33 Dr. Who Gift Ideas For The Whovian in Your Life

When it’s time to pick a present out for the people who mean the most to you, you can’t go wrong with a gift that speaks to their inner fankid.

Whether you’re looking to give a gift for your favorite Whovian’s birthday, to observe a holiday or just because you’re thinking of them, this list has something for everyone.

With gifts at every price poi ranging from the adorable to the hilarious to the practical, you’ll find something to delight the wannabe time travelers in your life on this list of hand-picked best gift ideas to honor The Doctor.

33 Doctor Who Gifts


For fans of the kitchen: The Official Dr. Who Cookbook

Featuring 40 “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey” recipes that are mentioned on everyone’s favorite show. The official Dr. Who cookbook is a perfect way for fans to find out what the Doctor’s favorite meal of fish fingers and custard REALLY tastes like.

Try Weeping Angel Food Cake or make a Gingerbread TARDIS, plus 37 other weird, wacky and wonderful food ideas that are out of this world.

coloring book

For the creative child at heart: Dr. Who Adult Coloring Book

A fun, adult coloring book for anyone who likes to decompress with a creative childhood activity. Chock-full with favorite quotes from the series and detailed coloring pages of vortexs, planets, villains, heroes and galaxies from the classic television series, this intricate coloring book is sure to occupy fans of all ages for hours on end.

salt and pepper shakers

For the ceramics collector: TARDIS Salt and Pepper Shakers

Give the gift of a flavorful journey through time and space with these collectible ceramic salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the iconic time traveling police box. A great gift for friends and family looking to add to their assortment of collectibles or someone who just likes conversation starting decorations around the house.

the examinate Dr. Who quiz book

For the trivia fan: The Examinate Dr. Who Quiz Book

Examinate! Examinate! Test the knowledge of the die-hard fans with this fun book of quiz questions on the finer points of the Dr. Who-niverse. With 400 questions on seasons one through 12, this book gets progressively harder and is sure to help even the biggest fans remember the little details they might have forgotten.

A cozy Dr Who afghan

For fans getting hygge: A Cozy Dr. Who Afghan

During the winter, Dr. Who fans embracing the famous Danish art of coziness are certain to enjoy this big, fleece throw blanket. Curl up under a fuzzy TARDIS afghan to re-watch favorite episodes of the Doctor’s adventures with popcorn, a hot drink and loved ones, will help beat the cold outside any day.

pocket watch and necklace set

For the most punctual fans: A Dr. Who Pocket Watch and Necklace Set

This heavy, aged bronze pocket watch and necklace set feels like the real deal for an approachable price! Featuring a Gallifrey inscription, this beautiful jewelry set is the perfect present to give your favorite Time Lord to help orient them in space and time and channel their inner Doctor.


For the journaling type: Official Dr. Who TARDIS Diary

Know a Dr. Who fan who loves to write? This blue, faux leather notebook is debossed with the TARDIS design on the front and features 160 blank pages. This hardcover journal is the perfect gift to help Whovians keep track of their universal journey.

night light

To scare away nighttime monsters: Official Dr. Who Night Light

For fans of any age who would rather keep the light on at night, get this high-quality night light. The heavy glass front provides a vivid visual display of the TARDIS to be good company all night long, plus the plug rotates in every direction to accommodate any plug type.

vanity license plate

For roadtrip lovers: Dr. Who Vanity License Plate

Don’t blink….the angels have the car! Gift this vanity license plate holder to let your recipient advertise where where their loyalties lie. This Doctor Who license plate holder is built to last and has an eye-catching design that Time Lord fans are sure to notice, even across space and time.

framed Dr.Who cast autograph print

For the signature hunter: Framed Dr. Who Cast Autograph Print

Avid autograph seekers go to any lengths to get a signature from the cast members of their favorite fandom properties. Now, it’s time for you to bring the cast to them with this 8×10 autographed print from the 50th anniversary Dr.

Who show. Clearly showing all the castmembers’ signatures, this print is framed with beautiful, black cherry wood. This high quality collector’s item is an exact replica of the cast’s originally signed poster and is ready to be displayed in a place of honor.

monopoly board game

To mix two fan favorites: Dr. Who Monopoly Collector’s Edition

For fans of both the multiverse and the classic game, give the best of both worlds! This collector’s edition of Monopoly commemorates the 50th anniversary of the longest running science fiction series on television.

Players use episodes of the show as Monopoly Money, and play with collectible tokens like celery, the sonic screwdriver and an umbrella.

shower curtain

For a personal TARDIS: The Police Box Shower Curtain

Give the Dr. Who fan in your life their very own customized TARDIS! This vivid curtain turns the shower into a personalize Police Box, and it does not even require a Sonic Screwdriver for installation.

Give a gift that makes every shower into its very own adventure with a shower curtain that is fully out of this world. Remember… it’s bigger on the inside!

talking dalek savings bank

To help someone save up: Talking Dalek Savings Bank

This talking Dalek Savings Bank is absolutely perfect for the Dr. Who fan trying to put their coins away for a rainy day. This Dalek is an accurate replica of the early extraterrestrial mutants on the show, all the way down to the toilet plunger arm.

The bank says several phrases from the show to help fans “Exterminate!” money problems for good. Give this gift to Dr. Who fans of any age!

house slippers

For the dog lovers: Plush K-9 House Slippers

Fans of the Doctor’s robotic dog companion will love these plush, grey K-9 house slippers that remind them of their favorite BBC show. These are a perfect gift for animal lovers and robot lovers alike.

These fun slippers feature the heads of Dr. Who’s K-9 on the front and their tails on the back.

vinyl record wall clock

For eco-friendly music lovers: Vinyl Record Dr. Who Wall Clock

A nifty, eco-friendly gift that’s just the right thing to give anyone who loves both Dr. Who and classic vinyl. This clock started as a real, 12-inch record that was punched out with an official Dr. Who design and turned into a wall clock that actually works.

This clock is a unique, upcycled vintage present will cement your reputation as the best gift-giver in the multiverse.

weeping angel christmas tree topper

For a creepy Christmas: Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

Make it a haunted holiday for those who love the macabre with this Weeping Angel tree topper. With a beautifully detailed design, the tree topper will remind them of the most freaky race of Dr. Who monsters and start countless conversations over the giving season.

This Weeping Angel is perfect for the Dr. Who fan who knows everything about the monsters in the multiverse or for those who just wish that Halloween lasted a little bit longer.

jewerly box

For the jewelry-lover: Dr. Who TARDIS Jewelry Box

It’s bigger on the inside! This Dr. Who-themed TARDIS jewelry box is the perfect pick for someone who loves the multiverse and all its blingy details. With sturdy wooden construction that will survive a trip through space and time, this jewelry box is equipped with necklace hooks, ring inserts and multiple boxes and drawers.

Give the gift of this vibrant TARDIS jewelry box and take it up a level by putting a necklace inside for a special surprise!

scarf and beanie set

For keeping warm outside: TARDIS Scarf and Beanie Set

Make it easy to cosplay every day and show of their love of the Doctor, with this warm, blue police box-themed beanie and scarf. The teen or adult Whovian in your life will love how easy it becomes to meet other fans when they wear this comfortable, cozy hat and scarf out as the weather gets colder.

ceramic tea pot

For the tea-lovers: TARDIS Ceramic Tea Pot

Perfect for the tea lovers and the real British fans out there, this teapot is beautifully detailed to reflect the Doctor’s police box travel mode. The teapot is big enough for practical use and holds approximately 750ml of liquid.

This official Dr. Who merch makes it easy to bring the BBC show into the kitchen with a solid spout and handle that will hold up over time.

cyberman nutcracker

For the just plain nuts: Cyberman Nutcracker Collectible

Know anyone with a nutcracker collection or anyone who is just plain kooky? Send a good-humored message by giving the gift of this Dr. Who-themed nutcracker. This nutcracker is a mini-replica of the emotionless cybermen, enemies of the Doctor and some of his most persistent enemies.

Give the gift of a cyberman nutcracker to make it the most memorable gift of all!


For those on-the-go: TARDIS Juniors Handbag

This handbag is a beautifully embroidered way for fans to take the TARDIS with them on the go. Featuring a 48 inch strap, zip top and soft fabric interior, this bag is sturdily constructed and built to last over the years.

The poly-synthetic leather actually has the look and feel of genuine leather. Your recipient will get compliments from Dr. Who fans and handbag fans alike with this well-made bag.


To win ugly sweater contests: Doctor Who Daleks and TARDIS Sweater

No gift giving season is complete without an ugly sweater contest and some folks love to collect sweaters that are sure-fire winners. This sweater comes in black and white and is warm enough to wear on a chilly day.

For the Dr. Who fan in your life who has it all, this sweater will keep them cozy and bring the laughs with the Daleks and TARDIS embroidery that can be seen across space and time.


For the school-bound: Dr. Who Police Box Backpack

Celebrate back-to-school with this bright blue TARDIS backpack that will be impossible to misplace. Featuring adjustable padded straps, this comfortable backpack is truly bigger on the inside and will make for a childhood fan’s best school year yet.

Give this backpack to young fans and teach them how much easier it is to travel with a TARDIS.


To dry off right: Dr. Who TARDIS Bathrobe

Even the most ardent Dr. Who fans probably don’t yet have their own TARDIS bathrobe! Get them an outside-the-box gift that lets them be inside the police box with this fuzzy bathrobe that will be sure to please.

Fans will love the police box detailing on the back of the robe. The vibrant blue color and warm, fluffy robe was just made to be a hit.

cookie jar

For the cookie lover: Dr. Who Countertop Cookie Jar

This conversation starting cookie jar is shaped like the TARDIS and sculpted with incredible detail, including a legible police box sign on the front door. Dishwasher safe and featuring a rubber seal to ensure the contents stay fresh, this cookie jar is great to keep at grandma’s house, or perfect for your favorite treat-loving Whovian.

TARDIS canvas wall art

For a housewarming gift: Five-Piece Exploding TARDIS Canvas

This stretched canvas print set just looks like contemporary art until you look more closely and see that it is actually an exploding TARDIS depicted in the image. Water-, moisture- and UV-proof, this set of prints is a great gift for the Whovian who is settling into a new place and wants a sneaky way to to show off their love of the Doctor.

The Dr. Who gift box

To gift it all: The Dr. Who Looksee Gift Box

If you don’t want to have to choose between items to gift your favorite Whovian, this is the gift box that has it all! Complete with a cookie jar, license plate holder, sonic screwdriver, TARIS keychain, Dr.

Who mug and much more, this is the ultimate gift for any fan of the Doctor who wants to show off their love of the multiverse.

british icon dalek

For Dalek fans: Ultimate 50th Anniversary British Icon Dalek

This 50th anniversary Dr. Who collectible has lights and sounds, and says a number of favorite Dalek phrases to remind fans who is really in charge. This 12-inch tall Dalek includes ten phrases it can pronounce and has poseable arms, head and eyes.

It also features a unique anniversary edition Union Jack decor. This impressive British Dalek will spark discussion for years to come.

LEGO Dr. Who building kit

For the Lego fans: 623-Piece Lego Ideas Dr. Who Building Kit

This Lego set is the perfect way to combine hobbies for the Whovian Lego-lover in your life. Featuring 4 mini-figures, including the 11th and 12th Doctors, a Dalek and a Weeping Angel, this Lego set allows users to build their very own police box TARDIS that opens up to see the console room inside.

A gift that fans of all ages will enjoy!


To say “I Do: Dalek Big, Bold Handmade Rings

These rings are big, bold and handmade to order with two or four rows of bumpy Dalek features to commemorate a Dr. Who fan’s favorite extraterrestrial mutant in white gold, yellow gold, palladium or even platinum.

This geeky jewelry is sure to delight the nerd at heart who wants to make a statement on their big day. (Note: These rings are fashioned for gentlemen, but the makers will create similar ones for ladies as well!)

engraved crystal Dr.Who

To make it holographic: Engraved Crystal 4th Doctor TARDIS

This incredible, LED-lit collectible honors the 4th doctor, Tom Baker, with a solid K9 crystal engraved with his image 3D engraved inside the police box. A unique commemorative piece that will show your Whovian just how special they really are and glows blue from within through the LED base lighting.

screwdriver replica

To give a traveling prop: Dr. Who Lights and Sounds Sonic Screwdriver Replica

This incredibly detailed Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver is a perfect replica and will delight a Dr. Who fan of any age with it painstaking specificity. The Sonic Screwdriver has the same effects in terms of lights and sounds that the one on the BBC show has.

Gift this impressive Sonic Screwdriver as the perfect carry along item for die hard fans of the Doctor.

remote controlled inflatable dalek

To go above and beyond: 2-Foot Tall Remote Controlled, Inflatable Dalek

Give this gift to give your favorite Whovian the chance to know what it would be like to control a space mutant Dalek all on their own. Evil doers of all ages can do battle against their enemies with this remote-controlled, inflatable Dalek that includes the death ray sound effect and famous phrases like, “Exterminate!” For the ultimate in Dr.

Who gift-giving, this Dalek is an amazing present to gift anyone.

Dr.Who costume

To cosplay the Doctor: Incredible 11th, 12th, 13th Doctor Who Costume

For the fan who has it all, give the gift of allowing them to become the Doctor. This incredibly well-made Time Lord costume is constructed perfectly with all the essential pieces and will impress fans at sci-fi conventions around the world.

This is a perfect recreation of the beloved Doctor’s suit and will let fans feel like Time Lords themselves.

Two Psychology-Based Tips for Gift-Giving

When it comes to giving presents to the important people in life, everyone wants to be remembered for their ability to pick out the exact, perfect thing.

Giving a great gift makes the receiver feel valued and shows how much they are cared for, along with providing a way to help them remember who the important people in their lives are. With that in mind, here are three simple tips for picking out the best presents all year ’round.

1. Give a practical gift. Studies show that attractive and expensive gifts make recipients feel less close to the giver than do practical gifts that they can use over the long term. It might seem like giving an expensive gift is more impressive, but psychology shows than when it comes to gift giving, money isn’t everything.

2. It’s the thought that counts. Fun and original gifts that show your thoughtfulness about people’s interests are the perfect present to give. For a Dr. Who fan, it would be ideal to give them a gift they can use, of course, but when you can combine their interests with something practical, you are honing in on the ideal way to tell them that you care.


Nobody denies that giving the perfect gift can be stressful sometimes, but knowing your recipient makes it a whole lot easier. Share these these wonderful, wacky (and yes, pratical!)

Dr. Who-themed gifts, to help friends and family know just how easy it can be make the Whovian in their lies feel like the most important person in the multiverse.

Leave a comment, too! What is the best gift you’e ever been given? Is there a great Dr. Who gift we didn’t mention above? Let us know below.

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