41 Creepy Gifts (to Live Like It’s Halloween All Year)

Their cauldron is bubbling over. Their doll has started giggling even though it doesn’t have a voice box.

If you’re looking for creepy gifts for a creepy occasion, here are just a few suggestions for raising the hair on their arms!

41 Creepy Gift Ideas

occult tattoo wall art pack

To Complement a Twisted Sense of Style: Six-Pack Occult Tattoo Wall Art

Designed with the shapes and swirls of gothic tattoos, these prints will look stunning in the home of someone who can appreciate a higher form of art. There are six in total, and they depict cats, stars, planets, crystal balls and third eyes opening up to the universe.

They’re just off-kilter enough to be disquieting, but that’s the mark of a good and creepy gift.

ceramic glaze blackflow incense

To Cover the Smell of Bodies in the Basement: Ceramic Glaze Incense Cone Backflow Burner

Turn their home into a creepy underground lair with this backflow incense burner. It’s shaped like a collection of black rocks, and thanks to a special “backflow” design, the smoke from the incense will pour over them like a waterfall.

It’ll still smell nice, but it’ll look cooler than ever. Have they always wanted to live in the dramatic starkness of a villain’s cave? This is the gift that can make it happen.

spider grip holder

For Your Favorite Arachnophobe: Universal Multi-Function Flexible Spider Grip Holder

With eight spindly legs, this smartphone holder looks disturbingly like a real spider. The good news is that it can grip just as well as a spider’s sticky web. The legs are fully adjustable, so they can be contorted into whatever shape that you want, and you can stand, hold, hang, pose or prop up your phone in a variety of positions.

Nothing will slip or fall. A spider’s legs are always strong enough to hold their prey.

creepy voodoo dolls

When it’s Time to Get Stealthy Revenge: Handmade Voodoo Dolls

Handmade, creepy, and oddly…cute? Eclipse Voodoo Dolls creates handmade voodoo dolls that both terrify and allure you. With varying colors to meet all of your witchy needs and manifestations, these voodoo dolls will get the job done!

With unique voodoo characters such as Dr. Smiley or Chumby, you’ll find all kinds of great designs to enjoy with the Eclipse Voodoo Dolls lineup! Plus, they’re constantly putting out new, unique voodoo dolls.”

The art of Alice video game

Because We’re All Mad Here: The Art of Alice: Madness Returns

Alice in Wonderland has been reinvented many times over the years, but nothing made a splash quite like Alice, a retro PC game that turned it into a violent nightmare fueled by the psychosis of a teenage girl.

Years later, the creators have taken the same premise and turned it into The Art of Alice. It’s a video game artbook filled with glossy, high-quality photos of absolute horror, and they’ll take you on a journey that you won’t forget anytime soon.

coloring book

To Let Their Sick Imagination Run Wild: The Beauty of Horror 1: A GOREgeous Coloring Book

An innocent little girl sits on a swing… and she’s cradling her own disembodied head. A man stands on his porch and looks out at his tree grove… where hanged corpses are swaying in the breeze. The Beauty of Horror is a multi-volume coloring book set that takes gory, gruesome imagery to a whole new level, so it’ll be a great gift for someone who wants to give their red crayon a workout.

This is the first volume, but there are several others as well. There’s even a Christmas edition!

candle holder figurine

For the World’s Saddest Carousel: Crying Unicorn Tears Candle Holder Figurine

When unicorns cry, they weep rainbows. That’s the premise of this beautiful but bizarre candle holder from Creepy Critters. It’s shaped like a white unicorn on a fluffy cloud, but thanks to the multicolored “horn,” the unicorn will cry rainbow tears as the candle wax melts through its eye holes.

The end result is both fascinating and disturbing, so it’ll be ideal for people who like unique gifts!

scary stories paperback box set

To Inspire Nostalgia: Scary Stories Paperback Box Set

If you’ve never seen the stringy-haired woman from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, you should count yourself lucky. She’s just one of the ghastly, nightmare-inducing illustrations that made these books so famous in the 1980s.

There are three volumes in total, and they’ve been put into a single collection for maximum scares. They’ll make great gifts for both nostalgic adults and young kids that you want to traumatize for life.

rackham tarot cards

To Connect With Deeper Powers: Rackham Tarot Cards

Do they speak the language of tarot? Have they always wanted to learn? Give them a stunning set of tarot cards to sharpen their skills and ensnare their soul. This particular deck bears the artwork of Arthur Rackham, a famous painter who lived from 1867 – 1939, and each Lover, Magician and High Priestess has been carefully rendered with beauty and mystery.

They’ll enjoy looking at the cards just as much as reading the truth from them.

bloody color bath mat

For Freaking Out Your Friends: Bloody Color-Changing Bath Mat

Scare the snot out of your roommate with this color-changing bath mat. It reacts to water, so when they hop out of the shower and put their feet on it, their footprints will leave “bloody” imprints right before their eyes.

It’ll be the ultimate prank! You can also put it in kitchens, parlors, pool houses and anywhere else that your roommate might get wet and set it off. Just know that you might be evicted afterwards.

ornamental Ouija board

The Most Dramatic ABCs: Lavish Ornamental Ouija Board

Ouija boards come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re looking for one with more beauty and spirituality than the cheap plastic things used at teenage sleepovers, this is the board for you. It’s hand-carved from metal with a glass cover, and the letters are styled in a gothic font with trees and vines creeping around them.

It’s the kind of Ouija board that could be used for real seances, so if you know someone who’d like to contact the other side, this could be a gift of great value to them.

LED purge mask

Blessed By the New Founding Fathers: LED Purge Mask

Popularized by the Purge movies, these masks have stitched mouths and punched-out eyes that immediately mark the wearer as a sinister creature. They’re even equipped with LED lights that make them glow in the dark, so your gift recipient can freak everyone out as they roam around parties, festivals and haunted houses.

If you know someone who enjoys the fantasy of a Purge Night, give them this mask as a necessary tool of the trade.


For a Butcher of Souls: Meat Cleaver Bloody Dangle Earrings

Turn her into a bloody sensation with these meat cleaver earrings. They look like mini-replicas of something from a real butcher, and there’s blood dripping from their blades for an extra kick. Despite their appearance, however, they’re actually quite light, so they won’t weigh down her earlobes even if she wants to wear them all day long.

How many times can she make people at the grocery store do a double-take?

black kit cat klock

If They Aren’t Superstitious: Original Black Kit Cat Klock

You’ve probably seen the Kit Cat Klock. It’s been featured in many movies, and under the right circumstances, it can be a cute and quirky wall accessory. It’s only when you turn the lights out that the kitty cat starts to look a bit creepy.

His wide eyes follow you around the room, and his tail swings back and forth like an unrelenting pendulum. His big grin never wavers. What is he thinking? Do you even want to know?

The walking dead comics box set

Comic Books and Chill: The Walking Dead Comics 15th Anniversary Box Set

We’ve all gotten sucked into a binge watch of The Walking Dead, but it’s rarer to find someone who can appreciate the comic books . If you know someone who loves zombies in any format, however, you can get them the grossest, goriest gift imaginable with this expanded edition box set.

It compiles all of the head-bursting drama into 3,000 pages and 144 issues, and it starts from the very beginning of Rick’s journey.

broken doll head collectible

Child’s Play: Eat You Alive Broken Doll Head Collectible

There’s nothing creepier than a broken doll, especially one that exists without a body. It’s just a ceramic head with cracks shooting through the skull and big, bloodshot eyes that are staring at things unseen.

It’ll be an amazing display piece, but you might not want to look at it for too long. When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes back into you.

horror classics 50 movie pack

For a Walk Down Memory Lane: Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack DVD

Horror movies have come a long way from the silent menacing of The Phantom of the Opera and the black-and-white flickering of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but it’s still fun to revisit the classics every once in awhile.

This DVD collection has 50 different titles that range from vintage vampire films to cheesy “gigantic bug” flicks, and they’re all worth a popcorn bucket and a night on the couch. This is a gift that can benefit you just as much as your boo.

gothic skull beverage coasters

Cold Hands For Cold Brews: Helping Hand Gothic Skull Beverage Coasters

Bring a little gothic fantasy to someone’s home decor with these marvelously morbid coasters. Not only are the coasters themselves decorated with skulls, ravens and dead flowers, but when not in use, they can be stashed in a holder shaped like a skeletal hand.

As a bonus, they’re made with a durable ceramic material and a cork-back bottom, so they’re fashionable and functional for everyday use. They’ll be a delightful way to creep out guests and visitors for years to come.

pentagram pendants

If They’re Feeling a Bit Satanic This Morning: 48-Piece Mixed Magic Pentagram Pendants

Pentagrams have both innocent and not-so-innocent meanings, so they make wonderfully versatile gifts. If your friend believes in spiritual energy, they can hang or string up the pentagrams to bring good fortune to their household.

If they prefer to walk on the wild side, pentagrams can be dark tokens to add to homemade jewelry. This set comes with 48 pieces in total, so they won’t run out anytime soon!

raven and zombie decorative figurine

The Flying Dead: Raven Zombie Doomsday Decorative Figurine

Painted by hand, this statuette has been given realistic colors and lots of loving details. It’s just too bad that its subject is so morbid! It depicts a raven chewing on a zombie’s half-ravaged face, and a long, grisly string of flesh is being pulled away by its beak.

It’s absolutely disgusting to look at, so naturally, you should give it to your very best friend.

creepy crawly crochet

When They Need Some Snuggles: Creepy Crawly Crochet

There’s a cute, cuddly soul inside of every eldritch horror, and this crochet set proves it. You’ll learn how to create more than a dozen monsters, including spiders, mummies, zombie dogs and headless horsemen, but each one will have an adorably soft exterior made with the softest of yarns.

The most charming abominations can be found in Creepy Crawly Crochet: 17 Creatures That Go Bump in the Night.

new orleans voodoo doll

If Their Boss Really Sucks: Authentic New Orleans Voodoo Doll

Available in multiple colors, these voodoo dolls are adorned with the clothes, headdresses and face paintings of real black magic items from New Orleans. Each one is handmade with all of the flaws and imperfections that you’d expect from an authentic item.

They aren’t pretty to look at, but that’s how you know that they’re legit. As a bonus, each doll comes with black and white pins so that your friend can get started on their revenge right away.


When The Lambs Are Still Screaming: Death Moth and Flowers Bedspread

Death moths are some of the most hardcore creatures in existence, and they’re a common motif for pendants, rings, key chains, coasters and more. But why don’t you get even more creative with a death moth bedspread? Their morbid, skull-patterned bodies will be on full display with both a duvet cover and a matching pillow set, so your gift recipient can wrap themselves in malevolence all night long.

skeleton tapestry

Til Death Do Them Part: The Kissing Lovers Skeleton Tapestry

“The Lovers” are a staple of tarot decks, but you’ve probably never seen them quite like this. Two skeletons are sharing an embrace in a garden of roses, and the vines are twining around their bodies and creeping through their rib cages.

The tapestry is pure black, and their shapes are pure white. “L’Amoureux” is written at the bottom in a gothic font. It’s a stunning sight, and it’ll look great on walls, windows, doors and other places where the interior design could use a bit of macabre.

mouse pad

For Art Lovers: The Scream Matte Finish Mouse Pad

Edward Munch’s “The Scream” is one of the most iconic pieces of artwork in modern history, and you can immortalize it forever with this mouse pad. The creepiest part is that the owner will have to look at it every single day if they want to use their computer.

Most people can only bear to gaze at “The Scream” for so long, but this mouse pad demands it!

rustic eyeball doorbell

To Warmly Welcome Their Guests: Rustic Eyeball Doorbell

Doorbells shaped like eyeballs are a popular Halloween decoration, but many of them are kitschy rather than scary. This product is an exception. With an elaborately ornamental design that looks like an antique brass doorbell, visitors might be fooled into thinking that it’s the real thing, especially if it isn’t even October.

They’ll only realize their mistake when they walk up to the door and the eyeball comes alive!

mask necklace

When He Loves His Bling: Men’s Iced Out Artificial Diamond Jason Mask Necklace

There are two parts to this necklace. The first is a thick, heavy tennis chain with sparkling rows of diamonds encrusted in gold; the second is a pendant inspired by Jason’s mask from Friday the 13th, and it combines red, black and silver accents in an almost tribal style.

The end result is an eye-popping accessory for the man in your life who loves cool and unique gifts.

pillow cover

Just Don’t Ask What Happened to Alice: Grinning Cheshire Cat Throw Pillow Cover

Another creepy gift inspired by Alice in Wonderland, this one has the grinning face of the Cheshire Cat. His eyes are glowing with an eerie neon color, and his sharp white teeth stand out against a black background.

You’ll need a certain amount of bravery to lay your head on this kind of face, but if you know someone who’s up to the challenge, they might appreciate a new throw pillow cover. If not, at least you’ll give them the gift of nightmares!


To Howl at the Moon: Snarling Werewolf Bookends

Painted and polished by hand, these bookends capture a moment of pure agony as man becomes beast. They can hold up entire stacks of thick, heavy books, so they’re heavy-duty ornaments, but they also have a delicate beauty about them.

Maybe it’s the dark resin material that shines in the light. Maybe it’s the fine detailing on the werewolf that allows you to see everything from the individual hairs on his face to the popped veins in his hands.

Either way, it’ll make a fabulously creepy gift!


When the Rum is Red: All Work and No Play T-Shirt

If they’ve made you watch The Shining so many times that you see Room 237 in your sleep, this novelty tee will delight them to the bottom of their blue dress and black Mary Janes. It says “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy,” and it’s made with a soft, comfortable material that’s already pre-shrunk for their convenience.

Jack Nicholson will never have to be afraid of a washing machine.

terror Art print

Because Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live: Salem Witches Art Print

This horrifying art print gives a supernatural twist to the Salem witch trials. It features everything from a zombieified witch to a scarecrow-inspired grim reaper with a scythe, and in the background, the town just burns and burns.

It’ll definitely be a conversation starter for someone who hangs it in their home, office or dorm room. You can’t look at it and not comment on it.

skeleton face mask bandana

If They’re Secretly a Bank Robber: Seamless Skeleton Face Mask Bandana

Despite their name, these bandanas don’t have to be used as face masks. They just look awesome when pulled over the nose and mouth because they’re printed with the bottom half of a skull. If your friend has other ideas, however, they can use the cloth as a headband, armband, hair wrap, neckerchief and more.

The skull will make a statement no matter how it’s styled.

black crystal ball

For Your Pagan Friend: Black Crystal Ball With Golden Flower Stand

Crystal balls have many uses in witchcraft, but even if your friend isn’t the spell-casting or fortune-telling type, this crystal ball is beautiful enough to be displayed in the home as a fun and unique decoration.

It’s made with pure black quartz, and it rests on a curved golden stand that looks like a blooming flower. It’ll definitely stand out as a feature element in a spooky interior design.

It clown balloons 25 pack

To Celebrate Georgie’s Birthday: Stephen King’s It Clown Balloons 25-Pack

We all float down here. Fans of Stephen King’s It will immediately recognize the sinister smirk of Pennywise the Clown, and these balloons make it even creepier by having a minimalist design.

There’s nothing to distract you from the red visage on a plain white background. If they’re a fan of pop culture’s scariest clown, these balloons will be perfect for their next party.

dragon skull treasure trinket box

A Guardian For Their Gold: Dragon Skull Treasure Trinket Box

Made with a polyresin material, this hyper-realistic dragon skull is already a showstopper with its curved bones and contoured shading. It gets even better, however, when you realize that it’s a trinket box.

The bottom can be opened to reveal a hollow storage space, and your friend can fill it with messages, money, jewelry, dried flowers and anything else that their heart desires. This dead-eyed dragon will warn away thieves with its very shape.

cat and garden gnomes statue

To Add a Bloody Splash to Their Garden: Cat Eating Garden Gnomes Statue

Murder has never looked so cute! This statue depicts a cat feasting on several old-fashioned garden gnomes. One is hanging out of his mouth; others are held in his paws or crushed beneath his feet. A few are clearly dead while others are yelling in fright.

It’s such a macabre scene that its bright, cheerful colors look especially garish, so if you know someone who will appreciate a cute but crazy gift, this is it.

clown face window prop

For an Epic Practical Joke: Clown Face Peeping Window Prop

Do they love playing pranks? This gift might become their favorite way to freak out their friends. It’s designed to look just like a peeping Tom with his hands cupped against the window, but for extra creepiness, he’s wearing a full face of clown makeup.

A suction cup will keep him from moving around. He’ll scare the living daylights out of people when they glimpse him out of the corner of their eye!

Human skull salt and pepper shaker set

A Great Gift for Anatomy Lovers: Human Skull Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

If they’re always misplacing their salt and pepper shakers, they might appreciate a matching set. It just so happens that these shakers have their home in a human skull. It’s old and decayed, so it’ll look beautifully grotesque among the gleaming metal of a modern kitchen.

The salt and pepper jars slide right into the gaping eye holes.

shower curtain

For Restless Souls and Spirits: Dark Forest Shower Curtain

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. It’s a quote from a Robert Frost poem, and it applies nicely to this shower curtain. Instead of cheap white plastic, it’s made of a Turkish polyester blend, and it depicts a beautiful, ethereal forest with a mist shrouding the trees.

They’ll feel like they stepped into a storybook rather than a bathtub, so it’ll definitely make their nightly routine a bit more interesting.

serial killers card desk

When They’ve Seen Every Episode of Criminal Minds: Serial Killers Card Deck

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing poker with Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, here’s your chance. Each card of this deck has a different serial killer on it, and they’re all from real life, so the monsters and murderers that you see are much more dreadful than the ones on TV.

They represent the true depths of the human kind, so they’ll make an unforgettable gift for someone who loves that sort of creepiness.

duffel bag

If They Don’t Mind Getting Stopped by the TSA: Scream Mask Duffel Bag

They’ll never misplace this bag at the airport. Not only is it printed with the ghastly white mask of the Scream villain, but it has vivid red blood dripping down from the zipper. There are multiple compartments for storage, and there’s even a side pocket for a pair of shoes.

The bag owner might not want to take it into an airport, but it’ll be a crazy-awesome travel bag otherwise.


For Extremely Rare Steaks: Horror House Apron

With a dirty, grungy surface covered in everything from burn marks to bloody hand prints, the “horror house” apron looks like something from a serial killer’s slaughterhouse. Despite its novel appearance, however, it’s still a comfortable apron, so it might just become an everyday kitchen accessory in someone’s household.

A unisex size will fit most cooks, and adjustable black bands will keep the apron from sliding around as they work. Ask them to wear it at their next backyard barbecue and see how many people scream!

Things to Consider When Buying Creepy Presents

Generic gifts can be abandoned in the back of a closet, but a creepy gift will never be forgotten. Even if the gift breaks or gets lost somewhere, the other person will remember it with love, fondness and lifelong trauma. Here are just a few ways to make sure that your present goes down in history!

Stay Away From Sensitive Subjects

A gift is supposed to be fun. Don’t make it mean or offensive. Don’t bring up any bad memories for them. For example, if they lost a beloved dog a few years ago, don’t buy them a collector’s edition of Pet Sematary.

There are thousands of creepy gifts out there, so find one that doesn’t act as a trigger.

Choose Your Level of Scary

Some creepy gifts are frightening. Others might be cutely or amusingly creepy, or they might be more of a gag gift rather than something that’s truly meant to shock and startle.

It’ll be up to you to decide which is right for your gift recipient. Will they get a kick out of something goofy, or will they see it as a foolish waste of money?

Will they enjoy a grotesque gift, or will they hide it away because it creeps them out too much? What’s their tolerance level?

Consider Their Interests

If they’re bored by zombies, they aren’t going to care about a zombie-themed gift. If they don’t believe in witchcraft, they’re going to scoff at crystal balls and tarot cards. Try to tailor your present to their unique hobbies and interests.

Look for something that they already like, not something that you want to convince them to like with your gift.

Keep It Useful and Practical

Every gift should have a purpose, and this includes creepy gifts. Even if it’s just a ceramic statuette of a deformed raccoon, it should have some kind of value. Can they put it on the mantel as a display item? Can they use it in the garden to scare away pests? What will they actually do with it once the initial laughter has worn off?

Final Words

These are just a few tips and tricks for finding creepy gifts. What do you think about the ones that we’ve already highlighted for you? Does anything immediately stand out? We want to hear your thoughts!

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