30 Elephant Gifts They’ll Never Forget

Whether it’s due to their large size, the fact that they’re incredibly intelligent or simply because of their big floppy ears, people love elephants.

They love seeing the real thing, but they also love decorating with them. Women, especially, are fans of pachyderms. Here is a list of the best elephant-themed gifts for the elephant lover in your life.

30 Gift Ideas For Elephant Lovers

elephant bedding set

Sweet Safari Dreams: Meeting Story 3PC India Bohemian Comforter Elephant Bedding Set

A lot of people who really love elephants like to showcase that love in their bedrooms. Their bedrooms are their own private spaces, the places they feel most comfortable going a little crazy on the decor.

If your friend is an elephant fanatic, get her this beautiful elephant bedding set. There are three styles from which you can choose, and each one features a gorgeous, colorful and majestic elephant. The set includes one soft, microfiber comforter (size 90″ x 90″) and two standard size pillow cases featuring a matching theme.

sculpture elephant figure

Unique and Original: Enesco Edge Sculpture Elephant Figure, 9.25 inches

This high-quality sculpture is a unique and understated gift for anyone who loves to collect or decorate with elephants. The distinct look of the sculpture is entirely modern, yet also emotionally evocative, combining to make a very striking piece of modern sculpture.

It’s designed and sculpted by English sculptor Matt Buckley, and each piece has its own unique variations that make it a truly one-of-kind gift.


For the Elegant Elephant Lover: GELIN 14k Solid Gold Opal Pendant Chain Necklace

There are all kinds of elephant necklaces you can find, but not all of them are as extraordinarily beautiful as this one. It’s made of real, 14-karat gold and blue opal. In addition to being lovely, the necklace is also a symbol of good luck.

Elephants have long been seen as a sign of good luck and good fortune, and the opal stone represents love, hope and serenity, which are all good things. All the materials used in the necklace are nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic.

The necklace also comes with a gold certificate that certifies it as being the real thing.


The World’s Most Well-Known (Cartoon) Elephant: Loungefly x Disney Dumbo Convertible Mini Backpack

The world’s most famous real-life elephant is Jumbo, the former star of Barnum & Bailey’s Circus. An elephant that’s even more well-known these days is the cartoon elephant, Dumbo, who was based on the real-life Jumbo.

If you have a friend or loved one who loves Dumbo more than she loves real elephants, grab her this convertible mini backpack by Loungefly. Don’t let the “mini” fool you. This little back can actually hold quite a lot, with one reviewer saying she uses hers as a miniature diaper bag to hold “about five diapers, a bag of wipes, both my kids’ extra clothes and a few toys/snacks and drinks!” That’s a pretty great capacity for a mini backpack.

The backpack is blueish gray and features a smiling, flying, happy Dumbo on the front. The back of the bag is done in white and has the phrase “Flying on a Dream” embroidered on it. It also has Dumbo being led by Timothy Q.

Mouse and a few circus balls done across the bottom. The bag can be converted from the backpack style to a crossbody bag. The main compartment has a two-way zipper, and there’s also a smaller front, zippable pocket and an open side pocket for a cell phone or other small device.

The inner lining of the bag is covered in flying Dumbos.

garden fountain

Elephants in the Garden: Grasslands Road Elephant Garden Fountain

If your elephant-loving friend spends a lot of time outdoors, give her something that’ll suit both of her favorite things – elephants and nature. This Grasslands Road Elephant Fountain measures 9″ x 9 7/8″, is made entirely of resin and comes with the pump included.

It has an on/off switch so that your friend can conserve power when she doesn’t want it on, and it’s easy and convenient to clean. If she loves elephants, she’ll love this gift.

table lamp

A Brilliant Little Light: Quoizel TFX839Y Ashley Harbor Stained Glass Tiffany Elephant Table Lamp

For a long time, Tiffany lamps were the height of sophistication. The only problem was that no one could really afford them. Over the years, the lamps have become more affordable, but they haven’t become any less brilliant and beautiful.

This particular Tiffany lamp is a resin elephant with dark gray finish and a Tiffany glass shade. It’s a little over six inches high and is four inches long and nine inches wide. It weighs about two and half pounds.

The lamp is lit by a 15-watt candelabra bulb (which is included), and there’s a high and low setting on it. It’s lovely, functional and an exquisite gift.

decor upholstered footstool

Make Them Feel like Royalty: Design Toscano Maharajah Elephants Indian Decor Upholstered Footstool

If you’re looking for a gift that’s fit for a king – or queen – look no further than this footstool named for an Indian prince. Its dimensions measure 13.5″W x 13.5″D x 13″H. It also weighs 13 pounds. It features four elephant heads on each corner, and its legs are made to look like the legs of elephants.

The top of the footstool is covered in a removable, easy-to-wash cushion, and the sides feature sculpted tassels that almost look like the real thing. The whole thing is hand-cast using real crushed stone and resin.


To remember everything: Leather Daily Journal/Sketchbook Elephant Gift

This gorgeous journal featuring a stately elephant on the cover comes in traditional leather color, a bronze-like color, silver and multicolored. It features a faux-leather cover that’s been embossed with an elephant walking through vines.

The pages of the journal are off-white to add to the antique feel of the overall aesthetic. Each one is handmade and includes 100 sheets of lined paper. It’s perfect for keeping a journal, sketching, keeping notes and many other things.

vintage decorative ashtray

For the Man Who Loves Elephants: Vintage Decorative Windproof Ashtray with Lid

This ashtray, shaped like a very robust elephant and made of a metal zinc alloy, is the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves elephants. Even if he isn’t a smoker, he can use the lidded elephant as a place to keep jewelry, flash drives or other small items.

It’s hand-stamped with an intricate, 3D pattern, and the surface is polished smooth and easy to clean. It’s made in an authentic, vintage style and can be used either inside or outside. Whether your friend uses it as an actual ashtray, as a place to keep things safe or just for decoration, he’ll be pleased with it.

ring holder trinket tray

Cute and Convenient: PUDDING CABIN Elephant Ring Holder Trinket Tray

This is the perfect little trinket dish for anyone who loves elephants, whether they’re old or young. It’s a ceramic ring holder/trinket dish. Your friend can put her earrings or necklace down in the dish and hang her ring from the elephant’s snout.

It’s perfectly sized for jewelry and looks absolutely elegant and high-quality. It comes in three colors/styles: silver elephant, white elephant and lucky elephant. There are other options as well, including cats, flamingos and cacti, but for the elephant fanatic in your life, this is definitely the right choice.

wall clock

It’s Jungle Time: The Geeky Days Jungle Animals Elephant DIY Large Wall Clock

If your friend has a large open wall in his home that’s just begging to be decorated with elephants, this oversize, piece-meal clock is a great option. There’s actually some measure of variety concerning how he can set it up, so if he wants to make it smaller than the way it’s pictured here, he can.

The clock features a minute and hour hand that hooks to the internal mechanism of the clock machine. Then there are 12 different elephants to represent the hours. The clock comes in gold, silver or black, and the decals are self-adhesive to the wall, though some reviewers have said they’ve used additional adhesive for a more secure fit.

car air

Small but Classy: FOLCONROAD Auto Diamond Elephant Car Air Conditioning Outlet Clip

These little elephants may be small, but they’re gorgeous, and the four-pack will allow your friend to mix and match elephants depending on her mood. They’re made of metal alloy and rhinestones, and they add a beautiful decoration to your friend’s car.

They aren’t air fresheners. In fact, they don’t “do” anything, but they do look beautiful, and they’ll remind everyone who pops into your friend’s car that she’s a true elephant lover.

candle holder plate

A Beautiful Centerpiece: Decorative Gunmetal Grey Elephant & Tealight Candle Holder Plate

This gift makes a great centerpiece for any table. It’s also a nice option for use outside. The whole set comes with a gunmetal elephant statue, plate and two matching candle holders. The plate is intricately carved with a gorgeous design that can also be found on the elephant statue and the candle holders.

The candle holders are perfect for small tea lights (not included). They really set the mood for a lovely dinner, or your friend can put citronella tea lights in the candle holders to help keep away mosquitoes and other bugs while she’s entertaining outside.


Snuggly and Comfy: Silver Lilly Women’s Plush Short Elephant Bathrobe

With sizes ranging from small to XL, this plush elephant robe is a great gift for friends of all sizes. From the neck down, this robe is just like any other. It’s soft and made with premium, deluxe materials to give it an ultra-plush feel.

From the neck up, though, it turns into something totally different. It features a hood that’s been designed to look like an elephant’s head, complete with tusks, the trunk and soft, plush ears. The robe also has convenient pockets and a tie closure.

If your friend has always wanted to feel more elephant-like, now’s her chance.

dunbo disney showcase

The Cutest Possible Way to Save Money: Precious Moments Disney Showcase Dumbo Lift You Up Resin Bank

Generally speaking, change banks are great gifts for kids, but honestly, even adults need a place to put their spare change, and with this Dumbo bank, that’s exactly what you can give your friend. Dumbo is shaped perfectly in resin with intricate detail, a silver-toned finish and bright blue eyes.

The silver finish means he’ll fit in practically anywhere, no matter what the room’s color scheme is, and it’s sure to bring a smile to all who see it. It’s a little less than six inches high and makes the perfect addition to any dresser, bookshelf or office desk.

cosmetic bag

A Classy Way to Carry Cosmetics: Toiletry Bag for Women Cosmetic Bag Large

If your friend prefers her elephants a little more colorful, this bag is the gift for her. This large capacity toiletry bag is fully functional. It has an almost eight-liter capacity and can hold enough of your friend’s toiletries for even a long trip.

It’s waterproof, highly resistant to wear and tear and super easy to clean. The inside of the bag is covered in food grade aluminum foil, which means no lotions or other leaks will seep out of the bag in case of an accident.

It also means this bag can actually double as a lunch bag if your friend prefers! Best of all, it’s covered in happy red, pink and blue elephants!


An Affirming Reminder: Elephant Gifts Friendship Bracelet for Women

This may look like a simple gift, but it’s actually very sweet and thoughtful. It’s handmade and comes attached on a gift-worthy backing reminding your friend just how strong she is. It comes on a dainty black cord and features a small, simple and sophisticated silver-colored elephant for the charm.

The black cord is 12 inches, but it’s also adjustable to fit a wide variety of wrists; the way it’s made also means it can be opened and closed easily without help from anyone else.

stuffed animal pillow

Something to Cuddle: VSFNDB Elephant Stuffed Animal Hugging Pillow 12-Inch

Anyone who claims she’s too old for stuffed animals is just plain wrong. Stuffed animals are great. Just because your friend is an adult doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate a good stuffed animal. While adults may not play with them anymore, stuffed animals are still great for hugging, lying on and cuddling with at night.

There’s just something that helps you sleep a little better when you have something warm and soft in your arms. This little guy is made of a super soft material that’s safe and can be washed. He’s the perfect gift for anyone, young or old, who loves elephants and wants something soft to snuggle with at night.

essential oil diffuser

Elephants and Aromatherapy: kobodon Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Elephant Design

Essential oil diffusers have become incredibly popular over the last year or so, and you can find a nice one practically anywhere. This one, though, is particularly nice for elephant lovers because it features a unique, elephant design – a stately elephant walking under a tree.

It’s done in black, which contrasts nicely with the lighted background that cycles through eight different colors thanks to the color-changing LED lights inside the diffuser. Your friend can diffuse her favorite oils for a wonderful aromatherapy experience while watching the colors cycle through one after the other, or she can select continuous color mode and pick her favorite of the eight colors to burn steadily.

The diffuser doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe for kids and pets, and it has an automatic shutoff after being on for so long.


For Comfy, Happy Feet: Always Pretty Winter Indoor Unisex Elephant Plush Slippers

When trying to find a gift for a friend, don’t underestimate the importance of comfort. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the flashiest or most expensive ones. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones your friend can come home to after a hard day at work, slip her feet into and sigh with pleasure.

That’s exactly the kind of gift these adorable elephant house shoes are. You can choose from gray or pink elephants to suit your friend’s taste, and they are one size fits most, so finding the right size shouldn’t be a problem.

wind chime

The Gift of Peaceful, Beautiful Music: Ebros Trunk Up Elephant with Filigree Design Wind Chime

If you’re looking for a gift to bring your friend peace, these elephant wind chimes could be just the thing. The gentle, tinkling music of wind chimes is incredibly peaceful and soothing, and according to many tales and stories, the elephant is supposed to be a symbol of peace, so this gift packs a double peace punch, so to speak.

The chimes are almost two feet long from the elephant to the bottom of the chimes, but the whole thing is relatively lightweight at only a little over a pound, so your friend shouldn’t have any trouble hanging them.

Best of all, the detail on the elephant is amazing.

pen holder with phone stand

A Pachyderm Pencil Holder: Pen Pencil Holder with Phone Stand

This cute, resin elephant really does do it all. The body of the elephant is perfect for holding pens, pencils and other office supplies neatly in one place. The trunk of the elephant curves so that it makes a perfectly shaped cell phone holder for your friend’s phone.

She can set her phone on the stand horizontally or vertically, and it’ll fit fine. This is the perfect addition to any desk, home office or even an end table or coffee table. It’s made of high-quality materials and won’t fade over time.

tea mug

A Beautiful Way to Drink Tea: 15oz Elephant Tea Mug Green

There has never been a more perfect mug for hot tea than this elephant mug. It’s large and holds up to 15 ounces of your friend’s favorite tea blend. The large, round shape of the mug makes it feel incredibly nice to hold, especially on a cold day, and the head of the elephant is hollow, which makes it absolutely perfect for storing tea bags after your friend’s tea is done steeping.

It’s a great gift that’s both adorable to look at and convenient to use.

blouse loose tops

Cool and Light: Relipop Women’s Sheer Chiffon Blouse Loose Tops

This lightweight, Chiffon/polyester top is more like a kimono than a blouse. It’s very cool and breezy, and it looks amazing. The fabric is made from high-quality materials and has some give to it, but it won’t stretch out of shape.

It’s perfect for multiple seasons, and it even works as a bathing suit cover-up in the summer months. Best of all, it features all kinds of different elephants marching across it.


For the Elephant Lover or the Fan of Alabama Football: Crimson Elephant Head Filigree Fishhook Earrings

These earrings are perfect for people who love elephants, but they’re even more perfect for people who love football, specifically Alabama Crimson Tide football. They’re crimson filigree elephant earrings, and they’re nearly two inches wide both in height and length, so they’re definitely going to be noticeable to anyone who sees your friend passing in the street.

They feature fish hook style posts, which means they shouldn’t be lost easily, and overall, they’re just a really stellar gift idea.

Dumbo stone resing figurine

For the Dumbo Lovers: Disney by Britto Dumbo Stone Resin Figurine

This is another unique, beautiful gift for the friend in your life who loves elephants and, more importantly, Dumbo. It’s made of stone resin and comes from the Disney Britto line, which is well-known for taking popular Disney characters, adding a whole lot of color to them and making them even more beautiful than usual by giving them a pop/modern art look.

This one has Dumbo with his giant ears painted with pink polka dots and stripes, a jaunty hat on his head and his legs all different colors. It’s about three and half inches tall and is incredibly detailed.

From behind, he looks even more bright, colorful and jaunty. This is a figure your friend won’t want to miss.

storage basket

And Pink Elephants Too!: G6 COLLECTION Large Elephant Rattan Storage Basket with Lid

This adorable, handmade, rattan storage basket comes in two sizes and three different colors: pink, gray and blue. It’s unique and will draw the eye of anyone who sees it. It’s perfect for use as a candy basket for individually wrapped candies, jewelry, small kids’ items, toys, keys and more.

It’s hand-woven from all-natural rattan and has dimensions of 7.5″ x 6″ x 6″. Because each basket is handmade, the one you buy your friend may look slightly different than the one pictured here, but it’s still sure to be stunning, and she’ll love it.

musical snow globe

Too Cute for Words: Precious Moments Love You Tons Elephant Musical Snow Globe

This snow globe is lovely, and it makes a great gift for anyone who has a penchant for elephants. More than that, though, this makes a great gift for anyone who loves elephants and is about to have a baby.

It’s put out by Precious Moments, and everything from the childish script of the handwriting to the big eyes on the elephant makes this gift scream “baby present.” It’s the perfect gift for your friend at her baby shower.

She’ll treasure it for her baby, and she’ll also appreciate you for starting her baby off early with a love of one of her own favorite animals. The globe comes in pink or blue, so it’s the perfect gift for a girl or a boy.

It’s about six inches tall, and it plays Brahms’ “Lullaby” when wound.

pet costume

Give Him a Pet Elephant: Rubie’s Disney Pet Costume Dumbo

This gift is for the friend who has always wanted his very own pet elephant. While you may not be able to go out and buy him a baby elephant just because he wants one, if he’s a dog owner, you can give him the next best thing.

This Dumbo costume will turn his dog into a flying circus elephant within moments of putting it on. It’s an officially licensed Dumbo product, trademarked by both Disney and Rubie. It comes in sizes ranging from small to XL to fit most dogs, and it’s been safety-tested to ensure it’s okay for his dog to wear.

wine aerator pourer

Wine – the Only Thing Better than Elephants: Stainless Steel Elephant Wine Aerator Pourer

This gift will help your friend combine her love of elephants with her love of wine. It’s made of incredibly durable, super shiny, stainless steel. It’s both an aerator and a spout to help your friend pour her wine more easily.

Its dimensions are 2.5″ x 1.25″, and it’ll help her wine taste the best it can possibly taste, whether that wine was eight dollars from Wal-Mart or 140 dollars from a Napa Valley vineyard. Plus, it looks like an adorable baby elephant, so what’s not to love?!

Why People Love Elephants

Elephants are popular for many reasons, and the majestic, graceful way they look is only a small part of it. In countries like Africa, India and China, the elephant holds special significance.

The image of the elephant is pretty synonymous with intelligence, power, peace and dignity. In the United States, the elephant has long been considered a symbol representing good luck and good fortune. Basically, if you give someone an elephant gift, you’re giving them all kinds of good vibes and positive hopes for his or her future.

Speaking non-symbolically, elephants are just super cool! They’re really interesting mammals that are pretty much different from every other animal on earth.

In fact, the elephant’s closest living relative is a very small, furry mammal called the hyrax that can be found in Africa and that looks more like a rodent than anything else. If a small, rodent-like creature is the closest thing there is to an elephant, it’s pretty obvious that elephants are one-of-a-kind.

It doesn’t matter if your loved one is crazy about elephants because she finds them fascinating and interesting or if she just likes them because she thinks images of them bring good luck. Either way, you’re in luck because finding a good gift for an elephant lover isn’t that hard. There are elephant-themed gifts in just about every imaginable retail category including clothes, bedding, kitchenware, toys, jewelry and more. You can find elephants everywhere.

Once you add in specific elephants like Dumbo or Big Al, the Alabama Crimson Tide mascot, the options get even more endless. When choosing a gift for your friend, just try to find her something that fits her taste and style.

Be careful not to get anything too gaudy or over-the-top. Some of the things people try to sell featuring elephants are just way too flashy. Avoid those types of gifts and stick to things that are personal and tasteful, and you should be just fine.


Who is the elephant lover in your circle? Is it you, or is it someone you love? Tell us about some of the best elephant gifts you’ve ever seen, received or purchased.

If it’s you that loves elephants, let us know why as well. Are you a fan of real elephants and realistic elephant gifts, or do you prefer cartoon elephants or other caricatures of elephants?

Tell us all about it in the comments section, and don’t forget to like and share this with all your friends. We hope to see you again soon!

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