scarlett Johansson. What if you’re looking for femme fatale gifts that come from the comics? Here’s a tin sign that can satisfy your cravings for something a little more old-school than MCU movies.

It depicts one of the very first iterations of the fiery, red-headed spy, and it has a “distressed” look that perfectly complements its vintage art.

perpetual calendar

If They Need a Little Snack: Peanuts Perpetual Calendar

Another fun gift for fans of newspaper comics, this calendar offers a daily dose of Peanuts. Some of the selections are funny; others are touching or inspirational. There are even a few with quotes from scripture if the other person is religious.

It’s a warm, family-friendly type of calendar, and best of all, it doesn’t have any months or years that would give it an expiration date. They can use it over and over again.

Vintage DC comic postcards

To Upgrade Their Stationary Kit: The Art of Vintage DC Comics: 100 Postcards

Postcards are a fun, versatile gift, especially when they’re decorated with vintage comic book art that dates all of the way back to the ’30s and ’40s. Your gift recipient can use them for birthdays, anniversaries, travel, graduation or just decoration.

They’re completely blank on their non-art side, so the possibilities are endless. With 100 postcards to choose from, they’ll have a superhero for every occasion.

gaming chair

For Beating the Final Boss: Captain America Heavy-Duty Gaming Chair

If you really want to spoil them, this gaming chair will be one of the most epic gifts that they’ve ever received. Memory foam will cradle their spine with ergonomic support; adjustable controls will let them tilt, lock, roll and recline to their heart’s content.

Despite the name, they don’t have to be a gamer to get use out of this chair; they can stick it in their office for working, studying, watching television and more. It’ll be a multipurpose gift with lots of luxury.

batman chess set

Your Move, Joker: Batman Chess Set

This innovative chess set is sure to get some laughs when it’s pulled out of the box. Everything has been given a Dark Knight makeover! Batman and the Joker are the kings; Batgirl and Harley Quinn are the queens.

There are also guns, bombs, bat signals and jester hats taking the place of knights and pawns. If you know someone who enjoys board games just as much as comic books, this is one gift that they’ll never forget.

3 Considerations When Choosing Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

There are thousands and thousands of comic book gifts out there. How are you supposed to dig through them all and find the perfect one for your friend or relative?

Here are just a few tips for finding the gold at the bottom of the pile.

1. Figure Out Their Exact Interests

Do they like Marvel or DC? Did they support Iron Man or Captain America during Civil War?

Do they think Batman can take Superman or vice versa? One of the first things that you’ll learn about comic book fans is that they have strong opinions on certain topics, so before you buy anything with a character, team, setting, weapon or power printed on it, make sure that your buddy actually likes it.

2. Gauge Their Purity Levels

Some comic book fans are purists who only like the original comic books and not any remakes, reboots or film adaptations.

These people aren’t going to appreciate a gift that’s obviously based on the movie version of their favorite.

Even if it’s something generic like a coffee mug or key chain, you don’t want them to reject it because it’s not based on the OG material. Look for real Batman gifts, not the Ben Affleck stuff.

3. Beware Knockoff Goods

There are some high-quality knockoffs out there, so we aren’t going to tell you not to buy them. Just make sure that you’re careful with your purchases.

They shouldn’t look cheap, and they shouldn’t have bad reviews that talk about how they break or fall apart after two weeks. Do your homework when it comes to off-brand or no-brand goods.


These are just a few tips and tricks for buying comic book gifts that your friends will love.

What do you think of my suggestions?

Are there any awesome items out there that I missed? We love to expand our gift ideas, so let us know if there’s something that we need to add!

39 explosive gift ideas for comic book lovers

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