34 Unique Gift Ideas For Delivery Nurses You Love

Bringing a new baby into the world is a big job and it’s one that usually involves several people.

While mama has the toughest job, the delivery nurses there to help her don’t have an easy job either. To thank your delivery nurse for the important work she does, consider one of these gift ideas.

Gift Ideas For Delivery Nurses

off duty glass

For the Wine Lover: Labor and Delivery Nurse Presents wine & snacks

Labor and delivery nurses work hard while they’re on duty, so some of their off-duty time is all about relaxation. That means, when you’re shopping for someone who works in this field and also loves wine, this is an ideal gift idea.

You’ll be giving them a stemless wine glass that reads, “Labor & Delivery Nurse: Off Duty.” It features bold black letters with a turquoise heart in its center. This stemless wine glass will hold twenty ounces of their favorite beverage.

Consider adding it to a gift basket containing a bottle of their favorite wine, as well as some snacks.

mug that says i deliver babies what's your superpower

Embracing Coffee: I Deliver Babies What’s Your Superpower

Delivering babies isn’t a career field that should be taken lightly. Therefore, when selecting a gift for someone who does this and also loves drinking coffee, you can’t go wrong with this gift. It’s a coffee mug that reads, “I deliver babies.

What’s your superpower?” It’s a white mug featuring black fonts with floral prints. This mug will hold eleven ounces of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or any other of their favorite beverage or soup. Its beautiful appearance is not only durable but is also a gentle reminder of the vital role labor, and delivery nurses play.

Those receiving this gift will love the sentiment and practicality of this gift!

cloudliving experiences for her

To Spoil Her Senseless: Indulgent Experiences From Virgin Experiences

It’s always fun to get a taste of the high life, and Virgin experiences will take her away from her troubles and let her live like royalty for a few hours.

Not only can she enjoy spa days, chocolate tours and five-star dining experiences, but many of them are offered in unique settings as well. She can enjoy wines and cheeses during a cruise of the New York City coastline; she can sip on cocktails as she takes an aerial tour of San Francisco; she can be waited on by black-jacket servers during a Napa Valley train ride. The possibilities are endless with Virgin!

black tshirt with l & d nurse written on it

Wear it With Pride: Womens Cute Labor and Delivery Nurse V-Neck T-Shirt

Are you searching for the ideal gift to give the labor and delivery nurse in your life? If so, this cute t-shirt is one that ranks high on the list. It features the words, “L&D Nurse,” coupled with a pink set of baby footprints and a pink stethoscope that twirls into the shape of a heart.

This t-shirt is available in six different colors and sizes small through two-extra large. The v-neck makes it comfortable for wearing during all occasions. It’s machine washable with like colors and can be dried on low heat.

As soon as those receiving this gift open it up, they’ll love its cute design and lightweight fabric.

stethoscope charm with baby feet on it

Add Some Bling: UltraScope Crystal Stethoscope Charm – Baby Feet

Why should labor and delivery nurses wear a boring stethoscope when it could have a little bling? This ultrascope crystal stethoscope charm features baby feet. You’ll be giving a gift that not only embraces their career choice but also highlights the importance of the role they play every day.

The crystals on this charm are pink and blue and are on a zinc setting that’s naturally antibacterial. Those receiving this gift will love how stylish it is and that it adds just enough sparkle to their everyday appearance.

Consider adding this gift idea to a gift basket full of other daily essentials including hand lotion, a stress relief ball, and a mini hand massager.

Personalized pediatric badge

Proudly Display Identification: Personalized Pediatric Baby, NICU, Labor and Delivery Lanyard Id Badge Reel Holder

Retractable badge reels are par for the course at hospitals, especially in the labor and delivery unit. When you’re trying to find an ideal gift for the labor and delivery nurse in your life, consider this personalized identification badge.

It’s available in six different choices in either a 1 1/2″ or 1″ design. You can choose letters, a name, or monogram. Then, you can select the setting you like the best. The badge reel is available in three different types, including black, clear, and white.

These lanyard ID badges are excellent for clipping on to pockets, belts, or the edge of clothing. The many different options allow for this to become a personal and one-of-a-kind gift.

nurse buttons pins

Say it Loud, Say it Proud: Labor and Delivery Nurse Buttons Pins

Sometimes finding gifts for those who deliver babies means thinking outside the box. That means you may have to think about what they like to do or how they like to present themselves. For example, do they like to put pins on the outside of the backpacks or their scrubs? If so, then this is the ideal gift idea! You’ll be receiving a set of twelve L&D nurse pins each featuring a different phase.

They measure 1.25″ in diameter and are all a colorful depiction of this career. Consider adding them to the tops of cupcakes, along the edge of a gift basket, on the handles of a gift bag, or use them as a stocking stuffer.


Keys to Their Heart: New Birth Thank You Gift Keychain

Show the L&D nurse how much you appreciate the care and consideration they gave you during the birth of your baby with this gift idea. It’s a simple and straightforward keychain that reads, “Thank you for the safe delivery of your baby,” on a circular charm.

” There’s also a heart charm that reads, “OBGYN.” Each charm is made from stainless steel and nickel. It’s hypoallergenic, won’t rust, and is lead safe. This keychain measures approximately 30 mm x 30 mm.

It’s an excellent way of showing those who helped bring new life into your family a token of your appreciation.

baby catcher journal

For the Journaler: Baby Catcher

Journals are an excellent way of calming down at the end of a busy day. Showing your appreciation to your L&D nurse with this gift idea is an excellent way of telling them you understand the stresses they’re experiencing.

It’s a composition sized notebook containing one hundred and forty beautifully lined pages. The cover reads, “Baby Catcher,” written in a gorgeous font that’s surrounded by a floral theme and it’s all against a pink background.

The best way to say thank you is with a gift that embraces someone’s interests, and this one does that exceptionally well. Consider adding a set of colorful gel pens as well.

tote bag

Toting the Essentials: Labor & Delivery Stork Nurse RN Tote Bag

It isn’t uncommon to see an L&D nurse carrying around their daily essentials to and from work with them. So, when you’re looking for a gift for them, this tote bag is an excellent idea. It’s a tote bag that reads, “L&D” with a stork and an area for personalization at the stork’s feet.

There are mesh pockets, and this tote bag is available in seven different colors. It measures 14″ tall x 20″ wide with a 4″ gusset. That makes this tote bag excellent for carrying laptops, tablets, clothing, books, and anything else they need to carry with this.

The front pocket is optimal for carrying smaller items like cords, pens, lotions, phones, and other essentials that get lost at the bottom of a bag.

labor & delivery pin

Say Thank You With Jewelry: Nurse Labor & Delivery Pin

If your baby was in the NICU and you want to give your L&D nurse an appreciation gift, this an excellent gift idea. It’s a sterling silver pin featuring a cross, a heart featuring baby footprints, and a NICU delivery caduceus.

Each charm hangs from three separate sterling silver hearts that link together. When the nurse wears this on her scrubs or other pieces of clothing, there’s no mistaking that someone appreciates the work she does every single day.

Their role in the NICU is not only a critical one, but it’s also a special one regarding the relationship they have with the babies and the parents. So, giving them a gift like this is not only touching, but it helps them continue moving forward with love and compassion.

gratitude journal

The Gift of Gratitude: This Gratitude Journal Belongs To The World’s Best L & D Nurse

It’s easy to get swept up in the comings and goings of everyday life and lose sight of your purpose. You’ll find this is especially true when holding down a demanding career such as working as helping deliver babies.

Therefore, when you’re looking for a great gift idea, this gratitude journal could fit the bill. It’s a black journal featuring gold lettering that reads, “This gratitude journal belongs to the world’s best L&D nurse.

” It contains one hundred custom pages of custom pages to help motivate and inspire gratitude daily. They can use these pages to track daily devotionals, thoughts, make notes, and write about acts of kindness.


Glittering Beauty: Bracelet Nurse Gift Labor Delivery

During their off hours, someone who helps deliver babies may still like to wear their career proudly on their sleeve. That’s where a gift idea like this comes into play. You’ll be giving them a collage charm bracelet featuring six different charms all with a labor and delivery theme.

The bracelet is made from sterling silver, as is each of these gorgeous charms. Four of the charms feature sparkling crystals, and one can be personalized with the nurse’s first initial. One of the charms reads, “thank you for helping me grow.

” Each time the gift recipient wears this bracelet, they’ll be showing their love for their career with glittering beauty.

water bottle

The Gift of Hydration: I Deliver Babies Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while they’re on-the-go is something all labor and delivery nurses must take seriously. They’re on the move throughout the day, and that means the need for ensuring they’re getting enough water.

You can help them achieve that goal with this gift idea. It’s a white double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle. It reads, “I deliver babies; what’s you’re superpower?” The text is written in black fonts that are surrounded by pink flowers.

This water bottle will keep hot and cold liquids at their temperature for up to eight hours. Consider adding this water bottle to a gift basket containing other essentials to help keep them healthy while they’re on-the-go.

art print

Home or Office Decor: Born To Be A Labor & Delivery Nurse Art Print

Help someone you know who delivers babies proudly display that fact with this gorgeous art print. Or, if you want to express your appreciation to an L&D nurse, this is a beautiful gift idea. It’s an art print that reads, “Born to be a labor and delivery nurse,” written in beautiful black fonts.

It’s written on a white background and doesn’t come with a frame. You can pick up a frame inexpensively online, though. The print measures 8.5″ x 11″ and is printed on high-quality cardstock. No matter if it’s framed or left as it is, the high-quality inks will never fade.

They can proudly hang this print in their office, home office, or anywhere in their home.

license plate frame

For Their Vehicle: Labor and Delivery Nurse Metal Pink Heavy Duty License Plate Frame

Showing off that they deliver babies doesn’t have to be limited to the home or at the workplace. Nurses can also proudly display their passion for their careers on their vehicles, as well, thanks to this gift idea.

It’s a pink license plate frame that reads, “Labor & Delivery Nurse.” It measures 12.5″ x 6.5″ and weighs approximately twelve ounces. There are pre-drilled holes, so all they need to do is attach it to their license plate.

This gift idea is a fun way of displaying what nurses do proudly. Consider adding this license plate from to a gift basket containing other car care items.

stethoscope tag-grey

Keep it Identified: Stethoscope Tag – Grey and White Baby Feet

Helping an L&D nurse keep track of her stethoscope is something she’ll appreciate more than you can imagine. You can do that with this personalized gift. It’s a stethoscope tag featuring her name printed in black fonts against a background featuring gray baby footprints.

This tag is covered in mylar, so it wipes clean easily. The gray tones match easily with any scrubs. It’s easy to attach to the stethoscope by lining it up top and bottom along the tubing and snapping it together.

It will fit all stethoscopes with regular tubing. When gift recipients use this tag, there will no longer be any mistaking who’s stethoscope is whose.

christmas ornament

For the Holidays: Personalized Christmas Ornament

No matter if they want to hang this ornament from their holiday tree, in their window, or from their rearview mirror, it’s one that will make an impact. This personalized Christmas ornament features a set of scrubs, stethoscope, and clipboard.

When ordering, you can customize the bottom of the shirt and the clipboard with text. That makes this gift even more special. Consider adding the L&D nurse’s name, the year she worked with you, or other details that matter the most! The ornament is ready to hang with a ribbon through its loop.

This ornament makes a great addition to gift baskets containing sweet treats or daily essentials, as well!

nuts and fruit basket

Fun Food to Share: Oh! Nuts Gifts Fruit Basket (First Aid Kit)

If the labor and delivery nurse you know has a quirky sense of humor, this is a gift idea that will surely tickle their funny bone. You’ll be giving them a food-themed first aid kit. Each compartment of the first aid kit contains candy instead of medicine or medical supplies.

For example, the pill caddies are full of jelly beans, and the band-aids are made from chocolate. There are also syringes full of chocolate and a fun prescription pad! Gifts like this are an excellent way of showing your appreciation or bringing humor to any occasion! You could add these items to a gift basket containing other fun medical supplies, including pen syringes and colorful self-adhesive bandages.

nurse life daily planner

The Gift of Organization: L&D Nurse At Your Cervix Nurse Life: Live Love Heal

Helping women deliver babies isn’t the only thing these nurses do. They live full lives and, in many cases, they have families or are taking classes outside of work. So, when you give them a daily planner to help them manage their lives, it’s something they’ll truly appreciate.

This daily planner contains one hundred and nine pages, has sections for organizing their days, as well as blank pages for journaling. The cover design is gorgeous and reads, “L&D Nurse at Your Cervix,” written in beautiful fonts.

Consider giving them this gift with a set of colorful gel pens. It measures 7″ x 10,” making it perfect for putting in their bag and using while on-the-go!

snack gift box

A Snack To Be Shared: Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

A delivery nurse usually does what she does because she loves helping people. This generally speaks to a humble and caring personality, so one of the best gifts to give is one that she can share. A gift basket of tasty treats that she can share with her co-workers will be much more meaningful than something that is just for her.

This gift basket includes chocolates, caramels, caramel corns, peanut brittle, and more. It’s all packaged in a keepsake seagrass basket that she’ll be able to reuse. Be sure to include a handwritten note to thank her for all she does. You can mention that she’s welcome to enjoy the treats herself or share them with her family or her coworkers.

box of chocolates

Chocolate is Always a Perfect Gift: Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate Variety Gift Pack

Some gifts are just evergreen. It doesn’t matter who the recipient is or what the reason is: chocolate always wins. This 70-count chocolate box from master chocolatier Godiva is sure to be hit. In the case of a gift for a delivery nurse, chocolate is an ideal way to say thank you.

After all, a sweet nurse has helped bring your sweet little one into the world so what better way could there be to say thank you than the gift of something sweet? This is another one of those gifts that nurses will love sharing with their co-workers. In your accompanying card, you might want to suggest that they first call dibs on their favorite variety to make sure they aren’t left with the ones nobody wants. Then again, with Godiva chocolates, are there any that nobody wants?

keurig coffee pods collection

Caffeine to Fuel Long Shifts: Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, 72-Count Variety Pack

Delivery nurses often work long shifts and most of them live on coffee. Hospital coffee isn’t always the best but many hospitals now have Keurig machines. You might want to call to check with the hospital to see if they have one. If they do, a K-cup variety pack is an ideal gift.

It’s one that can be shared with co-workers, something most nurses will appreciate. This 72-count variety pack includes regular coffee blends from Caribou Coffee, Tully’s, Newman’s Own, Green Mountain, and The Donut Shop. This includes light roasts, dark roasts, and roasts that lie somewhere in between. There are also a few flavored varieties like the Caramel Vanilla Cream K-cup from Green Mountain. The only thing missing from this variety pack is decaf but most nurses won’t mind this exclusion.

lavazza coffee blend pack

High-Quality Coffee Beans: Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

For the hospital that doesn’t have a Keurig machine, you can instead gift some high-quality beans. Every coffee snob knows that really good beans make a huge difference.

Since hospitals rarely invest in great coffee for their staff, the labor and delivery nurses will get really excited to have some truly quality coffee for a change. Lavazza beans are blended and roasted in Italy and the Italians know their coffee. These espresso beans offer a mild but velvety cuppa with some notes of sweetness. Your note can say that the coffee is “strong and sweet – just like you!”

starbucks gift card

For Coffee Runs: Starbucks Gift Cards, Multipack of 5

If there is a coffee shop in the hospital or nearby, a gift card makes a great gift. Dashing off for coffee during a break offers nurses the perfect combination of getting away for a bit and getting that java pick-me-up they need.

Since you’ll typically interact with several delivery nurses, you’ll probably want to buy several gift cards. This 5-pack of Starbucks cards will give a handful of nurses several a real treat in the form of $20-worth of coffee or snacks. If the nearby coffee shop for your hospital isn’t a Starbucks, just find a gift card for whatever brand is nearby.

Nurse steel mug

For Java on the Go: Novelty Nurse Quote Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Nurses are always on the go. To keep their coffee or tea warm while they go about their busy day, there’s nothing like a stainless steel travel mug. This travel mug not only keeps their drinks warm but it will also warm their hearts with the fun message. It reads “I’m A Nurse What’s Your Superpower?” This is a fun message but when given as a gift from a patient, it’s also a reminder that what they do is very special and important. This is a great gift on its own or given along with some coffee or a coffee gift card.

delivery nurse button set

A Fun Collection of Flair: Labor and Delivery Nurse Buttons Set

When you spend your days wearing scrubs, it can be hard to find ways to let your personality shine through. That said, many L & D nurses enjoy finding little ways to express themselves. If you’ve ever seen the movie Office Space, you know the term flair.

Well, pins and buttons are making a big comeback these days. This fun set of flair for delivery nurses will let your nurses have a little fun and make their scrubs a little more interesting. The set includes 12 pins, with a mix of serious and fun messages. As a bonus, these pins are sure to make future laboring women smile when they encounter your nurse.

nurse life coloring book

A Unique Way to De-Stress: Nurse Life – A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days, as coloring has been proven to be a good way to release stress and relax. Some adult coloring books are very zen and just feature geometric patterns while others add some humor to the coloring experience.

This is one of the latter and it’s full of jokes that nurses will really appreciate. Each page has some kind of pattern or image to color along with a message or one-liner to color and to make the nurse smile. One example is “Never pass up an opportunity to pee.” That’s a piece of wisdom that any nurse will understand well. Throw in a nice set of colored pencils and your delivery nurse will soon see all the stress of the job melt away, from both coloring and laughing.

Quotable patients journal cover

For Recording Memories: Nurse Life: My Quoteable Patients Journal

When working as a delivery nurse, you share a lot of special moments with new parents. You sometimes witness miracles and you sometimes experience tragedies. But you also hear your patients say a lot of quotes you’d like to remember. This includes both the beautiful and profound as well as the hilarious and absurd.

Just like how parents often record the things their quoteable kid says so they can always remember, this journal helps the nurse keep track of the particularly notable things their patients say. Of course, working as a labor and delivery nurse, they’ll often hear seemingly mild-mannered women swearing like sailors. When you give this journal as a gift, just be aware that whatever you say while in labor might well be the first note to be recorded for posterity!

starfish silver necklace

A Special Way of Saying Thanks: Smiling Wisdom Starfish Silver Necklace and Greeting Card

Delivery nurses make a profound difference in the lives of the mothers they help but it can sometimes feel like a thankless job. This is a special gift that will really help remind them of just how profoundly they touch people’s lives.

It’s a beautiful silver starfish necklace and a card with a story about starfish and the very special difference one person can make. This is the kind of gift that may well result in some very happy tears. The story on the card is adapted from the famous starfish story by Loren Eiseley and the message is really perfect for anyone who makes a difference. For the nurse who might be burned out, it’s a good reminder of just what a big difference they make.

insulated water bottle

For Staying Hydrated: Hydro Flask Double-Wall Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A nurse cannot survive on coffee alone. For optimal health and for feeling good through those long days at work, they really need to be drinking a lot of water.

This water bottle from Hyrdo Flask has been consistently ranked as the very best water bottle in terms of keeping water cold. This is because it has a double wall and vacuum insulation. Water will stay cold for up to an incredible 24 hours! A straw lid is included with this, so it will be even easier to help them stay hydrated on the go. You have your choice of a number of fun colors. We suggest a bright and bold color because it will help your busy nurse keep track of it more easily.

off duty delivery nurse novelty wine glass

For Off-Duty Imbibing: Funny Labor and Delivery Nurse Wine Glass

Have we mentioned that being a labor and delivery nurse is hard work? Enjoying a glass of wine at home after a long day of helping welcome new little ones into the world is entirely their prerogative. This lovely large, stemless wine glass is perfect.

The glass reads “Labor & Delivery Nurse Off Duty” and features a few baby footprints. This gift is a nice way to acknowledge that if anyone deserves a drink at the end of the day, it’s a delivery nurse. You might want to throw in a bottle of wine as well but you’ll want to make sure that it’s okay to bring that to the hospital.

shirt that reads nurse at your cervix

A Fun Shirt: Awesome L&D Nurse at Your Cervix Shirt

This shirt won’t be ideal for every delivery nurse but there are some nurses that will find it hilarious. If you get to know your delivery nurse well and know that he or she has a great sense of humor, you might just knock it out of the park with this punny gift.

The shirt is available in both Men’s and Women’s styles and you have your choice of a few different colors and a range of standard t-shirt sizes. This shirt is also a great gift for someone you know who has just gotten hired as a labor and delivery nurse.

compression socks

For Tired Legs: SB SOX Compression Socks for Men & Women

Working as a delivery nurse means spending long hours standing up, day after day. This can really take a toll and it can lead to some pretty tired feet and legs. You might think that giving socks to your nurses is kind of a weird gift but a delivery nurse is sure to appreciate a good pair of compression socks. These are basically really tight socks.

Compression socks help to boost blood circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up. This results in less fatigue and pain at the end of the day. You can write something on your card about how they stood by your side during a special moment and you want to help support them like they supported you.

Which one of these gifts will you buy for your delivery nurse? Let us know in the comments!

Do you have any other ideas for great delivery nurse gifts? Please share! And if you are a labor and delivery nurse, what do you think? Would you appreciate receiving any of these gifts?

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