41 Pawesome Dog Mom Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Dog moms are the ultimate warriors. Their leashes are their swords; their poo bags are their shields. If you’re looking for gifts that will celebrate their hard work, here are just a few ideas!

41 Dog mom gifts

dog treats kit

To Help Her Spoil Her Dog Rotten: Make Your Own Homemade Dog Treats Kit

If she’s always wanted to move away from store-bought treats into homemade ones, this is the kit for her. It comes with everything from cookie cutters and rolling pins to goodie bags and gift tags, so in addition to making things for her own pup, she can also dive into baking for holidays, birthdays and husky huddles.

There are even recipes to get her started! Whether she’s interested in sweet potato bites or oatmeal banana peanut butter bones, she’ll be able to dive right into the world of yummy goodies.


For the Stylish Dresser: 14K Gold Filled Paw Print Necklace

Made with a 14K gold finish, this necklace is a combination of delicate beauty and stout craftsmanship. There are two pendants on the end of the chain; one has a paw print, and the other has a single letter of the alphabet.

You can customize it with her initial or her dog’s initial. Either way, this necklace will serve as a wonderful keepsake for a dog owner who wants to carry a reminder of her pooch everywhere.


When He Sneaks Into the Leftovers: Dog Fart Extinguisher Soy Candle

He might be the cutest dog in the world, but when he lets loose from the rear end, even the most loving of dog moms will say “pee-yew!” Give her this scented candle to help her cover the smell of a Frenchie’s flatulence.

It has notes of rose, grapefruit and musk, so it’s a genuinely nice candle, but its colorful packaging and cheeky name of “Dog Fart Extinguisher” make it a fun gag gift as well.


To Upgrade Her Wardrobe: Dog Mom Pink T-Shirt

This t-shirt is simple but chic. It says “Dog Mom” on the front in an elegantly curved font with hearts and paw prints decorating both sides. It’s also way more comfortable than it has any right to be; it’s made with a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex, so it’s very soft and breathable even as it’s suitable for everyday wear.

She can toss it on for everything from morning jogs to grocery runs.

pillow cover

When She’s Changed a Life: You Can’t Buy Love Burlap Black Throw Pillow Cover

If she’s an outspoken advocate for “adopt, don’t shop,” she’ll love this pillowcase. It’s made with a stylish black burlap material, and it declares, “You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.” She can toss it on the couch, use it as a decorative mantle piece or stick it in her dog’s kennel for extra warmth in the winter.

Just make sure that you buy a pillow to go along with it since this is only a cover.

tote bag

For Multitasking Moms: Dog Mom Large Cute Zippered Canvas Tote Bag

Like it says in the name, this tote bag is extremely cute. It says “Dog Mom: Life is Ruff” with a paw print over polka dots! It measures a whopping 20 x 13.5 x 5.5 inches, so it has plenty of space for life’s essentials, and it comes with a variety of organizational options as well.

There are zippered compartments; there are pockets and pouches; there are exterior sleeves. There are even dual spaces for water bottles, so mom and fur baby can both quench their thirst on a hot day at the dog park.

succulent planters

For Green Thumbs and Fur-Covered Gardening Gloves: Four-Piece Ceramic Dog Succulent Planters

Bring a little green into her living space with these dog-shaped flowerpots. They come in a set of four, and they’re designed like a pug, corgi, husky and schnauzer. Additionally, their eyes are all closed in sleep, so they’ll nestle their succulents in an utterly adorable fashion.

They could also be used to store candies or candles if she doesn’t want to raise plants.

bookends set

To Delight the Bibliophile: Labrador Dog Bookend Set

Lined with felt and made with a dark bronze patina, these bookends have a sturdy look that wouldn’t be out of place in an old, distinguished library. However, their shape is much cuter: They depict a dog hunching down and ready to play! Every dog mom knows this position, so she’ll be filled with fondness whenever she glances up at her shelf and sees these adorable bookends.

She could also use them with other objects outside of books, so the possibilities are endless. Their flat ends can prop up anything.

picture frame

For Keeping Memories Close: Dog Bone Picture Frame

Shaped like a bone, this picture frame will be a charming addition to any table, desk or mantel. It has room for two 4 x 6 photos, so your gift recipient won’t have to choose just one, and its self-standing easel back will make it just as convenient as it is cute.

The frame is made with a soft wood with paw prints dotting the edges. It’ll be the perfect gift for a dog mom who has a zillion pictures of Fluffy on her phone.

travel mug

A Side of Snark: If My Dog Doesn’t Like You Ceramic Travel Mug

Cut by sleek, black-and-white lines, this travel thermos is so attractive that it might take you a second look to realize what it actually says: “If my dog doesn’t like you, neither do I.” It’s sure to get a laugh from a devoted dog mom! As a bonus, it comes with a lid and handle, so it’s genuinely convenient in addition to being cute, playful and just a bit sarcastic.

paw print box sign

The Real Reason to Go Into the Office: Paw Print Trimmed Box Sign

“I work hard so my dog can have a better life.” It’s an amusing sentiment, but for many dog owners, there’s a nugget of truth in it as well. If you know someone who drags herself out of bed just to afford treats for her fur baby, this box sign will be well-placed on her desk! It has a charmingly rustic design with chipping letters on distressed wood, and the exterior is trimmed with paw prints.

It’ll be perfect for dog moms of all breeds.

dirty dogs blank cards

For Crafters and Calligraphers: Dirty Dogs All Occasion Blank Cards With Envelopes

If she could cover the world with the amount of washi tape that she’s got tucked into her stationery drawer, this is the gift for her! There are 20 blank cards with matching envelopes, and each one is decorated with a different breed of dog.

To make things even more fun, they’re “dirty” dogs that are covered in splashes of rainbow watercolor paint! These cards are so cute that she might not want to part with them; they might be too cute to actually use.

wine glass

For Wining, Dining and Barking: Stemless Wine Glass

“It’s not really drinking alone if the dog is home.” This truth will make her laugh even as she kicks up her sock-clad feet and enjoys a little Merlot. It’s the perfect wine glass for lazy evenings on the couch, and since it can hold 15 ounces, it’ll give her a nice buzz as she cozies under a blanket with her dog on her lap.

paper towel holder

When She Isn’t Afraid of Being a Little Different: Dachshund Dog Paper Towel Holder

She doesn’t have to own a doxie to appreciate this hilarious home accessory. It’s shaped just like a dachshund, but the body has been comically stretched to make it seem even longer and more sausage-like than it originally was, and the paper towel roll goes right on top of it.

It’ll get tons of compliments in a dog-themed kitchen, and it’ll be genuinely useful to boot! She’ll never misplace the paper towels again when she has a holder like this to use.


To Bring Some Brightness Into Her Life: Colorful Dog Icon Pattern Coasters

Dog coasters come in all shapes and sizes, but with a fun, cheerful pop-art style, this one has a little extra joie de vivre. It boasts a multicolored square pattern where every square has a different breed of dog, and they range from haughty, high-class poodles to big, jowly bulldogs with wrinkles as big as their eyes.

If your gift recipient loves cute and colorful things, she’ll adore using these coasters to protect her countertops.

silicone ice cube mold

For the Creative Cook: Dog Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Mold

Though it’s advertised as an ice cube tray, this item could easily be repurposed for everything from jelly molds to chocolate desserts. Its kitchen-grade silicone can withstand both heat and cold, and its firm but flexible design will ensure that the details of its shapes get firmly pressed into its material.

Did we mention that the shapes are of dogs, bones and doghouses?

pawverbs for a dog lover´s heart book

For the Sentimental Soul: Pawverbs for a Dog Lover’s Heart

If she’s the type that can spend hours waxing poetic on the greatness of dogs, this book will be her new Bible. It’s called Pawverbs for a Dog Lover’s Heart: Inspiring Stories of Friendship, Fun, and Faithfulness, and it’s filled with stories, photos, laughs and life lessons about man’s best friend.

Some of them do have a spiritual bend, but she doesn’t have to be religious to appreciate them. All dog lovers will enjoy the truths presented in this book.

mop slippers

To All the Slippers They’ve Chewed On Before: Cartoon Dog Mop Slippers

Another great gift for lazy days at home, these slippers will be warm, soft and comfortable on her feet. They’ll also be surprisingly efficient at home cleaning! The bottoms are made with microfiber fabric curls that will pick up dirt and dust as she walks, so to give her floors a good mopping, all that she’ll need to do is wear these slippers for a bit.

Their cute doggie faces will ensure that it isn’t a hardship.

coffee mug

From Pet to Parent: Personalized Dog Mom Coffee Mug

For a personal touch, order a gift that’s been customized with the name of her beloved companion. This coffee mug is written from the perspective of a dog, and it’s a very funny declaration of love and loyalty to their dog mom, but what really makes it is the sign-off at the end.

You can make the mug say “love, (name)” like it was genuinely written by the pup. She’ll adore it!

pillow cover

For the Deep-Thinking Hound: Dog Rules Linen Throw Pillow Cover

Do you know the rules of the dog world? Some are simple; others are surprisingly poignant. From “nap often” and “sniff out opportunities” to “chase after your dreams” and “be brave no matter what your size,” this pillowcase lays out all of life’s essential philosophies.

Slip a throw pillow inside of it and turn it into a huggable treasure as well!

wood plaque sign

Kitschy Kitchenware: Every Snack You Make Primitive Wood Plaque Sign

Made with a thick, sturdy fiberboard and supported by a length of twine, this plaque can withstand anything, including the puppy-dog eyes of a dog that really, really wants a treat. If she’s anything like most pet owners, she’ll be familiar with the look, so she should get a kick out of this wall sign.

It jokes, “Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you!”

baseball cap

For Ladies on the Go: Denim Fabric Adjustable Dog Mom Baseball Cap

If she’s a dog lover with places to be, she’ll appreciate this simple but stylish baseball hat. It’s made with a fashionably distressed denim, and it says “Dog Mom” front and center with a paw print. The band is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for her head, and she can tuck her braid or ponytail through the open buckle.

She can wear it to stores, stadiums, libraries, dog parks and more!


For Soft and Fluffy Dreams: Lightweight Dog Lover Fleece Throw Blanket

It’s rare to find a gift that’s suitable for humans and animals, but this one manages it. It’s a soft, fuzzy blanket that will be irresistible to everyone in her household, so whether she wants to fold it over the back of the couch or spread it under the dog’s pillows and chew toys, it’ll fit right into her life.

The dog-themed print is just icing on the cake.

coloring book

When He Won’t Stop Chewing on Table Legs: Dog Shaming: The Official Adult Coloring Book

You’re probably heard of “dog shaming” on the Internet, but did you know that some of its funniest photos have been collected and converted into coloring book pages? For example, the cover shows a pug wearing a sign that says “I eat crayons and poop rainbows,” and he’s just the beginning.

There are dozens of naughty dogs in this book, and your gift recipient can color them all even as she laughs her butt off at their misdeeds.


To Make Her Misty-Eyed: When I Needed a Hand Cuff Bangle Bracelet

Some dogs are more than just companions. They’re lifesavers. If you know a woman who changed her life for the better by adopting a dog, she might appreciate the words inscribed on this cuff bracelet: “When I needed a hand, I found your paw.

” It’s available in both silver and rose gold, so you can match it to her wardrobe, but the message will be the same on both. It’s timeless.

art print portrait

A Feature for the Art Wall: Great Pyrenees Custom Art Print Portrait

“Agile.” “Faithful.” “Keen Worker.” These are just a few of the traits that describe a Great Pyrenees, and they’re printed in the distinctive silhouette of the breed on a beautiful piece of card stock.

The manufacturer makes prints for other breeds as well, and their words are tailored to their own personalities. Check and see if your lady’s dog has a print!


The Only Ambition That Matters: Life Goal: Pet All The Dogs T-Shirt

Does her love of dogs extend beyond the ones that she has in the house? Would she adopt every stray and runaway in the world if she could? If so, this is the t-shirt for her! Available in multiple cuts, colors and sizes, it’s perfect for dog lovers of all types.

It says “Life Goal: Pet All the Dogs” with a shower of rainbow paw prints gathered into a single beating heart.

my pooch mints

To Combat All That Doggy Breath: I Just Smooched My Pooch Mints

You’ve asked her a million times to stop kissing the dog. If she persists in letting Fido French her, it’s time to give her these: “I Just Smooched My Pooch” mints. They’re ordinary white mints, but they come in a hilarious tin, and they’ll make a great gag gift for someone who regularly trades her boyfriend for her beagle.

heart birthstone charm

Commemorate Their Bond: Dog Bone and Heart Birthstone Charm

For high-end style without a high-end price tag, consider this charm. It bears a number of small birthstone crystals within a bone shape, and the bone shape is further bundled inside of a heart. She can attach it to necklaces, bracelets, journals, wind chimes and more.

She could even string it into a kind of good-luck charm! Just make sure that you buy the right color for her or her dog’s birthday month.

ceramic dog treat jar

To Store All of Those Handmade Treats: Woof Ceramic Dog Treat Jar With Bone Handle

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? If the answer is always Mr. Paws, it’s time to invest in a better, sturdier storage container for treats. This one is made with a heavy white ceramic and weighs almost a pound, and it comes with a snugly-fitting lid that will keep out all kinds of curious noses.

The bone-shaped handle is just added cuteness to functional craftsmanship.


When She’s Making Her Way Downtown: Skechers Women’s Beach Bingo-Dog House Party Sneakers

Made by Skechers, these flat-bottomed sneakers are equal parts dapper and durable. Their synthetic sole and memory foam footbed will make them long-lasting, and their colorful dog design will make them attention-grabbing.

Who can resist the power of puppy eyes, especially when there are dozens and dozens on a single shoe?

holder home sign>

For the Four-Legged: Dog Lover Leash Holder Home Sign

If she loves taking out the dog for a morning jog, this home sign can be a decorative accessory and an organizational tool for leashes, collars, harnesses and more. It has three brass hooks attached to a wooden box sign that asks, “Did someone say walk?” with a picture of a puppy.

You can even tell that the pup is wagging his tail, which makes it extra adorable!

paw print phone grip

To Stay Connected: Dog Mom Purple Paw Print Phone Grip

There’s no shortage of phone grips with dog motifs, but if she likes trendy, fashionable accessories, she might appreciate this one. It says “Dog Mom” in a curved print with ombre-style purples against a black background.

The central “O” is both a heart and a paw print. Like any good phone grip, it can be used for calling, texting, streaming, gaming and more, so she’ll be able to navigate her busy social life with style.

dog scarf

For the Fashionable Fur Baby: My Mom Is So Obsessed With Me Triangle Dog Scarf

Perfect for dogs of all breeds, this triangle-shaped bandana will easily slide around the neck of doxies, dalmatians and dobermans. It says “My Mom is Soooo Obsessed With Me” with colorful words surrounded by cute hearts.

Your gift recipient can use it for walks, errands, photos, holiday cards, trips to doggy daycare and more! Best of all, when it gets dirty, she can just toss it in the washing machine with the rest of her clothes.

It doesn’t have any special cleaning instructions, so it’s ideal for busy ladies with places to be.

dog butt magnets

Hindquarter Hilarity: Six-Piece Dog Butt Magnets

Maybe you aren’t looking for an elaborate gift. Maybe you just want something simple as a stocking suffer or goodie basket item. Let these dog butts be the answer to your prayers! There are five breeds depicted by the magnets, including dalmatian, Scottie and golden retriever, and each are instantly recognizable by their rear ends alone.

The final piece of the set is a red fire hydrant!


For the La-Z-Girl: Can’t Get Up Women’s Novelty Socks

If she’s the type to spend all afternoon snuggling on the couch with her pooch, these are the socks for her! One declares “I can’t get up right now” while the other explains “The dog is on my lap.” The words are printed on the very bottom of the socks, so they’re only visible when her feet are propped up.

She’ll have to be properly relaxed for the message to get through, so she can use that as an excuse to lay around!

dish towels

Double the Trouble and Thrice the Fun: Three-Piece Pet Lover Dish Towels

These towels are so cute that all of their cuteness couldn’t be fit on a single one. Instead, they’re divided into three, and each one has a unique but complementary design in relation to the others. One talks about wet noses and slobbery kisses; another offers life lessons from dogs; the last has a wordless print of different dog breeds silhouetted against a white background.

If she’s the type to always appreciate a new gift for the kitchen, give it to her times three!

dog coffee mug

For the Woman With a Sense of Humor: Fetch These Funny Dog Mug

She won’t be able to use this one at the office, but if you’re looking for a fun, memorable coffee mug, it’s hard to beat a dog holding up two middle fingers and saying “fetch these.” She’ll burst out laughing as soon as she sees it.

Additionally, since you can order the mug in both 11- and 15-ounce sizes, you can make sure that she’ll always have enough caffeine to go along with the guffaws. It’s also microwave- and dishwasher-safe for maximum convenience.

paw print magnet

To Celebrate a Good Deed: Who Rescued Who Paw Print Magnet

“Who rescued who?” She’s probably heard this line before if she’s a rescue mom, but when you give her a magnet with the words embellished on a paw print, it’ll be immortalized forever on her car, locker, fridge or mailbox.

It measures just 5 x 5 inches, so it won’t take up tons of space, but its message will extend far beyond the range of its magnetic field.

pet pawprints picture frame

To Create a Treasured Keepsake: Pet Pawprints Picture Frame and Ink Kit

Available in white, gray, mahogany and espresso, this beautiful desktop decoration has two self-standing frames connected by a hinge. One is meant for a picture, and the other is meant for a paw print impression.

Everything that she’ll need to take the impression is right in the box, including the molding materials and a ruler and rolling pin. Give her the gift of time itself with a memento that she can keep forever!

stoneware mug

Because It’s Inevitable: Dog Hair 16-Ounce Stoneware Mug

Last but not least, if you’re looking for the dog gift to end all dog gifts, here’s a universal truth for you: “Everything tastes better with dog hair in it.” It’s printed on a heavy stoneware mug that can hold up to 16 ounces of java, and it’s available in both green and pink.

She’ll be able to sip on her coffee in style… even as she periodically plucks the hairs out of it.

How to Choose an Awesome Present for a Dog Mom

She loves slobbery kisses. She keeps her pockets filled with peanut-butter-and-oatmeal treats. She’s a dog mom, and you want to celebrate that! Here are just a few tips for finding awesome dog mom gifts.

Learn About Her Breed

If you aren’t a dog person yourself, you’ll need to be careful with any breed-specific presents that you buy. There are more than 300 dog breeds out there, and some of them have further distinctions based on things like size, build, fur type and place of origin. If you want your gift to have the spitting image of her wool-coated labradoodle, don’t buy something with the face of a fleece-coated labradoodle.

If she is getting a new puppy, knowing about the breed can make a difference! (they grow up fast!).

Think About Durability

Buying a gift for a dog owner is like buying a gift for someone with a perpetual toddler in the house. If it presents a tempting target for chewing, gnawing, peeing or roughhousing, it might just become the pup’s new favorite toy! Make sure that you take precautions when choosing a gift for your favorite dog mom, especially if that gift is meant to be played with by their furry friend.

Consider Her Style

Is she a woman on the move? She might appreciate shirts, thermoses, water bottles, travel pillows and other practical gifts. Does she love filling her home with dog-themed decor? Consider shopping for linens, figurines, box signs, picture frames and other kitschy-cute decorations. The sky is the limit when it comes to dog-themed gifts. You just have to figure out what your gift recipient would actually enjoy.

Watch Out for Allergies, Sensitivities and Restrictions

This is important if you’re buying a present that the dog will eat, wear, touch, sniff or smell. You never know what collars will irritate their sensitive skin or what treats won’t fit into their vet-controlled diet! It might be best to focus your gift on the dog mom rather than the dog. That way, you won’t buy a present with unintentional consequences.


Are you on the hunt for dog mom gifts? Did you see anything on this list that made you gasp at how perfect it would be for your mom, sister, aunt or BFF? Tell us about it! We want to know your thoughts!

41 Pawesome dog mom gifts

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