30 Creative Gift Ideas for Dads Who Want Nothing

Are you tired of giving your dad shirts, ties, and socks every single year?

He might claim he wants nothing, but there are still heaps of ingenious ideas if you’re creative and take your time to shop around.

30 Gifts for your Dad who wants Nothing

letters for my dad booklet book

To Show Your Gratitude: Letters to My Dad Booklet by Lea Redmond

Whether you want to show how grateful you are, patch things up with your dad, or give him something as a keepsake, this collection of letters hits home.

This hardcover booklet contains twelve blank letters, each starting with prompts for you to complete.

It gives you and your dad a chance to take a fun trip down memory lane and have something to read again and again. You put each letter in an envelope and set a date for him to open.

grill pan

To Boost His Cooking Efficiency: ESLITE LIFE Divided Frying Grill Pan

Does your dad love to cook but end up with a pile of dishes after making breakfast for only two? This non-stick, divided frying pan will save him some time and space since it lets him fry three foods simultaneously.

It’s also perfect for steaks with the grill marks it leaves on the meat.

What makes it a great gift is that it’s easy to wash, non-stick with granite coating, and durable.

diffuser and essential oil set

To Introduce Him to the World of Aromas: Enava Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

Whether he needs to relax or have a better night’s sleep, helping him dive into the world of aromas is something he will appreciate. This aroma diffuser comes with 16 pure essential oils for him to try and has seven light modes and 14 color combinations that can set the tone for a restful and pleasant setting.

It’s a humidifier, diffuser, and insect repellent in one device that shuts off automatically when the water levels are low.

bartender kit with stand

For the Wannabe Bartender: Modern Mixology Bartender Kit With Stand

If your dad loves entertaining friends at home, this gift will help him perfect his bartending skills and impress his guests at the same time.

This cocktail kit allows your dad to try mixing like a pro.

It has all the mixing accessories needed for bartending and a set of recipe cards to make fun, new drinks. It comes with a sturdy and stylish stand so your dad can proudly showcase it in his home bar and keep everything tidy and clutter-free.

pajama set

For a Cozy, Relaxing Sleep-In: Alexander Del Rossa Pajama Set

There’s no such thing as too many pajama sets, right? If you can’t think of anything for your dad, he’s sure to appreciate an extra set of lightweight and breathable pj’s. They are stylish and come in different colors, and your dad can confidently wear these retro-style pj’s in front of family members.

The set also launders well, doesn’t shrink, and never wrinkles after washing. He can wear these pajamas all year long as it’s made of high-quality woven cotton fabric.

friendship lamps

For the Dad Who Lives Far Away: Set of Two Long Distance Friendship Lamps

These friendship lamps are a unique way to enjoy that special bond between you and your dad. Touch the lamp on your side, wherever you are, to let him know you’re thinking of him.

They’re super easy to connect and set up by following the straightforward instructions and connecting them via wi-fi.

It turns on with touch and has a wide range of colors that you can choose from to show different moods. Whatever color you turn on will switch on with the same color on the other end.

travel coffee press

For the Dad Who’s Always on the Go: Bodum Travel Coffee Press

If your dad’s too busy to make his coffee in the morning, he’ll always have coffee at his fingertips with this portable coffee press.

It comes in four different colors featuring a vacuum-sealed double-wall cup that keeps beverages hot or cold for a long time.

It’s easy to use and quick; just pop in ground coffee and hot water, and you’ll have your coffee in a few minutes. The grip is ergonomic and powerful, and the microfilters keep even the finest coffee bits out of the beverage.

fishing tackle set

For the Fisher Dad: PortableFun Store Fishing Tackle Set

If your dad’s into fishing, nothing makes him happier like this fishing baits kit. This assortment of fun and vivid lures is perfect for beginners and veterans. He’ll be amazed at all the details that have him covered for catching freshwater fish.

shaving kit for men

For a Nice Close Shave: Leponix Shaving Kit for Men

This shaving kit gives your dad everything he needs for a comfortable daily shave. It has seven shaving essentials, including razors with ten extra blades. It also has a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm, shaving brush, apron, and carrying bag.

This one-stop kit comes with a solid gift box that makes it extra giftable. All the natural ingredients in the products leave your dad feeling refreshed with a pleasant scent and smooth and hydrated skin.

magnetic wristband

For the Handyman: RAK Magnetic Wristband

This wristband is a cool gift for your dad if he likes working with tools and seems to have everything he needs in his toolbox. With an adjustable fit and heavy-duty construction, it’s one of those tools that your dad doesn’t know he needs until you buy him one.

It has five magnetic bands with a pair of magnetic disks inside to hold metal driver bits and screws for better accessibility. The magnetic grip is so powerful that it can hold plastic bits with metal pieces inside.

flannel shirt

For the Fashion Lover: Legendary Whitetails Men’s Big & Tall Buck Camp Flannel Shirt

No matter how many shirts your dad has, there’s no such thing as too many shirts. Besides, you can’t go wrong with these “manly” shirts. The flannel is super soft and gives extra warmth with the corduroy-lined collar and cuffs.

It’s perfect for autumn and spring, making him warm and comfy.

golf putting mat

For the Golf Lover: Putt-a-Bout Golf Putting Mat

Whether your dad is an avid athlete or not, chances are he’ll enjoy an occasional indoor or outdoor game of golf with his friends. And if he’s into golfing, this putting mat gives him a chance to keep up with his skills.

Although there are tons of options for golf putts, this mat is the one to choose because it’s made of high-quality material, perfect for indoor practice, and has a reasonable price. What’s more, this putting green is actually large enough for your dad to stand on.

It spreads nicely on the floor and doesn’t need anything to weigh it down even – when you roll it up. Depending on which end of the putting you play on, you can get different speeds, and it allows for different hit angles.

travel toiletry bag

For the Disorganized Traveler: DD D&D Wanderlust Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Help your dad shave and freshen up hassle-free while he’s in a hotel room. This hanging toiletry bag removes all the trouble of packing, especially if your dad has a hard time staying organized. It has an XL 360-degree swivel hook that allows for hanging with easy access.

victrila vintage turntable

For a Hint of Good Old Days: Victrola Vintage Turntable

This feature-packed turntable brings together modern technology and vintage designs. Even if your dad isn’t particularly tech-savvy, he can still enjoy listening to his favorite music.

He can stream music by connecting it to another device via Bluetooth or an aux-in jack.

And for the ultimate retro experience, he can play his music directly from a vinyl record. It’s also portable and lightweight, so he can carry it wherever he wants. Whether he wants to play his music for all family members or listen to his music via a headphone, this record player never disappoints.

bike handlebar bag

For the Biker Dad: WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag

If your dad bikes regularly, he could use this bag to keep his essentials. It’s water- and mud-proof, and made of high-quality, durable material to withstand the usual wear and tear. It features a transparent touch screen TPU with high sensitivity so he can use his phone and navigation while on his bike.

coffee mug

To Spark Some Humor: Warrlet AH My Favorite Child Gave Me This Funny Coffee Mug

Want to give something to your dad that brightens his day whenever he uses it? Go for this mug to give it a personal touch by reminding him that you’re his favorite child and make his day!

With high-definition printing on both sides, it’s perfect for both righties and lefties.

It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe, so your dad can use it every day – while smiling, thinking of you.

It also comes in a lovely giftable box that eliminates the need to gift-wrap it. Plus, they’re printed in the US, so you’ll be supporting your community by getting these mugs.

wood slices

For the Craftsman: William Craft Unfinished Natural Wood Slices

Bring the woods into your dad’s home with these unfinished natural wood slices. The pack contains 20 slices that he can use to do DIY projects, including coasters, painting, or photo props. They’re crack-free, smooth, and of great overall quality.

board baseball game/center>

For a Fun Family Game: Across the Board Baseball Game (Maple)

This beautifully made game can ensure lots of fun for your dad playing with his grandchildren. He can pass on the torch by teaching them how to play baseball or just have a playful party or gathering with friends.

The good thing about this game is that you don’t need to be a baseball fanatic to enjoy playing it; just roll and move. It’s also made with high-quality, sturdy material that guarantees a lifetime use, capable of becoming a family heirloom.

foam roller massager

For the Athletic Dad: 321 STRONG Foam Roller

If your dad works out and is always complaining about sore muscles or has back pain, this foam roller is the real deal. The special 3D design mimics a massager or therapist’s fingers and palms to give a natural soothing massage.

It relieves muscle pain after a workout and improves performance and flexibility. Your dad can use it before and after exercise to improve blood flow and avoid lactic acid accumulation.
It’s super durable, doesn’t change its shape with prolonged use, and is ultra-light and portable.

beard apron cape

For a Mess-Free Grooming: ROCK BEARD Beard Apron Cape

This cape bib may seem tacky or gimmicky at first glance, but your dad will thank you for making his life easier while shaving. He doesn’t need to worry about hair flying everywhere in the bathroom.

It’s made of premium quality material to provide a smooth and skin-friendly surface.

It’s also non-static, and he can get rid of the hair easily.

It’s also easy to carry because it comes with a travel bag, which can be used for other grooming accessories.


For the Dad Who Appreciates Humor: Agrimony Funny Socks

You’ll knock his socks off and make him the hit of every friendly gathering with these fun socks. Made of 85% cotton, 10% polyester, and 5% spandex, it’s super comfortable and breathable. The funny words on the bottom are in rubber, making the socks anti-slip.

sleep sound machine

To Help Him Sleep Better: Douni Sleep Sound Machine

If your dad has insomnia due to aging, anxiety, or even musical ear syndrome, this machine is the way to go. With 24 sounds, it offers a wide range of soothing sounds to choose from.

It’s also aesthetically pleasing, making a perfect addition to your dad’s bedroom.

The user guide describes each button’s function, although everything is straightforward and the whole unit is easy to use. It has a timer that turns off the unit when it’s set, but he can also disable it to run the whole night.

firebowl deluxe

For the Outdoor Enthusiast: Outland Living Firebowl Deluxe

This mess-free portable fire pit is perfect for your dad’s outdoor adventures. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any tools. Since it runs on propane, it’s ash-free and smokeless and can be used whenever there’s a campfire ban.

A natural lava set gives the fire pit a flickering effect in tone with the natural settings. With all the safety measures considered, the fire pit is safe to be used in any setting, even in backyards.

pro grade cast iron grill press

For the Grill King: Avant Grub Pro Grade Cast Iron Grill Press

It’s well known that all dads consider themselves the ultimate grill master. But who wouldn’t like to level up their skills? Your dad can use this heavy-duty grill weight with grills, skillets, flat tops, paninis, burgers, and hibachis.

It allows for fast cooking on both sides while keeping the stuff flat, preventing them from rolling up. The big size of the press can cover up to three pieces of bacon at a time, cutting cooking time in half.

Best of all, it can take out any excess fat, which helps to make his meals healthier.

mini massage gun

For the Dad Who Sits at a Desk: TheraGun Mini Massage Gun

If your dad has a labor-intensive job, works at his desk all day, or travels long distances, this mini-massage gun will take care of his sore muscles and neck pains. He can use it anytime, anywhere because it’s ultra-quiet and lightweight.

The 150-minute battery life makes it reliable, and the smooth and ergonomic design makes it easy to use and comfortable.

It’s also easy to set up, and your father can fire it up even without reading the instructions.

Get this massage gun for your dad, and he’ll thank you for his improved performance.

shower head with speaker

For the Audiophile: Atomi Shower Head With Bluetooth Speaker

Turn your dad’s shower into a karaoke bar with this showerhead. It’s not like any shower head you’ve seen before. It’s a shower head that plays his favorite songs via Bluetooth while showering. The showerhead has a speaker and a microphone attached to it that allows him to take calls with the touch of a button.

The battery runs for six hours and can come off easily for recharging. He can separate the speaker and use it anywhere in the house.


For the Best Gift Ever: A Subscription of Men’s Health Magazine

What’s a better gift in the world than health? Help your dad live, look, and feel better by giving him a year’s subscription to printed or digital Men’s Health magazine. It has a lot of useful advice on fitness, health, grooming, and nutrition.

Although some people believe the material targets younger generations, reading the articles helps your dad stay current on today’s issues.

whiskey stones gift set

For the Host: Luxury Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Your dad doesn’t need to worry about having cold drinks in the fridge with these whisky rocks. It works with any drink and helps it stay cold until the last sip without diluting. It comes in a stylish wooden box, perfect for giving as a gift.


For the Gardener: Nisaku NJP650 Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

If your dad’s an avid gardener, he’ll appreciate this Japanese Hori Hori knife. It has one serrated and one straight edge, perfect for different gardening tasks. It also comes with measurements carved on the blades for more precise planting.

The tough faux leather cover features a snap-loop that allows for securing the knife on the belt so he can carry it anywhere.

a man and his car

For the Motorhead: A Man & His Car

If your father is a car enthusiast, he’ll love this book. It features great photos of iconic cars and stories from their owners. It covers American, non-American, rare, common, vintage, and modern cars that your dad will be kept busy for hours just looking at the photos.

chocolates box

For the Mr. Sweet Tooth: Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin

If your dad has a sweet tooth, these rich and fancy-looking chocolates will be right up his alley. He’ll appreciate their high quality from the first bite and won’t be able to stop eating them. Plus, you may get to have a piece of your own to taste if your dad is nice enough!

Presents Buying Guide for a Dad Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Picking a thoughtful and creative gift for your dad, who seems to want nothing, can be a real head-scratcher. But even if that’s the case, there are still tons of things you can get him. Consider these tips before shopping around:

Look for Something Personal

You could always give a personal touch to an otherwise ordinary gift and make it special. Things with engraved or printed names or personal sentences can make a huge difference. Plus, they don’t need to be pricy or flashy because you’ll show your father how much he means to you.

Think Outside the Box

Not everything needs to be gift-wrapped so that you can count it as a true gift. An experience or event that helps create memories or develop skills is still a valuable gift. It shows how much you care for your dad by thinking of his interests and planning something based on that. Tickets to his favorite singer’s concert, an art gallery, a wine tasting, or skydiving can be as valuable as any other physical gift.

Look for Something Useful

Don’t give your father a gift that will end up in the closet collecting dust. Ask yourself: “if I gave it to my dad, would he reuse it?” Think about his interests and hobbies, and you’ll definitely find something worthwhile. For example, if he has never tried painting in his life, giving him a paintbrush will be just inconsiderate.

Of course, you could give him something new to introduce him to a new field or hobby, but do it only when you’re sure he’ll love it. Listen to him when he speaks, and you may get hints. If you’re lucky enough to have a chatty father, you’ll be able to get some ideas.

Pay Attention to Quality

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a shabby gift from a loved one. If it’s low quality, it’ll likely break soon or could even hurt him physically. For example, if you get him low-quality toiletries, they’ll probably end up doing more harm than good.

Ensure the Right Packaging

Some gifts need special packaging to avoid breaking or damaging. For example, if you want to send your dad a box of chocolates, it must be in a secure thermal box to prevent melting. Or, if you give him a fragile gift, you should cover it in bubble wrap.


These were our ideas of gifts for dads who have everything. If you have any comments, please share them with us in the section below. Feel free to share this article with your friends if you like it.


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