30 Death Note Gifts To Tell Light To Take a Holiday

Dark is Light, and Light is Dark, and fans of Death Note love and want it all.

When Light found that mysterious notebook and discovered its powers, investigators were stumped. But with this Death Note gift guide, you won’t be stumped on what to buy the Death Note fan in your life!

Death Note Gift Ideas

journal and pen set

Keep Names Secret: Death Note Journal and Feather Pen Set

Your Death Note fan will love this journal and feather pen set, but be sure they don’t write your name in the journal, or you could be next on the hit list! The journal cover is faux leather and measures around 5” x 8”, or 15 cm x 21.

5 cm, respectively. The real feather features a pen insert and can be used to write down thoughts or names, depending on the moment’s mood.

Tell your loved one not to write too many names in the journal, however, as L might come looking for them eventually, especially if people start turning up dead.


Wearing Death and Light: Ripple Junction Death Note T-Shirt

The Death Note crew adorns this adult t-shirt, including Ryuk and Light. Made from 100% cotton, it is soft enough for daily wear while staying nice for cosplay outings. People who don’t know about Death Note will complement the wearer of how “funky” it is.

It is machine washable.

Other customers say that the size runs a bit big, so you might want to order your true size or a size smaller.

3D-color lamp

Light and Death Together: Death Note 7-Color Lamp

Art and technology collide to create this 3D sculpture light of L. The lamp can change color with a remote or by directly touching the base. It gives off a gentle glow without glare and comes with two power sources–AAA batteries or a USB cable.

The sculpture is made from optical acrylic with a laser sculpting tool.

It can be placed in a child’s room, the living room, or another bedroom for a relaxing glow that can soothe and relax.


Light Accessories: Death Note Earrings

Fans of the “L” investigator will love these L earrings. The stunning metal and jewel-like coloring let these earrings match formal or casual wear, as they look too fancy to be an Anime gift. Made with hypoallergenic materials, they will make a nice gift for even those in your life who have allergies to certain metals.

They are nickel-free and come in a cute gift box.


For the Fan That Has Everything: Death Note Poster

Death Note fans usually have at least one or two items from the show, or maybe more, but do they have a poster? More than likely, they do, but do they have all of the posters? This poster features Light and L in the foreground, with scenes from the show in the background, which is the perfect gift for the Death Note fan in your life.

The poster is printed on high-quality copper paper but does not come with a frame. And you have a choice of different posters if your loved one already has the selected poster.

heat changing coffee mug

For the Coffee Drinker: Heat-Changing Coffee Mug

The coffee drinker in your life will love this heat-changing ceramic coffee mug. Light is continuously on the mug, whether hot or cold, while Ryuk appears when hot coffee or other beverages are added.

It holds 16 ounces of their favorite beverage but is not dishwasher safe.

So, to keep the heat-changing abilities, your loved one needs to hand wash this mug only.

pocket watch

A Personal Death Book: Death Note Pocket Watch for Men

Just like in the show, the death note pocket watch for men opens to show the words, “The man whose name is written in this note shall die,” which is under an analog clock. When closed, the watch is in the shape of a book.

It is attached to an attractive chain that will complement any outfit.

As a safety procedure, the face is covered with acrylic rather than glass, as the glass could shatter when dropped.

metal bracelet

For Metal Fans: Death Note Metal Bracelet

Leather and metal are a punk rocker’s dream, and when they are combined AND related to Death Note, it’s supernatural. The Death Note bracelet is made with a leather braided band and a decorative alloy metal top, complete with two “L’s” and a skull in the center.

But be warned–this bracelet is sized for a child, so you may want to plan accordingly.

If your loved one is older but has a smaller wrist, it might fit them just fine.

anime death note figure

Ryuk on a Stick: Anime Death Note Figure

Ryuk visited Light several times, and now your loved one can keep a statue of Ryuk in their room or other personal space. The statue is realistic to the show and is propped up on a clear stick on top of a base.

It stands 9.4 inches, or 24 centimeters tall, and is 10.23 inches, or 26 centimeters wide.

The figure itself is made from a high-quality PVC material with exquisite details and can pose in whatever way your loved one desires.


Atta Boy!: ta-Boy Death Note Buttons

This set of 4 collector decorative buttons can add flair and personality to anything, such as the Death Note backpack or hoodie. And they can make others say, “‘Atta boy!” to those wearing the button.

Each button is 1 ¼ inch in diameter and features a different element of the Death Note story, including the flared “L” named after the investigator.

Your loved ones will love this set, as they can mix and match the buttons with their outfit or use them on coats, backpacks, pillows, and blankets to show their fan status.


Sleeping With Death: Zippered Double Sided Pillowcase

A Death Note character pillowcase for a throw pillow is just what your friend or a family member needs to spice up their living quarters while showing their fandom. It features all of the Death Note characters on the front and back, and it comes with a zipper to keep the pillow secure in any situation, including a pillow fight.

It needs to be hand washed or dry cleaned, but it will not shrink after washing. And because it is made from short plush material, it is soft and cuddly.


Stay Warm, Even in Death: Death Note Flannel Throw

The Death Note flannel blanket will complement the throw pillowcase listed above and keep your loved one warm during the winter, but hopefully, not in death. It comes in three different sizes, including twin, full, and queen, with several characters from the show in separate squares through the entire blanket.

It is made from 100% polyester and microfiber that is breathable and lightweight yet warm and cozy. It is machine washable, but it needs to be dried on low heat.

bandana face protection

Staying Dust Free While Dying: Death Note Bandana Face Protection

The dust and pollen can be a pain, so if your loved one has allergies and is a fan of Death Note, this bandana face protection will create a bold statement while protecting them against dust.

It is machine washable, has a nose clip for increased protection, and provides two extra filters for increased protection.

The bandana fits snugly yet comfortably and can be adjusted for different face sizes.

key ring

For the Person on the Go: Mini Death Note Key Ring

Light fans will love this mini Death Note journal key ring. The journal is black with Death Note on the front, and the words, “The human whose name is written in this note shall die,” on the back. The ring allows several keys to be added, while the journal is small enough to fit in pockets.

Made from a high-quality metal alloy, it will withstand years of use and abuse. Your friend will love how shiny and smooth it is.


To Keep Them Warm: Ripple Junction Death Note Long-Sleeve Shirt

This black long-sleeved t-shirt has a white Ryuk logo on the top left side and is perfect for the Death Note fan in your life. The back has L and Light against a red background in the eternal struggle with chains.

It is made with 100% cotton and is machine washable. The sizes range from small to 3X and fit true to size.

This shirt should provide your loved one with a stylish fashion choice for warmth during the fall and winter.

shower curtain

Showering With Death: Death Note Shower Curtain

Your loved one won’t be showering with death, but rather, the Death Note characters. Each character is prominently featured on the curtain, making it an attractive addition to their bathroom. The polyester fabric is a bit heavier than normal, making it waterproof.

It doesn’t wrinkle as easily as other shower curtains, and it dries faster.

At six feet wide and six feet long, it gives proper coverage for most standard bathtubs. The curtain is machine washable, and the anti-rust grommets will stay functional for many years.

laptop decals

Computing With Ryuk: Laptop Decals

Ryuk can visit this realm again through laptops and other hard surfaces–not as an ethereal being, but as a decal. This set of two Ryuk decals are 8 inches by 6 inches and are reusable for several applications.

The Death Logo accompanies the Ryuk figure, which is just what the Death Note fan in your life would like.

The application of the decal is simple:

Clean and dry the surface.
Carefully peel the decal from the backing and apply to the surface, being careful to keep air bubbles from forming.

Smooth it out with a hard plastic device such as a credit card to remove any extra bubbles.

airPods case

Suggestive Messages From Ryuk: Ryuk AirPods Case

If your Death Note fan also has AirPods, this case will delight them. It is made from a high-quality, flexible silicone material, which keeps the AirPods safe and secure. The outside of the case features the shadow of Ryuk against a full moon.

To remove the AirPods, your loved one will need to either gently squeeze the case or push up from the bottom.

It is shock-resistant, so if the case is dropped, the AirPods will be just fine.

pullover hoodie

Staying Warm in the Cold: Death Note Pullover Hoodie

Hoodie and Death Note fans will love this pullover hoodie that features the Death Note logo and Ryuk on the front. It comes in eight different colors so that you can find the right color for your loved one.

It is perfect for those cold mornings or evenings by the campfire or at the bus stop.

The sizes come in XS through 3XL and fit true to size. While it can be washed in a machine, it is recommended that it be hand washed to keep shrinkage to a minimum.

set of two key rings

Hanging With Ryuk: Set of Two Key Rings by Alisa

Ryuk and L are ready to adorn your loved one’s key chain or backpack. The cartoon-like graphics are a delight for those who love Death Note, and because they are made from a high-quality soft PVC material, they will stand up to years of normal wear and tear.

mouse pad

For the Gamer: Death Note Non-Slip Mousepad

The gamer in your life who also happens to be a Death Note fan will love this non-slip mouse pad that won’t move when they are actively gaming online with friends. It is made from an anti-slip rubber base and an ultra-smooth top that allows the mouse to be positioned quickly and accurately.

It is also waterproof and repels stains, so if your gamer happens to spill soda on it, it can be cleaned without any staining residue.

tapestry or blanket

For the College Student: Death Note Tapestry or Blanket

College dormitories are often very bare and boring. But for your favorite Death Note college student, you can help them liven up their room with this Death Note black and white tapestry. It measures 60 inches (152 centimeters) by 40 inches (102 centimeters) and can be hooked to the wall using the included barb clips and invisible wall hooks.

The tapestry can also be used as a blanket, bedspread, picnic tablecloth, or beach blanket. Because of its versatility, this tapestry can be very useful to its recipient.

death Note fiction in los Angeles book

Go on the Case With L: Death Note Fiction in Los Angeles

Another installment to the Death Note Saga, this fiction book sets L and his assistant, Naomi Misora, in Los Angeles for yet another supernatural murder epidemic. The killer seems to be leaving secret clues at each murder scene that no one can figure out.

With each clue, the killer creates a confusing map to the next murder.

After several unsolvable murders, the “super-sleuth” L is called to the city to help solve the crimes.

This book will delight your loved one and give them yet another installment in this series.


Send Them to School in Style: Death Note Backpack

Kids and young adults alike who are Death Note fans will love this backpack because the white lettering soaks up the Light during the day, then turns blue in the dark. It features a decorative L on the front and the Death Note logo, and other designs from the show.

There are two pockets on either side for drink bottles and a padded laptop pocket inside, plus several other pockets and compartments for your student’s gear.

water bottle

Drinking With Death: Death Note Insulated Water Bottle

The water bottle for those who love investigating murder mysteries, and what better bottle than that which features Ryuk on the side of the bottle? It is double insulated and can keep cold beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot beverages hot up to 12 hours, which is long enough to fully get into a mystery.

death note L action figure

Living With L: Death Note L Action Figure

You’re never too old to play with dolls, as this action figure shows you. If your loved one is into Death Note and loves the L character, this gift should make them happy. It is made with PVC and stands about 10 centimeters (or almost 4 inches).

The toy is recommended for older children and teens and is a collectible item.


Brace for the Bracelet: Death Note Charm Bracelet

Most shows seem to have charm bracelets, and Death Note is no exception. Made with a high-quality alloy that is both hypoallergenic and nickel-free, it is the perfect gift for those allergic to most metals.

The bracelet charms are depictions of the Death Note characters, including Ryuk, Light, and L. Between each character is a black jewel of sorts that adds to the bracelet’s final finish and look.

dog tag

Keeping Death at Bay: Death Note Dog Tag

This dog tag shaped keyring ornament bears the words, “The man whose name is written in this note will die,” and a decorative L attached to a ring for keys. While these ornaments are not exactly dog tags, they look like they could be.

On the other side of the tag is the Death Note logo written in red, with the middle letters shaped like a sword.

This gift will be a nice decorative gift for your loved ones to put on their backpack or use for their keys.

iPhone case

Phoning It In: Death Note iPhone Case

If your loved one has an iPhone 11, they will go for this Death Note case cover that depicts all the Death Note characters. It is made with soft silicone and easy to put on the phone and remove when needed.

It will protect their phone if they drop it or it falls from a high surface.

The openings line up with the camera, buttons, and lights on an iPhone 11, so you’ll need to somehow learn what type of phone your loved one has before adding this case to the cart.

Picking Death Note Presents

After browsing through our hand-picked gift selection, you might be wondering what Death Note is or if these gifts are made for a younger audience. You might have heard about the show from your child, friend, cousin, or nephew, and you are curious about what it involves.

Before getting into the age guide, let’s take a look at what the show is about.

Show Synopsis

A supernatural being named Ryuk left a unique and mysterious notebook in the human realm, and before being able to get it back, a high school student named “Light” found the notebook and took it home with him. He read the instructions of leaving a name in the notebook to kill that person and decided to test that theory. Once he realized it worked, he kept doing it.

A few days after Light found the book, Ryuk visited him and told him to keep it.

An investigator of the murders, L, started looking into the murders. As the story continues, Light loses the notebook and then finds it again, but not before becoming an investigator himself.

Age Tips

The show is geared to an older audience, so many of the gifts will appeal to this age group. Since many of the gifts we featured in this article contain small parts, they are not suitable for those under three years old. Check each gift age warning before buying for your loved one.


There you have it–30 Death Note gift ideas for your favorite fan. Hopefully, you’ll find something they will like! If you do find a great gift, let us know in the comments.

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