30 Dungeons & Dragons Gift Ideas to Die For

If you have a Dungeons and Dragons fan in your life, and you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, you’ve come to the right place.

The hard part will be narrowing down the ideas to a favorite, but you’re sure to have fun doing it! From themed game boards to exquisite dice sets, there’s something for everyone!

30 Dungeons & Dragons Gift Ideas to Die For

soft shaped D20 throw

Fun Comfy Throw: Dungeons & Dragons: Shaped D20 Throw

Every D&D fan would love to have this fun super soft throw! Made of 100% polyester, it measures 52″ x 60″. It’s an officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons product designed after their shaped dice. It makes a great gift for any occasion and will be the envy of all their friends!

bag of holding collection of 140 polyhedral dice

Dice Sets & Holding Bag: Wiz Dice Bag of Holding: Collection of 140 Polyhedral Dice

Any fan would be thrilled to receive this Bag of Holding with 20 Wiz Dice Series I sets. 140 polyhedral dice are included in a variety of styles and colors. This set of 7 Wiz Dice includes d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20.

Besides various shades of translucent and opaque colors, this set includes a set of Copper Sands, Forbidden Treasure, Serpent, Imperial Gem, Smoke, and Horizon. The bag can fit up to 200 dice. It makes a great gift for any fan regardless of how long they’ve been playing!

D20 hoodie

D&D Style: D20 Atom Hoodie

They can show off their love for the game with this comfy hoodie! It’s the perfect attire for games or just hanging out around the house, this D20 hoodie is made of 100% cotton. This black and red hoodie is available in sizes small – 3x.

It arrives preshrunk and is guaranteed to be a hit!

D&D rule books gift set

Everything You Need to Know: Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

An excellent gift idea for beginner’s or collectors, this D&D rule books gift set makes a wonderful present. This edition includes special foil covers with a slipcase and a DM screen. Each book is hardcover and includes ‘The Player’s Handbook, ‘Dungeon Master’s Guide’, and ‘Monster Manual’.

The latest rule updates are included. The DM screen helps hide their notes from other players and has several references often used in the game for a quick refresher, which makes it easier on beginners.

roleplaying game starter set

For New Players or Collectors: Hasbro Gaming Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set

Collectors, newbies, and fans of ‘Stranger Things’ would be thrilled to receive this gift! It includes the character book designed by ‘Stranger Things’ character, Mike Wheeler. Players choose a character and battle ‘The Upside Down’ in Dungeons and Dragons style.

It comes with 5 ready-to-play character sheets, 6 polyhedral dice, and 2 ‘Stranger Things’ demogorgons including one they can customize. It arrives in a replica box of the 1983 Dungeons and Dragons game.

It’s sure to be a hit!

dress socks

Novelty Socks: Men’s Hipster Dungeons & Dragons Dress Socks

They’ll love showing off these fun socks! Available in charcoal gray or navy blue, these socks fit men’s shoe size 7-13. They’re made of 78% cotton, 20% nylon, and 2% spandex. This makes a fun gift when you’re unsure of what they may already have, or something you can add to a gift basket!

D&D dice patent poster prints

For the Diehard Fan: Original Dungeons and Dragons Dice Patent Poster Prints

Printed on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper, this set of original Dungeons and Dragons game dice patents would make a great gift. Measuring 11″ x 14″, this artwork would look awesome in their game room! Add in a couple of nice frames that match their decor, and you’ve got a present they’re sure to love!

customizable GM screen

The Ultimate Screen: Stratagem The Master’s Tome 4-Panel Customizable GM Screen

This screen is a must have for all D&D fans! Measuring 11.5″ x 40.5″, it can be folded down to .5″ thick making it easy to store. It has 8 fully customizable pockets that measure 8.5″ x 11″. It also includes 4 art inserts and 4 reference inserts if they’d like to use those in addition to their own.

The screen can be used with a dry erase marker for notes and easily wipes clean. This screen is available in red, green, black, brown, and in sci-fi purple or silver. You can’t go wrong with a new game screen!

haxtec metal dice set

Every Color You Can Imagine: Haxtec Metal Dice Set

One thing a D&D fan can never have too many of is dice. Each set of 7 includes a D20, D12, 2-D10 (one 00-90 and one 0-9), D8, D6, D4, and a leather dice bag. This particular set is known as Sapphire and has blue holographic glitter with a gold trim.

There are over 50 styles/colors to choose from including antique bronze, gold blue jade, silver black & red, and copper teal. Made of zinc alloy metal, these dice will last for years!

tabletop RPG adventure´s bag

The Ultimate D&D On the Go: ENHANCE Tabletop RPG Adventurer’s Bag

Perfect for beginner’s and experts alike, this tabletop RPG adventurer bag fits absolutely everything they could ever need for a night of fun. The inside pocket fits 4-8 books, and it features a 16-section padded figure storage on top that keeps each one safe and secure.

It has additional pockets for dice, pencils, cards, and more. The attached carrying loop is perfect for any size map. It has a great style that’s perfect for anyone, and it’s sure to be a hit!

deluxe dragon dice storage box

Guarded Dice: Forged Dice Co. Deluxe Dragon Dice Storage Box

This dragon designed storage box includes a foam insert that holds 7 polyhedral dice. They can choose to remove it, and the box will store 42 dice. It measures 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″ and is accented with black hinges.

The inside is nicely padded to protect their favorite dice sets. Even if they’ve got plenty of holding bags or other dice storage, it makes a great display piece to represent one of their favorite past times.

book backstory guide

A Little Help: The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide

This 272-page book is perfect for creating the ultimate D&D character. It is filled with prompts and activities to help them design a unique backstory like no other. Characteristics to consider include: Just how evil are they? and Where did they get that scar? This paperback makes a great gift for any D&D fan, and the number of backstory elements they can add are limitless.

spellbook cards

The Perfect Accessory: Dungeons & Dragons Spellbook Cards: Magic Items

This fun accessory will keep their game on its toes! Included are 294 laminated cards that feature magical weapons, armor, and tons of other items from the D&D world. Players can choose to keep a card for their character or help out others.

This makes a wonderful present idea for seasoned players.

coffee mug

Fun Coffee Mug: Ain’t No Party Like a DND Party Mug

This fun coffee mug makes a great desk or shelf accessory. They’ll be the envy of their friends when they decide to bring it to their next game. Made of ceramic, this mug is available in black or white.

It’s also microwave and dishwasher safe and is guaranteed to never fade.

metal dice rolling tray holder

No More Crazy Throws: Metal Dice Rolling Tray Holder

Any type of tabletop gamer would love to have one of these rolling trays. Available in camel, purple, red, oxford blue, and peacock blue, each one measures 13.4″ x 13.4″ when expanded. When ready for use, they measure 12.

13″ x 9.06″ and have a height of 1.81″. No more worrying about dice scratching the table, rolling onto the floor, or being seen when you need to hide your roll. It’s a great accessory for any D&D player.

beer mug

Show Them Who the Master is: Dungeon Master Beer Mug

This gorgeous wooden stein is designed using natural oak tree wood. It has a stainless steel insert and features a copper label that depicts ‘Dungeon Master’ with dragons and a die. It holds 22 ounces and is perfect for game nights.

It also makes a fun prize that can be switched to others as they take over the role of ‘Dungeon Master’.

the army painter set

Design Your Own: The Army Painter Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s Paint Set

The Army Painter is the official paint line for D&D figures. Ideal for those who love to create their own character figures, this set includes 10 water-based paints that are non-toxic. It has colors such as abyssal black, dragonfire red, mithral silver, and kraken blue.

It comes with 1 D&D Minsc & Boo miniature ready to be personalized. 12 ml precision dropper bottles and a handmade starter brush is also included. They’ll love showing off their own personalized figures!

dungeon meowster tshirt

Fun Tee for Her: Dungeon Meowster RPG Tshirt

This fun tee makes a great gift idea for any occasion. It comes available in S to 3XL sizes and 5 colors. It’s 100% cotton and has a lightweight classic fit. It will be one of their favorite tees!

battle grid game mat

Design Your Own Battle Mat: Battle Grid Game Mat

This 36″ x 24″ Melee mat is perfect for any type of tabletop gaming. It comes with 4 dry erase markers and an eraser. It’s made of quality materials with a laminated film making it durable. It can be reused over and over as it’s simple to clean.

It’s also sturdy and lays flat for using character figures.

castle ravenloft board game

Taste of Adventure: Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

Ideal for beginners or those who love the concept of Dungeons and Dragons but don’t have the time to play often. This 1-5 player game takes approximately 60 minutes to play. Players are invited to Castle Ravenloft for dinner only to discover the horrors that await.

There are multiple scenarios to be played out that require completing quests and cooperative game play. Included in the game are 40 plastic heroes and monsters, 13 sheets of interlocking dungeon tiles, 200 encounter and treasure cards, a rule book, a scenario book, and a 20-sided die.

It also makes a great gift for those who are interested in finding out more about the Dungeons and Dragons game world.

pocket compendium

For Story Ideas: Pocket Compendium: Tome of Recollection

This pocket compendium is the ultimate Dungeons and Dragons accessory. It includes 26 pages of spells and ideas to help your character move forward. It’s fully compatible with the official D&D 5e spell cards, and it includes 54 blank cards to customize.

They’ll love coming up with their own twists on artifacts, items, and abilities. This makes a great gift idea for the seasoned D&D player.

gothic dragon bookends

Dragon Decor: Gothic Dragon Bookends

This set of gothic dragon bookends is a unique gift that any D&D fan is sure to love. Designed with heavy cold-cast resin, each bookend measures 7.25″ tall. They both have a felt bottom to protect shelves or desks.

It makes a wonderful present for die hard D&D fans for any occasion.

ceramic mug

Fun Desk Item: Critical Hit D20 12 oz Ceramic Mug w/ Lid

While this ceramic mug can definitely be used, it makes more of a fun desk or shelf accessory. Measuring 17.8″ x 15.2″ x 17.8″, it’s an exact replica of a D20 die. It can also make a fun conversation piece on game nights.

Each one holds 12 ounces and comes with a matching ceramic lid.

t-shirt minimalist d20 dice

D&D Heartbeat Tee: Minimalist D20 Dice Nerdy Dice Set Collector T-Shirt

Any D&D fan would love to receive this D&D heartbeat tee! You can choose from black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, and heather blue. Solid colors are made of 100% cotton while heather colors are a cotton/polyester mix.

This lightweight tee has a classic fit and is available in youth sizes 2-12 or men/women sizes small – 3x.

Xanathars guide to everything

Everything They Need to Know: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (Dungeons & Dragons)

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Dungeons & Dragons is a hardcover book that contains tons of new rule options for players and dungeon masters. This guide is the first major expansion for the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons and offers tons of new story ideas.

Seasoned players will love the 25 new subclasses for characters in the Player’s Handbook. New additions include Cavalier for the fighter, the Horizon Walker for the ranger, and the Circle of Dreams for the druid.

The book also includes new spells, new backstory ideas, and new tools to help refresh traps, magic items, downtime activities, and more. The guide is designed to further interest in the D&D world and provide players with new ideas.

handmade d20 coaster set

Perfect for Game Nights: Unfinished D20 Coaster Set

They’ll love having friends over for game night and showing off this new set of D&D coasters! The set of 4 are handmade and have an engraved D20 etched into the wood ensuring they last for years. Each one has a cork backing to protect tables.

They measure 3.5″ each and would make a great gift for the D&D fan in your life!

drawstring bag

Keep an Eye on Your Dice: Drawstring Bag PU Leather Dice Pouch

It’s highly unlikely anyone will mess with their dice when they’re in this bag! Designed to look like dragon skin, each bag is made of soft faux leather and features a 3D glass cabochon eye. These bags are available in black, blue, or rose and measure 3.

9″ x 6.3″. They include a leather cord that cinches the bag up tight when not in use. Each one easily holds 2 full sets of dice. These bags make a great gift for any level D&D player.

D&D monster cards

Monster Card Accessory: D&D: Monster Cards 5e Bundle

D&D players love accessories to enhance game play, and this set does just that! It includes 2 sets of Monster Challenge Cards. Set 0-5 has 268 laminated cards for D&D monsters that have a challenge rating of 0-5.

Set 6-16 has 125 laminated cards for monsters with a challenge rating of 6-16. Each card has game statistics on one side and unique art on the other side.

icons of the realms miniatures

D&D Figures: WizKids D&D Icons of The Realms Miniatures

This set can be used to play a 30 minute game for 2 or more players or used as figures in their ongoing D&D quest. The Epic Level Starter Game includes characters such as a dwarf cleric, a human ranger, a halfling rogue, an elf wizard, an elf druid, and a Northlands fighter.

You can also choose the Village Raiders version.

wall of fire and wall of ice set

Fun Extras: Dungeons & Dragons Spell Effects: Wall of Fire and Wall of Ice

A fun edition to the Dungeons and Dragons Icons of the Realms line, this set of Wall of Fire and Wall of Ice makes a great added feature to their D&D experience! This set comes with 6 each painted miniatures of Wall of Fire and Wall of Ice.

It makes a great add-on gift or stocking stuffer for any D&D fan!

Choosing the Perfect D&D Present

It makes it a lot easier when you know what Dungeons and Dragons items they already have. This way, you can pick up on their interests and avoid buying duplicates.

One thing for certain about D&D players is they can never have too many dice or theme boards. So, you can’t go wrong by choosing either of those. The battle game grid mat is also a great choice for those who love to personalize their gaming experience.

Other great ideas to consider are holding bags or fun dragon-themed boxes/containers to store their dice. One holding bag above comes with 7 sets of gorgeous dice that any fan would love to receive.

For die-hard gamers, the adventurer’s bag is a great idea. It can hold all of their gaming gear and has a strap for game mats. Accessories such as Magic Cards would also be a fun gift. The pocket compendium is another item a lot of D&D players may not already have that would add a lot to their gaming experience.

For players fairly new to D&D, one of the board games listed is a great idea. There’s even a Stranger Things themed D&D game! The complete rule book set will have them ready to play in no time!

If you’re looking for fun accessories that appeal to their love of D&D, the hoodie, sweatshirt, and socks are all fun present ideas. There’s also a D&D blanket throw and dragon bookends.

If you’re still having trouble narrowing down ideas, it may help to read up on the basics of D&D. This website below explains the concept.

What Is D&D – Wizards.com


Any Dungeons and Dragons fan would love everything on this list! So, have fun choosing one! If you’ve ever received or given a Dungeons and Dragons gift, be sure to comment below. Also, don’t forget to share this list with your family and friends so they can find the ideal present as well.

30 uniaue dungeons and dragons gift ideas

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