Useful Gift Ideas For Cooks (By 40 Food Bloggers)

When searching for the perfect gift according to someone’s hobby or passion, who better to ask than those who love the same thing?

If you’re trying to decide on the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves to cook, look no further.

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We asked 40 chefs, food bloggers, and people who simply love being in the kitchen the following question:

What kitchen item or tool would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook?

Listed below are gift ideas for cooks, from 40 food bloggers, chefs, and culinary experts with one thing in common: they all love to cook!

As an experienced home chef and lifestyle blogger, I truly believe that having the right tools in your kit makes all the difference. Here are my top gift ideas for a home cook:

1. A Cast-iron Dutch Oven

An enameled cast-iron Dutch Oven is my all-time favorite kitchen essential. It is designed to enhance slow-cooking by heating evenly and locking in moisture for tenderness.

A Dutch Oven is extremely versatile and the perfect kitchen essential for braising meat, cooking stews, soups, beans, and sauces. It can even be used to bake bread, such as a sourdough round or French round.

Another great attribute is a Dutch Oven comes in different sizes and price points. The industry gold standard is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven, but you can also buy quality products from less expensive companies, such as Lodge.

Both companies also make amazing cast iron skillets. Dutch Ovens also last a lifetime and never go out of style. It’s a greater starter piece for a collection that can be expanded upon with beautiful colors and sizes.

le creuset dutch oven

2. A Chef’s Knife

Another great kitchen essential is the chef knife. This knife is extremely versatile and is a kitchen must for any serious home cook. It is superior at chopping vegetables, herbs and even meats.

It’s also a great starter knife for the novice chef, who can then expand upon his or her collection as his or her cooking repertoire and skills grows.

Chef knives also make great gifts because they are beautiful. There are lots of companies and craftsman that create special ones with beautiful handles and designed blades. In terms of the blade, the German and Japanese knives are best. And if you take care of your knife by going and getting it sharpened every 6-months, it will last you forever.

wusthof kitchen knives

3. A Bench Scraper

Another great kitchen essential that will not break your bank is a bench scraper. It is used to easily transfer food from your cutting board.

For instance, if you’re transferring onions to a bowl or sauté pan. It is also perfect at cleaning up messes on your cutting board or kitchen counter.

It even serves as a perfect holder for your herbs or diced vegetables while you are busy preparing your dish. Further, it pairs well with other kitchen essentials or a cooking class gift certificate. For instance, you can combine it with other less expensive kitchen essentials, such as a cutting board, grater, and zester.

4. A Wooden Cutting Board
Speaking of cutting boards, this is a perfect gift. They come in all price points and could potentially be paired with less expensive kitchen essentials, such as a peeler or measuring cups. A wood cutting board is always best. Plastic cutting boards are not ideal because bacteria get trapped in the board from the knife grooves and the board is then near impossible to clean out, whether washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Epicurean also makes wood-fiber cutting boards that are reasonably priced and dishwasher safe.

butcher's cutting board
5. Cooking Classes

Finally, cooking classes, never underestimate this as the perfect gift for the home cook. If an individual is serious about expanding his or her culinary skills, he or she will absolutely love this gift.

Plus, we are all so busy nowadays and don’t always take time for the activities that we enjoy. This offers your friend a perfect “why” to spend a fun day, relaxing in the kitchen.

cooking lesson

I’m a food blogger that posts about family recipes. My favorite kitchen gifts that I have received so far have always been gifts that are practical in nature or that have an emotional connection.

A dear friend of mine gave me a traditional looking molcajete to make guacamole that I love and use almost weekly.

While my husband got me the book Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain because he knew how much I loved all his shows.

My advice for anyone looking for the perfect kitchen tool/item is to see what their favorite cook likes: wine, cheese, dips, ethnic foods, etc and go from there in picking a favorite item that will make their life easier in the kitchen.

Wendy Hodge

Wendy Hodge – Wendy’s Way To Health

As someone who cooks a lot of healthy dishes, I’m always trying to come up with interesting and different things to do with vegetables.

So I think a spiraliser would be an awesome gift for someone like me, assuming the recipient doesn’t already have one!

It’s a fun way to create veggie “noodles” that you can steam or saute for a quick, healthy pasta dish.

You can also spiralize a bunch of different vegetables, like potato, sweet potato, carrot, beetroot, pumpkin, onion and bake them in the oven for a healthy snack – just add some olive oil and your favorite herbs and spices for flavoring.


Dmitri Kara

Dmitri Kara – Fantastic Oven Cleaners

I meet passionate cookers literally on a daily basis and when it comes to smart units, handheld tools or simply handy cookware, what people love are gifts that make cooking fast, easy, and at best – eco-friendly.

1. A Blade Sharpener

The first piece I personally can’t imagine to live long without is the simple, yet priceless blade sharpener. If you’re like me and put knives to heavy use, then unless you can buy a full set of knives, a sharpener is the next best thing to get!

2. A Folding Cutting Board
The next clever gadget that no person ever disliked is the folding cutting board. These are still rather hard to find but I believe will become ever more trendy in the coming years.

A folding cutting board does not only make easier to chop and poor but to also clean.

folded cutting board with vegetables chopped
3. Splatter Protectors
Number three comes the set of splatter protectors. Even little to no experience cooking enthusiasts know how frying fries, meat, vegetables and etc. can be a cleaning disaster, especially if food marks are left to dry.

I don’t know of a single person who loves scrubbing hobs or nearby walls, especially when a gadget as simple as a splatter protector can leave the issue in the past.

frying pan with a splatter protector

Jim Mumford

Jim Mumford – Jim Cooks Food Good

Cube Grater
What it is:
It’s a box grater, only actually shaped like a box. Most have multiple grating surfaces, from a microplane to a much larger ribbon and all in between.

Why do I like it?

Size is everything. It’s fairly small, so it fits in every drawer. It can all but replace traditional box graters and microplates as well. Most designs have a clear window with graduations to better measure out.

What can you do with it?

Zest a lemon, grate some cheese, ribbon some zucchini, anything you could use a handheld grater for, this rocks. I use it very often, including in my Caesar Dressing recipe

Where can you find it?

I like this model, which is very affordable, dishwasher safe, and is a very compact 3”x3”x3”.

cube grater with grated cheese

Shana Thomas

Shana Thomas – I’m-Worthy

As a food blogger, I can’t live without my food processor. Not only is a food processor inexpensive but it also helps you save time. Buying a food processor was a game changer for me as a food blogger.

Here’s why – It handy when you’re making sauces, creams, nut milk and more. In addition, it’s great to have a food processor for days when you don’t feel like cutting up food. I use it for onions, carrots, bell peppers, and beets.

On days when I want a sandwich, I can use it to create a mix for a chickpeas sandwich or vegan crab cakes. I can use it to make delicious cauliflower rice or any other veggie rice, and chia seed jam.

Some other examples of food I’ve made with my food processor are a variety of pesto sauce, hummus, and roasted red pepper sauce. A food processor would be a great gift for someone that loves to cook. It’s like having your own personal assistant.

cuisinart food processor on a kitchen countertop

Jennifer Hanes

Jennifer Hanes – Dietitian Jenn

The best gift for a person that loves to cook is a high-quality chef’s knife. Like a real-deal heavy, high-quality steel, chef’s knife.

It should be forged, not stamped and the blade should extend into the handle. Shop around, going to a cutlery store is probably a better idea than shopping online.

I have a chef’s knife that I bought and German steel, super nice one, that was gifted to me. The German steel knife holds its edge for much longer than the cheaper one I was willing to pay for in the store.

Other cooks may have similar hang-ups about spending more money on a better knife, making this a really good present for them. The expensive knife also came with a bonus paring knife too!

If the cost of a good knife is prohibitive, another option is a wet stone meant for sharpening knives. They work infinitely better than those cheap things you slide your knife through. They make a cheap knife work better and it’s pretty easy to learn to use it.

japanese wet stone for sharpening chef knives

Aleka Shunk

Aleka Shunk – Bite Sized Kitchen

The kitchen tool I love and use all the time in the kitchen is a mandoline! It not only helps cut recipe time in half but evenly and precisely slices food contributing to even cooking. Without it, I wouldn’t even think about making potato chips!

Besides potatoes, a mandolin is awesome when it comes to slicing food such as cucumbers, onions, carrots, etc.

The higher-end mandolines have upgraded attachments allowing for more precise cutting. You will be able to julienne foods, cut veggies into matchsticks or even grate foods! All of which are difficult to do with just a knife!

It is an underrated kitchen tool that most at-home cooks are missing out on. Plus, it is quick to clean, lightweight and easy to store! Who wouldn’t love that?

mandoline next to vegetables

Holly Clegg

Holly Clegg – Healthy Cooking Blog

Microplane Zester/Grater

If a recipe calls for zest, especially citrus zest, you may think it doesn’t make much of a difference, but I never leave it out because fresh rind adds another level of amazing fresh flavor to floods! Grate lemon rind into pasta to really add zing to the dish or top lemon bread to enhance flavor and really make it pop.

Hand Held Immersion Blender

Add a handheld Immersion Blender to your kitchen – can be used for about anything from smoothies to purée soups. Easy to use and easy cleanup, this is a great time saver and plus you have fewer dishes to wash!

Nonstick Cookware

I love nonstick cookware because it cuts down on the amount of oil added to a recipe. It is important to use a good quality nonstick cookware to cook food with less fat plus it cleans super easily. Food doesn’t stick when washing dishes is a great bonus!

microplane zester

Sandra Sellani

Sandra Sellani – The 40-Year-Old Vegan

The perfect gift for someone who loves to cook is an immersion blender. It’s something most people don’t think of buying for themselves but once they have it wonder how they lived without it.

I received one as a gift more than a decade ago and still use it.

It’s perfect for blending soups or sauces on the stove without having to remove the pot or pan from the heat and pour it into a blender. You can control textures from chunky to creamy and clean up is a breeze.

promix immersion blender

April Tafoya

April Tafoya – Fueling Function

The best cooking gift I’ve ever received was a durable and sharp culinary knife.

My mom got me a Cutco chef knife for Christmas a couple of years ago. At first, I thought it was overpriced and kind of silly, but it quickly became the only knife I reached for while prepping food.

I never realized how much I struggled to slice through tough pieces of meat or how easily I could dice vegetables without a hand chopper.

I think a stainless steel, chef-grade knife is worth every penny for people who love cooking; it’s the gift I never knew I needed!

cutco chef knives on a kitchen countertop

Gwen Leron

Gwen Leron – Delightful Adventures

I would gift them with an Instant Pot. I am in love with mine and use it multiple times per week.

If the person I’m giving the gift to is someone who loves cooking, then they will likely appreciate pressure cooking as much as cooking using other methods.

There’s so much they’ll be able to do with an Instant Pot, such as cooking dry beans in a fraction of the time it takes to soak and cook, preparing quick, mouthwatering meals, all the way to crave-worthy sweet desserts.

A bonus is that it won’t take up a huge amount of counter or cupboard space, so it will fit right into any kitchen.

instant pot with steamed vegetables


Bintu Hardy – Recipes From A Pantry

I believe that the air fryer is the perfect kitchen item to gift someone who loves to cook.

They are one of the must-have appliances right now – simply because you can make so much delicious food in them. They enable people to make dishes in a healthier way and are quick and easy to use.

They’re easy to maintain and clean and don’t take up too much space on a kitchen side or stored away when not in use. Everyone should have an air fryer in their life.

Philips air fryer

Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson – Medmunch

If you love cooking then you’ll know how important a good knife is. A high-quality chef’s knife will make any amateur chef feel like a professional.

It’s an extremely versatile knife that can perform many tasks in the kitchen.

Meal preparation times can be slashed and your giftee may start adding those hard to cut veggies like sweet potatoes into their diet if they shied away from them before.

If your recipient’s cooking involves a lot of intricate chopping, opt for a light knife. If they use more root dense vegetables, go for something heavier.

It is worth paying more for chef’s knives as better quality builds will keep their sharpness and feel better to hold. Get a good one and they’ll use it for many years.

However, there are also some great budget options available, meaning no matter what budget you have, you’ll be able to find something that fits.

Japanese chef knife

Alyse Cocliff

Alyse Cocliff – An Apple A Day

Aside from the obvious (knives etc.)

Glass Storage Containers – if someone loves to cook then the chances are they will likely have leftovers. Having a set of storage containers that can withstand both fridge and freezer temps is essential. I choose glass because they’re BPA free.

Lindsay Moe

Lindsay Moe – The Live-In Kitchen

I think anyone who loves to cook would be happy to receive a chef’s knife.

I have several that I use every day, and having more than one on hand is great if you don’t have time to wash them in between different ingredients.

It also gives you the option to let someone help you with the prep work.

chef knife next to a salmon fillet

Peggy Solomon

Peggy Solomon – A Real Kitchen

I think the perfect gift for someone that loves to cook would actually be a combination of a cookbook that would be applicable to that individual and a utensil holder with must-have kitchen utensils.

There are so many wonderful cookbooks, but you know their taste and likes, so get one that has to do with their lifestyle, diet, and foods that they love.

A beautiful utensil holder with utensils that everyone should have in their kitchen (tongs, spatula, slotted spoon, whisk, wooden spoon, ladle, potato masher, vegetable peeler, and a garlic press). This would definitely make a perfect gift for someone who loves to cook.

utensil holder

Jennifer Anthony

Jennifer Anthony – Coaching by Jennifer

A fancy stainless steel hand-held citrus juicer is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook fresh and healthy food at home! Not only are these juicers fabulous at juicing lemons, but they also work wonderfully with limes that can often be tricky to extract juice from when trying to squeeze by hand.

As a health coach, I use my hand-held citrus juicer daily and love the health-boosting benefits of all the Vitamin C that fresh citrus provides in my diet! I love starting the day with half of a freshly squeezed lemon in hot water for an energizing and exhilarating start to the morning.

I also love making homemade salad dressing with freshly squeezed lemon, olive oil, honey, and vinegar as a base or making a simple but delicious sauteed shrimp dish with freshly squeezed lime, jalapeno, and cilantro!

The possibilities of freshly squeezed citrus are truly endless and the cook in your life will love the upgraded feel of a stainless steel juicer to their kitchen collection.


Danielle – Cooking Gods

Cooking or baking a recipe will no doubt use cup and spoon measurements in the recipe.

Do you have an old scuffed plastic set that the measurements have rubbed off? Or is measuring spices difficult because your measure spoons do not fit into the jars?

We have solved this and you can have a set of measuring cups that will never scuff or have the writing fade. You can have a set of spoons that will fit into the smallest spice jars.

Every cook will love this set of measuring cups and spoons and you can buy now on Amazon with a satisfaction guarantee. Our measuring cups and spoons will last you a lifetime

measuring cups for cooking

Jess Rodley

Jess Rodley – Thrivo

When you’re on a budget, or your foodie friend has limited space, the perfect kitchen gift can seem unattainable. Yet a quality julienne peeler makes an ideal gift for anyone who loves to cook.

Saving the chef time and making those fiddly jobs that much easier, a high-quality julienne peeler will produce perfect, uniform strands of vegetables that give any meal a professional finish. Creating precise matchsticks for a veggie stir fry, carrot strands for a healthy coleslaw or zucchini noodles for raw ‘courgetti’ are simple work with a julienne peeler, which takes the hassle out of otherwise finicky meal prep.

Look for a high-quality, stainless steel blade for precision peeling and an ergonomic, non-slip grip that’s easy to hold. As an added bonus, a peeler with an attached channel knife lets you cut decorative strips of peel to give your dishes, desserts, and cocktails that extra-fancy finish.

And, unlike a spiralizer, the julienne peeler doesn’t take up valuable kitchen counter-top real estate. It’s the perfect gift for a holiday stocking stuffer or as a set with other peelers or small utensils.

julienne peeler on a cucumber

Amanda Kostro Miller

Amanda Kostro Miller – Smart Healthy Living

A great gift for someone who loves to cook should match their cooking or baking style. For example, if someone likes to do a lot of Asian cuisine, then consider gifting them a wok.

If someone is an aspiring baker, maybe the gift of a beautiful KitchenAid mixer would take their baking to the next level.

The most thoughtful gifts for a cook is one that they will use and one that will up the ante of their cooking game.

kitchenaid mixer

Brianne Bell

Brianne Bell – Frugal Minimalist Kitchen

As a minimalist dietitian and foodie myself, I think consumables are the best kind of gift for people who love to cook. Usually people who love to cook already have the kitchen tools they want or need.

I often give a gourmet flavored oil, some high-end spices, a salt rock, or something similar to my foodie friends. I wrap it in a cute new dish towel in furoshiki style and hand-write a recipe using the ingredients I’ve included.

People who like to cook are all about the senses so presenting it in a unique way adds to the overall gift experience. Overall, these kinds of gifts are something a bit unique but also functional that won’t clutter the kitchen with random gadgets that rarely get used and end up shoved at the back of the drawer.

Sandi Haustein

Sandi Haustein – The Welcoming Table

A charcuterie board is the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook.

Charcuterie and themed appetizer boards are all the rage, and for good reason — they’re fun to make, customizable for each guest, and festive.

A good board, whether it’s wooden, slate, or marble is essential to make these beautiful platters.

Jerusha Holder

Jerusha Holder – Healthy Lifebites

Someone that likes to cook probably already has a great chef’s knife, but they may not have a great knife sharpener. Since wet stones are a pain to use, I would suggest this sharpener as a great gift:

Chef’sChoice Pronto Manual Diamond Hone Asian Knife Sharpener

It’s approved by Cook’s Illustrated as their top choice for a manual knife sharpener.

Chiara Gianelli

Chiara Gianelli – A Matter of Nourishment

What would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook? Create for them a set of reusable good quality items and pair their passion for food with sustainable choices for the love of the planet!

A non-stick silicone baking mat is definitely a must-have: you can choose a plain one or a mat specifically created for macarons or cookies.

I would also include a few beeswax wraps: they are a reusable alternative to cling film, easy to use and to keep clean; these wraps are made of cotton and beeswax (but it’s easy to find vegan-friendly versions, too) and you can get them in different sizes and colors.

Reusable food storage bags are another great addition: there are so many options to choose from but silicone, cotton, and linen are the most common materials; think about your friend’s habits and decide if freezer-friendly bags are the best option or if it’s better choosing containers for loose products like beans, rice, and nuts.

Last, but not for importance, a pretty tote for the weekly farmers’ market round-up is a must-have!

silicone baking mat

Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez – Diverse by Michelle Sanchez

The perfect kitchen gift for someone that loves to cook would have to be a mortar and pestle. Grinding herbs and spices, making marinades, crushing garlic.

The possibilities are endless to get those creative cooking juices flowing. A good quality mortar and pestle is a staple in any cook’s kitchen.

When choosing a mortar and pestle, I would go for quality granite, but keep in mind, the heavier it is, the harder it is to clean. A mid-sized one would work well for most recipes.

For making Lebanese garlic paste (toum), a wooden mortar and pestle might be best as granite can stain white garlic. They’re light and easy to clean, but need replacing from time to time.

mortar and pestle

Renata Trebing

Renata Trebing – Nourish with Renata

For your article on kitchen tools for people that love to cook, here are my top three gift ideas:

1. A thick Butcher’s Block Cutting Board

Nothing says pro in the kitchen, like an awesome thick butchers block cutting board! Durable, sturdy and beautiful, this cutting board is as much a kitchen staple as it is a functional piece of decor.

butcher's cutting board
2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a must-have for foodies, but the price tag often deters them. That is why this is the perfect gift from a few good friends!

Also, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer has so many attachments, such as a pasta maker or a spiralizer, which expands the functionality of it too.

KitchenAid Stand Mixers come in so many color s and designs, so you are bound to find one that will go with any kitchen aesthetic.

kitchenaid mixer
3. An engraved chef’s knife

A cook’s best friend is their trusty chefs knife. So why not take it to the next level and have it engraved? It is the ultimate way to personalize the gift, and also put a professional stamp of approval on a cook’s most used and most loved tool.

wusthof kitchen knives

My perfect gift for someone who loves to cook is a CocoJack coconut opener.

Usually, when someone loves to cook, they have all the tools they need in the kitchen. But more often than not, they don’t even know about the coconut opener that actually opens them up to more recipes!

You see, when you open your own coconuts, you can make so many fun things like creams, yogurts, noodles, ceviche, desserts, and so many other things.

Yasmin Purnell

Yasmin Purnell – By The Forkful

I would definitely recommend a cast iron skillet as the perfect kitchen gift for someone that loves to cook.

A cast-iron skillet is so versatile – you can use it over the hob and transfer it to the oven for a huge variety of dishes, it’s super easy to keep clean, and if cared for properly, will last for years.

What better gift than something that someone can use every single day and treasure for years? I’ve actually gifted cast iron skillets to several of my foodie friends, and although it seems like a weird gift to unwrap, they’ve always treasured their skillets!

Joel Flynn – Gentleman Zone

1. A Kitchen Multi-Tool

A true gentleman is one that knows how to cook but elegant cooking happens with the right set of tools. Although the number of gadgets to make one life’s easier is countless, here are some of our favorites:

Gentlemen’s hardware kitchen multi-tool

This is a gift to impress. If you want to melt a man’s heart, a handy and elegant multi-tool to help with most tasks in the kitchen.

This 12 in 1 tool is sure to please any gentleman’s taste. It’s a truly brilliant idea to compliment a birthday, Father’s Day, or any other occasion.

multi kitchen tool
2. An Automatic fish skinner.

Most people love well-made food with fish but when it comes to preparation, skinning it can be a nightmare.

That’s why I recommend this elegant and simple to use tool to ease the life of any cook.

cook skinning a fish
3. Herb scissors with multiple blades

Any passionate cook preps herb him/herself but do you know how much time and effort that might take?

That’s why multi-blade scissors can win the heart of any true cooking lover.

cutting herbs with a multiple blade scissor
4. A universal colander or strainer.

Personally, I love boiling and steam anything from vegetables to pasta, meat, and having a one-size-fits-all strainer is a commodity

I’d recommend to anybody! Most of the products out there are made of plastic but if you search persistent-enough, you could find one from metal or wood.

pot strainer

Jodie Morgan

Jodie Morgan – Two Lucky Spoons

The best gift for anyone who loves to cook really depends on WHAT they like to cook.

A safe bet will always be a really nice chef’s knife (I’m a Wusthof fan!) or a big Lodge cast iron skillet.

If they’ve already got those, any specialty tool they wouldn’t normally buy themselves- such as a pasta maker, tortilla press, or immersion blender- is a great gift!

wusthof kitchen knives

Rachel Fiske

Rachel Fiske – Smart Healthy Living

As a Nutritionist and busy mom, the instant pot has been a total lifesaver.

If you can swing the price tag (or go in on it as a gift with others), this all-in-one kitchen tool can make healthy, creative and satisfying meals for those that are pressed for time worlds easier!

The instant pot works as a slow cooker (great for stews and soups among other things), a pressure cooker, rice cooker, a yogurt maker and much more. Really, the options are endless.

If this high price item is a bit out of your range, I also love gifting things that are both beautiful and not something someone might splurge on themselves, and simultaneously useful.

For example, a carved wooden salad bowl with matching tossers or an adorable bamboo salt container. Other super helpful gadgets to have on hand are a spiralizer to make healthy, grain-free pasta out of zucchini or sweet potato and a cast iron skillet to really get the most taste out of your cooking.

instant pot

Betsy Wallace

Betsy Wallace – Dinner Sisters Media Group

Sure, you can get the cook in your life a multicooker or the latest gadget on the market. The problem is, trends come and go and the cook is left with an appliance that is cluttering the kitchen.

Instead, make a present of something that will be used on a daily basis. For me, it would be stoneware baking dishes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. I own several of these dishes yet would love a few more.

Right now a favorite is a gorgeous purple one quart gratin dish from Le Creuset, perfect for roasting a few peak apricots in the middle of summer.

My off-white Lodge baker gets used all the time for roast chicken and goes from oven to table like a dream. Wishful browsing is leading me to a covered baker from Staub for a crunchy topped macaroni and cheese.

I pull out stoneware nearly on a daily basis.

No matter the brand you choose to buy for your lucky friend, these dishes are beautiful, last forever, and are absolute workhorses in the kitchen.

From brownies to a spatchcocked chicken, they can do it all. They’re not gadgets; they’re pieces that will be used for a lifetime.

Harshad Sawant

Harshad Sawant – Sprout Monk

If you are looking to gift someone who loves to cook, I’d suggest a mandoline slicer. I believe it’s the most effective kitchen tool for a cooking enthusiast.

Here’s why:

With this tool, you can easily slice the veggies, as well as fruits like the professional chefs, do.

And you get the perfect results each time without using a knife.

Some of these slicers also come with different functionalities, which allow you to chop veggies into different shapes and sizes. It includes juliennes, dices, slices, etc.

Also, it saves a lot of time, which can be used to perform other important tasks in the kitchen.

As far as cleaning is concerned, it doesn’t require much time. You just need to wash it like any other kitchen tool.

Overall, it’s a must-have tool for anyone who’s interested in cooking.

And I highly recommend it.

mandoline slicer

Chelsea Cole

Chelsea Cole – A Duck’s Oven

Get the cook in your life an immersion circulator for sous vide cooking!

Sous vide is just starting to take off and is quickly becoming the next Instant Pot. It makes cooking finicky foods, like steak, creme brulee, and hollandaise a breeze thanks to precision cooking technology.

Instead of searing a steak and crossing your fingers you don’t over or undercook it, you can set the immersion circulator to bring a water bath up to the exact internal temperature you want your steak to have.

Vacuum seal, slip it into the water bath, and let it sit for 1-4 hours – whenever you get around to taking it out – and it will be perfectly cooked.

Best of all, they’re super easy to use and small, so it won’t be another massive gadget taking up space in the kitchen.

I used mine to make the best Thanksgiving turkey we’ve ever had last year, and even used it to make the mashed potatoes!

immersion circulator for sous vide cooking

Leigh Ann Chatagnier

Leigh Ann Chatagnier – My Diary of Us

For the cooks in my life, my favorite gift to give is an immersion blender! It’s one of my top five kitchen tools that can be used to purée soups, make mayonnaise, jams, froth coffee, and so much more!

It has so many possibilities and I use it regularly when preparing meals in my house!

An immersion blender is so easy to take out and use whenever you need it and makes the cleanup in the kitchen so much easier due to the fact that you don’t have to dirty another pot or pan! It has the same possibilities as a food processor, but is so much more convenient to have on hand!

When looking for the perfect gift for any cook in your life, I would highly recommend getting them an immersion blender! It is the gift that keeps on giving!

promix immersion blender

Stephanie Stiavetti

Stephanie Stiavetti – Fearless Fresh

99% of kitchen tools people buy are unnecessary and take up space, which makes it a lot harder to stay organized in your kitchen.

At the top of my short “must-have” list of kitchen tools is an immersion blender, AKA a stick blender.

This crazy little tool works magic in surprising places: it makes the silkiest beaten eggs, gets rid of every lump in a sad sauce, and even emulsifies mayonnaise and vinaigrette.

You can get a simple immersion blender for only $25 and it will last you for decades, though more expensive models have stronger motors that can do harder work. Some of the pricier models even come with fun little attachments, though for the most part, you can live without them.

(They just add more clutter to your kitchen!)

Seriously, this one tool was a game-changer in my kitchen — it changed the way I cook forever and made many cooking tasks easier, faster, and more effective.

What kitchen item/tool would make the perfect gift for someone that loves to cook?

1. The KitchenAid Stand Mixer

If money is no object, I would give a KitchenAid mixer, with a box of accessories. This is one kitchen tool I find indispensable.

You can certainly make recipes without this appliance, but it makes life so much easier. Whether making cakes, mashed potatoes, bread, whipping cream or egg whites, grinding meat, or making pasta, to name just a few things, you can’t go wrong with this mixer.

kitchenaid mixer
2. A Mandoline Slicer
If on a budget, I would give a mandolin slicer. This tool is one that again I feel is very useful, and one that you can get used to very easily.

When making scalloped potatoes, cutting uniformly, julienning vegetables, cutting French fries, slicing cheeses, and fruit, this is the tool for you.

mandoline slicer
3. A Garlic Peeler

As a small gift, I would give a garlic peeler, a rubber roll that peels garlic when pressed and rolled, I would add to it a gadget that has claws that are used to remove the sepals from tomatoes.

I use this tool so much! I would also include since it’s nice to do things in threes especially with food, a lemon reamer, which can be very useful for a quick juicing, and if you don’t need a ton of juice.

peeling a garlic

Hailey McKenna

Hailey McKenna – Cooking and Cussing

Some of my favorite tools from the list that can make life easier in the kitchen are:

1.  Food Processor

A food processor is an absolute must for a home cook. I have two different sizes listed on the page, an 11-Cup and a 4-Cup. I have both sizes in my kitchen and use them for different jobs, but if you’re tight on space or budget, a 4-Cup Food Processor is a great place to start. The 11-Cup comes with some useful attachments and is definitely a worthwhile investment. I love the cheese grating attachment personally.

I love Cuisinart for food processors. I’ve had my Cuisinart 11-Cup Food Processor for over a decade, and it’s still going strong!

2. Digital Thermometer

Take all the guesswork out of frying, grilling, baking and more with a digital thermometer.

Cooking steaks perfectly is a breeze when you can quickly check the internal temperature. Afraid you’re going to make grandma sick with the Thanksgiving Turkey? Fear no more! Your digital thermometer will give you all the confidence you need.

digital thermometer
3. Quality Chef’s Knife

A good quality knife is a kitchen-must-have, but more than that, you must have a knife that feels right in your hand.

For me, a 5.5-inch chef’s knife is the perfect fit. It’s big enough to handle any job, but not so big that it’s a danger during more delicate work. We use Shun knives at our house. They are gorgeous, lightweight and easy to use.

wusthof kitchen knives
4. Ground Meat Chopper

This utensil may seem niche, but I absolutely love how easy breaking up ground meat while cooking becomes with the use of this ground meat chopper.

I’m not much for single-purpose utensils typically, but I use this handy tool often.

ground meat chopper
5. Bench Scraper

If you love to bake or make dough from scratch, you really must have a stainless steel bench scraper. You can use it to cut nice straight lines or gently move dough around without losing its shape.

This tool is also super useful for moving large amounts of diced produce from the cutting board to its final destination.

6. Mandolin Slicer

There are lots of different mandolin slicers on the market, but I find a simple model gets the job done. If you’re trying to thinly and evenly slice, a mandolin slicer is all you need. Be sure to always use the handguard that comes with it to protect your fingers.

mandoline slicer


There’s something so exciting about finding the ideal gift for someone you care about. Anticipating their excitement and knowing they will enjoy using their gift for years to come is more fun than receiving!

Hopefully, you have found some great gift ideas for the loved ones in your life who love to cook!

Please comment below if you have ever given or received an amazing kitchen tool or gadget, or bought something you couldn’t imagine not having.

Be sure to share this article with your family and friends so they can find great gift ideas as well! You may even subtly give them a heads up on gift ideas for yourself!

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