36 Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

You have to satisfy two people at once. It’s crazy. Maybe some of these gift ideas for couples can help!

36 Gifts for a Couple They’re Sure To Love

adult coloring book

For Newlyweds: Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

If your friends have just walked down the aisle, this coloring book can serve as a funny and relatable testament to married life. They’ll laugh as they shade in “thermostat wars,” a picture of man and wife in full battle armor.

They’ll grit their teeth as they add pretty pink swirls to “I don’t care where we eat as long as it’s not at any of the 12 places you just named.” The funniest gifts are the ones that ring true!


For the Couple That’s Grossly In Love: Say I Love You Couples Pillowcases

Do they make you sick with their PDA? Are they constantly finding new ways to flirt, giggle, coo, cuddle and proclaim their love to the world? Fling this present at them and run away. It’s a two-piece pillowcase set with little cartoon characters who are blushing and sending hearts to each other through a tin can and a string.

Normal people would find it revolting, but people in love aren’t normal, so they’ll probably think that it’s the cutest thing ever. Ugh, couples.

game for couples

To Get a Little Frisky: Dare Duel – A Romantic Game for Couples

There’s no shortage of fun, sexy games for couples, but most of them get repetitive after while. Dare Duel is one of the few with near-infinite combinations that can be used for date nights over and over again.

Players draw cards with different words and phrases to create dares, and they can implement various strategies to determine who has to perform them. It’s a great gift for couples who aren’t afraid to try new things or viciously duke it out in winner-take-all showdowns.

two person sweater

Double Trouble: Two Person Ugly Christmas Sweater

Perfect for the couple with a sense of humor, this two-person pullover will be a delight at holiday parties everywhere. It’s so ridiculous that everyone will want to take a picture with it, and it’s pretty romantic, too: Couples will have to get nice and close to coordinate themselves through the sleeves and neck openings, and once inside, they’ll need to hold hands or put an arm around each other to rest comfortably.

It’s a warm, cuddly present with just enough silliness to bring some real holiday joy.

bucket list planner

For Adventurous Souls: “F*ck It, Let’s Do This” 100-Challenge Bucket List and Planner

There’s nothing like a gift that says “f*ck it” right there on the cover. This planner is a little different from your usual journals and calendars; it’s meant specifically for people who are ready to dream big, drive hard and live life to the fullest.

It offers everything from motivational prompts to indexed, organized pages where you can plan out your bucket list items in detail. It even comes with star ratings so that couples can prioritize their ideas based on who’s the most interested in what! If you know a duo that loves to daydream, help them say “f*ck it” and turn their visions into reality.


For Dates in the Park: Picnic Backpack for 4

This backpack comes with everything that your favorite couple will need for a romantic picnic. It has plates, napkins, forks, spoons, salt shakers, plastic wine goblets and a full-size cutting board, and everything is neatly arranged inside of a cloth backpack with special compartments.

There’s even a rolled-up picnic blanket strapped to the side! Other features include a waterproof pouch for ice and an insulated bottle holder for wine, beer or other beverages. Your gift recipients can head to the park as soon as they unwrap this, and since it’s designed to accommodate four people, they can take the kids as well.

keepsake casting kit

To Immortalize Moments and Memories: Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

If you have sentimental friends, they might cry as soon as they unwrap this keepsake casting kit. It creates realistic, one-of-a-kind molds with nothing more than powder and water! They can hold hands, grip crosses or preserve their baby’s hands and feet.

It’s gentle and safe for all ages, and it takes only minutes for the clay to stick. When it’s dry, they’ll have such inquisitively detailed molds that they’ll be able to see every tiny ridge and scar on their loved one’s fingers.


For Your Favorite Foodie Friends: One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook

Designed to reduce prep time and dirty dishes, One Pan, Two Plates is a cookbook that’s designed specifically for duos. Its recipes are quick, easy and already calculated for two servings, and it will teach readers to make everything from old-fashioned stews to trendy three-cheese macaroni bowls with crispy prosciutto.

Your foodie friends will enjoy the new dishes, and your busy friends will appreciate that you’ve given them a useful cookbook instead of another doorstopper.

body gift basket

For Friends Who Stink: Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women and Men

A lot of spa products are marketed towards a specific gender; women get the fruity fragrances while men get the buff, tough products with names like “roaring ocean wave” and “grizzly bear butt smoke.” However, this bath and body gift basket doesn’t play favorites.

It comes with scrubs, sprays, lotions, oils and bubble baths that can be enjoyed by men and women, and since it has a neutrally pleasant almond scent, it won’t hurt anyone’s manly image.

beer wine glass set

Get Tipsy: King Beer and Queen Wine Glass Set

Fit for royalty, this glassware set will allow its owners to drink in style. It comes with a 16 ounce beer mug and a 12.5 ounce wine glass, and both are printed with crowns and official titles to declare their luxury.

They even come nestled in a black box with a white satin insert to make them extra fancy. As a cross between a gag gift and a serious attempt at extravagance, this glass set will definitely be one of the more unique presents under the tree.

eyeglass holders

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose: Gramps and Granny Eyeglass Holders

If you have four-eyed friends, these eyeglass holders are funny but practical gifts for everyday life. They’re a matching set of senior citizens, so they’re sure to get a laugh as they’re unveiled, but they’re also functional eyeglass holders that can be used for their intended purpose.

They’re made of tough, durable ceramic that won’t crack with repeated handling, and they’re small enough to perch on any dresser or bedside table. They’re something that you can give parents, grandparents, retired couples or even young people who you want to freak out with the implication that they’re getting old.

aprons set

BBQ and ILU: “Together We Are Complete” Aprons Set

This two-person apron set says “together we are complete.” It’s just that one apron is printed with “toge we comp” while the other declares “ther are lete.” They only work when they’re together, which is also a sentiment that can apply to certain couples! If you’re friends with any chefs, they’re sure to appreciate this punny, culinary humor.

As a bonus, since the aprons are completely unisex, they can be given to people of any gender or sexuality.

tree picture frame

To Show Off the Kids: Metal Family Tree Picture Frame

For a sweet, sentimental gift, consider this picture frame that turns “family tree” into a literal concept. It’s a metal decoration shaped like a redwood that has leaves and branches ending in six different picture frames.

If your recipients want to mount it on the wall, they can hang it up as-is, or there’s an attachable stand if they want to prop it up on shelves or mantles. Either way, it’s a nice little gift for family-oriented folk who like to celebrate their brood.

They can even buy extra branches if they want to add to the tree at a later date!

couple shirts

For Husbands Who Know Their Place: “The Boss” and “The Real Boss” Matching Couple Shirts

Make your friends crack up this Christmas with a matching pair of t-shirts that say “the boss” and “the REAL boss.” The second one, of course, is for the wife. Your friends will be able to show off their relationship even as they poke fun at themselves and the real power on the throne.

As a bonus, the shirts are soft, stretchy and machine washable, so the real boss won’t have to do any dry cleaning when it’s laundry time!

fondue mugs

To Dip and Dribble: Two-Pack Personal Fondue Mugs

Fondue makers can be an iffy present if your friends don’t have a lot of time to cook, but these miniature fondue mugs are much more convenient. They’re regular mugs with a hollow bottom where a tea light is placed, and the slow, gentle warmth of them will melt whatever chocolates or cheeses are placed inside.

Your friends can cuddle on the couch together as they watch movies and wait for their fondue to melt. They’ll be able to enjoy veggies, crackers, fruits, breads and anything else that can be improved with a little dip.


Mark a Milestone: Congratulations On Not Killing Each Other Novelty Notebook

Perfect for holidays, anniversaries and other yearly occasions, this “congratulations on not killing each other” notebook can be given to your BFFs as a testament to their survival as a couple. He might not wash the wishes; she might not clean the hair out of the shower drain.

At the end of the day, however, they’re committed to each other, and that’s something worth celebrating. Gift them a notebook that they can use in their daily lives together.

awkward family photos

The Best Kind of Schadenfreude: Awkward Family Photos

They’ll laugh. They’ll cringe. Awkward Family Photos is a collection of the weirdest portraits and polaroids that the world has ever seen, so it’s perfect for couples who like to be in front of the camera.

If they’re trendy millennials, they can laugh at some of the retro stagings of the pre-selfie generation. If they’re old fuddy-duddies, they can heed the warnings of how not to pose the kids for their next holiday card.

Either way, they’ll get a kick out of this book.


For Your Very Best Friends: Whiskey River Soap Company Candles

If you show your love for your friends by relentlessly mocking them, these candles are for you. They’re a special line from the Whiskey River Soap Company, and they don’t pull any punches:

– A candle for grammar police: smells like your annoying.

– A candle for introverts: because seriously, no one is coming over anyway, right?
– A candle for fake news: smells like drinking the Kool-aid.

You can pick and choose which candles are best suited for your buddies.

There are ones for workaholics, drama queens, book club members and people suffering from writer’s block. Make it count!


To Create an Heirloom: A Lifetime of Memories Journal

Are you shopping for an older couple? Unless you have a very raunchy grandma, you’ll probably want to stay away from X-rated gifts. Why don’t you give them something sentimental instead? This “lifetime of memories” journal offers writing prompts based on things like favorite memories, important life lessons and other messages that a person might want to pass on to the next generation.

It’ll be a walk down memory lane for the older members of your family, and when they’re done, they can return the journal to you as a heirloom.

card game

To Inspire Closeness: Our Moments Conversation Card Game for Couples

“What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?” “Who was the last person to disappoint you?” “What’s one time lately that I’ve made you feel great about yourself?” This conversational card game is unlike other, more salacious games that only want to talk about dirty thoughts or embarrassing moments.

It asks thought-provoking questions that can really get a discussion going, so it’s perfect for both newlyweds who want to discover more about each other and old-timers who want to spark fresh feelings of love and intimacy.

It’s truly a gift that will keep on giving.

coffee mug

For Long-Awaited Engagements: F**king Finally Coffee Mug

If your friends have been putting off their engagement like they’re Jim and Pam from The Office, this coffee mug can be used to commemorate the day when they finally pop the question. “F**king finally” is written in curly script like a wedding invitation while an engagement ring glitters brightly in the middle.

The design is lasered on, so it won’t peel like a sticker or cheap paint job, and the mug is safe for both dishwashers and microwaves. All in all, it’s a fun little gift to show your friends that you’re happy for them.

.. even if it took them forever to get their act together.

tabletop game

Because You’re Never Too Old: Skee-Ball: Tabletop Classic Arcade Game

When they can’t get out for date night, bring date night to them. This tabletop skeeball game is just like one from an arcade, but it’s a portable, foldable version that can be set up anywhere at home or even outdoors.

It’s perfect for parents without a babysitter or adult couples who might feel a little awkward about crashing a Chuck-E-Cheese. With their own skeeball game, they can shoot for a 50-pointer right at home, and they might even recapture some childhood magic while they’re at it.

It’s a gift for both the young and the young at heart.

chocolate gift set

Satisfy a Sweet Tooth: Gourmet Village “His and Her” Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Chocoholics will love this one. It’s a gourmet hot chocolate set that comes with mugs, bamboo spoons and an entire bottle of mini-marshmallows. There are also eight different cocoa packs with flavors that include peppermint and double truffle.

Last but not least, the mugs are decorated with “his and hers” designs: a mustache for him and a lipstick smear for her. It’s everything that a couple might need for a sweet treat on a chilly night, so it’s an excellent gift for two.


The Perfect Family Portrait: Matching Pajamas for Couples and Dogs

Cozy and comfortable, these pajamas are perfect for a lazy night playing games or binging Stranger Things. They’re made with a soft polyester fleece in a plaid pattern. They’re gender neutral, so couples of all types can enjoy them, and their sizes range from XS to XXXL for wearers of all body shapes.

There’s even a matching plaid jacket for the dog! The entire family can relax in front of the fire as they enjoy a feeling of togetherness and maybe snap a selfie or two.


A Gift for Hunters: Buck and Doe Matching Couple Crew Socks

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter will love these patterned socks. One pair is decorated with an antlered buck, and the other has a sweet doe. The male socks are bigger than the female socks to compensate for larger feet.

They’re even made with a thick, cushy material that will fit nicely inside of hunting boots! If you know a couple who would appreciate having warm toes while they’re crunching through the leaves and tracking big game, give them these deer socks.

They’ll celebrate both a hobby and a committed relationship.


Arts and Krafts: Mac and Cheese Key Chain Gift

If you’re looking for a simple, low-key gift, consider these key chains. One says “the mac” and the other says “the cheese,” so they’re great for friends, siblings, couples and co-workers. They can be stuffed into stockings or given as a party favor at weddings or anniversary parties.

They’ll suit all kinds of people and all kinds of occasions, and they’re also made of stainless steel, so they’re built to last. This mac and cheese won’t spoil for a long time.

bucket list poster

A Lifetime of Adventure: 100 Things to Do Bucket List Scratch Poster

This is another bucket list item for fun-loving couples, but it comes with the added challenge of having pre-determined activities that they’ll need to complete if they want to scratch off all 100 squares.

Some of them are simple things like “ride a zipline,” “go strawberry picking” or “learn a magic trick.” Others will require a bit more planning to “swim in a waterfall” or “be a member of a TV audience.

” If you’re looking for long-term gifts, this poster should keep them occupied for years to come, and they’ll never forget who gave it to them.

duvet cover

For the Queen: His and Her Black and White Duvet Cover

You might want to save this one for close friends rather than casual acquaintances, but if they wouldn’t be offended by a present for the bedroom, consider this duvet cover. It’s comically designed so that the “her” side takes up a good 80 percent of the bed while the “his” side is almost forgotten.

It includes a cover and two pillowcases that match the theme. If you’ve ever heard your dad complaining about your mom hogging all of the covers, you can validate him with this funny and unique bedspread.

popcorn machine

A Healthier Movie Night: PopLite Hot Air Popper

Popcorn is essential for movie nights, but by the time that they’ve finished the entire director’s cut of The Lord of the Rings, they might be regretting all of those calories. One potential solution is a hot air popper.

It doesn’t use oil, so it can cut the fat of a popcorn serving by as much as 40 percent, and it also allows the user to control their own salt and butter amounts. They can really cut back on the unhealthiness of microwave popcorn without having to sacrifice a good crunch whenever Aragon kills an orc.


For Fitness Freaks: 2-Pack Stainless Steel Tumblers

There’s nothing inherently romantic about this gift, but if you know a couple who prides themselves on being fit, something practical might be better than something schmoozy. This is a double pack of tumblers that can be taken to any park, gym, trail or triathlon.

They have double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation to maintain the temperatures of their beverages, and they come with extra accessories like lids and detachable handles for maximum convenience. One is black and one is pink, so they’re wordlessly his-and-hers.

They’ll be a fine present for your more active friends.

family photo kit

A Gift for Parents: Family Photo and Family Hand/Footprints Kit

Do you know a couple who is always bursting with pride at the accomplishments of their children? This hand and footprint kit will bring out the tears. It comes with paper, paint and a picture frame, so everything that they need is right in the box, and the paint is non-toxic and safe for even the smallest of fingers and toes.

It’ll be a great way for their family to immortalize the holiday season together. You’ll definitely win the gift war this year.

board game

A Twist on the Usual Game Night: Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment

Board games are always a hit with couples, but what if they’re tired of endless variations of Monopoly? Give them something fresh and exciting with Escape Room in a Box. Not only will it keep them on their toes with its one-hour time limit, but it’s also a cooperative game where they’ll play with each other instead of against each other.

They can even rope the kids into the fun since it’s appropriate for ages 13 and up. The whole family can flee from the werewolf, and as we all know, that’s a great bonding experience.

calendar board

A New Kind of Calendar: Family Calendar Board

Another great gift for families, this calendar board can be used to track birthdays, graduations, weddings and other special events. It comes with little wooden plaques in the shape of circles and hearts, and parents can write any sort of reminder on them.

Each plaque goes under a specific month. They can be flipped over and reused for an additional year, or you can order or make more indefinitely. If you want to give a thoughtful gift to someone with a busy household, this is it!

countdown calendar

Tick Tock: Wooden Block Wedding Day Countdown Calendar

Have your friends recently announced an engagement? A countdown is always fun, and this rustic, country-style wooden countdown is stylish as well as functional. It isn’t digital at all, so it doesn’t require any batteries or power outlets.

Your friends just have to flip the wooden blocks to display the appropriate numbers. It says “____ days until Mr and Mrs,” and you can customize that part to include their last name as well. When they’re done counting down the days until their wedding, maybe they can reset it for their first baby!

Mr & Mrs apron novelty gift

For Date Night: DELUXY Mr. & Mrs. Aprons For Happy Couple

Looking for the perfect gift set for couples to bond? DELUXY has you covered!
You know what they say; “Couples That Cook Together, Stay Together”. These Mr. & Mrs aprons bundle are the perfect gift for couples to bond!

It’s a clever and gift-able bridal shower or wedding present that’s ready to give! No gift-wrapping needed. Included inside the package there is a carefully crafted 50+ Romantic Recipe Book that sets the mood for a romantic evening, a pair of Mr & Mrs oven mitts, a pot holder and a best wishes card.

This unique and memorable set will be sure to impress for years after their special day has passed!


An Alternative to Killing a Snorer: I’m Not Listening Earplugs

If you know someone who is maybe two nights away from smothering their spouse with a pillow, keep them out of jail by giving them these earplugs. They’re made of soft memory foam that will expand in the ear canal and block out all sound, so snores, snuffles, coughs and late-night TV binges will cease to be a problem.

The plugs also come in a printed “I’m not listening” tin, so they’ll be an amusing stocking stuffer.

helpers robes set

For Fans of the Classics: Romance Helpers His and Hers Robes Set

Last but not least, you aren’t really married until you have his-and-her bathrobes. If you know a couple that hasn’t indulged themselves yet, you can take matters into your own hands and gift them with a matching set.

The robes are made of a soft terry cotton that’s straight out of a spa, and they’re monogrammed with “his” and “her” on the left breast so that they’re always distinguishable from one another. They’ll be a delightfully luxurious gift for people that you want to spoil.

How to Choose Nice Presents for Couples

It’s hard enough to buy gifts for a single person, so what are you supposed to do when there’s another in the mix? What’s the secret to finding good gifts for a couple?

Here are just a few suggestions if you’re looking for presents fit for two.

Know Your Audience

Your best friends might laugh at a bawdy card game, but your parents will probably appreciate something tamer like a kitchen accessory. As with any gift, your goal should be to buy them something that they’ll actually enjoy. Don’t buy them something that only entertains you.

Consider the Occasion

A romantic gift is more appropriate for an anniversary than a holiday. On the flip side, an ugly his-and-her sweater set might be an amazing Christmas gift, but it’ll be a bizarre choice for a summer birthday.

Think about the occasion before you buy.

Be Careful With Gendered Gifts

This isn’t a concern if you’re shopping for a mister and missus, but if your friends have a different orientation, you’ll want their gifts to accurately reflect their relationship.

Look for gender-neutral or LGBT-friendly gifts.

Satisfy Both Recipients

You’re buying a gift for two people. This means that it should equally interest or benefit both of them. If only one person would enjoy it, save it for their birthday and find something else for your couple’s gift.

Whether you’re shopping for holiday presents or personalized wedding favors, these are just a few things to consider as you look for something to shop and wrap.

Studies have shown that good gifts can actually strengthen relationships, so you won’t want to cut corners. Put some thought into it, and find a gift that your recipients will love!

What do you think of these selection of cute gifts for a couple? Did we get them right? Is there anything that you’re interested in buying, or do you have better suggestions for shared presents? Let us know in the comments!

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