41 Cowboy Bebop Gifts for Your Space Cowboy

Love Cowboy Bebop? Know someone who does? Here is a list of the best Cowboy Bebop gifts for the anime junkie in your life.

Whether you love the anime for the storylines, characters, or space cowboy action, there’s something on this list for you or your loved one!

cowboy bebop the complete series

When Hulu Goes Down: The Complete Series on DVD

Even though it’s on streaming sites, Cowboy Bebop is worth having on DVD and Blu-Ray! It’s impossible to tell when sites will take shows off (or when the internet will be down), so this DVD and Blu-ray collector’s edition is sure to be a hit with your Cowboy Bebop fan!

face masks

When They’re Out and About: Bebop Face Masks

Facemasks are a necessity right now and might still be for a while. Since we have to wear masks, we might as well do it in style and represent Cowboy Bebop while we’re at it, so this set of two facemasks with two different Bebop designs is a practical gift.


For Comfy Binging Days: Cowboy Bebop Hoodie

Apparel is a great way to show appreciation for a show or fandom. While many people have way too many t-shirts, it’s my firm belief that you can never have enough hoodies! This hoodie is comfy and has several designs to choose from, so you can pick the one that your Bebop fan will love the most.

Ranging in sizes small to 2XL, this hoodie should fit those on your gift list.

car decal

For the Entire Family: Bebop Team Car Decal

For those with a family, (specifically, four family members and a dog, but any size works) this gift is perfect for a Bebop fan. Instead of family stick figures on the back of your car, why not silhouettes of the Bebop team? Spike and the gang would make a great addition to the back of your vehicle!

soundtrack on vinyl

For the Music Lover: The Original Soundtrack on Vinyl

What’s better than the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop? Nothing, except maybe the soundtrack on a vinyl record. The unique sound of vinyl pairs magnificently well with “See You, Space Cowboy” and other hits.

If you know someone who loves Cowboy Bebop and owns a record player, this is the perfect gift.

wall decor

To Cowboy up Their Room: Bebop Hanging Wall Decor

Cooler than any poster, this canvas-style wall decor looks like an unwound scroll of Cowboy Bebop goodness. It looks like artwork straight from the show, with a Japanese western flair to it. There are also options for every main character, not just Spike!

vinyl sticker collection

To Stick With Them: Bebop Vinyl Sticker Collection

Whether your loved one has a water bottle, guitar case, or computer covered in stickers, this gift will add to their collection and jazz up their accessories. It’s a great little collection of stickers that will appeal to any Bebop fan because it includes all the main characters and ships, as well as some quotes!

vinyl figures

For the Pop Vinyl Collector: Ed and Ein Vinyl Figures

We all know someone who collects Pop Vinyl – the adorable little square-headed icons from so many of our favorite shows. Well, it’s no surprise that Pop Vinyl sells Bebop characters. What is surprising is that the Ed Pop Vinyl comes with a little Ein figurine, which is just as adorable as the original and a great addition to any collection.

wall clock

To Keep Them From Being Late: Cowboy Bebop Wall Clock

Do you know someone who is perpetually late because of their love for Cowboy Bebop? Well, maybe not because of it, but you never know. If they need help keeping time, what better way to do it than a Spike wall clock? It’s cool and collected like Spike and tells time – what’s not to love?

macbook sticker

To Make Zoom Classes More Interesting: Spike MacBook Sticker

Spike can decorate your laptop as well as your wall and make all those zoom meetings and classes much more fun (although, alas, the other participants won’t be able to see it). When we’re all back to normal, your classmates and co-workers are sure to be impressed.

disk art

For the Unique Decorator: Painting Vinyl Disk Art

Do you know someone who loves Cowboy Bebop? We’re assuming the answer is yes since you’re reading this. Do they also love art? How about vinyl? If the answer to all three of these is a yes, then the perfect gift is this painting vinyl disk of the Bebop gang.

Wow them with this fantastic wall decoration!


To Represent the Fandom: Multi-Color Panel T-Shirt

Everyone needs a fandom tee, right? This t-shirt is just one of many options for Bebop fans, but one of the coolest shirts on Amazon. It has panels of bright color against a black background and depicts the main character.

wall clock

A Little Bit of Everything: Vinyl Record Light Up Wall Clock

There are clocks, night lights, vinyl records, and wall art on this list. Would you believe me if I told you that this gift combines all four of those things? It’s stylish, lights up, tells time, and it’s on a vinyl record! What more could you ask for, honestly?

vicious funko pop figure

For the Villain Lover: Vicious Funko Pop

Why don’t villains ever get any love? Another Funko Pop from Cowboy Bebop, Vicious celebrates the bad guy. Add it to your Funko Pop collection or keep it as a stand-alone vinyl figure. Either way, enjoy the bad with this gift.


For the Nostalgic: See You Space Boy Vinyl Sticker

“See you, space boy” might be the most iconic line from the entire show. It’s unforgettable and should be commemorated. This sticker is perfect for the job – it can fit on a laptop or a car. Give it to a fan and watch them get excited and feel more than a bit of nostalgia.

coffee mug

For the Coffee Drinker: Heat Changing Cowboy Bebop Mug

Everyone has a lot of mugs, but not everyone has a lot of heat-changing mugs. This Cowboy Bebop mug changes when you pour hot coffee (or tea or water) into it and changes back when it gets cold again! That’s some space technology for ya.


To Keep Away Cold Feet: Cowboy Bebop Team Socks

Everyone loves fun socks, and this set of five pairs of socks featuring (you guessed it) the five members of the Cowboy Bebop crew is no exception. Each pair is a different color and shows another character – pick your favorite or switch it up each day!

swordFish II model

To Liven Up Their Desk: SwordFish II Model

The Swordfish II is the iconic ship from Cowboy Bebop (and is the titular Bebop) and comes with a stand. It’s a rare model because it was only made for a few years, but it’s an excellent gift for any Cowboy Bebop fan!

plush toy

For Maximum Cuddles: Ein Plush Toy

Little kiddos and big kiddos alike love Ein and stuffed animals, and this toy is no exception, as it’s the cutest little space corgi and the cutest present on this list! He can save the day, no matter what the age or demographic of the recipient.


For the Beatles Fan: Abbey Road Bebop Tee

This tee is a mix of fandoms – it shows Spike, Fay, Ed, and Jet all walking across the iconic Abbey Road of Beatles fame. For the Bebop fan who likes to jam in more than one way, this shirt is a great buy.


To Keep Their Heads Warm: Bebop Beanie

The Bebop beanie is comfy and warm (and very fun to say). It’s essential to keep your head warm in winter, and you might as well do it stylishly. The Cowboy Bebop logo is on the side of the hat.

luggage tag

So Their Suitcase Doesn’t Get Lost in Space: Luggage Tag

Space cowboys travel, and so do their suitcases, so this luggage tag will help you keep track of luggage (and be able to tell apart from your bag from those belonging to others). It’s perfect for any traveler, space, or otherwise.

night light

To Keep Away the Dark: Spike Lazer Night Light

This is one of my favorite gifts on the list because it’s so awesome. It’s a laser night light that lights up a picture of Spike and his favorite weapon. For any fan of Cowboy Bebop who loves night lights, this is a great present.


He’ll Keep Track of Their Keys: Ein Keychain

Ein is a lot of people’s favorite character – he is cute, adorable, and so accommodating! Who doesn’t love a corgi who can steer a ship if he has to? If you know someone who loves Ein and always loses their keys, give them this adorable little keychain!

knee socks

To Go Under Their Space Cowboy Boots: Bebop Knee Socks

Again, everyone loves fun socks, right? As if regular-length socks weren’t good enough, here is a pair of Cowboy Bebop knee-high socks. Space cowboys and sock lovers alike will love these knee socks!

box game

For the Board Gamer: Cowboy Bebop Box Game

The ultimate fans of Cowboy Bebop won’t be able to get enough of the anime, as this Bebop-themed game is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to be a part of the universe. Even after the show is over, they can play with their family and friends!

faye card sleeves

For the Card Collector: Faye Card Sleeves

Does your Bebop-loving friend collect cards as well? These Faye-themed standard-sized card sleeves are the perfect gift for anyone with a penchant for card collecting and the characters in Cowboy Bebop.

plush ornament

For a Very Cowboy Christmas: Spike Plush Ornament

This tiny Spike plush with a fabric loop on top is the perfect addition to any Christmas tree, or bedroom, backpack, or any place. He’s cute and tiny – the ideal addition to a plush collection, which is also a very economical gift if you don’t want to break the bank.

red tail plastic model

For a Model Bebop Fan: Red Tail Plastic Model

Faye Valentine is one of the best parts of Cowboy Bebop. She’s an expert bounty hunter and flyer, and her ship, the Red Tail, is an essential part of her character and the show. This model is a great way to spruce up a desk or bookshelf and goes well with the Bebop model for true collectors!


To Hold Everything Together: Cowboy Bebop Ein Backpack

Not only is this a practical gift (everyone loves a good backpack), but it is also adorable (tiny Eins all over it!). The bag has the Cowboy Bebop logo on it as well, so it doesn’t just look like it’s covered in some random corgi.

You can keep your school books and laptop in it, or just all of your other Cowboy Bebop paraphernalia.

action figure

To Re-Enact Their Favorite Scenes: Spike Action Figure

People think that action figures are just for little boys to play with, but they are dead wrong. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your gender is; this figure is seriously cool. You can set him on your desk to keep you company at work or re-enact all the best scenes from Cowboy Bebop.

Alas, they don’t have all of the characters available, which would complete the set for sure.


For the Puzzler: 500 Piece Cowboy Bebop Puzzle

Puzzles – you either love them, or you hate them. If you love doing puzzles, then you can never get enough of them. Fandom puzzles are the most fun to put together since you can see your favorite characters coming to life in the pieces.

This 500-piece puzzle has a fun background and a picture of Spike – perfect for your puzzle-loving, Bebop watching friend!

plush doll

For the Faye-Natic: Faye Plush Doll

Love Faye, but can’t find enough merchandise for her? Let’s face it, Spike gets a lot of attention, but Faye is a fantastic character as well. Here’s your answer: this plush doll to go along with any other Faye memorabilia you might be able to find.

If your friend is a Faye-natic (yes, I came up with that one myself), then you’re in business with this doll.

baseball cap

To Wear to the Game: “Let’s Jam” Baseball Cap

3…2…1… let’s jam! It’s a great hat in general (faded blue denim hats are the best) and only made better by its Bebop decal and “let’s jam” lettering. Wearing this baseball cap tells the world that you’re ready to jam at any time, so protect yourself from the sun and show off your Cowboy Bebop merch at the same time!


To Complete the Outfit: Cowboy Bebop Sweatpants

We’ve had just about every item of clothing imaginable on this list, from facemasks to knee socks. Here’s the final part of a complete Cowboy Bebop outfit: sweatpants. There’s no better way to stay comfortable and warm while repping your favorite show than with a good pair of Cowboy Bebop sweatpants.

poster set

For the Total Fan: Manga and Anime Poster Set

To those who love both the show and the follow-up manga comics: these posters are for you. Instead of buying two different signs, this set comes with a tribute to the original anime and the manga volumes.

Impress your friend with a gift that acknowledges both sides of the Bebop fandom!

cowboy bebop manga

To Get Them To Read: Cowboy Bebop Manga

If your friend has seen and loves the show, they will love the manga comic books. These volumes continue the Bebop gang’s story and introduce you to more characters and adventures along the way. They’re a great accompaniment to the show.

While this is only the first volume, both books are easy to find online.

jewelry box

To Show Their Commitment: Cowboy Bebop Jewelry Box

Put a ring on it (or, more accurately, in it)! This jewelry box can hold all of your essential jewelry and has a great Bebop-themed cover. The compartment also zips closed for extra security and fits nicely inside most purses so that you can use it on the go.

It’s a stylish and valuable gift to express commitment to the show.

phone case and pop socket

For Their Phone: Space Cowboy Phone Case and Pop Socket

The worst part about decorative phone cases is when a pop socket covers the design. That’s why this set is so great – if you place the pop socket just right, you can line up the paintings so you’ll be able to see the entire silhouette of Spike and not cut any of it off.

Protect your phone in style!

collectible pin

For the Pup Lover: Ein Collectible Pin

If you love Ein, you will love this collectible pin. It shows him scratching his ear and can be put on backpacks, clothing, or used as part of a pin collection. This is also one of the least expensive gifts on the list – a bonus if you don’t have a lot of cash to spare!

posters set

For Complete Decor: Set of Four Posters

If you still haven’t decided what to get your Bebop superfan, you can’t go wrong with this set of four posters. If they don’t like one of them, they’re sure to like another (but honestly, all four of them together make a great set).

Together or on separate walls, these designs will complete the decor of any room.

What Is Cowboy Bebop?

Cowboy Bebop is a hugely popular Japanese anime show that features bounty hunters and space cowboys going on adventures and thinking about their feelings in a spaceship named “Bebop.” For any anime, science fiction, or noir nerd, this is the perfect show. Merchandise from Cowboy Bebop would make a fantastic gift.

Set in space in 2071, Cowboy Bebop follows the Bebop crew’s five members (Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed, and the super-puppy Ein) as they chase criminals to bring them in for money. Known as “cowboys,” these bounty hunters work independently and grow together as a crew throughout the series.

The show centers around the five main characters and their growing friendships with each other as they try to navigate space and their own emotions. It’s a fun and adventurous romp through space that gives you surprisingly deep emotional ties to the characters and a desire for more of their adventures.

Of course, Bebop fans are all anxious to see if the new live-action series set to release on Netflix this year is going to be any good. Originally supposed to release in 2020, it was delayed due to the pandemic and announced to officially come out in the summer of 2021. Cowboy Bebop fans are equally excited and nervous to see what Netflix does with their beloved show.

Cowboy Bebop was one of the most influential Japanese anime shows and came to define the genre, especially in the United States. The show garnered a massive following in America and opened the door for many other anime shows to become more popular. It’s a genuine anime classic–a show that makes you laugh, cry, and think.

Final Thoughts

Whichever of these gifts you choose, your favorite Cowboy Bebop fan will be even more excited about their beloved show. Comment below which gift you’re getting and how the space cowboy in your life reacts when they open it! Good luck gifting, and see you, space cowboy!

cowboy bebop gifts


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