29 Brilliant Gifts Ideas for Electricians They’ll Love

Just like everybody else, electricians need gifts from time to time. Unfortunately, if you were to browse the internet today looking for electricians’ gift ideas, all you will find are tech toys.

There is nothing wrong with this, but every electrician probably already has them.

Gifts for electricians can range from versatile components of the electricity trade to novelty and funny items that would bring a smile to their faces. Read on for insights on the most thoughtful gift ideas for our beloved electricians.


For the Coffee Drinker: Custom Tumblers for an Electrician

These are stainless steel tumblers—the type made to keep drinks either cold or warm for a very long time. Trust me; an electrician will surely appreciate a gift like this. They would enjoy it even more if you take the time to have it custom engraved just for them.

You can get these tumblers in different sizes, colors, and styles. If you have several electricians in mind that you would like to gift, you can buy the tumblers in bulk for a discount. An engraved tumbler is a brilliant gift idea for the whole company or even a family of electricians.

bottle opener

For Beer Connoisseurs: Engraved Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

This gift suggestion comes as a handcrafted solid wood bottle opener, sold in the US and customized according to specific orders. It’s a great idea to encourage an electrician to keep up their excellent work or say something like “pop open a chilled one” or “take it easy”!

safecracker puzzle

For a Puzzler Friend: Wooden Safecracker Puzzle

This gift is made from cherry and maple woods in the USA. It’s a gorgeous gift that will impress any electrician.

This puzzle aims to make each of the pie slices in every column align and make a total of 50.

Will it be difficult? Of course. Is it impossible? Well, perhaps. Will your intended electrician like it or try it? Absolutely.

whiskey distillation barrel

A Whiskey Lover’s Dream: Whiskey Distillation Barrel

A custom engraved oak aging barrel is among the most popular gift ideas for men. An electrician will love the thought of trying to come up with the best flavor of whiskey, scotch, rum, or any other spirit they are down for.

You can purchase the kit with a natural oak barrel accessorized with a charred inside for a great flavor, and a stand (this is an optional fancy metallic support), a spigot, a few storing tablets, and a bung.

It comes with everything an amateur connoisseur needs to start making their aged spirits!

bird feeder

A Must-Have for Birdwatchers: A Custom Made Bird Feeder

Honor an electrician and feed birds at the same time. Your electrician will love the eco-friendliness and double duty of this gift designed in the US from an aromatic cedarwood type. It is a bird feeder accessorized with laser-etched gear.

You can choose to have it custom engraved at the frontal acrylic with unique text addressing the electrician.

electrician plaque

To Award a Friend Who Deserves It: Vintage Electrician Plaque

This is a vintage electrician plaque made in the US, handmade from furniture-grade wood, and designed to order. Every piece is hand distressed to feature a three-dimension handcrafted gear relief. Your electrician will surely appreciate your one-of-a-kind gift.

You can also get a custom wood hanging plaque with your electrician’s name and an additional second-line for their qualifications, academic information, position, or something fun that they would love.

cutting board

For the At-Home Chef: Custom Made Cutting Board

If your electrician loves cooking, this would be the perfect gift for them. This cutting board is made from premium bamboo with laser etching indicating the electrician’s name and any other you would like to be included.

You can have it engraved with “The Most Brilliant Electrician Ever” or any other fun or encouraging quote you can come up with.

wooden puzzle

Gifts for a Dissectologist: Fractal Wooden Puzzles

Show some love to the electrician in your life by gifting them with this fun—and intriguingly complex—fractal puzzle made of wood. This gift is designed in the US and comes with various fractal colors and designs.

For an electrician, a fractal puzzle will help them relieve stress and keep their mind active when resting.

robot building kit

For a Tinkering Electrician: Solar-Powered Robot Building Kit

Creating a robot from scratch is fantastic and satisfying. Get your electrician this robotics kit that is powered by solar power. The kit inspired energy conservation by converting solar power into electricity.

It is an excellent pick for an electrician with small kids at home. It brings out the engineer skills in a person as they are trying to put it together.

galileo thermometer

A Gift for a Collector: Galileo Thermometer

Although this thermometer cannot predict lightning and thunder (imagine if it could do that!), it will predict the temperature and look fabulous while doing that. This model is unique among all Galileo versions — it is 24” (60.

96-cm) tall and glassy. It is a little bit more expensive than the small, plastic models, but looks lovely in a home or office.


For a DIY Builder: Leonardo da Vinci-Inspired Catapult

Any electrician will love a catapult. It’s among the most basic mechanisms that everybody needs to understand. This is a thoughtful gift for an electrician because, well, it is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s creations.

keep sake

For Retiring Electricians: Custom Engraved Maple Keep Sake

This solid wood keepsake box comes with custom laser engravings for the electrician’s honor in your mind. If you plan on gifting several electricians, buying keepsake boxes in bulk will save you some money.

pocket knife

Perfect for Knife Collectors: Antique Pocket Knife With Engraving

This is an old-school but very classy gift idea. A rosewood handle pocket knife comes with a 3-inch (7.62-cm) blade and beautiful markings engraved on the metallic case. You can also have your electrician’s initials or name engraved on the handle—the fanciest heirloom surprise gift.

bomboo calculator

A Handy On-Site Electrician’s Tool: Bamboo Calculator

A bamboo calculator is the perfect combination of practical yet quirky, both modern and rustic, applicable to electricians and engineers, not to mention simple but nothing close to cheap. You can get this calculator in solar-powered designs, ergonomic styles, pressure-sensitive keys, and a block of gorgeous and sustainable bamboo wood.


For a Mathematician: Funny Electrician T-Shirts

An electrician’s wardrobe will not be complete without some clothes with inside jokes. You will get t-shirts with ‘wink wink,’ ‘nudge nudge,’ ‘say-n more,’ and other electrical references on T-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants.

You might think that these are just ordinary remarks, but these are electrical terms, not musical theories.

You can also get your electrician t-shirts with other hilarious slogans such as “Oh renewable energy – I am in” with an image of a wind generation turbine, or a “Try to resist me” with an image of a resistor.

You get the picture.

If you do not like the idea of a t-shirt, you can opt for a cap, a hoodie, or socks.

tesla wall art

A Gift for Artists: Tesla-Inspired Wall Art

Nikola Tesla is the most famous electrician all over the world and for good reasons too. He invented so much cool stuff, including the motor coil, Tesla radio technology coil, generators, remote controls, and dynamos.

He is also the pioneer of X-ray and radar technologies and the rotational magnetic field that is the foundation of almost every AC-powered generator.

Tesla was a fantastic guy!

So, there wouldn’t be a better electrician gift than an art print wall art inspired by Tesla’s patents.

The art would look fantastic in any space and serve as an inspiration to your electrician.

super multi tool

For a Full-Time Handyman: Leatherman Super Multi-Tool

A Leatherman Super multi-tool is not like any other ordinary multi-tool. The multi-tool is designed especially for electricians and engineers. It comes with a total of 19 tools, including every tool that you’d expect to find in other multi-tools such as knives, bottle/can openers, pliers, ruler, awl, etc.

Plus, it comes with some handy electrical tools such as a crimper, various screwdriver tips, and a wire stripper.

Any product from Leatherman is durable, so your electrician will have this gift for many years.

digital multimeter

An Electrician’s Everyday Tool: AstroAI Digital Multimeter

Why a multimeter? Doesn’t every electrician own one of these? This question is ringing in your head.

Of course, every electrician must own at least one multimeter, but this multimeter is like none other.

All we can say about this particular one is that it comes with an attitude.

The AstroAI multimeter can be used to measure and test almost every electrical system or device found on the earth’s surface.

It’s a heavy-duty gadget and can bear prolonged lab hours or any problematic situation. The magnet on this device lets you attach it anywhere during or after work.

coffee mug

For Morning Coffee Lovers: Nikola Tesla Patent-Inspired Mug

As we have seen earlier on, Nikola Tesla was a one-of-a-kind electrical engineer.

You cannot simply ignore this mug in a list of gist ideas for electricians! This is a sturdy cream or white ceramic mug that will look great in a cupboard.

Your electrician can enjoy just the right amount of coffee, no need for a refill. The mug is made of good quality and can withstand microwave heat. It is also dishwashing machine-friendly and will last for a long time.

The modern electric motor is one of Tesla’s most enduring inventions. Everybody has come across this kind of motor, even if they don’t realize it yet. That’s because this motor’s principles are used in almost every vehicle ever manufactured.

A Nikola Tesla patent-inspired mug will pay homage to every life-changing invention from this brilliant electrician. A cup-like this will give your electrician a connection with our enigmatic genius each time they have a beverage.

raspberry pi kit accessory

For a DIY Enthusiast: Raspberry Pi Kit for Accessory

This is an exclusive Kit from the CanaKit brand. It comes with a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B and anything that your electrician would need to get started and explore the world of Raspberry Pi!

A Raspberry Pi will be incredibly fun for electricians since they will get a chance to play with the hardware, software, and operating systems.

You can get an action-packed PI kit accessorized with loads of DIY tools such as electric motors, receivers, buttons, etc. Your electrician has the option of programming the Pi to control the other components.

Besides, the kit is conveniently packed in a hardshell case, which will give your electrician the feeling of an excellent spy in war, more like Mr. Bond. Definitely an ideal gift idea for a millennial or a junior electrician!


A Gift for a Journalist: Weatherproof Notebook

The 4″ by 6″ (10.16 by 15.24-cm) top spiral notebook is conveniently tiny to fit in a pocket and tough enough to withstand any harsh weather. This scrappy pocketbook can resist rain, mud, oil, sweat, snow, or grease.

Its papers are legible in bright light, and it comes with impact-resistant Wire-O binders that will never lose shape. It also has a polyurea cover that protects notes from stains and scratches.

messenger tactical bag

For Multi-Skilled Electrician’s: Messenger Tactical Bag

An electrician carries a lot of gear when they are out working in the field. A high-density rugged, premium nylon bag will come in handy. This bag is made of high-quality, durable fabric. It’s also lightweight, scratch-resistant, and waterproof, so it’s built for the job and will not get old.

The bag can double in as a briefcase or tactical sling backpack, thanks to its adjustable back straps.

It is multicore with different dividers that make gear organization easy, with webbing platforms placed on each side for customization.

It also has a padded pouch at the front, one on each side, and at the bottom to protect the contents from scratches or breakage in case of a fall.


For Early Risers: Coffee Mugs With Electrician Facts

Get your electrician this fun mug, and they will enjoy their coffee or tea every morning while reading some nutritional facts. This mug can start interesting conversations and will surely amuse everybody who sees it.

It is an extra-large mug with a capacity to hold 12 oz. (355 ml) of coffee or tea generously, perfect for the days when your electrician needs a quick fix. An excellent gift for coffee-loving electricians!


To Stay Warm in Style: Glowing Constellation Blanket

Introduce the wonder of electricity into your electrician’s bedroom with this microfiber constellation blanket. It will glow in the dark and provide a soft and snuggly cover for cold days and nights. The best thing about this gift is that it is perfect for all ages, including young kids aspiring to be electricians.


For Key Organizers: Cute Electrical Themed Keychain

Understated, lightweight, and sweet, this is the most humble and thoughtful gift for your electrician. There is no need to make it big or complicated. It’s the simple things that make a difference.

shower curtain

For Shower Lovers: Physics Themed Shower Curtains

Let your electrician get more imaginative with these physics-themed curtains every time they take a shower. These shower curtains are crammed with electrical physics equations. They are made using 100% polyester and are machine washable, waterproof, and durable.

science book for her

For a Comedic Genius: Science Book for Her

Science For Her! It is a faux science book addressing how the modern career woman views the world of science. The novice comedy scriptwriter Megan Amram presents a funny attack on how absurd it is to be a woman in a way that only women in science would understand.

Get this as a gift for your female electrician, and they will surely appreciate how well you know them.


To Show the Humor of Science: Physics Humor T-Shirt

Get this tee as a gift for an electrician who loves physics––or an electrician who’s a fan of bad dad jokes. It is a perfect pick for someone who loves expressing their funny science side.

clip cup holder

To Keep an Electrician’s Blueprints Clean: Desk Clip Cup Holder

Anyone would love this gift, not only your electrician. This can be attached to shelves and desks to hold cups and bottles to protect devices and other things by preventing spills or condensation from cold drinks that could wet their desk.

Buying Guide

Can you imagine a life without electricians? Me neither. Imagine a life with no entertainment, light, or music! Thanks to their tireless efforts to keep us in the light, life could be worth living.

However, have you ever taken the time to let the electrician in your life know just how much appreciated they are? Getting them a gift will let them know how much you appreciate their work and show them that someone cares.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a special occasion or wants to thank them for a job well done; getting them a gift will make them feel special and motivate them to work harder.

Every branch of science is magical, and there is nothing as mind-blowing as what electricity can do. Therefore, when looking for the perfect gift for the electrician in your life, there are a wide variety of products that will show just how much you appreciate their input in the world of science. No matter what you are thinking of getting them, you want to make sure that your gift will positively impact their lives.

In this guide, we will show you how to pick the perfect gift for an electrician.

Try To Get a Problem Solver

One of the biggest mistakes you could ever make when buying a gift for an electrician is thinking that getting them a more expensive gift would make them happier.

However, happiness does not have a price tag. Therefore, when picking a gift for your electrician, find one that will solve simple problems in their life or will make their job easier.

Get Them Something That Relates to Their Career

Getting a gift for any individual in the field of science is not that easy. Therefore, you need to think outside the box to develop a gift idea that will make sense to their career. Get a gift that shows them how much you support and appreciate them in everything they do to make our lives better.

For example, the list of gift suggestions above expresses love for electricity. Get something that will make their colleagues marvel at how brilliant and thoughtful the gift is. If possible, get them something that will aid them in their daily career life.

Try Not To Put Too Much Thought Into the Gift

You want to show your electrician how much you know them. However, who knows the electrician better than you do? Themselves!

Therefore, when they tell you what they want, don’t try to outsmart them. If possible, get them exactly what they mentioned!

As thoughtless as this sounds, it will mean so much to them. Studies say that your recipient will appreciate a gift they’ve already mentioned to you.

Give a Present That Keeps Giving

People always say it’s the thought that counts. As accurate as this is, the idea will matter only once; if you want to get your electrician a gift that will keep adding up brownie points, look for sentimentality.

Based on research, if someone receives a valuable item as a gift, chances are they will treasure it even more than when they buy it themselves, simply because the novelty ends, but the sentimental value remains.

You can capture a particular moment in the electrician’s life and make a sentimental gift out of it.


The ideas above should be enough to help you come up with the perfect gift for that exceptional electrician in your life. Feel free to leave a comment and share the post.

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