30 Cool as πŸ’© Emoji Gift Ideas

Although it seems nuts to older generations, millenials and other younger generations
❀️love❀️ emojis!

When cell phone companies first started using these tiny pictures on their phones, it’s unlikely that anyone realized how popular they’d become, but people went crazy for them.

The emoji craze really took off even more, especially with young children, after the release of The Emoji Movie in 2017. So even if you don’t understand it, you may have someone ask you for emoji-themed gifts. This guide will help you find the best ones.

30 Cool as πŸ’© Emoji Gifts

pancake pan

A Delicious, Nutritious, Emojious Breakfast: Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan

This emoji-themed pancake pan is sure to brighten up anyone’s morning meal. It’ll allow your friend to make seven emoji pancakes with different faces at the same time. The pan is high-quality; it has a non-stick, stain-resistant coating and is made of a strong, die-cast aluminum for quick, even heating across the entire surface.

It’s easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

tote bag

An Incredibly Happy Bag: N Gil All Purpose Organizer Medium Utility Tote Bag 2

This adorable utility bag can serve a myriad of purposes. It can work as a purse, as a reusable shopping bag, as a diaper bag or as something else entirely. It’s very attractive and features a wide variety of emojis in the print.

It’s lightweight, made of water-resistant nylon material and can be collapsed when not in use. There are two large front pockets, one open back pocket, one back pocket with a Velcro closure, mesh side pockets and a mini side pocket for small items.

The double carrying handles make it extra easy to hold onto when walking down a crowded street.


For Feet that Smell Like… Roses: YINGGG Unisex Cute Poop Emoji Slippers

Man or woman, if you have an emoji lover in your life, he or she will go nuts for these poop emoji slippers. These aren’t cheap, poor-quality slippers either. YINGGG’s slippers are made of high-quality stuffing and feature a real plush cover for the outside.

They’re made from PP cotton fiber, which means they’re supremely warm and comfortable, and they should last your friend several years. The soles are made of non-slip rubber cloth, and there’s thick padding in the bottom so your friend can’t feel every small thing he steps on while wearing them.

table and chair set

Emojis for the Kiddos: Idea Nuova Emoji 3 Piece Table and Chair Set

If you’re looking for an emoji-themed gift for a young child, you can’t go wrong with this table and two chairs set from Idea Nuova. The set is suitable for toddlers and small children up to about age eight.

Both the chairs and the table are covered in genuine emojis including various smiley faces, pizza and fingers in a peace sign. The set is made of high-quality materials that make it sturdy, durable and long-lasting.

It’s a great place for kids to role play, have snacks, draw, read or work on their homework. Each separate piece folds up for easy storage when it’s not in use, and the set can be easily cleaned by being wiped down with a damp rag.

Best of all, there’s absolutely no assembly required for any piece of the set.

shower curtain

A Pretty Accurate Representation of the Week: Jay Franco Emoji Days of The Week Shower Curtain

At first, this may seem like an odd gift, but upon further inspection, you’ll find it’s actually quite clever. The first thing many people do when they wake up in the mornings is head to the shower. If this sounds like your friend’s morning routine, this 70″ x 72″ microfiber shower curtain will be one of the first things she sees.

The funny emoji reminder of the days of the week – sobbing on Monday, partying on Friday, etc. – is sure to start her day off with a smile. The curtain is designed to fit any standard size shower rod and is super easy to install.

It’s machine-washable, durable and long-lasting. The company also prides itself on its products being made of 100% non-toxic materials.

pajamas family

Emojis for the Whole Family: Footed Pajamas Family Matching Hoodie Onesies

These great emoji pajamas are fun for the whole family and come in sizes ranging from newborn to adult double XL. There’s even an option for the family pet! The design on these pajamas features emojis in Santa hats, so they are geared a little more towards the winter months, but these are 100% polyester brushed polar fleece, and they’re onesie footie pajamas, so they’re exceptionally warm.

That means your friends probably aren’t going to be wearing them anytime outside of winter anyway.

The pajamas are super soft, naturally flame-resistant and just generally overall warm and fuzzy.

They zip up the front, so they’re very easy to put on, even for the toddlers in your friend’s family. They also feature hoods, so they’ll literally cover your friends from head to toe. If you’re looking for a cute gift for your friend’s entire family – or your own – you can’t go wrong with these matching family pajamas.

emoji premium golf balls

For an Emotional Day on the Green: Oji-Emoji Premium Emoji Golf Balls (12-Pack)

This pack of 12 premium golf balls featuring emoji designs is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life who also loves emojis. First of all, they’re almost guaranteed to be the most unique and colorful golf balls he’s ever used.

Beyond that, though, they’re also really great golf balls. They’re made of 100% Surlyn Cover for extreme durability and long distance drives. Each golf ball features a different emoji face on it, and they all come in a glossy gift box.


Shiny and Sassy: Union Power Hip Hop Emoji Pendant Necklace

If the adorable little devil emoji is your friend’s favorite design, this necklace will be the perfect gift for her. It’s marketed as a “trendy hip hop essential” or a “creative punk necklace,” but really, it’s cute enough for anyone to wear.

It’s covered in Cubic Zirconia, each one hand set by a professional jeweler. All those stones catch the light and turn this necklace into a giant piece of bling. It features real gold plating and copper micro-inlaid zircon.

Not only does it look great, it’s also well-made and won’t tear up after only a couple of times being worn.

pizza slice pool float

Pizza in the Pool: JOYIN Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float<

Everyone loves pizza, and the pizza emoji is pretty popular too. Help showcase your friend’s love of both by buying him this giant, 74.75-inch long inflatable pizza float for the pool. It features a fairly realistic design, with the hand-tossed crust on the back actually being thicker for a comfortable place to rest his head.

It has two embedded cup holders, four raft connectors and two air chambers. The material is 0.27mm thick raft material, making the float nearly as durable as a life raft. It’s also tear- and fade-resistant, and it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

backpack and lunch bag set

Send Them to School in Style: Emoji 16″ Inch Backpack & Lunch Bag Set

This backpack and lunchbox set is actually marketed towards children, but if you have someone in your life who really loves emojis, she’s probably going to be pretty fond of it regardless of her age. There’s a 16-inch backpack that’s absolutely covered in some of the most popular emojis including rainbows, hearts, crowns and more.

There’s a large, zippered compartment for holding books, a laptop, binders and more. There are also two mesh pockets on the side and a front pocket with a zipper closure. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the bag comes with a matching, gold sequined, smiley face emoji lunchbox.

UNOemoji game

Fun for the Whole Family: Mattel Games UNO Emojis

This is pretty much the standard Uno card game, but it features a wide variety of emojis on each card. The game also comes with a nice, fun twist. The object of the game is still to be the first person to get rid of all his cards, but in addition to all the normal rules of Uno, this version has a rule that states a player has to imitate the emoji expression of the card he happens to be playing.

There are also four new cards in the deck that require players to make and hold an emoji expression for two turns. If they can’t do it, they have to draw four additional cards. It’s perfect for two to ten players, ages seven and older.

menΒ΄s underwear

Every Girl’s Eggplant Dream: Eggplant Emoji Boxer Briefs Men’s Underwear

The eggplant emoji is a very popular emoji, especially among males. If you don’t already know why, you aren’t going to find out from this list. Suffice it to say, guys love the eggplant emoji, and these boxers showcase that love in a very obvious, fun way.

The boxers are made of a polyester/Spandex blend that makes them both soft and comfortable. They feature a high-quality design and an especially comfortable waistband. They’re also an officially licensed emoji product.

The company believes in them so much, it even offers a satisfaction guarantee.

baseball cap

Emojis on Everything: Peach Peachy Emoji Baseball Cap Embroidered

This peach emoji cap is simple and understated, but it’s also the perfect gift for the man or woman who wants to show off his or her love of emojis in a low-key kind of way. There are over 15 different colors from which you can choose, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding your friend’s favorite.

The hat is made from high-quality material, and the peach emoji is actually stitched in, not printed or ironed on the hat. Each hat is made to order, so you can be sure you’re buying a gift that’s well-made.

Each one also features an adjustable hat band so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out the right size.


For Warm, Snuggly Nights: Koltose by Mash Pink Emoji Throw Blanket

This 50″ x 60″ fleece throw blanket feels as soft as a plush stuffed animal and is warm enough for the coolest fall and winter nights. It’s pink and patterned all over with different emoji faces. It’s super cozy and quite versatile.

Whether your friend wants to use it inside on the couch, outside under her favorite tree or on the beach, it’s well-suited to every use. It’s lightweight, so it’s perfect for packing in a bag to take on a picnic or a hiking trip, and it’s machine-washable, so your friend won’t have to worry about whether or not it might get dirty.

cookie cutter

A Strangely Appetizing Cookie: Wilton 2310-3725 Poop Swirl Cookie Cutter

This is another one of those gifts that may seem a little odd at first, but emoji lovers seem to get some kind of giddy thrill about making poop-shaped cookies for themselves and others. That’s exactly what this poop emoji cookie cutter will allow your friend to do.

It has a comfortable grip for easy cutting, and the cutter is thick enough to cut through the most dense dough, crust and cake batter. The high sides also make it much sturdier than other, flimsier cookie cutters.

external battery pack

The Cutest Way to Charge a Phone: Xtreme Cables Emoji External Battery Pack

Despite its small size, this little “see no evil” monkey emoji is actually a very powerful portable cell phone charger. Behind the cute exterior, it’s a 2,200mAH power bank that’s as useful and effective as it is adorable.

The charger works with iPhones and Android phones, as well as Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and any other type or brand of cell phone. It also comes with its own charging cable so you can charge it back up when it runs out of juice.

flip flops

Flipping Fresh Feet: Beaute Fashion Trendy Emoji Flip Flops

If your loved one is looking for some cute, emoji-themed flip flops for the beach or just to wear around the house, these are perfect. They come in sizes ranging from small to extra large, and they’re both comfortable and flexible.

They have flat soles and are made from man-made, synthetic materials for maximum durability. They’re cute and trendy, and thanks to the material from which they’re made, they’re also very easy to clean, requiring nothing but a damp cloth to wipe them down.

beach towel

For Chilling at the Beach: Violet Mist Round Soft Microfiber Emoji Beach Towel

This microfiber beach towel features the “kissy face” emoji and a unique fringe border. It’s marketed as a beach towel, but with its 59-inch diameter, it’s more like a beach blanket. It can also be used as a picnic blanket, yoga mat, hanging tapestry or something else.

It’s made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s also great at absorbing water. The towel can actually absorb up to seven times its own weight in water, making it a great choice for the pool or the beach.

It’s soft, durable, comfortable and designed never to fade. The towel can be washed by hand or in a machine as your friend sees fit.

the emoji movie blue ray

Emojis on the Big Screen: The Emoji Movie [Blu-ray]

This movie was marketed to children, but despite that, it actually has quite the cult following among teens and adults as well. It features an all-star cast of James Corden, Anna Farris and T.J. Miller and tells the story of emojis in Textopolis, which is a busy city where all the emojis live.

In this city, all the emojis have only one expression to their faces. The main character, Gene, stands out because he can make multiple expressions with his face, and that makes him a bit of a weirdo.

The movie is super silly, but it’s also cute, and if your friend is a die-hard emoji fan, he’ll dig it.

emoji book

For the Person Who Wants to Learn More: How to Speak Emoji by Fred Benenson

Whether your friend is an emoji pro or is just getting into the emoji fad, this book is bound to make him laugh. This is pretty much the encyclopedia of emojis. It’ll tell your friend the difference between the “cold-sweat” emoji, the “tears of joy” emoji and the “downcast face with sweat” emoji.

It’ll help him learn to say “no” in the most stern, uncompromising way possible. It’ll even help him string together some of the most hilarious emoji phrases known to man. This is a great guide to all things emoji, and your friend will get a huge kick out of it, and who knows.

.. He might just learn something too!

bandage sporty bathing suit

Looking Emoji Good: TOP HERE Women’s Bandage Sporty Bathing Suit

This charming little suit covered in emojis is made of a polyester/Spandex blend that makes it great for swimming or for working out at the gym. The top comes with two removable pieces of padding for extra support in the chest area, and the bottoms feature a comfortable waistline that won’t cut into your friend’s stomach.

The cute, boy-cut shorts are also long enough that she shouldn’t have to worry about them riding up her backside and becoming uncomfortable. Sizes range from size four to size 16.


A Creative Outlet: Creativity for Kids Emoji Bracelets

This is another great option if you’re looking for a gift for a kid. It’s a creative gift that’ll allow her to make her very own emoji bracelets. The kit includes five colors of super-stretch gel cord – enough to double string for extra durability – and 70 emoji beads.

There’s also an instruction guide for kids who need a little extra help getting started. Each kit contains enough supplies so she can make at least five bracelets. It’s not recommended for children under the age of six.

avocado dog toy

For the Dog Lover: ZippyPaws Nomnomz Avocado Dog Toy

The halved avocado is another very popular emoji, and if your friend’s a big dog lover, she’ll love this gift. It’s an adorable, emoji avocado plush toy for man’s best friend. It’s lightweight and durable, which makes it perfect for the dog who likes to toss his toy up in the air or for use in an intense game of fetch.

There are two heavy-duty squeakers inside the toy. They might drive your friend nuts, but her dog will absolutely go crazy over them. The toy is specifically designed with doggy mouths in mind, so there’s nothing on it that should hurt his teeth or be dangerous if swallowed accidentally.

brain games- emoji puzzles

A Regular Sherlock Holmes: Brain Games – Emoji Puzzles

This puzzle book contains 192 pages of brain game puzzles, only with an emoji theme to them. There are all kinds of classic puzzles in this book including word searches, rebus, addition puzzles, spatial reasoning, deductive logic and more.

There are also puzzles that’ll have your friend deciphering famous movie titles using only emojis and all kinds of other emoji-themed brain teasers. It’s a whole new way for your friend to get in his daily brain workout while also enjoying some emojis.

nail art stickers

For the Chic and Stylish Emoji Lover: NPW Get Emojinal Emoji Nail Stickers Nail Art (2 pack)

These nail art stickers are a nice gift for emoji lovers of all ages. This particular set comes with two packs of the stickers, for a total sticker count of 94. All the stickers feature some type of emoji on them.

There are various faces with different expressions, puppy dog heads, hearts of different colors, donuts and so much more. The emoji stickers also come in different sizes, so your loved one can really mix up her style.

This is a great, subtle way for her to showcase her love of these little pixelated pictures without having to be too obvious about it.


Cute and Useful: Corkologist Emoji Cork Round Beverage Bar Coasters

Because emojis are, for the most part, circle-shaped, they make perfect coasters. This set of four coasters is sure to make your friend’s day. There are two sets from which you can choose. One set features the “sly smile face,” the “winky face,” the “heart eyes face” and the “giant smile face.

” The other set includes the “tears of joy face”, the “goofy glasses smiley face”, the “anxious face” and the “kissy winky face.” Whichever set you choose, the coasters are made of premium cork and will absorb a ton of moisture, protecting your friend’s furniture from rings and condensation.

They’re very durable and work well with both hot and cold drinks.

beach ball

The Bigger the Better: Emoji Universe: Gigantic 56 Tears of Joy Beach Ball

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an emoji-themed gift for an adult or a child, this giant emoji beach ball is sure to delight anyone. The ball is a 56-inch, jumbo beach ball, and when sitting on the ground, it reaches to almost five feet in height.

It’s made of heavy-duty, high-quality, .25mm vinyl for maximum durability and features a “tears of joy” emoji face, which is the face your friend is likely to have herself once you present her with this oversized beach ball.

Picking the Perfect 🎁 for the 😊 ❀️r in Your Life

Although emojis have only become super popular over the last several years, they were actually created over 20 years ago in 1999. They were created by a man named Shigetaka Kurita, who made them as a way of communicating over a Japanese mobile internet system developed by NTT DoCoMo. The system allowed emails, but they had to be less than 250 characters in length, so Kurita developed emojis as a way of saving characters.

In today’s society, practically everyone uses emojis. Even great-grandmothers who’ve never even heard the word emoji use them when they send smiley faces and hearts to their grandchildren over Facebook and through emails.

Ever since the Angles, Saxons and Jutes created the first version of the English language in the fifth century, our language has been evolving. In many ways, emojis are just the natural next step in that evolution.

So what does that mean for you and your ability to buy emoji-themed gifts?

Actually, it means you have a lot of great options. Emojis are everywhere, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Companies and brands put emojis on everything from backpacks to underwear, so there’s never any shortage of gift options out there for you if you have a family member or friend who is obsessed with them.

It’s even easy to find out what a person’s favorite emojis are. Simply comb through your text messages and emails with her and see which ones she uses the most. Is she a smiley face fan, or does she prefer the numerous variations of hearts? Does she use the poop emoji constantly, or is she more of a skull and crossbones kind of girl?

Either way, all it takes is a little glimpse into her texting history, and you’ll be able to find the perfect emoji for choosing your gift.


Check out the comments section below, and let us know what your favorite emoji is. Tell us what the best emoji gift is that you’ve ever given or received. Just comment with strings of complex emojis if you like, and we’ll see if we can figure out what you’re trying to tell us. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with to stump us!

Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure to like and share this post with all of your emoji-loving friends, and please come back again soon!

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