30 Gift Ideas for Daycare Providers (They Will Appreciate)

When you leave your child with a daycare provider, showing your appreciation is essential. You’ll find this is especially true when the end-of-the-year parties come around or during the holidays.

Finding the perfect gift ideas for daycare providers can prove challenging. That’s why we put together this gift guide for you. Check out these gift ideas for daycare providers so, during your next shopping trip; you’re not feeling stumped.

Gifts for Daycare Providers

canvas bag for daycare providers

Help Them Carry it All: Day Care Provider Natural Canvas Tote Bag, Cloth Shopping Bag

Some daycare providers are also preschool teachers. Therefore, they need to bring curriculum, props, and other essentials to their rooms with them daily. Many of these daycare providers also need to bring their lunches, extra shirts if mishaps occur, swim gear for field trips, first aid kits, and CPR kits.

So, having this tote bag that reads, “Amazing, awesome, wonderful, beautiful daycare provider,” is an excellent daycare provider gift idea. Not only will it hold all of their essentials, but it shows your appreciation for them as well.

When they’re not at work, they can also use this bag to hold library books, or when they’re shopping.

plastic novelty mug for teachers

For Drinks on the Go: Blue Blessings to the Teacher “Touches a Heart” Insulated Plastic Tumbler

It’s no mystery that, when daycare providers are working with children, they get thirsty. They’re on-the-go with children all day and communicating with them before and after naptime. What that means is, these providers are regularly reaching for something to drink.

You can help them with that by gifting them with an insulated plastic tumbler. This sixteen-ounce blue tumbler reads, “A good teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” The text is written in white and has an apple at the end of the quote.

Each time your child’s daycare provider reaches for their drink, they’ll see a reminder of your appreciation for them.

funny t shirt with a diapers quote

When a Sense of Humor is Involved: Womens Childcare Appreciation T-shirt Funny Daycare Provider Gift V-Neck T-Shirt

Sometimes, at the end of the day, daycare providers have to have a good sense of humor. That’s especially true when they’ve changed dozens of diapers. When you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for your daycare provider, one that helps fuel that sense of humor is optimal.

That’s where this daycare provider gift idea comes into play. It’s a v-next t-shirt that’s available in ten different colors and reads, “Changing diapers is my cardio.” This t-shirt is available in five sizes ranging from small to 2XL and is machine washable in cold water.

When your daycare provider wears this shirt, it’s sure to make other parents laugh when they’re picking up their children!

daycare rules art poster

Personalized Reminders: PERSONALIZED Daycare Rules – Daycare Art – Primary Colors – Classroom Rules

Working at as a daycare provider is hard work, there’s no denying that fact. However, it’s also a place that’s filled with warmth, love, and laughter. Daycare providers are tasked with offering a place for children to learn about kindness, sharing, believing in themselves, and making memories.

That’s where this daycare provider gift idea is perfect. It’s a personalized list of daycare rules where the provider’s name is at the top. Below it, reads, “Daycare rules,” and a stylized list of rules including words like “laugh,” and “reach for the stars.

” Each word or phrase is written in primary colors and beautiful fonts. This eye-catching gift idea for daycare providers will make an excellent conversation piece for children, as well as parents.

Kid color crayons

Give the Gift of Color: U.S. Toy 4-Pack Kid Fun Crayons – 72 Packs

Budgets are often the first thing to get cut when daycare providers are trying to get new supplies. It isn’t because management doesn’t want them to have these supplies; it’s usually that a new roof or furnace takes priority.

Therefore, daycare providers either rely on donations, grants, or purchase supplies out of their pocket. So, when you gift them with crayon packs like this one, it’s a gift for them as well as the children.

This gift is for seventy-two crayon packs including four crayons each. Therefore, there’s plenty of opportunities for children to enjoy creating art projects for years!

funny mug for daycare teachers

They Are Monkeying Around: This Is My Circus And These Are My Monkeys Coffee Mug

Reaching for a hot cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon is a priority for some daycare providers. So, why not inject a bit of humor in with their java? This coffee mug reads, “This is my circus and these are my monkeys.

” It’s made from ceramic and holds eleven ounces of their favorite drink. What’s more, is this coffee mug is also microwave and dishwasher safe. So, it’s even more convenient when rushing around a busy daycare! When selecting this daycare provider gift idea, other parents will read it and won’t be able to help themselves from laughing!

Notebook juornal

For the Notetaker or Journaler: Thank You for Helping Me Grow: Teacher Appreciation Gift Notebook or Journal

Does your child’s daycare provider like to keep a journal? Do you see a notebook out on their desk where they jot down ideas or other notes? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this daycare provider gift idea is perfect.

It’s a notebook that also works great as a journal that reads, “Thank you for helping me grow.” The cover’s fonts are artful and beautiful, there’s a crafty flower, and it looks like it’s crafted on a ruled piece of paper.

No matter if your child’s daycare provider likes to doodle while everyone is napping or making meticulous lists, they can do so in this appreciation gift.

Choas coordinator hat

Shade The Situation: Chaos Coordinator Hat, Distressed Choas Coordinator Hat

If you believe daycare isn’t chaotic, you’ve never worked in or been in one for long. Daycare providers work hard to manage children of many ages, from infancy to preschool. This distressed hat reads, “Chaos Coordinator.

” It’s available in ten different colors. When daycare providers where it, they know you appreciate all they’re doing every day. It’s great for when they go on field trips or are playing outside with the kids.

Because it’s a good idea to let children play outside often, this daycare provider gift idea is excellent. It will help daycare providers protect themselves from the sun and stay comfortable while playing with the kids.

big love ornament

Dress Up Holiday Trees: Hallmark Big Love Childcare Provider Ornament Occupations

For those daycare providers who decorate a holiday tree, this ornament is a beautiful addition. It’s a daycare provider gift idea that reads, “Big love for little hearts.” This ornament is one that is a reminder of how happy and secure daycare providers make children every day.

It’s a child-inspired heart-shaped ornament that measures 2.65″ x 2.9″ x 1.23″. The ornament is made from resin, so this gift idea for daycare providers is durable and will last for years! When you’re looking for the perfect gift to express your appreciation, this one is an excellent idea.

Not only is it timeless, but you can also write a short message on the back.


The Key to Their Heart: Best Teacher Gift “It Takes a Big Heart to Help Shape Little Minds” Charm

Showing appreciation to your daycare provider sometimes means wearing your heart on your sleeve. In this case, you’ll be gifting them with a heart. It’s a heart keychain charm that reads, “It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

” The keyring, as well as the charm, are made from a rust-proof metal alloy. So this daycare provider gift idea is sure to be a conversation piece for years. In addition to being a beautiful gift, it’s also one that’s practical and useful.

So, each time your child’s daycare provider uses this gift idea, they’ll be reminded of how much you appreciate the care they’re showing for your child.


Dress Them Up: Thank You Gift You Make A Difference Cuff Bracelet Appreciation Gift

Show your child’s daycare provider how much they make a difference in their life, as well as yours, with this gift idea. It’s a cuff bracelet that’s engraved with the phrase, “You make a difference.” Each time they read this childcare provider gift idea, they’ll be touched by the appreciation you showed them.

Available in stainless steel or rose gold, this gift idea for childcare providers is long lasting and will not tarnish. The package dimensions are 3.9″ x 3.1″ x 0.4″. The recommendation is to avoid wearing this cuff while swimming, doing housework, or bathing.

Perfume may also damage this cuff’s surface.


Show Them They Rock: Daycare Provider Funny Appreciation Gift – Poster

We are all our own worst critics. Daycare providers are no exception. They’re hard on themselves because they’re working with other people’s children. Therefore, when you’re looking for gift ideas for daycare providers, this one is perfect.

It’s a poster that reads, “I never dreamed I would be a super cool daycare provider, but here I am rockin it.” The poser is black featuring white and baby blue text. It measures 11″ x 17″ and is printed on acid-free paper.

You can pick up a poster frame inexpensively for this gift idea, too. Each time they see this gift idea for daycare providers, they are reminded of how great of a job they’re doing.

PopSockets pillowcase

For Those Retiring: Pillow Case Retirement Appreciation Gift

Is your child’s daycare provider retiring? If so, this is one of those gift ideas for daycare providers you can’t pass up. No matter how long your child has worked with them, it’s difficult to watch them part ways.

This pillowcase reads, “An awesome daycare provider is hard to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget.” It’s a white pillowcase featuring black text. The text is written in a variety of beautiful fonts.

The pillowcase measures 20″ x 30″ and doesn’t include a pillow, but you can find one inexpensively online. It’s machine washable, making this pillowcase easy to maintain.

Tamer grip PopSockets

For the Picture Taker: Tiny Human Tamer Grip for Teacher Daycare Provider Gift

Is your daycare provider known for taking a lot of group photographs? Do they have a lot of visitors they love to take photographs of and share with parents? If so, this is one of those gift ideas for daycare providers they’ll love! It’s a grip for phones and tablets.

These grips work great for taking group photos, as well as other hands-free technological activities. This grip reads, “Tiny Human Tamer.” It’s expandable and will stick to most surfaces. Each time your child’s daycare provider uses this gift idea, they’ll love how practical it is and the thoughtfulness you used when picking it out.

travel mug

Say it With Coffee on the Go: Funny Daycare Teacher Travel Mug

Daycare providers sometimes like to take their coffee or tea with them on-the-go. No matter if they’re going outside to play with children or on a field trip, a travel mug helps them do that. That’s where gift ideas for daycare providers like this one is an excellent option.

It’s a stainless steel insulated travel mug with a black handle and lid. On the front of the travel mug, it reads, “I’m a toddler chasing, diaper changing, boo boo kissing, block building, timeout giving, multi-tasking, tear wiping daycare provider.

Each time they use this travel mug, they’ll be reminded of the appreciation you have for them caring for your child.

tank top

Help Ease the Heat: Tiny Human Tamer T-Shirt for Teachers Daycare Provider Gift Tank Top

Taking care of children gets hot during the summer months, especially when there’s a lot of running around involved. So, why not help your child’s daycare provider beat the heat with this gift idea? You’ll be gifting them with a tank top that reads, “Tiny human tamer.

” This gift idea for daycare providers features cartoon children along the top and playful fonts. It’s available in six different colors, as well as men’s and women’s sizes. Taking care of children is one of the most important jobs people can have.

So, choosing gift ideas for daycare providers like this one shows how much their work is being noticed.


Give the Gift of Warmth: Daycare Hair Funny Child Care Worker Teacher Hoodie

There are times when cuddling up in a sweatshirt is the only thing anyone wants to do. That’s especially true when daycare providers have to go to work during the early morning hours when it’s still chilly.

Give them the gift of warmth with this heather grey unisex hoodie. It features the phrase, “Daycare hair, don’t care,” written in playful black fonts across the front. This hoodie is easy to maintain and can be machine washed in cold water with like colors.

Gift ideas for daycare providers like this one help them stay warm during cold weather and cozy when there’s a chill in the air.

plant pot set

A Gift that Keeps Giving: Teacher Gift Indoor Basil Plant Pot Set Thank You for Helping Me Grow

Does your child’s daycare provider like gardening or cooking? If so, this is one of those gift ideas for daycare providers that can’t be missed. It’s a basil plant grown in a pot featuring the phrase, “Thank you for helping me grow.

” Daycare providers can keep this basil plant where children can watch it grow. Or, they can bring it home to use it in their cooking. Either way, this daycare provider gift idea is the kind that keeps on giving.

Each time they use the basil, they’ll be reminded of how much their work means to you and your family.

wall decal

An Artful Reminder: 36 x 24 Daycare Provider Poem

If your daycare provider has an office where they complete administrative tasks, this gift idea is perfect. You’ll be giving them a wall decal featuring beautiful black fonts depicting a poem about a daycare provider.

The decal is easy to apply, and it comes with instructions for how to do so. When your child’s daycare provider reads this poem, they’ll love the sentiment and thoughtfulness. Each time they see it on display, they’ll be reminded of how much their work is appreciated and valued.

This decal is ideal for their office, as well as wherever else they would like to display their meaningful contributions to the children for whom they’re caring.

Thanks from the very Hungry caterpillar Book

The Gift of Reading: Thanks from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar is a popular story in daycares throughout the world. So, when Thanks from the Hungry Caterpillar was released in 2017, it became a colorful way of showing appreciation.

Gift ideas for daycare providers like this one are not only useful, but they also show them how much you care about the work they’re doing with children. Say, “thank you,” with this book by Eric Carle the next time you’re looking for gift ideas for daycare providers.

Your child’s daycare provider will love the sentiment, as well as the fact that they can use it for years.


For the Avid Reader: Teacher Bookmark Swarovski Pearls Crystal Thanks For Helping Me Grow Charm

During naptimes, it isn’t uncommon to see daycare providers grab a book and start reading. The main reason is that they need to keep the room quiet and be present if the children wake and need them. Gift ideas for daycare providers such as these are optimal for those who are constantly losing their bookmarks.

You’ll be gifting them with a stainless bookmark. It features a length of beads featuring pearls and Swarovski crystals. At the end of the length, there’s a charm that reads, “Thanks for helping me grow.

” Gift ideas like this one are not only beautiful, but they’re useful as well.


Cuteness from Head to Toe: omen’s Famous Cartoon Animation Character Casual Socks

In this case, this idea features cuteness on the toes! Sometimes, shoes have to come off in the rooms where children are playing. The main reason is that children are crawling on the floors and they must be kept as clean as possible.

Gifts such as these help keep cuteness on their feet! You’ll be gifting them with animated socks featuring five different colors and designs. Not only are they cute, but they’re functional and will keep their feet warm.

Each time they use these socks, they’ll see that you understand the importance of keeping the facility clean.

Fridge magnet

Put it on Display: Daycare Provider Fridge Magnet

No matter if they want to put it on display on the side of their desk or the fridge, this daycare gift idea is an excellent one. It’s a magnet featuring the phrase, “World’s best childcare provider.” The magnet is made from metal and features a durable painted finish.

It measures 2″ x 3″. So, no one will miss it no matter where this magnet is proudly displayed. The playful animation and fun fonts make this magnet a treasure. Whenever your child’s daycare provider see this magnet, they’ll be reminded of how much you love that they’re working with your family.

waist pack

Help With Organization on the Go: Fanny Pack Dons Street Waist Pack

Each time daycare providers leave with children to go on field trips; they have to carry a lot of things with them. In addition to tote bags of essentials, it’s also necessary to carry things with them at all times.

Some of these items include bug spray, sunscreen, and basic first aid treatments. Gifts such as this one make carrying those items much easier. It’s a black waist pack featuring phrases about being a childcare provider.

They can use it for carrying any small items children need when they’re on-the-go. In addition to being durable, it’s also compact enough not to get in the way when they’re caring for children.


Gifts of Strength: Only The Strongest Women Become Childcare Providers Plated Necklace

Not only will this necklace make a statement, but it will also show your appreciation. Daycare providers work hard daily, taking care of children of all ages. It takes mental and physical strength. Gift ideas such as this one help show your daycare provider that you love what they’re doing for your child.

It’s a gold plated necklace featuring a heart-shaped charm. The charm reads, “Only the strongest women become childcare providers.” The text is written in fancy gold fonts against a black background. The twenty-two-inch chain creates a comfortable fit for this beautiful gift.


Make the Distinction: Daycare Provider Not A Babysitter Premium T-Shirt

There’s a difference between a daycare provider and a babysitter. This funny t-shirt lets everyone know! Daycare providers teach while babysitters are more of a playmate. Gifting your daycare provider with this funny gift idea will show them you know and appreciate the difference.

They’re tasked with coming up with new and creative ways to teach children daily. This t-shirt reads, “I am a daycare provider, not a babysitter. I never once sat on a baby.” Parents who read this will giggle at its humor.

Daycare providers will love the sentiment. It’s available in ten different colors, as well as men, women, and youth sizes.

Angel figurine

Say Thank you: Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted angel, Just for You

Say, “thank you,” with a gift that’s just for your daycare teacher. Sometimes, saying thank you means giving your daycare provider a gift that’s just for them. That means giving them a gift that has nothing to do with being a childcare provider, but everything to do with being someone special.

While those two things are one in the same, sometimes it’s essential to separate the two with a gift such as this one. This Willow Tree Angel is holding the words, “Thank you.” She stands 5.5′ tall and is packed in a box that’s perfect for gift-giving.

This angel is excellent for displaying on shelves, the corner of desks, or taking home to show families.

Hershey´s chocolate bars

A Sweet Treat to Share: Teacher Appreciation Favors Personalized Wrappers for Hershey’s Chocolate Bars (25 Count)

Show your appreciation to the entire staff at your child’s daycare with this gift. Chocolates are loved by staff members. You’ll be gifting them with a Hershey’s chocolate bar. It’s wrapped in personalized paper that reads, “Thank you,” that’s surrounded by crayons.

On the back, it reads, “The very best teachers don’t just teach; they inspire. Thanks for all you do!” Then, you can personalize the name of the daycare. You can choose from four different colors of foil, as well as between twelve and thirty-six bars.

Sweet treats like this will not be forgotten by the daycare providers receiving them!

chocolate hot cocoa sampler pack

Something Yummy to Drink: Two Rivers Chocolate Hot Cocoa Sampler Pack, Single-Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 40 Count

Because not all daycare providers drink coffee or tea, hot chocolate is an excellent alternative. Gift ideas for daycare providers such as this one help keep kitchens stocked with treats when days get stressful.

Therefore, the entire staff will appreciate this gift. You’ll be gifting them with an assortment of forty different K-Cup hot cocoa brewer cups. There’s everything from Junior Mints to Sugar Babies. So, even the most discerning tastes will find something they like in this variety pack.

Treat your child’s daycare provider with this sampler pack the next time you’re looking for a gift idea. They’ll love that it’s a sweet treat and something they can share with the staff!

Picking out the best gift ideas for daycare providers can be challenging. You’ll find this is especially true when your daycare provider doesn’t discuss their interests because they’re so focused on caring for the children in front of them daily. Therefore, we’ve put together this gift guide for you to help ease that stress. The next time you need to pick up a gift for your daycare provider, we hope this gift guide will help you figure out what to get them!

30 Gift ideas for daycare providers

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