30 Dance-worthy Gifts for the Dancer in Your Life

Sometimes buying gifts for people is one of the hardest things to do. What do they like? Should you ask them for a list or just surprise them?

Picking out gifts can get even more tricky when you want to buy an athletic person a gift but don’t know the first thing about the sport.

To help you out a little bit, below is listed 30 separate gift ideas for the person in your life who is obsessed with dance.

30 Gift Ideas for a Dancer

leg stretcher

For Flexibility: EverStretch Leg Stretcher

This leg stretcher is an excellent gift for any dancer. Probably one of the most practical gifts a dancer can receive is one that will help them with flexibility. This set allows the user to achieve the splits incredibly quickly if they are a beginner.

The materials used are extremely high quality so that the individual using the equipment can train without any fear of injury or harm. The strap can be anchored over any study door post, allowing the dancer to train whenever and wherever they desire in full safety.

This set is not only a practical, but a thoughtful gift that any dancer would be grateful for.


A Silvery Surprise: Infinity Collection Dance Charm Bangle Bracelet

This silver toned bracelet is perfect for the female ballerina in your life, specifically if she is in her teen years. The bracelet has a charm with the statement “She believed she could so she did.” The bracelet also includes two additional charms in the shapes of a ballerina and the shape of ballet shoes.

The bracelet is in a dangle form and produces an elegant effect that proudly displays your ballerina’s passion. This bracelet is the perfect inspirational addition to any ballerina’s jewelry collection.

When wearing this bracelet, your ballerina will be able to always be thinking about not only you, but about the sport that she cares so much about.

massage gun

For Sore Muscles: Quiet Professional Percussion Massage Gun

An incredibly useful tool for any athlete, this massage gun would be the perfect gift for any dancer who spends long hours in practice. While most massage guns make obnoxious sounds that reduce the relaxation factor of the product, this one is entirely silent, allowing relaxation to the fullest extent.

The silent mechanism also helps to protect the user from any harmful hearing affects that a normal massage gun might produce. The massage gun also possesses four different adjustable heads to pinpoint specific muscle groups and areas of soreness.

With this massage gun your dancer will be able to forget all the toughness of practice and smooth out all the aches and pains.

adjustable bar stretch

For Training: Freestanding Adjustable Bar Stretch

This portable bar is one of the best types of gifts that a dancer can receive because it will be put into use almost every single day. This bar is the perfect gift for any dancer because it is one of the most practical gifts that a dancer can receive.

The paint is environmentally friendly without any hazards and the height is easily adjusted. The product is lightweight and incredibly durable in nature. Any dancer would love to receive this as a gift and will undoubtedly think of you every time they put the gift into use.

jewerly stand

For the Jewelry Lover: Kikkerland Ballerina Jewelry Stand

This jewelry stand is an excellent gift for the ballerina in your life who loves jewelry. The stand is in the shape of a ballerina and would offer a classy, inspiring addition to any bedroom or bathroom.

The stand is intended for displaying necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. It is made entirely from steel, offering a stunning ballerina silhouette. This appearance makes the display of the jewelry even more eye-catching.

The stand measures 7″x6.5″x4″. These measurements offer the perfect size to easily place on a dresser or shelf within easy reach of whatever jewelry is resting on it.

makeup bag

For the Makeup Lover: Hunger Ballet Girl Make-Up Cosmetic Tote bag Carry Case

This makeup bag is perfect for the dancer/makeup lover in your life. The bag depicts colorful dancers, indicative of the activity that your loved one knows so well. The bag comes in more than fifteen different colors and styles, allowing you to decide which your dancer would like the best.

The bag measure 8.6″x5″x3″, allowing plenty of room for makeup while still compact enough to easily take to dance class. With this makeup bag, your dance lover will be able to easily touch up her makeup after a class, performance, or in general while still being reminded of the sport that she loves.

water bottle

For the Workaholic: Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Travel Mug

This water bottle is perfect for the dancer who never wants to leave the gym. The bottle comes in several different colors, depending on which your dancer would love the most, each of them a vibrant hue meant for inspiration.

The bottle has the quote, “Dance. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.” written on the front in bold lettering. One of the best features about this bottle is its double vacuum insulation to keep the contents at the perfect temperature.

The bottle is made out of stainless steel and is excellent for both hot and cold drinks. Additionally, this bottle is the perfect size to fit almost every cup holder that it comes into contact with, allowing it to be easily carried everywhere with your dancer.

pillow cover

For the House: Ahawoso Throw Pillow Cover Style Ballroom Dancing

This dance-themed pillow is perfect for any dancer to use in their home. The pillow is white with gold stars and black lettering that states, “Dancing is the closest thing to magic.” The measurements of the pillow are 20″ W x 20″ L, the perfect size for any square throw pillow.

The pillow is wrinkle free, machine-washable, and made of extremely endurable material. The perfect decoration for any sofa or bed, this pillow is the perfect gift for a dancer who enjoys decorating their home with the things that remind them of what they love more than anything else.

popsocket phone

For the Phone: Live Love Dance Dancing Gift

This PopSocket is the perfect dance for any dancer because it is compatible with any cell phone. The PopSocket is black with white and pink lettering that states, “Live Love Dance.” It has a collapsible grip, providing security during texting, calling, or any other cell phone activity.

The stand is expandable, making it a perfect tool when watching movies or needing to prop up the phone for anything. The advanced adhesive from which the PopSocket is made allows one to adhere it to not only most devices, but most cases as well.

This gift is the perfect practical stocking stuffer for nay dancer in your life.


For the Planner: When in Doubt Dance it Out

This dance-themed notebook is the perfect gift for the dancer who loves to plan things out. It consists of black-lined pages for a performer of any kind to plan out their next moves, their future performances, or anything else their heart desires.

It consists of 120 pages and displays a beautiful black cover with a colorful dancer silhouette on the cover. This notebook is an excellent gift for a dancer because it allows them to plan and map their next move while being inspired by the art form that motivates them every day.

This inspirational notebook and each of its pages will undoubtedly be a tremendous encouragement to your dancer.

pole dancer wall clock

For the Pole-Lover: Handmade Solutions EU Pole Dancer Room Clock

This clock is an excellent gift for anyone in your life who is a pole-dancer. It is a black clock with the silhouettes of pole dancers carved into it. The middle consists of an ornate display of gears on a vinyl record and red and black clock hands.

The clock consists of a silent mechanism, meaning no one will have to hear the sound of the clock as they are trying to sleep. This clock is the perfect gift for any pole-dance lover because of the unique manner in which it depicts their passion.

Any pole-dancer would be a huge fan of this original and special gift.


For the Santa Lover: Women’s North Pole Dancer Sweater

This sweater is the perfect Christmas gift for any dancer who also loves Santa Claus. The sweater comes in green and red and depicts Old Saint Nick himself upside down on the “north pole.” Also depicted are dollar bills flying around Santa Claus.

This might be the first time that your dancer will be able to relate to Santa Claus so well! The material is incredibly soft and of durable quality and consists of double panels and reinforced seams. This sweater is the perfect addition to any ugly Christmas sweater party and will undoubtedly steal the show for your dancer.

coffee mug

For the Coffee Lover: Best Dancer Ever

This coffee mug is the perfect gift for the dancer that is just as obsessed with his coffee as he is with his art. The coffee mug is white with black lettering The lettering states, “BEST. DANCER. EVER.

” As though anyone would disagree! The material from which the cup is made allows an easy grip handle and use without fear of sloshing and spilling easily. The mug holds 11 oz of liquid and has double-sided print.

This mug is perfect for both hot and cold beverages and would undoubtedly be put into great use by and coffee or tea-loving dancer.

wine glass

For the Teacher: Behind Every Dancer Who Believes in Themselves

This wine glass is an excellent Christmas gift for any dance instructor. the glass is entirely clear with pink lettering on it that makes the statement, “Behind Every Dancer Who Believes in Themselves, is a Teacher Who Believed in Them First.

” The glass can hold 15 oz of wine and is stemless. Additionally, the wine glass is dishwasher safe constructed in such a way that the lettering will never fade. This wine glass would prove a perfect, thoughtful gift for any dance teacher to drink their wine from as they remember the passion that they have for sharing their art with others.

baby clothes

For the Proud Parent: Funny Baby Clothes

This baby onesie is the perfect gift to buy for a dancer who has just had a child. The onesie is white with black lettering and states, “I get my dance moves from my daddy.” If desired, the lettering can be changed to say “I get my dance moves from my mommy,” or even aunt or uncle.

The onesie is machine washable from the inside and is made from a soft quality material to ensure comfort for the baby. Any mother, father, aunt, or uncle would be thrilled to have a new baby wear this and would undoubtedly ensure that the baby grew up to be just as excited about the art of dance as they are.

throw blanket

For the Cuddles: Teal Soft Fleece Throw Blanket

This throw blanket is the perfect gift for any dancer who loves to feel cuddly. The blanket comes in white and gray hues and teal lettering. The lettering makes the statement, “Keep calm and dance on.” A silhouette of a dancer is also seen in the background of the lettering.

The material of the blanket is fleece, allowing for an incredibly comfortable and warm feel. The blanket weighs slightly over one pound and measures 50″x60″, the perfect size for any throw blanket. This blanket is a gift that any dancer would love because they will not only be able to stay warm, but do so with the embodiment of everything that they are passionate about.


For the Manly Man: Mens Real Men Ballroom Dance T-shirt

This t-shirt is the perfect addition to any male ballroom dancer’s wardrobe. The shirt come in black with red and white lettering on it that makes the statement, “Real Men Ballroom Dance.” The shirt is machine washable and has a lightweight, classic fit.

This shirt is a perfect gift for him because he can proudly show everyone else how proud he is of the art form that makes his world spin around.

children´s book

For the Dog-Lover: Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

If you have a little dog-loving dancer in your life, she would undoubtedly love to read a story about a puppy who loves the same things she does. This children’s book comes in both hardcover and paperback option and would be the perfect gift for her.

The book contains vibrant pictures and illustrations of a dog who loves to dance. This book is a perfect purchase for a small, beginning dancer because not only does it depict the art that they are learning, it inspires them to keep on trying even when their dance classes are beginning to get difficult.

coffee mug gift

For the Sassy One: Gift for Salsa Dancer

This coffee mug, like any other, is great for a dancer who loves either hot or cold beverages. However, the twist on this gift is the saying that is printed on the front. The mug is ceramic and painted white with black lettering that makes the statement of a salsa dancer, “someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in way you don’t understand.

” With this sassy saying, only a dancer could pull off drinking out of this mug. This mug is an excellent gift choice for the dancer in your life who likes to add a little bit of sass to every answer that they give.

stretch band

For the Beginner: The PlumBand Stretch Band

What better way to spoil the beginning dancer in your life than by buying them their first stretch band? This band is a perfect band for beginners. It includes not only the band itself but a travel bag and an instructional booklet so that your dancer will know exactly how to use it properly and without injury.

The bands come in different colors, depending on what you want, and are strong and flexible to ensure the best of both worlds. Any beginning dancer would love to receive these bands to get them started on the inevitable road to their stardom.

adidas bag

For The One on the Go: Adidas Defender

One of the best gifts that you can buy for a dancer is a gym bag to keep all of their supplies in. This Adidas bag is the perfect size for a dancer, especially one that is always on the go. The bag has an incredibly roomy compartment and stands tall to provide the most space possible.

The bag also has two zippered end pockets as well as a smaller zipper pocket in the front to keep your dancer organized. By far one of the most practical and useful gifts, a gym bag such as this one will be used by a dancer consistently.


For the One Who Likes to Journal: Dance Bullet Grid Journal

This journal is perfect for the dancer who enjoys journal. Meant specifically for dancers, this journal is a bullet grid that allows the user to keep their thoughts and their dance moves organized perfectly.

With this journal, a dancer can easily keep track of their choreography, their schedule, and even create new elements of the art form that they love so much. Any dancer would be overjoyed to receive this journal, and their brilliant artistic thoughts would finally be organized for them on paper.

the nutcracker complete ballet

For the Music Lover: Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker: Complete Ballet

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for the dancer in your life, no matter who they are, look no further than Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker soundtrack. This classic ballet will be adored by your dancer because it represents everything that they are passionate about.

They can rehearse to this music, listen to it in peace, or even write their own choreography. Regardless of how they listen to it, this work of art is one that will be treasured by any dancer privileged enough to own it.

dance ornament

Because ‘Tis the Season: Luv 2 Dance Ornament

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas, a Christmas ornament might be the best way to go. This ornament is shaped like a license plate and reads the statement, “Luv 2 Dance.” The measurements of the ornament are 3.

88″x.05″x3.75″, the perfect size to make a statement to any visitors that a dancer lives there. It comes in vibrant colors and depicts music notes in addition to the lettering. Any dancer would love to receive this ornament because they’ll be hanging a little piece of their heart on their Christmas tree for years to come.


For the Hard-Working Pole Dancer: Pole Dance Mug Gift

Yet another example of a perfect gift for a coffee drinker, this coffee mug is perfect for the pole dancer who puts everything they have into their art. It holds 11 oz and is made of ceramic. The mug itself is white with black lettering that states, “All my arm strength comes from pole dancing.

” This mug is perfect for that hard-working pole-dancer because not only can they be proud of all that arm strength, but they can make sure that everyone else knows exactly why they’re the most muscular person in the living room this holiday season.

pole dancing gloves

To Help with Grip: Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Gloves

For any dancer, specifically pole dancers, one of the biggest problems is getting sore hands. The Mighty grip dancing gloves are excellent for helping pole dancers with their grip as well as protecting their skin while they practice.

Furthermore, dancers can learn more complicated moves by wearing the gloves as they practice new and more complicated movements. Not only do these gloves prevent injury in any dancer, they are especially excellent for beginners who are just beginning to learn their technique and adjust their balance.

Any dancer, beginning or experienced, would be able to use these gloves to their fullest extent.

hemp pain relief cream

To Help with Muscle Soreness: Hemp Pain Relief Cream

For those dancers who train on a consistent basis, one of the biggest struggles that they face is that of muscle soreness and stiffness. This hemp pain relief cream is an excellent practical gift because it provides relief for any type of pain, including that which is throbbing, aching, sharp, deep, or dull.

This gift will not only help your dancer through any soreness that they are experiencing, it will last an incredibly long time, meaning that they will be able to work hard on their dances without holding back due to pain.

This cream is a thoughtful gift that any dancer would. be grateful for.

3D-light ballet dancer girl

For Decoration: Ballet Dancer Girl

For the ballet dancer who wants to display a form of their art, this 3D light is the perfect gift for them. It creates the visual of a ballerina in a blue 3D image. The user also has full control over the image and is able to change the color of the light to sky blue, lavender, pure white, fire red, dragon green, ocean blue, or golden sun.

It makes not only an excellent decoration but a nightlight with its translucent glow. Any ballerina at any age would be able to appreciate this 3D decoration and the artistic innovation that it depicts.

foot and leg massager machine

For Relaxation: TISSCARE Electric Shiatsu Foot and Calf Leg Massager Machine

If you want to buy a gift for your dancer that they will be able to use every day, this foot, calf, and leg massager might be the perfect choice for you. Not only does it contain options for kneading, vibrating, and rolling, but it has the option of heating up so that the muscles can be soothed as much as possible.

Because of how the machine is built, the feet and calves can be simultaneously heated and massaged to provide the best massage experience possible after a difficult dance practice. This massager machine will be appreciated by absolutely any dancer and will be put into great use.

neck & shoulder massager

For Calming Muscles: MaxKare Shiatsu Neck & Shoulder Massager

Finally, depending on the type of dancer you’re buying for, their neck and back might be the focal point of their pain rather than their legs. this massager focus on the back and neck and has the ability to provide a deep tissue massage with heat included.

However, although the massager is shaped for the neck and back, it is also adjustable so that one may use it on their stomach, back, or legs. Because of its adjustable nature, this massager is an ideal for any dancer on the go, as they will be able to use this daily and transport it easily.

How to Pick Out Presents For Dancers

When picking out a gift for anyone, the most important thing to think about is the as a person. What do they like?

What are their interests or hobbies? Then, branch off your ideas from the answer.

If you’re really struggling to come up with something, go ahead and ask them what they want! Remember, at the end of the day, what matters is your love for that person, not the material things that you can buy for them.

Happy Shopping!

Hopefully this gift guide has helped to give you ideas for gifts for the dancers in your life.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever receive from someone and why?

Incorporate that feeling into how you shop for others and they will undoubtedly appreciate you even more than they already do. Happy shopping!

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