34 Detective Conan Gifts To Close the Case

Do you know a Detective Conan superfan? Someone who’s seen every episode (twice!), knows all the plot’s ins and outs, and has several theories as to how it will all end?

If a friend of yours comes to mind when you read this, look no farther for birthday, holiday, or ‘just because’ gifts than right here; this list has it all for the Detective Conan enthusiast.

detective conan gift box

The Ultimate Present: Detective Conan Gift Box

If you can’t decide what your friend will like but know that they love Detective Conan, start with this mystery gift box! It contains badges, postcards, a poster, and several other small gifts that all revolve around our favorite boy detective and his friends.

This box is the gift that keeps on giving – there are multiple small presents to celebrate Detective Conan and friends!


For the Game Player: Detective Conan Uno Cards

Everyone loves playing Uno – it’s the classic card game, famous for its varying rules. This set of Uno cards is personalized with characters from Detective Conan to make the game extra fun! Good luck playing Uno with these cards – but even the best detective cards won’t tell you which house rules your friends are playing with.

You’ll have to figure that one out on your own!

sticker pack

To Decorate Their Laptop: Detective Conan Sticker Pack

If your friend has a water bottle, guitar case, laptop, or anything else that works well for decoration, this sticker pack is perfect for them! It’s a set of forty different Detective Conan stickers, featuring Conan, Ran, the Detective Boys, and more characters and specific items from the Conan universe.

Use them for scrapbooking or decoration – they’ll stick with you!


For Them To Put Together: Detective Conan Jigsaw Puzzle

If your friend likes to solve puzzles as well as mysteries, a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle might be just the thing for them. It’s a photo of all of the characters from the show with a golden frame around it (which, by the way, makes putting the edge of the puzzle together much easier and more satisfying).

There’s no better way to pass the time than doing a puzzle, and there’s no better puzzle than a Conan jigsaw!

action figure

To Keep On Their Desk: Conan Action Figure

Do you have a friend who collects action figures or has a desk in need of some decoration? This adorable figurine of Conan and his skateboard would be the perfect addition to any desk or dresser. Whether they play with it or just admire it, this action figurine would be a great gift to show off their dedication to Detective Conan.


For Their Bedroom Wall: Conan Scroll Poster

The scroll poster is coming into style and is one of the most excellent kinds of signs. This one features all of the Detective Conan characters, grouped around Conan himself (and Ran and Kogoro). It’s a great montage of the best (and worst) people in the show and would look great in any room!


To Accessorize: Conan and Ran Mouri Key Chains

One of the most popular ways to show fandom pride is a keychain – you can put them on backpacks, wallets, or actual keychains. The chain would be a nice, simple, and inexpensive gift. You can choose between a Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri keychain or get both to make your Conan fan’s day!

face mask

To Keep Them Safe in Public: Detective Conan Face Mask

Nowadays, it’s the safest thing to wear a mask in public. The problem is that people often lose or forget masks – we could all use a few spares! This particular mask shows Conan’s face on a red and blue background and is a fun way to mask up.

With this mask, they can protect themselves and others and spread the word of their love for Detective Conan.

cosplay brooch

For the Ultimate Costume: Detective Boys Cosplay Brooch

Some people say that Conan himself is the best part of the show; others say it’s Ran or Hiroshi or the Kaitou Kid. But there are many other characters to choose from; who can forget that lovable gang, the Detective Boys? Their signature pin would be the perfect addition to a backpack or a great way to complete a costume for any Detective Boy!

conan wall canvas

For Their Living Room: Detective Conan Wall Canvas

This picture is a classier way to decorate with fandom art – better than a poster or a print, this art has the characters from Conan on a canvas! It has Conan in the foreground, with most of the other characters behind him, and the show’s title in the original Japanese.

The anime-style artwork would go well in any room of the house and add some Conan flair!

conan laser night light

To Keep the Dark Away: Detective Conan Laser Night Light

The Black Organization works in the dark, but your favorite Conan fan doesn’t have to! This night light is a red laser outline of Detective Conan and is the coolest way to sleep. The fan in your life can keep it in a bedroom or bathroom to add some light in the darkest of nights.


To Keep Them Punctual: Detective Conan Collectible Watch

Detective Conan is known for using his gadgets, especially his watch. Why not get your friend a device of their own? Granted, this watch doesn’t do much more than look awesome and tell time, but it does look pretty awesome! You can be their own personal Hiroshi when you buy them this watch!

pencil case

For On-the-Go Storage: Detective Conan Pencil Case

There are several anime and Detective Conan pencil cases available on Amazon, but this one is enjoyable. The picture of Conan giving a thumbs up and looking over his shoulder wraps around the entire case.

It also has an outside and inside zipper and a wrist strap to make it more portable! The case was made for pens or pencils but could be used to carry almost anything.


To Knock Their Socks Off: Detective Conan House Slippers

Here’s a fandom-themed gift you don’t see very often: anime-themed slippers. They’re soft, comfortable, and have Detective Conan characters printed right on their plush tops! This gift will knock their socks off (because you don’t wear socks with slippers, right?)!

gift bag

For a Selection of Gifts: Detective Conan Gift Bag

This is another series of small gifts, so it’s perfect for a Conan fan who’s hard to buy for. It comes in a reusable gift bag and includes several small presents (bookmarks, postcards, and such). You could even buy several and give them as party favors if you’re having a Detective Conan party!

light-up glasses

For the Coolest Look: Detective Conan Light Up Glasses

These light-up glasses are based on the gadget glasses that Conan wears while solving mysteries. They work well for a costume party, a decoration, or just to wear around (although maybe not for long, since they’re kind of hard to see out of when they’re lit up).

Wear them, to be the only shining one!

zipper wallet

For Those Who Carry Cash: Detective Conan Zipper Wallet

This wallet is functional and fabulous. It pictures Conan Edogawa looking through his watch gadget at you, actively solving a mystery. With a coin pocket and several card slots, this wallet is fantastic for those who don’t want to carry a huge purse.

Fill it with gift cards or put a personal note in it for the ultimate gift!


To Jot Down Clues: Case Closed Conan Notebook

Everyone can use a spare notebook! This Case Closed lined notebook is perfect for writing down clues (or to-do lists, grocery lists, or really anything that needs to be written down). Put it in a Conan backpack with a Conan pencil holder, and complete the Conan back-to-school set with this great notebook!


For Some Extra Bling: Detective Conan Necklace

This gift is for the Conan fan who likes pretty big bling – it’s a large pendant with diamonds around the edge! The picture is of Detective Conan himself, with a detective quote from the original Conan, Arthur Conan Doyle.

It can be used as a necklace but would also look fantastic hanging from a rearview mirror in a car!


For the American Anime Fan: Case Closed Hoodie

If you know someone who loves Detective Conan but only knows the American version, this hoodie will show their Case Closed pride! It has the Case Closed logo with the classic slogan “One Truth Prevails.

” This hoodie will express a love for a great show and a passion for comfort!


To Take to School: Detective Conan Backpack

We use backpacks all the time – for school, for trips, and any time we need to carry stuff. However, not all bags are created equal. It’s a matter of pockets, size, and look. This backpack has it all – good side and back pockets, headphone holes and room for books, and of course Conan and the Kaitou Kid on the back.

There are several other styles to choose from as well, so pick your best pack!

case closed manga volume one

For the Book Lover: Case Closed Manga, Volume One

When we think of Detective Conan, our minds generally go to the anime itself. However, before the show, there was the manga. If you want to get your friend into every aspect of the Conan universe, buy them the first volume of the Case Closed manga (its re-released name in the US).

It’s a great way to introduce someone to the series or get a fan more engrossed in it!

baseball hat

To Wear to the Game: Detective Conan Baseball Hat

Baseball hats might be one of the only things on this list older than the show itself – they are a classic clothing staple and never go out of style. Not only is it a decal of Conan, but he’s making a traditional anime face – with huge heart eyes and an open mouth.

It’s hilarious, it’s cute, and it’s a baseball hat – who could ask for anything more?


For the Minimalist: Detective Conan Minimalist Shirt

If your friend loves minimalist design and graphic tees, then I’ve found the perfect gift for them. This shirt is plain white with a simple black outline: Conan’s hairline and glasses. Fans of the show will immediately understand the reference, and others will think it’s a cool shirt either way.

It also comes in a long sleeve and a hoodie!

coloring book

To De-Stress: Detective Conan Coloring Book

If you gave up coloring books when you stopped taking crayons to school, you missed out on a fun and stress-relieving activity. Lots of people still color as adults because it relaxes them and gives them something to accomplish.

With this Detective Conan coloring book, fans young and old can relax and color in their favorite Conan character.

wall tapestry

For the Dorm Room: Detective Conan Wall Tapestry

If you know someone who’s moving to college or has a large, blank bedroom wall, the best kind of artwork to get them is a wall tapestry. This one, of course, is a mural of all of the main characters of the show.

It provides an excellent background to an otherwise dull dorm room while expressing their love of all things anime (especially Detective Conan and the gang)!

plush toy

For the Plush Collector: Detective Conan Plush Toy

Would your friend like something soft to cuddle with while they’re watching Detective Conan? Well, what better than a plush toy of Conan himself? This plush is not only adorable like Conan, but it’s also pretty big! Essentially, this gift is perfect for anyone who loves stuffed animals or dolls.

business card holder

To Make Some Connections: Detective Conan Business Card Holder

This business card holder comes in several different colors with different Detective Conan quotes on them (the most notable being “There is always only one truth” and a little red bowtie). You can keep it in your wallet or purse and ensure that your business cards are always crisp and new-looking.

Impress coworkers and bosses with this fancy business card carrier!


For Hope: “Conan” Red and Blue Poster

In the same style as Barack Obama’s iconic “Hope” poster, this red and blue poster says “Conan” and has a picture of (you guessed it) Conan. Put it next to your Obama poster or on a wall by itself. This wall art is sure to make people do a double-take and will hopefully get a chuckle out of them!


For Caffeine Lovers: Detective Conan Mug

Mugs always make great gifts, especially when paired with another small gift (like a keychain or candle). This particular mug is minimalistic and straightforward – black background with Conan’s face on one side.

Drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate out of it while you watch the show, or take it to work to display on a desk with pencils and pens!


To Snuggle and Binge: Detective Conan Fleece Blanket

In my opinion, the best gift anyone could receive is a comfortable blanket. It doesn’t matter where you live or how many blankets you already have; there’s always room for another. Obviously, I love this Detective Conan fleece blanket.

It’s large, soft, and cozy, perfect to binge the episodes of Conan you might have missed.

pillow case

The First Thing They’ll See Each Morning: Detective Conan Pillow Case

For the ultimate superfan, thinking about Detective Conan doesn’t stop when they go to sleep. For Conan-themed dreams, give them this Detective Conan pillowcase, featuring a full body shot of Kaitou Kid (a series regular who also has an anime show).

This will complete an anime bedroom theme and give your friend sweet dreams of the gentleman thief himself!

travel mug

For a Hot Drink in the Car: Detective Conan Travel Mug

If you know someone who takes their coffee with the morning rush, this Conan travel mug could be just the thing for them! It will keep their drink hot (or cold) throughout the day and has a travel lid to prevent in-car spillage.

Not only that, it is decorated with a picture of Conan, clearly seizing the day. It will give them energy and encourage them to solve their day like it’s one of his cases!

flip flops

To Wear to the Beach: Detective Conan Flip Flops

Finally, what better way to go to the beach than in Detective Conan style? They’ve got Kaitou Kid and Conan on them and are fun and flashy! These sandals are part of the anime flip flop series – you can get several different sets of anime-themed flip flops (but of course, we like the Detective Conan ones the best).

Detective Conan: A Japanese Classic

Detective Conan (or “Case Closed” in America) is a Japanese anime and manga that has been in constant production for over 25 years now. The anime started in 1996 and has created so many episodes that fans have wondered if it will ever end. It’s hugely popular and continues to garner new fans despite its long run.

With almost 1,000 episodes, the show revolves around a young detective named Conan Edogawa, named after Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes), and Edogawa Ranpo, a prolific Japanese detective fiction writer. Conan solves individual crimes and works towards uncovering the conspiracy of the massive criminal group known as “The Black Organization.”

You may look at the artwork for this show and wonder, why is this child a detective? Well, Conan was actually a teenager named Shinichi Kudo at the beginning of the show but got poisoned into a child while investigating the Black Organization. He uses the anonymity of childhood to solve crimes without being suspected (much like Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple uses the charm of being a sweet old woman).

Detective Conan is an exciting mystery show with well-developed and lovable characters. Conan stays with a friend of his father’s, not revealing who he is and using a detective agency to look into the Black Organization. The suspense of the show builds with every episode, making it a very easily binged show.

The popularity of this manga and show has spread around the world. Even Conan O’Brien had something to say about the anime when he got a little jealous that he wasn’t the top search result for “Conan” in Japan (and several other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, but we won’t tell him that). The detective show format continues to entertain, even after multiple seasons.

Although Detective Conan doesn’t have a set ending, it manages to fit twenty years of storytelling into a floating timeline in under a year. Fans eagerly await each episode, hoping for answers to their biggest questions about Conan himself, his friends, and the villains who turned him into a child. This anime is a classic and has captured the hearts of viewers everywhere.

Final Thoughts

From plush toys to t-shirts, these Detective Conan gifts are sure to please. Get your loved ones a present to make them happier and keep them from being sad that the show hasn’t been resolved yet. If you liked the ideas on this list, share them with another anime fanatic (and maybe highlight the gift you might want)!

34 detective conan gifts


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